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Night of the Witches

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The dream was the same as it had been every other night of the past week. By the middle of the week, Dan had grown so accustomed to it that he had become aware that it was a dream, so he could have easily pinched himself to wake up.

But that was not likely. Because he didn’t want to wake up. He didn’t want the dream to end. Because it was the best dream he’d ever had.

In the dream, he was on his back in a sea of warm, soft blankets in front of a roaring fire. Two beautiful, naked girls were perched above him, one riding his cock and the other straddling his face. He was warm and cool at the same time, his hands seemed to be everywhere at once, caressing and fondling breasts, legs, ass, and in return he felt hands caressing him all over. In addition to the visual elements, he could also smell an odd, musky incense in the air, and a soothing hypnotic music played.

Both girls seemed somewhat familiar, but he couldn’t quite place how he knew them. They had to be 20 years younger than his 45 years. The best part was that he was watching the scene and living the scene at the same time, and not only was he experiencing his perspective, he was also somehow experiencing the girls’ perspective. It was without a doubt the best sexual experience of his life. So waking up was not a high priority.

Just like the previous nights, there was a slow, gradual buildup. He could feel his cock become harder than ever before, and he could feel the effect he was having on both girls, one with his cock and the other with his tongue. Oddly enough his tongue had become the size and shape of his cock, and his cock had gained the flexibility and maneuverability of his tongue. Essentially he was fucking both girls and going down on them at the same time.

The girls leaned together and kissed, open mouthed with full, twirling tongue, and he could feel the kiss as he watched it. He could also feel the rising passion coming to all three of them, until finally he felt a three way, full body, simultaneous orgasm that was so intense that it not only jolted him out of the dream, it knocked him right out of the bed. Each night the orgasm had gotten more intense, but this was the first time he had ended up on the floor.

He looked down at the bulge in his boxers and realized that just like the previous nights, he had experienced an incredible orgasm in the dream but not in reality. He immediately took his hard cock into his hand and began to furiously masturbate, closing his eyes to try and bring back the dream, but just like the past seven days, he was unable to orgasm. He was aroused, he was hard as a rock, but for some reason he couldn’t finish. Every morning for the past week had been a bizarre mix of bliss and agony.

Dan staggered into the bathroom and after a 10 minute cold shower managed to calm his swollen cock to a semi turgid state. By the time he got to work he had fortunately reached a point where there wasn’t a bulge in his pants. When he entered the large reception area of the office where he worked, he noted that the one receptionist was dressed as a nurse and the other as a pirate. Just as he was starting to think he was still dreaming, he remembered it was Halloween. The hundred or so people in his office had all agreed to dress up for Halloween, but in his addled state from his week long dream ordeal he had forgotten.

By the fifth time someone had teased him about not wearing a costume he had developed a few stories for why he was wearing the usual office attire. It seemed that everyone else in the building, from the president of the company to the janitor, had gotten into the spirit and worn elaborate costumes. Even the two girls in accounting, who rarely spoke or even left their desks in their small office, had dressed up as Witches, and looked pretty convincing. While Dan had interacted with the girls once or twice a day for the year he had worked in the office, he had never learned their names. He was always friendly, saying things like “how are the girls in accounting doing today?” and they always reacted in the same way, with a shy mumble. They were both very mousy and non-descript, with horn rimmed glasses and long straight hair. One was a fair skinned blonde and one was dark with dark hair.

“Uh-oh, trouble in the accounting office,” Dan said to them with a smile. “I hope you Witches aren’t cooking the books.”

To his surprise, the two girls looked at each other and shared an odd smile. It was hardly a big smile, more of a bemused look, but it was the first time he’d ever seen any kind of smile from them. He couldn’t help but note that the costumes they had chosen they had chosen were a lot sexier than anything he had ever seen them in.

Dan headed up to the second floor where his office was and spent most of the rest of the morning trying to forget the dream that had plagued and pleasured his week. As he recalled details from the dream he kept thinking that he knew the girls in the dream from somewhere, he just couldn’t remember. At lunch he slipped out and went in search of a costume, but the only thing he could find that looked promising was an old vintage clothing shop. At first he didn’t think there was anyone in the store, but then an old man emerged from the dark racks of musky clothes.

“I don’t suppose you have any halloween costumes,” Dan said, less than hopefully.

The man stared back at him blankly for a moment, then turned and disappeared without a word. Several minutes passed and Dan was about to give up and leave, when the old man returned holding a long black cape.

Dan looked at the cape and a few ideas went through his head. “Hmm, a black cape, what would that costume represent?” he said.

The old man paused before clearing his throat and in a steady, raspy voice he answered. “Take your coat and tie off. Unbutton your shirt. Put on the cape. Warlock.”

“Warlock,” Dan said, as he removed his coat and tie as directed. “I’m not even sure what a Warlock is.”

“A Warlock is a male Witch,” the old man said. “Some say the Warlock leads the Witches. Some say the Witches worship the Warlock. Sexually.”

Dan had his head partly turned when the last word came out, and he wasn’t at all sure he had heard him right. In fact, he was sure there was no way that old man had used the word sexually in any context. So he didn’t ask, and paid the $25 to the old man who never said another word, just smiled and nodded.

When Dan got back to the office he was surprised at the positive reaction to his simple costume. Everyone seemed to think he looked a lot like a Warlock. He even dropped back by to tease the young Witches in accounting.

“Greetings Witches, I am Dan the Warlock, leader of Witches,” he said. “My wish is your command, and right now I’m wishing for a bonus.”

Once again the girls looked at each other with a knowing smile, and Dan could almost swear that they shared a wink.

The rest of the workday seemed to fly by, as all the holiday distraction made for a lot less work getting done. Things were so slow that Dan ended up closing his office door and taking a late afternoon nap. By the time he jolted awake from the nap it was 7 pm and the office was dark and empty. When he walked out into the parking lot it was dark and a low mist had come up, so visibility was poor. It had gotten unexpectedly cold. As he got into his car he thought he saw one other car on the other side of the parking lot, and it looked like two people standing by the car. He decided to drive by it just to make sure no one needed help.

As he pulled up he saw that it was the girls, or Witches, from accounting. He rolled down a window and leaned out. “Is everything ok?” he asked.

“Our car won’t start,” said the blonde Witch in her usual monotone, emotionless way. They were standing up beside the car, so Dan got to see their full outfits. The dark haired girl was wearing a white witch outfit and the blonde had on a black witch outfit. Both were wearing pointy hats, high heels and skirts that showed a lot of leg.

Dan got out and tried to play Alpha Male, trying the key himself and looking under the hood as if he knew something about cars. He didn’t, and the car was not going to start.

“How ’bout if I give you a ride home?” Dan said.

The girls immediately climbed into the back seat. Dan thought it was odd that they both sat in the back, but figured maybe they were nervous. He found out they lived together and got directions to their house. As they were driving home it began to snow.

“Wow, this has got to be the first time its ever snowed in October here,” said Dan. He looked at the rear view mirror at the girls, who just smiled and nodded. They didn’t seem that surprised.

“I think your Witch costumes are terrific by the way,” Dan said, trying to start conversation.

The Black Witch met his look in the mirror. “She’s the good Witch,” she said, nodding to the White Witch. Her eyes gleamed into the mirror. “I’m the bad Witch.”

Dan tried not to make a sound when he gulped.

The snow picked up steadily so by the time Dan pulled up in front of the girl’s older Victorian style home, it had layered the ground in front of the house. When he looked into the back seat at the girls, they were looking worriedly at the front of the house.

“What’s wrong?” he asked

“We just noticed that there is a light on in the kitchen, and we don’t think we left any lights on,” said the White Witch.

“Well, just to be safe, I’ll come in and check it out for you,” Dan said.

The girls nodded in appreciation and the three walked up the path to the door together. It seemed to Dan that either the skirts had gotten shorter or their legs had gotten longer. Both women had gorgeous, long legs, a trait that he had never noticed before. Maybe it was the costume or maybe just the moonlight, but he had suddenly found both the girls attractive. It made him wish that he were 20 years younger, so that he would be closer to their age and he might have a chance with one of them. At his age they undoubtedly looked at him as more of a father figure.

They all clamored inside and dusted the snow off, and they led Dan around the house as he checked to make sure no one had broken in. It was pretty clear that no one was there, and the girls didn’t seem too concerned.

“Looks ok, I guess I should probably be going,” Dan said. Somewhere in the back of his mind he was imagining them asking him to stay for a while, maybe doing some flirting, who knows? But he wouldn’t dare make the first move.

“Thank you for the ride home,” said the Black Witch. “We are very lucky you were there.”

Dan nodded uncomfortably, trying to think of something clever to say that would give him a reason to stay. The girls were watching him fidget near the door. It seemed to him that they were standing really close together, and also, that both seemed different. Their hair was no longer straight, it had lovely curves and waves, their eyes seemed brighter and more alive. Their skin seemed to glow. He chalked it up to different lighting and regretfully turned to leave.

But when he opened the door he was stunned to see the snowflakes coming down in a near blizzard. He could just barely see his car at the end of the driveway. He turned back to look at the girls, who were still looking at him with a combination of bemusement and something else…anticipation?

“Wow, it’s really coming down,” he stammered. “I guess I’d better get going.”

As the words came out of his mouth, there was a cracking sound and a large tree, apparently weighed down by the snow, suddenly crashed to the ground. Right behind his car.

The girls ran over to the door to look out. “Uh-oh,” said the White Witch. “I think you are going to have to stay here tonight.”

“I’ll get the guest room ready,” smiled the Black Witch.

Just as she turned to go the lights blinked and then went out, and the house was left in pitch blackness. The storm had taken out the electricity. Almost immediately, both girls had a lit candle in their hand.

“It’s going to get cold fast,” said the White Witch. “We should probably all spend the night in the den, and we can build a fire.”

Dan could only follow the girls into the den, where they quickly lit a fire that immediately roared to life, covering the small room in flickering orange light. There were plush blankets already laid out on the floor in front of the fire. The Black Witch poured three glasses of red wine and the three sat down in front of the warm fire.

“A toast to snowy nights and warm fires,” said the Black Witch.

They clinked glasses and Dan took a sip of the wine. Almost immediately, he felt a rush of warmth and a drunken clarity. He felt drunk, but he was also more awake and aware. He looked at the wine and felt a detached concern that he had been drugged. The girls were curled up beside him in front of the fire, watching him with bemusement. They were still the girls from accounting, dressed in witches costumes, but suddenly they were incredibly hot and sultry. A familiar smell hit him, a musky incense. The sounds of music hit him, music he had heard before… in a dream. He looked around the room, and it suddenly hit him like a ton of bricks. This was the dream. The girls from accounting were the girls he had been dreaming about. But now it was happening.

The Black Witch leaned in and touched him on the shoulder. “Don’t be frightened,” she said soothingly. “This is not the dream, this is real.”

As she spoke, both girls were busy getting his clothes off, and he was powerless to stop them. As if. In a flash, he was naked except for the black costume cape.

Dan looked at them mystified. “What is happening?” he stammered.

The White Witch smiled. “We really are Witches,” she said. She gave the Black Witch a reproving look. “We’re both GOOD Witches.”

“That’s right,” said the Black Witch. “We are Witches, and you are the Warlock. Just like you said, your wish is our command.”

“That’s right,” whispered the White Witch. The two girls kneeled on either side of him. “Anything you want.”

Dan was still reeling from the idea that he was naked in front of two hot women in witch costumes to think clearly, but he did suddenly have a flashback to part of his dream.

The Witches smiled at him. “We thought you’d never ask,” they both said.

They both leaned down and began softly kissing his chest and abdomen, and he realized with a shock that while he hadn’t said a word, they were obeying his wish. His mental command.

As they kissed their way down towards his cock, they stopped every now and then to kiss each other, giving Dan an incredible show. He quickly realized that all he had to do was think of what he wanted them to do and they would immediately obey. All of his anxieties quickly fell away as he watched two beautiful women in a captivating french kiss just inches away from his cock.

As he watched them he also became aware of something else. His average sized cock had suddenly risen to an incredible ten inch erection. He was bigger and harder than he had ever been in his life, and as the girls slid down and wrapped their mouths around his cock he felt a power he had never imagined.

He watched them mesmerized, directing their actions like a silent puppeteer. He had them both licking his long cock up and down, then had one licking the top and another licking his balls. Whenever he felt like he was getting too close to orgasm, he would have them kiss and fondle each other. He also had them slowly remove their witch costumes, and Dan was stunned to find that the dowdy girls from accounting had the most unbelievably hot bodies he had ever seen.

They lowered their mouths back onto his cock and Dan directed and watched as they licked and sucked his still growing cock. They were french kissing each other with his cock in the middle, until their tongues had somehow wrapped all the way around his cock and each other’s tongues and it became just a blur of the most unbelievable cock sucking he had ever imagined. There was no way to hold back the tide, and he felt a toe shaking orgasm lift him almost completely off the floor. His load erupted into the air, on faces and into mouths. After what seemed like an eternity in time and volume, he felt his orgasm subside and was able to get enough vision back to see both girls smiling at him.

“Don’t worry,” said the Black Witch. “We made you have that dream every night without coming for a reason, we wanted you to be ready to go all night.”

Dan looked down in amazement to see his cock was already hard again, harder than before.

He leaned back up against the couch and mentally orchestrated the girls in front of him into an elaborate make out session, kissing and fondling each other. The best part was that every time he would come up with a mental command, they would smile at him in appreciation. They wanted to do whatever he wanted him to do. They wanted to do it bad.

He was only too happy to oblige. He had lost track of who the White Witch and who the Black Witch was after they had shed their clothes, but he had each of them going down on each other for an extended length of time. Then he kneeled above them stroking his cock as they slipped into the 69 position and went down on each other. It was a beautiful scene watching them in front of the flickering fire.

They both looked delicious, and he could hardly wait for a taste. He had the black haired Witch lie on her back and he slid slowly down, kissing her breasts, her stomach, until his mouth moved down between her legs and he slid his tongue inside her. She tasted like sweet honey.

Meanwhile, the blonde haired Witch was kissing her and sucking her tits as she watched him going down on her friend. The scene was so erotic that Dan temporarily lost awareness of what was happening, and when his focus drifted back he realized that something else had changed. His tongue was different. He looked down on it and realized with a shock that his tongue had taken on the shape of a cock. He looked down at the girls and they were smiling with warm anticipation. Fuck it, he thought.

He plunged the tongue into the Witches pussy and fucked her with it as she squealed and moaned in utter delight. Meanwhile the blonde Witch was straddling her friend’s face and as Dan watched, the black haired Witch’s tongue had transformed into a cock as well, and she was plunging it in and out and teasing her clit with it as Dan did the same.

Before long Dan’s cock began to ache for some attention, and he moved the blonde Witch into doggy style and eased his now giant cock into her. He fit perfectly. He gasped as he realized that her pussy moved like a warm, wet vibrator, massaging his cock as he plunged in and out of her. Meanwhile she was going down on her friend with a passionate tongue-cock, and moans filled the air. As he watched, the dark haired witch suddenly had a big hard cock where her pussy once was, and the blonde witch was wrapping her cock-tongue lovingly around it. Dan had become acutely aware that all three of them seemed to be experiencing simultaneous, continual orgasms. To say it was mind blowing would be well understating the situation.

Dan moved over onto his back and had the dark haired Witch mount his cock while the blonde Witch sat on his face. It was just like the image from his dream that morning, with the girls making out above him while he plunged his cock into one and his tongue cock into the other. Just like in the dream, he had gained the ability to move his cock like a big tongue, flicking in and out and all around, and his tongue had taken on the shape of a big hard cock but he still had full control over moving it around. The best part was his tongue was feeling the same pleasure as his cock.

And then it somehow got even better. Something clicked in his head, and he was suddenly able to feel the sensations that the girls were feeling. He could still feel himself fucking both of them, but he could also feel what they were feeling. And he could even feel that they were feeling the same pleasure he was. It felt like he had a dozen hands, caressing and touching both girls everywhere all at once, and it felt like there were a dozen hands on him, moving all over his body.

The three of them moved together in a unified passion, building up to heights Dan had not imagined possible. At one point he closed his eyes briefly and when he opened them up, all three of them were in the air, just above the blankets in front of the warm crackling fire. Somehow the continuing orgasm moved up into another gear, and the three of them erupted in a wild entanglement of arms, legs and assorted body parts. After what felt like a 20 minute uncontrollable orgasm, they drifted back to the floor and fell into a snug, comfortable embrace.

Somehow Dan managed to come up with a coherent thought. “That was the most amazing experience of my life,” he stammered.

The girls just looked at him and smiled. “Happy Halloween,” they said. “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

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