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On the Road

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Usually, I-75 from Fort Lauderdale to Naples isn’t a very exciting ride. But as my car sped along, passing Florida State Road 19 at around 75 mph, I was pretty fired up. Yeah, I noticed the hundred or so gators sunning themselves on the embankment that lines the interstate; that was different. However, the hormones that were coursing through me this day didn’t have anything to do with being excited over cars, or mileage, or gators. The drive itself was a nuisance.

I had met her three years previously in a Literotica chat room. Gabriella was awesome! She was the first woman I ever talked to who lived close enough to make me think about cheating on my wife in real life. Being that she lived in Tampa, all I would really need was twelve hours free and clear to drive four hours there, meet Gaby, have lunch, fuck her until my balls turned blue and her pussy raw, then drive back to Fort Lauderdale.

How hot was she? Oh, my God! When we first started chatting it was all very polite and complimentary. I’m not like some of those assholes, who (even in a chat room) are only “Wham”, and “Slam, May I fuck you Ma’am!” God no! The first time we chatted was for two hours and certainly it was about sex and relationships, but mostly it involved getting to know each other. The second time was strictly about our marriages, how they were and how they should be. But the third time? We made a private room in digicrap and fucked and fucked and fucked some more! She had me so worked up that on the first orgasm, one rope of jizz literally struck me in the right cheek. I was spraying cum all over my keyboard! That was a fun mess to clean up.

“Gaby?” I asked her, “Do you and your husband have sex like this in real life?”

“I want to,” she replied with a sigh. I could feel the melancholy coming right through the monitor.

“You mean, you don’t?”

“Well, my hubby and I have only had sex one time in the the last three months.”

“Are you shittin’ me?” I really couldn’t believe that. The guy had to be on drugs I thought…or an invalid.

“No,” she said startling me, “he just doesn’t want me”

Right then and there I made up my mind that I wanted her. If her husband didn’t…then I did! When she showed me her picture, it only deepened this resolve. She was fucking beautiful! Raven dark hair, sensuous features, sweet figure with sexy full tits…and a sharp dresser to boot. “Her husband’s out of his gourd!” I thought…but I kept that judgmental opinion to myself.

Good Lord, did we have fun one time! I’ve never tried to describe a cyber-sexual encounter in a short story before, but this one was so good I’m gonna take a crack at it.

“Nathan?” she said one day, starting out quite nonchalantly. “I need to ask you something, okay?”

“Of course, Beautiful! We never hide anything from each other do we?”

“Do you want me really bad?”

I had to chuckle, “Does the wind blow, Gaby? Seriously, Babe…you have no idea what you do to me?”

“What do I do to you, Nathan?”

I stared at the words on the computer screen. This woman didn’t know I would have driven across the country for her. “You make my blood boil, Babe! You make it hard for me to breath! I want that beautiful ass of yours so bad, I could jump through the screen!”

Immediately there was that smiley face; 🙂 and then a long pause. “Funny you should mention that,” I wondered what she meant, until she typed, “but I need you to take my ass and fuck it, Nathan!”

Now it was my turn to pause, “OMG! Gaby! Really? You want me to take my hard dick and slip it into that cute, little asshole?”

She giggled and snuggled up close in cyber-space. Her hand slipped down the front of my shorts and she cupped my balls, tickling them until I gasped with pleasure! She laid her head on my chest and her eyes sneaked a look into mine. When I caught her expression, she leaned up and whispered into my ear, “I’m your whore, aren’t I? Aren’t I your dirty little girl that you need to fuck until your satisfied?”

“Ohhh, hell yesss, Gaby! And I think my beautiful slut girl should be fucked by my cock in her ass, too…if she wants it! Do you want it, Baby?”

Gabriella answered with a groan and squeezed my balls tighter. Then she slid her hand up my shaft, dragging her palm hard against the velvety skin. Her lips dropped to my nipple and she sucked the left one in, nipping at it with her teeth and jacking my cock in time to her biting! Gasping through clenched lips, I grabbed her by the hair, pulling her mouth off my nipple and then I kissed her savagely, rolling over with her on top and spreading her ass cheeks with my fingertips!

Gaby’s tongue drove down my throat when she felt a fingertip poking at her anus, and she ground her mound against my pubic bone, humping it hotly and moaning into our kiss! “You gonna do it, Nate?” she whispered, murmuring into my mouth while trying to suck my tongue. “You ready to give your slutty, little whore what she wants?”

That beautiful hellcat broke the kiss then and pushed against the bed with her hands, sliding up my body and dragging her tits across my nipples. The whole scene was so erotic, and my cock was so hard, that it was painful to sit at the computer desk and keep the fantasy going. I wanted to jump in my car; hell, I wanted to beam over to Tampa and fuck the living shit out of this awesome chick! She was driving me completely bonkers with desire.

“Here,” she typed, dragging a tit up to my mouth, “Suck this for me, I wanna see how hard my nipple can get with your mouth on it!”

I groaned out loud and sucked in that fat teat and as much of her boob as I could! Gaby was groaning and crying out and yanking at my hair as I worked on her nipple and when I pushed a finger in her ass again, she said she was about to cum! “Ohh, FUUCK!!” she screamed, “Mmm…Oooh…Mmm…I love that; I wish you could fuck me there for real!”

I was seriously jacking my cock now, and when I typed that I wanted her to ride it, she said she would…but only if I kept fingering her ass; a one-on-one kind of DP. She slid her ass back until her cunt impaled itself on my pole and I pushed my forefinger a little deeper into her anus to match it. When I started a quick fucking motion, Gaby reached down and began frigging her clit for real, which she told me. This was such a hot image that I had to slow down or I would have shot a load all over the keyboard; and I didn’t want to cum just yet!

Gaby was banging back onto my cock and her tits were swinging against my chest as she rode my dick and fingers right to the edge. “Oh, my God, Nathan…OHH MYYY GODDD, You’re gonna make me cum! SHIT! OHH SHIITTT! Fuck your little slut, I’mm…Oooh Gawwdd, I’m cummmmmingggg!”

And that’s when I lost it. I think it was the hardest orgasm I ever had in a cyber-sex! Good thing I blocked the ropes of cum with my hand because who knows where they would have gone. Neither one of us typed anything for at least two minutes, and then she said, “Oh God! That was so fucking good!”

And that was just the start of it! When Gabriella and I got together in chat, we hardly even talked…we just started cyber-fucking as soon as we could get a room together! She wanted to be my slut whore; and I let her! Quite often, when our spouses were around, we would work each other up into a lather, and then flash out of there because either her husband or my wife would interrupt us. More than once…when Gaby flashed out, my prick would be glistening with pre-cum and I’d go find my wife and say, “Honey? Look! I think this needs some serious sucking!” Then my wife would drop to her knees and grab my rod and hungrily slurp it into her mouth and finish me off…and I’d be dreaming it was Gaby! And just as often, I would be fucking my wife but visualizing Gabriella taking it up her sweet cunt!

I almost didn’t believe her, the day I asked if we could meet…and she said yes! In the summer, the wife usually went away for at least one long weekend with her girlfriends. I thought it would be the perfect time for Gaby and me to meet at one of her local hotels and see if we could match for real what we had been enjoying in cyber-space. God, was I excited…she agreed!

So there I was, just about halfway from Ft. Myers to Tampa. I was so glad for cruise control. If it weren’t for that, there would have no way to avoid a speeding ticket for going 30 mph over the limit; I was that worked up!

Oh, my God! When we finally met at the Bennigan’s for lunch, I was stunned! The picture in the yahoo profile of her had been so beautiful, but in reality? I’ll say it again…OH, MY GOD IN HEAVEN! This woman was fucking hot! We sat at the table and I just looked at her. She met my gaze for a full minute, but then got shy and her eyes dropped.

“Am I making you uncomfortable, Babe?” I asked, touching her hand that was resting on the table. “I don’t mean too; I just can’t believe my eyes!”

She giggled and looked up again, “You like what you see, Nathan?” I chuckled too, being pretty sure I had this I-wanna-fuck-this-gorgeous-creature look on my face, because when she saw it she continued, “You want me, don’t you!” It was a statement, not a question.

“Damn!” I said, shaking my head slowly, “It would have been worth it to come all this way just to kiss you, Gaby! Can I have that body too?”

Gabriella’s look was sultry (almost smoldering) as she replied, “Of course! I’m your whore…your slut…aren’t I?” I almost fainted away!

“We gotta get outta here,” I was hard already, right under the table; Gaby laid her hand on my thigh and tickled it with her nail. I leaned toward her and whispered. “You need a good fuck, don’t you, you slut!”

Gaby smiled crookedly; it was painfully clear that she did. “Oh, God…I haven’t had sex in over a month!”

Well, I’m gonna give your pussy just what it needs; and as much as it wants!”

Gaby’s hand squeezed my knee and our food arrived. We spent the next hour enjoying our lunch and jacking up the electricity. It was unbelievable how filthy the talk got! Gabriella was the first woman I’d ever talked to who seemed to enjoy the verbal sparring more than me. At one point I asked her, “Tell me, do you like to ride a cock when it’s in your ass?”

She half-closed her eyes and said, “Oh, my God, Nathan…do we have to finish this lunch?”

I chuckled, half nervously. “How much time do we have?”

“I’ve got to be home by 6:00. We have friends coming over.”

“If I shoot a load of cum in that pretty, little cunt…and then another load in that sexy tush…do you promise you’ll leave it in there during your party tonight?”

Gaby groaned audibly, her eyes closing tightly. “Don’t say that!”

“Why not?” I replied, “You know you love it! My whore loves my cum! You probably would like me to shoot a third load down your throat, wouldn’t you?” She grinned but said nothing; her eyes were still closed. “Here,” I continued, “touch my cock!” I took her hand and guided it under the table. She was trembling, but she let me do it.

When she touched my sex for the first time ever, her eyes snapped open! They flashed and burned at me with the kind of fire that men don’t see all that often enough. I couldn’t wait any longer, “C’mon, Babe; we have to get out of here now!” I didn’t even wait for the bill…I threw $50 on the table and guided her outside.

Walking briskly to her car together, she asked, “Where are we going?”

“I’ve got a room at that Holiday Inn over there,” I said pointing down the street about half a block, “with a king-size bed and some champagne, and a few other items.”

Gabriella giggled and rubbed up against me; she grabbed my cock right through my pants and cooed, “Will this stay hard until we get there?”

“Probably,” I laughed, “by the way, are you wet?”

She leaned even closer, grinding her mound into the top of my thigh. “Definitely, Oh God…my pussy’s ready for it!”

I grinned, handed her a key and said, “Room 315.”

Turning on my heel, I practically ran the thirty or so steps to my car! Gaby got caught by a light and so I got to the room first and sat down on the bed. My mind was going a million images an hour and all of them were making me crazy on fire! We had been fuck buddies in the rooms of Literotica for so long I thought this day would never come. Yet here it was, and even better, she hadn’t had sex in a month!

Just as I kicked off my shoes, the door opened and she came in. She studied the room as if she were a visitor, not an honored guest! “You like the room, Babe?”

She turned to face me, “It’s so nice, I’m just looking at it to remember it all; since we’re never going to get together again.”

“We’re not?” This let some air out of the balloon. “What makes you say that?”

“Because…this once is going to be good, I can tell.” Her eyes were doing that burning thing again. “But if we do it twice we’ll never want to stop, and then eventually we’ll get caught…and that can’t happen.”

She was right. I would never want to stop. Making up excuses to come to Tampa would be impossible. So I grinned at her, “This is easy, Babe; one of us has to move!”

We both laughed at that! Gaby climbed onto the bed with me; clothes, shoes and all, and I drew her into my arms. That first kiss was not tender! We’d been wanting each other in reality for so long! She was a great kisser too, the kind of kissing that makes you feel the hunger! We made out for a long time rolling around on the bed, stroking and fondling tits and asses and crotches…grabbing each other everywhere…tearing little yelps of passion from each other every time we touched another erogenous zone.

Somehow or other the clothes started coming off. God, did she have beautiful skin! When I unbuttoned her blouse, her heaving cleavage was almost too much! I couldn’t wait to take the blouse off, so I buried my face between those titties and the licking began. She was clutching my face to that bosom while I sucked at the fleshy curves. My tongue couldn’t quite get inside the bra to lick a nipple, so I reached up with two hands and pulled her left tit out of the cup and slurped the rigid nipple into my mouth.

“Oh SHIT!” she gasped, and her head fell back as a new wave of heat slammed into her. “Ohhh, Goddd…keep sucking my tittie! Fuckkkk!” So I sucked the nipple hard and drew as much of her whole tit into my mouth as I could; her cries got shrill, “Aahhh… Godddd! Oohhhh!”

Reaching behind her as we lay on our sides, I worked her skirt up, pulled aside the thong and fingered her ass crack. Gabriella wriggled against my hand and I wasn’t sure if it was my fingers in her butt or the chewing on her nipples that made her do it. At any rate, after a couple minutes of that she suddenly pushed me away, got up, and took off the rest of her clothes. God, she was in a hurry! I didn’t even get to take in her whole body before she was on me.

She swung a leg over my head, facing my feet and lowered herself to my mouth. “Suck my ass, Nate…Quick! Suck my asshole!” I grabbed her thighs and pulled her farther down shoving my tongue as far up her ass as I could! “Uunnggggg… yesss!” she hissed. I saw her reach behind herself and spread her ass cheeks for more contact. “That’s it! That’s right, Baby! Fuck my ass with your tongue! Ooohh yeah!”

I got a little rhythm going then, sucking her whole ass for three or four seconds and then rimming her with the tip of my tongue for three or four more. Every ten seconds or so I’d stick it in her anus and then draw it out again and repeat. She sounded as if she were almost crying! I think she was frantically fingering her clit too because her hips were moving so and with that movement she almost started smothering me. Just as I thought I’d have to stop because I couldn’t breathe, she screamed and came, shaking violently!

Gaby sat down so hard on my face, I had to push her off and she rolled to the side. I turned around on the bed and got my face up close to hers, “That feel good, Babe? Did you cum hard there, you little whore!”

Her eyes were closed but she smiled, “Oh, God, yes!”

I caressed her arm for a moment, leaning in and kissing her lips softly. She was murmuring something (I couldn’t tell what) so I whispered in her ear, “Get ready, Baby…get ready for my cock! I’m gonna fuck your hot cunt…and then I’m gonna fuck that sexy ass, too..just like I said!” I got up on my knees and held my erection by the base, shaking it at her. “Here,” I demanded, “Suck this for me now, Slut! Suck my fuckin’ cock for me!”

The words inflamed her and she got up on an elbow, took my shaft and slid her lips around it, tonguing down the soft underside as it sank deep inside! Damn did that ever feel good! I let her go at it for a bit while I reached up and pinched my nipples, tugging them away from my chest.

She worked her mouth gently at the beginning, but after about a minute her slipsliding got progressively more aggressive, strings of saliva were everywhere, and she was jacking at the shaft and sucking the head hard. I was murmuring myself at the start, but soon she had me gasping and yelling and urging her, “Ohhh Fuck yeah! That’s it you fuckin’ bitch…Oh, my Goddd…yess! Suck my fuckin’ cock, you dirty little whore!”

She would have let me shoot a load down her throat, I’m sure; but that’s not the way I wanted my first orgasm to go down. So just as I felt the first twitch of a cum, I pulled away, my dick popping out of her mouth. She rubbed her mouth with the back of her hand and said, “Almost had you there, didn’t I!”

I was half-chuckling, half-groaning, “God, you’re good!”

“I thought you said you wanted to shoot a load in my mouth”

“I do,” I replied, breathing hard, “and I’m gonna! But first I need to fuck your pussy; I wanna see who cums first when I do that! I bet it’ll be you, cuz you’re such a slut!”

Gaby giggled and got up on her hands and knees spreading her legs wide! She looked over her shoulder and giggled even more when she saw my eyes get even wider looking at her wet pussy! “Don’t just sit there, Nate!” she teased, “my pussy is really hungry and needs a cock to fill it up!”

I stood up and got behind her as quick as I could. Gabriella was giggling non-stop, but her face was flushed and I noticed she was covered with chill bumps watching me. She squeezed her left tit and rolled the nipple as it squirted out from between her fingers. I frigged her slit for a moment and then slapped her ass with a couple of stingers! She loved it!

When I slipped my hard dick into her cunt, she cried out, “OH GOD! YESS! Oh, my Goddd….” Almost immediately she started pushing back against me to get it deeper. I tried to keep it slow, but it was no use; I grabbed her hips, pulled her onto my pole, then withdrew all the way out! Then again…and again…harder, faster, fucking and fucking… groaning and fucking!

Gaby was reaching between her legs with one hand and even though the contest was forgotten, her ass stiffened, her back arched and she came with a guttural groan. I couldn’t stop banging her though! I couldn’t stop! “Ohhh Goddd! Ohhh Fuuuckkk! I’m gonna cum too Babe! Ohhhh… Get ready, it’s cumminggg!”

I blew a load in her cunt, yelling out with each spasm! Just as the contractions seemed to be stopping, Gaby fell off my cock onto her tummy and rolled over. She grabbed at my arm and pulled me down on top of her, cum dripping off my cock! We kissed hard and this time her fingers invaded my asscrack and she rimmed my anus!

“Ooohhh,” I moaned into her mouth, “you fuckin’ hottie! You love asses don’t you!”

I was nibbling her bottom lip when she replied, “You’re going to do my ass next, Nathan? You promised!”

Between our stomachs I felt my erection growing again. I think she had her finger in my ass up to the first knuckle and I spread my legs so she she could push in even farther! It felt so damn good that I could hardly answer, “Fucckk! Yesss!” I managed to whisper hoarsely.

Gaby pulled her finger out and then she slapped my ass! Three times! Then she rolled me over and reached for my cock…slipping it into her mouth to get me completely hard again. She didn’t seem to mind that it was still slick with a combination of my cum and her pussy juices. And the way she sucked it, well… it was completely hard again in no time!

When she had it sucked clean, she stopped and looked around the room. Do you see my purse, Nathan? I have some lube in it, hurry and find it, I can’t wait anymore!

I got her lube and she got back up on all fours with her knees on the edge of the bed! Her slit was glistening wet and her ass was soaked with her pussy juice. I figured more lube couldn’t hurt and I doused her crack and asshole liberally.

Gaby inhaled with a hissing sound when I took my dick by the base and started slapping her asshole with it! “Oh, Ohhh Nate…don’t tease me…put it in me!”

“Help me Baby, I don’t want to hurt you!”

Gaby could hardly talk now she was so aroused, “Just go slow and it’ll be fine.”

I eased the head of my cock into her ass a little and she pushed back against it. I was so fucking hard that it didn’t seem like it would be a problem. Pushing in some more, she yelped and surprisingly, my shaft slipped past the inner ring very easily! It had to have been all the lube.

She gasped and whimpered and then groaned, “Ohh Goddd…it hurts, just hold still a second.” I did and she slowly started rocking back against my dick. It was a slow in and out at first, but when the lube spread itself out more evenly, all of a sudden…the tightness felt unbelievably good!

“Ohhh FUCKKK, Gaby! There it is Babe! Oh Fuck yeah!!”

My beautiful lover felt it too, and once more our passion for each other began to build. I saw Gaby reach up, grab at her tit and mash it against her chest. “Ohh, Fuck! Mmm…Oh, FucK! Ooohhh!” was all she could murmur, over and over! It didn’t get quite as physical as before, but she was so damn tight…and it felt so fucking good!

Then she reached for her clit again; I saw her arm working under her, “Ahhhhh… yesss! Mmm…mmm…ummmmm!” The orgasm must have been awesome with as animalistic as she sounded! And then…my orgasm rushed up at me, caught me completely by surprise! I yelled too, “OHH, MY FUCKIN’…OHHH GODDD!” and then it slammed my hard! I had never felt anything like that in my life!

We layed there for another hour, holding each other…kissing, talking…there were even a few tears. I stroked her tenderly and called her sweet names, and then she had to leave! It was the best sex ever, by far! As she was (it looked quite reluctantly)going out the door, I said, “Hey Beautiful, I didn’t even get to do it in your mouth!”

We both giggled together and then she came flying back into my arms! “Thank you, Nathan, I’ll never forget this!”

I touched her face, “See you in Literotica, right?”

She smiled.

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