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Newport Conference

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Attending the cocktail reception welcoming the conference attendees was not at all out of the ordinary for me, as I always wanted to check them out before the opening sessions in the hopes that I might find a hot one to hook up with. In my early years of writing I had attended many such conferences as an attendee, for the past few years it had been on their dollar, as a paid speaker. I tried to do one or two of these conferences a year… picking my spots so it would be to a place I enjoyed visiting… and Newport Beach definitely ranked up there on my list of desirable places.

There were innumerable bars and good restaurants along the beach and if I didn’t find those to my liking, it was an easy drive to one of my favorite places, the racetrack at Del Mar, or I could go the other direction and head a few miles north to one of several card casinos in Los Angeles county… and play poker. Anyone who’s ever read one of my books would know I’m a gambler and very into poker… of course they’d also know the number one thing I’m into… is beautiful women.

I’m 58 years old and am frequently told I’m handsome but I doubted it was just my looks attracting the somewhat matronly looking group that had quickly gathered around me. They were undoubtedly primarily housewives most of whom were probably wannabe writers of romance novels so I’m pretty certain it was the fact that I had sold more than a few books that had drawn them to me. It’s always amazed me how many women writers, even the hot ones, are anxious to get close to… actually, even fuck a successful writer… perhaps they think they’ll get unaccountably injected with writing talent. So here I was at a reception surrounded by an eager crowd of mostly novice writers… but unfortunately none of this group would grade much above average. Most of them were just seeking to glean some useful bit of information from a successful writer… namely me. Looking to locate some minute item that would some how magically transform them from writing hacks into best selling authors. Actually, if the truth were told, this crowd of women would rank somewhat higher than most other conferences… not that there were a lot of hot ones… they just weren’t quite as fat or nearly as homely as the ones you’d find in Birmingham or Altoona. To be perfectly honest, not all writers of romance novels are below average… it only seems like they are. I suppose the majority of the hot women have more important things keeping them occupied than writing about dreams of love and sex or perhaps it is the other way around… the homily ones have so little excitement inhabiting their lives they dream about it… then try to write about their dreams.

I was having trouble keeping my mind on the questions they were throwing at me as my eyes scoured the room trying to find someone I would have some interest in. I had spotted one earlier when I had first arrived… it had been only a brief glimpse, and just from the rear, but the ass view had been stunning. She was a blonde in a short white dress… dipping halfway down her back… clinging tightly to beautiful round ass cheeks and eventually stopping midway down some terrific tanned thighs. It was most difficult for me to pay attention to the horde of wannabe writer’s questions as I craned to get another longer and better look… so the majority of my responses were simple nods of the head or murmurs of agreement. They were all smiles… crowding close to me… eyes on mine… trying to secure my attention by leaning toward me only to ask something ridiculous. “How were you able to find a good agent?” “Why is it so hard to get published?” “What’s the secret to your writing success?” “When did you first begin writing?” “Do you ever look at other writer’s manuscripts?”

If I wanted to be an asshole… and occasionally I did… I could answer virtually any question with slight variations to the same answer. “Basically it’s like every other profession. If you’re good you’ll be successful.” It’s sad… and I know it sounds arrogant… but the honest truth is that the majority of them can’t put anything close to a good story together. Generally speaking they’re all bright enough and some are conceptual enough to create a quality story line but don’t have the writing ability to turn it into a good story. Many have writing ability but their style doesn’t transmit their ideas into a good story. Some are great writers of words but aren’t conceptual enough to create a story anyone would be willing to pay money to read. There is much that goes into being a good writer and most of it can’t be taught. It seems like those who have what it takes just have it. There are things that can be learned… methods can certainly be refined… but there is no way a writer can be taught how to be creative or to write with an interesting style. Anyway… I need to quit thinking about all of this writer shit and get back to what’s important… finding a hot one that isn’t boring. Actually I should have said… finding the hot one with the great ass that I had caught a glimpse of earlier.

“Excuse me,” I said, gesturing with my nearly empty glass. “I’ll be back. I need a refill.”

Carefully scanning the large room, I walked slowly toward the bar… she was nowhere to be found.

“Jack Daniels and water, please,” I told the attractive young bartender.

“I like Grey Goose… chilled… no ice,” a throaty… almost raspy… very sexy voice announced behind me. My cock instantly responded with its first twitch of the evening. I was almost afraid to turn around to check… fearful her looks wouldn’t match the extraordinarily alluring voice.

“A Grey Goose, chilled, no ice, please,” I relayed to the bartender while continuing to resist checking out the owner of the voice. I am a firm believer in proceeding slowly even though my mind and my blood were already racing… If she’s even remotely close to being as hot as her voice this might be a most memorable conference.

Holy shit! She’s even hotter than her voice, I thought as I turned with her drink and even hotter than she looked from the rear… as smiling at me was the blonde with the great legs and stunning ass, wearing the form fitting white dress. Sparkling green eyes boldly moved over me as she reached for the drink.

“I’m George Benito,” I said… reaching for her hand.

“I know who you are,” she said, firmly grasping mine in her small very warm one. “I’m Talin.”

In the 15, or so, seconds it had taken to do all this… I had quickly inventoried her assets with my practiced eye. Needless to say, her assets were most plentiful, and unbelievably splendid. She was very young… no more than early to mid-twenties… maybe 5’4 or 5… beautiful face highlighted by spectacular green eyes, full sexy lips and pearl white teeth. Her thick blonde hair was up off her neck; she had a deep tan, and great legs that I knew went perfectly with the terrific ass I had seen earlier from across the room. All very nicely decked in an obviously expensive, form hugging, white dress. To top it off, she was apparently braless as there were nipples making a very obvious announcement of her excitement. The only way to describe her was… stunningly hot and oozing class.

I continued to hold her small warm hand in my large one longer than necessary. “Talin.” I let it slide from my lips ever so slowly. “I’ve not heard that name before.” I paused while I once again slowly looked her over… my cock continuing to stir. “Your name goes absolutely perfectly with your astounding beauty.”

“Thank you,” she murmured with a just a slight hint of lust as her eyes simultaneously appraised my body.

“You know my name so I suppose you’ve read my books?”

“No.” She laughed as her eyes paused briefly at my growing bulge. “Actually I’d never even heard of you before I saw your picture and the article in the conference brochure saying you were a writer and the keynote speaker.”

“Never even heard of me?” I laughed. “Damn… you’re good for the ego.”

“Nothing personal.” She grinned. “The article said you were a good writer but I never read anything that I don’t have an interest in reading and I already know poker. I spend my time doing what interests me so if it’s poker, I’d rather play than be wasting my time sitting around reading about it.”

Damn, I thought. She’s different. “So what is it that interests you?”

Boldly, her green eyes once again moved over me. “Right now. You do.”

Not just different. Bold and confident. My cock was now making serious advances. Taking her arm I guided her away from the bar, and hopefully away from the horde of matrons wanting to talk to me, toward a deserted corner of the large room.

She spoke as we walked. “I’ve never spent time with a successful writer before. I want to pick your brain… see what I can learn.”

I resisted the urge to pin her to the wall right here in front of the room full of people… kiss her… press my swelling cock into the softness of her belly… explore her mouth with my tongue… grab those inviting ass cheeks in my hands… teach her what I knew best… begin her education.

I sucked in a deep breath before deciding to press aggressively forward. “You’re very beautiful, Talin.”

“Beautiful.” She smiled up at me. “I like that. Beautiful is not a word my generation uses much… it’s usually ‘you’re a real hottie’… or some other supposedly fashionable line.”

I grinned back… relieved that she hadn’t been offended with an old man’s words. “Too old fashion for most your age, I suppose.” I saw the hordes beginning to edge toward me so I had an excuse to work on. “How about we find us a bar on the beach… where we can talk… so I can tell you what I know.” I gestured toward them. “Without all these women getting in the middle of our conversation.”

There was not even a hint of hesitation. “I’d like that.”

Sitting our glasses on a nearby table we headed for the exit.

“How about we take my car,” she said… more a statement of what was going to happen than a question. “In fact let’s go to my hotel. They’ve got a great bar looking out over the ocean.”

“You’re not staying here… at the Embassy Suites?”

“No. I’m at the Four Seasons. I’ve not stayed at this particular one before, so I thought I’d try it.”

The Four Seasons, I thought. She’s definitely different. “Sure, that’s fine.”

“You drive here?” I asked as she unlocked the red Porsche Boxster?

She laughed, a throaty sexy laugh much like her voice. “No. It’s a rental. I live in the bay area… actually Palo Alto, and that’s way too long of a drive.”

I thought about the Chrysler Sebring Convertible I had rented hoping I might impress a hottie by driving her along the beach with the top down. “Oh. Okay.”

“I’m a student at Stanford. My home’s actually in Hawaii.”

A student at Stanford, staying at the Four Seasons, with a rental Porsche. I thought. “How long have you been at Stanford? She’s probably at least 30 years younger than me, but so fucking beautiful, sexy, and different. It’s gonna require my best effort and that may not be good enough.

“I just finished my third year. I’m a psychology major.”

Psychology… add smart to her impressive assets. “I may be taking a big risk,” I laughed, as she accelerated through the gears of the Porsche… her dress riding even further up her stunning legs. “Going off with a strange woman to her hotel.”

She laughed with me. “You’re safe. I don’t bite… That is, unless I get real excited. Then I can’t promise anything.”

My cock noticeably stiffened. She expects to be in control. “Only bite if you’re excited, eh? That’s what they all say… next thing you know you got scars all over your face.”

“I didn’t notice any scars on your face. Can’t get them excited?

Jesus… she’s quick. “Actually there were so many I had to have plastic surgery. Doctor did a great job… can’t hardly see them.”

We slowed for a red light. Rather than answer she looked over at me as we stopped.

I took her bold look as an invitation and leaned across the console separating us… my hand went to her face, gently guiding her the few inches to me. Her lips were warm, wet and incredibly supple. Our tongues danced… my cock throbbed. Suddenly… a honk startled us… the light was green and probably had been for some time.

Nothing was said the remaining mile or two. As she pulled under the portico of the Four Seasons she looked at me… no smile, just a bold hard look… “Nice kiss.”

“Yes… very nice.”

I was envious of the view offered the door-opening valet as she swung her tanned legs out of the Porsche. I wonder if she’s wearing underwear. Bet he knows.

“Will you be needing your car tonight, Ms. Hamilton?” The grinning valet inquired as she handed him the keys.

“I’m not sure… but not anytime soon.”

“Very good, Ms Hamilton. Have a great evening,” He replied… looking at me with obvious wonder in his eyes. Perplexed over whether I was her dad or the lucky one. Probably deciding I was too fucking old to be lucky with this beauty.

“Thank you,” she replied. As soon as we were inside and out of earshot of the valet, she spoke. “If it hadn’t been good we’d be heading back to the Embassy Suites right now. It’s not like I invited you to kiss me.”

This was going to be a major challenge and immense fun. “No risk… no reward. I decided the reward would be worth the risk and I was right.”

She looked at me. “Oh.” Her perfect white teeth glistening as she smiled. “A gambler? I like to gamble, so I like risk takers.”

“Good,” I responded. “Cause I’m certainly both of those.”

Mesmerized by the rhythm and the splendor of her ass-swinging walk I followed closely behind as she led the way… her stilettos clicking loudly on the ceramic tile as we walked through the nearly empty lobby and into the hotel lounge. Without slowing she continued toward the rear doors. “I’d rather sit outside. It’s warm enough and I can listen to the ocean. It reminds me of home.”

“That’s fine,” I replied not taking my eyes off the long tanned legs that led to what appeared to be a most perfect ass.

Our table was placed at an angle that offered a near perfect view of the beach and the waves as they rolled toward us. As if by magic, a waiter in white appeared. Without hesitation I placed our order. “Grey Goose chilled and a Jack Daniels and water, please.”

He was no more than gone. “I don’t remember saying I wanted another Grey Goose?”

“You didn’t need to… I knew after the kiss you’d need one.”

“You knew I’d need one?”

“Yes. That was one hell of a kiss and I knew I needed another Jack. If it hadn’t affected you then it wouldn’t have affected me since a great kiss requires both parties total involvement… and Talin, that was one great kiss.”

There was no response this time and I thought I could detect a hint of lust in those beautiful green eyes as she looked at me. I took that as another invitation and leaned toward her… she immediately responded by moving toward me. Our mouths hungrily met… lips hot and wet. Like a jolt of electricity a powerful charge moved through us… tongue erotically seeking tongue. I moved a hand to her bare thigh… skin incredibly smooth and warm… her hands moved simultaneously… one grasping my neck pulling me to her… the other firmly grasping the inside of my thigh just inches below my now raging hard-on.

On and on it went… lips plying wet lips… tongues dancing in mouths… hands probing flesh… hands inching up thighs.

“Your Grey Goose and Jack Daniels, sir.”

We instantly separated. “Thank you,” I said… as he turned away we both broke into loud laughter.

“He definitely knows you’re not my daughter.”

Lust was now very apparently present in her eyes as she looked at me for several seconds before adding in her incredibly sexy voice. “Yes… he knows.”

I moved my hand back to her bare thigh and immediately thought I detected a slight opening of her legs. “That was one hell of a kiss. It might still be going if he hadn’t shown up. I know I didn’t want it to end.”

She looked at me again… the lust still there… while she didn’t respond, I thought I could detect a change, if only ever so slight, in her approach toward me.

I took a long drink of Jack. She took a smaller dose of Goose.

“I needed that,” I said, after a second long pull at the Jack.

Again she ignored my comment. “Your bio in the program said you were 58.”

“That’s right… born in 1951.”

“I’m 21. You’re not only older than me you’re quite a bit older than my dad.”

“Older than your dad?” Was all I could manage. She was as beautiful as any woman I had ever seen, unbelievably sexy with an absolutely killer ass. I wanted her as much or more than anybody I had ever met but it was all going to be up to her. I decided right then I was no longer going to press the issue. I removed my hand from the inside of her thigh. Hers remained lightly resting on my upper thigh.

Remaining silent, she looked at me… eyes still hinting at lust.

“I don’t know what it is,” she began. “I’ve never ever kissed anyone much over 30 and here I am kissing you, liking it, and wanting more.”

My cock… that had gone into hibernation at the mention of 58… once again sprung to life. Hope had suddenly returned to my mind. “I know I’ve never had a better kiss… and I’m just talking about the first one. The second one was even better.”

She looked at me again for several seconds… apparently unsure of how to proceed. Finally offering only a simple. “Yes. Yes it was.”

Not sure anymore myself, I sat in silence… sipping on my drink and staring at her. Her hand continued to rest unmoving on my thigh as she looked out at the ocean.

Without turning… still apparently focused on the waves hitting the beach only yards away, with a voice barely above a whisper, and unbelievably sexy, she said. “Kiss me.”

One arm went around her bare shoulders… my hand moving simultaneously back to her bare thigh… our mouths met… this time more intensely… much rougher… more urgent. On and on in went… our breathing now ragged… my cock now throbbing… her hand gripping the inside of my thigh… my hand stroking the softness of hers while slowing moving upward. Pain shot through my mouth! She had bitten my bottom lip. My cock accelerated to a full time throb while seeking additional space for growth in my now far too crowded pants.

“You do bite,” I whispered as I resumed kissing her.

“Only when I’m really excited,” she managed to mumble through her tongue filled mouth.

Taking that as an invitation I moved my hand further up the inside of her thigh as I continued probing her mouth with my tongue. This time there was no question she offered me an invitation for more… noticeably opening her legs while moving her hand until it was firmly grasping my thigh and barely touching the side of my cock. Worry about the waiter, or the two other couples that were sitting outside, had obviously vanished from our minds… although to be perfectly honest… I never had a problem with an audience as it only added to the excitement.

My hand moved to cover her extremely wet swollen pussy lips. As I had suspected she wasn’t wearing underwear. I began to slowly massage her very wet lips without penetration or contact with her clit.

“Ohhh,” she moaned as her hand moved over my cock while her hips began to press her pussy against my hand.

Our tongues again were doing their erotic dance and our kiss moved past the five-minute mark. I began to gently, but quickly, wiggle my fingers in and out of her now soaked pussy… but only penetrating to the first joint. Her long slender fingers encircled my cock as best they could over my trousers. I thought I would explode as she began to rub up and down the length of me.

“Let’s get out of here,” I said as I slipped a single finger deeper into her… amazed at her tightness.

“My room,” she gasped, as my finger made very brief contact with her swollen nub. “We’ll go to my room.”

“Good,” I said tossing $25 on the table as I grabbed her arm, gently pulling her up from the table.

I continued to lead her by the arm as we made our way quickly to the elevators. “What floor?”

“Four,” she replied as she fumbled through her small handbag for the key card.

As soon as we were on the elevator I pinned her to the wall… grabbed a cheek with one hand and a hard nipple with the other… my cock pressed hard into her belly as we resumed the torrid kisses. They had to be the hottest kisses of my 58 years… and with a 21 year old… although admittedly the hottest fucking 21 year old I had ever laid eyes on.

Her hands found my zipper freeing my cock at the same instant as the bell sounded for the fourth floor. I pushed it hurriedly back in but didn’t bother to zip up.

“410,” she said… her voice unbelievably husky and sexy, as we stepped out.

We fumbled through three tries with the key before finally getting the door open. It immediately registered in my mind as we entered that it was a beautiful suite, but it made absolutely no difference as by now I would have fucked her in the lobby on the concierge’s desk if that is what needed to be done.

I pulled her to me… backing her against the now closed door as I again locked my mouth on hers. She moaned as I jerked down the top of her dress and began to twist her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I felt her hand pawing for my open fly before finally just latching onto my now seriously hard cock through my pants. I reached down, unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants to free it for her… her hand immediately began stoking me. I responded by twisting her nipple harder… hiking her dress, and then grabbing her crotch with my free hand. She was unbelievably wet and immediately began grinding against my hand.

Freed from the grasp of my arm around her shoulder… she immediately broke off the kiss… mumbling, “I want your cock”… dropping to her knees in front of me, pulling my pants down, and grabbing my cock with her hands. After a series of firm strokes she took the head between her lips and began to slowly move it in and out while running her tongue around and around.

I thought I was going to immediately explode. “Oh fuck,” I moaned. Reaching behind her head I pulled her to me… plunging my cock to the back of her throat I felt it constrict as she gagged. Knowing an orgasm was looming I jerked it from her mouth and pulled her to her feet… questions filled her eyes.

“Later. There’ll be plenty of time for that later.”

Her stilettos and her long legs… positioned her perfectly for what I wanted. Pushing her roughly against the wall, I lifted one of her legs… bent my knees slightly… positioned my cock at her entrance and thrust it in her.

“Ohhhh,” she gasped as I took both cheeks of her spectacular ass in my hands and lifted her off her feet. Her arms immediately went around my neck and both legs wrapped tightly around my waist.

I slammed her against the wall… each stoke drawing grunts and moans… in no more than a minute or two of pummeling I felt the telltale signs as her pussy contracted on my cock. Her moans became whimpers… her whimpers became cries of pleasure. “Oh God,” she cried as I kissed her neck. “Oh God. I’m cumming,” as her ass now pumped wildly on my cock.

Knowing my own orgasm was imminent and intent on making it the fuck of her lifetime… I stopped working my hips while she finished. Her movements began slowing as she kissed me… a long passionate kiss… less frantic than our prior ones… although her tongue still worked deep into my mouth.

I stepped out of my pants… lifted her up off my cock and into my arms… then carried her the few steps through the living area to the bedroom where I deposited her on the bed. I pulled her dress off and removed my shirt. I paused to take in her amazing beauty. Firm breasts with hard pink nipples… beautiful legs… and a flawless face. She was one of those rare beautiful women who looked even better naked than with her clothes on. “My God, Talin. You’re incredibly beautiful,” I said, before taking her legs and turning her toward the side of the bed. Pulling her to the edge, I dropped to my knees beside the bed and lifted her legs to my shoulders. She sucked in her breath and moaned loudly as I began licking and nibbling at the inside of her thighs.

“You’ve tasted me now I want to taste you,” I said as I reached her swollen lips where I began to lap up her incredibly sweet juices.

Her ass came off the bed as she began to buck her hips in an effort to get more of my tongue. “Yes,” she cried, “Oh yes,” as I slipped one… then two fingers in her and licked over and around her exposed clit. Knowing she was ready again… I took her swollen nub between my lips and began to suck while I flicked my finger against the upper wall of her pussy. Grabbing a nipple, I began to twist and pinch. Her body began to quiver… her thighs tightened around my neck… both hands pulled at my head. “Ooooh.” She moaned. “Yes… Oh God,” she cried… her spasms increasing as her fluids flooded over my mouth and face.

I released her clit from my lips and removed my fingers… but continued to lick at her pussy until her spasms ceased.

Getting to my feet… I lifted her to the center of the bed. Her lust filled green eyes were fixed on every movement of my waving cock as I straddled her chest, effectively pinning her arms with my knees… my cock just inches above her face. “It’s my turn now,” I told her as I took it in my hand to keep her from catching it with her eager mouth.

I began rubbing it over her face… around her ears… and down to her neck… precum glistening every where as I rubbed it over her eyes and nose… each time I would circle her face I would allow just the briefest of contact with her tongue and her lips… each time her lips began to cover the head I pulled it away. “Give it to me,” she pleaded. “I want it.”

My cock was unbelievably swollen… I was aching for relief but I was also intent on giving this 21 year old beauty the fuck of her short life… one from a 58 year old she would remember… one she’d never forget.

“Okay,” I said… and let her lips take in my engorged head. Suck it she did… her head bobbing violently as she worked her mouth up and down my shaft.

Knowing I was within seconds of blowing my load… I withdrew. She looked at me in disbelief. “Cum,” she said. “You were about to cum.”

“I was,” I agreed as I got off her… rolled her over face down… grabbed her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed. “Get up on your knees,” I told her. “I want to look at your beautiful ass while I fuck you.”

She immediately got up on her knees. I spread her legs… then dropped to my knees and began gently nibbling and licking her cheeks.

“Ohhh,” she moaned, as I pulled her ass back toward me and began licking her pussy. “I’m going to cum again,” she cried and immediately flooded my mouth with her juices.

I got to my feet and raised her ass up… took my cock in my hand and rubbed it over her pussy until it was coated with her juices… then rubbed it up and down the crack of her spectacular ass… then placed at the entrance to her pussy. I rubbed it up and down her slit… around and over her clit for a minute or so… then unable to wait any longer I slid it slowly in. Each stroke a little deeper. Each stroke stretching her tight lips a little more. Stroke after stroke… each deeper than the previous one… until I reached the hilt… totally filling her extraordinarily tight wet pussy. Harder… faster… each stroke nearly all the way out… then slamming it all the way in. Never taking my eyes off her spectacular ass as I fucked her. It was more than I could take. I reached around and grabbed a nipple between my fingers… grabbing a handful of her hair I pulled her head back… I began kissing her neck.

“Yes,” she moaned… her hand rubbing her clit as I pounded her pussy. “Yes… yes,” she cried.

Unable to hold it any longer… I grabbed her hips with both hands and furiously pounded her… my cock swelling even more as her pussy gripped it tighter. “Oh fuck, Baby”… I yelled. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming,” as I spewed my sperm in her.

“Yes,” she screamed. “Oh God, yes”… her orgasm moving over and through her.

I collapsed on top of her as she fell face down on the bed. Neither of us moving for two or three minutes… my soft wet cock resting in the crack of her ass.

Finally I rolled off her and she turned to face me. Smiles played on both of our faces. I moved my body to hers… wrapped my arms around her and kissed her… a long soft passionate kiss.

She looked at me… her green eyes sparkling… she giggled. “Not too bad for 58.”

I laughed. “Not too bad for 21.”

“Admit it,” she said. “Admit it… you know it was the best you’ve ever had.”

“Maybe,” I laughed. “But only because I took control. You’d of had it over in 5 or 10 minutes if I would have left you in charge.”

“I was horny,” she said, before kissing me. Once again long, soft, passionate. She reached for my cock and it immediately stirred just a bit. “Any life left in that big old thing?”

“Jesus,” I laughed. “We’ve got two more days no reason to hurry.”

“I’m going to wear your old ass out,” she giggled… rubbing my cock slowly as she took my already hard nipple between her teeth.

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