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Now Swallow It

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“Now swallow it”I told her.

Dr. Virginia Patterson had just licked a big glob of my cum from the smooth shaven pussy of the beautiful coed sitting naked on my office couch.

Just watching her tongue lick the cum from off her lips, was enough to make even my softened cock twitch a bit. Damn, she looked sexy.

For that matter, Traci Townsend, the leader of our freshman cheerleader squad, was gorgeous herself.

How I, at 56 years old, find myself in this ridiculously fortunate situation still amazes me. Oh, it may not last… it may even end badly for me, but for now…… it is all I could ever dream for.

It all started less than a week ago.

As a department head at a major mid-western university, it is not unusual for faculty members to come to me with their problems. But that day, as I watched the tears forming in Virginia Patterson’s lovely eyes, I could not help but shift uncomfortably in my chair. Virginia, Dr. Patterson to her students, had always been totally professional but relaxed and friendly in all my dealings with her. To see her so obviously distressed was something of surprise, and it was disquieting.

Virginia is a talented classical singer with a fine academic background and a great rapport with her students. She is a tall, attractive woman in her mid-thirties who always wore tasteful but conservative clothing. I had met her husband at several faculty functions and was always impressed by the warm, affectionate and obvious loving relationship they appeared to have. I knew they had two beautiful young children, I had seen their pictures in her office. I suddenly felt chilled, almost afraid of what might be wrong in this quintessential family.

“Dr. Wood” she began in a shaky voice.

“You know it is Al to you, Virginia” I interrupted with as much of a kind and soothing voice as I could muster.

“Thank you Doct…. Al”, she smiled nervously, pausing to clear her throat.

“What is it Virginia?” I prompted, reaching across my desk and gently wrapping her hands, tightly wrapped together, in my own. I am sure I was subconsciously holding my breath from what she might say.

As Virginia struggled to regain her composure, her face began to redden even as a wiped a tear from her eye.

“Is it the family?” I said softly.

“Oh no,” she said, her face suddenly brightening, “They are fine…It’s…something else…. It’s one of my students….”

I felt relieved. Problem students were a common issue around the place and I knew I was on safe ground. But why was she so upset?

“Go on,” I again prompted, this time a little more professionally.

“Oh I don’t how to say this….” She blurted out….. She yanked her hands from me, stood up and turned around. I could see her neck turning progressively more crimson.

I also stood up and moved around to her. I gently took her in my arms. She turned and buried her head in my shoulder, letting loose a loud sob. We stood like this for minute as the sobs quieted until she gently pushed me away.

“Okay, I can do this” she said as much to herself as to me. She sat down again, and dabbed the tears from her eyes. I returned to the imposing turn of the 19th century “Cattle Baron’s” chair of which I was so proud.

She looked up at me and took a deep breath.

“Dr Wood, do you know Traci Townsend?” she asked, her voice stronger.

“It’s Al, Virginia, and no, I don’t think I do.” I thought, “Should I?”

“She is a student in my Intro to Music Theory class” Virginia explained.

“Yes…..”I encouraged.

“She… she …. she is blackmailing me…., Dr. Wood” Virginia began, “And I don’t know what to do about it”

I let her words sink in as I watched her shift in her seat, her face now beet red. Blackmailing a Music Department faculty member? What on earth could she possibly be blackmailing her about?

“Go on,…” I said slowly. I was suddenly on a very foreign soil, even for a man with my experience.

“Dr. Wood, I uhhh……. I write erotic literature…” she finally said, her eyes downcast.

My own face must have reddened as my own mind started racing with my own guilty thoughts. I had been contributing to Literotica for several years. I knew what I meant by erotic literature. But I wasn’t sure what this demure, conservative women before me could possible mean by it.

“Yes… and?” I said, finally recovering my voice.

“Well, I was in my office and I was chatting on line with another author… and…do you know what that is, Dr. Wood?”

“Yes, yes of course, Virginia…. go on..” I responded quite quickly. I wanted to know where this was going.

“Well… we… uhh I was ….” Virginia tried to continue.

“You were …. What, Virginia?” I asked.

Still looking downward she mumbled something quietly.

“Speak up, Virginia, I can’t hear you…..” I said a little more forcefully.

She raised her eyes and looking right at me said in voice loud enough to surprise us both “I was masturbating, Dr. Wood, I was masturbating”.

Now it was my turn to be speechless.

“So was he…….” She continued.

“So was who?” I asked, my mind now not thinking clearly.

“The other author, Dr. Wood, he was masturbating too, on web cam” she said almost a little testily.

I quickly tried to re-assert myself.

“In your office?” I asked. My face contorted incredulously. Of course, I myself had done exactly the same thing, albeit at home, the proceeding weekend. It suddenly seemed a very important distinction to make.

“In your office?” I repeated.

“Yes, in the office, I told you that already” she replied, almost snapping in annoyance.

“Dr. Patterson, that is hardly appropriate behavior for the office.” I intoned. “What the hell were you thinking about, Virginia?”

Virginia hung her head, and murmured just loud enough for me to hear. “Sex, Dr. Wood, I was thinking about sex”.

As I stared at her, suddenly I was seeing Dr. Virginia Patterson in a whole new light. Now, I was thinking about sex, too.

“Yes… so….. what happened?” I said evenly.

“Traci Townsend caught me, Dr. Wood, literally. With my pants down” she said a slight smile at her lips at her own ironic humor.

My mind raced as I tried to picture what this lovely woman must have looked like. Sitting at her desk, her professional slacks down her long, lovely legs, and masturbating.

“Go on” I said evenly, my cock beginning to stir.

“That’s it!” she said. “That’s what happened..”

“I mean what did she see? What did Traci say?” I inquired.

Virginia looked at me with something of a puzzled look on her face.

“Virginia, if I am going to help you, I have to know all the facts” I patiently explained..

“You.. you were wearing … exactly what?” I asked, hoping that my building lust was not as obvious to her as it was to me. I had picked up a pen and was trying to take notes… I had only written “Virginia” and “Traci Townsend” so far.

Virginia looked at me curiously but continued.

“I was wearing a suit, very much like this one” she said.

“And… you had lowered your pants…” I asked my throat now dry.

“I had removed them” she quickly answered, her face turning red again.

“And your panties…?” I again prompted.

“I wasn’t wearing any” she said quickly. “Dr Wood, is this necessary?”

“Absolutely, Virginia, now please go one, I haven’t got all day” I said, pretending to glance at my watch. I was not going to let anything else distract us, believe me.

“So you … were….” I continued for her..

“Masturbating….” She said. “You know what Masturbating is, Dr. Wood?”

Her sarcastic tone was as obvious as the salacious aspect of my questions.

I slammed the pencil down on my desk and sat back in my chair.

“Yes, Dr. Patterson, I know what Masturbation is…” I said sternly. “If you don’t want my help, I will just turn this over to the Ethics committee and let them deal with it!” Virginia’s face suddenly went from beet red to paste white. Her eyes were wide open in surprise and shock. She shook her head and looked down at her hands still folded on the desk in front of me.

“No, Dr. Wood, I don’t want that, I…I .. can’t have that…” she said quietly, not looking at me. “It would ruin everything……my life, my career”

My voice softened and I again reached across the desk and gently took her hands.

“Then let me help you, Virginia… now please, go on with your story…”

“So you were at your desk, you were still wearing your suit jacket and blouse.” I said glancing at her full breasts, barely held captive by the jacket she was wearing today.

“My jacket was off…. My blouse was open…” Virginia murmured, still looking down.

“Your breasts exposed?” I asked. She nodded.

“See, these are important details, Virginia” I said picking up my pencil again. “So it was obvious what you were doing…”

Virginia glanced up at me, briefly smiled to acknowledge what I was saying. “Yes, Dr. Wood, I see, thank you…”

I was glad she did. I smiled to myself at my own cleverness. I hadn’t been made Head of the Department because I was stupid.

“So you looked up…” I prompted.

“I thought I had locked the door, I always do when I am chatting on line…” Her face again reddened as she realized the incriminating statement she had just made.

I couldn’t help it. I looked at her with my eyes squinting and pretended to write this fact down. In reality, my mind was reeling in lust and my cock was definitely stiffening.

“But not this time… “ I added wryly.

“No…not this time…” she agreed looking down at her hands again.

“That is when the flash went off” she said.

Ooooh. A flash. This was getting good better.

“I looked up and there was Traci Townsend smiling at me, a small, fancy looking camera in her hands” Virginia said.

“She was smiling at me and said something like …’That was good, I think I got both you and the guy’s cock on the screen in the picture…’ I don’t know.. I don’t remember exactly.”

I didn’t even know Traci and I was already beginning to like her.

“What was she wearing? “ I asked, the irrelevance of the question even apparent to me as I tried to picture the scene in my fevered brain.

Virginia looked a little surprised and answered “I don’t know… no, no.. I do know. She was wearing a short top and low cut jeans…and thong panties.” It was still warm at the campus and the scenery was frequently delectable.

“What did you say to her?” I continued, conjuring up the image of Ms. Townsend.

“I don’t know.. it was all such a surprise… I suppose something like ‘What are you doing here?’ because she replied ‘I am taking pictures’ and the flash went off again”

“I was trying to pull my clothes back on but the flash kept going off. I told her stop but she just laughed and kept taking pictures”

“I heard her say ‘look at that’ I glanced up and the guy I was chatting with was …cumm… having an orgasm…. She took another picture”.

I was sitting back in my chair, and my hand was gripping my now hard cock. I had quit pretending to take notes.

Virginia was talking steadily now, her eyes downward almost closed as she recalled the events of the day before.

“’What are you going to do with the pictures’ I asked her”

“She laughed again and said something like “I don’t know, I have to think about’”

“Traci then sat down in the chair across from me, the camera dangling from her neck strap. I saw her staring at my monitor”

“My friend had the camera on a tight close up of his coc… penis and his cu…stuff was all over it.”

“Just tell me what happened, Virginia” I smiled. “Don’t worry about the words, I am a big boy, I am familiar with the terms cock and cum.”

Virginia glanced up at me with gratitude, her face reddening again. It was obviously hard enough to talk about worrying about what words to use.

“I turned off the monitor and looked at Traci. She was staring at me intently, looking very serious.”

“Traci told me ‘I tell you what, Professor, you and I are going to make a deal’”

“A deal?” I repeated, “She said you were going to make a deal?”

Virginia nodded and continued.

“I told her I would not fix grades or anything like that because it was unethical”

“Traci just laughed and said something like ‘I don’t need help with my grades, they’re good enough and besides, fixing grades is not the only unethical thing around here’ and waved the camera in my face”

The story was riveting.

“So she blackmailed you for money..?” I said jumping ahead a little.

“No…… she….. she….. blackmailed me for sex….” Virginia’s voice had again lowered and she was staring intently at her hands, afraid or too embarrassed to look at me.

“Ohhhhh…” was all I could reply, my face reddening as well, I am sure.

“I uhhhh I don’t understand… what did she want you to do?” I asked.

“When? Which time?” Virginia asked quietly.

“Ohhhh…..” I replied in almost a moan.

“Well…..ahem” I said clearing my throat, “The first time, I guess.”

“She made me ….. perform oral sex on her, right there in my office” Virginia blurted out. “Dr. Wood, she threatened to send the pictures to the University and to my husband… I … I … couldn’t let her do that…”

“Of course not, Virginia”, I replied, “Of course not… now go on, what happened.”

“She told me to go lock the office door…. I was like a robot, I.. I couldn’t think so I just did what she told me”

“When I had turned around, she had swiveled her chair and was sitting there with her legs spread apart and was…uhh.. she was rubbing herself right in front of me”

I could hardly breath as I pictured the scene being describing for me.

“She said she had always kind of fancied me and told me to take my clothes off” Virginia continued.

“I told her I couldn’t take my clothes in the office but she just waved the camera in front of me and I realized how stupid that was.”

“Yes, I suppose” I agreed softly not wanting to disrupt the story being given.

“So I did as she said and I took my clothes off. She told me to stand next to the chair she was sitting in.”

“And then…” I encouraged softly. My cock was now stiff in my pants as I gripped it under the desk.

“She touched me as she stared at me…. I… I….just let her… I didn’t know what to do… She fondled my breasts and pulled on my nipples.”

“She kept touching me and then she was kissing my breasts … she put her hand between my legs….”

“Where you enjoying this, Virginia?” I asked.

“Oh Doctor, I don’t know…… yes….. a little I was so scared but it did feel good” Virginia replied. I didn’t think it was possible but her face got even redder.

“And then….” I again prompted.

“And then she told me get down on my knees in front of her…. So I did”

“She grabbed my face and made me watch her as she took off her jeans, she sat down again in the chair and began to play with herself under her thong panties, making me watch……”

“She,…she… held her hand out to my lips and made me taste her…….”

“Dr. Wood, I couldn’t help it… I was scared but it was ……was…. Exciting too.” Her voice trailed off. Her eyes were almost closed as she recalled the event in graphic detail.

“She pulled my face toward her…. I tried to stop… I have never done this to a woman….but she got angry and said she was going to just send the pictures to the university and my husband and I started crying and the next thing I know I was ….was….licking her..”

The pre-cum was leaking from cock and I glanced down and saw the wet spot where my cock was forming a tent in my suit pants.

“Go on….. “ I finally managed to say.

“That was it… she kept me licking her until she came on my face, she held my lips hard against her clit and pussy………” Virginia suddenly remembered where she was and looked up at me.

“It’s all right…..Virginia… keep going.” I said.

“So she had an …. orgasm……. She told me to put my clothes on. She pulled her own jeans and panties back on and wrote an address down on one of my business cards. She told me to be there at 7:00 pm.”

“Dr. Wood, I tried to tell her I had to go home to my kids and husband but she just held the camera up and said ‘7:00 pm’”.

“So I called my husband I had to work late on the student production coming up and I didn’t know when I would be home….. My husband is so sweet, Doctor…. He believed me and said he would take care of kids…and not to worry”. Virginia’s eyes were suddenly brimming with tears.

“Now, now, Virginia.. you were only doing what you had to do” I said patting her hands affectionately. “So what happened…was this a bar or a house.. or..”

Virginia composed herself quickly and continued.

“It was an apartment … in the student part of town… of South Main?”

“Yes, yes…go on..” I replied.

“I knocked on the door, and Traci answered the door…. She looked over her shoulder and said ‘ I told you’ and then told me to come in.”

“It was a typical student apartment, messy with a big stereo, a computer, TV and a old couch”

“There was a guy, looked like a student but a little older… tall with long, blonde hair tied in a pony tail… he had tattoos over most of one arm. He smiled at me and said ‘Hey Doc, we were just talking about you’. He nodded at the computer monitor and there I was … sitting at desk clearly half naked… you could even see my friend on my own computer screen”.

Virginia was talking right along now her eyes cast downward as she remembered each detail. I really wanted to take my cock out and begin masturbating but contented myself with occasional squeezes.

“I was, of course, shocked to see myself so clearly… I had been hoping something would go wrong or I get the film somehow……but as I looked at the screen, I remembered we also had a digital camera….. there was no film to steal.”

“What happened, Virginia?” I interjected. I wanted to get to the sex part.

Virginia glanced up at me and continued.

“Traci told me to take my clothes off. I only hesitated for a second…. I guess I was really expecting this again. So I did”

“Traci went over to the couch and sat next to the man there… his name is Alex, I later found out. They just watched me as I took my clothes off.”

“They were smiling at me and each other….. “ Virginia continued. “I took my clothes off and stood there… Dr. Wood, it was so embarrassing”

My reverie was broken by her question. “Yes, I imagine….now go on”

Virginia gave me another puzzled look but continued.

“They made me crawl over to the couch.”

“Made you?” I questioned. “How did they make you?”

“They… they just told me….”

“And, of course, you did what you were told…” I said

“Why yes, Dr. Wood, they said they would….” Virginia answered.

“I know, Virginia” I interrupted, “Go on.. what happened next”

“I crawled over to them… the floor was dirty, Doctor Wood..” she continued.

“Virginia,” I said firmly. “Just tell me what happened…”

“I’m trying to, Doctor” she said quietly. “So .. I crawled over to them”

“Traci told me to take his penis out…”

“Traci told you to ‘Take his penis out” I again interrupted with sarcasm.

“No, Doctor, she told me to suck his cock.” Virginia said looking at me.

“That’s better.. Virginia.. go on….” I answered her. “So…….”

“So I took his cock out and sucked it” she said.

“What was it like?” I asked.

“His cock?” she responded.

“Yes, his cock…. Look Virginia, I have to all the details so we can … you know… identify him….” I responded, once again proud of my ability to bullshit.

“Of course… Doctor” Virginia answered. Normally a brilliant woman, her mind was clearly pre-occupied by these events or she would have understood the absurdity of my statements.

“Well, it was really thick…. With a big head….I could barely get my lips around it.” She said.

“Yes, very good.. more detail like that.” I replied.

“Traci had pushed up her top and was playing with her breasts while she looked at me sucking Alex.”

Virginia glanced up at me and anticipated my next question. “They are almost perfectly shaped with long, hard dark brown nipples…”

“…well they were then, anyway….her nipples…. hard” She mumbled.

“Then Traci got behind me and started fingering me in my…….in my pussy”

“I couldn’t help it Doctor, I was getting excited… I didn’t want to but …..”

“Yes, I know, Virginia” I replied. I couldn’t help but get excited just hearing about it. “Go on….”

“It felt so good and then she spanked me.”

“She what? “ I asked not sure I had heard her right.

“She spanked me…. God, I love that, Dr. Woods….. it gets me …. so hot” Virginia continued obviously getting a little excited from just telling the story.

I nodded and she continued.

“I couldn’t help it, I was getting so excited and then she began to finger me again..”

“Finger a huh” I suddenly had to clear my throat. “Ahem, finger you..”

“Yes” she replied throatily. Virginia was still flush but it was beginning to look like something other than embarrassment.

“She fingered me in my pus….pussy and then my ass…” Virginia continued. She was obviously getting turned on just thinking about it again.

“She began to fuck my ass with her fingers, god, how did she know that about me? Dr. Wood? How did she know I love anal sex?” Virginia asked, looking directly at me now.

“I, uhhh, I don’t know….Virginia” I said struggling to maintain some composure.

“Before I knew it, I was begging Alex to fuck me up the ass” she continued.

They turned me on my back on the couch and Alex pushed my legs up and stuck his thick cock in my ass…damn, he was big….and thick…. It hurt for a little but ohhh it felt soo good.”

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Virginia had her eyes closed and was obviously reliving the moment.

“Then Traci lowered herself on my face and I was licking here again and sucking her while Alex was fucking my ass……god.. it was so fucking hot…then he came all over my face and I…..”

Suddenly, as if she had just heard herself, Virginia’s eyes were wide open and she was staring at me.

“I mean… I mean….. ohhhhhhh” her voice trailed off.

“That’s all right, Virginia” I said regaining my own voice. “I think I get the picture”

“Oh Dr. Wood, they want me to come back tonight… Dr. Wood, what can I do?” Her voice was now plaintive and she was in obvious distress. The sexual reverie of the moment before was gone and the stark realization of the loss of control in her life back haunting her.

“I think I can help, Virginia” I said sitting back up in my chair.

The look of relief on her face was obvious. “Oh, thank you Dr. Wood”

I pushed the button on my intercom to my admin assistant. “Mrs. Johnson, please have a student in our department, a Miss Traci Townsend, come see me at once. This is a disciplinary matter”

I was looking directly at Virginia as I spoke. Her face relaxed and a slight, grateful smile appeared.

“Dr. Wood, Thank you again” she said. Her face then changed into a questioning look. “What about me?, Dr. Wood?”

“Ohhhhh..” I said, leaning back in my big, comfortable chair, smiling at her.

“I think, Virginia, we can make a deal”.

“Come over here……”

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