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No Longer Shy

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My name is Jessica and I am twenty four years of age. I grew up in a small suburb in Arkansas, minutes away from Little Rock. I had always thought of myself as an average girl with an average life with very few surprises. I certainly never thought that I would be with another woman.

But it happened. It was a surprising experience that I will never forget. I remember it like it was yesterday….

I had become tired of the monotony of my everyday life. After my folks had passed away, I ran the family business (which was a convenient store) along with my twin sister, Jasmine.

Jasmine was the “party girl” and beautiful. She had skin the complexion of warm caramel, her eyes were the same as mine, a light brown with flecks of green, though I always thought hers shone brighter than mine. She always kept her lengthy hair in the latest styles. She worked out in her free time, giving herself an nice, toned body…flat stomach (with a six pack!!!), breasts with a black widow tattoo on the left that mesmerized the guys and I guess what you could call a nice butt. She was always dressed to impress. Even when she worked in the store, it looked like she was prepared to go on a date afterward, which was often the case.

I, on the other hand, was more or less the “bookworm”. Though it was apparent that Jasmine and I were sisters and we had similar physiques, my hair hadn’t been to a salon since my senior prom! Though I didn’t have much time to work out, the store kept me so busy that I very seldom gained any weight. My breasts are okay, I guess…not as perky as my sis’s though….average…36c. However, I do think that I have a better butt…..however, you would never know that because I always wore jeans and huge t- shirts. I hadn’t been shopping in years!

When Jasmine went out every weekend, I was taking care of the store. She would always come by around eleven thirty, thirty minutes before closing, to check and make sure that I was alright before heading to the club. Once I gave her the green light, she was on her way and I knew that I wouldn’t see her again until about 6 am when she woke up to tell me that she had made it home safely.

Though my sister and I had a very close relationship, I was always envious of her spirit. She could meet someone and have them eating from the palm of her hand in minutes, whereas I would never have the nerve to approach anyone just to ask for the time. She had a fan club of both men and women. Though she was partial to the guys, she wouldn’t turn her nose up to a lady…if you know what I mean.

One day while we were just sitting up, talking, I asked her what it felt like to always be in the limelight…..

“How do you handle being you?” I had asked while we had a late night snack.

“What do you mean, lil’ sis?” she asked, forever reveling in the fact that she was 7 minutes older than me.

“Do you ever get tired of being the life of the party?” I clarified. “You’re always on the go…doing things. Do you ever get tired?”

“Honestly?” she asked after nibbling on a chocolate chip cookie. Once I nodded, she said, “Yeah. There are times when I do get tired of going out, but I have a rep to live up to, ya know….things to see and people to do. Sometimes, I want to just spend a Friday night at home, reading a book or watching a video. But you know how my life is…”

“Sometimes, I wonder what it’s like to be you,” I then confessed. “I want to know what it’s like to be the life of the party…not just ‘Jasmine’s sister….ya know…the one who works with her at the store’. Sometimes I want to be wild and crazy.”

“Then why don’t you?” Jasmine asked me. “Why don’t you take off those glasses and put on a pair of contacts- I know you have some. Pull that braid out of your hair and just let loose?!”

“Because, I could never compare to you,” I told her honestly. “Then I would be ‘Jasmine’s sister who is trying too hard to be Jasmine’. That wouldn’t work either.”

We sat on the sofa eating in a comfortable silence for a few minutes. Suddenly Jasmine burst…

“I have a great idea!” she exclaimed. “Let’s switch places for one day!”

“Are you nuts?” I asked my sister. “We could never pull that off. I could never be you! Besides, that kind of crap only happens in Disney movies or something.”

“Well, how do you know that?” she challenged me. “That’s your problem right there. You’re afraid to try anything.”

I sat at the table for a second, reflecting upon my sisters words. “I dunno…”

“Come on, Jessie,” she urged. “It’ll be fun!”

“Let’s be realistic here,” I said. “Your friends are going to know without a doubt that I am not you!”

“Look,” Jasmine said. “All you have to do is meet them at the club after one o’clock. By then, they will be so full of drinks that they won’t know the difference….trust me. Look at it this way, at least you’ll know what it’s like to be me and I’ll know what it’s like to be you.”

I thought about it as my sister took the cookies back into the kitchen. She was right. It would like be taking a short vacation from myself. If her friends found me out, I would just say that it was a big joke that Jasmine wanted to pull on them. “Okay…Let’s do it,” I told my sister when she joined me again.


* * * * *

Finally the Friday had come when I would become my fabulous sister, Jasmine. I awakened early that morning, around four o’clock to open up the convenient store to make breakfast sandwiches. When I got there, Jasmine was already there……wearing jeans a huge t- shirt and (OH MY GOODNESS!) Glasses! Her usually fixed hair was even pulled back into a ponytail!

“What are you doing here so early?” she asked me.

“Huh?” I asked, dumbfounded. “Why are YOU here so early?” I asked her. “You don’t come in until around ten.”

“No, no, no,” she corrected me. “Today YOU don’t come in until around ten. Remember, you have to be me for the WHOLE day.”

I hopped up onto the counter and shook my head. “We are never going to be able to pull this off,” I mumbled.

“Yes we will,” she said. She then put her hand on her hip and looked at me. “As a matter of fact, you take the day off. You have a lot of work to do for you to be me. Set an appointment and get your hair done. I would never be caught with my hair like that. Oh…. you might want to raid my closet too….don’t embarrass me okay. You have my reputation to live up to today….NOW SHOO!!!”

Shocked, I just climbed from the counter and went home. When I went into my bedroom, I took down my hair and stripped for a shower. After my bath, I looked at myself in the mirror. I never really noticed that without my glasses and clothes, I actually could be mistaken for my sister a little bit. “Okay,” I told myself, “I might just be able to do this.”

After putting on a pair of contact lenses to see, I went into my sisters walk-in closet and look at the masses on top of masses of clothing…all arranged by color! I stumbled across a pair of black leather pants and a white blouse with buttons that began just between my breasts. I put on the clothes an found a pair of black boots in her closet. After I was completely dressed, I went into her bathroom and began to put on her makeup in the same manner that she wore it. After looking at myself, I was shocked at how alike we really did look. I smiled at reflection.

“Hello,” I joked, looking into the mirror. “I’m Jasmine…….Sexual Goddess.”

I laughed and set off for my hair engagement. When I left the salon, I hadn’t realized that my hair could be so silky and shiny. I rushed to the store to get my sisters opinion.

“Look at you!” she exclaimed, walking up to me. “You are gorgeous!”

“You’re just saying that because I look like you now,” I argued.

“Whatever,” she said, dismissing my comment. “But one thing,” she said.

“What?” I asked nervously, not wanting to be a disappointment to her. “What did I do wrong?”

“Nothing, but you might want to change shirts.”

“Why?” I asked, confused.

She pulled down the neckline of the t- shirt, revealing her tattoo. “My friends all know about the black widow… you don’t have one.”

“That’s right,” I said, remembering.

We both looked up and saw a car pulling into the parking lot. “Oh there is Mrs. Finch,” I told her. “Please have her two packs of Marlboros and a lighter sitting on the counter. She gets that and a pint of ice cream. I always say ‘Hello, Mrs. F. How’s the old man?’ and she says ‘He gives a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. It’s like religion. Trust me.”

“Good lookin’ out,” my sister said to me. She put the items on the counter as I instructed.

I then left to go to the mall. There was no better way to be my sister than to get out and do something. I figured that I owed it to myself to buy myself a few things anyway. First I went to Victoria’s Secret because my secret passion is silky, satiny gowns and undies. After making a purchase, I walked around for a while. I could feel guys staring at me and it felt good! I just walked along as if I didn’t notice them.

“Hey, Jasmine.”

For a second I had forgotten who I was supposed to be. Then I realized that someone was calling my sister…er…me.

I turned around and found Stacy Milsap smiling at me. Jasmine, Stacy and I all went to school together through elementary and some of junior high.

Stacy was girl who I always thought was pretty in school. But never in THAT way. She was taller than my 5’7″ now…about 5’10” I’m guessing. Her pale skin gave away hints of her Irish ancestry. Her hair was a beautiful shade of red that seemed to sparkle. She had freckles that sprinkle lightly across her cheeks and the greenest eyes that I had ever seen! Even in junior high, her breast made teachers jealous! She had the tiniest waist. I had always called her a living Barbie Doll. She had what it took to be a model, but she swore that she couldn’t stand what she called “the pretty bitches”. She had always been a tomboy though. She ran around in elementary school in nothing but overalls. In highschool, I don’t think she ever wore a dress or skirt. She and I were closer than she and Jasmine, almost best friends, I guess, so I figured that this conversation wouldn’t last long.

“I thought that was you,” she said to me. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been doing great,” I told her. “Ya, know….going out and having fun. Me and Jessie run a little convenience store not too far from our house.”

“How is Jessie doing anyway?” she asked me. “It’s been years since I’ve seen her.”

“She’s doing pretty good,” I told her. “She lives at the store. I’m trying to get her to go out and have a little fun sometimes.”

“Well, she was always real serious back then too,” Stacy said. “I might go pay her a visit sometime in the future. Where is the store at?”

I gave her directions, got her number and we made small talk for a few minutes before she ask me about good night spots. “Well,” I answered, “me and my friends usually go to Planet Earth Nightclub.”

“That’s where I was thinking about going tonight,” Stacy confessed. “Well, I guess I will se you there tonight then.”

“Cool,” I said before we parted. I continued to walk through the mall for a while, purchased a few more items and I finally went home. By eight o’clock, I had already gotten dressed in a short red skirt with a matching halter top and boots with three inch heels that nearly came to my knees. I walked up and down the stairs and around the house for almost two hours to get used to the shoes. By ten o’ clock, I was sitting at the store with my sister who was complaining about working all day long…

“We are hiring part time help,” she said with finality. “If I had known that you were doing all of this like this EVERYDAY, we would’ve hired help a long time ago. We can afford it.”

We sat and made idle chit chat until she had the store locked up and clean. By 12:45, she was giving me the green light. “By now, they are all feeling to good to notice that you are not me….trust me. You’re driving, so don’t drink to much. Do the coyote ugly thing if you have to. Pretend to chase your drink with a beer and just spit it into the bottle if you have to.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I told her, nodding my head.

As we walked to our cars, she turned to me and said, “Just have fun and let yourself go a little okay.”

“I will,” I promised her.

“I want a full report tomorrow,” she said. “Wake me up when you get home.”

“I will,” I swore. We climbed into our cars and went our separate ways.

* * * * *

I arrived at Planet Earth Nightclub at about 1:15. As I stood in the back of the line a bouncer approached me. “Jasmine, what are you doing in line?” He ushered me into the club, where the cashier immediately put a gold wristband with VIP printed on it around my wrist. ‘Wow’ I thought to myself. I had never been noticed, much less VIP before.

I recognized all of Jasmines friends so I shook of my nervousness and joined them at their table.

“It took you long enough, girl,” said Lisa directly in my face. I could smell the alcohol on her breath.

“I had to help Jessie out,” I told her.

“I understand that,” Lisa slurred.

After I had a couple of drinks, I had began to loosen up a bit. I danced with a few of the guys and I even flirted a little bit and Jasmines friends never seem to catch on that I wasn’t really her. The more the night went by, the more I was enjoying myself. By three o’clock in the morning, the few drinks that I had drank had me running to the ladies room. Much to my relief, there was hardly anyone in there. I relieved myself and stepped out of the stall.

“Hey, girl.”

I looked up into the smiling face that belong to Stacy. “Hey,” I said. “I was wondering if you were really coming.” I took in her appearance. She wore a pair of tight holey jeans and a white halter top and a pair of white tennis….. curiously, it was a cute combination on her.

“I told you that I would be here,” she said, tearing me away from my private inspection. “So are you having fun?” she asked me.

“Always,” I declared in my best imitation of my sister. “How about you?” I asked her.

“It’s okay,” she answered. “I think that I’m about to head home though….watch a movie before I fall asleep or something like that.”

“Sounds cool,” I told her, nodding my head a little.

“You’re more than welcome to come with me,” she offered.

I thought about if for a second. I figure that we could catch up on the details of our lives, so I said, “Sounds cool. Let me grab my things.”

I grabbed my stuff and let my sister’s friends know that I was leaving. They cheered me on, believing that I was going to get laid by some guy. I shook my head, laughing a little bit as I followed Stacy to her house in my car.

We arrived at her place at around three thirty. After locking up Jasmine’s car and turning on her alarm, I followed Stacy into her home. It was nicely decorated with huge pillows on the floor..sating curtains…things like that. She had various paintings and posters on her walls (including several Janet Jackson and Angelina Jolie posters). I followed her into her living room.

“Kick off your shoes and make yourself at home,” she said going into her kitchen. She offered me a beer and I accepted it even though I wasn’t too crazy about beer. I figure that Jasmine wouldn’t turn down a cold one, so I shouldn’t.

We made more small talk as she looked for a DVD to play. She finally found a decent movie and popped it into the DVD player. She joined me on the massive, pillow congested couch and we basically stretched out on opposite ends.

“So whatever happened to that guy that you were seeing the last time I saw you?” she asked out of the blue.

“Which guy?” I asked perplexed.

“I think his name was Jason,” she said.

I thought real hard about my sisters past lovers. Then I remembered Jason. “I had to drop him,” I finally said. “He was getting on my nerves too bad.”

“Oh,”Stacy said looking at me. “So are you single now or what?” she asked me lightly.

“More or less,” I said as an answer. We sat in a companionable silence for a while. Stacy was the one to break that silence.

“So do you remember what you said to me the last time that we talked?” she asked me.

“I don’t think so,” I said, unsure of what to do now. “What did I say?”

“You said that if you were single the next time that I saw you, you let me break you off.”

“What?!” I squeaked. “I don’t remember that,” I stammered. I had always known that Stacy was tomboyish when we were younger, but it had never dawned on me that she might be a lesbian!

Jasmine and a chick… no surprise. ME and a chick….no way!

“Think about it for a sec and you’ll remember,” she said, looking directly at me from her end of the couch.

What could I do but play along? I figured that talking shit would be the best way to handle this situation. “Maybe I did, but I changed my mind,” I told her. “I wouldn’t want you to fall in love with the coochie. I’m just lookin’ out for you.”

“Well, I appreciate you lookin’ out for me,” she said, rising from the couch. “But I think that I would rather take the risk of fallin’ in love with coochie.”

When she pulled my legs from the couch, my mind temporarily went numb. I was in complete shock! Was my junior high best friend about to try to seduce me…er….my sister?! I went into a panic when she kneeled in front of me and spread my legs apart. “I have to pee!” I blurted out trying to save myself. Stacy smiled at me knowingly and rose from where she was kneeling before me. She pointed in the direction of bathroom and I hurried into the safety that I felt would be there.

I locked the door behind me and began to place the floor. Suddenly I stopped, feeling an unusual tingle between my thighs. Gingerly, I reached under my skirt and found a surprising amount of moisture on my panties. Surely, I wasn’t becoming turned on by this incident! I had never been attracted to women before and I was clueless on what to do about my friend coming on to me….er… Jasmine.

I pulled down my panties and wiped the as much of the moisture away as I could and then I cleaned myself up, telling myself that I wasn’t turned on by Stacy’s advances and that it was just my nerves.

“You didn’t fall in did you?!” Stacy yelled from the other side of the door.

“I’m fine,” I yelled back. “I’ll be out in just a minute.”

I had to sit and think of a way to get the hell out of there without looking like a complete idiot. I would just tell her that I had an early day and that I needed to run. Yeah…. that should work! Feeling slightly renewed, I went out of the bathroom and back into her living room.

“All better?” she asked, sneaking up behind me.

“Yeah, thanks,” I said, sitting on the couch to put the high heeled boots back on.

“Leaving already?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. “I hope that I didn’t scare you off,” she said as though she were trying not laugh at me. I felt like such a moron.

“No,” I assured her. “I just have an early day at the store tomorrow and Jessie will have a cow if I am not there on time.” I got the second boot on and zipped the side of it up. “Maybe we can hook up some other time,” I threw in.

“Maybe,” she uttered walking my way. She stood before and said, “Do I make you nervous, Jasmine?”

“Not at all,” I told her, though in truth she did.

“Are you sure?” she challenged me, once again kneeling before me. She nestled herself between my legs and began to run her hands along my thighs. “Damn,” she said as if in deep thought. She admired my thighs as she said told me “You are so damn sexy.”

“Thank you” was all that I could mutter in my disbelief. No one had ever told me that before and strangely, it made feel a little good. Maybe that is why I didn’t object when she moved her hands farther up my thighs. As if by their own will, my eyes fluttered shut. A sound escaped my throat, shocking me. Had I just moaned?!?!?!?! This type of thing couldn’t possibly be turning me on!

But the moisture that had began to build between my thighs again said otherwise. I needed to get the hell out of there…fast. “I really need to be going,” I stammered weakly.

“How long has it been since you’ve been with a woman?” she asked me as if I had said nothing.

NEVER!- I wanted to scream. I hadn’t been around another woman’s cave since I climbed out of one at birth! But I realized that I was still supposed to be Jasmine so I said, “It’s been quite a while,” I told her, hoping that my comment would help me out.

“Well,” she said breathing in as if inhaling my scent. “You’re long overdue.”

Damn….that didn’t work like it was supposed to. “You’re determined to get to this?” I said, still trying to sound like my sister.

“Yes,” Stacy answered honestly. She gently pushed me back onto the soft cushions on the couch and continued to caress my thighs. I felt myself begin to give into the gentle touch though I knew that I should’ve been objecting. This was taking being my sister a little too far!

But for some reason, I could no longer make myself fight her. The way she was just touching me felt soooooo good. Other than losing my virginity to a dweeb named Simon, I had never been intimately touched by anyone. I was slowly slipping away and she was only touching my thighs! I began to relax more and more a her hands began to caress me all over…. my face…. arms… legs… breasts.

“Do you like it when I touch you?” she asked in a voice that I had never heard before. I nodded, unable to lie about it. “Good,” she said, her pleasure evident in her voice. “Just relax and let me take care of you.”

Her hands moved up to lift my halter top. Weak and still in shock, I was unable to protest. Her hands freed my breasts from the built-in bra. I heard myself moan again as she gently brought my nipples to life with the pads of her thumbs. She stroked them until they became pinkish brown gemstones beneath her fingertips.

“I love the way you moan for me,” she said in that low voice that was beginning to turn me on. As much as I tried to fight it, I realized that wanted this to happen. I had the opportunity to do something daring and not even be the blame for it!

Heat surged through me as she took one straining nipple into her mouth and gently sucked and pulled on it while she fondled the other with her hand. I felt myself growing wetter and hotter between my thighs. I spread my legs farther, giving Stacy full access to my wetness. Taking my actions as an invitation, her hand left my breast and snaked under my risen skirt and ran her fingers across my wet panties. I could feel her lips form a smile against my breast. She then looked up at me with a knowing smile on her face. “I knew you wanted it,” she said victoriously.

She then pulled the halter top completely over my head, leaving the top part of my body naked. My nipples grew even harder as the air from the ceiling fan drifted over them. She stared at me hungrily before pulling me forward to place soft kisses on my neck. Her tongue made tiny trails from my ears to my neck then down between the valley of my breasts. She made a trail back up until her lips pressed against mine. I hesitated only a moment before I opened my mouth to her and allowed her tongue to wrestle with mine.

Her hand began to gently massage my pussy through my panties as we kissed. I purred as she rubbed me. As if by it’s own will, my body began to rock against her hand. “Do you like that?” she challenged after pulling her lips away from mine. I could only nod my head as I allowed her to slid my skirt and panties down my legs and over my boots. “Do you really?” she purred to me. I nodded insistently. I moaned again as her finger found my now bare pussy. She ran a single finger up and down my clit. I bit my lip to attempt to fight off the moan that I felt coming. “Tell me you like it,” she demanded, rubbing my clit gently, then quickly.

“Ohhhhh,” I purred to her. “I like it…..”

“I know,” she said, satisfied. She then slid two fingers deep into my sopping cat. I called her name. She loved it! “Call me again, baby,” she demanded, stroking me more urgently with her fingers.

“Stacy!!” I called over and over as I felt my first orgasm building up in me.

As if sensing it, she stroked me harder with her fingers. “Do you want me to make you cum?” she asked sexily. I nodded crazily. “Then tell me to make you cum, baby.”

“Make me cum!” I screamed, writhing beneath her finger’s manipulations. “Make me cum!”

She pulled me to her with her free hand and kissed me deeply as pumped my dripping snatch anxiously. With each stoke, she filled me up to her knuckles and her thumb brushed my clit. I purred into her mouth as I felt myself going over the edge.

I tore my mouth away from hers and yelled, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

“Yes,” she urged me on, delighted. “Cum for me, baby. Cum for me. Let it go….YES!”

I detonated around her fingers. My pussy pulsated wildly as my orgasm overtook me. I moaned and screamed as Stacy urged me on. Minutes later, I laid back on her couch, catching my breath.

“You’re a screamer,” Stacy said, still kneeling between my legs. “I like that.”

I turned my head away and closed my eyes, now extremely bashful. I had never responded to anyone the way that I had just responded to Stacy. Now I was shyer than before. At least she didn’t know who I really was….

“I want to taste you now…….Jessie.”

My eyes flew open. “I’m not Jessie,” I tried to lie.

“Jasmine has the Black Widow tattoo on her breast. You don’t,” Stacy said. “And I actually went by the store to see you and your sister slipped up and told me what you two were doing.”

Thoroughly embarrassed, I looked away from my childhood friend. I just wanted to evaporate. “Don’t be ashamed of what just happened,” she said making me look at her. “It was YOU that I really wanted. Not your sister. I’ve had this ongoing crush on you since like the ninth grade.”

“Yeah right,” I scoffed, still dealing with my humiliation. “Jasmine is the pretty one…the fun girl…Not me.”

“Well,” Stacy began, “I just had a ton of fun with you a few minutes ago…..and I don’t plan to stop now.”

“What?” I said looking at her.

“I wasn’t lying when I said that I wanted to taste you,” she informed me. “You are so sexy and you don’t even know it.”

“You’re right about that,” I stated. “I don’t see it.”

“Well,” she began, “let me show you.”

She gently pulled my legs apart again and let her fingers locate my drenched femininity. Forgetting that I was supposed to be upset and mortified, I laid my head back against the back of the sofa. “Yes,” Stacy’s voice caressed me as her fingers explored my womb. “Just open up to me. Let me make you feel good.” She began to run her tongue from my neck to my breasts as she stroked me. My fingers made their way to her soft hair as her tongue trailed down to my stomach then lower. I couldn’t stop the moan that escaped my lips as her tongue trailed along the lips that protected my swollen, throbbing clit. She continued to finger fuck me with one hand while she spread my pussy lips, revealing my sensitive nub with the other. She then gently flicked my clit with the tip of her tongue, causing my body to begin to hum. “Do you want me to make you cum again?” she asked me sexily.

“Yes,” I said honestly.

“Then tell me,” she said. “Don’t be afraid. Tell me.”

“Make me cum, Stacy,” I demanded, suddenly carefree.

She flicked my clit a few more times with the tip of her tongue. “Tell me again,” she demanded.

“Make me cum!” I begged. “PLEASE!!!!”

She then dived in…licking me slowly then quickly, soft and hard…..sucking on my clit as she began to fuck me with three fingers. She moaned, drunk with the taste of me. She removed her fingers from within me and replaced them with her tongue, licking me from the inside out. I bucked wildly beneath her, calling her name, begging her not to stop. I grabbed the back of her head and rolled my pussy against her face, fucking her mouth. She only worked harder to drive me insane, licking me wildly, wiggling her face in my juicy pussy. As I pushed away my hair that had fallen into my face, she came to me, kissing me, making me taste myself on her lips and in her mouth. The taste was strangely intoxicating and I reveled in it. “You taste so good,” she told me. “Do you like how you taste?”

I answered her by pulling her mouth back to mine to sample my flavor some more. She rubbed my clit furiously as our tongues battled. She tore her lips away from mine. “Are you ready to cum?” she asked me.

“Yes!!!” I screamed in pleasure. “Yes! NOW!”

She took her mouth back to my saturated pussy and lick my clit feverishly, up and down…back and forth. She returned three fingers to my woman hole and pumped fiercely, sending me over the edge.

“Oh shit! I’m cumming,” I screamed. “I’m cumming, Stacy! Oooooooooh Yes! Don’t stop!”

Stacy never let up, but stroked me even harder and ate me like a woman gone mad. Wave after orgasmic wave washed over me as I screamed in ecstacy for Stacy to fuck me, love me, taste me, touch me.

That night she consumed me and got me hooked on her. She asked me to forgive her for deceiving me and after what I experienced with her, there was no way that I could deny her that much. As a matter of fact, to show her that there were no hard feelings, we began to spend more time together after that.

The next morning, I gave my sister blow by blow details of the night before and as she listened, her eyes became as wide as saucers.

“Well, little sis,” she said. “I think that you’re getting over that shy stage.”

I think she was right…

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