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No Reservation For Me

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While I was in Miami about two weeks ago, I went to register for a room at a Marriott in Doral. I had made a reservation on-line about a month before that, but when I got to the desk, they told me that I had no reservation, despite showing them my printout. They thought I might have had the wrong Marriott; but when they checked there, nothing showed up in my name. I asked the desk clerk to check for space at a nearby hotel, and he said he would in a few minutes but he had to look after the others in line first.

I moved over to the side a bit and stood beside a young guy who was waiting there. “Lose your reservation, too?” I asked him. He said that he had a room but he was waiting for them to retrieve a box he had shipped ahead by UPS. I told him that I couldn’t understand how they could lose my reservation because I was there the second week of every month and thought I had a standing reservation. He told me he was there every month, too, but that never happened to him at any time.

I looked at the guy and figured he was about 24 years old, tall and good looking. He was really friendly and had a great sense of humor.

“If they can’t find a room, I’d be willing to share mine with you.” he offered. He said it wouldn’t bother him at all.

Just as he said that, the desk clerk started to look for a room at other hotels for me. He said he didn’t hold out much hope for a room in this area, but he would do what he could do. He said that the only possibility would be to take something closer to Miami proper. Then, the guy next to me said, “Don’t bother. Come bunk in with me.”

“I’m here for two nights, though.” I told him.

“Me too. So if a room opens up tomorrow you can take it if you want to.” I mentioned that this would be easier than trying to find a hotel in an area I did not feel safe in at night and find a hotel with a rate I could afford.

I introduced myself to him and he told me his name was Steve Myshrall or Marshall and we shook hands and headed for the elevator. I told him that I was 65 and he said he was 28 and I commented that he looked much younger. “Hey, Bruce, I had you pegged for 53, honestly. You hold your age really well, and you’re in pretty good shape for a retiree.”

We got to the room, and all the only bed was a king-size bed and a roll-out cot. Naturally, I told him that I would take the cot. “Hey, this is a huge bed. You can share it. I’d have to take a bus over to your side to meet up with you.” he joked.

“Whatever you want, Steve. I’ve slept on these pull-outs before and they are back-killers,” I told him. “Besides, I think we are safe with each other.”

“We’ll see about that, Big Boy.” he said laughingly.

“I can handle myself, You Brute,” I joked back.

We put our clothes in hangers and headed out for dinner at an Italian restaurant which was about a ten-minute walk from the hotel. We decided to share a bottle of wine, although I am not a wine drinker. I thought it was a little classier than beer with chateaubriand. We chatted about each other’s family, job, and sports. He was extremely amiable, and his fantastic smile made you really comfortable.

After dinner, we went into a bar across from the restaurant and ordered another drink and watched some b-ball–the sport next to cricket that I hate. We got to learn more about each other’s likes and dislikes and found out that we had only two things that were in contrast to each other: his love for basketball and my love for hockey.

Around ten, we decided to call it a night and head back to our room. The room was very nice with two large windows that overlooked the city. I was standing by the window looking at the city lights and told him to come have a look. He gazed out the window and said, “There is supposed to be a lunar eclipse tonight. Maybe we can see it from here.” We looked out the window and could see the full, bright moon just over the top of the building across from ours.

“I think it’s supposed to be around 10:30 or so that the eclipse will start. We should be able to see it really well from here.” I said. He agreed and suggested that we stand there a while and at least watch it start.

“I’m going to get rid of some of these clothes if you don’t mind, Steve. I’ve been in them all day.”

“That’s a good idea, Bruce. I think I’ll join you. Hope you don’t mind me being in my underwear. I’m not a pyjamas type of guy, although my wife is trying to reform me.” he said.

“I don’t mind at all, Steve. That will be my attire of choice. After all, I don’t want to upstage your wardrobe.” I joked with him.

So, here we were–two guys standing in their shorts looking out of a window at a full moon. Does this sound manly or what??? As we were standing there, I pointed out a shooting star to him, and he moved behind me, but it was too late. However, as he moved behind me, he stayed a little later than I thought, but I didn’t care. I could feel his body next to mine, and it wasn’t so bad at all. After all, this wasn’t my first encounter.

He moved back over to my left and stood at the window, but instead of looking out the left pane, he moved right beside me and used that as his vantage point. His body was now touching mine and I could feel some heat eminating from him. I had a feeling that something was going to happen that night, but I wasn’t sure who was going to be the instigator.

Finally, sometime after 11:00, the moon was partially covered, but the clouds were moving in and pretty soon, our view was obscured, so we decided it wasn’t much sense staring at a moon we couldn’t see, so we went to the bed.

When we got in bed, neither of us laid down on the edge. We were pretty much in the middle, but there was space between us. He turned on the TV and we waited for Jay Leno to do his monologue and do his Jay Walking bit, then shut off the TV and lights. The room was not entirely dark because of the lights from the street outside.

Steve rolled over on his side, but not away from me, although his back was to me. I laid on my back and just stared at the ceiling.

“Bruce, have you ever tried it with a man?”

“Yeah, a few times. What about you?”

“Yes, I have many times. My wife knows that I did and she is comfortable with it. What about your wife?”

“Heavens, no! She is so straight and vanilla that she wouldn’t even listen to a conversation about it.” As we continued talking about it, I moved my body into his back and curled into his fetal position; put my arm around his stomach and kept on talking. I don’t know why I became so aggressive, but I immediately reached down inside his shorts and took a hold of his cock. Fuck, it felt good.

“Can I suck you off, Steve?” I asked him.

“Sure. Let’s get rid of these clothes.” he suggested.

I moved down in the bed a bit, threw off the blanket, and took his shorts down. I could see his cock in semi-lit room and moved my head down to rest it on his belly. As I moved my lips around his belly, I stroked his cock up and down until the drops of precum leaked out.

“Lick the cum off my dick, Bruce. I want to feel your tongue swirling around its head. Why don’t you reverse positions so I can have your cock, too?” he remarked.

“Not yet, Steve. I want to enjoy this and treat you to a good blow.” I slid down some more and took his cock in my mouth just below his purple bulb. I moved my tongue around and around and he jerked his hips up and down, hinting for me to take more, but I had my hand below the head so that only a small portion of his cock could go in my mouth.

“Oh fuck, that feels good, Bruce. Get ready for some ass play, if that’s okay with you.” I just grunted uh-huh and his finger found my hole. It was so fucking hot that I removed my hand from aroudn his dick and took the whole thing in my mouth all the way down to his pubic hairs and back again. I probably had his cock further in my throat than anyone I had ever sucked before and I was vociferously fucking his cock with my mouth and enjoying every bit of it. I used my right hand to explore that magic space between his bag and his ass-hole by running my fingernails back and forth.

“Bruce, I’m going to cum if you keep that up. Swing around so I can have your cock, too.” he said. I eased up a bit and let him take my cock in his hand. He licked me up and down the sides, kissed the tip of my cock and moved his hand around to grasp my ass. Then he took my whole cock in his mouth and bobbed up and down. This felt so good: he was giving me one of the best blowjobs I ever had and his finger was going deeper and deeper into my hole.

We swung our bodies around so that we were actually lying on top of each other instead of side-by-side. Since I was on top of him, he had better access to my hole than I did; and for the first time in my life, I felt someone’s tongue at my ass. My whole body shook when he started rimming me.

“Like this, Bruce?”

“Fuck, yes. It’s amazing.”

“Let’s stop for a minute, Bruce. I want you to sit on my chest and lean back, then I can get to your happy hole while I jerk you off.” We did that for a bit, but I didn’t want to cum just yet, so I asked him to stop and move into position to fuck my face until he came. I now had his cock in my mouth, his balls in my hand; and he reached behind himself and took my cock in his hand and started to jerk me off. I was actually going wild with this cock-sucking.

“Fuck my mouth, Steve. Give me your hard cock. Shove it all the way down.” I urged him. He moved both his hands to the back of my head, gripped my hair and violently fucked my mouth. I could feel his body starting to stiffen.

“I’m going to cum, Bruce. How do you want it?” he asked.

“Anywhere at all, Steve. Just give me your cum.”

I reached down to my cock and jerked off while he started to cum. The first spurts went into my mouth, then he pulled back and bit and let the rest fly onto my face and hair while I continued to jerk myself off. He took his cock and rubbed the cum all over my face with it, then put it back into my mouth and I finished him off.

“I’m going to cum, Steve.” I warned him, but he didn’t reply. He just moved down my body and took my cock in his mouth and at the same time shoved one finger entirely up my ass and it made me blow my entire load without warning him. He just vigorously sucked and sucked and sucked and finger-fucked me fast and furiously. It was the best orgasmic experience I ever had.

We got up and went to the shower together. The warm water got me hot again and I dropped to my knees and sucked him hard and begged him to cum on my face, which he did as the warm water rinsed it off.

“Want to fuck me, Bruce,” he asked. I told him that I wasn’t an ass-fucker, but I would play there if he wanted to. He leaned up against the back wall while the water poured over my back. I slid my cock between his ass-cheeks and he asked me to fuck him, but I said no. However, I let my cock slide in and out of the space between his legs as if I were fucking him. I slid back and forth many times in a fucking motion and he was moaning about how good it felt. Finally, I reached around the front and took hold of his cock again and started to masturbate him while I fake-fucked his behind.

“I’m ready to cum, Steve. Are you?”

“Yes, I am, Bruce. Slide your cock back and let the cum fill my ass, please.”

I took one hand and moved my cock back to the entrance of his ass and let it go. Did that ever feel good.!

He turned around to face me; and catching me off-guard he kissed my mouth, sticking his tongue in. I was so horny that I just had to reciprocate by putting one arm around his neck and the other hand down to his cock. We just rocked back and forth with my hand holding both cocks together until we both came.

“You’re so fucking hot, Bruce.” he said

“So are you, Steve. I’ve never sucked a guy like that before. I’ve never played with a guy’s ass or let him play with mine before, either. You’re fucking fantastic. I think I could suck you all night.”

“Me too. Your cock is just right for getting down my throat and your cum tastes pretty good. I’m glad we’re here for two nights.” We kissed again and got out of the shower and toweled off and got in bed.

We didn’t have any more sex that night, but we did cuddle up together and could feel our cocks moving around because they were touching.

The next night we repeated the previous night’s activities, but this time I got a little braver around his ass and spent more time fingering him, but I didn’t get to the rimming part. I still don’t think that I am ready for it.

The following day was check-out day and I was awakened by feeling his lips around my cock. I reciprocated in a 69 with him. We came in each other’s mouth; got up to shower and head off for work, then home. We exchanged coordinates and agreed to notify each other when our next trip to Florida would be so we could meet up.

I can’t wait. He’s a better lover than my wife.

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