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One Night

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As Cathy prepared for the evening, she became increasingly nervous and excited. Ben had been hinting at new adventures all week. But he gave no hint as to what kind of “adventures.” Still she accepted willingly his leadership, even if she worried that he might take them too far.

But what was too far? At each step of their explorations into nude beaches, exhibitionism, bondage and sexual discipline, and very aggressive sex, she had always felt – at least before and after, and deep down, even during their games – safe and secure with Ben.

Yet, Cathy knew that his mind held many fantasies and ideas. Particularly, he recently had commented on a third, another couple, swingers clubs, and permutations of group sex. She hardly dared admit to herself that such fantasies really excited her. But the possibility of actually engaging in them truly scared her.

Yet she was so sure of Ben, their solid marriage, family and home life, that she wondered why she worried so much. Perhaps it was just her nature. Still, when she thought of what seemed conceivable for Ben – to suggest or make happen – she was nervous.

On reflection, most of what they had experienced had made her feel the same way before. The clothes that she routinely wore for Ben would have appalled her only a few years ago as slutty and entirely inappropriate. Now they made her feel sexy. Cathy loved knowing that she would get looked at, that men would get excited when they saw her with Ben, perhaps glimpsing her breasts, making out her nipples though some sheer fabric, even guessing that she was without underwear.

Being tied up and spanked so hard that the pain made her cry out would have disgusted her before. If Ben had suggested it, Cathy would have rejected it with anger and wondered whether the marriage was over. Now she seemed to yearn for such brutal domination and found excitement and deep pleasure in it.

It wasn’t as if Cathy had been a prude, it was just that so much of what she and Ben now did would have seemed beyond the pale. But Ben had led, she had willingly followed, trusting him, and recognizing that she was discovering her true nature. Still, Cathy worried, with each new adventure there was danger.

Yet, she continued for three reasons. First, she trusted Ben would make the right decisions for them. Second, she found it easy to submissively go along with Ben’s creative leadership. And finally, she was enjoying their experiences more than she wanted to admit, even to Ben.

Cathy was nervous and excited as she showered, carefully shaved her pubic hair, and wondered what was to come.


An hour later, Ben navigated their yellow Mazda Coupe through the jumbled streets of the restaurant district to where the nicer eateries gave way to dance clubs. They stopped outside Michel’s, a fairly chic French bistro that Cathy had read about. She waited while Ben came around to open her door – something that he always did now. Cathy was feeling sexy in a black, short, front-buttoned dress over her new half-bra and g-string that she had bought in anticipation of the evening.

As Cathy stepped out, Ben did not step back, so she rose up close into his chest and looked up into his face, now with a few “distinguished” wrinkles and the same blue-grey eyes she first saw twelve years ago.

Ben’s steady and serious look penetrated her for a long moment before he spoke. “I love you Cathy more than anything, you know that, yes?”


“Don’t forget that tonight.”

Reassured by the true emotional depth behind those words and excited by the reason that lay behind the declaration, Cathy involuntarily drew a deep breath as her heart began to pound within her.

At the desk, Ben gave his name to a young hostess who disappeared and returned with a smiling, short grandfatherly man, whose relaxed attitude made Cathy assume that he was Michel. He shook Ben’s hand and turned to Cathy, smiled broadly at her and nodded slowly. Michel then beckoned Ben to bend forward to allow him to speak close. They exchanged words that Cathy could not hear, but it seemed more private than the background noise warranted, more intrigue than curtsey.

“I wonder what he’s cooked up?” thought Cathy and her anticipation increased still further. Michel darted away into the bustle of the dinner room and returned with a waiter, perhaps in his mid-twenties, slightly taller than Ben, dirty blond hair, and, Cathy decided, cute.

The waiter shook hands with Ben. Cathy overheard, “Just as you requested,” but no more.

Suddenly, Cathy was walking forward as the waiter guided them passed closely packed tables in a narrow and noisy room to a series of three solid wooden doors along the right wall near the back. Sliding open one door, a small room was revealed, illuminated by soft candle-like lights on the walls between paintings of country scenes, and with a table for two carrying a bottle of Champagne in an ice bucket. Cathy supposed that each door opened on a private two-person dinning room. After they were seated, the bottle was immediately opened and their glasses filled.

The waiter handed a small object to Ben, “Just buzz when you need service.”

“Thank you Robert. I’ll let you know when to return.”

“Robert? Hmmm, I wonder how much he knows?” wondered Cathy. She smiled to herself, “Probably more than me anyway” As the door was closed behind the exiting man, Cathy thought that she had never been in such a private dinning room before. A shiver quivered through her.

Ben raised his glass in toast, “To us, our love, our life together, and our adventures. Now drink up” Cathy smiled, clinked her glass against Ben’s, and drained the glass. It was partly thirst, but she also wanted the alcohol to relax her nervousness. Ben drank only half a glass, but immediately filled their glasses again and proposed another toast. “To the sexiest woman I have ever known, may you never be bored with me.” Cathy smiled again drank a little more moderately and wondered if she could ever be bored with such treatment. That was part of what she had given over to Ben, the right to be bored. He had the power to bring excitement into their lives at his choosing.

“Now,” Ben paused staring at her, “Stand up.”

“So it begins,” thought Cathy as she rose with a little tremble and a deep breath. Ben rose and moved around behind her. He pulled back her chair until its back was against the wall, only three feet or so.

“Lift up your dress.”

Cathy drew a breath. Well a private room at least. She obeyed, lifting the hem of her black dress to her waist and face Ben. His eyes lowered to the petite g-string panties that covered her mound, or did so only because she had shaved all but a small strip above her pussy. She loved to see his smile and draw breath; he confirmed how sexy she felt.

“Turn around . . . now lean forward and put your hands on the chair seat.” As she complied, Ben caught the hem of her dress and kept it at her waist.

The first smack came as a shock, even though she had half guessed it was coming. Cathy gasped “Ohhh” and could not help uttering the thought that flashed through her mind, “They’ll hear and come.”


“Oh.” Cathy felt his control over the situation. If they came, they came, Ben would take care of it, she need not worry about it. Still. This was a . . . A second spank. A third. A fourth. Cathy’s heart was beating wildly. Six more spanks, alternating left and right. Cathy’s butt was warm and beginning to sting, but the surging tides of emotions and fluids through her body made her tremble. Mostly, she felt release. I am not in control, Ben is in control and I am free. Why she considered this freedom, Cathy could never have said. It was however, exactly what she felt. Free and excited to be completely, tingling, alive.

If Ben had simply taken her then, just fucked her; he would have found her body oozing with readiness. She exalted in such treatment from Ben, even proud that she belonged to such a man.

“Okay, stand.”

Ben went around her and took the chair, moving it so that Cathy found herself sitting again, flush and trembling.

Ben pressed the buzzer and two minutes later, the door slid open and Robert came in with salads. As a Roquefort salad was placed before Cathy, she realized that Ben had arranged every detail down to her favorite salad. Cathy loved this kind of dominance. Ben controlled the situation with a detailed understanding of her and a commitment to make her happy. Ben clearly was going to deliver the promised adventure with romance and power that made her eager to submit to his wishes.

Through the salad, Cathy quickly finished her second glass. As she placed her fork down, Ben said “Now Cath, unbutton the front of your dress. Four buttons.”

As steadily as she could, she unbuttoned. The second button exposed cleavage. The thid and her nipples rising just above the black lacy half-bra could be seen if the dress was opened. The fourth opened the dress to the waist. Cathy placed her hands in her lap and looked at Ben’s hungry eyes.

A deeply erotic silence prevailed until Ben pressed the silent buzzer. Cathy’s eye shot up to look at Ben. He’s going to show me off, display me. He looked back calmly. She sat still. A long minute passed until the door began to slide. Cathy kept her eyes straight ahead, focusing on Ben’s steady eyes. He looked back… She could feel her heart beating against her ribs. Cathy heard the door slide open, the waiter begin to approach, pause a moment, slide the door close, and then take another step.

“How is everything?”

Ben smiled at her before turning his eyes to the waiter. Cathy kept her eyes on Ben. She struggled against a wave of embarrassment. She wondered whether the waiter knew this was going to happen.

Ben smiled at the waiter. “Delicious. And the view is delightful too.”

The waiter uttered a half suppressed chuckle. “Delicious.” Cathy started with her eyes and the word. Delicious? Was she being served? To Robert? No, no, that would be too much. Only to see, perhaps. “What if’s” began to swirl in her mind.

“Shall I’ll bring the entrées?”

“Yes, Robert that will be fine. But Champagne first”

“Of course.”

Was Ben’s repeated use of his first name, a way of bringing Robert into their game? Making him less of a stranger? As Robert poured the champagne and took the plates, Cathy looked at Robert’s hands. Ordinary hands, but suddenly sensual, hands that were near her exposed body. Will he touch me? She was suddenly aware that a spark in her desired just that. To be touched by this man. But Cathy immediately turned on the emotion. No, no, no. Ben, But what does Ben want? Could he even think of giving me to another man? No, no, . . . yes, God help me, yes, if it pleases him. And then the hands were gone. And then the sound of the sliding door.

Cathy looked at Ben. His calm face with a slight smile for her. “He’s also anticipating,” she thought. “He’s swimming in anticipation, of what is going to happen, what he will make happen, of what I will do. But I don’t want Robert. I can say no. It would be too far. But, I . . . . I . . .” A deep breath escaped her, expressing desire that she could not even think about.

Ben’s face still calm, still smiling. No he won’t give me away. He loves me. I am his possession. Yes, but that means he will please himself. Will Robert touching me, please him? Suddenly that spark of desire again to be touched by Robert’s hands. God, slut, slut, slut. But Ben wants a woman as a third. He wants to watch her touch me, to see me come under her tongue. A formless beautiful woman drifted into her mind and reassured her. If Ben wanted a woman touching her and Robert wasn’t a woman, ergo she was barking up the wrong tree.

What’s his game? Still his calm smile beamed at her. He knows my mind is racing, guessing, and he doesn’t say a word.

The door, Robert, veal cutlets, another favorite dish. She had almost forgotten that her dress was opened to the waist. Part of her wanted to smile while the rest was sensitive to her exposure.

“Pepper?” Who was he talking to?

Ben said, “Yes, please.”


“This time he’s definitely talking to me,” thought Cathy. She looked up and saw Robert’s eyes lowered to her breasts, her nipples erect over the edge of the black lace. She drew breath to say no, just to make Robert go away, but Ben spoke first.

“Yes, Cathy will have pepper.”

Cathy managed a “Thank you” to stop the grinding of the pepper after a polite interval.

“My pleasure”

“I’m sure.” Ben chuckled.

Robert, paused, smiled. “Yes, indeed.”

“Before you go, some assistance. I would like the top of Cathy’s dress lowered. Could you do that?”

Even as Cathy’s jaw dropped, Robert replied calmly “Of course, Sir.”

This cannot be happen. What the hell is going on? Who is this guy? Christ, Ben . . . Oh he’s doing it. She felt Robert fingers sliding her dress off her shoulders. His touch sent sparks along her skin. Oh, . . . Oh, . . . Oh, . …

Her face expressed incredulous helplessness. The dress came down to her waist but her arms were still inside the sleeves up to her elbows. Roberts’s hands slid along her lower left arm, releasing it from the sleeve. He eyes followed his hands. The feel of his fingers were like blades moving down her arm. Her heart felt like it could burst.

As Robert moved around behind her, Cathy looked at Ben. His face was expressionless but for the faintest smile. He was in control, King. Now her right sleeve was lowered. Cathy could barely think.

This entire situation was so impossible and fantasy. Whose fantasy is this? And then she realized, “it’s two fantasies, mine and Ben’s, different views, different fantasies. I don’t understand, what he . . . forget it, this is, is . . . She could not think it, but she felt and knew that she felt it.

“Thank you. Now please unsnap her bra.” Cathy stared, mouth opened, amazed at Ben. Robert’s finger in the middle of her back. Her breasts freed, lowering slightly, the bra hanging loose. Her arm came in to stop it falling.

“The bra, Robert.” Cathy’s arms automatically moved out slightly at the elbows and together at the hands. Somehow the bra came away without Robert coming into contact with her.

Robert passed the bra to Ben, who smiled, “Thank you. We will eat now.”

The door slide closed and they were alone again.

Cathy looked at Ben, not knowing what to do. Everything seemed so incredulous. All this in an upscale respectable restaurant run by nice old grandfather Michel? This doesn’t happen. How did he do this? Who is in on this? Does Michel know what’s going on? How did Ben do this? Does he want Robert to fuck me in this room? No, that’s something I’m not going to do.

“I need to know. . .”

“No you don’t. Not tonight. I know you and love you. You’re afraid of what might happen that you will fall over an edge and never be able to come back. You also are really turned on. You’re heart is beating a mile a minute. You thrilled when Robert took of your dress. You love to be sexy. You love to know that others are turned on by the sight of you. And you’re pulled by desire and fear of losing control of that desire. You can’t accept your desire. Well, I love you and you have given yourself to me. I am in control. Now it pleases me to see you before me beautiful and exposed and now eat up.”

Yielding in a surging emotion toward Ben, Cathy said “Yes.”

For twenty minutes they ate in silence. Cathy’s mind churning, Ben calm. She picked at her food, Ben cleaned his plate. As soon as her fork went down Ben spoke again in a direct tone.

“Now Cath, take your dress off.” She started to say no and caught his calm stare.

She glanced at the door. I want to do this, God help me. She looked at the table, drained the champagne, Yes, I do. I do.

She gathered herself, rose from her chair, and stepped out of her dress.

“Now come around to me.” She moved close to him. Ben put his hands to her breasts and gently, oh so gently, squeezed. His thumbs began to caress her nipples which hardened. She seemed to melt. Ben cupped her mound through her panties and again, a gentle squeeze. Cathy involuntarily groaned and pushed forward.

She was losing her own control, and relying on Ben ever more. Ben caressed the cleft of her labia with his thumb through her panties. Cathy could feel herself rise inside. His thumb continued until she was about to demand “Just fuck me.” and then stopped. Oh God, no!

“Now stand back one step.”

As she did, Cathy saw his finger go to the buzzer. Well I guess he gets to see everything.

Robert entered and closed the door. Cathy could not look him in the face and lowered her eyes and saw him standing waiting. He’s waiting for Ben. Good. He doesn’t assume. Oh God he’s getting an erection. Ah it’s for me you little slut.

“I wish to taste champagne on Cathy’s nipples. Please apply some.” Ahhh, yes, no, yes, no, Ben I love you. You are my master here. I do this for you. And I love this to.

Robert poured champagne into his cupped left handed and stepped toward Cathy. Her eyes fixed on his bulging crotch and squirmed. Suddenly his index finger was circling her left areola, wet and cold, but arousing. Cathy closed her eyes and just felt. The circling continued, closing in on the nipple slowly. Then, her right breast. She felt, the finger was anonymous, it could just as easily be Ben’s and she responded, drawing in air with a low hiss. The finger stopped and a mouth closed on her left breast. Who? Ben. Yes, I know his mouth, his turn. Oh that feels good!


The mouth was on her right breast, the tongue caressing her nipple, while the wet finger circled her left nipple again. “Ohhhh.” Cathy ran her tongue between pursed lips and sighed.

“Again.” Mouth and finger switched places again.

“Again.” This time the mouth stopped and when the finger finished touching her left nipple. “Would you like a taste?” Oh God, I can’t help it.

Robert didn’t speak but she felt his mouth close on her and his tongue swirling. So different. And then Ben’s mouth on her other breast. Two men, two tongues. “Oh, Oh, Oh,” Cathy almost panted. She wanted to lean against the wall and reached out her left hand that dangled limp to her side. Rather than a wall it found the side of Robert, his hip. Without thought, her hand moved back and over the bulge in his pants. “Ohhhh,” again followed by a hissing as she drew breathe through pursed lips. She wanted to grab, caress, hold, but dared not, even now she could hold the line.

Suddenly fingers were slipping inside her petite panties and moved over her cleft. She was wet and syrupy. Whose fingers? It doesn’t matter. Ahhh.

She grasped, felt the bulge, felt it throb, and moved her hand back. Simultaneously the men stopped.

Ben looked her straight in the eye and said very gently, “Okay sit down.” Robert moved away and began gathering the plates. Almost unaware of what was happening, Cathy heard the door quickly slide open and close.

“Oh God, Ben.” Cathy could barely look up. Her body was craving. Who was this Robert? Was he just a waiter? Was Ben giving permission, even encouraging more? Its okay, Ben, Ben, Ben, its okay, enjoy. Don’t think. Ben will explain. Ben will make everything okay. He’ll let it go as far as he wants and I can enjoy.

Cathy said, “Wow, that felt good.”


“What do you want Ben?”

“I want what is happening.”

“How far . . .”

“Shhh. . . I’ll decide, just let it happen and enjoy.”

The door quickly slide open and closed, before Cathy was ready for the next round. “Fruit and sorbet for you and Crème Brulée for madam.” Like nothing’s happening. Yum. “Decaf for you and peppermint herbal tea for madam?”

“Thank you, Robert.”

Cathy focused on her desert and tea, comfort food calming the roiling ocean inside. Time was drifting.


“Yes, I feel like a hummingbird, floating and buzzing.”

“A most beautiful hummingbird.”

The door slid open and closed.

“The check please.”

Cathy wasn’t sure what was going to happen. She was comfortable now accepting. Whatever happens, happens and I will enjoy it.

But nothing happened. Ben paid the check and thanked Robert. When Robert left, Ben said, “Put your dress on.” It seemed almost anticlimactic. She put her dress on and seemed to float behind Ben. As they reached the front of the restaurant, they met Robert, who had a sphinx-like smile. “Robert, thank you your service was great.”

“Thank you Ben. I look forward to our next drink.” Ben? Next drink? How had they set this up?

Michel was suddenly there. Ben thanked him, complimented the food, and promised to return. Cathy felt a glow and her feet again. She said nothing, just smiled and followed Ben out the door.

The evening was cool. Ben embraced her and whispered into her ear, “Now the adventure really begins.”


As Ben pulled the car away from the restaurant, Cathy felt as though she were floating in a warm ocean, being carried along by powerful currents. She felt good. The Champagne has taken the edge off her nervousness but her mind was clear and her body aroused.

The interaction with Robert had been exciting, even thrilling, almost more so looking back, and she could not deny it. She had desired his touch, and wanted . . . ah, she could still feel the shape and warmth of his erection in her hand.

It had felt, it felt now, like falling into this warm ocean; being carried powerless yet free . . . yet, this ocean centered on her, she was being desired. Not just by Ben, whose desire, usually assumed, thrilled her only on occasion, but Robert’s desire. Cathy felt powerful and sexy. The ocean move carried her, but existed for her. Its waves lapped at her . . . like their mouths, their tongues, caressing her body, worshiping her . . .

For a while, Cathy gave herself over to feelings without expression, sensations without thoughts. She looked at Ben driving, sure, purposeful, in control, yet drawn to excitement and risks.

Now a worrying emotion rose like a wave and slowly ebbed. Ben’s presence, his control, his support helped, but also disturbed her. What did it mean? Ben was strong; his love was sure, he planned and controlled this night and would not let anything bad happen.

And now? “The adventure is just beginning,” Ben had said. Perhaps her limits had been expanded enough tonight. But Ben wanted more, and she . . . floating, feeling good, smiling inwardly. She squirmed in her seat.

Ben’s hand was on her thigh. “Open up your dress.”

Yes, that was what she wanted, Ben’s touch, and now. Cathy opened her dress and relaxed back into the seat and Ben cupped her mound, caressed her, slipped his hand under her panties and slid a finger into her wetness. As he drew his finger along her crack up to her clit, the car stopped. Ben’s finger moved lower following her juice down over her wet lips, and further, close enough to her smaller hole to trigger other sensations, and then back up. As the tip of his finger, passed her opening she moved her hips up to make it dip into her. Ben turned his head towards her, sought and found her lips, his tongue caught hers briefly before moving away.

“You taste sweet.”

Cathy could feel his hot breath. She moaned as his finger moved over her, feeling the wetness in her pussy increase, and she humped against his finger. Ben dipped down and caught her nipple in his mouth, sucked on it gently, causing it to harden and then moving back.

In a near whisper, Ben said, “Ready”

“Yes, fuck me”

Ben smiled down at her. “Later, we’re here.”

Cathy couldn’t disguise the frustration in her, “Where? Just. . .”

Ben put a finger to her lips. “Shhh.” As he came around to her side of the car, Cathy thought to herself, “enough already, just you and me.” The door opened and his hand came to her. Cathy began to find her bearings as she unbuckled, took Ben’s hand and tried to hold her dress closed.

As she found her feet, Cathy embraced him and said, “We can just go home. We don’t even have to go home. We can. Just . . .”

Ben again shushed her. She looked around, they were in a long driveway, with trees on either side. Ben had parked behind four or five other cars and another was coming slowly toward them with just parking lights on.

“Where are we?” Cathy had managed to button up two buttons on her dress.

“A party”

“A party?”

Looking around Cathy saw the house. Aside from the trees that obscured any neighboring homes, it seemed a rather ordinary, albeit large, colonial style home. All the lights appeared to be on except for the upper right corner, although the curtains were drawn on every window. A shaft of light burst forth from the front door where a couple appeared to be entering. A clipped sound, a shoe on tarmac, gravel reminded her of the car behind and she glanced around to see a woman dressed in black emerging from a sports car.

Turning to Ben, “Okay, what kind of party is this?”

He smiled softly. “A private party. Do you remember Anne and Mark?” Cathy recalled the couple they had been seated next to at a strip club several months ago. She remembered that they had chatted and got on very well, but she didn’t remember arranging to meet or even exchanging numbers. Hmm the mystery deepens.

“Come on.”


Cathy approached the house with mixed feelings, she wanted Ben to quench the fire he had been building within her all evening, and yet, . . . yet there was something intriguing, teasing about each element of the evening and she liked his teasing, bringing forth her desire.

Before they reached the door it had already closed behind the couple she had seen at the door. There was a muffled beat of music deep within the house that seeped out to them and seemed to draw them on. Cathy heard the step of the couple behind them, but neither she nor Ben turned around. The door, large, dark green, Ben’s knock, two firm raps.

As the door began to open, a woman’s voice from behind, “Hi.” Ben was turning and Cathy followed him. The woman was blonde, a little taller that Cathy, mid-thirties, maybe, heels, a black dress starting a few inches above the knee, and so sheer that Cathy’s eyes moved over her body like a caress, hesitating at her nipples before reaching her face, which was pretty, very pretty. Her arm rested in the arm of a man in a tuxedo, a bow tie, a nice smile.

“Hi”, Ben’s voice calm as ever, almost flat.

The man’s hand reached out to Ben, “Bill, Cathy.”

Ben laughed, “Interesting, Ben and Cathy. Could be a confusing night.”

“Better make it ‘Blonde Cathy’ and ‘Brunette Cathy”, said Bill.

“No, no, no,” erupted the woman with a broad smile. “Call me Cat, Cat and Cathy is much nicer.” Cathy’s hand was in Bill’s. Cat leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. “Hi. First timer?”

“Is it so obvious?”

“No, we’re just regulars. It’s a small crowd and we all know each other. Anne mentioned that a new couple might be coming.”


Before Cathy could say more, Ben said “Let’s go in,” and they were turning, a large man, a high class bouncer who looked like a retired linebacker in a dress suit was before them. After Ben spoke their last name, he nodded, “Welcome. Come on in”

Cat and Bill didn’t seem to give their names, just came in.

“And talk of the devils,” came Cat’s voice from behind.

“Do you really mean that Cathy?” said an approaching woman, short, maybe fifty but attractive and trim still, brunette, dressed in a yellow spaghetti strap dress, her hair pulled back in a loose bun, streaked with gray. A few strands escaped, softening the look on her face.

“No, you are more like satyrs.”

“Oh, satyrs I like. Very classical. New guests? Let see, ahh, Ben and Cathy recommended by ah . . Anne and Mark, who are late. Yes?”

“Just so,” said Ben

“Two Cathys will. . .” she began, but was cut off.

“We have already solved that. From now on I am Cat; what do you think?”

“Hmmm, Cat yes, you are very feline, and you purr so.” There was laughter. Cathy smiled, looked at Ben; his eyes smiled at her and at her alone. Well this is interesting.

They were guided back through the house, which turned out to be much larger that had appeared from outside, it seemed far deeper than it was wide, and expensively decorated with furnishings that caught Cathy’s eye and broke her train of thought. After passing about three rooms, they began descending stairs toward the music. The music must have been piped through the house somehow, because it never got much louder.

They entered a large room that could have passed for a small club with a wet bar at one ends and a dance area at the other. Two men and three woman we seated on stools at the bar, being served by another linebacker type in a suit. One of the men, who must have been in his twenties and seemed young compared to everyone else, a little heavy but with beautiful eyes, was in a tuxedo like Bill. The other, a tall, thin, fair wore a black shirt and jeans. One woman, tall, thin with short blonde hair wore a lovely dark blue bra and panties with a wrap. The second woman, a brunette of similar height and build to Cathy, wore a black two piece held together by lots of ties. The third woman, at the far end of the bar, wasn’t particularly striking, nor slim but athletic with a quite angular face the color of dark honey that struck Cathy as one of the most beautiful she had actually seen in real life outside of a magazine, only the straps of her dress were to be seen because of the others.

Introductions were made, but Cathy caught only Jill, Steve, and a name beginning with L which belonged to the beauty at the back. Soon drinks were in hand and small chat circulating about such mundane things as shopping, home repairs, kids and cars.

Cathy found the pleasantness of the conversation somewhat jarring with what this party seemed to be and she was not very comfortable with Ben dropping her into what might be an orgy without advance warning. Then it struck her that what she wanted was advance warning, she wasn’t outraged to be here.

After about five minutes, two other couples arrived; one looked vaguely familiar and turned out to be the Mark and Anne that they had met before. After another round of introductions where Cathy discovered that the L was Lena the beauty and someone else was called Aaron, drinks continued to move across the bar.

When the last drink came over, Anne spoke up in a southern accent that Cathy had forgotten, it seemed to stand out so when she heard it at the strip club. “Can we steel the newbie’s for a little bit?”

Moments later, Cath found herself with Ben, Mark and Anne, drinks in hand in an adjoining room. As Cathy entered Ben and Mark where chatting like old friends, but as soon as the door closed, Ben turned to the ladies. “Okay, Cathy needs a few words of explanation just so she understands. When we met Mark and Anne at Sabel’s,” he said, mentioning the strip club, “do you recall the conversation about clubs and parties?”

“Kind of”

“You didn’t warn her at all?” erupted Anne’s southern voice. “Ben, that’s not very gentlemanly.”

“Its okay we’ve discussed it,” added Mark.

“You men are too much.” Anne gave her husband a stern half-humorous look. “Well,” she continued, turning to Cathy “when you said that they sounded like fun. I looked at Mark.”

“And I looked at Ben,” said Mark.

“And I nodded kind of interested,” said Ben. “And Mark slipped me an e-mail address and. . .”

“We thought,” cut in Anne, “that you might be fun to invite. We are similar in regular ways and we liked you as, well, as you might like neighbors. But,” Anne turned on Ben, “you were supposed to tell Cathy everything,”

“Give the guy a chance, will you.” said Bill.

“Thanks,” said Ben. “Bill and I e-mailed and then talked, but the night, well tonight, I was planning as a surprise night, an interesting surprise. It was interesting wasn’t it?”

Cathy smiled and nodded her head.

“Oh do tell,” bubbled Anne, and then in response to a stern look from Mark mouthed “later” at Cathy.

“Anyway,” picked up Ben again, turning to the other couple, “I talked around the subject with Cathy to see if she was ready for this, without going into specifics.” Cathy recalled the various conversations about swingers clubs, the differences between on-premises and off-premises, and her comfort level around sexually uninhibited people. She recalled her cautious answers that allowed Ben to suggest something when he felt the time was right. “And,” he turned his eyes on Cathy, “this is just a party where you need only enjoy yourself, and interact with everyone else only to the extent that you are comfortable and we’ve talked about limits.”

“No expectations,” Anne’s voice was low at reassuring, “Even though Ben’s been a beast by not telling you in advance, and Mark’s been worse, because he knows better.” Treat this as just a party. “No is always no and this is a great crowd, nobody’s pushy and everybody’s fun and nice in vanilla terms.”

No one she had met so far seemed in the least bit sleazy and both Anne and Cat seemed very nice, even if both were a little bubbly at times. Cathy looked at Ben, who stared back with his most reassuring look. Well, what the hell. Cathy raised her tequila cosmopolitan [okay I change the name of the drink!] and the others joined her in a toast.

“New friends,” said Anne.

As they walked back to the party, Anne put an arm around Cathy’s waist. “Don’t worry; we women will stand together whenever those oafs get out of line.”

Cathy looked at her smile and replied, “Thanks.”

As they re-entered the party room, it appeared that perhaps four or five additional couples had arrived and it began to resemble a small club, with several people dancing, including the Lena.

For the next thirty minutes, but for the clothes that the women were wearing, it might have seemed very normal to Cathy. Cat and Anne drew her into conversations about family and even kids, Cat had one and Anne three and they all shared the same joys and fears, hopes and frustrations. As the time passed though, Cathy regained her tipsiness and all three began to glance at the dance floor, which could not have been more than ten feet by ten feet.

Eight or nine people were dancing, some as couples, some not, although the space was so small everyone was close to everyone else. Sometimes, someone seemed to be dancing with one person, but then seemed to be dancing back to back with someone else. Hands moved up and down sides and couples kissed as they danced.

Cathy’s eyes were constantly drawn to the Lena who danced in a slow easy fashion. Cathy had never considered herself bi, but Ben’s interest in having another woman join them did not turn her off, at least in theory, she had just never met a woman whom she felt a genuine desire to get into bed with. The thought occurred to her that being in bed with this woman was actually appealing.

Cathy noticed Cat and Mark dancing, although she had not noticed her move from the bar. The dancing was beginning to turn her on and if Ben didn’t ask her in a few minutes she would grab him.

“Let’s dance.” Anne’s word caught her by surprise, but she automatically began to move toward the crowd. The tall, thin, blond man was barely dancing with his partner, not the tall blonde as she expected, but someone else, they kissed and caressed each other in a sensual, but not yet sexual, manner. Cathy found it arousing.

Anne actually danced well and since Ben was a rather terrible dancer, Cathy enjoyed her partner. After a minute or so, Anne put her hands on Cathy’s hips, which startled her at first, but felt good, and a moment later she put her hands on Anne’s hips too. Bodies were constantly bumping into her from behind. And then someone was dancing back to back with her. She felt the woman’s back and butt swaying against her own. The woman put her hand on Cathy’s legs and swept them slowly up and down, before moving away. The light touch, the swaying soft unknown body, there and gone, teasing not pushing, made Cathy want it to return.

Then Ben and Mark were there. Ben’s presence reassured her and she fell into a close dance with him. As they danced she could not help noticing the activity going on around them; still kissing and caressing for the most part, but the intensity had definitely heated up. The woman dancing with the tall man was now topless, dancing with her back to him while his hands moved over her stomach. Her breasts sagged a bit, but not unattractively. The tall blond whom Cathy had expected to see earlier swayed in front of the brunette watching intently.

Cathy, wanted to look and not look at the same time, but definitely not wanting anyone to notice her looking, and was glad that Ben’s was simply swaying with her, his hand moving slowly over her butt, but not turning her. Cathy could look or not without seeming like a voyeur.

The tall blonde placed her hands on the brunette’s hips and the three entered into one dance. The brunette’s eyes seemed to flutter half closed. Cathy was not surprised when the blonde’s hand moved over the other woman’s breasts, but it made her shiver to see it. Ben released her, to see if she was okay. Cathy had no idea if her expression gave her away, how turned on she was. If he did notice, he didn’t show it.

When Ben came close and danced again, he had turned her around. Anne and Mark were dancing near by in as almost formal way, her hand in his. They were smiling at each other, it seemed very romantic. Others though, were kissing, caressing openly. Breasts were visible here and there.

Ben could now see what she had seen and, moving close to him, Cathy could feel his erection bulging in his pants. Not sure how to react, she wondered at her feelings. Ben stepped back and, still dancing, looked into her eyes with his inscrutable expression and only the faintest smile, and unbuttoned the four buttons that closed her dress.

Cathy looked back staring and realized that she was smiling.

Ben slipped his arms inside her dress and began to dance close. Cathy had been turned around again. The blonde was kissing the man while the brunette, sandwiched between them was kissing her breasts.

Cathy could see the woman’s tongue flicking at the nipple. She found herself responding with equally strong instincts to turn away and sigh. Ben kept her in the same orientation, and so she became a passive observer.

Ben’s hands moved over her butt which, because of the G-string, was really bare and his hand gave her a surge of lust.

The swaying threesome before her eyes seemed to be in no rush to change positions and one song merged into the next without a pause. The brunette’s tongue alternately circling and flicking rose to the blonde’s mouth and they kissed.

Ben’s hands reached lower, touching the top of her inner thigh from behind. Cathy could feel his erection surge. She smiled; it must be dying for release.

As she slipped a hand between them to caress Ben’s erection, a pair of hands came to her own hips from behind and a form pressed against her. Almost instinctively, she realized that it must be a woman; perhaps because of the hands, perhaps because there was no bulging erection poking into her from behind. Ben’s hands moved up her sides so that her dress opened. Cathy was almost in a trance.

As the woman behind began to pull her dress back, a sudden panic shot through Cathy and just as suddenly, the smile on Ben’s face banished it.

Cathy’s dress was passed around her and Ben draped it over his shoulder. She was acutely aware of her nakedness, except for her low heel shoes and a g-string. Again two conflicting emotions surged within her, one liberated and loving the sensuality of her body, the other wanting to seize hold of anything to cover herself. The music, the alcohol, Ben, the others, the mood, even the dim light, were all necessary, to bring Cathy to this moment and still she wavered. Ben head dipped forward and his voice came through the music, “I love you.” He kissed her and smiled.

Cathy began to sway, turned and saw Cat smiling at her. Ben’s hands moved up the side of her body, cupped her breasts from behind, his thumbs stroking her nipples. With a rising confidence, or was it something else, Cathy danced a little forward from Ben.


Cathy and Cat danced for several minutes without any contact. Cat did not reach out to touch her as she had expected. It was if she had jumped into something that had not come to happen.

Allowing the music to envelop her, Cathy’s eyes half closed, catching glimpses of Cat; her shoulder length blonde hair, her small pert breasts through her dress, her large areola that seemed to cover half of her breasts. Slowly though Cat came closer.

Cathy surprised herself when, before Cat reached out, she found her own hands reaching out to Cat, moving over Cat’s sides, up to the sides of her breasts and down. Am I trembling? Can she tell when I can’t?

Cat responded by coming in closer and placing one hand on Cathy’s hip, one on her back. As they danced, Cathy found herself having fun, in a simple joyous way, almost laughing. No thoughts of should or shouldn’t, am I or aren’t I, will I or won’t I, crossed her mind, she was simply enjoying this without question.

As they embraced and danced close, Cat’s hand lowered and caressed her butt. “This is so sexy” thought Cathy as she reciprocated. She gave Cat’s butt a little squeeze and had to suppress a giggle.

When Cat began to nuzzle Cathy’s neck, all nervous humor was replaced by arousal. This was one thing that always turned her on.

“Ohhhhh,” Cathy even heard herself.

As Cat continued to nuzzle, her hand moved from Cathy’s butt, and began to stroke her thigh. After a minute of this, Cathy could feel desire rise up inside, taking control of her body, beginning to drive the situation, her hips starting the grind into Cat; she knew that she wanted to move beyond the teasing that seemed to have been going on for hours. Was it Cat or just impersonal desire and need for release after so much arousal? Cathy couldn’t say.

Cat moved back for one beat and then in close again, but this time her hand was flat, low on Cathy’s stomach, with a gentle pressure.

This was it, Cathy knew it. Tomorrow would not be like yesterday. All the wondering, speculating, questions had come to this moment. It had been hovering before her ever since they had been exploring the boundaries of their sexuality, perhaps even longer; perhaps it had always been there, below the horizon waiting for her. This seemed so impossible. When the possibility of another woman had crossed her mind in very abstract terms, this scenario was not remotely like anything she considered. But yet, here now, in this moment, it felt good. Not just physically good, but she had merged with her own body in some indescribable way and if an inner voice spoke to her then, it said, “It’s okay.”

Cathy was aware of every part of Cat’s hand, each finger, the palm, each element, the whole, as it lowered and turned, sliding under her panties, was cupping her, feeling her swollen and wet.

Cathy could hardly breathe, only exhale, “Ohhhhh” as Cat’s finger moved into her cleft.

Cathy began to hold onto Cat to both embrace her and keep her balance. Cat’s finger moved expertly along the side of Cathy’s clit, circling wide, sliding down, over the top, wide to the side, circling in and backing off, building. . . It did not take much, within a time that seem to be no time at all, it was coming, like a avalanche, coming, coming, coming, filling the whole scope of her awareness, and the convulsions and the orgasm struck her.

Her emotions felt like they were bursting with the convulsions, quenching of desiring, panic and doubt. Cat was embracing her, kissing her cheek over and over. Someone was supporting her from behind, carrying nearly all her weight. She knew it was Ben without even thinking it.

There she was being nearly carried, Cat stroking her face, kissing her cheek. She was lowered down against a cushion, a wall. Ben was embracing her. Cathy looked up at Ben. His smile reassuring.

“Wow, that was . . .” she could not find the words. Ben smiled. When Cat kissed her on the cheek, Cathy turned. “Thank you.”

“Believe me, it was a pleasure. I’m going to leave you guys together, but come and see me later.” And she was gone. Ben was there and he was the only and everything that she wanted at that moment. But not just his presence.

“I need you inside me.” She could have said whether this was a physical or emotional need, sexual or nonsexual, but it was personal in a very profound way.

Neither of them could get Ben’s clothes off fast enough and didn’t complete the job before they were joined. Like Cathy, the hours of teasing had been an arousal rollercoaster for Ben and he felt no need to make it last. In about five minutes, Cathy could feel him approaching his peak and urged him to cum.

As they lay together, still a little sweaty and sticky, few words were said. Ben looked at her and asked, “Okay?”

Cathy smiled back, “Yeah, this was. . .” She nodded. “Good.”

They dressed and returned to the bar. There were noticeably fewer people present and Cat and Bill were not there, but Anne and Mark were and greeted them with smiles. Bill handed them their drinks. Ben began to make a remark that it had been a long night.

“How about some coffee?” asked Anne.

“Oh yes,” said Cathy and so they found themselves in for a late night coffee; clutched in the kitchen talking about vacations, hot tubs, and landscaping.

After about twenty minutes, Cat swept into the room. “I heard you were here.”

“Yes,” said Cathy, “fading fast.”

“Anne said you were up to something earlier in the evening. I won’t ask what.”


Listen, a few of us get together to dinner about once a month, why not join us next time. I want to hear more about your kids.”

“That sounds nice.”

Anne wrote a number and e-mail address down and there was hugging and shaking of hands. Everyone kissed Cathy on the lips rather than the cheek, but only Cat made it seem intimate by holding the embrace a moment longer than the others. Seeing Anne and Cat kiss Ben on the lips seemed oddly normal.

As the drove home, Cathy held Ben’s hand and tried not to think. Ben hardly spoke. Still she began to look forward to meeting their new friends.

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