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Not So Shy After All

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“I never get to do anything exciting anymore,” I grumbled. “Between college and work, I never even go out. And my job is so incredibly boring. Sometimes when I’m sitting there waiting for the phone to ring, I just want to do something depraved – tear off the stupid, prissy clothes I have to wear and go running into the senior partner’s office screaming or something.”

Tommy had already been listening to me rant for half an hour but he waited patiently for me to run out of steam. He grinned when I mentioned running around naked but he didn’t say anything.

“I’m sick being the nice girl they think I am at work. Ugh. I just want to do something. Something different or shocking or… something,” I concluded lamely.

Suddenly I wished I hadn’t gone on like that. My time with Tommy usually involved an unexpected phone call from him after ten p.m. and a couple of hours of vigorous sex. I always enjoyed the sex, but I longed for more, and he knew it too. Which was why he knew he could keep calling and why I usually agreed to anything he suggested, no matter how dirty it seemed or how nervous it made me feel. And for once he was actually in my apartment at a reasonable hour and having a conversation with me. I’d had the chance to show him I was more than just a willing pussy, and I’d ruined it by sounding like a whining baby.

I desperately cast about for a more interesting subject for conversation but before I could grasp at something, Tommy spoke. “We’re going out,” he said. He took a final drag of his cigarette, tossed the butt out the window and stood up. “But you’re not wearing that.”

I opened my mouth, not sure if I was about to scold him about the cigarette – I hated it when he did that – or ask him where we were going, but his last comment distracted me. I glanced down at my jeans and crop-top with the flower appliqué on the chest. “What’s wrong with this?”

“You look like an eight-year-old.”

Tommy opened the door of my walk-in closet and began flipping through the clothes. I peered around him, chewing my lip as he rejected blouses, sweaters, and skirts.

“Those are for work,” I explained, not wanting him to think I actually liked the dowdy clothes he was rejecting.

“I figured.” He tossed me a denim mini-skirt. “This skirt is okay. Do you have any sexier tops?”

“Second drawer,” I said. Tommy stirred through the neatly stacked contents of my second dresser drawer. He held up and tossed back a few tops without refolding them, and I had to bite back the urge to complain about the mess he was making. Finally he came up with something tight and black with spaghetti straps.

“Here,” he said. He handed me the top and left the drawer open. “Put this on. And the boots.” I knew immediately what boots he meant – the high heeled, knee-high black leather boots.

“I usually wear this top with jeans,” I said. “And this skirt with a sweater or something. And the boots I only wear with long skirts.” I admit I kind of liked the thought of dressing sexy, but I was also a bit insecure about it. What if I didn’t look good?

Tommy rolled his eyes. “Just put it on and let me see how it looks.”


“Nikki, will you come on already? Just let me see.”

“Fine.” I closed myself into the closet, wiggled out of my clothes, and put on Tommy’s selections. I smiled to myself as I dressed – just as he knew I was secretly in love with him, I knew he secretly enjoyed talking me into doing things that made me nervous. I don’t think some of the sexual things we did would have been half as exciting to him if they’d been my idea.

When he heard me stumbling around trying to put on the boots standing up, he opened the door.

“Let me do it,” he said, kneeling in front of me. He zipped up my left boot and then helped me into my right boot and zipped that up too, while I put my hands on his shoulders to balance myself. “Now come out and turn around for me.”

I complied reluctantly, keeping my head down so my long dark hair hid my face while Tommy squinted at me critically.

“Nice,” he said, nodding thoughtfully, and smiled. “You look hot.”

I looked at myself in the mirror hanging on the inside of the closet door. I’d always liked the way that tank top showcased my modest breasts. But I thought the pairing of the skimpy top and the miniskirt showed too much of my cappuccino skin and combined with the high boots made me look more than a little slutty. “I don’t know….” I said.

“Come on, I’m telling you, you look hot. Look at that ass.” Tommy ran his hands down my back and cupped my round ass in his hands for a moment. “You can wear this stuff. I wouldn’t lie to you.”

“But still, to go out like this?”

“Weren’t you just complaining about the clothes you have to wear to work? How boring they are? How you’re sick of being a prissy secretary?”

“Receptionist,” I corrected. “I mean, yes, but….”

“Well here’s your chance to do something different, so stop complaining. Put on some makeup or something and let’s go.”

I looked at Tommy and my insides contracted in that familiar exciting way. He wasn’t traditionally handsome, but I couldn’t help but admire him. He had a long face and a crooked nose that he’d once made disparaging remarks about, but I thought his nose made him look strong somehow. I’d say it gave him character, but people hate to hear that.

He was tall and powerfully broad-shouldered and whenever he picked me up or pulled me on top of him, or held me against a wall or a tree or a light pole, he made me feel small and delicate. He had light hair, but I’d always thought he had a dark-haired personality – independent, mysterious, and brooding – and it was his personality that made him so irresistibly sexy in my eyes. I was absolutely enthralled by him. Of course I was a lot younger and more impressionable then.

I wanted desperately to please Tommy, and irrationally I hoped that if I did what he wanted enough times, he would want me to be his girlfriend. So I listened to him yet again. I put on a little eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick and looked at myself in the full-length mirror again.

“I guess I don’t look so bad,” I conceded. I flipped my hair around and ran my hands over my hips, beginning to become more excited about wearing such a slutty outfit.

“Listen to me,” said Tommy, gripping my shoulders, shaking me a little. “You look great. Now come on, let’s go.”

Thirty minutes later, Tommy drove his motorcycle up onto the sidewalk in a run-down part of town. The nearest streetlight was either burned out or broken, and the shadows seemed menacing. Men, leaning in the doorways of shuttered stops in groups of two and three, flicked their eyes in our direction as I awkwardly tried to swing my leg over the seat to dismount without flashing my black thong at them.

Pulling the helmet off my head and shaking my hair out was usually one of my favorite parts of a motorcycle ride, but that night I felt self-conscious in front of so many hooded eyes. It was warm out, so I wasn’t wearing a jacket over my uncharacteristically skimpy outfit and I felt virtually naked. One of the men muttered, “Damn, girl,” just loud enough for me to hear as I followed Tommy past him. Wavering between pride and embarrassment, I pretended I didn’t hear him.

Tommy led the way up a flight of dark, steep, narrow steps. We ended up in a cavernous room lined with red vinyl booths on two sides, a bar along one wall, and a couple of battered game machines against the back wall where the bathrooms were. Six shabby pool tables seemed stranded in the middle of the vast floor. The room was lit only by the pool table lights, each advertising a different brand of cheap beer, and the neon beer signs lining the walls. There were two games of pool in progress and a couple of the booths were occupied, but the place was mostly empty. Some sort of pounding, bass-driven rock music partially drowned out the sound of pool balls knocking against each other.

“What do you think?” Tommy asked.

“It’s cool,” I said, trying for noncommittal, but my smile betrayed me and I knew he could tell I loved the place. The unapologetic seediness was exactly the opposite of the fancy law office I worked in, with its mahogany desks and pristine cream-colored carpet.

“You want a drink?”

I thought about it. Tommy didn’t drink. Out of courtesy I usually didn’t drink either when I was around him, but that night I decided that if I was going to live up to my outfit I might need a drink or two.

“Yeah, sure,” I said.

I trailed awkwardly after Tommy, clutching my helmet to my stomach with both arms. Tommy ordered a Long Island iced tea from the greasy-haired bartender who was sitting behind the bar. Like a lump on a log, my mother would have said. The bartender lumbered around and mixed my drink without expression. When he thumped the glass on the bar he looked me over in a way that made me feel like his pudgy hands had actually traveled up and down my body. I grabbed the drink and turned away while Tommy paid for it and changed a five-dollar bill for some quarters.

“Relax, it’s just a bar,” said Tommy, taking my arm and leading me toward the back of the room. “You’re the most uptight girl I know. Come on, let’s play some pinball.”

I loosened my hold on the helmet and sucked at the straw in my drink as Tommy propelled me across the room. “I’m not uptight,” I said, automatically, knowing full well that I was indeed uptight and that he liked it that way.

“Whatever,” he said. “How’s that drink?”

“It’s strong.”


Tommy played pinball for a while and I leaned against the wall, alternately watching him and gazing around the room. I put my helmet on the floor next to Tommy’s but I kept the straw from my drink clenched between my teeth, sucking at it like a confidence IV. Tommy played pinball violently, rocking the machine back and forth and shoving it so it bumped against the wall. I watched with half-lidded eyes as he slapped the sides of the machine in alternate triumph and fury, remembering the time he’d held me down and spanked me until I liked it.

I was working on my second drink when Tommy pulled me in front of the machine. “You’re going to play,” he said.

“I don’t want to,” I said, trying to squirm away.

“You’re playing,” he said firmly. “Jesus. It’s just pinball.” He took my drink away from me and placed it in an odd little alcove set into the wall. He started a new game and then stood behind me and placed my hands on the buttons that controlled the flippers. With his hands over mine Tommy played for me. Up until that moment I hadn’t known that there was strategy involved in pinball. Ordinarily I would simply have kept pounding away at the flippers with the sole intention of keeping the ball from slipping out of play. But Tommy controlled the flippers, catching the ball and waiting… waiting until just the right moment to send it hurtling up and around to just the right spot for maximum points.

Pinball. What an odd thing to be aroused by, I thought. But it wasn’t the game itself; it was the manifestation of Tommy’s control over the machine, and of me. His playing teased me. His arms were wrapped around me and his hands were over mine… just like the time he’d held his hand over mine and made me masturbate for him. My body softened somewhat.

“I just want to watch you,” I said when the game was finally over. I slipped my hands from under Tommy’s, ducked under his arm and grabbed my drink. The ice had melted somewhat and I quickly gulped down the rest of it.

“You want another one?” Tommy asked.

“Uh, sure.” I replied. “I’m just going to go to the bathroom.”

The bathroom wasn’t as bad as the seedy outer room had led me to believe it would be. When I was done using it, I stared into the mirror for a long time, examining my face. I decided I definitely liked my big brown eyes and my full lips. But was I “hot” like Tommy said? I stared at the contours of my cheekbones and jawline, the way my hair slid past my shoulders. Why was I so nervous about everything? Why was he with me? Would he eventually grow tired of my fears and insecurities? Would I grow out of them? And if I did, would he like me more or would he lose interest? Eventually I realized I’d probably been gone too long. I smiled at my reflection and resolved to be less uptight and hope for the best.

My smile faded when I pushed open the bathroom door and stepped out. Tommy was at the pinball machine again, talking to a curvaceous blonde girl wearing an outfit similar to mine. I knew Tommy didn’t like blondes. He preferred a little color – black, Latina, or Asian women… or mixed girls, like me. And he didn’t like big breasts; he liked small, perky breasts like mine. But still, a hot girl is a hot girl, and this girl was hot; her body oozed confidence and sensuality. And from her posture and expression, she was clearly flirting with him.

“…and I thought, if that’s how you play pinball, I can just imagine how you fuck,” she was saying as I walked up to them.

My eyes narrowed. I tried to play it cool but I failed. When I walked over and put my hand on Tommy’s arm in what I thought was a casual way, the blonde girl took one look at me and started laughing.

“Girl, calm down,” she said. “No one’s trying to steal your man. I’m just making conversation.” I gaped at her, thrown completely off guard. I noticed Tommy was holding a new drink, so I took it from him and took a sip, trying to look natural while I thought of a reply. But the blonde girl didn’t give me a chance. “In fact,” she said. “I actually came over here to ask him about you.”


The girl laughed again. “My name is Kim,” she said. “What’s yours?”

I paused before I answered, “Nikki.”

“And your man? What’s your name, Nikki’s man?”

“Thomas,” said Tommy. I looked up at him. He was smirking.

“Listen, Nikki,” said Kim. “I think you’re hot. You don’t have to worry if someone talks to your man.” There was that word again. I wondered what was going on, if she was making fun of me. “I just wondered if you wanted to, you know, talk for a while.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know, talk. Just sit down for a while and get to know each other. It’s pretty dead in here tonight and meeting new people is always interesting.” Kim took the hand that wasn’t clutching my drink and started to pull me over to the corner banquette. I hesitated, but Tommy scooped up our helmets and started over there, so I followed. Kim let go of my hand and slid into the booth first, leaning against the table so she could see both of us. Tommy followed, and I sat next to him and turned my body toward Kim’s. I sucked at my straw.

“I’ve never seen you in here before,” Kim said. She was looking at me, but Tommy answered.

“Nikki wanted to do something different tonight,” he said. “She’s tired of being a good girl all the time.”

Kim laughed again. Kim laughed a lot, actually. “So she wanted to be bad tonight, did she?” She leaned forward, creating a generous peek at her full breasts. “Somehow I can’t imagine Nikki being bad. Or maybe I can. Anyway, I’d like to see it. Have you ever been with another woman, Nikki?”

“What? No.” I wondered what this girl was doing. Who was she? Was she actually hitting on me? Why? I tried not to look at her breasts, but they were impossible to ignore. They were just so… there. And so round and soft looking.

“Are you curious?”

“Ah…” I glanced up at Tommy. He was watching me intently. I remembered my promise to myself just a few minutes ago. I needed to relax more. Realizing my shoulders were practically up around my ears, I concentrated on lowering them.

“Sure,” I said. “Maybe.” The truth was, I was very curious. I took another huge gulp of my drink and found myself looking at Kim’s breasts again.

Kim reached out and put her hand on mine, where it lay on the table. “I noticed you as soon as you walked in,” she said. “You have a great body, but you looked so shy.”

The alcohol was making me dizzy. Or maybe it was Kim’s hand creeping up my arm as she leaned even closer to me across Tommy’s body. Then her hand was on my breast, softly. My heart jumped and I pulled back.

“You are shy,” she said. There was the laugh again. “Don’t be. Why are you pulling away?”

“I don’t… I mean, I can’t just –,” I looked up at Tommy, but he was no help. He was just watching us and grinning.

“You can’t what?” asked Kim. “Yes, you can. It’s so easy. I see you looking at my breasts. Do you want to touch them?”

I didn’t quite understand what was happening. I knew was in over my head and was about to stand up and tell Tommy I wanted to leave when I noticed his hand brushing Kim’s leg. My initial fury at the sight quickly gave way to fear. What if I said I wanted to leave and Tommy didn’t come with me?

“I think you do want to touch them,” Kim said. “Just go ahead.” Before I could even decide whether I was going to stay or go, she took my hand and placed it on her breast and held it there. I almost dropped my drink. Wow. Her breast was soft yet firm and the skin that was revealed was so incredibly smooth. I wondered if my own skin could possibly be that soft. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I could feel her nipple pressed against my palm through the thin material of her top. Slowly Kim let go of my hand. I didn’t pull away. I touched her gently and to my surprise I felt her nipple harden. I was entranced.

Kim took advantage of my momentary daze. She put her hand on my shoulder, drew me forward, and kissed me on the lips. I was so surprised by her action and by the unfamiliar texture of the kiss that it took a couple of seconds to register what was happening. When it hit me that this strange woman was kissing me I pulled away abruptly and snatched my hand back from her breast. I started to get up – this time I was really going to leave, whether Tommy left with me or not.

I looked at Tommy again. He was staring at Kim, mesmerized, looking at her in a way he’d never quite looked at me. I noticed his hand was now squeezing Kim’s thigh, sliding higher under her short skirt. There was an obvious bulge in the crotch of his jeans. I didn’t think he’d leave with me. No, I realized, of course he’d stay with the sexy, adventurous stranger rather than leave with the most uptight girl he knew. I hesitated. Alcohol, rampant jealousy, and the remembered heat of Kim’s lips on mine clouded my mind. My eyes flicked back to Kim’s breasts and over her thighs and back to Tommy’s erection. Suddenly I realized I was actually wet.

I put my drink on the table, wiped the cold condensation onto my skirt and licked my lips nervously. Kim smiled, and then she leaned forward and kissed me again. This time I kissed back. It was all softness. Her lips, her tongue, her hair brushing my cheek. It wasn’t just the lack of stubble on her face or the narrow jawline that made her kiss feel different from a man’s. There was a sharing feeling to her kiss, like she wasn’t trying to overpower me but simply to let her tongue dance with mine.

When Kim and I finally broke our kiss, I looked up at Tommy’s face again. This time he was looking at me the way he had looked at Kim earlier. He nodded approvingly and I was pleased with myself. His right hand was still on Kim’s thigh, and now his left hand began sliding up mine, leaving a trail of gooseflesh in its wake.

Kim began to touch my breasts, squeezing softly. She pinched my nipples. She ran her hands down to my waist and up to my neck and into my hair and pulled me closer to her across Tommy’s lap. I was trembling and my heart was pounding as she probed my soft wet mouth with my tongue.

My body was awake, alive, nerve endings crackling and zinging everywhere, but especially between my legs where my clitoris pulsed in time with my heartbeat. My hands went back to Kim’s breasts of their own accord. I had never touched another woman’s breasts before and Kim’s were a lot bigger than mine. They overflowed my hands when I cupped them and although they didn’t really sag, they were heavy in my hands. Her nipples were hard, jutting out against my palms, and I could feel that the pebbly texture of her areaole spread wider in diameter than mine.

When we finally pulled away from each other, I could hardly see. Vaguely I remembered where I was and glanced around at the blurry room. One of the pool games had stopped, and the players were staring blatantly in our direction. The four men at the other table were more discreet, but they were clearly preoccupied with our activities.

“How about if we go somewhere a little more private?” asked Kim. “I know the owner, so it’s no problem.”

I glanced at Tommy.

“Without looking at your man this time,” said Kim, nudging my chin so that I was looking at her again. “Tell me what Nikki wants to do.”

“Okay,” I said. The way my clit was throbbing, I would have agreed to almost anything at that point. I was still a bit confused about what was happening, but I put it out of my mind. After all, I needed to be less uptight, right?


Kim smiled and gently pinched one of my protruding nipples. She squeezed my knee affectionately and we all slid out of the booth. I felt unsteady on my feet, but Kim put her arm around my waist and led me towards the bar. Tommy followed carrying the helmets, one of them strategically placed to block the view of his erection.

“Hey, Leo,” purred Kim. “Can we hang out in your office for a while?”

“Sure, Kim,” said the bartender. He smoothed his hair and his lugubrious expression became animated for the first time that I’d noticed. “Any time. Anything you need, Kim.” His eyes clung to Kim’s curves as she led Tommy and me behind the bar and through a door.

“Thanks, Leo,” Kim called breezily over her shoulder.

The door shut behind us, cutting off both the sight of Leo’s eyes trained longingly on Kim’s firm, round ass and a good bit of the pounding music from the bar. I was relieved to see that the room, which contained a desk and chair, a couple of filing cabinets, some storage cupboards, a few stacks of boxes, and a low couch, was clean and not too seedy. The only light came from a green-shaded brass desk lamp, the type found in law libraries.

Kim pulled me towards the couch. “Tommy, why don’t you grab that chair and pull it over here? But not too close, okay? Nikki is a shy little thing,” she said. “We don’t want to scare her away by jumping into things too quickly, do we?”

“Oh, she’s not that shy,” Tommy said. But he followed Kim’s directions.

Tommy and I both watched her as she pulled her shirt up over her head, and flung it to the side in one fluid motion. Lolling back on the couch, I stared at her breasts still jiggling gently from the exertion. Next, Kim took off her skirt. She wasn’t doing any kind of strip tease, but the easy grace with which she disrobed was wonderful to watch. Her rounded hips wiggled from side to side as the skirt slid gracefully over them and puddled around her ankles. Kim stepped delicately out of it and kicked it to the side.

She stood before me wearing nothing but a pair of pink string bikini panties. The strings dug gently into the flesh of her hips, not because they were too tight, but because her body was so soft and yielding. I felt in awe of her femininity and wondered if anyone had ever felt that way looking at me.

Kim knelt in front of me and put her hands on my thighs. Slowly she leaned forward until she could kiss me. The walk to the office had calmed me down somewhat and brought back some of my earlier fears. It took a moment for me to respond and lean forward and allow my hands to explore the soft skin of her back and finally her breasts again.

We kissed for a long time and after a while I eagerly alternated between exploring the hot depths of her mouth and softly biting her full lips. My heart pounded in my ears, drowning out the wet sounds our mouths were making. I was panting when Kim finally pushed me gently away and pulled my tank top up over my head, sending it to join hers on the floor.

“Don’t be nervous, Nikki,” she said. “I’ll be real gentle with you. I bet you taste so good.”

She reached around and unhooked my bra with an expertise that no man had ever displayed and I shivered as the straps slithered gently down my arms to my elbows.

“Very nice,” she said. “Like chocolate kisses.” She took one nipple in her mouth and sucked gently. I gasped.

“You like that?” she asked, pulling away. She put her lips around my other nipple, and I gasped again, and felt that deep, low tingling building inside me. I squirmed on the couch as she pulled the bra the rest of the way off and began to suck my nipple harder.

I looked over to my left when I heard a squeaking sound, remembering Tommy’s presence for the first time in a while. The squeaking came from the office chair he was sitting in; he had leaned forward to get a closer view. For a moment I was overcome with embarrassment.

“Just stay put for a while, Tommy,” said Kim, tossing my bra at him. I was kind of pleased that for once someone was telling Tommy what to do instead of the other way around. But still, I was nervous. What if I didn’t do it right?

“I don’t know if I can—,” I started to say.

“Hush,” interrupted Kim. “You know you want to do this. I can tell just by looking at you and touching you. And I bet if I were to put my hand down here, I would feel… yes, you certainly are wet, aren’t you?”

I moaned as Kim’s fingers rubbed over my soaked panties, my nerves bursting fully into life again.

“I don’t think you’re as shy as you act,” she said. “Otherwise you wouldn’t still be here. Come on, just relax, okay?”

I glanced back at Tommy. He didn’t say anything, but I knew he wanted me to listen to Kim. Kim was saying the same things to me that he’d always said. I wanted to please Tommy. And I wanted Kim to keep doing what she was doing.

“Okay,” I said. “I’m relaxing.”

“Good. Now lift up for a sec so I can pull this skirt off you.”

I unzipped the back zip and raised my hips. Kim pulled off not only my skirt, but my panties as well. It was odd but exciting to be sitting there wearing nothing but knee-high black leather boots.

“These are nice,” she said, holding up my black lace thong. “See, I knew you had a wild side. And now…”

Kim lowered her head to my belly and gently pushed apart my thighs. I had been in similar situations before, but the person in front of me had never been a woman wearing nothing but pink panties. Never with long, soft hair brushing over my stomach and thighs, sending delicious shivers though my body. Never being watched by a man not so surreptitiously rubbing his erection through his pants.

And then I felt her mouth on my pussy. Oh, Jesus. She knew exactly what she was doing. Every swirl of her tongue stirred up that sweet, swelling, building feeling radiating out from deep inside me. When Kim eventually clamped her lips around my clit and began to suck, I squeezed my eyes shut and clutched at her shoulders desperately, colors spinning inside my head.

“Oh, God–,” Kim’s lips and tongue were working furiously, her hair brushing my legs and belly. I couldn’t catch my breath. I opened my eyes and saw that Tommy had pulled out his cock and was stroking it openly, staring at us, sweat glistening on his forehead. The sweetness was building, building, overwhelming me, sweet and hot and cloudy. My thigh muscles clenched and unclenched uncontrollably.

The sweet feeling overflowed, and there was a roaring in my head as I came hard, my back arching and my muscles spasming and then loosening in release. I fell back against the back of the couch and tried to catch my breath as Kim slowly tapered off the movement of her tongue.

She climbed up on the couch next to me and kissed me gently, letting me taste myself on her tongue. We caressed each other while I got my breath back and then I slid down to kneel between her legs as she’d done to me.

I was nervous at first. Not sure if I’d know what to do, despite the fact that I’m a woman too. Each cock is unique and responds to a different touch; how would I know how Kim’s pussy differed from mine? I pulled off her panties as she’d done to me and watched as she spread her pale legs for me. Leaning into to the space between her parted thighs, I saw her pussy for the first time. It was lovely. Soft, light hair and even in the greenish light I could see how pink her inner lips were. She was very wet and I was drawn to her faint, musky scent.

I wanted to taste her. My tongue swirled up one side of her pussy and down the other. Her taste was familiar – I’d tasted myself many times on a finger or a cock, and just moments ago on Kim’s lips – but different from mine, flat but slightly tangy. I liked it.

And there was her clitoris, engorged, slick. I stopped wondering what to do. It obviously wanted to be licked just softly, gently, so that’s what I did. I was rewarded with a moan from Kim and I felt my own juices begin to flow again. I took that delicate bud gently between my wet lips. No pressure yet, just soft rubbing, tasting. I let my lips and tongue stay soft as I explored her. Although it was entirely unlike fellatio, I found the underlying dance to be the same. To enjoy the feeling of her body on my mouth, to listen for the subtle signs of encouragement: soft moans and words and sighs and jumping muscles in the thighs and belly, pressure of hands on my shoulders and in my hair.

I explored Kim’s swollen clitoris softly until she began to clutch at my shoulders and press her hips upward murmuring words of urgent desperation. Then I increased the pressure, stiffened my tongue and rubbed it around her clit clockwise and counterclockwise and then back and forth. My hands explored her body, still amazed by the smoothness of her skin. Her softness, her wetness, overwhelmed me. I slid one finger into her slippery pussy and she moaned louder.

“Mmm. I knew you could do it, Nikki… ohh… I love the feeling when you moan like that with your mouth right on my clit.”

“I didn’t know it would be so soft.” I took my mouth away from Kim’s sweet pussy just long enough to gasp out the words and then I was back again, sucking her sensitive clit.

“I think your boyfriend is feeling left out,” said Kim, between moans. “I think he wants to do something with that hard cock of his.”

Tommy was still stroking himself slowly, watching with rapt attention.

“Why don’t you get up on your knees so he can fuck you? That way he’ll still get a good view.”

I complied, rising up unto my knees so that my ass stuck up in the air and it was almost comic how quickly Tommy lurched over, shoving his jeans down to his ankles, and knelt behind me.

“Mmm, Tommy, why don’t you just stick your cock in Nikki’s pussy right now,” said Kim. Tommy grasped my hips and plunged his cock fully into me in one smooth motion. I nearly screamed in pleasure but I didn’t stop working my tongue over Kim’s clit. I arched my back the way Tommy liked me to and held on tight to Kim’s creamy thighs as Tommy pumped his cock in and out of my slick, wet pussy.

Even though I was bracing myself, each time Tommy thrust his cock into me, the momentum drove my face closer against Kim’s hot wetness. I lapped at her frantically, savoring her familiar yet utterly new taste. I pulled her clit between my lips again, and this time I sucked hard, because I could feel that’s what she wanted. My face was wet with her juices and my thighs dripped with my own.

Tommy reached around my body with one hand and stroked my own swollen clit. He left the other hand where it was, clutching my hip, his thumb digging into the soft flesh of my ass. I could feel the sweetness building again, more quickly this time. Tommy slammed his cock into me deeply and powerfully, making a slapping sound against my ass, his breath coming in short grunts.

Kim’s moaning got louder and she began to buck her hips under my mouth. “Keep going,” she gasped out. I sucked and licked at her clit frantically, her musky scent enveloping me, until her body stiffened under me and she let out a long, low moan of pleasure, her hands pressing my head against her wetness.

It was too much for me. Feeling Kim’s pussy contracting in orgasm right under my mouth and the tremors of her body under my hands, combined with Tommy’s cock still pounding into me, and his hand still rubbing my clit sent me over the edge again. I came again, even harder this time, crying out as the heat exploded from my clit and rippled out through every inch of my body.

My pussy contracted uncontrollably, squeezing Tommy’s cock tight. In response, Tommy grasped my hips with both hands, pounding into my slick, dripping pussy harder and faster, until with one final, deep thrust, he came, spurting hot fluid into my still faintly contracting pussy.

We stayed as we were for a moment, catching our breaths. After a while, Tommy pulled out of me and we joined Kim on the couch, leaning back together without speaking. My heartbeat gradually began to slow.

Now that I was no longer overcome with lust, I wondered again what Kim’s motive had been. Did she know Tommy? Was it a setup? What had just happened? I was afraid to ask, so I didn’t. We eventually got dressed, making small talk as we did so. I was shy again and didn’t meet anyone’s eyes as we gathered up our things.

“Well,” said Kim, when we were all dressed. “That was a lot of fun.”

She gave me a hug and a sweet kiss and then stood up on her toes to hug and kiss Tommy. I frowned, wondering whether she was going to try to see him again, but she didn’t mention exchanging phone numbers to either of us, just walked with us out of the office and around the bar.

“Hey, Leo,” she said. “Thanks for letting us use your office.”

“Anytime you want, Kim. You know that,” said the bartender.

“Well I guess we’ll get going,” said Tommy. “Nice meeting you, Kim. Maybe we’ll see you around sometime?”

“Sure! It was great meeting you both too. I hang out here a lot, so stop by and maybe we’ll meet up.”

I mumbled a goodbye and Tommy and I started for the door, but not fast enough for me to avoid overhearing a few of Kim and Leo’s next words.

“You have fun in there, Kim?”

“Mmm, yes. She was a sweet little thing. Not nearly as shy as she thinks she is. Why don’t you get me a beer and I’ll tell you all about it?”

“Don’t leave out any of the details, okay?”

“Do I ever leave anything out?”

The next day at work I periodically went hot all over remembering what I’d done. More than one person came up to me as I was staring into space and asked why I was blushing; I pretended I didn’t know what they were talking about. But at least I had something to think about as I sat behind the receptionist’s desk squeezing my thighs together and waiting for the phone to ring.

I didn’t get any closer to convincing Tommy to want me to be his girlfriend, but he did end up spending more time with me after that, always trying to get me to do outrageous things and always making me like it.

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