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Nicky’s Day

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Nicky woke up horny. Then that wasn’t unusual for the thirty-nine year old woman. She loved sex.

The former college athletic and part time fitness trainer always was ready for a good fuck. She had been known to engage in sex just about anywhere. Ever since discovering sex in high school, Nicky could never get her fill.

There was nothing better than to have her tits mauled, clit sucked or to be filled with hot, pumping cock in any of her holes. She craved it all.

It wasn’t much after discovering the pleasures of a hard cock that the treasures of pussy were found out. She remembered that first time being gang banged in the girls’ shower. Cunts were as wonderful as cocks. There wasn’t any logical reason for not enjoying both.

Many were jealous of this freedom of thought. Often the label ‘nympho’ or ‘pervert’ was given because of that appreciation of a hard dick or wet pussy. Nicky considered those who called her that uptight prudes or bible thumpers.

All she had was a very healthy attitude about sex. There wasn’t any reason to place restrictions on satisfying these normal human drives. It wasn’t wrong to follow up on these basler urges.

It was this male dominated society that had created these false morals. If a man had acted in this matter, he would be said to have a ‘healthy libido. But Nicky was often called ‘an easy piece’ or a ‘slut’ for such conduct.

Nicky was daydreaming about her boyfriend Ben. She had imagined him in bed. He would be sucking on hard, quarter-sized dark nipples and fingering a bald pussy and clit.

Nicky lay there pinching on the hard nubs. She thought of his big cock driving in and out made her very wet cunny. Damn! Why did he have to be out of town on business!? She could use a hard dick right now!

Her hand moved down to a moist slit. Fingers move between the glistening pink lips. A hooded little dick was found.

“Oooooooooh, Ben,” she moaned, “I need your big cock.” The hot woman jerks the clitoral head furiously juice covered fingers. Holding it securely between the restrictive digits, the love button protruded further outward. It formed a defined little cap.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” She euphorically yelled, “I want a hard dick sooooooo!”

The fantasy of his cock filling each and every one of her holes was overtaking all the other senses. Damn! A good piece of ass would be nice now! It didn’t take long bring on a strong climax.

A firm ass bounced and jerked all over the sheets. Nicky’s head flopped from shoulder to shoulder. Long brown hair waves wildly as the climax captured the sexual hazed body.

“Yes! Yesss! Yessssssss!” she audaciously screamed in pleasure.

Recovering from the orgasm, Nicky looked over at the LED clock. It was eight; thirty AM. She was going to be late for work. She muttered angrily jumping out of bed. The boss hated latecomers.

Nicky sped to the bathroom to take a quick shower. While turning on the water, the doorbell rang. At first, it was ignored. But the person at the door was persistent.

She looked out the window to see who it was. There was a mail truck parked in the driveway. This was probably the package too big to be placed in the mailbox. It would be simpler to accept it here now instead having to go to the post office to pick it up later.

Nicky hurriedly wrapped a thin robe over a firm body. The belt was loosely tied. She jogged to the front door.

She opened the door saying, “Hello. What can I do for ya?”

“Special delivery, Ma’am,” the postal worker answered.

This was a young man in his early twenties. Nicky grinned broadly. He was then invited to step inside. The package and a receipt was handed to her

He was handsome. The masculine face sported a set of light blue eyes and firm jaw. The physique beneath the uniform said athletic. A constantly horny mind automatically began to wonder what this man would be like in the sack.

The bathrobe barely concealed the firm 36 C tits. The robe slips open an inch while reaching over to sign the receipt. There was no effort to tighten the belt.

Instantly the arousing odor of a horny female body drifted out. Judging from his eyes, the postman caught a whiff a freshly moistened twat. Nicky could smell it too, but did nothing to hide it.

A bulge growing in his crotch was very noticeable. A seductive smile was given while handing back the clipboard. She noticed his name, Steve, sewn into the blue shirt.

“You’re a hottie, Steve, ” the older woman cooed.

This was going to make her late for work. But primal urges needed to be filled. Any opportunity to get laid placed everything else on hold.

“Thanks.” The young blond man complimented back, “You’re not so bad yourself.”

Nicky, never a woman to put off the obvious, reached down to the crotch of the short blue pants. The young cock sprang to life with the feel. It grew to full hardness.

Steve undoes the belt. The bathrobe slips open revealing the firm, rounded tits. A set of dark pink nipples became hard with the exposure.

“Yes,” he huskily hissed, “You’re ain’t so bad at all.”

Anxious fingers pinched the harden nubs firmly. They are rolled gently between thumbs and forefingers. The horny Nicky steps closer.

“Oooooooo,” she squealed.

Dropping arms, the robe falls off. A smooth, hot mature body is offered up. A bald pussy wettens.

She hastily opens the short pants. An eight-inch erect cock is pulled out. The sight of it makes Nicky even more aroused.

A pair of ruby lips is automatically licked. A tingling in hard clit is felt. Nicky goes to knees.

“Omigod,” Steve groans feeling the soft lips around the stiff shaft.

An anxious tongue begins to lick the erect rod. It is time for some deep throating. The older woman is going send this man to the utmost pleasure.

An excited tongue washes the stiff cockshaft from head to ball sac. She inhales the rod. A brunette head bobs back and forth meticulously. Experience hands cupped the retracted balls. They are gently squeezed.

The full cock was deep in Nicky’s mouth. The taste was cherished. The older woman was eager to feel it up her cunt.

Steve looks down in astonishment at the mature woman giving such an expert blowjobs. She was extremely experienced. This bitch was in heat!

He loved the tightness of her mouth. It made him extremely hard. This was an outstand cocksucking.

Gradually she released the full ball sac. A free hand moves up inside the uniform shirt. A warm palm brushes across the flat abdomen and muscular chest.

Faster the young mailman fucks her face. Nicky swallows the few drops of pre-cum that oozed out. He gripped her head and humps harder. The ball sac slaps with each plunge.

The harder he pumped, the tighter she sucks. A soft tongue snakes over the hard young cock. Nicky’s lust is growing with each passing minute.

Suddenly, Steve pulls out of her mouth saying, “I’m not gonna cum in your mouth, sweetie.”

“Why?” A surprised Nicky says, “I like the taste of sperm!”

“‘Cause if your mouth this that good,” he answers standing Nicky up, “your pussy gotta be better!”

“Well,” Nicky cooed, “You’re not wrong there.”

“Bend over, bitch,” Steve instructs turning the older woman around roughly, “An’ grabbed your ankles.”

Nicky obeys unquestionably. A tight, firm ass moves from side to side enticingly. A shaved hot pussy is in full view. The pink cunt lips glistened with moisture.

Steve sighs deeply at the marvelous sight. The younger man reached under Nicky. A set of dark nipples is teased for a few seconds. She wiggles a rounded ass even more.

“Come on, baby,” she moaned. “Put that big ol’ cock inside a ready pussy.”

Nicky feels young hands grasped her asscheeks tightly. Her pussy is stimulated by the touch of a stiff cockhead. A swollen head is pushed in.

“Oh sweet gawd!” Nicky groans loudly.

Her passage was suddenly stretched by the mailman’s steel-hard dick. She could barely keep balance as the youthful cock pumps in and out. Nicky had to grip her ankles even harder to stay upright.

A set of large breasts swayed back and forth as the fuck rhythm intensified. Athletic legs waver with each pleasure wave. Nicky releases the ankles grip and braces against the wall.

Only the unyielding ass grip is keeping her stable. The full young cock repeatedly rams inside a dripping cunt. The plunging rod is fantastic!

“Fuck me faster, baby,” she begged hotly, “Pump that big cock all the way in!”

With that, the intensity of the fuck increased. A set of balls slapped loudly against the mature ass. Pronounce ‘whacks’ echo in the room.

“Oh sweet fuck!” she wailed feeling the first pleasure waves arriving, “Ram that nice piece of meat deeper!”

“Get ready, bitch!” Steve growls, “You’re gonna flow lik’a hose!”

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee!” Nicky squeals as a set of pink pussy lips spasms.

Steve noticed a gush of juices coming from the mature hole. The warm fluids soak the pleasure making cock. The cunt tightens more.

Nicky is pushed down onto all fours. Steve goes down with her with the long cock remaining inside. Ten fingers gripped a set of rounded asscheeks harder as a stiff rod fucks deeper.

A masculine hand moves underneath and across a sweaty abdomen. A finger is inserted into a busy pussy. It is inserted next to the ramming cock.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck!” she wails at the pleasure of the extra penetration, “Sweet jezzzzzzzus!”

Steve then removes the digit. Nicky then feels the tip pressed against a tight little asshole. He began to rub it back and forth. He continues to pound the wet mature cunt at the same time.

The thought of having another hole played with increased the lusting desires. He was going to double bang her. This man was a damn wonderful stud!

Nicky was at a level of pleasure seldom one person had ever brought her to. The blend sensations on the asshole and clit were fantastic. Her body rotated in response to the combine pleasure mugging.

“Yes! Yess! Yessssss!” she screamed blindly, “Git your finger up my asshole! Fuck both my holes, baby!”

The verbal encouragement added to the younger man’s lust. The index finger was inserted deeper into the tight asshole. Gradually it was worked it all the way in.

The finger and cock moved in a unified rhythm. Nicky’s asshole spasms wildly. Her pussy tightens around the ramming cock. A climax was rising quickly.

“Oh fuck!” Steve groans feeling his balls tingling, “I’m gonna cum!” He shouts, “You bitch! Your tight pussy is makin’ me cum hard!” he bellows.

“Not in my cunt, baby!” Nicky moans, “Let me have it in my mouth!”

Nicky pulls forward and falls to the floor. The cock and finger popped out of the wet holes. She rapidly turns around.

Steve knee walks up the trim torso. Muscular legs straddle Nicky’s head. Her mouth was wide open with excitement.

Nicky swallows the swollen cock. She sucks and caresses the stiff shaft anxiously wanting to taste the stranger’s cum. He suddenly taunts.

“Omigod!” Steve cries out with closed eyes, “I’m cumin’! I’m cumin’ fuckin’ hard!”

A river of sperm rushes from a rigid dickhead. Nicky inhales the first spurts into her throat. The blasts are too much. The remainder lands on the large tits and neck.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” he gives a final yell then sets back a firm abdomen.

The younger man stares at Nicky with amazement. This mature woman lies there covered in his sperm. It was a marvelous session.

“I’ve gotta go, baby,” Steve says jumping up, “I hate to love an’ run, but I do have a job to do.”

Nicky stood up looking at the young postman. She smiled with self-satisfaction. He was one healthy specimen of a man.

Steve speedily got back in uniform. A close-lipped smile was given. He then left.

Nicky headed back to the shower to clean up. Ironically, it was still running. The room was fill with mist. All the cum and pussy juice was hurriedly washed off.

The rushed woman grabbed the nearest clothing; there was no time to be picky. She hurriedly dressed in a tight pair of faded jeans and a close-fitting white crop top. No underwear was put on.

She raced out to car. It would be hell to pay for being so late to work again. This might cost her this job. Hell! It wouldn’t be a first time!

The store’s air conditioning unit caused a set of nipples to stiffen. The dark nubs pressed against the light, thin top. Some of the male customers ogled as she strutted past. Even a few women smiled at seeing the mature toned body bounce by.

“Sorry I had some car problems,” she lied to Jerry walking behind the counter. “I’m probably gonna get hell for bein’ so late.”

Even after months of working together, Jerry couldn’t get use to this older woman’s body. He always gave her the once-over. A set of admiring eyes never fails to take in that marvelous chest.

“Don’t sweat it,” he told, “The boss is off sick.” He added, “Besides, it ain’t been busy.”

Jerry was the boss’s nephew. He was eighteen and in the last year of high school. The young jock often bragged about the older fox with the amazing tits and ass he worked with.

Normally Nicky’s presence wasn’t so distracting. Jerry had broken up with his girlfriend this summer and didn’t have a steady piece of ass. The young lad had been spending a lot of time jerking off to the image of the sexy older co-worker.

Jerry’s aunt Jade came out from the back. She looked hard at Nicky. The woman gave a disapproving stare at the slutty attire.

Jade was a tall big-bodied woman. Nicky thought it was a shame how this female would dress so conservatively. She had an hourglass figure. The big redhead had to have a rack that was at least a 40D.

“I want you two to go back an’ do the monthly inventory,” she instructed. “I can handle the front for now.”

Jerry and Nicky immediately obeyed. The boxes new merchandise was piled up against the wall. Among them was a stack of mattresses. Often these were used to take quick lunch naps now and then.

As they walked there Jerry couldn’t take his eyes off the mature gorgeous round ass. A young cock stiffens at the sight. Temptation was just too much.

“There’s something I’ve gotta touch right now,” the lusting Jerry stated boldly clamping onto a mature asscheek.

“Why Jerry,” she coolly responded, “are’ya gettin’ frisky?”

Suddenly the lusting teenager grabbed Nicky roughly. She was pulled to his young muscular body. A youthful cock against her ass while an anxious hand groped the full tits.

“This isn’t the right place,” she weakly protested, “I don’t think this is the time.”

She had been checking Jerry out the first day they worked together. There had been many fantasies. It had been awhile that a teenage cock had been inside her.

“Maybe I’ve decided that it’s time, slut,” Jerry hissed.

She then was spun around. A deep French kiss was force. A mature tongue willingly dueled with his.

Jerry then pushed her back. A large belt buckle was hastily undone. Loose fitting trousers then fell to his ankles. There were no underpants.

A thick swollen cock bounced into full view. Nicky’s eyes widened at the sight. With a second look, a lower lip was bitten lustfully.

“It’s nine fuckin’ inches for ya, bitch,” Jerry claimed pushing her to knees.

Nicky loved it when a man got rough. She didn’t even mind being slapped around a little just as long as a good fucking came with the treatment. An aching cunt was already moist.

“Jerry, you’re so big,” she hotly cooed using both hands to grip the hard teenage shaft.

“I knew you were a real slut,” he moaned feeling the experienced hands stroked the erect cock.

Her lips and tongue went over the head. The mature mouth was wonderful. The lusting teenager knew this blowjob was going to result in a powerful climax.

There was no desire to waste energy concentrating on standing. He dropped back on a short stack of mattresses. A nine-inch dick popped from her mouth.

Nicky was now just too hot to want to slow down. The sexy driven woman knee walked up between his legs. A ruby lipped mouth hungrily suck the erect rod back in. A brunette mane bob up and down rapidly.

Jerry had never had a cocksucking like this before. Many of the high school girls he fucked were good. But none ever filled his lustful needs like this woman was.

Nicky stopped for a moment and pulled the tight crop top off. A set of firm mature tits jiggled with the freedom. The twin vision made the teenage dick even stiffer.

Jerry reached down and petted a large tit. He squeezed a large, dark nipple with thumb and forefinger. He impishly twicks the erect nub.

“Ummmmmmmmh!” she moaned in response.

Nicky sucked in the youthful cock deeper. Her pussy was really wet now. Lustful needs demanded to be satisfied.

Jerry was now groping with two nervous hands. He leaked precum into her mouth. The experienced Nicky knew this boy was long overdue for pussy.

A blue jean covered crotch pressed against his leg. Even behind the material, he could feel the heat. There was a damp pussy desiring a cock underneath the denim.

“Yes, you’re one fine cocksucker,” Jerry sighed, “An’ I bettin’ you’ve gotta hot cunt as well.”

“You tell me, stud,” Nicky responded standing up. She unsnapped the tight fitting pants and let them drop.

“Omigod,” he admired, “You’re as bald as a baby.”

“True,” she agreed dropping down between his legs again, “But I fuck lik’a horny woman.”

Nicky leaned over his crotch. A set of heavy breasts surrounded the erect cock. The young dick snuggled between the large fleshy mounds.

She squeezed the firm tits around the stiff rod. He instinctively began to hump between the orbs. He liked this different position. It was a wonderful new sensation.

While enjoying the long teenage member between her breasts, Nicky snaked a finger down between his asscheeks. A long middle finger found the puckering anus. She rubbed the tight orifice.

“Oh sweet jezzus!” Jerry huffed.

An experienced finger sped up the teasing of the boy’s asshole. It made the erect cock jerk faster between her breasts. She increased the tit fuck and finger movements.

“You’re a damn good slut,” moaned Jerry reaching down to the big titties again. “You’re ya Gawddamn hot bitch!” he moaned, “I’m gonna fuck ya raw before we’re done!”

The teenage cock felt even harder now. Nicky liked getting this boy even hotter. It was time to demonstrate what a practiced slut could do.

Nicky leaned back. A warm hand grasped the long rod. She began to stroke it fully from top to bottom. A flickering tongue licked a sweaty ball sac.

Jerry went wild. The teenager thrust up and down in the skilled hand. The grip on the rod tightened.

A hot tongue washed around the retracted ball sac. It then steadily moved lower. A pink tip found the tight asshole.

Jerry robotically lifted a set of athletic legs. Nicky began tonguing the anus faster. Her hand continued to jerk the young hard cock.

“Oh, fuck you’re such’a slut!” he grunted, “I’ve never had any feelings like this before!”

A nervous tongue lapped faster over his anus. Her hand jacked the erect cock quicker. Suddenly she felt it stiffen. The ball sac tightened even more.

He was going to cum. Nicky badly wanted to taste it. The stiff rod was inhaled the to the hilt. She began bob wildly.

“Omigod!” Jerry groaned watching the long brunette mane flail up and down, “Suck out my juices, bitch!”

This older woman’s mouth was as tight any pussy. His balls started to boil with hot sperm. Nicky sucked deeper. A hot tongue rapidly worked over the shaft.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” He panted, “I’m cummmin’!” He wailed the hot cum unloaded into her mouth.

The teenage sperm flushed deep into Nicky’s throat. She inhale the cum river wanting to fully taste it. She continued to jerk the vibrating cock while the love nectar filled a hungry mouth.

Jerry was buckle and contorted as the pleasure waves controlled his body. Nicky’s mouth never left the pulsating rod. Not a drop of the hot fluids escaped.

“Iiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee!” the sex driven teenager gave final screech as the climax ended.

Jerry laid back panting on the stack of mattresses. The young cock was still at full erection. Nicky smiled happily at the sight.

No, bitch,” Jerry said roughly jerking her, “We’re just beginnin’,”

Nicky allowed herself to be pulled on the stack of mattresses. As soon as the sex driven woman was on her back, legs opened wide and high. She saw the young erect prick standing out. She grabbed and jerked it frantically.

“Stick it in me!” Nicky ordered in a voice hoarse with excitement. “Shove it up this bitch’s cunt an’ fuck her brains out!” She challenged hotly, “Give me your best, boy!”

Jerry was ready. The young hard cock plunged into the mature wet cunt. Her legs immediately wrapped around his back.

“It’s fuckin’ time!” Nicky panted, “It’s time for ya show me what’ya really got!”

“Jesus, woman,” Jerry amazed while the hard cock slide into the receptive love tunnel, “you’re cunt’s a perfect fit! You’re so warm an’ tight.”

Jerry pumped with deep and easy strokes. Nicky’s pussy muscles were snug fit around the teenager’s shaft. With each thrust the cunt held tightly. Jerry wasn’t too sure if he could hold out much longer without cumming.

“Of course I’m a perfect fit,” she lustfully groaned, “I’m every man’s perfect fit!”

“I already know you’re an easy piece o’ ass!” Jerry growled ramming deeper.

“Fuck me raw!” Nicky challenged huskily humping back on the stiff cock as it withdrew each time, “Fuck me ‘til I can’t walk!” Her leg tightens and crossed around his back and begged, “Fuck me as long as you wish, kid! Fuck me raw, please!” Nicky declared hotly, “I’m the sluttish lil’ bitch you’ll ever fuck!”

“Move your knees so I can suck your tits,” Jerry ordered huskily. “I love to suck big tits!”

“Yes, oh, yes!” Nicky moaned moving her knees to his sides. “Suck the damn things off!” Now ranting in a sexual bliss, the older woman screamed, “I don’t care where we’re at! When I’m fuckin’ hot, I need a dick! A hot fuckin’ bitch who loves dicks anywhere, anytime!”

The words brought down any restraints. Lust came flooding out. His body shook with erotic desire. The young athletic entire soul burned with sexual fervor. Jerry leaned forward and captured a big, dark nipple in a greedy youthful mouth.

“Ohhhh, sweet lord!” the passion crazed Nicky professed, “That’s one of the best tongue I’ve ever had!”

The young powerful hips shoved forward. A teenage cock pushed deeper into a mature expanded sheath. The titillating twat was pounded to the bottom.

“Ohhhhh, Gawd!” Nicky hissed, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

“You’re a great fuck, Bitch,” Jerry stated hoarsely, “A fabulous pussy!”

“I’m all pussy!” Her hips arched back for him to go deeper. “Fuck it hard! I need your cock!” Her legs again wrapped high behind his back. “Make me cum ‘til I’m dry!”

“I’m gonna make you cum until you’re no longer a good fuck!” Jerry growled, “Then I’ll just toss you away when I’m done!”

“I’m only a whore for your use!” she yelled out of crazed sexual lust.

Jerry was too close to hold back. Nicky was ready to cum as well. The sex hazed pair pick up the pace. Nicky’s legs open again allowing the lad to drive deeper.

“Yes! Now!” Nicky yelled aimlessly, “I’m ready to cum! Fuck me! Fuck this cunt as your toy!” she screamed into the room.

“Yes I am ready too, bitch!” Jerry quickens the strokes. “I’m ready to cum!”

“Do it!” Nicky commanded.

“Yessssssssss!” I’m cummmmmmmin’!” Jerry shouted.

“Yesssss! I’m cummin’ tooo!” Nicky shouted back.

They both twisted and humped as the hot cum exploded into the awaiting cunt. Her juices came flooding back. They were climaxing together.

The passionate pair’s bodies taunted and flexed uncontrollably. The suddenly they collapsed and fell apart.

They kissed and pecked. They smile at the other. Both of them were glowing from the sexual aftermath.

“You don’t know how many times I’ve wanted you to do that,” She hugged the teenager tightly.

“You’re a good whore, Nicky,” Jerry said regaining his breath.

“Of course I’m a good whore,” Nicky agreed kissing his neck. “I’m a damn good whore.”

“That’s obvious you’re a good whore,” a third voice added.

The startled naked couple looked over to see Jade. She had been watching the erotic act. An angry stare was given to them.

“Oh fuck!” Jerry gasped trying to cover up.

Nicky didn’t move. Something about this scene wasn’t all that right. The slutty older woman even opened her legs to expose the bald shinny cunt.

“Git dressed an’ out to the front, Jerry,” Jade ordered. “This bitch an’ I need to talk.”

The frightened and embarrassed teenager quickly hustled to dress. Tripping and stumbling he managed to get the shirt and pants on. Grabbing up a set of shoes, the panicked lad scrambled out of the room.

Jade’s eyes followed the terrified Jerry. As soon as he left the room, the scowl was replaced with a softer look. Then a smile appeared on the older woman’s face.

Nicky knew what this meant. The big redhead had been watching for a considerable period of time. It was an indication she wasn’t all that upset.

“Now, cunt,” Jade asked as a hard look returned to her face, “You want keep this job?”

“Yes,” Nicky answered, not moving.

“Then,” the big redhead stated unbuttoning the dress, “you need to convince me.”

“So I must be a bitch for your lesbian desires?” Nicky quizzed delightfully.

“Damn right,” Jade agreed as the dress dropped to the floor, “But I normally don’t follow a man.” She step closer stating, “I don’t care for cocks in anyway.”

This woman was a full lesbian. Nicky giggled at the thought of a getting some real sapphic cunt. A bald pussy wetten. A pair of athletic legs opened.

“Cause such’a beautiful woman like you shouldn’t be servin’ up her cunny to men like candy!” Jade told reaching behind to undo a bra clip, “Those pigs don’t deserve your hot body!”

“Well then,” Nicky hotly challenged, “You need to remind me what good pussy is like.”

A pair of large breasts sprung free. Two 40D’s giggled with every movement. Nicky thought they were the most beautiful pair she had ever seen!

“Omigod! Those are gorgeous!” She awed, “Are they real!?”

“Everything on this body is real.” The big redhead accused pushing off the set of panties. “The only reason women get breast implants is to impress men.”

A neatly trimmed crotch was expose. It was glistening with moisture. The hot redhead moved closer.

“I have nothin’ to do with men,” Jade finalized stepping to the edge of the stack of mattresses.

“What if I don’t want to do girl-on-girl?” Nicky coyly asked rolling onto her back.

“It doesn’t matter,” Jade stated crawling onto the mattress, “You’re gonna be this lezzie’s bitch for this afternoon.”

This was a new experience for the sexy brunette slut. No woman had ever forced sex with her. Nicky had taken some girls in her time. But her being the submissive cunt was something different. It was exciting.

Two firm hands clasped each side of Nicky’s head. A deep hard kiss was deep. She didn’t resist. An involuntarily moan emitted.

An experienced hand was placed on the flat abdomen. Its objective was found quickly. A long finger slid between a set of warm pussy lips.

“Oooooh!” Nicky sighed, “You ain’t gonna wait?”

“Woman,” Jade said huskily while kissing a long neck, “since that day you came to work here I’ve wanted a crack at ya!”

“Right here?” Nicky moaned enjoying the skilled digit.

“You can give up your pussy to that boy in here,” the aggressive lesbian growled shoving a middle finger deep into a very wet cunt, “You can give up your cunny in here to me as well!”

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Nicky groaned louder.

Her legs automatically opened. Nicky was a whore to thrill. This was exciting to be seduced by a woman in this storeroom. They could be seen. They could be caught!

“You bitch!” Nicky moaned, “You’ve been fantasizin’ about me all this time!?”

“Every chance I got!” Jade freely admitted.

The big redhead pulled Nicky higher up on the stack of mattresses. A pair of curvy legs was spread back open easily. The older woman’s eyes widen with the sight of the bald, wet cunt.

“I’m gonna enjoy eatin’ this cunt,” Jade lustfully predicted tenderly.

“You will,” Nicky responded, “I’m a good piece o’ ass for man or woman!

The brunette slut was now hot. Any reservations had pass. She would a willing cunt for this redheaded lesbian.

A warm, long tongue licked the sensitive lips in quick darts. It goes deeper into the love canal with a determine design to taste all of the wet, hot pussy. It lapped from the top to the bottom of the beautiful bald slit.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Nicky groaned, “Iiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!”

A pair of slender legs opened wider. They then were placed over the big redhead’s shoulders. This woman exhilarating! She was teasing and pleasing at the same time.

Jade capture an engorge clit with her teeth. She licked and lapped the oversensitive tissue. A directed finger travel up the ass crack to the tight, pink anus.

“Sweet Jesus!” the arching Nicky shouted at the feeling of the penetrating digit, “Oh gawd! You’re such’a fuckin’ tease!”

“This is no tease, bitch,” Jade hissed between licks, “This is for real, cunt!”

The finger twists and turns past the sphincter. It pumps in jerky movements. The anus tightens and flexes with the invasion.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Nicky groan loudly.

The big red head shoved Nicky’s groin deeper onto her mouth. Jade French kisses the cunt with a dashing and flipping tongue. She sucked and drank the female love juices.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh goooood!” Nicky wailed loudly, “Ohmigod!”

The slutty brunette bowed a pair of quivering hips off the mattress. She rubbed a wetting pussy on the pleasuring making mouth. A taunt ass wiggles against the probing finger. Jade’s technique was bringing a climax quickly.

“Eat me, Jade!” Nicky panted huskily, “You’re makin’ me cum!”

The sexy redhead buried a lustful tongue and a pumping finger deeper causing her to vibrate uncontrollably. Nicky’s moans and groans became louder. It no longer mattered if they could be heard.

Jade sucked the leaking fluids starvingly. She plummet a middle finger deeper. The lustful sensations incrase with each passion moment!

“I’m gonna cum!” Nicky announced tightening legs around Jade, “I’m gonna climax hard!”

“Bring it on, slut!” Jade growled.

She removed the finger from the anus. Then both hands captured the firm thighs and lifted them higher. A very wet and beautiful pussy was totality expose to the big red-head’s whims.

Nicky rocked and contorted to the joy-making tongue. She pushed to feel ever inch of the older woman’s mouth against a climaxing cunt. The sensation came in waves as her body shook from delight.

“Iiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” the lusty brunette yelled, “Ooooooooooooooo!”

Nicky then when limp. She laid panting and stroking the long red mane. Words tried to come out but the short gasps prevented formation of a sentence.

“That’s the finest tastin’ cunt I’ve had in years!” Jade panted.

“That’s ‘cause you ain’t had mine before!” Nicky huffed still stroking the red tress, “Thank you, Jade.”

“It was my pleasure,” she responded moving up the sweaty firm body. Then added, “An’ it will be in the future as well.”

With a broad grin, Jade again leans over and inhales a dark nipple. A tongue starts licking aimlessly.

“Ahhhhhhh,” Nicky breathe a soft groan

The slutty brunette arched into the pleasure making mouth. Jade’ s warm breath blew across the wet nipple. It became harder.

Nicky lovingly caresses Jade’ s back. The younger woman bends to accommodate this new lover. The sexy redhead worked her tongue lustfully on the rounded tits.

Nicky’s bald cunt wetten quickly with desire. The pink pussy leaks watching this lesbian lick and nibble. She wants to service this woman even more.

Grasping a long arm Nicky pulls Jade up. They French kiss deeply. Passions rise with the contact.

Moving closer, Nicky touched her bare chest to Jade’s. The feel of the larger breasts against hers add to a mounting excitement. Again a hand moves down to the hot twat. She rubs it slowly, back and forth.

“Ooooooh Myyyyyyy!” Jade moaned loudly.

“I’ve gotta taste you now!” she whispered hotly.

Nicky presses a hand on a red haired clit. She rolls the fleshy button from side to side. The slutty brunette licked down a soft neck eagerly.

“Yes, Nicky!” Jade sighs, “I want ya to taste me!” Pushing into the other woman’s body groaning, “I wanna squirt my juices into your mouth!”

Nicky kisses Jade with more passion. An anxious tongue glides across soft lips. A soft hand pets the dripping cunt with slow strokes.

“You know from now on you’re gonna be my nooner whenever I need it.” the sexy redhead pants.

“That’s a position I’ll never turn down,” Nicky hotly agreed.

She starts kissing down the big female body. A hungry tongue darted and licked the warm skin. Nicky left a trail of wet licks and kisses across rounded hips. The hot brunette slowly dropped to knees.

Nicky nuzzled into the redheaded cunt. She deeply inhaled the womanly scent. It was such a good smell.

“I never get used to how beautiful of a pussy can be,” Nicky admired in a moan.

“My pussy never gets enough lovin’ from a woman,” Jade confessed softly stroking the long brunette tress.

“I love eatin’ pussy,” she declares in a whisper.

Nicky leaned into Jade. She softly bites the engorged clit. The sex driven brunette pulls gently on it.

“Oh gawd yes!” Jade moans loudly, “That feels good!”

The once dominating redhead started squirming faster. Repeating shouts of how good the cunt loving was echoed in the room. Nicky knew she was in charge now.

A teasing darting tongue stimulates a quavering pussy. It licks upward in the glistening red haired slit. With pleasure making touches, Nicky lightly brushed the pulsating clit with a hot tip.

Sweet juices gathered on the tip of pleasuring making tongue. Nicky worked her way down enjoying the wonderful flavor. The tongue slowly slid into the hot, wet hole.

“Ahhhh, yes,” Jade sighed.

Slowly the slutty brunette starts to roll the engorged clit from side to side. She licks up and down the slick lips. Jade lays moaning and quivering as this woman slid a single finger into the tight pussy.

The lusting Nicky then replaces fingers on the engorged clit with a flickering tongue. She sucks the swollen bud lovingly. The small crotch pushes into her mouth.

Nicky continues to slide probing finger in and out of the red haired pussy. The ripples of pleasure begin to radiate. Jade started to buck against expert ministrations. The sex haze brunette continues to licks and sucks on the protruding clit

Nicky starts fingering her clenching pussy. The digits are bringing a strong orgasm closer and closer. The cunt-loving woman is lost in the erotica of the moment.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jade groans, “Ohhhhhhhhmmmmmmmy!”

“Ummmmmmmmh!” the muffled voice of Nicky moans, “Ummmmmmh!”

The women’s bodies twist and turn to the waves of the impending orgasms. Jade is lost in the pleasuring making techniques of the younger woman. Nicky is hot from the pure exoticness’ of the situation.

Nicky, on knees, ravenously eats Jade’s sweet, juicy pussy. The slutty brunette finger herself furiously. The frenzied masturbation is bringing on a hard climax.

“Oooooooh, Baby!” Jade gasped, “I’m gonna cum!”

Nicky’ mouth presses tightly against the engorged clit. She licks faster and fingers feverously. She is lost in the lust for the redheaded lesbian.

“Oh gawd!” Jade cries out, “I’m cummmmmin! I’m cumminnnnn’ hard!” she screams as the orgasm washes over her. “Iiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!” the hot big woman bucked and moaned as the pleasure rakes her.

The slender torso flexes and taunts as the waves of ecstasy vibrate in quick rhythm. A final ripple tonics Jade’s body. A silent scream is emitted. Slowly she relaxes. The sweat covered woman then collapses on the mattress. A few unwillingly quavers follow.

While Jade was riding out her orgasm, Nicky was bringing herself to the height of a climax.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” the sex hazed brunette wails breaking from the wet pussy, “Iiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!”

The wet cunt faster is fingered faster. The rising sensations capture her long, taunt body.

“Yes! Yessss! Yessssssss!” she screams as the climax apex.

Nicky quickly captures Jade’s wet pussy in her mouth one more time. The taste of the love juices enhances the orgasm. She goes flaccid between the big legs.

Nicky climbed up and lies beside Jade. The larger woman’s arms wrap around her. The sweat-covered brunette wonders what this woman to her in the future.

A few hours ago she thought of this woman as a bitch. Now they had just completed an erotic act of love. Nicky was thinking this workday has been a good one.

What about Jerry?” she asked.

“My nephew will be kept in line,” Jade promised, “He’ll keep his mouth shut.”

Soon the two women redressed and returned to the daily business. The rest of the workday was a peaceful one. Nicky was allowed to leave early for being a ‘good worker’ this day.

As she entered the house, the phone could be heard ringing. Nicky quickly picked up the receiver. It was Ben.

“Hi, baby,” she greeted, “Where are ya?’ Nicky told, “I’m so horny.”

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