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On A Mission Ch. 02

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Kristen Hile was a very confused woman. A couple days earlier her 19-year-old nanny had seduced her. The sex was better than she might have wanted it to be because now she had to either acknowledge she enjoyed sex with the girl or go into complete denial. The fact she anxiously planned for the day she could pay Katie back in kind should have settled the issue.

Katie Sherwood started the whole thing by falling in lust with the 28-year-old mother of two. Oh, Katie loved men for sure. But, there was something special about married women. It wasn’t just the challenge, although that was important. It was their experience and curiosity and, sometimes, boredom with their normal sex lives.

Katie warned Kristen she was a target. Kristen was determined to take control and stop the girl. Katie ended up taking control of Kristen and didn’t stop until the woman had the ultimate orgasm.

So, Kristen made plans. They were well thought out and foolproof. Kristen would take her two young children to the day care Katie used to work at and leave them for the day. Katie would be invited to spend the day with Kristen…uninterrupted. Kristen’s husband, the gorgeous Dr. David Hile, would be at the hospital as usual. Lunch would be served in bed. If any food spilled on a naked woman the other would eagerly lap it up. It was sure to be a messy day.

On a warm Tuesday morning, Katie dressed as Kristen had asked. Under her tank top and shorts was the smallest bikini she owned. The girl had worn it on a Caribbean cruise the winter before and still laughed to herself at the stares she got from the horny old men. Luckily, her shapely ass made up for her smaller than average breasts.

Katie arrived at the Hile’s in mid-morning and the women sat around the kitchen table chatting for a while. It was difficult for them to talk much when Katie was watching the kids. They discussed favorite shows and foods and, of course, the other moms at the day care. Each had their favorite ones to hate. It was an amusing discussion filled with exaggerated presumptions about their abilities in bed.

After nearly an hour, the sexual tension around the table could be felt. Not surprisingly, it was Katie who made the first move.

“Well, is it time to start working on the tans?” she asked her hostess.

“Sure. Go on out and I’ll bring the iced tea,” Kristen said.

The pool area at the rear of the massive house was completely private due to the woods directly behind the house and the distance on either side from the prying eyes neighbors. It had been one of Dr. Hile’s major inputs in the construction of the property. On many occasions Kristen was glad he had been so persistent.

Today was one of them.

As she prepared the cold drinks, she watched Katie lift off her tank top and pull down her shorts. In spite of experiencing the beauty of the girl’s body up close, Kristen was stunned by the lovely figure. It was young and athletic and inviting. And she would have it again…soon.

Katie stretched out on a reclining lawn chair as Kristen brought out the drinks. The sun was already beating down and heat reflected back off the concrete around the pool. Kristen placed the glasses on a small table next to Katie’s chair and looked up at the cloudless sky.

“Where’s your swimsuit?” Katie asked.

Kristen looked back down at the young woman and smiled. “I didn’t think I’d need one today.”

Katie smiled back. It was going to be a good day.

She took a long drink of iced tea with Kristen keenly watching the condensation from the glass drip onto Katie’s chest. After putting the glass down, the girl slowly rubbed the water into the area between her breasts.

Kristen didn’t need to see any more. She straddled the chair and Katie’s small body. Leaning down with her hands supporting her weight on the edges of the chair, she kissed Katie. The girl’s hands reached inside the bottom of Kristen’s shirt and felt the warmth of the woman’s skin. Immediately, they rose to the full breasts under the shirt.

Kristen moaned softly as Katie squeezed her nipples. Within seconds, the shirt was pulled off and lay on the ground next to them. Kristen let Katie play with the exposed breasts for a moment before sliding down the chair.

On the other side of the expansive property, a car pulled into the driveway. Dr. David Hile was off duty, thanks to the cancellation of one surgery and a few appointments. He wanted to surprise Kristen and the kids. He would get half of his wish.

Katie’s car blocked his side of the garage, so David grabbed his briefcase and entered the house through the utility room door. The quiet in the house struck him as soon as he began walking through the kitchen.

Outside, Kristen was inspecting the breasts just unveiled by Katie taking off her top. The woman crouched at the end of the lawn chair looking at the young body reclined in front of her.

“Take off the rest,” Kristen said pleadingly, staring at the piece of material covering the girl’s pussy.

“No. You do it. I want to feel you pulling them off,” Katie said. The desire in Kristen’s eyes told the girl it wouldn’t be long before she was naked.

David Hile stood in front of the sink, like a statue, peering out the window. At first, all he saw were the forms of his wife and Katie close together by the pool. But then the scene became clearer.

He followed the lines of Katie’s naked breasts past her stomach to the blonde hair of his wife hanging near Katie’s thighs. Under the flowing hair he saw the drooping breasts. Farther back, her shorts-covered ass and legs pointed toward the water.

Silently, he watched Kristen put her hands around the girl’s bikini and pull it down her legs until Katie was nude. The shock of what he was seeing did not deter the sudden movement between his legs. His pounding heart pushed blood rapidly to his cock, and it responded.

David stared at Katie as she pointed to the woman at her feet, her mouth moving inaudibly. A second later, Kristen was removing her own shorts, revealing the thin strip of light hair above her clit. Now two naked women were in David Hile’s pool area and he wasn’t about to ask why.

The doctor’s mind worked quickly. They were sunbathing. Kristen would move to the second chair and lay down. He would have to somehow let them know he was there without embarrassing them.

Kristen did not lie down. She once again hovered over the young nanny before lowering her head to the girl’s midriff. David watched her seemingly kiss Katie’s stomach, waist and thighs. His cock was hardening as Kristen circled Katie’s pussy. The woman’s hair brushed over Katie’s lower body, sending waves of stimulation all through her.

Unlike the two women, David had not moved an inch since first witnessing what was happening. His initial movement, now, was to reposition his cock. His wife’s next movement was straight toward Katie’s pussy.

Weeks earlier, the idea of wanting to make another woman cum by licking and sucking her cunt and clit were unimaginable to Kristen. Today, it’s all she wanted to do. All day. If she could only produce the same type of feeling in Katie that the girl had produced in herself. Fear of failure was overridden by lust.

Kristen put her hands under Katie’s ass and pulled the girl towards her. Katie graciously separated and bent her legs, allowing the woman access to her more-than-ready cunt. Kristen inched forward and finally, after much previous soul-searching, made contact with the young pussy.

The woman smelled the girl’s body, felt the wetness and tasted the sweet juices. She licked it. Again. And again…higher, until reaching Katie’s clit. The contact between tongue and clit caused both of them to shudder.

Katie closed her eyes.

David realized he was wrong. Kristen wasn’t going to leave Katie’s chair. He was numb; anesthetized like his patients during surgery. With one exception.

He pulled down his zipper and put his fingers inside. He wrapped them around his cock and moved it again so that it pointed straight up inside his boxers. A few quick strokes through the material and it was throbbing.

David pulled the cock out of the fly in his boxers. It was hard and thick, extending well above his curled fist. He looked down quickly to make sure it was below the top of the kitchen counter, out of view from the outside. Then he began a slow, steady stroking of the shaft.

He watched his wife put her head between Katie’s legs and begin to lick the girl’s clit. Kristen’s hands slid up and down the outside of Katie’s soft thighs and hips. Occasionally they slid underneath and felt the supple skin of her ass.

But, Kristen’s mind was locked into the part of Katie’s body touched by her tongue and lips. The woman used long, hard caresses with her tongue before wrapping her lips around the ever-hardening clit.

Katie moaned and squeezed her eyes tightly shut. She swung her head from side to side as Kristen worked on her clit. Finally, she rested her head on one side and opened her eyes.

The back of the house filled her field of vision. The kitchen window was straight ahead. And their eyes met.

David and Katie looked at each other, but neither moved. David’s arm lay still in front of him, his hand enveloping his cock. Katie lay still, not breathing. Then she moved her hands to her breasts and delicately played with her nipples, a wry smile crossing her face.

David looked on as the girl manipulated the tips of her breasts. His hand stroked his cock almost imperceptibly. Could he continue to do this without her realizing? Or did she already?

Oblivious to it all, Kristen licked furiously at Katie’s pussy, alternating between the opening to her cunt and the engorged clit. Katie, startled at first by the presence of the man in the kitchen, now got her mind back on the woman between her legs. Plus, she had a show to put on. Her heart raced with exhilaration.

David grew harder and longer as he watched the women, particularly Katie. The girl was arching her back, thrusting her hips into his wife’s face with more urgency. Under her little hands, her breasts shook in time with the movements. David began stroking his cock with short, quick rubs.

Again, Katie looked at the man in the window and, this time, observed the unmistakable action of his arm. Even from this distance she was enthralled by his good looks. If only she could see what was beneath the window. She imagined him to be thick and long, capable of filling her several times with cum. Her chances of finding out were increasing by the second.

Kristen used her lips to bite Katie’s clit, running her tongue over the part inside her mouth. Katie immediately moaned loudly and pushed Kristen’s head down with her hands. It wouldn’t be long now and she wanted her lover to know that her first time had been a success. Kristen didn’t need to know her husband was playing a major role in turning Katie on even more.

David saw Katie throw her head back against the chair and open her mouth in an exclamation of lust. The girl’s body froze a few inches above the chair, held up by Katie’s own hands on the edge of the chair and Kristen’s hands under her ass.

The throbbing cock in David’s hand oozed precum as he anticipated watching Katie cum. He wanted desperately to be next to her to hear her, but the sight alone would have to do.

What he saw next was the instantly recognizable sign of a woman having an orgasm. Katie’s body shuddered from head to toe and she threw her head back and forth violently. When she could, she looked at the window and the man masturbating at the sink. She urged the man’s wife to eat her, lick her and make her cum some more.

David couldn’t take his eyes off the scene outside. His body was giving away the fact he was about to cum, but he couldn’t look down. Soon, warm sticky fluid hit the back of his right hand. That was when he finally looked on the counter and saw a small towel.

The doctor grabbed it quickly and draped it over his swollen cock. Wrapping his fingers around it, he resumed pumping away and instantly felt the surge of cum exploding from his balls. With an animal-like grunt, the cum shot into the towel. A second burst soon followed.

Katie grinned broadly as the man could not hide his self-satisfaction. She watched his eyes clamp shut and his mouth hang open, followed by a series of quick strokes and a repeat of the process. As her own orgasm subsided, David’s was peaking.

She realized she couldn’t let Kristen think she was done yet, so Katie faked another thirty seconds of orgasm. By that time, David was done and leaned against the sink completely spent. Like a blur, he was gone from the window.

Katie laid back and sighed.

“Oh, Kristen. That was fantastic,” Katie said honestly. “Come up here.”

Kristen crawled up and lay on the naked teenager’s warm body. They hugged and kissed for several minutes. Katie knew that either David Hile would be walking out onto the patio soon or he would be gone. Either way, she won.

In the front of the house, a car door closed and David’s car pulled out onto the street.

Katie and Kristen spent the rest of the day in and out of bed, the shower and the pool. They rarely had clothes on for more than half an hour. Kristen was taught the joys of light bondage with the help of Katie’s sash/belt. Lunch, as expected, ended up being served off the women’s bodies as much as plates. It’s amazing what you can do with fruit.

David spent time in his office contemplating what he had witnessed. To his surprise, dismay and pain and anger were not what he was feeling. He got hard every time he allowed himself to put the image of the two women back into this mind. The whole experience had been as intense sexually as any he had had with his wife. Katie’s beautiful face and body, racked by the force of her orgasm, played in his mind over and over.

Kristen’s body, bent over the younger girl, had been stunning and erotic. He replayed her boobs hanging from her chest, partially hidden by the flowing blonde hair and Katie’s thighs. He was saddened by the fact he may never witness it again. He’d already determined he would talk to Katie soon.

In the days that followed, Kristen or David made no mention of the event. While Kristen seemed slightly aloof, no other apparent changes occurred. Their time together, as always, was limited. Therefore, David was left to assume that the liaisons between the women continued. He would not lose sleep over this until it affected him directly.

It was almost a week and a half before he was alone with Katie at the house. No words had been spoken, but Katie’s knowing smiles gave away her pleasure with the turn of events.

David initiated the necessary conversation. “Is it still going on?”

Katie didn’t need to ask what.

“Yep.” She looked at him awaiting a response. It could range from a firing to…well, she wasn’t sure.

“Who started it?” he asked.

Katie had to be careful here. “Oh, it was mutual.”

David chuckled. “Liar.”

“You doubt me?” Katie said with a mock look of surprise.

“Highly. You seduced my wife.”

“But it’s you I’m after,” she said. The girl could act. She said it as seriously as a woman trying to save a troubled marriage.

“Then I’m sure you’ll get me. You get everything you want, don’t you?”

“I love it when they play hard to get,” she smiled back.

“Don’t be so damn cute, then. Try keeping your clothes on. Quit using that mouth so well.” He stopped when the girl began laughing.

“Some day when you’re on top of me, pounding that cock into me, you’ll have a different opinion,” Katie said.

David felt that same cock already responding to her words. He swore to himself and prayed she wouldn’t see the effect she was having.

“Right now I think I’d like to remain a spectator,” David said.

Katie got up from her chair and moved in front of him. She sat herself on his legs and felt for his cock. Her fingers traced around it, feeling it grow inside his pants.

He looked at her with no expression. His eyes fell to the breasts pushing against her t-shirt. His cock was now straining against his boxers and pants, frantic for the feel of the girl’s hand.

“I don’t think so,” she said.

His zipper opened and Katie felt for the hard shaft. It slid out of his boxers through the fly easily. She looked at the purplish head and licked her lips.

Effortlessly, she slid down between his legs and placed her tongue on the underside of the cock. She licked upwards in slow motion. Then again. Finally, her lips wrapped around it.

With one hand pumping the bottom of the cock, she sucked the top and ran her tongue around it. She tasted the sweet juices that leaked out and pushed it deep into her throat.

Then she stood, turned her precious ass toward him, and walked away. David wanted to grab her, scream at her and shake her. He wanted to fuck her.

Three days later Dr. David Hile received an e-mail from an unfamiliar address. There were half a dozen attachments—all jpeg files.

He clicked on the first one. Kristen was in the Hile’s hot tub, the bubbling water splashing against her naked breasts. A second photo showed her laying back, stroking her clit. The third appeared to capture her during an orgasm. A fourth showed an off-center shot of Kristen and Katie hugging and laughing in the tub. David assumed that was an attempt at a self-timer shot. The fifth photo showed Katie’s little ass as she leaned against the wall of the hot tub. The final shot was of Katie from her breasts up and she was sticking her tongue out.

David looked at each photo again. The familiar feeling between his legs returned. But for the next day or two, his inner feelings changed. The girl was starting to flaunt it now. He felt…threatened.

He wasn’t going to lose Kristen physically. But emotionally? Maybe it was already too late. A day didn’t go by that Kristen wasn’t planning on when she and Katie could be together again. She spent time at lesbian oriented web sites learning techniques and tricks.

The impetus for their next session was a new vibrator Kristen bought. Katie agreed to use it on herself while Kristen watched with another toy the pair had purchased previously.

The older woman lay on her side on the bed a couple feet away from Katie, who was flat on her back with the new vibrator in hand. The girl turned it on and ran it slowly over her small nipples. She moved it over and around her entire breast, feeling the sensation down to her stomach. Eventually, she moved the silver toy down to her clit, watching Kristen do the same with her’s.

A few long passes over her clit and Katie was ready to insert the vibrator into her dripping pussy. She felt the thick toy inch its way inside of her, sending chills through her body.

“Oh, God. Yes. It feels so good,” she moaned.

The sound of the girl’s voice almost made Kristen cum. She put down her own plaything and leaned over until her mouth was on top of Katie’s left breast. Pushing it up with her hand, she sucked on the nipple and breast.

“Yes, Kristen. That’s it. Lick me.”

The woman obeyed and Katie shoved her toy deep inside herself. The harder Kristen sucked the harder and faster Katie inserted and withdrew the vibrator. She spread her legs apart and used her free hand to rub her clit. Between all the objects and hands and mouths on her body, it only took another minute to cum.

With Kristen urging her on, Katie came again and again as she drove the vibrator in and out, sometimes moving it up to her clit before returning to her cunt. Kristen alternated now between the girl’s two breasts, anxious to help Katie get the maximum enjoyment.

Kristen knew that Katie would get her off in due course, but for now she was content to lay her head on Katie’s breast and listen to her catch her breath.

“That’s a keeper,” Katie sighed.

Kristen laughed and said she would “borrow” it later. They lay together for a few minutes.

Finally, Katie asked, “Are you and David still OK?”

“Sure. Why do you ask?”

Katie looked down at the blonde head on her chest, playing with the fine hair. “Have you ever considered letting him join in?”

Kristen said, “I’ve thought about it. I didn’t know what you’d say.”

Katie didn’t answer right away and smiled to herself about what Kristen didn’t know. “He’s SO good looking.”

“I think so, too.” Kristen flipped her head over and looked up at the girl. “I suppose you deserve…I mean, you are so good to me. Maybe we should ask him.”

“We?” Katie asked.

“Yes, we. If I’m going to admit I’m seeing you, then you should be there when I do it.”

“What if he gets mad?” the girl asked.

“If we think this out and do it right, what do you think the chances of that are?” Kristen looked into Katie’s eyes and they were joined together in a deep kiss within seconds.

If they could separate themselves from each other long enough, they had planning to do.

(To be continued…)

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