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I Hey! My name is Nikkie and this is my first erotically minded story . I hope you all like it and please leave your notes as to what you liked and what you didn’t like, but just keep it constructive If it’s liked (or at least not passionately hated), I might write another . Thank you and enjoy. 🙂


I could feel that cold, smooth, hard surface behind me. I remember the hot water striking my skin and the steam strengthening the scent of her. I shudder as I’m pinned against the shower wall, always just a little colder than comfortable and it makes me shiver as I catch my breath.

My heels, my shoulder blades and my head against the cold surface. My ass rubbing back and forth against the wall as she grinds and palms my mound relentlessly.

“Make me yours” I sigh,

as her body collides with mine once again, squeezing her hand between my thighs. The surface behind me is so hard that my body absorbs all shock of her delicious body thrusting against mine almost slamming my ass into the cold wet tiles.

I can see it in her eyes how much she loves having me there;


But not so tightly that I can’t writhe and move my body. Supported by her constant thrusts I curl my leg around her waist, holding her close.

Her nails clawing up my thigh, urging higher, her hips grinding, her teeth flashing in a wide lusty smile. Her eyes darken and I gasp as I can see just how much she lusts for me to come for her.

I can see in her eyes and in the expression on her face how damp the sheets were just this morning when she had dreamed about me… Doing these things to me. She had waited all day for it and I was finally hers to do as she pleases.

Suddenly she casts my leg aside and wraps my waist in her strong arms spinning me around quickly and crushing into me from behind.

I yelp in surprise as I find my cheek, my breasts, my knees and my hips smashed hard against the wall. Immediately I feel her hand winding in my hair, tightening and pulling back and I willingly tilt my chin up. I feel her hot breath on my throat only moments before her teeth sink in.

Tasting my sweat and my skin, marking me as her own — her little slut.

My taut tummy trapping her other arm against the wall as she strums away at her little slut’s pussy. Plucking at my lips, stretching and pinching, but avoiding penetration…. For now.

I’m longing for that exact moment…. So bad. My pussy is throbbing, glistering in the water, desperate for attention.

I moan as I feel her hand draw away… Then yelp again as her fingertips lash against my clit, spanking my pussy. She growls as spanks me again, sending a wave of tension through my body and I’m unable to hold in the cry of pleasure as my body squirms uncontrollably against the wall.

A smile appears on her face and the growl turns into a whisper of how she’s going to tease me till I beg her to fuck me. Till it’s the thing in the world I’m most certain about. Until everything else pales in relevance and the only thing that matters. The center of my existence is my quaking cunt…. My cunt and the finger lodged there all the way to the knuckle…. Its ridges raking my inner walls. When I feel like my entire purpose in life… My raison d’être… Is to squeal and beg for release.

I open my mouth to do so, but as I do I’m met with her finger on my lips to stifle my begging plea. Applying pressure, her surging finger parts my lip, and scoring my timid tongue, it mimics the other finger spearing my equally needy pussy.

She can feel me quiver as her fingers press firm and kneads little circles, slicking my juices over my folds, her hips circling, grinding me into the cold surface.

Fucking me forward against her hand, so soft and talented. I can feel her tight little fist, two of her knuckles straddling my clit, the rest wedged between my mound and the wall; Giving me a hard little toy to fuck myself against.

I can feel her hips behind me, thrusting lewdly… A little faster now, but a lot harder.

This is no gentle love making.

She clenches her fist against my little pussy and applies pressure making it throb and vibrate and making me whither and moan. My knees weaken and I stumble on my feet, but she’s right behind me, holding me… Pinning me against the makeshift altar on which she worships my young, sexy body passionately… Vigorously and fiercely fucking her sexy little slut.

I shift my weight to remain steady, my hard nipples rasping against the wall.

I feel sexy now, knowing that my lover can’t keep her eyes nor hands off of me as soon as I stretch the slightest and for a short moment the thought of her longing to have my body as she pleases whenever she wants becomes a daydream….. That I abruptly wake up from a moment later as she squeezes my clit between her knuckles making me shake and shudder deliciously in her arms.

She wants to tease me longer, but my shaky, squirming hot body and my need for release is too much for her and she whimpers , confessing her own need;

“Ohh Nikkie, fuckkk”

And sighs as her finger suddenly spears my slit, those knuckles still tight against my tender flesh. She curls that lonely finger inside me and clenches tight, my mound and clit imprisoned in her warm palm making me shudder against the wall wall behind her hand. Then she lets my hair go free and reaches for my right hand, drawing it back around her thrusting hip. Her fingers laced between mine, coaxing me to dig my nails into her ass. I can’t resist and as I do as I’m told, she lets out a groan into my ear.

Her hips colliding so hard against me now, forcing me against that fist… again and again, her speed increasing with her desire, as she tells me whispering how much she craves my pleasure… My orgasm.

Her hold on me tightens, her hips hammering away as a second stiff finger joins the first in my dripping wet pussy, stabbing them into me again and again till her forearm burns with exertion.

I listen to her begging for me to come for her, to spray her hand and the wal, to be her little blonde slut.

Even now she wants to prolong my pleasure and tease me further, but she can’t. Her own orgasm is so close…. She’s been fucking herself against my hip and tailbone and I feel her tense up and shake behind me. She strikes out, knowing her own lust has gotten the best of her and she takes it out on my pussy, frantically grinding me against the wall.

My belly flat against it, I feel so tightly pinned that I could lift my feet off the ground and not fall down. She clutches at my breast as it’s nearly flattened against that cold surface, the weight of my body trapping both her hands; One sawing away between my thighs and the other mauling my breast and nipple, her breath hot and dry on my shoulder just before she sinks her teeth in to stifle a squeal and I feel her teeth clamping down hard the instant her orgasm racks her body, her nectar sizzling sweetly against my skin as she comes on the back on my thigh and ass.

The strong and sweet scent of her fills my nostrils as her fists get back to attacking my pleasure points, her fingers twisting, sttrreeeetttching my walls.

I groan, feeling so empty as she suddenly tears her hands from me and drops weakly to her knees, pressing her face into me from behind, nudging and tickling between my cheeks and her lips mashed against mine. I wriggle and shudder, but her hold on my hips is too strong and that wall isn’t going anywhere.

I feel her tongue, so hungry for me. Lapping, sneaking up those pretty petals and stealing away my juices. Capturing them and pulling away as her hand reclaims my mound and her tongue covered in me teasing my little tight ring.

She mewls up at me, her thumb stuffed to the base inside my pussy, and second and third finger placed firmly on either side of my clit, stretching the sensitive skin around it, her tongue playing around my ass as she listens to my body intently, gauging my reaction. The reaction she gets is a loud cry of pleasure overwhelming the flow of water against the hard tiles.

My little hard nub between her fingers, jutting out and begging for attention, she surges forward, trying to force my clit against the cool smooth wall and at the same time her tongue stiffens and stretches me… slowly, making me feel so full with just a single digit and tongue. Her free hand sliding up and down those smooth, sexy legs, up my back and side, just touching me. A firm, knowing touch, loving my feminine curves, the arch of my back and spine, her fingertips brushing my hair and twining my tresses around them.

Her hand is steady and sturdy, providing knuckles as little nodes for my clit to find and guide, her face guiding my hips and her tongue firmly anchored in my ass. Her breaths are sharp and ragged as her mouth and nose are almost always occupied. There is no part of my body that isn’t feeling the full brunt of her lust.

She writhes with me, penetrating my heat once again, then suddenly purrs as another orgasm washes over her, just from the enjoying she receives from pleasing me and her hands tighten in accord. She summons the last of her waning strength and stands shakily to her feet, spinning me and grasping for my right thigh, hiking it high up her body so that she can gaze into my pleading eyes and as she kisses me she whispers how fucking beautiful I am right now.

Her mound writhing lightly against mine, her hips moving slowly and her eyelids fluttering, she falls into me in a loving embrace. Her soft lips smoothing over my shoulder where she’d bitten me not long before and her slender arms slipping around my arched back, holding me tightly.

Her lust is temporarily sated, and while I’m still every inch her sexy little slut, it’s her love that surrounds me now… Her presence and her smile. I can see it in her eyes how much she loves me as she silently disengages from me, leaving me weary and spent against that wall and padding away on her bare feet she peeks back over her shoulder and smiles

“Are you coming?”

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