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My Trip to Miami Ch. 02

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I had only been home a few weeks when my boss called me into his office. He asked if I wanted to go back to Miami, a customer had called and needed some help planning a big project. I asked for a couple of days to get ready and he said that wasn’t a problem. The first thing I did in prep was to call Anthony and tell him I was coming back. He told me to call when I found out my itinerary and he’d pick me up at the airport.

When I walked off the plane at the terminal I saw Anthony was waiting and looking as fine as I remembered. We retrieved my luggage and loaded it up in his Hummer. He told me to drive so he could properly welcome me. As we left he leaned over and opened my pants. He reached in and pulled my cock up and started tonguing my cockhead. As he tongued he went farther and farther down my cock. I felt my cum building and he clamped his lips tight around my cock as I started to cum. He sucked my cock till it softened then tucked my cock back in my pants and zipped me up. When he sat up he wiped my cum from the corner of his mouth and licked his fingers. He asked where I was staying and when I told he said I could use his place. He had to go out of town for a couple days and his place was all mine if I wanted it.

When we got to his place we got my stuff unpacked and put away while we talked and caught up. Anthony was telling me about a new club that had amateur strip night and there was a $1000 prize and I ought to enter. I told him I didn’t have anything to wear. He said he had a friend that could put together anything I wanted. We went through my clothes and he came up my 501’s, boots and a sheer red shirt. He said he had a cowboy hat I could wear and that would complete the outfit. He asked if I minded letting his friend cut the seams on the side and sewing on Velcro to hold them together. I told him that was okay and I should get a new thong to wear underneath. He gave his friend a call and he said bring them over and we could wait if we wanted. Anthony took them to him so I could get a shower and came back, he said he knew a great place to find a thong for me. When we got to the store Anthony told the salesman what we were looking for and he suggested a black mesh number with sequins covering the pouch. I liked it and Anthony did too so that was it. We got back to Anthony’s place and we went upstairs to get my 501’s. John was just finishing up with them. We got back to Anthony’s place and he said we needed to get a bite to eat before we went to the club. I got dressed while Anthony showered and when he came into the room he let out a low whistle.

When we got to the club Anthony got my name on the list and chose a song. He said there were six names in front of mine. We found a seat and watched and waited as each competitor went though their routine. They were all good, in fact they were excellent. As the one before me finished they called my name and the music started. When the lights came up I standing with my back to the bar and I started by flexing the cheeks of my ass. I stepped from the stage to the bar and put my boot in guys face. He licked my boot and I told him to start at the hem and open it. I went to another guy and let him do the same thing on the other boot. I moved on to someone else and let him unbutton one button and went to next guy down the line until my shirt was open to my waist and the last one pulled it out. I went back to the stage and motioned Anthony out of his seat and into a seat I placed on the stage. Anthony sat down in the seat as I danced around him bumping and grinding. I took his hands and placed them on my jeans at the waist and let him start opening the Velcro while I pulled his head to my stomach. When he had about an inch open on each side I stepped back quickly and the jeans pulled away completely. The bar went nuts, I then placed Anthony on his back on the stage and scooted up until Anthony’s head was under my crotch. I lowered my ass to Anthony’s upper chest and slide forward till my balls were over his mouth. I fell forward grinding my crotch on his face. I got back to my knees and thrust my hips forward and rotated them slowly and deliberately. I got to my feet and gave Anthony a deep kiss and helped him off the stage. I again stepped from the stage to the bar and strutted down the bar while the guys shoved money into my thong.

When my song ended I bent forward at the waist and gave a deep bow. I got back to the stage and got my clothes and ducked down the steps where Anthony was waiting. I removed the bills from my thong as Anthony was raving about my show and got dressed. We got back to our booth and ordered a drink and Anthony was raving about what a turn on that was. I told him I got pretty horny too and I needed a blowjob right now. Anthony slid under the table and started opening the buttons on my jeans. He got them open and pulled my cock over the top of my thong and started sucking my cock. I raised my ass off the seat and he pulled my jeans down farther and lowered my thong at the same time as he deep throated my big black cock. I placed my arms on the back of the booth and let Anthony do his thing. As Anthony deep throated my cock I could feel his lips and teeth in my pubic hair. As he swallowed my cock I felt the cum building as he continued to suck my cock. When I started shooting I put my legs behind his head and held him down until I had finished shooting my load in his mouth. He came out from under the table with a very satisfied look on his face. About this time the MC started calling the strippers back to the stage. As he went from contestant to contestant the bar patrons clapped and when he got to me the bar went wild. He announced me the winner and handed me the money and thanked me and invited me back. Anthony and I stayed a couple more hours drinking and dancing.

Anthony and I left and went back to his apartment. When we got back he was raving about the show and how great it was. He put on some music and I started dancing just for him. First the shirt was gone then I let him grab my jeans and he pulled them off. I pulled him forward and put his head between my legs and started swinging my hips and making my cock swing still inside my thong. I pulled him to his feet and kissed him deep, picked him up and carried him to the bedroom. I lay him back on the bed and straddled his head. As I swung my hips I lowered my cock and ass to his face. When I got close enough he grabbed my thong encased cockhead and started to suck it. He reached up to the sides and released the clips on the side and pulled it off with his mouth. I rose up again and lowered my balls to his mouth. As he sucked them I rotated my hips and let my big black cock swing across his face as he sucked my balls deep and washed them with his tongue. I lifted up and pulled my balls from his mouth and lowered my cock head into his waiting mouth. He took more and more of me into his mouth as I lowered till my ass was resting on his chest. He raised his head and took all my big black cock in his mouth. I pulled down his body as I straddled him and drug my cock along as I did leaving the slobber from his mouth. When I got into position I leaned over and covered his mouth with mine kissing him deep and rolled us over with him on top. I grabbed his hips and pulled him up until my cock was trapped between his ass cheeks. Anthony reached behind him and aimed my cockhead at his waiting hole telling me how he’d been missing us while I was gone. He lowered more and more until his puckered ass had swallowed my whole cock.

Anthony got into the rhythm and started fucking his self with my cock. The look of pleasure on his face was awesome as he fucked my big cock in and out of his hole, I could feel his ass milking my cock as he fucked it in and out of his ass. When he stopped his fucking I’d rotate my hips and move my cock in his ass. I pulled him to me and kissed him deep as we rolled over. With Anthony on his back I rose up and placed his ankles in my hand spreading his legs wide. I started slow and deep strokes in and out mixed with short deep jabs hitting bottom with the jabs. He was really moaning and getting really loud so I covered his mouth with my hand as I pounded in and out now, harder and harder. When I felt my cum build I told him to get ready as I pumped his ass full shooting again and again into his hot ass. As our orgasms subsided I lay on Anthony and kissed him deep and rolled us over on our sides. I started to pull out of his ass but he said to leave my cock there as it softened. We dropped off to sleep with him still on my cock.

When we woke up Anthony told me he was leaving at 8:00 am. He said a friend was driving and I could use his place while he was gone and I could use the Hummer too. It was 6 am when we got up, he said he had to pack so grabbed my thong got up to help him. Just as we got his stuff packed his friend called and said he was downstairs waiting on him and hurry up. He turned to me and gave me a big kiss as he left.

After Anthony left I got a shower and got dressed. I had to set up the appointment with my client. After that was said and done I realized I was starved. I decided to go to a diner around the corner. I got the last booth and just as my food came the hottest looking cop I have ever seen came in. He was there for his morning coffee and doughnut but the place was standing room only. As he was talking to the waitress I overheard him say he’d just get it to go. I got up and told him he could join me, it’d be nice to have someone to talk too. He took me up on the offer telling me that’d be great, he hated eating in the car.

He slid in across from me so I got a good look at him, he looked to be about 30 years old, 6′ tall, nicely tanned and maybe 190 pounds. He had just a hint of chest hair peeking over the top if his shirt. You could tell from the form fitting uniform he worked out. As we talked he told me his name was Randall but every one called him Randy. As he got up and got ready to go he gave me his number and told me if I wanted somebody to talk too while I was there to call him and he’d show me the hot spots. When he said “hot spots” I kind of smiled and I swear he blushed.

I went back to Anthony’s place and made busy getting ready for my appointment. I called and got directions and started off. I didn’t get through until after 3 in the afternoon. I got Randy’s number and he answered on the first ring. He told me he’d be by in a couple hours to get me. I gave him the address and apartment number. He said he knew the area and he’d pick my up around 6 pm. I told him I’d be waiting. I decided to get a nap, hopefully I was in store for a fun filled night.

When Randy got there I was up and dressed ready for some fun. We took his car and he as we made plans. He said he knew a fantastic restaurant and then we’d go to South Beach. We ate our meal and left out for the bars. We walked up in front of one and were ushered to the front of the line as he told me it helped knowing people. When we went inside it was packed. He asked if I was ready to dance as he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor. He asked me I minded dancing with him being we were both men and I told him absolutely not. The more we danced the hotter it got and we started to sweat. His shirt was getting more and more see through as he sweated. He reached down and peeled his shirt off as he told me to do the same if I wanted. He said he’d help as he reached out and started to pull my shirt up and over my head. He tossed it to me and told me to tuck it in the back of my jeans.

A slow song came on and he came to me and wrapped his arms around me, while we dancing he asked me if I minded that he was gay. He told me he spotted me in the diner and that was the reason he hung around as long as he did and how he was wondering how to meet me before he left. I told him I definitely noticed him in the diner and no, I didn’t have a problem with him being gay because I was too. He smiled and kissed me deep. We partied a couple more hours drinking and dancing. It was almost midnight when I asked if he was ready to go. Randy nodded and headed for the door. As we walked to his car we put our shirts back on before we got to his car. When we got in he asked, your place or mine? I asked him if he had to work tomorrow and he said no, I said lets go to your place. As he drove I reached over and pulled his shirt over his head. When I got the shirt off I leaned in the kissed his nipples tasting his dried sweat and playing with his basket.

We got to his place and he pulled in his garage and put the door down. I got out and went around to his side and as he got out of the car I pulled him tight to me and kissed him deep as I felt his ass cheeks with my hands. He pulled away and said lets get inside. When we got inside clothes starting flying and he dropped to his knees sucking my cockhead into his mouth. I pulled him back to his feet and told him to take to me his bedroom.

In his room Randy sat on the edge of his bed and called me over. He took my cock in his mouth and took up where he left off at. He sucked me deep into his mouth. I pulled him up and kissed him deep as a grabbed his legs and wrapped them around my waist. I lowered him down till my cock was trapped between the cheeks of his ass. I lay him back on the bed and raised his ass using his legs which were still wrapped round my waist and reached under and positioned my cock at his hole. I lowered down little by little until my cock was buried in his tight ass. I pulled him back up to me and kissed him deep. I broke the kiss and asked him if he was ready to ride. He nodded enthusiastically as I started to raise and lower my hips. I slowly went in and out while rotating my hips, in and out and round and round. Randy was really getting into it now, moaning and groaning. I started fucking his ass deep and hard and threw in a couple short jabs every once in a while just for good measure. As Randy got more into the pleasure he started telling me what my big, black cock was doing to his ass. He was muttering how good it felt to have a big, black stallion cock stuffing his ass full of meat. I bent over nose to nose and told Randy I was ready to cum as I started jack hammering his ass, in and out and in and out. I told him to tighten his ass and milk the cum from my cock as I started cumming and continued hammering his ass with my cock. After I finished cumming we lay there with my cock still in his ass with him kissing me and stroking the cheeks of my ass.

After we came back to earth he asked if I was thirsty. He said he’d be back in a minute. After he left the room I decided to explore. I saw his uniform hanging with the handcuffs and nightstick. As he walked in the room with the drinks I was checking out his equipment. I turned and told him this was the stuff fantasies were made of and he just smiled. He crossed the room to me and took a big swig out of his glass and kissed me squirting the drink into my mouth. I held him close by holding onto the cheeks of his ass.

After we finished the drinks we lay back in his bed and Randy started kissing me. He started at my lips and went to my ears and then to my neck. When he got to my nipples he stayed quite a while, nibbling and sucking and rolling them between his teeth. Randy went further down and got into a 69 position with him over me. He had leg one on each side of my body giving me a beautiful line of sight to his pink little rosebud. He started working round my cock as I brought a hand to each globe of his ass and pulled them apart. I blew at his hole and watched it wink at me. I got a piece of ice from the cup and placed it right at the top of his ass crack and let it melt there, the water running over his well used hole. As Randy worked over my cock I worked a finger in his hole in and out to match the rhythm of his mouth on my cock. Randy was really working up speed as a pulled his balls down to my mouth. I took one then the other rolled them around with my tongue all the while fingering his hole. I told Randy I was ready and he just moaned around my fat black cock. I pulled both his balls in and mouth and started working 2 fingers in his ass as he deep throated me and I came again.

We decided to shower and as we were getting out the phone rang. After talking a bit Randy told me that he walking to another cop friend of his and he wanted to set up a fantasy for him, he asked me if I was game. I agreed and he just smiled.

That will be the start of a new recount.

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