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Nico’s Rules

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“AAAAaaaahhhh!!! Jesus!!!!” Candace moaned softly before biting her lower lip. She was bent over her large executive desk as Marcus pounded his long, thick shaft deep into her wet pussy. His hands were under her skirt, wrapped around her slim waist, her tiny panties stretched tightly between her ankles. Candace felt her breasts swinging beneath her and her stiff nipples were rubbing across the top of the desk.

In her mid-forties, Candace Mitchell was the V.P. of Human Resources at a large and very prosperous electronics firm. A married mother of three, she had kept herself in great shape with long, slender legs and a tight ass. She was known to have a weakness for lip gloss, and was oftentimes seen reapplying generous amounts to her pouty lips throughout the work day.

A few months earlier she had accepted an invitaion for lunch from one of the young salesman at her company. Marcus was a light-skinned black man with a closely trimmed beard who, just a few years earlier, had been a wide receiver in college. Over six feet tall with the V-shaped muscular build of an athlete, Marcus had a weakness for married women. Candace knew exactly what he was after when he had called, given the fact she had caught him in a compromising position with a friend of hers at a company function, and had quickly agreed to meet him for “lunch”.

After a very quick meal, they had taken a drive in his car before finding a remote spot to park. For dessert, she gave the young man a deliciously sloppy blow job, eagerly swallowing every drop of his copious load.

Since that time, Candace had become a regular visitor to his condo, shrugging off the the knowing stares and glares she received from his neighbors. A middle-aged white woman in the company of a much younger black man was not a difficult puzzle for any of them to solve. Given her position at work, it was not uncommon for her to work long hours, so her husband showed no signs of suspicion when she would come home late, looking exhausted.

“AAAAaaaahh . . . Baby!!!” she panted, “You fuck good!!!! You fuck so . . . so . . . good!!” She turned to look back over her shoulder at the young man pleasuring her pussy. His handsome face was drawn up tight as he thrust his hips against her luscious ass, his long, thick member held tightly by her warm wetness.

Marcus opened his eyes to find Candace lewdly smiling, her liquid green eyes alight with passion as she used one hand to comb her long, brown hair back from her beautiful face. On her desk, pictures of her family bore silent witness to the wanton display of adulterous lust before them.

“You like my cock in your pussy, Mrs. Mitchell?” Marcus asked between thrusts. Candace smiled and arched her head backwards, the first pulse of her orgasm beginning to build between her legs. Marcus loved to call her by her married name when they fucked and by now, she knew exactly what turned him so she eagerly started in.

“MMMMmmmmmm . . . OH . . . Yes Baby!!!! God Yes!!!!! . . . You feel so good!!! I love feeling your big . . . black . . . cock in my pussy!!! Keep fucking me, Baby!!! . . . Don’t Stop!!!!!”

Marcus picked up the pace of his fucking, Candace’s hands reached to gain new purchase on the top of her desk as she drove her ass back to meet her young lover’s thrusts.

“OOOhhhhhh!!! . . . GGggaawwdd!! . . . OH MY GOD!!! . . . OH . . . OH . . . OHHH!!” Candace moaned as her orgasm came crashing down on her. She felt her pussy muscles contract on Marcus’ thick cock as her heart began to pound in her chest.

“AAAAAaaaaaahhhhh . . . Ffffuuckkkk MEE!!” Marcus spat before his cock jerked violently filling her married pussy with his hot, sticky seed, her tiny ass rippling as his muscular hips drove into her.

Candace collapsed on her desk, breathing heavily as she felt the last few jets of his cum flood into her. Sex with Marcus felt like an athletic event, always leaving her flushed, exhausted and content.


Candace pulled her tiny thong panties up her long, slender legs, hiking her skirt above the gentle swell of her hips as she watched Marcus stuff his thick, now flaccid, member back into his pants. She reached for her purse and removed a tube of lip gloss and began to apply a thick, fresh layer to her pouty lips with the thin applicator.

Marcus watched her and laughed “You know, you might want to wait until I leave or else I’ll be wearing more of that home than you will!”

Candace smiled beautifully and began to run a brush through her long hair.

“You’re probably right. It’s a bad habit. I feel naked when I’m not wearing any.”

She lowered her eyes in mock sadness “You don’t mind getting a little on you . . . Do you, Baby?” she asked in a girlish voice.

In answer Marcus took her roughly into his arms causing a husky laugh to escape Candace as she threw her arms up over his broad shoulders. She lifted her face towards his as he leaned down to kiss her hard on her wetly shining lips, her mouth open expectantly, her tongue searching for his.

They kissed deeply for several moments before Marcus pulled away. “I’d better get going or you’ll never get home!”

She followed him to her office door where he turned and asked “Can you get away on Saturday?” as Candace stepped into his arms, raising her hands to rest lightly on his slim hips.

“I should be able to. My husband is taking the boys to visit their sister at school. Should I come over to your place?” she asked, her sultry green eyes smoldering, already eager for her next rendezvous with her young lover.

“No . . . There’s a place in the city that I think you’ll really like. I’ll get you the directions. But there are just a few rules . . ” he added mischievously.

Candace wrinkled her brow “Rules . . . like what?”

“Well . . .!” Marcus smiled and leaned down to whisper in her ear, Candace’s eyes widened as she listened, a sexy smile crawling across her face.

“MMmmmm . . . Okay . . .!” she responded hesitantly, smiling up into Marcus’ face. “Those seem pretty easy to follow . . . a little kinky, sure, but what the hell!” she raised up on her toes to give him a quick kiss, her tongue briefly darting into his mouth. “What time should I meet you there?”


Candace slid into the darkened booth and looked around the large interior of the club. The long bar was nearly full as were many of the tables and booths. She could hear the driving beat of a dance track coming from the back of the club as couples made their way along the corridor that led to it.

She ordered a martini with extra olives from the young man that was working the floor and he stood over her and watched as she took her first generous sip.

“Is it okay?” he asked.

Candace’s eyes quickly took in his lean good looks, his shoulder length black hair and the fat bulge in front of his pants.

“It’s very good . . . Thank you so much.” she answered, a little nervous that he seemed to be sticking around.

“Are you expecting someone?” he asked pleasantly.

“Ummm . . . Yes, actually . . . My husband should be here soon.” she responded, thinking this might cause him to leave, but instead he laughed.

“Oh . . . I doubt that you’d be meeting your husband here!” he emphasized the last word “But I get your point. If you need anything else, I’ll be back around.”

After the young man left, Candace sipped her drink and looked around the club. She noticed that all the woman appeared to be her age, some even older, while the men didn’t look to be out of their twenties.

She had finished her drink and was about to order another when she saw Marcus and another young man enter the bar. His friend was a little shorter than Marcus, but bigger through the shoulders and chest. He had a square jaw, and his blonde hair was cut close to his scalp.

She saw Marcus surveying the room and she raised her hand to get his attention. Marcus saw her and tapped his friend on the arm, pointing to where Candace sat. His friend nodded and looked for a seat at the bar while Marcus made his way towards her.

“Hey, girl . . . How long have you been her?” he smiled. “Stand up so I can get a look at you!” Marcus reached for her.

Candace gave him her hand and stood up, still very self-concious about meeting her lover in public. Marcus compounded her anxiety by twirling her once around, his eyes drinking in her terrifically sexy form. She was wearing a dark, blue halter dress that showed off a generous amount of her cleavage, the hem of her skirt just barely below her shapely ass. Her long, brown hair was down over her shoulers and her lips, as expected, shone wetly in a soft, pink shade. She had on a pair of stiletto platforms with 5 inch heels which Marcus commented on.

“Very sexy . . . I’m sure he’ll like those.” Marcus told her approvingly. Marcus had told her that she had to wear a pair of sexy shoes when he was expaining the “rules”, but now she was confused as to who “he” was.

Candace slid back into the booth with Marcus close behind. Catching her somewhat off-guard, he leaned in to kiss her, his tongue thrust quickly between her lips. She felt his hand move lightly up her thigh and as she spread her legs, she nervously opened her eyes to see if anyone was watching them.

Marcus quickly discovered that she wasn’t wearing any panties, pleased that she had followed the second rule he had given her, and his thick middle finger slid easily up her already wet tunnel as their tongues continued to duel.

Instinctively, Candace began rubbing her young lover’s fat crotch as his fingers worked the front wall of her pussy, sending waves of pleasure pulsating through her body.

She tried to pull away from his hungry lips, but only managed to speak with him between hot kisses.

“Um . . . Baby?” she asked, their lips smacking. “Do you think . . . We can continue this . . . somewhere a little more private?”

A deep laugh rose from Marcus’ chest as he kissed her again, his tongue sliding deliciously over hers.

“Yeah . . . ” he answered softly. “I think I can find us a place!”

He got to his feet and took Candace by the hand leading her between the tables toward a darkened stairway. Candace noticed several other couples kissing passionately in their booths and it appeared that one young man was getting a blow job from someone hidden under his table. As they walked up the stairs, Candace glanced towards the bar and noticed that Marcus’ friend had found a seat and was talking to the woman next to him.


Steve found an open seat and ordered a single malt scotch. As he waited for his drink, he noticed the woman to his right studying him. He turned to her and smiled warmly “Hi . . . I’m Steve!” The woman smiled back and offered her hand along with a sexy smile “I’m Andrea . . . So nice to meet you!”

Steve took her hand briefly in his as his eyes slid down her lovely body. Her brown hair was straightened and cut just below her neck before sweeping down across her shoulders at an angle. She was wearing light, brown eye shadow that had just a hint of glitter casing her green eyes to sparkle.

Her beautiful full breasts were barely contained by a white, long-sleeved V-neck top and he slender legs were crossed, causing her short skirt to ride high up a slender thigh. Her toenails had been recently done in a soft red shade and her T-strap sandals sported a 4 inch heel.

A pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120s laid on the bar in front of her, topped by an expensive looking lighter and when she reached for a cigarette Steve grabbed the lighter saying “Allow me.”

Andrea smiled sexily at the young man and brought the long,white cigarette to her lips, leaning forward slightly bringing its tip to the flame, her hand resting gently on his.

She took a slow deep drag and tilted her chin up, releasing a long, thin stream towrds the ceiling. She propped her elbow on the side of the bar and locked her eyes onto Steve’s, a killer smile on her luscious lips.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you here before.” she inquired.

“Actually, I’m just visiting from Chicago. I came with a friend of mine. He’s right over . . .” Steve looked towards the booth Candace had been in, directing Andrea’s attention ” . . . there.”

Andrea turned to look just as Marcus and Candace came up briefly for air before Marcus began kissing her again, her hand now resting gently on the side of his face.

“Oh my God!” Andrea exclaimed “That’s Candace Mitchell! My kids go to school with hers. I was just talking with her last week after church.” With a wry smile on her face she added,” I never would have dreamed that I would see her at a place like this. She always seemed so . . .I don’t know . . proper?”

Steve laughed “Well, I’m sure she would say the same thing about you.” He leaned in closer, lowering his voice, “This isn’t something you would typically advertise, is it?”

Andrea laughed and took another drag off her cigarette, tapping an ash as she exhaled. The two of them chatted for the next few minutes before Steve felt a slim arm wrap gently around his muscled waist from behind, a chin now resting lightly on his broad shoulder as a familiar fragrance filled his senses.

“Hey . . . Your’e not moving in on my guy . . .are you? . . . Bitch!” The last word was clearly added as a joke and as Andrea burst into a wide smile, Steve quickly realized that she and Randi Boehmon were not strangers.

When Steve craned his head around, Randi leaned forward bringing her lips towards his. They kissed briefly, a smile forming on her beautiful face and her hand slid down to gently squeeze his fat package.

Steve got up from his chair offering it to Randi, as he took in every lovely facet of the sexy MILF. Randi and Marcus worked in the same department together and had started an affair several months earlier. Marcus had introduced her to Steve on a business trip the two of them had taken to Chicago and she and Steve had quickly become lovers. Although Steve and Marcus were still friends, and Marcus had arranged for him to sleep with the married mother of two on that trip, Steve had gotten the impression that his college buddy was still a little pissed by the relationship he had with Randi. Randi still slept with Marcus from time-to-time, but she was traveling to Chicago as often as she could to be with Steve. If she wasn’t already married to someone else, and nearly twice Steve’s age, they could’ve easily been mistaken for a couple.

A petite woman in her mid-forties, Randi’s highlighted blonde hair hung well past her shoulders and had been straightened with a flat iron. Her breathtaking cool blue, eyes looked out from behind dark, smoky eye shadow and her lips were glistening in a soft, cinnamon shade.

Randi was wearing tight, black top, the nipples of her perky breasts pushing through the sheer material clear evidence that she wasn’t wearing a bra. A very thin strip of her tight tummy showed above her extemely short skirt which clung to her tight, little ass like a second skin. Even in her stiletto pumps with the 5 inch heels, the tiny MILF was still much shorter than Steve. Randi had recently sent Steve a naked picture of herself accompanied by an outrageously dirty text describing, in lurid detail, what she intended to do to him the next time they were together. Needing little incentive, Steve decided to drive to Ohio the following weekend.

Andrea, eyeing Randi’s slutty outfit, couldn’t help but to tease her friend. “Jesus, Randi . . . why don’t you just write ‘Fuck Me’ on your forehead! How did your husband let you out of the house looking like that?!” she kidded.

Randi made a show of looking Andrea over from top to bottom, perched on the tall bar stool, her silicone breasts bursting from her top, legs crossed seductively, her skirt exposing a generous amount of smooth thigh. Pointing at Andrea she responded “Kettle . . . ” then pointing at herself and laughing “Black!”

Randi took Steve’s seat and explained “He thinks I’m visiting my mother. There’s no way he will call me there!” Steve ordered her a Chardonnay as Andrea flipped the top of the her hard-pack offering Randi a cigarette. Once lit, Randi exhaled a long stream back across the bar and reached for her wineglass, an elbow propped on the bar.

“I passed Amy Lambert on the way in.” Randi told Andrea in a gossipy tone. “She was leaving with three gorgeous black guys!” Looking up at Steve with a sly smile she added “I almost asked if she was going to need any help!!!”

Taking a long sip from her wine, Randi turned her smoldering eyes back onto her young lover as he brought his face near hers, kissing her gently on the lips, as his hand slid lightly down her back towards her tight ass.

Andrea heard her cell chirp and reached into her bag. Looking at the number displayed, a sexy smile formed on her lips.

“Where are you, Baby?” she purred in a sultry tone, “Randi might start sucking this boy’s cock right at the bar if you don’t get here soon!” she teased. “Alright . . . Sounds good . . . We’ll meet you there . . . Bye Babe!”

She took a long, last drag off her cigarette and crushed it out, exhaling a huge plume. “That was Nico . . . ” she told Randi getting to her feet. “He’s just pulling up out back . He said to meet him up in his office.”

Randi grabbed her wineglass and took Steve by the hand and they followed Andrea as she made her way towards the stairs. “Where we headed?” Steve asked, his eyes drawn to Andrea’s luscious ass, swaying invitingly as she moved like a runway model on her high heels between the tables.

“Upstairs to Nico’s office.” Randi responded over her shoulder. “He owns this place. He’s the one that sets the ‘rules’.” she added with a lewd smile.

“Rules . . . What do you mean.” he inquired.

“Haven’t you noticed?” Randi remarked as they started up the stairwell. “The boys her are all your age . . . or younger!” she added with a sexy glint in her eye, “And the woman . . . well. . . you know!” she shrugged her shoulders, a thin smile on her lips.

“Plus . . . If you look real close . . . Every lady here is wearing her ‘Come Fuck Me’ shoes. Seriously . . . have you ever seen so many sexy heels in one place?! Nico likes his women slutty! His place . . . His rules!” she added matter-of-factly.

Ahead of them Andrea waited by a door as they approached before reaching down and turning the knob.


As the door swung open into the large, lavishly decorated office, the trio were greeted by the sight of Candace Mitchell on her knees, lustily sucking Marcus’ long, thick cock. He was completely naked and her hands were resting on the front of his thighs, her wetly shining lips stretched by his girth as her head bobbed back and forth rapidly. Startled, she pulled her mouth away from his cock, her eyes widened in suprise, as the three walked into the room.

Candace knew Randi from work, in fact, she had played a big part in getting her together with Marcus, and she quickly recognized Steve as being the young man who had been with Marcus earlier that evening. But she was stunned to see Andrea Laine, a woman she knew from her children’s school.

Sensing her unease, Andrea strode easily to the large wet bar and began pouring drinks. “Don’t mind us” she quipped “I promise we won’t be too far behind you!”

Marcus and Randi locked eyes briefly before her eyes slid down to the familiar shape of his long, thick shaft sticking out from his body. After nearly twenty years of being a loyal and loving wife and mother, Marcus had become Randi’s first lover, and his seduction of her had started the sexy MILF down a path of wanton lust that she had never guessed would exist for her. They had joked that Marcus had released her “inner slut” but she knew he was still stunned at how quickly she had transformed from tenative cheating housewife, giving him blow jobs in her minivan, to a full fledged cougar always on the prowl for young cock. Her steady relationship with his college buddy, Steve, was also a sore point. Even though Marcus still fucked Randi on occasion, and the sex continued to be fantastic, a large part of him wished he had never introduced the two of them.

When Randi raised her cool, blue eyes back to his, Marcus smiled smugly and reached down to grab the base of his big cock. He slapped his straining member gently against the side of Candace’s face to get her attention. Losing all her inhibitions over having an audience, Candace turned and took him hungrily back into her mouth, moaning out loud as she fucked his cock with her face.


Randi led Steve to a large couch in the middle of the office and hiked her skirt up over her slim waist exposing a closely trimmed triangle above her moist slit. Taking a seat on the edge of the couch, Randi spread her legs invitingly and leaned back into the thick cushions looking up longingly at her young lover. Steve knelt quickly between her legs and ran the tip of his tongue lightly up the inside of her slender thigh. He repeated this over and over, causing Randi to shudder in anticipation and excitement. He nuzzled the warm wetness between her legs, his tongue darting out to gently run up the length of her pussy lips, savoring the earthy taste of her juices, before gently kissing his way down her other leg.

Steve put his middle finger in his mouth to moisten it and slid it easily into her warm, wet tunnel, watching her beautiful face contort with passion as he began to work the front of her pussy wall. When he lowered his face and began to run his tongue along her swollen clit, Randi reached down to pull his face against her pussy and began to grind her hips against her face, her tiny ass rolling on the couch.

“That’s it, Baby! . . . That’s it!! . . . That feels so damn good!!!! Eat my pussy, Baby!! Eat my pussy!!!”


Andrea poured herself a glass of wine from Nico’s very expensive private stock and watched the two soccer moms work. Candace had lifted Marcus’ long shaft upward and was loudly slurping on one of his heavy balls, Marcus clearly approving of her efforts.

She heard the office door open behind her and turned as Nico entered the room. At 26, Nico had the athletic build of a swimmer with broad shoulders tapering to a lean waist. His long, dark, wavy hair was pushed back from his face reminding Andrea of a young, Greek god as she moved quickly towards him, her lust near bursting.

Andrea’s husband was partners with Nico’s attorney and she and Nico had started an affair at a luxurious condo he owned in Florida this past Spring. Back at home, Andrea had introduced Nico to her friend Randi and the two sexy MILFs had become regulars at his club, stealing away as often as they could to sample the young, hard cock to which they had become addicted.

Andrea threw her arms over his broad shoulders and pulled him down to her hungry lips, her tongue searching for his. As they kissed, she moved him towards the center of the room where Randi was seated, her hands already reaching for his belt.

“Baby . . . Get your clothes off!!! I’m so fucking hot I can’t wait any longer for your big cock!!!” she panted between kisses.

She pushed Nico down next to Randi and quickly knelt between his legs, unsnapping his pants. Andrea pulled his shoes and socks off and grabbed the waist of his pants, stripping them off his body as Nico lifted his hips off the couch. His large cock slapped against his tight, tanned abs and Andrea reached for his shaft, bringing him greedily to her lips. Her tongue snaked out, licking at the sensitive underside of his plum-sized head with just the very tip of her tongue, before running it slowly up and down his fat shaft. She cupped his smooth ball sack in one hand, kissing and licking his heavy balls causing her young lover to throw his head back and groan as he began to squirm on the couch.

After sucking each of his nuts, she slowly licked back up his long, stiff shaft and, dropping her jaw, took him deep into her warm, wet, mouth, sucking him so hard that her cheeks hollowed.

“MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! she moaned loudly, the vibrations sending jolts of pleasure to course through the yong mans’s lean body.


Candace bobbed her head in a steady rhythm, picking up speed as Marcus pumped his long, thick shaft into her mouth, his hands now on the back of her head. Candace pulled her lips away with and audible pop, sucking wetly at the saliva that had built up in her mouth.

She got to her feet and turned her back to Marcus, lifting her hair up to expose the back of her dress. Marcus quickly untied the string below her neck and lowered the zipper down to the gentle swell of her ass. Candace worked the dress off her shoulders and over her slender hips, allowing it to pool at her feet. Naked except for her sexy heels, she took Marcus by the hand and led him to a large chair near the other couples.

She pushed Marcus onto the chair and moved quickly to straddle him, his hard, fat cock rubbing deliciously against her moist slit. Leaning forward, she put both her hands on the side of his face and tilted it upward as she lowered her lips towards his. As they kissed, Marcus reached for the base of his cock bringing it to the warm, wetness he felt between her slender thighs. Bracing herself on the back of the chair, Candace raised her ass until the mushroom head of his cock slid easily between her swollen pussy lips, lowering herself slowly over his thick shaft. She moaned loudly into her lover’s mouth as he began to fuck her, filling her with an almost animal lust.

Marcus reached down to squeeze her tight ass cheeks together as he thrust into her, her heavy breats rubbing against his smooth, muscular chest. Candace tore her lips from his and sat up straighter, raising her ass higher as she began to ride him, her breasts now bouncing in front of her, her head thrown back, her eyes screwed shut. Marcus palmed her tits, and she put her hands over his as he squeezed them roughly, causing her to groan.

“AAAAaaaaahhhh . . . Shit!!! Fuck me, Baby!! Give me all your big hard cock!!!!! . . . I need a big hard cock up my pussy!!!!!! . . . OOOOOOH!!FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!”


Randi had her hands against the back of Steve’s head as she ground her pussy against her face. Her pussy was on fire as she watched Candace ride Marcus through lidded eyes, his big, black cock covered in her juices as her shapely ass drove down onto his lap.

Andrea’s wet slobbering pulled her attention from Candace and when Randi turned her head, she saw that Nico was looking directly into her cool, blue eyes. He reached over and pulled Randi to his lips, her jaw dropping slightly to allow his tongue to push into her mouth.

He kissed Randi passionately, his long cock like a hot iron in Andrea’s mouth. With a loud groan, he twisted away from her as his hand slid down Randi’s slim waist turning her from her young lover who was still on his knees.

Steve and Andrea sat back on their heels and watched as Nico took Randi into his hot embrace. Her hand slid down to cradle the side of his face as they kissed, her tongue probing his mouth, his hand moving lightly down over her ass to the back of a slender thigh, her leg now raised and bent against his side.

Randi broke their kiss, panting, her face just a few inches from Nico’s as she smiled lustily up at him, before settling back on the couch as Nico knelt before her outstretched legs. Randi pulled her top over her head, shaking her long, blonde hair, exposing her tiny, pert breasts. Nico unzipped her skirt as she lifted her hips to allow him to slide it off her legs.

Nico quickly drove his hard cock into Randi’s pussy, causing her to inhale sharply as her pussy adjusted to his mammoth girth. Nico put her legs up over his broad shoulders and began to ruthlessly fuck the sexy soccer mom plunging deep into her warm, soaking wet tunnel. Randi drove her hips off the couch to meet his anxious thrusts, wriggling eagerly beneath him as he gave her a good,hard fucking.

“AAAaaaahhh . . . Fuck, Nico! . . . Your cock is so fucking big!!!! I love the way you feel inside of me!!!! . . . Fuck me, Baby!!! AAaaahhh . . . .Jesus!!!!!”

Randi was suprised how quickly her orgasm came, she arched her back nearly knocking Nico off the couch as she shuddered violently beneath him, her head thrashing on the cushions, her eyes screwed shut.

“OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh MMMmmmyy GAWWDD!! Fuck me! FUCK Me!! . . . FFFFFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKK!!!” she moaned over and over as her orgasm flooded every nerve ending in her body, her breath ragged, her toes curled over Nico’s shoulders. Randi’s pussy juice ran in a stream between her legs, pooling on the couch below her tight, little ass.

Her heart was still pounding when Nico pulled his wetly shining cock from her married pussy. He swung her legs over to the side and Randi quickly got onto her hands and knees, looking back over her shoulder. Nico spread her taut butt cheeks and leaned forward, resting the head of his cock against the puckered ring of her ass which was still covered in her juices. Nico pushed gently against Randi’s asshole as it yielded to allow him entry. He felt her tense up as half of his thick shaft disappeared up her ass.

“Go easy this time, Baby!” she warned. “My husband noticed I was walking funny the last time I let you fuck me in the ass!”

Nico laughed as he began to slowly thrust into her, loving how tight she was, her tiny breasts swinging beneath her as she was reamed.

“Okay . . . I’ll try and take it easy, but you get me so worked up I can’t help myself sometimes!!”

Randi closed her eyes and smiled as her head arched back, recognizing that the young man was telling the truth. Nico loved older women and the passion he brought to play when he was with Randi or Andrea was obvious. He absolutely loved fucking them, and they gave as good as they got.

“That’s it . . . MMMMMmmmmm Baby . . . Yeah . . . . Just like that . . . Fuck me, Baby! Fuck me in the ass!!!!”


Andrea and Steve had backed away when Nico had turned his attention to Randi. Steve got off watching his lover act like a total slut and Andrea knew, from past experience, that Nico would take care of her later, and he always made it worth the wait.

As Andrea stood near the bar watching the other couples, she felt a hand slid gently over her flat tummy from behind. She felt Steve move against her, the fat bulge of his cock pushing deliciously against her tight ass. She leaned back into him, her arm going back over and behind his head as he nibbled the sensitive skin of her supple neck. He slowly lifted the front of her skirt revealing her cleanly shaven pussy, his fingers lightly running the length of her slit.

She spread her legs slightly, allowing him to push a finger into her warm, wet tunnel and moaned softly as he began to finger her, before turning her face back around towards Steve’s. She thrust her tongue out, inviting Steve’s to dance, their lips barely an inch apart. Steve slid his other hand slowly up to one of her full, firm breasts. Her husband had sent her to California to have them done for her fortieth birthday. Perfect D cups, she loved to show them off by wearing low cut tops and skimpy bikinis.

Steve felt her nipple stiffen beneath his fingers as her ass ground back against his fat crotch. With a groan, she turned into his arms, her hands pulling his face to her hungry lips. As they kissed, Steve mangaged to ease her skirt down past her luscious ass. It slid slowly down her long, slender legs to pool at her ankles. When he grabbed the bottom of her shirt, Andrea lifted her arms allowing him to pull it over her head.

Now wearing only her strappy sandals and a seductive smile, Steve pushed her big boobs together and lowered his head, gently sucking a nipple into his mouth. Andrea leaned her head back, her hands on Steve’s broad shoulders, as he gently licked and sucked every sensitive inch of her lovely mounds.

Steve slowly kissed his way up the gentle swell of her lithe neck, before Andrea greedily pulled him to her lips. As her hot tongue probed his mouth, the sexy cougar expertly unbuttoned his shirt, running her hands over his smooth, thick, chest as Steve kicked off his shoes, unbuckling his baggy jeans.

Andrea pushed his pants past his waist and reached for his long, hard cock as it sprang free of his boxers. Her hands felt like warm silk as she gently stroked his shaft, and he could feel her wedding bands on the sensitive skin of his dick.

Panting with lust, Andrea quickly darted her tongue into Steve’s mouth before she turned and braced herself against the bar, her shapely ass proudly on display, bending over at the waist on her sexy heels.

She reached back between her legs to grab Steve’s cock, bringing its head to the mouth of her pussy. He slowly slid the length of his shaft deep into her warm, wetness until he was buried to the hilt. He stopped briefly, before slowly withdrawing his cock completely, repeating his slow, practiced thrusts over and over again.

“AAAAhhh . . . Fuck . . . That feels good!!!! My pussy is so wet!!! . . . Fuck me, Baby!! . . . Just like that!!!!!!!!” Andrea moaned softly.

Compared to Nico’s almost angry pounding of her pussy, Steve was playing her like an expensive stringed instrument, slowly pulling long, lovely notes of pleasure from between her legs.

After several incredible minutes, Steve slowly began to pick up the pace of his fucking, Andrea’s big beautiful breats swinging lewdly beneath her. She could feel a huge orgasm begin to build and she pushed her ass back to meet the young man’s thrusts.

“OOOOOOHHHHHH . . . Yes!!!! . . . YES!!! You’re gonna make me cum!!!!! . . . Ohhh Fuck!! . . . MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm . . . God YES!!!!”


Randi slid her still naked ass across the bar stool and reached for her purse. She pulled out the distinctive green and white pack containing her cigarettes and flipped the top of the hard pack. Using a tiny golden lighter that Marcus had given her, she lit a cigarette dragging deeply before exhaling a long stream up into the air. She turned around on the tall stool and crossed her legs seductively, her tiny stiletto clad foot pointing up towards the ceiling. She noticed Candace walking towards her, wobbling slightly on her high heels, still breathing heavily from the fucking Marcus had given her.

She took a seat next to Randi and applied a thick coat of wet gloss to her lips before reaching for Randi’s cigarette pack. She removed one of the long, white cigarettes and bent her head to the side to accept a light from Randi. As she exhaled, she watched as Andrea knelt in the middle of the office as all three boys gathered around her.

Smiling lewdly, Andrea opened her mouth wide inviting Marcus to shove his cock past her wetly shining lips. Moaning loudly as she sucked his cock, Andrea began to stroke the other two as they stood on each side of her. She took turns sucking each of them, their saliva soaked cocks glistening as Andrea greedily worked them, her big, full breasts flushed from her efforts.

Randi tapped an ash and took a long slow draw from her cigarette. “That’s harder than it looks” she offered clinically, before adding with a sly grin “I know from experience!”

Candace laughed as she exhaled a plume of smoke, taking a sip of wine before turning towards Randi.

“Jesus” she said, lowering her voice “Nico is huge!” her eyes glued to the thick shaft now buried in Andrea’s mouth.

“Oh, Darling . . . You really must try him before you leave. Andrea won’t mind. It takes a little getting use to . . . and he can get kind of rough, but its not like Marcus hasn’t prepared you for a cock that size . . . Is it?” Randi offered with a glint in her beautiful blue eyes.

Candace smiled as she took another drag, dropping her cigarette with a hiss into her glass of wine.

“That’s true!” she answered as she got to her feet. “Well . . . Shall we give her a hand?” Randi smiled back at her friend and followed her over to the others.

Randi took Steve gently by the hand and smiling lovingly, led her young lover over to the couch where she had fucked Nico earlier. Kissing him softly, her tongue pushing sweetly into his mouth, she pushed him down onto the cushions, eagerly scooting onto his lap. Holding his cock by its thick base, she raised her ass and slowly, inch by glorious inch, slid her hot, wet pussy over its bulbous head,inhaling sharply through her nose, her eyes fluttering. Slowly she began to ride his cock as Steve gripped her ass cheeks, Randi bracing herself on his round, muscular shoulders.

“Fuck me, Baby!!” she whispered hotly in her boyfriend’s ear. “Fuck me!!” before locking her mouth onto his.

Candace kneeled down next to Andrea watching intently as she expertly worked Nico’s cock. Seeing the hungry look in her eyes, Andrea turned towards her and slowly slid her lips from the plum-sized head of Nico’s dick, offering it to Candace.

Candace eagerly accepted the gift, her hand unable to close completely around his hard, thick shaft, her tongue darting out to lick at the precum pooling on the head. Using just the tip of her tongue, she started at the base of his shaft, licking slowly up its impressive length, finishing with a lustly run around the crown. She took each of his heavy balls briefly into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing, before taking just the head of his cock into her mouth. Sucking hard on his fat knob, Candace stroked him briskly with both her hands.

Nico groaned loudly, his feet spread apart, both hands on the back of the lovely MILF’s head, suprised at how quickly she was able to bring him to the point of explosion.

Steve nuzzled the side of Randi’s neck as he pumped his thick cock deep into her married pussy, his hard body smacking wetly against hers. Randi’s eyes opened briefly to discover that Marcus had mounted Andrea on the floor, her pretty, freshly painted toenails pointed up towards the ceiling, his finely muscled ass cheeks flexing as he drove his long cock between her legs.

As Randi felt her orgasm begin to build, she heard Nico grunt “SSSSSHHHIIITTT!!!” as he jerked his cock into Candace’s open mouth, blowing a huge load down her throat, a few ropes dangling from her chin as she knelt on the floor, her hands resting on her thighs, her face tilted upwards.

Feeling her orgasm burst, Randi turned back to Steve, grabbing the sides of his face, pushing her tongue into his mouth as he drove his cock up into her pussy, his fingers bruising her ass cheeks.


Nico cut a couple of rails on the polished granite counter top of his bar as Andrea slipped back into her clothes, running a comb through her hair. The others had left an hour earlier allowing Nico ample opportunity to ravage the dark haired MILF.

Andrea took a bump from the smaller of the two lines, chasing it with a sip of wine. She lit a cigarette, and tilting her chin upward, exhaled a thin stream, her elbow propped on the top of the bar.

Smiling lewdly at her young lover, she said “You were incredible tonite, darling!” adding caustically ” I wouldn’t be suprised if Candace starts calling you now, she couldn’t seem to get enough of your cock, Baby!”

“She’d better.” Nico responded “I gave her my number. But don’t worry, she’s got a long ways to go before she is anywhere near the slut you are!”

Andrea tapped an ash and smiled back recognizing that in his own way, Nico meant that as a compliment. Glancing at the clock he advised “It’s getting pretty late. Won’t your husband be wondering where you are?”

She took a long drag and exhaled as she got to her feet nodding her head. Nico followed her to the door where she stepped into his arms, raising her chin and inviting a kiss. “Call me soon?” she asked.

Nico kissed her softly, “Absolutely!” he answered before pulling her hard against his body, one hand roughly squeezing a big breast as he drove his tongue into her mouth, leaving the married mother of three panting with lust. Nico knew that with the slightest word he could get her naked on the couch, her long legs spread wide, or on her knees at his feet with her mouth open for his cock, but he enjoyed leaving her like this . . . always wanting more.

After she left, Nico did a couple of more lines before sliding in front of his computer. In a matter of minutes, video images of the orgy that had just taken place in his office filled the large screen. Nico had numerous cameras in his office and throughout his club, catching the illicit and wanton acts that took place on a regular basis.

He edited the footage as he reviewed it, particularly taken with the video he got of Randi on her knees in front of Marcus. She was looking up at him with his long, dark cock in her mouth and he was pushing her hair back from her beautiful face as she gave him an incredible blow job. Nico also got some impressive footage of Andrea on all fours, sucking Steve’s cock as Nico fucked her doggy style.

Over the next few hours, Nico spliced seven different clips together, each running about 10 minutes and formatted them so he could send them out over the internet to a couple popular porn sites.

A thin smile crept across his face as he finished his work. He liked to imagine the reaction of someone recognizing one of the Middleton MILFs as being a co-worker, neighbor or, in his wildest dream, their own wife.

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