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One Night For True Love

Category: Gay Male
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We had know each other for two years before anything ever happened between us, but he never knew how I felt towards him. Our friendship was nothing to special just the occasional hanging out and text every day or so. My feeling for him had recently developed when he split with his girlfriend of four months. Now I had been bi since I could tell the difference between sex organs but it was a secret I kept mostly to myself.

The day had started like any other and it passed mostly in a boring blur of familiarity; that was until my phone vibrated within the tight confines of my pocket. Tearing my bored blue eyes from the glowing television screen I pulled the blue and black rumor from my pocket and slid the phone open. I couldn’t help but smile as I read his name on the screen. After a few back and forth messages we had agreed on our plans for the night; the plans included a movie, comedy for his tastes, and then we would return to my place for a few rounds of video games. Overall a normal night for the two of us.

With the house to ourselves and our video games growing boring I knew if I didn’t act soon I would miss my chance. As he returned to the consoles home screen and stood to leave I made sure to position myself close enough to make my move and hope for the best. “It’s been fun he said, his words followed by a quick flash of a smile. I agreed with a soft spoken ‘yeah’ before locking my aqua eyes with his dark chocolate ones. With quick movements I had leaned in and pressed our lips together, my eyes falling closed to shield myself from his shocked expression.

Much to my surprise I felt his soft lips pressing back and soon our shy peck had turned into something more. One hand had been placed flat against his muscled chest while the other cupped the back of his head to hold his lips to mine. His hands had come to rest on my hips and mine moved from their positions to slip under his loose fitting tee to slid over his sculpted abs and flawless chest, but touching wasn’t enough to satisfy me and my busy hands peeled his shirt from his body and tossed it in a small heap on the floor and placed my hands firmly against his chest and forced him backwards onto the bed behind us. As he lay on his back staring up at me I removed my own shirt to reveal my upper body, which was slightly less muscled but just as smooth and free of hair, before my fingers went to work on his belt. The clasp was easily undone and the strap quickly pulled through so that I had access to the button and zipper of the dark denim jeans. My fingers went to work on removing his denim prison as my lips pressed gentle teasing kisses against his abs, my tongue casually flicking across his smooth skin.

I could feel his body responding to my touch as my hands massaged his balls and traced paths along his eight inch semi-hard member. Soft pleading gasps whispered past his lips and I returned to them for a kiss before his hands tangled in my shaggy sandy hair and forced my head back down to his clean shaven perfectly erect dick. My tongue slid slowly over that perfect organ in a few teasing licks before my hand cupped his balls and my mouth closed over his head. Slow bobbing motions to start us off but it wasn’t long after that he had his finger back in my hair forcing me to pump faster, his hips gyrating as the feeling of ecstasy rose within him. As his cock filled my mouth, reaching the back of my throat, his low strained voice filled my ears. “I’m about to cum.” My own body reacted as his shuddered under me and his cock pulsed and erupted filling my mouth with his seed. A pleasured moan slipped over his lips as I removed his wet cock from my mouth and swallowed the salty liquid that filled my mouth. My cock bulging beneath my jeans was beginning to ache for the pleasure I had just given and I knew he could tell because a small smile crept to his lips as his chocolate eyes took their time consuming my body, lingering on the aching bulge between my legs.

I was kneeling before his naked body as he lay on my bed his upper half was propped up as he reclined on his arms but his eyes were hungry and I knew our adventure wasn’t yet over.

Adjusting himself so that he too was on his knees his bare body so close I could feel the warmth radiating from him as he pressed his lips quickly to mine before they moved to trace my jaw and then kiss the length of my neck. As he kissed a trail from my lips down my neck and over my chest his hands were busy freeing me from my jeans. My jeans, now open, were bunched around my knees and I felt his warm fingers wrap around my dick and begin to pump slowly. Distracted by the pleasure and attention my cock was receiving I hadn’t noticed that he had repositioned himself behind me until his hand rested on my back and pushed me down onto all fours. One hand still working my dick his other had found a bottle of lube I had forgotten to hide and used the slick liquid to coat his cock and my anus before slipping his still firm dick into my hole. A mixture of pain and pleasure forced a gasp from my mouth as he entered me and he paused a moment, giving me a moment to adjust to his member. One hand wrapped around my waist working my dick the other held my waist and pulled my body back to him as his hips pumped his hard cock in and out of my anus.

My breathing picked up in pace and I knew that I was close to ecstasy and I told him so in a heated voice, my sentence broken by moans. “I…ah, I’m going to… mmm,” I felt my eyes roll slightly in pleasure as his hand pumped harder and faster, his hips working in the same rhythm as he encouraged me. “… cum!” I finished as my body quivered and my seed flew from the slit on the head of my dick. Shooting in three quick shots my sperm had coated his hand and dribbled down onto the sheets. Working my body against his the hard dick in my ass moved faster and I heard him moan again as he moved his hand from my waist and curled his fingers back into my hair. His fingers now entangled he pulled backwards and forced my head up and a gasp from my mouth. My gasp pulled a moan from his lips and he told me again in the same low voice that he was about to cum and within a few seconds I felt his dick pulsing and again his seed was launched into my body.

He waited a moment before pulling out and after he flipped me over so I was lying on my back and pressed another passionate kiss to my lips, his tongue exploring my mouth with vigor as he moved to straddle me. His body pinning mine to the bed beneath me his muscled arms rested on either side of my head, his dark brown eyes staring down at me and my baby blues watching him a smile passed his lips. Ever since that night, two blissful years ago, we have been inseparable.

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