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One Kentucky Day

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Jason glanced up from his menu as the scent of perfume caught his nose. The woman that just passed his table not only smelled like heaven, but looked the part as well. She was dressed in short yellow sundress, that barely covered her round ass cheeks. The woman’s long, red curly hair, seemed appropriate for the hot Georgia summer. Jason watched the woman as she took a seat at the counter.

She turned her head to look around the small diner, and Jason was surprised that he recognized her. Her name was Cindy, he had met her on a previous trip through town almost five years earlier. She had been an enthusiastic high school senior, and it was his first business trip. A little talk, and a few drinks, and he had scored easily. She had been enthralled by his stories of New York, and had fucked him like a groupie going at a rock star.

When the waitress came to take his order, Jason asked her to invite Cindy over to his table. He watched as message was delivered, and smiled as Cindy stared over at him. A smile came to her lips when she recognized him. She walked over, her hips swaying slowly, and scooted into the booth, sitting across from him.

“It’s been a long time.” she said to him. “How’s business treating you?”

“Not bad. A lot of traveling.” Jason replied “How have you been doing?”

Cindy told him that after she had graduated highschool, she went to college in New York. His stories had made her interested in big city life, and she had taken the opportunity to explore. She had recently graduated with a degree in communications, and was telecommunicating with an Internet provider in California. Jason listened, but his mind was focused on the difference in the Country woman, The drawl was still intact, but there was an underlying sense of experience in her now. Jason was growing more interested by the minute, and he was deeply hoping to bed this woman again.

The waitress came back with their orders, and they talked while they ate. It was still early in the evening, and the sun had just began to set when they were done.

“Where are You staying at?” Cindy asked him after Jason had paid the check. He had been hoping she would ask.

“Over at the holiday inn on route twelve.” he said matter-of-factly. ” Want to come by for a few drinks and maybe a movie?”

Cindy smiled at him, and Jason felt the heel of her shoe graze the side of his leg. “I was thinking about something a bit more exercising.” she said with a look that sent shivers down his spine.

“Well, I sure as hell am not one to argue with a pretty woman.” Jason said as he stood and offered her his hand.

Cindy parted with Jason as they left the diner She explained that she wanted to stop by her house and pick up a few items. They made plans to meet at his hotel room within the hour.

Jason stopped at the local liquor store on the way to the hotel, and bought a few bottles for the evening. By the time Cindy made it to the room, he had mixed a few drinks, and turned the lights off. The room was only illuminated by the moonlight that flowed through the open window. The night was warm, but a stiff breeze kept the room at the perfect temperature. Cindy moved like a gracefully as she came into the room. She dropped the bag she was carrying onto the floor , then sensually slid onto the bed. Jason found his mouth watering as he watched her arch her back and stretch like a cat. He stood like a statue as she rolled onto her back, and kicked her shoes from her feet.

“Mmm..this room is nice. ” Cindy commented as she ran a hand over the bed covers.

Jason came out of his trance, and finally joined Cindy on the bed. He handed her a drink, and quickly downed his own. Cindy could sense how anxious he was, and played upon it. She sipped her drink slowly, her red lips pressing against the rim of the glass, and her tongue swabbing an drop that escaped her mouth. Jason watched as she drank, one of his hands running down her smooth leg, squeezing her thigh.

“You sure have changed within the past few years.” he told her as she rolled away from him, sitting her empty glass on the night stand.

She didn’t say a word as she rolled back toward him. She grasped his head between her soft hands, and kissed him passionately. Jason kissed her back, and slipped his tongue between her lips. Liquor seeped from her mouth as her lips parted, and Jason found his mouth awash with wet warmth as she slowly fed him the drink she had held in her mouth. The kiss lasted for what seemed like an eternity, and Jason was reluctant to break it. Cindy made the choice for him, as she pulled away. Kneeling on the bed, she took his hands and guided them up her smooth thighs.

“I like it when a man takes my clothes off for me. Will you oblige?” she asked him, giving his hands a squeeze.

Jason begin to quickly pull her dress up, but she stopped him. “Slowly. It’s so much better when you do it slowly.” she said, leaning forward and whispering hotly into his ear.

Jason could feel his pulse pounding as he forced himself to slow down. He resumed pulling the dress upward, also letting his hands run against her soft skin. Cindy enticed him even more by the undulating movements, and small coos of enjoyment. Jason sucked his breath in with a loud hiss as he pulled the dress over her breasts. Her breasts were full and smooth, capped by large pink nipples. Jason couldn’t resist, and moved his mouth to one of her breasts as he finished lifting her dress up.

“Mmm…yeah.” Cindy said with approval as His warm mouth fastened over her stiff nipple. Once her arms were free of the dress, she cradled his head to her breast, and moved herself to straddle his lap. She ran her fingers through his hair as she fed him her creamy tit. Jason groaned when she began to grind her crotch against his trapped cock, the vibrations of his pleasure reverberating through her breast.

Cindy continued to grind her hips until she felt Jason begin to tense. She slowly ceased her movement, and leaned forward. He sudden movement caught Jason off guard, and he tumbled backwards with her on top of him. Cindy righted herself, and grinned down out Jason, her hands deftly unbuttoning his shirt.

“I hope you’ve kept in shape, because your in for a real session.” she told him as she finished the last button.

“Session huh? Sounds like you have some very specific ideas in mind.” Jason replied, his hands sliding against her hips when she had removed his shirt.

Cindy just grinned as she slid up his chest. “Let’s just say that this country girl learned more in New York than just what she was taught in college. With that said, she spun her body around, her pussy hovering inches over His face. Her pussy was shaven, and a thick coating of cream oozed from between the lips. Jason was so entranced by the sight, that he didn’t even realize that she had removed the rest of his clothing. He strained his neck upward, trying to reach her wet slit, but Cindy kept moving his target right out of reach.

“Is there something you want?” she said teasingly.

“Yeah, and I could get it if you would stop moving.” Jason responded with a laugh.

Cindy laughed, and spun herself back to face him. When she repositioned herself, she placed her legs across his arms, pinning Jason to the bed. Her pussy was so close, that Jason could smell the pungent juice that now oozed even more freely from her. He watched as she ran a finger between her puffy lips, drawing a thick strand of cream away like it were honey.

“Is this what You want?” she teased him.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I want.” Jason said, playing along with her game.

Cindy drew her finger to her mouth, and gave it a slow lick. A thin rope of her juice came away, clinging to her red tongue. She lowered her hand, and ran her finger against His lips, smearing them with the remainder of the cream. Jason couldn’t help but lick his lips, getting at least a hint of her taste.

“Well now, I think I’m in a position to give you what you want, but what are you going to give me?” She said as her finger began to play with her clit.

“Whatever you want.” Jason responded, the sight of her playing with her pussy driving him crazy.

“I don’t think that’s good enough. If you want to play, you’re going to have to let me take charge of things.” she said thoughtfully.

“Ok, anything you want.” Jason replied urgently.

“You don’t mean it. You just want my pussy. I don’t think your serious.”

“I am serious, we can do anything you want.” Jason pleaded.

“No. Not anything I want. Everything I want. Am I in TOTAL control?” Cindy demanded

“Yeah. Yes, whatever you want.. You are in total control.” Jason said, barely in control.

“Good. I don’t think you will be disappointed.” Cindy replied, then moved from off of him. Jason growl in frustration as she moved away, but quieted as she began to pull items from her bag. The first and only item he saw was a black blindfold. He had done a few kinky things before, but this evening was shaping up to be something else. He let her place the blindfold on his head, and lay quietly as she instructed him to.

“Now, a little sex wear always makes things more fun.” he heard her say as she strapped leather cuffs around his wrists and ankles. Jason soon found himself spread eagle on the bed, his hands and feet bound to the bedframe.

“Since you’ve been such a good boy, I’ll let you see what your doing.” Cindy said as she pulled the blindfold from over his eyes. Jason had to admit the bondage aspect of her play was getting to him, and his hard cock was testament to his arousal. His eyes were drawn to the leather straps that Cindy was holding in her hand. She climbed onto the bed, and positioned herself between his legs. Jason was excited and fascinated at what she was doing. She secured one of the straps behind his balls, totally separating them from his cock. His cock throbbed as she finished securing the straps. When she was done, his cock twitched and pulsed in its confinement, while his balls bulged. One swipe of her tongue along his bloated sac, and he felt as if he were going to cum on the spot.

Cindy lathed her tongue over his balls, causing Jason to writhe like a snake on the bed. Jason was pumping his hips upward when she finally stopped. Sweat was pouring down his face when she climbed on top of him. Cindy gripped his cock tightly in her hand, causing Jason to groan as she squeezed it. She toyed with his cock, stroking her clit with the tip. Jason tried to raise his hips, but was unable, and could only moan in frustration as she used his cock to masturbate with. Mercifully, she finally settled down, slipping his cock deep inside of her. Jason grit his teeth and tried to stave of his orgasm, but couldn’t hold it. He yelled as his cock began to fire deep inside of its warm prison.

Cindy chuckled as he came, but kept slowly stroking his cock. Spasms wracked his body, but she kept moving, not allowing him a chance to rest. To His surprise, he stayed hard, his cock surrounded by her cunt, made all the hotter by the load of cum it now contained. Cindy rubbed her clit, and began to bounce harder, taking his cock into her with deep thrusts. His face was a mask of please as she fucked him. His balls smacked between the cheeks of her ass with each bounce, sending jolts of electricity through his body.

“Oh yeah. Fuck that feels good.” Cindy moaned as her tempo increased. His cock was almost popping free of her cunt with each stroke, only to be slammed in to the hilt. His hips were becoming numb as she pounded into him, their thick juices making the slaps load and wet. Jason growled as he felt her tempo change, and her nails dug into his chest. Cindy bucked wildly as she began to cum. Her nails dug into his chest like an eagles talons, and she screamed as her orgasm ripped through her. She flung her head from side to side as she came, her hips grinding down. His balls were trapped between the cheeks of her ass, and the friction drove him crazy.

“Do You want to cum again?” she teased him, bucking her hips.

“Y-yeah.” Jason groaned, his chest body throbbing from the workout it was receiving.

Cindy continued to grind her hips, and reached back. She slowly stroked his balls as she moved, watching the look of ecstacy on His face. His body began to shake and his hips bucked upward. Jason couldn’t make a sound as he began to cum again. He lay shaking as he cock emptied into her gooey cunt. Just as his orgasm was subsiding, she gripped his balls tightly, and began to squeeze. The sensation reignited his orgasm, and Jason felt as if he was turning inside out. By the time Cindy was done, Jason lay on the bed like a limp doll, soaked in sweat and exhausted.

“Now it’s time for a treat.” Cindy said to him, and cautiously pulled his cock from inside of her. Jason didn’t notice how gingerly she moved, but quickly became aware of her intent. Cindy settled herself into a sixty-nine position, and just like the first time, let her pussy hover over His face. Jason could clearly see the thick glob or pearly cum building at the entrance to her pussy. “Open wide.” Cindy told him, and he could see her begin to push with her muscles. She steadied herself with her hands, and sucked his wet cock deep into her mouth. Jason groaned as she began to suck his cock clean. He opened his mouth as she continued to squeeze, and was quickly rewarded with a thick drop of cum. The flavor was a heady mixture of his cum, and her pussy cream, and it coated his mouth like molasses.

His moan of approval was met with another rich glob of cum, and finally her slimy pussy pressed to his mouth. His tongue parted her lips, and drove up into her cunt, his mouth flooding with sticky cum. This was a new experience, but he was so excited that he would try anything that she wanted. The heavy taste of their combined cum was different, but not displeasing. Jason kept licking, swabbing the sticky walls of her cunt clean, as her tongue licked away all traces of cum from his cock. When Cindy moved from off of him, she turned and gave him a long kiss, smearing the remainder of their cum across their lips. When she was done, lay next to him, her fingers tracing designs on his chest.

“Damn. That was fucking incredible.” Jason said, feeling totally drained. “How the hell did you learn this stuff?”

“I had a girlfriend in college that worked at a club in New York that specialized in…sexual dominance.” she told him.

“Well, that certainly was something, but I think it’s time for us to switch places.” Jason said with a wink. “I think You’ll look quite appetizing strapped down to the bed.

Cindy grinned, and slowly slid from the bed. “Oh, I know I would. The only thing is that I am far from done.” she told him as she went back into her bag. His mouth dropped when he saw what she was pulling out. He watched mutely as Cindy slipped into a harness, with a thick dildo sticking out from the front. “From your look, I don’t think you’ve ever had the pleasure of receiving a womans cock before. I love giving guys their first fuck, so I’m going to ride you real good baby.” Cindy said, stroking her cock slowly.

“Whoa now. I don’t know about this.” Jason said nervously.

“Oh no, no backing out now. I’m going to fuck you, and your going to enjoy it.” Cindy said demandingly. She worked quickly as she untied his legs from the bed, and repositioned them near his hands. When she was done, he was bent in half, with his ass exposed. Jason watched as she dropped a tube of lubricant on the bed, then positioned herself between his legs. Cindy dipped her head down, and Jason began to squirm. Her wet tongue began to circle around his ass, and Jason sucked in breath as her tongue pressed into his ass. Jason closed his eyes and swooned as her tongue slowly worked his hole open, her hand squeezing his cock.

Jason gasped as Cindys tongue was replaced by a finger, which she sawed slowly in and out of his loosening ass. He was surprised at the sensations as her one finger soon became two, and eventually three. By the time she was done, his cock was throbbing again, and she was expertly pumping three fingers into his spit slicked ass. His breath was coming in ragged pants when she withdrew her fingers, and moved closer between his legs. Cindy applied a thick coating of lubricant to her cock, and began to work it into his tight hole.

Cindy watched the look on His face as she slowly fed her cock into his ass. She worked it slowly, until she was buried to the hilt in his ass. Cindy began to slowly rock her hips, only moving her cock a few inches at a time. Jason began to shiver as she began to increase the length of her strokes. Within a few minutes, she was feeding him long, deep strokes, her hand wrapped tightly around his cock.

“You like it, don’t you.” Cindy said as she gave him a few hard thrusts.

“Yeah…oh yeah.” Jason groaned.

“Oh baby, I’m drain you without even stroking your cock.” Cindy told him as she let go over his twitching cock. Jason was frustrated at first, but soon lost all thought as Cindy picked up her speed. She soon began to pull out completely, watching his asshole stay open, then slowly begin to close. She would then slide her cock back in, for a few strokes, then repeat the process. Sweat poured down His face as Cindy fucked him. The sensations were terrific, but he didn’t feel as if he would cum. He was about to say so, when Cindy changed her position. She leaned forward and grabbed the headboard of the bed, the rose up on the tips of her toes. The new position allowed her to use her weight to power her strokes, and she began to really lay into His ass. From the angle, Jason could see her thick cock spreading his ass open, and could see his tight hole swallow the length of her shaft with each thrust.

Cindys thrusts became bruising in force as she slammed down into his ass. Jason screamed with pleasure as she filled him completely, the shaft of her cock sliding across his prostate. He soon felt a an orgasm building, but it rushed through him faster than normal. His ass gripped, and he felt as if he were pissing instead of cumming. His cock oozed out a steady stream of cum, and all of his senses were focused on his ass. He almost passed out from the sensation as Cindy took him beyond his limit. She kept thrusting until his body went limp, his muscles exhausted. Jason was expecting to pull out, but she continued to surprise him. She unfastened the straps from her waist, and reversed the harness. Keeping her cock neatly in his ass, she fastened the straps around his waist, locking the cock in his ass.

Jason was beyond exhausted as he watched her move away.

“Oh man, can you believe it. There are still some things I want to show you.” she told him as she looked into her bag. “But first, I need to take a pee.”

Jason couldn’t believe that she was still able to keep going. He was totally exhausted. She was still in her bag when he turned his attention back to her. She pulled out a funnel, and stood grinning at him.

“What’s that for?” he asked. “I thought you had to pee.”

Her grin widened as she walked toward him. “I do, and I don’t want to spill anything. It’s hard to sleep on a wet bed.” she said as she climbed onto the bed. She placed the funnel in his mouth, and positioned herself above him.

Jason quickly wondered what else she had planned for the evening. He didn’t know, but as the first splash of her hot pee filled his mouth, he knew it would be an unforgettable ride.

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