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Night Out

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The club is crowded tonight, and hot. The press of bodies, half-naked and gleaming, is a feast. The warm brush of flesh against flesh is a fever. Bodies clashing and rubbing become a furnace fueling my desire. As I make my way to the bar, threading carefully through the throng, my hand touches a shoulder here, a well-muscled chest there, my bottom brushing against the crotch of someone behind me as I squeeze through a small corridor.

Reaching the bar, I press against your back as you lean over a chair in front of me, my belly against your back, slightly to one side, my hips molding your bottom. My hand rests lightly against your back, warm beneath my fingers. You look back into my eyes and smile, not moving. The bartender passes over what looks like whiskey and your attention is taken with paying for your drink. You move away, knuckles skimming my breast through my filmy top as your eyes lock with mine. Suddenly, you turn and disappear into the crowd.

I move up into the space you’ve left, ordering my drink, flirting with the bartender. When it comes my drink is cool, and I hold it lightly in both hands, rolling the cup between my fingers. My skin is flushed, my eyes gleaming in the dim light, my breasts still heaving slightly from exerting myself on the dance-floor. I sip my drink as I turn away, scanning the crowd. I see you sitting at a table with some friends, but you are not looking at me. I move back into the crowd, winding back through the maze of flesh toward the dance-floor.

As I pass your table, I feel your eyes on me. Glancing at you from under lowered lashes, I flash a coy smile, but keep moving. I reach the floor not far from your table, hovering near the edge, body swaying in time with the pulsing music, sipping my drink occasionally. I know you are watching me still, watching my curved bottom outlined by my tight little skirt which is slit on the sides to reveal the creamy skin of my upper thighs, legs bared beneath, and my heels making the muscles of my calves flex with my movements. The tiny, nearly-transparent top gives you a nice view of my back where it dips very low and my hair is piled loosely on top of my head, leaving bare the curve of my neck with its soft and vulnerable flesh.

My girlfriend walks over to stand in front of me and kisses my lips lightly. Her soft lips taste a little like bubblegum and I giggle at something she has whispered in my ear. I reach out my hand to caress her shoulder and upper arm, then slip my hand around her waist to her back. She moves her body in against mine and we dance this way, laughing and sipping our drinks.

I see you out of the corner of my eye, glancing at us from time to time. After a while I set my empty drink aside and we move out onto the floor as our dancing shifts in cadence to match the insistent beat of the music. I see you not far from us, a lovely slight girl grinding her ass back against you, your hands on her hips, your eyes finding mine for a moment. After a while, my girlfriend kisses me lightly and moves off into the crowd. Her place is taken almost instantly by a friend of mine. He slips up behind me, dropping light kisses on the nape of my neck as he pulls me back against him. Another friend moves in front of me and I am caught between them, laughing and dancing with abandon.

I see you here and there, with different girls as the evening progresses. Once, I catch your gaze and smile at you wickedly. Dancing through the crowd on the floor a moment later, I fee you behind me as your hand slips around my waist. I don’t turn around, but begin to dance, moving my hips with yours, sliding my ass across your crotch, bending forward and arching my back as I press my hips back into you. Your hand grips my shoulder, pulling, as the other hand crushes my hips to yours. I look back at you over my shoulder, eyes holding your gaze, feeling your cock hard through your thin slacks. I straighten back against you, resting my head against your shoulder, breathing your scent. One of your hands moves down to the top of my thigh as one of mine steals around to rest on the outside of your thigh. I close my eyes as we move together. As the song ends, I look back at you again and move away through the crowd.

I find my girlfriend and we gather our things to leave. Outside on the sidewalk in front of the club, I notice you standing there with your friends, talking and laughing. My friends pile into my girlfriend’s car as I stand near the door watching you. I duck into the front seat and am awash in the shared revelry as the car pulls away from the curb. I smile and put my hand on my girlfriend’s thigh rubbing lightly across her soft, bare skin. We drive this way, chatting and laughing until the last of our friends is safely home. We pull into the parking lot at my complex and she kills the lights, stopping in front of my building. She puts the car in park, shutting off the engine and we begin kissing.

Headlights flood the inside of the car as another car pulls into the lot and I hear a door open and close, but pay no attention. As I hear the car pull away, I am slipping my hand inside her jacket, up inside her top to unhook her bra. I take her breast in my hand, my thumb finding and rubbing her nipple, kissing her lips as I tease her pert nipple. She moans against my mouth, and arches into my hand. I am not aware that you have seen us and are standing on the other side of a car, watching us. I begin kissing and biting her neck gently as my hand moves down to massage her pussy through her soaked panties. She turns to lean back against the door, her thighs opening for me and I drop my head between her legs, pulling her panties aside. My tongue begins to lick up and down her slit. I open her pussy with my tongue and begin to fuck her tight little hole with my tongue. I move back up to suck and lick on her clit and her hands tangle in my hair, pulling it loose as she grinds her pussy against my face. You are pumping your cock which you have extracted from your pants, mere feet from us as she cries out loudly with her orgasm. You move away from our car. I lift my head from her lap, my mouth covered with her juices. I kiss her soundly and wish her goodnight. As she composes herself, I gather my purse and put on my jacket. We kiss goodnight and I leave the car, shut the door, walk a few steps and turn to wave as she starts the car and pulls away.

I turn to walk to my building as the sound of her car engine fades into the distance. I am almost to the stairs when I see you. You are standing just outside the pool of light from the building, watching me approach. I startle at seeing you appear and smile at you a little nervously. As I come closer, I notice your cock straining against your slacks and gather my jacket closer around me. You notice my gaze and smile crookedly at me. I nod to you as I am passing and quick as lightening you reach out to grip my upper arm, your fingers hard as you spin me around to face you. I open my mouth and inhale deeply, but my breath is forced out of me as you push me back hard against the building and cover my mouth with yours. I push against you, mewling quietly, unable to do more. You laugh against my mouth, crushing my body with yours, your hands roughly and easily gathering mine, holding them behind me. One hand free, you grope my breasts, my ass, your knee pressing in between my thighs hard. You force my legs apart, ripping my panties away and discarding them on the ground. You unbuckle your pants, freeing your cock. I feel it pressing hard against my inner thigh and groan, still unable to make a sound beyond that. And then I feel you enter me, your cock invading me brutally. You pull your mouth away from mine finally and I breath deeply but your mouth is replaced with your hand as you pump your cock in me harder and harder. You cry out as you cum inside of me, pumping my raw pussy full, emptying your load deep inside of me. Your cock is still inside of me as your orgasm subsides and I feel you begin to relax against me. You pull back away from me as I stand there trembling, used and sore. You calmly begin to refasten your pants and then bend to pick up my ruined panties. As you straighten, you reach out with the hand holding the panties and rub them across my cheek, then kiss my mouth, whispering, “You were perfect tonight, baby. Let’s go home.” I smile, knowing that I’m really in for it now.

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