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On Our Own Time Now

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Martin and I spent a wonderful evening the previous week. After meeting for the first time at a hotel in Reston, Virginia, we went to his house and had our first time man with man sex. I sucked my first cock and was rewarded with my first mouth full of cum. Then I made love to Martin. No, I fucked him. However, most of our contact was very sensuous and passionate.

I love our holding and kissing especially. I thought about him all week long. Even when I was having great sex with my wife, I knew the hardness of my cock was due to my thinking of Martin sometimes. We talked a couple of times on the phone and decided to play some golf on Saturday. I couldn’t wait to see him.

Saturday came and we met at South Riding Golf Course. We shook hands but we knew the shake meant more. I wanted to kiss him, but…well, it was in the golf course parking lot. We got paired with another twosome and had a fun round. He was a little better than me but I didn’t mind. I have gotten beaten before. We finished the round and stopped in the clubhouse for a beer.

“Well, that was fun. Except my putting sucked.” He said sipping his beer.

“You sucked? Hell, I could not hit an approach shot if you paid me. I keep getting worse the more I play.” I replied.

He smiled and said, “You seem to be able to get it in the hole when you want to.”

I laughed but got a twitch in my groin. “So, want to come over to my house and watch a little college football?” He said staring directly into my eyes.

“Sure, I don’t have anything planned and my wife is off shopping with her girlfriend. With dinner, she won’t be home until 8:00 tonight.” I said putting my scorecard in my pocket. We went out to the parking lot, loaded up the cars and I followed him out onto Route 50. We turned on Rt. 28 and then over to Route 7 to 123 and Mclean. I listened to some oldies on the radio but was thinking about Martin’s cock. We finally pulled into his neighborhood and parked. While we walked to his condo together, we a little small talk. He opened the door and let me go in first. Once he closed the door, we could not wait. He pulled me to him and pressed his mouth to mine. I could not get my tongue far enough in his mouth. He cupped my ass as we leaned against the wall in his foyer. We ground our hard cocks against each other. I was so fucking hot I could have cum right then.

“I missed and thought about you all week.” He said breaking our kiss.

“Me too.” I replied giving him another brief kiss on his luscious lips.

We broke away from each other and walked into his kitchen. He got out two glasses, put some ice in them and poured about two fingers of single malt scotch in it. He handed me a glass, we tapped them together and then took a sip of that warm manna from heaven. As I let the liquid gold seep down my throat, we left the kitchen and walked in the living room. I plopped down on the couch and he turned on the tv. As he bent over to get the remote, his pants stretched tight against his wonderful ass. That wonderful ass I had my tongue and cock in. He returned to the couch, sat down and clicked the tv on. After channel searching, he found the Maryland game. I hate Maryland, but I knew we were not going to be watching much football; unless it was my feet fondling his balls.

He leaned over and kissed my lightly. “I’m glad you are here.” He said sipping his drink.”

“Me too. I cannot get last weekend out of my mind. It was some of the hottest sex I have ever had. My first time with a girl was pretty hot, but that lasted only an hour and I came without much loving.” I replied to him.

“I loved your cock in my ass.” He said putting his hand on my thigh. “It hurt at first. But when you finally had all of your cock in my ass, it was so good. And when I came just by you fucking me, Wow, that was the best.”

I put my drink down and reached over and took his glass from him and sat it down. I pulled him to me and brought my lips to his. He leaned back on the couch and we began some very hot kissing. I licked his lips and teeth. I pushed my tongue in and out of his mouth while holding his head. He moaned and sucked my tongue between his wet lips. He slid his hand down and between my legs. I parted my legs so he could get to my cock. He grasped and caressed my cock through my pants. My cock was straining to get out of my pants. I wanted him to suck me. I pulled away from him and stood up. “Get up.” I said. He got up and stood in front of me. “Now kneel down.” I said pushing on his shoulders.

He knelt in front of me and starred up at me. I slowly undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down. I stepped out of them and threw them on the floor. “Take off my shoes and socks.” I said. He pulled my docksiders off and then my socks. I stood there in my shirt and briefs. He looked at my hard cock in my briefs. He started to reach out for it. “No, you just kneel there.” I said brushing his hand away.

I reached down and rubbed my cock through my briefs. It felt good and my hard shaft pressed against the material. I was going to tease him and make him hot for my cock. I slowly pulled the waistband down and my cock popped out and then slapped back against my stomach. Martin just starred at my cock and then I saw his tongue lick his lips. I moved close to him and pushed my cock down. I rubbed it on his forehead and then across the cheeks. I pushed it towards his mouth and brushed it against his lips. “Push your tongue out.” I said as I moved my cock back towards his mouth. I rubbed my cock against his tongue. “Lick me. No, do not touch me with your hands.” I said as he tried to reach up and grasp my cock. He began to lick the head of my cock each time I brought it near his mouth. I lifted my cock up and told him. “Lick my balls.” He licked and kissed my balls. “Put one in your mouth.” I said pressing closer.

He moved his mouth under my balls and drew one between his lips. It was exciting to see the him down there sucking my balls. It was hot commanding someone to eat my balls. He held my ball in my mouth and ran his tongue around it. He was moaning as he made love to my balls. I slowly backed away and brought my cock back to his mouth. “Now, suck my cock.” He opened his mouth and I pushed my cock between his lips. His tongue began to lick and caress it. His mouth was like a warm cavern. He sucked more and more of my cock into his mouth until I felt the back of throat. I held his head and began to slowly mouth fuck him. I kept talking to him to keep him hot. “Do you love my cock? Do you like me fucking your face? Do you want my hot cum filling your mouth?”

He just moaned and continued to suck me. “Ok, you can touch me now.” I said releasing his head. He reached up and began holding my shaft. He devoured my cock. His hand pumped my skin back and forth on my shaft. He drove his tongue into my small slit in the head. He made love to my cock. As I looked down on him, he opened his mouth wide and pulled my cock deep into his mouth. He took all of me. His lips were pressed against my pubic hair. I felt his tongue actually lick a part of my ball. Wow, I was amazed and very hot. I was getting ready to cum.

“I’m close to cumming. I want you to suck and eat all of my cum. I know you want my cum in your mouth.” I said softly. A moan came from the back of his throat. “I want to see my cum shoot in your mouth. Take my cum on your tongue.” I continued.

He pulled his mouth off my cock and began to jack my cock. He licked and sucked on the head. The head of my cock was getting very sensitive and was stirring the cum in my balls. “Yes, I’m ready. Martin, eat my cum.”

Martin brought my cock to his lips and opened his mouth. He extended his tongue and continued to stroke my hard cock. My cock expanded and I felt my hot sperm rising through my shaft. The first spurt hit both his upper lip and covered his tongue. It was very creamy and thick. He kept his mouth open and the second spurt shot straight into his mouth. He closed quickly, swallowed and opened just as the next spurt erupted. This hit is lips again. A thick string of cum hung from his upper lip and dripped onto his extended tongue. He clamped his lips around the head of my cock and continued to stroke my cock and suck the remaining cum from my cock. As he ate me he was sighing and moaning. It was an awesome sight.

My sperm subsided and my cock began to soften. He held my cock in his mouth and continued to milk me. He licked, sucked and swallowed me. As my cock slipped from his lips, he licked the sticky soft skin. My cum was on his lips and his chin. His eyes were in a glassy state of ecstasy. His mouth looked like a satisfied pussy. Freshly fucked. He looked up at me with my cum covering his mouth and face. I knelt down and leaned in and licked some of my cum from his chin. I then took his face in my hands and softly kissed him. My tongue tasted his cum covered tongue and mouth. Our lips were sticky with sperm. He held me very tight as he kissed me. We finally lay down on the carpet and just looked up at the ceiling. As we lay beside each other, he reached down and held my soft sticky cock.

“I would love to have your cock and cum in my mouth all the time.” He said breathing very hard. “I loved the feel of your cock in my mouth and when your cum filled my mouth, I almost came myself. You taste so good. So hot, so sweet.”

“I can’t believe you took all of my cock in your mouth. You actually had all of my cock up to my balls.” I said as I ran my hand across his chest.

“Let’s take a shower.” He said getting up. I followed him to his bedroom and began taking off my shirt and my cum soaked briefs. He took his clothes off and headed into the bathroom. I heard the shower water running. “It’s warm.” He shouted out.

I walked into his huge bathroom and stepped into the large shower/tub. He was under the shower and I moved up behind him. I pressed my body against his and reached around to hold him. My cock was against his wonderful ass. I kissed his neck as the water ran down between our bodies. He turned around and our cocks brushed against each other. We began to get hard again. He kissed me and pressed his cock against me. His hands slid down my back and gripped my wet ass. I was really getting hot. The shower made our bodies wet and when I kissed him, his mouth and lips were coated with warm water. I reached around and gasped each of his ass cheeks and pulled him to me. Even in the hot water, my nipples were hard. This was so fucking hot. Holding his naked wet body and pushing my tongue in his mouth was erotic. I wanted to suck his cock, eat his come and fuck him. I wanted to just be with and in him.

“Sean, hand me that soap.” He said pointing to the tray. I gave him the soap and he rubbed it against my chest. As the soap lathered up, he spread the suds over my body. He slid his hands over my nipples and pinched them between his fingers. His hands moved down my body until they cupped my balls and half-rigid cock. My cock sprung to life as he lathered up my balls and stroked my shaft. “Turn around.” He said turning me with his hands. Once around, he lathered up my shoulders and back. He massaged and washed my back and then moved to my ass. His hands were slick with soap as he caressed my ass cheeks. Then his hand moved up my crack and I felt his finger glide over my asshole. He made several passes up and down my crack until he stopped and pressed his finger against my asshole. I pushed my ass back to give him access to my hole. His finger, coated with soap, eased into my hole. Without any obstruction, his finger went fully into my ass. I felt his lips on my neck.

“Your very tight.” He said moving his finger in and out of my ass. His finger was all the way in me. Then he pulled his finger out and pressed a second finger in. Both his fingers slid into my ass. I guess using my wife’s vibrator loosened my ass for his fingers. He pushed both fingers fully into my ass. I spread my legs wider and pushed my ass back against his hand. I wanted him to finger fuck me. The shower water hit me on my shoulders and ran down my back to his hand. His fingers became less lubricated with soap and he reached and grabbed the cake of soap. He pushed it between my butt cheeks, coated my ass again and then pushed his fingers in again. He began to finger fuck me with his two fingers while kissing and biting my neck. “Let’s get out. I want to fuck you.” He said pulling his fingers from my ass. We rinsed off and he reached over and turned the water off. I stepped out, grabbed a towel and handed it to him. I took another one and began to dry off. He smiled at me and leaned over and pressed his mouth to mine. I sucked on his tongue. He broke the kiss, threw his towel on the floor and grabbed my hand. He actually pulled/lead me to the bed.

Once by the bed he pulled me to the bed and fell beside me. He covered my face and neck with kisses. His hands found my cock and stroked me. He was on a mission. He left my face, and slid down to kiss and bite my nipples. He bit them very hard but I liked it. Having gotten my nipples hard, his face moved down to my stomach and then his lips were on my cock. He licked and sucked for a few minutes but then moved further south.

He pushed my thighs up against my stomach and his mouth moved between my open ass cheeks. I felt his tongue slid up my ass and he began to ream my asshole. My cock was as hard as a rock as he tongue fucked me. He licked and sucked on my hole. His head pulled away from my ass and he let my legs fall back to the bed. He got up, grabbed a bottle of Intensive Care and squeezed a glob of lotion into the palm of his hand. He reached down and coated and stroked his big hard cock. Then he took some of the lotion and ran his hand up my ass crack. He pushed some of the lotion into my ass with his finger, then a second finger. I was ready. I wanted to be his ass.

Throwing the bottle on the bed, he pushed my legs up to my chest and scooted up against my ass. I couldn’t wait. I reached down and grabbed his slick cock and pulled it to my asshole. Once the head was against my ass, I let go and just lay back. I waited for him to enter me. I waited to feel his cock slide into my ass. I waited to be really fucked. Starring into my eyes, he pressed forward. My ass accepted the initial push of the head of his cock. But that was it. Once the head of his cock separated my hole, the pain began. I cannot believe the head of his cock was bigger than his two fingers. Well, it was. “Hold it” I said sucking in a breathe. He waited and the pain subsided a little. No matter what, I knew I wanted his big cock in my ass. “Ok.” I said in a few moments. He pushed again and the pain just ripped through my ass. The head pushed past my sphincter, and shot a searing pain up my body. I did not yell. I just sucked in my breathe and gritted my teeth together. He knew and stopped. I could not believe the pain. But I wanted to be fucked so bad by him. I just took quick breaths and tried to relax my ass muscles.

Little by little my ass adjusted to the large cock. Martin pushed just a little more and I felt something just loosen. The head of his cock just moved into me. I still felt a little pain, but I also began to feel loose and a little pleasure. “Are you ok?” he asked looking down at me.

“Yes, I feel ok now. The pain was really sharp.” I said holding my legs back. “Just go slow right now.”

Martin sat on his haunches and the head of his cock was in my virgin ass. He pressed forward a little and his cock moved into me. He was so patient. He was also so fucking big. As he felt my ass accept him, he pushed in a little more. I was feeling nasty. So fucking nasty and so fucking good. Here I was naked on my back and a wonderful guy was shoving his cock in my ass. I put my legs up on his shoulders and reached down and grasped his waist. I pulled him slowly to me. I pulled his cock deeper into me. I wanted to feel his big balls on my ass and his cock buried deep inside my hot ass. I smiled at him as his cock finally filled my ass and his balls rested on my ass. He was so large and I thought I needed to take a shit. But I did not want to let him out.

“You feel so good.” I said as he leaned over me. He leaned his head down and kissed me. “Now fuck me.” I said when he stopped kissing me. He leaned back and slowly pulled his cock out of me. When the head was almost out, he pushed his cock back it. I just closed my eyes and envisioned myself watching me getting fucked. I could see the head of his cock just at the edge of my asshole and then disappear into me. He began to slowly saw in and out of my ass. “Just fuck me.” I said holding on to his sides and pulling him into me. My cock was hard and bounced off my stomach as he began to fuck me. The friction of his cock rubbing me each time he slipped in and out of me felt hot. His cock massaged my prostrate and I knew I was going to cum. My legs began to hurt being pushed up. Now I know how women feel being fucked. It is not very comfortable being bend into a pretzel. I pushed Martin to stop and pulled my legs off his shoulders and wrapped them around his waist. That was so much more comfortable.

However, with my legs around his waist, he was not getting deep into me. He wanted more too. He pulled out and rolled me on my left side. He moved to lay beside me and grabbed my right leg and pulled it up. “Put me in.” He said as he slid up behind me. I reached down and grabbed his cock. I wiggled my body down until I felt his cock against my asshole. Once pressed against my asshole, the head popped in easily. Then he shoved once and buried his cock fully in my ass. God it felt good. I held my leg up and he began to fuck me. I turned my head a little and he was able to lean over and run his tongue over my lips. Then he kissed me. His cock felt like a log in me. But I was so hot and I knew I was going to cum soon. He slammed his cock in and out of my hole. I could smell his sweat and our sex. It just added to the moment. I was getting fucked.

Martin reached over and began to stroke my cock as he fucked me. “Your ass is so tight and hot.” He said as he ran his hand up and down my cock. He began kissing my neck and ear as he pounded my ass with his stiff cock. I felt my orgasm coming. My ass was loose now that he pounded me with no effort. Our wet bodies made soggy slapping sounds as his cock stretched my hole and massaged my prostrate. His strokes started to become faster and harder. My balls tightened and my cum spurted out my cock onto my stomach and the bed. Martins hand was coated with my hot sperm and he brought his hand to my face and rubbed my cum on my lips. I licked his hand and fingers as he fucked me. He moaned and slammed his cock deep into me. I felt an additional warmth in my ass. He had come. He rotated his hips against me as his cum filled my ass. My asshole was now very slick with lotion and cum. I fell so sated and used. I ran my hand down and drew my fingers through my cum. I picked some up on my fingers and I sucked my own cum off my hand. I reached down and picked up some more and presented my fingers to his mouth. He just opened his mouth and sucked my fingers like licking the icing off a spatula.

After a few minutes, his cock slipped out of my used ass. I felt his cum ooze out the crack of my ass and onto my thighs. He took his hand and just cupped my ass. My body fluids and his cum were mixed. He rubbed them over my ass, thighs and stomach. I turned onto my back and he held me and kissed me. We smelled of sex and tasted of sex. I wanted him to fuck me again. I actually wanted a bigger cock in me. I wanted more. I wanted cock. I wanted cum. I wanted him to just use me. He pressed his sweaty body against me and our mouths melted together. He cupped my limp cum covered cock with his fingers and ran his tongue around in my mouth. As we kissed I felt the last of his cum ooze out of his cock onto my thigh. I felt so fucking nasty and good. My mind drifted as he continued to massage my cock and nibbled on my wet lips. In a while I knew was would be ready for more…more cock, more cum.

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Bob wrote

You really have a way of telling a hot sex story please write more.
These 2 guy’s really know how to drive each otter wild loved the raw breeding cock sucking taking a virgin for the first time.