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Night Of Fun

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My world went black as you tied the silk blindfold around my eyes. It wasn’t one of those ill fitting cheap ones that you can still see around the bottom edges either, this fit snuggly. I felt the brush of your fingers across my cheek as you gently tucked my hair behind my ear. I can tell you are leaning in close to me, as the rich scent of your cologne has gotten stronger.

Your lips grazed the edge of my ear as you whispered softly, “I promise this will be a night you will never forget baby.”

Then I felt your hot breath and wet lips kiss my neck close to my collar bone. My skin covered in goose bumps. I am sitting there in anticipation of what is coming tonight.

I had just got out of the shower and put on my robe when you came up from behind and started kissing me. I was assuming the evening would be our usual, spooning in bed as we watched tv, one of us initiating sex during a commercial break. I had no idea we were actually going to play tonight, we usually only did that on Friday or Saturday night when we didn’t have to get up so early. It was Wednesday. I sat in the chair calmly awaiting your next move.

I heard your footsteps across the wood floor as you left the room and promptly came back. It was killing me not being able to see what you were doing, not knowing what was going to happen.

You gently cupped my face in your hands as you kissed me so softly, I opened my mouth and kissed you back, my tongue pushing into your mouth. You guided me out of the chair, our lips only parting for split seconds here and there. I was walking backwards and I felt the edge of the bed pressed against the backs of my knees. I reached back with my hand to steady myself as I sat on the bed. Instead of finding the cotton duvet cover of our down comforter, I felt the thick texture of one of the bath towels. Before I sat back you undid the belt that held my robe closed and with a gentle nudge the whole thing slid off my shoulders, leaving me naked as I stood in front of you.

“Just relax and lay back baby,” you softly instructed. I laid back and you tugged my hips towards you just a bit, so the back of my knees met the edge of the mattress & my calves dangled over the edge.

I heard the drawer slide open on the nightstand closest to me, your night stand. I could hear you take something out; I couldn’t identify the sound exactly. I was hoping it wasn’t your digital camera. I didn’t mind pictures of course, we had done that before. I just was feeling slightly fat today and knew every milligram of that weight would show in every picture.

“You trust me don’t you baby?” you asked me softly and tenderly.

“Of course,” why would you ask me that? That was kind of silly since we had been seeing each other for over a year, and spent a lot of time in each other’s company.

“We are going to play in a new way. If at anytime you feel uncomfortable in anyway, just say icecream and I will stop.” I nodded, and my mind was racing. What was he going to do? Why a safeword? We had messed around before with some bondage and submission, but it was light stuff, never used a safeword before.

He slid headphones over my ears and turned on what I assumed was my iPod. When Dave Matthews came on I realized I could not hear what he was doing. I laid on the edge of the bed in total darkness, with Dave singing to me. It seemed like an eternity until I felt a few drops of warm water hit my skin just below my navel. My body flinched in surprise. I then felt what I assumed was a warm wet washcloth laid over my pelvis and draped down between my legs. It laid there until almost the end of my song. When he lifted it off the breeze from the ceiling fan caused my skin to feel ice cold.

I felt him patting something light & foamy over what was left of my trimmed hair. It wasn’t cold, so I knew it wasn’t whipped cream. I was finally able to smell what I recognized as his shaving cream, a scent I was very familiar with and loved. He was going to shave me; this was something new for us. We had talked about it briefly but it had never been beyond that. My body was so aroused, not just my pussy but every muscle, every nerve. Every touch sent a wave of heat through me. I felt the cold metal head of his razor glide across my skin, gently tugging at the hair that was longer. I would feel it lift off my skin and when it returned the droplets of warm water would land on my skin as he brought it back down. My body was on fire, I had never experienced anything like this before. He gently pushed my thighs further apart and began to slowly shave between my legs. Occasionally he would graze my clit with what felt like a wet fingertip. My body would jolt everytime he touched me like that. I knew I was wet from all the excitement. I felt his fingers glide across the now smooth surface of my skin. The shock of the now ice cold washcloth against my skin caused me to jerk and my back arched. He wiped very quickly and finally I felt him kiss the spot above my clit where there was once hair. He then pushed my legs further apart and I felt his tongue gliding across my skin, circling my clit, teasing it. I moaned. I was so ready for him. He finally began to lick and suck on my clit and I felt his finger circling the outside of my hole, gliding in all the moistness from his mouth & my wet pussy. As he finally slid a finger inside me he nibbled lightly on my clit sending me close to cumming. He continued to slide his finger in and out as he sucked and nibbled, I was overwhelmed with pleasure. The music still playing in my ears. I was on the verge of having an intense orgasm and you quit.

My heart was pounding; my body was starting to sweat. Where did you go? Why did you quit? I was so close. I didn’t know what to do and I wasn’t sure what you were doing. I just laid there waiting.

I felt you take my hands one at a time and raise them above my head. I recognized the soft fiber of my robe belt looping around my wrists and the gentle tension pulling my arms up past my head, you then wiggled my headphones back down over my ears. I then feel what seems to be one of your belts looped around my ankle pulling my leg away, leaving my pussy exposed completely. I was just waiting for the next touch.

I felt your hand glide across my cheek again and I opened my mouth hoping to kiss you but instead I got a hard dick. As I started to suck I realized it didn’t taste like you, it didn’t feel like you. You were still close by as I could smell your cologne. I didn’t know how to react; I was just a bit scared. I didn’t want you to think I liked him better than you, that definitely was not the case. I continued to suck and I felt you brush my hair back away from my face, you were watching closely. That really turned me on. I couldn’t help but wonder who you were sharing me with. Was it someone you worked with? A friend you played ball with? A random person you met on line?

As I sucked, I could feel his dick tense up. He shaved, his skin was smooth. He smelled of ivory soap. Occasionally I got a slight salty taste of precum, I wanted more. I worked that dick up & down, feeling him tense up as I sucked; sure that any minute I was going to get a mouthful from him. I then felt a warm mouth on my nipple, I groaned. Soft, warm & wet, it felt wonderful. I groaned with pleasure, that send a slight vibration into my mystery man’s cock and it tensed up and pulsed as I felt my mouth fill up with his cum.

I was so into the moment, I had a semi erect cock in my mouth and a pair of warm wet lips sucking and teasing my nipples. I then noticed hot, moist air on the inner part of my thighs. Like someone was breathing on them. There is a third person, there has to be. The person whose dick is in my mouth could not possibly bend to those angles to either be teasing my nipples or teasing my pussy. I then feel something small and firm trace the edge of my very wet pussy on one side and when it came back down the other I realized it was a finger and a fingernail, a long strong fingernail. Like the kind that would be on a woman’s hand. He brought in another woman!! I wiggled and groaned; then the semi firm cock pulled out of my mouth. I immediately felt his mouth on mine. It was the soft warm sweet tasting mouth I had kissed hundreds of times. He had to have tasted the other man’s cum. The thought was an incredible turn on. I felt her mouth on my pussy and the tip of her tongue start to flick and circle my clit. I was ready to cum and cum hard. He kissed me deeper.

She sucked on my excited clit and I moaned, she then slid one maybe two fingers deep inside of me bending them in such a way like she was signaling my orgasm to come here. With each stoke I could feel my pussy grow tighter. I would have never agreed to do this if we had discussed this prior to tonight. The thought of being with a woman didn’t do anything for me. Now I think otherwise, she knew where to touch, when to suck and how to rub in a way that sent my body into such an orgasm. It felt as though my body had been shocked by a jolt of pure pleasure. My thighs shook, my back arched and every muscle in my pelvis and abs tightened. I could feel my own cum just pour out of my body. I let out this very deep guttural moan, I felt you moan as I came. She continued to work my clit until my body was ready to collapse. My heart was racing harder than I had spent an hour on a treadmill. I was panting hard, and she stopped. Without warning it all stopped. I almost let out a whimper of disappointment. I didn’t want this to end.

Next I felt warm strong hands on my thighs and the tip of a very hard cock teasing my very wet, pussy. I felt his very familiar cock press inside me very firmly. He began riding me harder than he had in a while. He was so excited and into this, I could tell by how hard he was. I felt the mattress sink a little around my head. The belt tied around my wrists was undone and my arms were freed. I felt the other man’s hands, very rough and dry, guide my arms to my side and then he lifted the back of my head up off the mattress slightly, sliding a pillow underneath as he did it. I then felt the mattress move right next to my head. Smooth skin bushed my cheek as my head was moved slightly. I felt body heat radiating on either side of me. My man, started pumping harder than he usually does. I inhaled an unfamiliar scent, and realized the woman was straddling my face. She started to grind her pussy in my face and I gave in. I opened my mouth and started to suck and like her. I was shaking from a mixture of physical exhaustion and nervousness. I had never even thought of kissing another woman much less eating her out. It tasted different than I had imagined; kind of sweet actually. She pumped her hips I sank my tongue deep into her wet pussy. My face was soaked with her juices, as I felt her start to orgasm, she ground herself into my face hard. I felt her cum flowing into my mouth. She actually squirted.

My partner then thrust hard and deep as he came inside of me. I felt his dick throb and his cum leaked out around his dick as he moved back and forth very slowly. He stood still for a second with his cock still buried in me. She got up and moved away from me. I felt the other man glide his hand cross the wetness of my cheek, the he kissed me very roughly. He pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. He kissed even rougher than his hands felt. It was so different than what I was used to, so very sexy.

I felt the belt looped around my ankle get taken off and then he rolled me over onto my belly. His very gentle hands lifted my hips off the mattress and I was up on all fours. As I felt someone climb onto the bed in front of me I felt something cold and wet squirted onto my ass. Then a hand pushed my face down onto a very hard cock, it was my man. The other was circling my ass in the cold gel and I felt a finger slowly push in. I continued to slide my mouth up and down on my man’s hard dick almost in perfect time with the finger that slid in & out of my ass. I felt some more of the cold gel dripped onto my ass and two fingers were pushed into me. I concentrated on sucking my man off and tried to relax so I wouldn’t be so tight. I knew I was going to get fucked in the ass and the person doing it was thicker than what I was used to.

I could taste my own pussy on his cock, he loved when I sucked him off after we fucked. I think he was enjoying watching the other man getting ready to take my ass. He was so hard and he was leaking precum like crazy. I slid my mouth as far down as I could get and then I felt the head of the thick dick behind me start to push its way into my ass. I am grateful we spend a little extra on the premium lubes. As much as I tried to relax it was so tight against that thick cock. In a slow but forceful motion he pushed deep inside of me. It was uncomfortable, but I wasn’t in any pain. I yelped a little and then my man pushed my face down hard on his cock. The guy started fucking my ass slowly at first, then building up force and speed. I no longer had to slide up and down my man’s cock. The motion from being fucked from behind was doing that for me. I felt the woman’s finger reach under me and start to play with my clit. The other hand was pinching and tugging on my nipple in a mildly rough way. My body was on overload. I cried out as my pussy almost convulsed as I came. The guy fucking my ass buried his cock deep in my ass and I felt him flinch as he shot his load. My guy pushed my mouth down so my lips touched his groin and he came down my throat. I collapsed in sheer exhaustion on the bed. I felt hi running his fingers through my hair tenderly. I just laid there unable to move. He got up and I felt alone again. I had never been so exhausted.

I wasn’t sure how long I laid there, I was almost asleep when he came back to me and took the head phones off. My ears were ringing a bit from the extended period of music. He undid the blindfold, the bedroom light disoriented me a bit. The room was empty other than just the two of us, not a shred of evidence the others had ever been there. He had to help me up off the bed and into the shower as my body felt disjointed. He used the hand held shower to help me clean up and repeated kissed me. After I was done I sat on the edge of the tub and waited for him to get out of the shower. I still felt wobbly on my feet as I brushed my teeth. He finally spoke as we climbed into bed.

“I know you enjoyed yourself, and I loved seeing you uninhibited like that.” He chuckled a bit, as he could tell I was wiped out. “I told you, you will never forget tonight.” We kissed and said goodnight. I snuggled into him and drifted off to sleep.

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