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Oops – Sorry, Rick

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My wife and I have been married for 7 years, and have been very happy. We have never really had a great sex life but she is very hot and whenever we do have sex it’s pretty good. We are in the norm I think with the 2-3 times a month and we never get into anything crazy or kinky, mostly light foreplay and then straight sex till we both cum.

I have always had a much higher sex drive then my wife as she is 31 and I am 37, but I think she is starting to get into her horny stage in life. I hope!!

The last couple weeks she has been dressing up for me when I go to bed, and waiting on the bed in a thong and lacey bra with high heels. She is very hot with shoulder length brunette hair, 5’4″ 117lbs with small breast. She has an ass that will kill as it is very shapely without an ounce of cellulite.

I have been very happy and been getting a lot more sex then I am used to but I still have a craving for something more. This is where the story may stray from where you think it is going. It is also 110% true and I like to think about it cause it really turns me on just to be able to type it out and think that people are reading this.

Every year I have a good friend that I grew up with that comes to visit his relatives in our hometown, since he has moved away and is now married also. He doesn’t have a good relationship with his mother and he always comes and stays a couple nights at our house to keep his sanity while in the area visiting. His Wife stays home so he always comes up alone.

I always plan a couple of days to visit with him and we play xbox and drink a lot of beer and vodka.. For just a little background, my friend and I had lived together in college and we did a little playing, but mostly just jerking off together and that was about it. Both of us in 20 years have never even mentioned the times we did stuff in college and it was understood that we were older and have moved on with our lives with our wives.

So anyway, my friend Rick, was coming to stay with us and he had emailed me with the dates of his pending visit. I told my wife that Rick was coming again to stay with us for a couple days and asked if it was alright,

She said “Sure, you know I like Rick, he’s funny.”

I didn’t think this was going to be any different of a visit then any other time and things went as normal. The day Rick was to show up, my wife and I had had a good night of sex, but was the same kind, missionary and no oral, light foreplay. She seems to be content with it, and it’s better then not getting any so I don’t complain.

It was Sunday evening when he showed up and the evening went pretty normal, but I was taking Monday off to spend some time with Rick, so I didn’t have a problem getting into the alcohol as we started with beer and switching to vodka. Rick was usually a big drinker, but he didn’t seem to be drinking as much as I was.

We started playing golf on the xbox and my wife said, “Well if that’s what you guys are going to do, I’m going to bed!” she came over to me and gave me a big kiss and said “have fun tonight with your little play friend”, as she snickered and walked to the bedroom.

I looked up and caught Rick watching my wife walk away as she was very easy on the eyes and had on little white short shorts with a cut off shirt with no bra. I was kinda surprised cause she’s usually quite reserved, and not that obvious in showing off her body, but she was comfortable with Rick around.

Rick looked back and me, knowing that I was buzzing and said, “Man, you are lucky, she is very hot!”

I said,” yeah, she’s hot and has a great body, but what a waste.”

Rick said, “what do you mean?”

I went on telling him how the sex was good, and that I have been getting it more, but she doesn’t do anything wild or kinky and I wanted to do something more nasty.

He said he understood, as his wife was not into doing anything for him sexually, and that’s when he said something that made my mind wonder. He said “I can’t remember what it even feels like to have a good blowjob!” We both laughed and then there was kind of a weird silence and we continued to play the xbox and made some awkward small talk.

We stayed up for another two hours and I drank pretty heavily and was getting pretty drunk. That’s when I said to Rick, “Do you want to see the remolding we have been doing to the bathroom, as we have added a nice walk-in shower and jet tub.

My wife wanted me to have a separate stall for the toilet as it was like a small little room in the bathroom. I hadn’t finished the remodeling yet so the doors were hung but there were no door handles in them, so there were waist high 4″ holes in the doors where the handles were to be placed.

I was buzzing pretty good and I stepped into the stall and said to Rick joking, ” See I have my own little bath stall with a gloryhole!”

He then stuck his finger through the hole and I grabbed it and laughed. Then he turned off the lights and it was pitch black in the stall as he was on the other side of the door. He pulled his finger back and I didn’t say anything, my head was spinning from the booze and the dark. I didn’t move. I sat there on the toilet in the dark and put my face next to the door handle hole and Rick stuck him finger though the hole again, but this time hit my cheek and I licked it quickly without even realizing what I was doing.

He pushed his finger into my mouth and then I heard him say, “Ready!”

I just said in a drunken voice, “yeah!”

I heard him pull down his shorts and I started to get aroused and wondering what was going to happen next. My face next to the hole, I could feel the heat of something coming though the hole. This time it wasn’t his finger, as it was soft and a lot bigger. It touched my cheek and I turned to have it hit my lips. He let out a slight moan and he quickly pushed his entire cock through the hole parting my lips and fully opening my mouth. Drunk or not, I knew exactly what I was doing, and this was the first time I had ever had a cock in my mouth. I slowly started to suck on it, like I wanted my wife to suck mine. It was much softer then I thought it would be, and there really wasn’t any smell. I was really starting to get into it as Rick was moaning and trusting his hips and I could feel him on the other side hitting the door.

I was now fully sucking his cock, and now officially a cocksucker, and the amazing thing was, why hadn’t I done this before. I loved it. I don’t think I am gay, and I have absolutely no emotional feeling for guys, but having this cock in my mouth face fucking me was incredible. I felt so nasty and loving every minute of it.

Rick cock must be about 7-8 inches as I had about 5 inches of it through the hole in my mouth. Nice big cut head and it tasted clean and wonderful as the precum kept oozing to the tip for me to lick. I was sucking that cock like I didn’t have a care in the world.

Then all of a sudden, the lights came on as my wife turned on the lights and said quickly “opps, sorry Rick!” Then shut off the lights and said, “I’ll use the upstairs bathroom.”

We were both frozen, as my wife had just walked in while her husband was giving his friend a blowjob. But because she didn’t flip out, she must have thought that Rick was just going to use the bathroom and seeing his ass as he was facing a closed door, not thinking about the hole in the door.

She had walked away in her sleepy daze to use the bathroom upstairs, and that’s when I reached out and grabbed Rick’s cock so he couldn’t pull out. I continued to suck him and said softly “I want your cum!”

It was about 10 seconds later his head swelled and I could feel him pump load after load into my mouth. Filling it and started to slide out of the corners, but I was able to catch most of it with my tongue. Once he came, he quickly pulled up his shorts and went upstairs to the spare bedroom he was sleeping in that night. I sat there for a minute, trying to comprehend what just happened, and then realized I better get to bed before my wife came back downstairs.

When my wife came back to bed, she snickered, and said, ” I just saw Rick’s’ butt! I think he was going to use the bathroom the same time I was, but he acted weird. He was just standing there with his shorts down, facing the door…I don’t know?”

I acted like I was sleeping, as she must have not realized that I was not in bed with her before she went to the bathroom. I mumbled, ” maybe he was sleep walking!”

“Yeah, that was probably it!” She said and then went back to sleep.

I was lying in bed with my wife after just having taken a big cum load directly in my mouth by a guy’s cock. I was never so horny in my life, I felt like a cock slut and it really turned my on. I wanted to do it again, but how and would this opportunity happen again. I needed to be discreet and could not let my wife know that I wanted to suck cock.

The next morning, my wife had to go to work and she got up early. She took a shower, got dressed and then walked over to give me a kiss goodbye, and as she leaned over and kissed me, she quickly jumped back and said, “what the hell is that in your mustache? Snot or what?”

I looked up and could see her wiping Rick’s cum off her lips as I had a glob of it still in my mustache that I didn’t realize.

She accidentally licked her lips and said ” I don’t eat snot, but that tastes too salty to be snot!” She gave me a quick confused look, and then said, “I gotta go to work! Love ya.” Then she left.

I jumped out of bed to look in the mirror and there, sure enough, was a glob of cum stuck in my mustache. I was going to wipe it off, but instead I used my tongue to wipe it clean. I don’t know why I did that, but I really liked the taste and craved to have more. What was happening to me? Just a day ago, I had never thought about sucking cock, but now, I was wondering how to get my next fix. Then I remembered that Rick was sleeping upstairs and thought that maybe we could do a repeat.

He came downstairs about an hour later and we made small talk and acted like nothing had happened. We were both nervous of what the other thought. Then I just had to say to him, “Did you enjoy last night!”

He just laughed and said “yeah, best one I’ve had in a long time!”

Then I began to say that my wife doesn’t know what you were doing and that she thought that you were just sleep walking and dismissed the event as she was in a sleepy daze anyway.

He sighed in relief, as he was afraid she was going to figure it out.

I told him not to worry as she thought I was bed with her before she got up and she just may think you are a little weird but that’s all.

At this point, I said, “Want another BJ before you leave?”

He said,” I not gay you know.”

I said, “I’m not either, but if you want one I would be more then willing, you don’t have to do anything to me.”

He seemed to relax after me saying that cause I believe that he really liked getting the blowjobs but didn’t want to reciprocate which was fine with me.

I gave Rick two more blowjobs before he left, and we understood that this was going to be the norm when we get together. I think he and I both liked the idea as I wanted to suck and he wanted to be sucked, perfect friendship.

To top the story off, later that evening, my wife came home and we had dinner, watched a little TV, and then went to bed. She then rolled over and asked me how my visit went with Rick.

I said, “good” and that we may not see him again till next year about the same time and asked if it would be ok with her if stayed here again next year.

She said, “Sure!’ Then she started talking about how she saw Rick’s butt in the bathroom and we both began to laugh. She then got up and said ” I’ll be right back, I gotta go to the bathroom.”

Couple minutes later she came back in the room with a curious look on her face and the she said, “why do you think Rick was using the downstairs bathroom when his room was right next to the upstairs bathroom?”

I had a cold chill go over my face as she was starting to put pieces together, and she is really good at figuring out puzzles.

She then went on saying, ” I was trying to figure out why he was facing the door when it was closed. When I just went the bathroom I realized that you haven’t put the door handles in yet so there was a hole in the door just about where he was standing. What do you think he was doing? I know he looked startled and acted weird, for the ½ second that I had the light on.”

She then sat up in bed and said “Oh my god! He was fucking the door!”

I was stone cold and all the blood had rushed out of my head. That’s when I said the stupidest thing. I said, ” What, why would anyone want to fuck a door hole?”

She said “you know your right, must have been something on the other side.”

That’s when I said, “OK, time to go to sleep”

She said, “Wait, a minute…now that I think about it…you got real drunk last night didn’t you? You weren’t in bed with me before I went to the bathroom last night, were you?”

I was stumbling for words and saying, “What are you talking about?”

She then looked at me square in the face and grabbed my cheeks and yelled, ” YOU GAVE RICK A BLOWJOB LAST NIGHT…DIDN’T YOU!” He wasn’t fucking the door, he was fucking your drunk face…wasn’t he?

I know you did, cause you still had his cum on your mustache this morning. Oh, my God! I licked that and tasted Rick’s cum…YUCK…GROSS!!!”

I just lied in bed, wondering what the next word out her mouth were going to be and if I was still going to have a wife in five minutes.

She then just sat there in shock shaking her head over and over again, and almost proud of herself for figuring it out with a smirk on he face. “I knew there was something going on, just the way he was acting. So you did it didn’t you? Didn’t you?

You sucked Rick’s cock through the door hole in the bathroom last night and he came in your mouth, well most of it anyway, the rest was left for me on your mustache…YUCK.”

“Well, you are so lucky that you were sloppy drunk and didn’t have any common sense because if you ever do anything like that sober I would be gone in a minute!”

As she was saying this I was just lying there thinking of the two other times earlier that day I gave Rick a BJ and wasn’t drunk. I said, “you’re right, I was so drunk I didn’t even realize what I was doing until it was over. I think Rick didn’t either.”

She then remarked just before rolling over to go to sleep, “When I said have fun with your little play friend, I didn’t mean suck his cock, and by the way, Rick’s not staying here next year unless I get to watch.”

I jumped up and said “WHAT!!!!”


PS: The only part of this story that wasn’t true was my wives last four words..(unless I get to watch)

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