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Nurse Mom and Me

Category: Incest
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It all started when I was eighteen after graduation ceremony I took part in the all night party that the town puts on for all the seniors. I’m not really into the party scene mainly because I’m in a wheelchair and most homes aren’t easy to access and with thirty to forty drunk people stumbling around it isn’t really that safe for myself or them. I spend most nights at home either on the computer or watching television. My father died when I was a baby leaving mom and I to fend for ourselves which was hard on us both.

She would come home each night around eight tired from her shift at the retirement home where she was a nurse. I would have dinner ready for her when she walked in and we would sit and eat and talk about all different things from work to current events even randomly about love. I’ll admit I’ve never really been with a woman heck never even had a girlfriend; sure I’ve kissed girls before but only a peck on the cheek.

One day while at home I popped on the computer to do some surfing and found an adult site with stories and pictures so I began to scan through the stories to look for any worth reading. I came across one called “Nurses in the family” being so close to my own life I began to read, it was very exciting while reading I felt a twitch in my crotch I hadn’t really felt before except when I jerked off thinking about the girls in my classes I’d never be with. Being home alone I decided I’d ease the tension by rubbing one out while I read so I slipped off my pants and began to stroke and continued reading. I must have lost track of time being so into the story that I heard the front door open and mom calling for me looking at the clock “shit it’s 8 already” I said as I heard my mothers footsteps walking down the hall coming closer to my room where I am still fully exposed. I pulled up my pants as fast as I could although still with a massive erection from reading the story. Mom walked in and asked if I was alright I said yes I was just playing a game on the computer, well mom looked at the screen that was still on the page I was reading and came closer to me. She looked wide awake unlike most nights when she came home she glanced at me and then back at the screen and said she was going to take a shower and since I hadn’t made dinner she told me to order out and have it delivered.

When she left I quickly turned off the computer and noticed my cock was still pressed hard against my pants and thought oh god did mom see? But I had to not think about that and order something to eat. I went into the kitchen for the menus and didn’t know what to order us so I rolled down to mom’s room to ask what she wanted. The door was wide open like it usually was we had no secrets it was just the two of us in the house so I rolled in and called for her. I heard the water running so I asked loudly “hey mom what do you want for dinner?” with no reply I called again and still no reply, so I popped my head in the bathroom with eyes closed and asked a third time and I heard soft moans from inside the steamed up bathroom my eye popped open with the sounds I was hearing and then I saw her. She looked like the women in the pictures I had just been looking at with her long dark hair that swept down to the middle of her back brown eyes and very big round breasts that I knew were 38D cups because I’ve peeked at her bra size when doing laundry.

I sat there looking at her for a minute and began to get that feeling in my crotch again so I thought I better go before she sees me. I went out to the kitchen and just called up the local pizza place because it was fast. I knew I didn’t have much time before mom came out from the bathroom so I bolted to my bathroom and closed the door pulled down my pants again and jerked at my cock as hard as I could. I could hear mom once again coming down the hall so I had to hurry but it was to late, she was at the door to my bathroom and she knocked and said “hinny is everything alright?” in her sweet voice I grunted uh yeah everything is fine an she opened the door just to make sure. Her eyes went very wide in shock when she opened the door and found me cock in hand jerking like a mad man. She stood in the doorway for a minute both of us staring at each other her in shock me in embarrassment then I noticed she wasn’t staring at my face she was looking directly at my crotch. After the shock wore off she apologized and closed the door and said she’ll be in the kitchen. Well after that my erection was completely lost so I cleaned up and pulled up my pants and went out into the kitchen.

There was no point in trying to hide what just happened we’re the only two people in the house. Mom was sitting at the table in her robe getting out the plates and silverware and she said “you know hunny its natural to do that you don’t have to hide” I looked at her and all I could say was “I know mom” and she came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug which started the problem all over again because she pressed so hard my face went right into her soft breasts which made my crotch twitch but then we broke the embrace. Soon after the pizza had arrived and we ate and talked like normal and after dinner we decided to watch tv in the living room I took a seat on the couch as mom finished the dishes and she walked in bent over right in front of me almost saying I know you saw me in the shower and giving a full view to her great cleavage. She sat down next to me and pulled the blanket she brought in over both of us. Then she did something I was not expecting under the blanket she took off her robe and holding the blanket over her as if to say she wasn’t wearing anything else tossed the robe to the chair and she cuddled up against me. I didn’t move for almost half an hour but when I did it was confirmed she wasn’t wearing anything under her robe I moved my arm to get more comfortable and it slid against her chest and I felt her hardened nipples against my arm. In an instant my crotch was active again and mom must have known it to because she slid her hand over my crotch and began to squeeze and rub my bulging cock and then it happened.

With one quick move mom had my pants undone and my cock was in full salute and under the blanket she began to stroke my cock gently she cupped my balls with one hand and stroked my shaft with the other. “I was in heaven” she looked up at me and licked her lips and I smiled and she tossed the blanket we had around us to the floor and she was fully nude as I had suspected she said “now we’re going to have some real fun from now on” with that she stood up and straddled me with my cock only an inch or so from her tight bald pussy she whispered to me she shaves in hopes that this would happen and she slammed down hard onto my cock and we began to kiss passionately as my cock filled her deep pussy and we began to make love on the couch between kisses I told her I was going to cum an she ignored me. She rode my cock harder and harder until I blew at least six big loads of my hot sticky cum deep inside her and when she noticed my cock was no longer fully erect she climbed off and went to the floor and on her knees she looked up at me once again and she smiled and then engulfed my entire 7inch cock in her mouth and sucked all the juices off not leaving a single drop as I moaned in great pleasure.

After mom finished with my cock she climbed back onto the couch and cuddled up next to me like she had started and said “now we have something fun to do other then just watch tv all night” and she kissed my cheek and got up and went to bed.

The next morning I got up went back to the computer and found the site with the nurse story I was reading and looked up the author and not surprised one bit I found that my mother is the one who wrote the story that game me so much pleasure and now we could please each other physically and mentally.

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