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On the Road Again

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Being away on business for a week had been relaxing. Ever since that night in the hotel where Ken had been watched by over 400 people on his IM, his free time had been very active, to say the least. His sister-in-law, Connie, who had watched had arranged a gathering with some of her friends. She had invited a girlfriend and her husband to join them. That next weekend he had shown up at her house to meet them. When she opened the door he found her in just garters, panties and a sexy bra.

She had Ken follow her to her bedroom where she had an outfit laid out on the bed for him to wear. It was a maids outfit with lace ribbed stockings, little apron, crotchless lace panties, black and white lace top and lace gloves that went up to his elbows. As he dressed she told him about showing her girlfriend Paula, and her husband Stan, the photos she had saved of him on the cam. She said Stan and Paula had loved the pictures of Ken on all fours being taken so much that Stan had Paula suck him as they looked at them. When they found out that Connie was going to have him over to play, they just knew they wanted to come fuck and suck him too!

Connie led Ken out to the living room where he found Stan and Paula waiting. They had changed also. Stan was wearing a schoolgirls outfit. Was a cute little skirt that barely covered the tops of his ass cheeks, white top, garters and stocking and a little red thong that was stretched tight with a very hard, long cock. Paula was dressed as a businessman, gray pin-stripe pants, suspenders, white shirt and tie. The white top was filled so tight that there were 1″ gaps between the buttons as her 38D breasts struggled to stay in the top. Her being braless let her dark brown nipples be plainly evident along with how hard they were.

“Ok, time for some fun. I have my cam already set up to watch the three of you play. I have already logged into Yahoo messenger with Ken’s alias of netsfan_44” explained Connie.

“I want to watch our maid be a dirty girl with our school aged daughter!” exclaimed Paula as she sat on the couch, running her fingertips over her nipples.

“Young miss, how was your day and is there anything I can do for you?” asked Ken as he walked over to Stan. Stan was bent over, his skirt raised up so his ass was totally exposed.

“I was wondering if you were going to make me do that “stuff” again? You know, where you pull my panties down, and put your tongue on my thing? I have been thinking about it all day!” Stan said as he turned around and lifted his skirt, his panties all wet in the front.

Connie had the cam running and already there were 75 people online watching. The cam had a good view of Paula on the couch, legs spread, pulling on her nipples thru the shirt. Stan was leaning back against the table, as Ken bent at the waist and started sucking on Stan’s boy-clit. Stan moaned as Ken worked it in and out of his mouth. Stan’s hands were on the table, his back arched as he worked his “clit” in and out of his slut maid’s mouth. Connie got on all fours and crawled over to Paula. When Paula saw her, she unzipped her pants and pulled out her “cock” for Connie to suck. Now the sounds of sucking filled the room as the little girls clit was being worked over along with that business mans hard rod.

“Ok bitch, time for you to suck your maids clit also” as Paula dragged Connie over to the maid.

Connie got underneath and lifting the maid’s skirt, buried the clit in as far as it would go. Paula undid her tie and then used it to tie Connie’s head tight to the maid’s crotch. Using Connie’s stockings, she tied her hands behind the maids back. Paula stepped back to admire the image on the cam. Here was her dirty maid, her mouth buried in her daughter’s pussy as her slut girlfriend did the maid. She could hear Connie moaning as the maids”clit” went deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Paula opened her shirt, exposing her tits and nipples. Criss-crossing the suspenders, she used them to spread her massive tits so they would swing as she moved. Moving over in front of the cam, she squirted some lube up and down her cock, getting it all shiny, then squirted the rest on her tits, rubbing it in so that her nipples were rock hard.

‘So I have caught you debasing my daughter you whore! Should have known that sucking my cock would not be enough for you. So lets put on a show everyone will love!” Paula said as she pulled her maids panties down exposing her back door.

Sliding her cock up and down the maid’s ass, she teased her hole till the head caught on her slowly opening hole. The maid could feel the head playing with her hole, pushing in and out, working its way in.

“Oh Mommy!” moaned her daughter. “Fuck her Mommy, she does this to me every morning before school.”

The cam count keep rising as people watched the maid getting her ass spread as she did that poor girls clit. That cock was so long and hard and she was getting it over and over, driving her head up and down on the hard girl clit.

Ken could not believe how many times he got fucked that afternoon on the cam. All he knew was, they all had a turn in his mouth and ass!

So being away for a whole week had allowed him to relax and recover from being used, but already he was looking forward to visiting his sister-in-law. He had returned from the day’s office calls and had a couple of drinks at the bar. Near the bar was a dartboard were a couple of people were playing darts. There was a group of 3 guys, all about middle 40’s. They were noisy but having a good time. They had played a couple of times against a young couple. She was about 5’2, 100 pounds and a tease. She had on a short skirt and a low cut top that exposed her very full 36C breasts. She enjoyed throwing the other 3 guys off of their game.

After finishing his drink, Ken headed back to his room. When he had entered his room earlier, he had noticed just how close the other rooms were outside his window. There was a small courtyard below so that the rooms on the other side of it were only 30 feet away. He had noticed on his way back the room numbers of the rooms across from his. He could see from his bed into three of the rooms, which at the moment were dark. Stripping, he laid back on the bed and slowly worked his hand up and down his cock

Suddenly, he saw one of the rooms lights come on. It was one of the guys who had been playing darts before. Ken watched as he went into the bathroom and emerged wearing just his shorts, which by the way they moved, had a nice cock inside them. Ken continued to work on his cock wondering if he was going to see more. He watched as the guy turned and walked to his door and slightly opened it and spoke with someone. Then the door opened. In walked the young couple! Ken could see them talking and also could see the guys cock getting harder. The girl reached over and ran her hand over it shaking her head yes.

At that, the guy walked to the dresser and came back and handed her some money. Ken watched her nod yes, and he walked back, returning with something that he handed her. She had him get on the bed and using the handcuffs he gave her, she cuffed him to the bed.

Ken was now at the window, stroking his hard cock as he watched her climb on top of him, burying her face in his lap with her ass toward his head. She pulled his shorts off and grabbing his cock with both hands started sucking it as she pumped it. By the looks of his cock, it was a good 8 inches of cock going in and out of her mouth. Her boy friend walked over, raised her skirt and worked her panties deep into her gash, so the guy on the bed had a good view of her.

Ken watched as the guy rolled his head from side to side as she sucked and eat his cock. Her boyfriend had his cock out and was at the foot of the bed watching his slut girlfriend be the cock hound that she was.

Slowly she backed up till her pussy was in the guys face and then slowly leaned back so she could work her pussy up and down her face. By the look on her face, she was moaning and loving it. The guy’s cock was bobbing up and down and looked rock hard.

Slowly her boyfriend leaned over the bed until his mouth was over the guys cock. His girlfriend put her hands on his head and pulled it down on his cock. Ken could see the guy on the beds hips trying to work as much cock in as the guy could take!

Ken walked over to the phone and dialed the guy’s room number. When it started to ring he could see the girl turn her head. On the 5th ring she picked it up.

“Hello?” she said.

“Looks like he is going wild eating your hot pussy while he is getting sucked!” Ken said as he watched.

“You can see us? Oh fuck, that just makes my pussy wetter! You like this?” as she set the phone down.

Ripping her top and bra off, she sat up looking straight out the window. Her boy friend unhooked his jeans and slid them down. Now they were both naked and working the guy over good. Ken could here the guy on the bed moaning and begging the guy to keep sucking his cock.

Picking up the phone, she said, “I want to see you also! Turn on a light. What’s you name? I’m Debbie.” as she pulled on her nipples.

“Its Ken, and here you go Debbie,” as Ken reached over and turned on a light.

“I remember you from the bar, bet you have wanted to sink that in my pussy all evening. Come on over and we can play! Doors unlocked,” as Debbie smiled and hung up.

Ken though going over was a good idea. He grabbed some shorts and a shirt and headed over. The door was unlocked and he came in. Ken found Debbie in the middle of cumming all over the guys face! She got off of the guy and sat on the bed, her legs apart showing Ken her wet pussy.

“This is Mark, he is one great pussy eater. By the way he likes his cock sucked he is pretty Bi also. Since you watched us, I want to see you get on top and watch the two of you suck cock.” Debbie said as she sat on her boyfriends lap, burying him in her.

“Then you can fuck me any way you want. Maybe I will let all three of you fuck me at once!” Debbie moaned as she worked her clit as her boyfriend fucked her.

So Ken stripped and climbed on top, taking Marks hard cock in his mouth and started sucking. Ken backed up till he felt Marks tongue on his cock head. Slowly the two picked up a rhythm till both were moaning and fucking the others face. Ken was so engulfed in sucking and being sucked that he was handcuffed to the bed before he knew it. His feet tied to the headboard and his hands at the other end.

“Put on a good show boys. I know I have enjoyed it. By the sound of the two of you sucking you love it too! I have left the curtains wide open. I am sure your neighbors will enjoy watching, maybe someone will stop over. Just in case I have left a message that room service needs to stop up in an hour. I am sure they will enjoy what they find. Will leave the key on the table here” Debbie said as she left.

Ken and his new buddy Mark found out just how good room service was. About 45 minutes later the door opened and in walked one of the room service guys. He came in, closed the curtains and proceeded to sit in the chair, stroking his cock watching the two of them. When he was good and hard he got on the bed behind Ken.

“Come on, suck my cock! That’s right, get it nice and wet for his ass, I bet he goes wild on your cock when I start doing him!” said Bobby from room service.

Bobby spread Ken’s ass and proceeded to rim him, to get his ass good and ready. As he slowly pushed his cock in, he could see Ken’s cock buried in Mark’s face. Ken leaned his head back and wailed!

“Ahhhhhhhhhh … to fucking biggggg! Oh my godddd … yes, yes, yes, fuck me, harder!!!” as Ken screamed and yelled as his ass was fucked long and hard and his cock was drained.

Bobby then called 3 of his buddies and they showed up to find Ken spread wide across the bed and Jack tied to the top of the table. The four of them spent the rest of the evening doing both ends of Jack and Ken. They would use their mouths to get their cocks cleaned and get hard again, and then find a ass to fuck and cum in. Jack and Ken soon found out those young guys in their 20’s can cum over and over!

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