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On The Prowl

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I notice her as soon as she enters the room, but then who wouldn’t? She’s a hot little number, about 5’4″, I’d say, early thirties, all pink and blonde. Her hair falls in soft waves just below her chin and she’s wearing the classic black dress that always looks so good on a someone like her.

It’s cut low to show off her creamy white boobs, and the whole package is completed by the sheer black hose and four inch pumps she wears below. Hot.

She’s a pure femme, all soft and solicitous, not the type you usually see in a place like this. Already, everyone’s got their eye on her, watching her sashay across the room in that slinky black dress, her hips swaying seductively as she goes. I’m sure she’s exaggerating the movement, hoping to tempt us all. She’s definitely looking for some action tonight. I wonder if she knows the territory as well as her actions imply. Whatever the case, I aim to give her what she’s asking for.

We’re on the prowl tonight, so the timing is perfect. “We” in this case means me and my girl, Tanya. Looking at her now, I can see she’s thinking the same things about blondie as I am, the gears already turning in her head, thinking about how we’re going to get her into our lair and what we might do when we get her there. I catch Tanya’s eye and she gives me a sneaky, naughty smile that says I’m right.

“You want some of that, don’t you girl?” I tease.

She smiles widely and admits, “Looks like fun, doesn’t it?”

I grin back at her and respond, “Yeah, sure does. We better get at it before someone else makes a move.”

Tanya and I have been together now for a couple of years. She’s a few years younger than me – she was 23 when we met, and I was 26. Right now I think she’s my soul mate, but who knows if that will last. She’s worth having, though, easy-going and fun. And sexy as hell. People say we look like sisters, but I don’t really think so. Tanya’s lighter than me, a cafe au lait tone to my milk chocolate, and she’s shorter than I am – 5’6″ to my 5’9″. We do have the same body type, though – athletic, not “thick” – and we both have nice sized boobs and the classic “sistah” bootie. Our hairstyles are different – mine in thick, broad curls, down past my shoulders, while Tanya’s is a “pseudo afro” that sticks out in spots, framing her pretty face in a kind of wild look. In short, we’re both kind of “lipstick lesbians”, not femme or butch, just female, and we carry ourselves that way. I guess I do see some resemblance, but I don’t like the creepy implication of the sister thing. Because no sisters (I hope!) would ever have the kind of torrid sex me and “Tee” have.

Which brings us back to tonight. Tanya and I have an exclusive relationship, with one special rule: We can have sex with anyone we want, as long as both of us are involved. So tonight we are out looking for prey, hanging out at the bar at Sophie’s. We’re both in a dominant mood, so we were hoping to find a hot ultra-femme or a cute little subbie chick. And we may have just found her. The fact that she’s blonde, elegant, and curvy is just icing on the cake.

I follow blondie intently, keeping her in my sights as she makes a first pass around the room. she glances over at one point, catches my eye, pauses for a second, just long enough to tell me that she noticed me. I see a quick little smile pass over her lips and I know she more than noticed. I keep my eye on her and catch her sneaking another look, smiling when she realizes I’m onto her. I cock my head and raise one eyebrow with nonverbal question. She smiles again and starts across the room in my direction.

“I think you got one,” Tanya says with a grin. She’s been watching our little dance from the stool next to me. Before I can respond, little blondie is there,

“Hi,” she say simply, her voice all breathy, all sweetness and sex.

I swing around on my stool and say “Hey,” then scoot over one so she can sit between me and Tee. Her back is to the bar and she crosses her legs. Damn they look good, and now my eyes are drawn to her cleavage. She’s either got a great push-up bra or a just great boobs. They look like creamy heaven. She’s really the whole package – tits and ass, and nice legs, too. And pretty. And classy, just a killer femme. I want her right now.

I introduce her to Tanya and we make chit-chat. Her name is Dee and, yes, she lives in the suburbs, in the city for a “night on the town”. I tell her we’re always up for a good time, and that she looks like a good time. She gives me an “Oh really?” look and I flick her nose playfully, then brush just a bit against her breast, leading her on. I can tell she likes having me touch her.

I ask if she’s drinking and of course she is. She asks for a “Screaming Orgasm” and I almost laugh out loud, it’s such an obvious hint. “Maybe later,” I reply, and then order the drink. My guess is she’s already started, taking some liquid courage before she left her house. The drink comes and for a few minutes she’s talking more to Tanya. I can’t hear the conversation, but I’m satisfied just to watch.

My mind is wandering as I observe them. I notice the smooth, comfortable way Dee moves, the way her tongue darts about as she speaks, the soft sensuality of her lips, so pink and pouty. I think about how those lips would feel against mine, how her pink, wet tongue would feel on my nipples, or rolling around in my molten cunt. I start getting wet as I imagine that pretty, white face burrowing eagerly between my chocolate thighs.

I join back in, but the music’s getting louder and I have to lean in to talk. My nose is in her hair as I speak in her ear. God, she smells delicious, a flowery-spicy blend that I recognize but can’t lr564quite place. I feel the slight scratch of her diamond earrings on my cheek, and then I glance down and notice the ring, a nice-size rock, partnered with a wide, gold band. Hmmm, I think – definitely married, probably sneaking out on her husband, a suburban wifie coming to the city for a little lesbian adventure. Assuming, of course, that she realizes where she’s at. Sometimes they come in here by mistake, but not usually alone. No, she knows. I can tell by the way she surveyed the room, checking out the possibilities, and by the way she sneaks a peak at Tanya’s bod. Yeah, she’s looking for it.

“So I take it you don’t come here often,” I say. I touch her wedding ring to give meaning to my question.

Dee looks down at her hand, blushes, looking a little surprised, – like she meant to take that off before she came in. “oh …” she starts, “I, uh, yeah … well … he’s out of town.” Her blush grows deeper. “What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” she adds with a guilty grin. I smile knowingly at her response, This is good. It adds a little something, knowing I’m going to have some unsuspecting dude’s woman, gonna show her what real luvin’ is like, then send her back home aching for more.

Her head’s on a swivel now, trying to converse with both of us on either side of her. As we talk, we’re both touching her, a hand lingering on her arm, a light pat on her thigh, working her slow and easy. We’re turning up the heat and it’s having an effect. She came out looking for pussy, and now she’s got two sexy black women hanging on her. I can see her getting more excited as the seconds pass.

Time to make a real move. “Wanna dance?” I ask.

Dee starts to respond, then looks at Tanya and back at me. “Is it …” she starts, but I answer before she finishes.

“With both of us,” I explain, and her face lights up as she nods her agreement.

We move to the center of the floor, Dee positioned between the two of us. It starts fairly innocently, just three chicks dancing together, not touching, but flirting, throwing out promises with our bodies. But into the second song, I nod at Tanya and we get more aggressive. From behind, I grab onto Dee’s waist. Damn, she is a tiny little thing. I start to hump up against her, my crotch grinding into the firm cheeks of her ass. She looks over her shoulder and smiles up at me. I smile back and let my hand wander, up her side, inching toward her full breasts. At the same time I move back a little to give Tanya access to her pretty little ass.

I can tell Tanya is really into this. No surprise – she’s always had a soft spot for white women. It used to bother me, but not anymore. It’s fun to see her get all excited, and as long as it’s both of us together and she always comes back to me in the end, I don’t mind. Besides, I have a certain soft spot for white women, too. It’s right between my legs.

The song ends and we take a momentary break, but then we’re right back at it. We’re still in the center of the room and many of the patrons have become spectators, watching as Tanya and I go to work on hot little Dee. Our hands are all over her now, fondling, grabbing, taking liberties that are way beyond the acceptable norm. My hands possessively cup both her tits while Tanya’s play with her rear, and the whole place watches our show. Dee is looking around, trying to keep her cool, but her eyes are big and dart back and forth between us. She’s found what she came here for, but now may be wondering what she got herself into. I can tell she’s a little scared but it’s excited-scared. There’s no indication she wants us to stop.

Tanya and I switch places and now itís my turn to play with Dee’s cute little derriere. I squeeze her buns, enjoying their supple warmth in my hands, and then I raise the stakes, showing off a little. Without asking, I blatantly pull her dress up, fully exposing the skimpy black panties that barely cover Dee’s sweet little bum. As I suspected, she’s wearing a garter belt. No practical pantyhose here, just that lacy black belt holding up sheer thigh-high hose, The darker black bands at the top of the stockings contrast beautifully with the creamy white of her thighs, sexy as hell. A whoop goes up from the crowd as I put her on display, and I let my hands return to her bottom, delighting in the deliciously smooth feel of her half-naked rear.

We’re putting on a show, making a statement: this white chick is ours, at least for tonight, and we’re going to do what we want with her. Everyone’s had their eye on her, but she’s all ours, me and Tanya. I roam over her ass while Tanya runs her hands up and down her sides and tits, feeling her up. It’s a statement not just to the crowd, but to Dee, too – “You’re ours, bitch, and we’re going to have our way with you.”

I look over and see our reflection in the mirrored wall, with Dee’s butt in my hands. Damn, that is one nice bottom, a “white girl bottom”, little and cute, not the bubble butt that Tanya and I have. The term “pert” comes to mind and it’s an apt description. We’re really going to enjoy Dee’s bottom tonight, I can tell. Tanya and I have plans for that bottom.

Dee’s arms go around my neck and I pick her up, lifting her by the ass. Tanya frowns as I pull her off those tits, but I don’t care, I want more for myself now. Dee’s legs go around my waist as I hold her up, She feels light as a feather and I just devour her, my mouth covering those sweet, pink lips, so soft and yielding. Dee gives a muffled little “Eek” and the whoops grow louder as our tongues work wetly together, setting ourselves afire. Every butch in the room is dying to be me right now. Probably half the femmes, too. And those in between, like me and Tanya.

Finally the dance is over and Dee looks hotter than ever. “I’ve got to hit the ladies’ room,” she says, and her eyes say more.

“Hmmm,” I respond with a sly grin, “suddenly I have to go myself. And I think Tanya does, too.”

“Yeah,” she smiles lewdly, “I thought you might.”

I stop as we reach the restroom. There’s something I’ve been wondering about. “You ever been with a black woman, Dee?” I ask, pretty sure I know the answer.

“No,” comes the breathless reply, “but I want to.” She moves in to kiss me but I hold her off for now. “Just take me,” she gasps, “… both of you.” Yeah, as I guessed – she in for her first taste of black pussy. And it’s gonna be a good one.

We slip inside and I confirm we’re alone. The restroom door has a lock on it, so I quickly slide it shut for some privacy, however brief it may be. Tanya is already on her, ravishing her mouth and pawing her breasts. Dee quietly whimpers as Tanya pinches at her nipples through the thin silk of her dress. I watch for a while and then take mine, turning the tables on her. I’m not wearing a bra, so it’s simple to pull up my top and give her some nice chocolate candy. “Oh god,” Dee gasps, “they look so good!” I raise my tit to her mouth and she sucks like a baby, moaning shamelessly around my nipple while Tanya continues to maul hers from behind. I feel my tip getting harder as her soft mouth pulls it in.

I’m about to push her to her knees, make her do me right there, when there’s a pounding on the door. “Hey, come on,” someone shouts, “some of us gotta pee!” I curse silently. I never intended to go this far in here, but it was so good once we started. I pull Dee’s mouth off my boobie and get my top back down while Tanya unlocks the door.

“Sorry,” I say to the two chicks waiting to get in, “must have locked it by mistake.” It’s an obvious lie and they ain’t buyin’ it for a second, but I don’t care.

We’re all three giggling like school girls as we leave the restroom. Then Dee gets up on her toes to whisper in my ear, “Let’s get out of here. I’ll do anything if you just take me home with you right now.”

That sounds too good to be true and certainly too good to pass up. I tell Tanya and in a minute we’re out in the parking lot with our prize. I go for another little display of dominance, enjoying Dee’s hot little body right out in the open. I kiss her hotly and maul her luscious tits, my hand slipping inside her dress as people mill about on the street. It’s too bad she’s so far from home or some of her friends might walk by and see her getting felt up by this bold, black woman. I consider putting her on her knees right there in the parking lot, but think better of it – don’t want to spoil a good thing by getting arrested.

I ask about her car, but she says she doesn’t have one – took a cab into town. Haa!, I think – planning to go home with someone tonight.

I make this comment and she blushes in mild shame at my insight. “Uh, no, I, uh just didn’t want to mess with traffic and everything.”

“Yeah, right,” I say, and pat her on the butt as I lead her to our pickup truck. I get in to drive and tell Dee to sit in the middle, between Tee and me, where we can get at her.

I’m watching Dee out of the corner of my eye as I make my way toward home. She’s looking straight ahead, not even glancing at Tanya or me on either side of her. I think maybe she’s nervous, afraid to look at us, but then I look down to my right and see something that proves me wrong. Dee’s hand is buried in Tanya’s pants, fingerfucking for all she’s worth. It’s not nervousness that has her entranced, it’s concentration – concentration on pleasure and pussy. I look over at Tanya and get a naughty grin in return, a silent “look-what-I-got” giggle. And now I feel Dee’s other hand on my leg, rubbing sensuously over the bare skin of my thigh.

It feels good, but I stop her when her hand slips down to the kitty. She looks up at me, questioning. “Gotta drive,” I explain, and she reluctantly moves her hand, letting it rest on my thigh while she focuses on Tanya, who closes her eyes and spreads a little wider to let those fingers in.

I do a little exploring of my own, dropping my right hand to Dee’s bare leg, moving up, up, pushing the flimsy skirt aside. Her thighs are soft and hot as my hand goes higher, until my fingers touch at the silky fabric in her crotch. Damn, her panties are soaked already. The little slut is wet as can be from playing in Tanya’s pants, or maybe from everything we did back at the club. I slip my fingers inside to lay a few strokes on her and feel the juice oozing out onto my fingers. Her hips move a little and I hear a barely audible cry, but she still stares straight ahead. I leave it at that, just holding my fingers there, barely moving, enjoying the feel.

We reach our place at last and Dee’s hand finally comes out of Tanya’s shorts. I glance over to see her putting her fingers in her mouth, her eyes closed intently as she licks away all the thick cream. I notice her little shiver of desire as she does it and have to comment. “That taste good, baby?” I ask, and she nods with enthusiasm, like a kid in a candy store. “Well we got plenty more for you,” I say, “…all the pussy you can eat.”

“Yeah,” Tanya chimes in, “it’s a pussy buffet!!! Hee hee hee!” I offer Dee my gooey fingers and let her lick her own off, too. She’s hot as a poker now.

We stay under control as we walk to our apartment – no need to upset the neighbors with any overt activities. At the door Tanya fumbles with the key and then at last we’re inside, ready and able to do anything we want to tonight’s conquest. We strip her naked, our hands roaming over her body possessively as we do so. It’s just like on the dance floor, except now she’s totally nude, and we’re taking advantage of the open access to her body. She’s kissing me hotly and Tanya’s really working her over from behind, kissing at her neck, cupping her tits and roughly twisting her nipples. Yeah, Tee definitely likes the white chicks, and I can see she’s hot as a skillet right now with this one. But I get her first.

While Tanya continues to play, I pull my top off to give Dee another chance at my boobies. She digs right in, making an urgent little noise as she sucks my nipple hard into her eager mouth. I let her work on them for a little while, but already her hands are at my waist, trying to get my belt undone. I help her with that and in seconds she’s working further, unbuttoning my pants and lowering the zipper. I encourage her with a firm pressure on her shoulders and she drops to her knees as she pulls my cutoffs down and off, leaving me in my now very wet panties. In seconds, those are gone, too, and she’s face to face with my naked cootchie.

Dee’s eyes are big as she looks at me, her breath coming in deep, uneven gasps. “You a bad girl, Dee Dee?” I ask, “You havin’ impure thoughts down there looking at my juicy, black pussy?”

“Oh Yea–ah,” she moans, “Oh god, it looks good.” Her hands are gripping tightly on my hips and I can see she’s just dyin’ to dig in and eat. I decide to tease her, reaching down to spread my lips open, to let her see the pink wet flesh inside my pussy. She gets a look like a starving animal and it’s all I can do not to give in and push her face right into me.

“You want that, Dee?” I taunt. “You want to lick out some sweet, black pussy?

“Yes … please, yes!” she moans. “Oh god, you’re so wet!”

“Well okay then,” I say, giving her a nasty smile. I pull her head in and we both groan as her sweet lips melt into my wet kitty. She gets busy right away, sucking on my cunt, her tongue making delicious, soft tracks over my lips and up inside me. I grab her head for support and grind into her eager mouth. Shifting over slightly toward a chair, I grab the back for support while I put my right foot up on the seat, opening my cunt wide for Dee to really get at it. Meanwhile Tanya comes over to give me sweet kisses while she strips off her own clothes.

I’m feeling pretty good, with Tanya’s mouth on my upper lips and hot little Dee’s on my lower ones. Dee’s one hand moves up between Tanya legs and now she’s eating and fingering at the same time. I feel Tanya respond to the touch as I kiss her and I add my own hand, playing over her full titties while Dee probes into her cunt.

Dee’s tongue is working hard. I can feel myself oozing and I know little blondie is getting a mouthful of cream down there. I tell her bluntly to swallow my stuff and she pulls away to make a show of it, gulping hard and then licking her lips, looking right at me the whole time. Damn, this bitch knows what to do. She’s making it hot and nasty – just what I needed tonight. I tell her to give some loving to Tee and she does, moving over to push into Tee’s hot crotch from behind, her face buried in that lovely butt. I can hear her muffled moans blend with the squishy sounds of her tongue working around in Tanya’s hot gash. Tee’s reaction is obvious, her kisses growing more and more passionate as Dee eats her out.

Tanya moves to the couch to get more comfortable, pulling Dee right behind her while she kneels on the cushion, butt up and out. Dee digs back in, on her knees, still licking Tee from behind. I ask Tanya how our little white whore is doing. “She’s fuckin’ great,” she moans, and I have no doubt it’s true. Tee’s hips are rocking back and forth as Dee laps vigorously at her drooling snatch.

Seeing Dee in that position, on the floor, her cute, creamy butt sticking out, reminds me of what I’ve been wanting to do since we got home. I make a quick trip to the bedroom to get my favorite toy – the strap-on we call “Mr. Big”. It’s an extra large dildo – black, of course – about 10 inches long and nice and fat. I smile to myself as I watch Dee working on Tanya. Dee came out looking for pussy, but she gonna get some dick, too.

I’m standing off to the side, still playing the voyeur, when Dee notices what I have in my hands. She pulls out of Tanya’s crack for a second, her face shaded with anxiety. “Are you going to … to fuck me with that?” she asks, pointing warily at my toy. “I’ve never done that before.” Then she quietly adds, “That thing is huge.”

I give her a big, confident smile and assure her, “Yeah, it is. You’re gonna like this, girl. Trust me.”

Dee’s not so sure. She looks at the thing like the monster that it is. Her eyes are wide with shock or fear or desire, or maybe all three together. I bet she’s never had anything this big up her ass. And right now she doesn’t even realize it’s going there. It’s gonna be fun seeing her reaction.

I tell her not to worry, just take care of Tanya, and she does, her mouth moving back to that sweet, juicy fruit, drawing new moans from my girl. I’m content to just watch for a while, feeling my temperature rise as I take in the sight of Dee’s cute little ass. My anticipation is growing by the second as I adjust the strap around my waist and get Mr. Big into position.

I’m on fire now. I love fucking chicks in the ass. I don’t know what it is, but I love it. Probably the implied dominance, and the way they react – some like horny bitches, others like sorry little virgins being deflowered. It’s mostly mental stimulation, but it’s damned good – extra good when it’s a “proper” white chick. I’ve been thinking about doing it to Dee since I first saw her hips swaying when she walked into the club tonight.

I get behind Dee to start the festivities. She’s still busy in Tanya’s slot, but I can tell she’s aware of me, feeling nervous about Mr. Big. I smile to myself – she’d be even more nervous if she knew what I was really going to do. I put my hands on her hips and place the tip at the opening of her cunt, feeling her tense up a bit at the touch. Then I slip it inside, just the head for now, letting her get used to the feel. Dee makes a little noise but doesn’t try to move as I slowly push the thing up inside her. She’s really wet already, so there’s almost no resistance. As it slides in deeper, she moans into Tee’s flaps, until I get most of it inside her. I hold it there for a few seconds, and then I start to really fuck her.

Dee likes it. It may have looked big, but she has no problem taking it all – a real trooper. I take long, even strokes that have her moaning louder with each one. I keep it up for a few minutes while her tongue continues to work in Tanya’s cunt, and then I decide to up the ante, to take what I really want. I slip the shlong out of her cunt and press the head against the pink opening of her asshole.

Dee makes another sound now, a more frantic one. Though it’s muffled in the depths of Tanya’s cunt, it makes clear her concern. I don’t care, of course. I’m going to do this no matter what she wants. Besides, I can tell that part of her, at least, is excited by what’s happening to her.

I ease forward and her muscle opens to let the intruder in. I hear a quiet whimper and pause briefly to let her adjust. Then I push in, slowly, and Dee gives out a long, guttural groan as the monster skewers her with its girth. Within seconds she’s quivering and whimpering as I jam it all the way inside her. Her head arches back with the sensation of having that huge thing buried up her butt. “omigod, omigod,” she mutters, off in another world now, until I remind her of where she is.

“Keep eatin’,” I tell her. “Just because I’m fucking your sorry white ass doesn’t mean you can’t keep Tanya happy.” With a little groan she gets back to work, licking up and down eagerly in Tanya’s ass crack, adding Tanya’s delighted moans to the sounds in the room.

I start into a slow, easy rhythm, but steadily accelerate until I’m going hard and fast into Dee’s tight butt. Each time I pound that thing into her ass it jams her face into Tanya’s crack. She’s licking like a ten dollar whore, working on Tee’s cunt and asshole for all she’s worth. I wonder what hubby would think if he saw her now.

I grab hold of her hair and pull her head back while I continue fucking her. Damn, she looks hot, her neck taut and her mouth hanging open, her eyes closing briefly each time I ram it home. I enjoy that for just a few moments, then push her face back into Tanya’s ass. I know better than to interrupt Tee when she’s got a whore licking her butt hole. She has a blissful look on her face as she enjoys Dee’s rimming.

I keep pounding away until I get little shrieks of pleasure-pain. I can tell it hurts but I’m not really hurting her. Dee’s ass is full to the brim and she’s loving it, loving the way I possess and use her. She manages to keep at Tanya, though, until at last Tee needs to finish. She repositions herself, sitting on the couch with her legs up, opening those sweet, chocolate thighs so Dee can finish eating her. In short order, Tee hits her peak, writhing and bucking and screaming out as she gives Dee a full dose of creamy girlcum. Our little blondie moans softly as it gurgles down her throat. Damn, this is so fucking hot.

Dee tries to clean up the mess between Tanya’s legs, but Tanya pushes her away. Dee looks shocked, maybe a little hurt, but I know what’s going on. Once Tee comes like that, she can’t take much more stimulation. She’s so sensitive, it actually hurts. So Tanya slips off to the side and just watches as I give horny little Dee the butt-fucking of her life.

I take a few long, deliberate strokes, then grab Dee’s hair, pulling her head back again while I deliver some extra-forceful thrusts up inside her. Her cream-coated mouth is hanging open and she shrieks with each one. I feel like I’m going to cum just from fucking Dee in the ass. The base of Mr. Big is pressing hard against my clit, and the psychological thrill of dominating her, of watching her shimmy and moan, is really getting to me, But I don’t want to cum this way. What I want is to get Dee’s head between my legs and keep it there while I cum in her mouth, just like Tanya did. So I pull out, causing Dee to gasp at the sudden emptiness.

In a flash I undo the strap and plop down on the sofa, pulling Dee’s head to where I want her. My snatch is open and wet as hell, and she dives right in – damn, we did find a good one! I almost get off from her first lick, but I manage to control myself as she laps away. I’m actually shaking now – so close! I grab that blonde hair in both hands and go for the finish, forcing her head up and down while I grind my cootchie ruthlessly over her luscious, pink lips. She’s loving the rough treatment, whimpering and moaning, frantically holding my hips while I fuck her face with a vengeance.

I know I can’t last long like this, and I don’t. Before I know it I’m cumming, straining hard as I jam my cunt deep into her open mouth. “Eat it, eat it!!!” I cry, and she does just that, slurping up everything I can give her. She makes me cum really good, and keeps at it until I cum again, and then a third time. Finally I just collapse in a heap on the couch, still quivering while our little blonde conquest licks tenderly over my sex.

As I come out of my delirium, I look to my left and see Tanya smiling like the cat who ate the canary. “So did you like that?” she asks with feigned innocence. “It seemed … okay, right?” Before I can answer she bursts out laughing. She knows it was amazing.

Apparently it was amazing for Dee, too. She’s still moaning with excitement as she slides her body up over mine, pausing briefly at my chest to pay homage to my tits. Damn, this lady just can’t get enough. She continues upward until our mouths meet in a ravenous, tongue-laden kiss, then leans over to get the same from Tanya. She switches back to me and we tongue-tangle for quite a while. Her mouth reeks of cunt-juice, but that just makes it better.

My hands play over Dee’s butt and one slips between her cheeks to finger her horny puss. I suck on her tittles, drawing the hard, pink nipples into my mouth, while my fingers move in her dripping channel. Then Tee gets on the floor behind her and I hold Dee’s cheeks apart so Tee can really give it to her. I’ve had that tongue in me many times, so I know what Dee’s getting, and it’s plenty good. Before long she is shivering and almost crying in my arms as Tanya goes to work in her sweet snatch and ass.

Dee is so aroused from doing us that she quickly cums like a banshee. Before she even finishes, Tee makes her cum a second time. I hold her all through it, relishing the silky feel of her body as she squirms and cries in my arms. She seems amazed at what is happening to her – amazed and oh so grateful.

The rest of the night is more of the same, though we eventually move to the bedroom. Dee gets off plenty, from both Tee and me, but it’s obvious that what she really wants is more of us – more sweet, dark pussy. Tee and I are glad to oblige, of course. My girl and I just lie back, side by side, making out while our white whore makes us both cum like crazy. The lady is clearly hooked on dark meat, and we’re here to give her all she can eat.

We all sleep in the next morning, though Dee wakes up in a panic as she realizes she has to go quickly. I smile smugly to myself, wondering if hubby is on his way home, and if she’ll need to hide the smell of pussy on her breath before she kisses him. In any case, there are obviously no regrets, as she thanks us both repeatedly for the “best night of my life” and takes our numbers with the promise to call “as soon as I can.” As she leaves, I wonder what story she’ll make up to get out of the house for our next pussy party.

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