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Nina, My Slave

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I once had a girlfriend named Nina. She was a nice girl, and we were happily in love. Until that one day…

It started out like any day. We woke up, got dressed, had breakfast, kissed each other goodbye and went to our respective jobs. I worked for a television studio, producing a local television talk-show. She worked on the other side of town as a secretary at a very respectable law firm.

This wasn’t a problem. No, this was the “good” side of my Nina.

When I had met her, she was a Stripper in a seedy dive on the outskirts of Chicago. She was barely-stripping, mostly hooking, for twenty bucks a BJ. Fifty bucks a screw! Making a few dollars a night, on the side, on the broken-down stage, as old, drunken bums would stuff singles into her g-string or, if she was drunk, directly into her pussy! (Even after all the dicks she’d been fucking her pussy was still tighter than most young virgins’ pussies. Which I still can’t understand.)

Our eyes met, from across the crowded bar, just like in a song. I saw something in her smile! It was a look of, almost, innocence, that captured my eye! I couldn’t believe it but, right then and there, we fell in love! Without saying a word, we had pledged our undying love for each other!

She quit stripping, soon afterward, and got a really nice job at the afore mentioned law firm. She seemed happy and contented to give up her old life. We’d have great sex every night of the week and bring each other to crashing orgasms! In retrospect, however, it must have seemed like very “vanilla” sex to her, compared to what she’d been used to. We enjoyed all the different positions and everything. We even tried roll playing, to great success. But, for some reason, my Nina always seemed distant, somehow! Like her mind was just beyond the horizon, living an adventure just out of my reach.


We were to be married the next spring but, first she had to meet my family. I knew that they’d like her; they’ve always been approving of any and every girl I’d brought home to meet them.

My mom wanted to meet with her over Tea. You know, to sort of clue her in, tell her what to expect from the rest of my family. They’d set up a time and place to meet and get to know each other a bit. Mom assured me she’d “go easy” on my lover.

Well, I figured they’d have a good ol’ time, swapping stories about me. Mom, hopefully, wouldn’t bring the naked, baby pictures of me on the bear rug. I didn’t want my lover to see my “little, bare butt,” just yet, because I hated that picture! (It was one of those things that parents have always used to embarrass their kids with, since the beginning of time.)

I got a call from my mom, sounding very concerned, at six that evening. Mom said Nina never showed up for their Tea at Marshall Field’s. I had to tell Mom, truthfully, that I didn’t know where she could be. I told Mom I’d call her back and proceeded to call the office where Nina worked. They said that she’d left after lunch and called in sick after that. I quickly called Mom and told her to meet me at my house because Nina was ill, and might need some of “Mother’s Famous Chicken Soup.” Mom said she’d be there in twenty minutes. I raced home in twenty minutes also. Mom and I pulled into the driveway at the same time (Good ol’ Mom.) But Nina’s car wasn’t in the garage. Nina wasn’t even in the house.

Just then we heard a car drive up the driveway. Nina came into the house looking rather disheveled and smelling like a two dollar whore. I never did tell Mom where I’d met my fiancée and now didn’t seem the time. I knew “where” Nina had been. I didn’t know why. But I was going to find out!

Mom saw the look on my face and, although she didn’t understand the circumstances, she figured it would be best if she excused herself and came back another day. I helped her on with her coat and then Nina opened the door.

“G’bye, Dear. I’ll call tomorrow to see if everything’s alright.” Mom didn’t even make eye contact with Nina, as she left, closing the door behind her.

“Was that your mom?” Nina asked, finally looking at me. When she saw the look on my face, she knew she was in trouble.

“I’m not even gonna’ ask where you’ve been,” I said, keeping my calm but really wanting to shout, loudly!

Nina began to stammer out an excuse but stopped when she saw the look on my face: The rage, frustration, anger, bewilderment and, most of all, the disappointment showed through. The disappointment was what hurt her the most.

“Why, Nina? WHY???” was all I could blurt out in my frustration!

She knew that I knew that she’d gone back to the strip club and had fucked strange men! “For what, THRILLS?! ‘Cause you surely don’t need money! Hell, you make more in a month, than many people do in a year, for God’s sake! I know you don’t need the money!”

Nina began to cry for a minute, then she got defensive.

“I don’t have to justify myself to you! I can do what I want,” she proclaimed.

I tried to sound rational. “Yes, Nina, you can and should do what you want. But you should have, at least, called my mother to cancel your meeting.”

Then Nina got offensive, saying, “Oh, the bitch will get over it!”

I don’t, for the life of me, know why she said that. She’d never even met my mother. But hearing her say such disrespectful things about someone I love, really made me see red! I got really loud, and called her every dirty word in the book! I got up in her face and screamed until I saw the spit splashing onto her closed eye lids! Then I stopped yelling, wiped off my lips, swallowed, and commenced yelling some more! When Nina turned away from me after I’d stopped to take a breath, I got really pissed and grabbed her by the arm and twisted it behind her back! I led her outside to my car and told her to, “Sit the fuck down and wait for me! If you move, I’m going to beat the living shit out of you and then call off the wedding!!” I’m not sure which of those threats scared her more, but she sat down in the car, crossed her arms, and waited, pouting the whole time.

I closed the car door with a SLAM, and ran back into the house. While inside, I ran up the stairs to my bedroom and reached into my closet for the two pairs of handcuffs that I used to have around from my early bachelor days, when I was into that kind of thing. I also called an old girlfriend who works at Marshall Field’s on State Street, decorating the window displays for the Holiday season in Chicago, and asked her to meet me at her office. I explained to her what was happening and what I had planned and she said that she’d “love to help out!” I then grabbed the assortment of dildoes, vibrators and butt plugz from the chest of drawers that I kept those things in (again, from my bachelor days,) threw everything into a pillow case and headed out the door.

Once in the car I said not a word to my defiant fiancée. I didn’t even look at her.

Twenty minutes later, we pulled up to the big department store and since it was closing time, there was almost nobody left in the store. I grabbed a pair of handcuffs from the cloth bag and cuffed Nina’s left hand to the steering wheel, telling her to, “Stay! Just STAY, or…” I didnt finish. Nina could tell I was serious! She just slumped into the passenger seat and resigned herself to waiting for whatever I had planned.

I walked into the store, after slamming the car door shut, and found my old friend, Mary Pat (Patti) who was at work in one of the big window displays. She said that in fifteen minutes everyone else would be out of the store, leaving us alone for my plan. I thanked her profusely and sat down on a stool to elaborate on what I had in mind. Patti thought it was a good idea and decided to help me out.

By ten o’clock the store was completely empty, except for Patti, myself and the security staff, who Patti assured me would be no problem and wouldn’t interfere. It was time to put my plan into action.

Patti led me through the store and out to the parking lot and waited inside the store for me to come back with Nina. I walked back to the car with butterflies in my stomach, as if I were going on stage at the old comedy club, from my days as a Stand-Up Comic!

When I got back to the car Nina was still there, wondering what was going on. She started to ask when I stopped her by pointing one finger and said, “Not a word. Not one….fucking….word!” This silenced her.

I unlocked the handcuff from the steering wheel and told her to get out of the car. I grabbed the bag of dildoes and the other pair of ‘cuffs and locked the car doors. Grabbing Nina by the wrists, I cuffed her hands behind her back and led her to the door where Patti stood, waiting for us!

After letting us in and locking the door, Patti led us through the store to a window that faced State Street. One of the busiest intersections in Chicago. And since it was almost Christmas, it would soon be getting even busier with Holiday shoppers. Patti said I could use the window for a few days, as it was the last one that she would be working on. I thanked her and invited her back to help me in a few hours. She graciously accepted my offer and excused herself to get back to work. She gave Nina a quick wink and a small “tsk, tsk, tsk,” and then left for a bit. This left me alone with my future bride to carry on with my plan.

“OK, Nina, my love,” I started, “since you are so set on sabotaging our relationship, not to mention our marriage, before it’s even begun, I’m going to show you just what it would have been like!” And with that, I undid the handcuffs again and pushed Nina toward one of two pipes going up from the floor to the cieling. I locked her handcuffs to her wrists again, behind her back. I then proceeded to cut off her clothing with a pair of scissors that Patti had left for me. Now Nina was completely nude. The odd part about it was, I was more embarrassed for her than she was. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me.

I then took the other pair of cuffs and put them around her skinny ankles. I emptied the contents of the pillow case onto the floor and grabbed the biggest, fattest dildo and held it up to Nina’s face, saying, “You want this, don’t you, little slut?”

Nina just closed her eyes, gasped, and started to quiver.

I continued. “Well, I’m going to give it to you! But not how you want it, bitch!”

I hadn’t realized that the lights had been left on above us in our little glass-enclosed alcove. We had started to attract an audience of onlookers on the busy street! As soon as the people saw the large dildo, they started yelling, “Give it to her! Give it to her!”

I looked up at Nina’s face as she looked out at “her audience.” She was smiling and breathing heavily, now. A slight layer of perspiration appeared on her whole body and she looked like she was glowing under the light. Her pussy was starting to get very moist, too. I could tell she was enjoying her moment in the “spotlight.” But this wouldn’t do! This was not my intention. I wanted to teach her a lesson; not feed her exhibitionistic ego!

I decided a different track was in order!

I unlocked the cuffs from her ankles and wrists, then turned her back to the window, so everyone could see her beautiful ass. I cuffed her right hand to one pole, and her left to the other. I grabbed the dildo and ran it along the outside of her deliciously shaved outer labia. This gave her chills. It also got the dildo really wet. I bent Nina over, exposing her bottom to the crowd, and shoved half of the thing into her cunt! Nina came within seconds as the crowd roared their approval!

I slapped Nina’s bare bottom and told her, “I didn’t say you could cum, slut! If you do that again, I’m going to bloody your ass!”

This scared Nina and I was glad to finally get her attention.

“Do you understand, slut?” I continued.

“Yes,” she said, slightly shocked.

“Yes, WHAT? I am to be addressed as ‘Sir,’ from now on. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” she said, shakily.

I spanked her again, harder, to make my point.

Nina’s audience had gotten very quiet, when they saw me discipline their star attraction.

Just then, Patti came back with the stool. I placed it under Nina’s abdomen so her ass was tilted upwards. I then pulled the big dildo out of Nina’s drippy cunt and put the head up to her asshole. I ordered her to relax her sphincter and tried to push the phalic object into her anus, but she wouldn’t relax her muscles enough. I spanked her ass harder than I had before, causing Nina to cry out in pain. I watched a small welt develop on her right buttock and told her the next one would hurt more if she didn’t comply. She finally relaxed her anal muscles and I shoved the fat dildo into her back shoot, as far as I could get it in with one thrust! Nina cried out and gasped for breath! I ordered her not to cum yet, or I’d bloody her ass!

Nina really started to sweat, now. With intense concentration she held her orgasm at bay!

The few stragglers that had remained to watch the show, all cheered when they saw me shove the fake dick into Nina’s rear end! I turned around and bow’d. The fans cheered for me this time!

I got the idea to really mess Nina up. I picked up an eight inch vibrator, turned it on, and shoved it into her pussy! I then pulled the big dildo out of her ass and pulled down my pants, revealing my own, 7″ of hard meat! The crowd began clapping and laughing when they saw what I was going to do. Nina was oblivious to all this because she was trying to concentrate on NOT having an orgasm.

I took my erection in hand and placed the head at her anus. I eased it in, rather easily, as it had just been stuffed with the rubber intruder! I began to slide my cock in and out of Nina’s anal orifice. The more I shoved in the tighter it got, as her muscles got accustomed to the lack of rubber filling it! Once I was completely inside her rectum, I remained perfectly still! I waited for the sensations to return to my fiancee’s butt-hole! Within a minute she was thrusting her ass back at me, begging me to fuck her ass harder!

I **THWACKED** her ass as hard as I could! I yelled, “This is not, ‘Let’s-let-Nina-get-off,’ time, you slut! This is ‘Let’s-have-BB-get-off- in-Nina’s-asshole,’ time! Do you understand me, cunt?”

“Yes, Sir!” Nina exclaimed through clenched teeth, still trying to stifle her orgasm!

I pulled my cock out of her ass and heard her whimper. I then told her I would put it back in, but only if she apologized.

“Please, put it back in, Sir! I’m so, very sorry! I don’t know what came over me! I promise I won’t cum until you tell me that it’s alright for me to do so!!”

“Very well, then, my little slut! You will be MY whore! Now and forever! If/when we get married, you will be MY bitch! You will tend to MY needs before everything else, is that understood, whore?”

“Yes, oh, yes, Sir! I will do everything for you. Everything! You are my Master, and I am your bitch! May I cum now, Master?” she asked, between gasps.

“No! Not yet, whore!” I ordered! I slapped each of her reddened ass cheeks a few more times to make my point! This only seemed to arouse Nina further, however.

I then told her that I was going to continue to fuck her asshole until I came, and she was, under no circumstances, to have an orgasm!

I slid my cock back into her as slowly as I could. I wanted to make Nina suffer for this! Once buried to the hilt I pulled out, til just the head was left inside, then plunged in as fast and hard as I could! This made my lover cry. She bit her lip to keep from cumming!

I felt my own orgasm begin to stir, so I plowed into her back-side with a real fervor, at this point! Just before she and I both came, I pulled out of her anal opening, and stroked myself to an orgasm, ejaculating all over her pink ass and her back and even got some in her brown hair!

The crowd outside had dwindled down to only a few but when they saw my big “money shot” they applauded loudly!!!

I pulled up my pants, turned out the over-head light, much to my audience’s dismay, and turned to my panting, future bride. I told her that I was leaving her there, for the night. I would return for her tomorrow evening. I then stuck the big dildo up her ass again. I spanked her, six times on each cheek, and told her not to cum. If she was a good girl until then, I would give her an orgasm that she would never forget! I also told her that I would be sending in special helpers to keep an eye on her, throughout the day! If she had one, little orgasm, the wedding was off! She would be stripped naked, beaten and dropped off in the middle of down-town Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with no clothes or money to return home, and never see me again!

“Do you understand all this, my love?” I asked.

Nina nodded her head in acceptance of my terms.

I left her there: Hand cuffed between the pipes; body resting on the stool; dildo sticking out of her bare, up-turned ass. As I walked past the window, outside, I looked through the glass into the darkened display room and could just make out the lovely curve of her bare form, as I thought to myself, “She’s gonna make a great wife! I am such a lucky man!!”

A few of the people mulling around the street corner recognized me and applauded my performance and offered to buy me a beer at a pub on Rush Street! I was in no hurry to get home so I accepted their generous offer!


I woke up the next afternoon with a hangover, realizing that I had had too much to drink the night before. (Even though it was only one/1 beer. I cannot handle alcohol anymore.) I called in to work, sick. Then called Nina’s boss and told him that she’d be unavailable for the next few days! I apologized for not calling earlier and they understood—I guess hearing my half drunken stupor, they must’ve thought we’d both come-down with the flu, or something. I then called Patti to check up on Nina.

Patti said Nina couldn’t talk at the moment, as she was being gang fucked by the night crew who’d stuck around to see where all the moaning was coming from, all night long. Patti asked if I minded if they fucked Nina and I told her that they could have their way with her, as long as they didn’t cum in her or let her cum! Patti said she’d relate the message, right away. I then asked her to put the phone up to Nina’s ear. I heard what sounded like Nina gagging on something and figured she was having her mouth fucked by one of the guards.

“Hello, Nina!” I said. “I hope you’re enjoying yourself. Just remember: NO orgasms! You know what’ll happen, right, Love?”

“Fuck you,” she shouted at me.

“Fuck you, what, Nina?” I asked.

“Fuck you, ‘Master’?”

“Much better, Sweetheart! MUCH better!!” I said, then I heard her cry out again as I hung up the phone.

I decided to go back to bed to sleep off my hangover and woke up at four-thirty. The sun was setting in the East and I decided to go back to sleep, as I was still a tad hung-over. (The sun only sets in the East on February 30!)


By six o’clock it was dark and I found myself driving west toward Chicago. When I saw the sign saying, “Elgin, next exit-” I got off the Toll-way at the next rest-stop and realized that I’d had a few shots of Jaegermeister with my beer! I closed my eyes for a minute……….

………..Eight P.M. With my head finally clear, I was fully conscious and driving East toward down-town Chicago!

I pulled into the same parking lot, next to Patti’s car and walked around the building after hearing a commotion. There, in the same window, was my fiancee, being paddled by my friend, Patti!

Patti was wearing a leather hood but I knew it was her! She has a really big bust, which was being held up by a leather bra! Patti looked fabulous!! Silly, but fabulous!!!

Some of our “fans” from last night were there again, watching and cheering and partying with new spectators. One of them turned around and recognized me, standing behind the crowd, and everyone turned around and started to applaud again! I took my bows and thanked them all for coming back again and then excused myself to go inside.

The guards let me right in, patting me on the back and thanking me for letting them fuck my girlfriend’s body! I thanked them for their assistance in “training” my future-wife and walked to the window where Nina was being disciplined.

Patti was now whipping Nina’s still bared ass and thighs with a cat-o’-nine tails. There were nice welts showing on the flesh of my lover’s bottom!

Patti saw me standing there and said, “Are you going to just stand there or do you want to help?”

“Oh, you look like you’re doing fine without my interference,” I said. “Just give me a holler when you get tired and I’ll take over. OK?”

“Good enough! I’m really getting into this, to be honest,” Patti said, as she continued the assault on Nina’s nearly bloody ass. “It’s a lotta’ fun!”

I just sat on the floor and watched the fun. It was a real turn on, watching the incredibly kinky scene unfolding before my eyes!

Patti soon tired of abusing my lovely Nina and handed the whip to me. She said that the little leather bra was starting to chafe her more-than-ample 40DD breasts! I just looked and decided not to comment on them, but rather winked my appreciation for her assistance and her magnificent taste in Dominatrix-wear! She knowingly smiled back at me and blew me a kiss and went off to go back to work, decorating the store windows.

I continued whipping Nina’s ass and hearing her grunting and groaning really started to work on my libido. I knew that Nina would have to be as horny as a bitch in heat, too, what with not being allowed to climax for the past twenty-four hours, and all!

So, I asked her, point blank, if she’d like to, finally, cum or not! She grunted like a mad woman! I thought for a minute she’d been posessed by a really horny spirit….but, no, it was just the rantings of a deliriously hot bitch!

“FUCK ME, NOW! I DON’T CARE WHO DOES IT! JUST FUCK ME!!!” Nina hoarsely yelled out!

I heard her and I only felt more anger. She wasn’t sorry for what she’d done at all. Not for going back on her promise to stop fucking strange men behind my back; and not for calling my mother (a very kind, loving and forgiving woman) a bitch!

“NO!” I yelled at her. I told her the wedding was off! But then…

Nina whimpered. She truly sounded defeated. She couldn’t speak in her present condition, but she started to cry. Tears were streaming down her face, as she mouthed the words, “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” Over and over again. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

Just then, I felt nothing but love for her again! I reached over to her and held up her head, wiped the tears from her eyes and kissed her lips! I said I loved her and if this relationship, this marriage, was going to work, things would have to change!

“First of all, you will NOT be allowed to screw another man without my permission, is that understood!”

Nina nodded her head in agreement.

“And, secondly, my mother is not a bitch!”

Nina hung her head in shame.

“And, third, even IF she IS a bitch, only I may call her that!”

Nina looked up and started to laugh and cry when she saw me smiling at her, after I’d said that.

“And, last, when we’re at home you will NOT be allowed to wear clothing of any sort! You will keep your anus lubed and your pussy shaved! You will be at my beck-and-call, sexually, is that understood! I will use you and your body whenever and however I deem necessary! When I have friends over you will treat them as you treat me. I am your new Master! You are, now and forevermore, my bitch! Is this understood?”

Nina looked up and began to cry again. Only THIS time she said, “Thank you. Thank you, very much, Master!”

I decided I would enjoy our new arrangement! I was also feeling very horny and my growing erection convinced Nina that I was, too! I pulled down my jeans and positioned my erection at the entrance of my new “bitch’s” very wet cunt and slowly e-a-s-e-d it in, to the hilt. Then I pulled back just as slowly. These actions elicited moans of approval from Nina as the juices were flowing out of her cunt and running down her inner-thigh and pooling on the floor of the display nook where Nina was still handcuffed to the pipes.

I heard some applause from the spectators, outside, so I decided to really make this a fuck to remember! I pulled out of Nina’s tight, clasping pussy and stuck three fingers into her juicy cunt. After they were fully saturated, I stuck one, then two, then worked the third finger into her anal orifice. After it was good and loosened, I replaced my fingers with my still slick cock! Oh, her ass was exquisitely tight and hot, as it grabbed at, and sucked in, my hard cock!!!

“Nina, I hope you’re ready, ’cause I’m almost there, myself!”

Nina begged me to frig her clit for her so I reached my right hand over and stroked her love button, vigorously! This caused the desired effect, as she started to shake like a freezing, nervous chihuahua in an earthquake!

“Don’t cum yet!” I yelled! “You’re my bitch and I’ll tell you when to cum!”

I prolonged her agony by diddling her clit harder than I was before!

I was just about ready to shoot my load into her rectum so I whispered into her ear, “OK, Honey, you can cum now…” And cum she did!!! Then I blew my load!!! We both screamed out each other’s name as we poured out all our frustrations, into that one, climactic orgasm!!!

“GGNNNNNNNAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” We both sighed, at the top of our lungs!

I turned off the lights, after taking one last bow, and unlocked my lover’s restraints. I took her home and bathed her from head to toe and rubbed salve on her welts and put her ravaged body to bed.


At ten in the morning I was awakened by Nina. She gave me a slow, warm and tender blowjob. After she had sucked me completely dry, she asked me what I wanted her to do next.

“Are you lubed up, down there?” I asked.

She just looked back over her shoulder as she got down on her knees in front of me, and said,”Of course, Master. Now and forever, I am yours, to do with as you please!”

“Very good, my little bitch. Very good. And just so you don’t forget…” I shoved my dick up her ass hole, as hard and as fast as I possibly could! Nina whimpered again, because her buttocks were still covered with welts from the day before but she begged me not to stop fucking her, until I had cum! When I came, shooting another big load into her ass, she got up, licked off the cum from my dick and went downstairs, naked, to fix breakfast. When I’d come into the dining room she had prepared some tasty pancakes and scrambled eggs!

I left for work, kissing her good bye, and told her I’d be home for lunch. At lunch-time, I came home to a lovely plate of fresh fruit and turkey breast sandwiches. I licked her pussy, telling her what a good girl she was and let her cum. Then I left for work and told her to be ready to meet my mother in the evening!

That night, Mom came over and was surprised to see Nina, preparing dinner, in the nude. I told my Mother that Nina was now a “good girl and would not be allowed to wear clothes, around the house, ever again!” Mom was cool with that. In fact she even got up from the table and gave my naked fiancee a hug! Both Nina and Mom started to cry! I still don’t know what that exchange was all about… But I’m a guy, so I’ll probably never understand what was going on.

Nina and I were married six months later, on the first day of summer. It was a warm day, which sort of mirrored our relationship and our love for each other!

I said at the beginning of this story that, “I once had a nice girlfriend named, Nina.” Well, now she’s my slutty wife and we’re more in love than ever before! I’ve got the best of both worlds!!!

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