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New Years Eve Resolutions

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New Year’s Eve is always one of my favorite holidays, and while my girlfriend Sarah and I don’t go out to the bars anymore, we still like to get together with friends and have a good time. 2005, was no different, except now we have a house to entertain in. We had moved in that summer, a couple months after we had gotten engaged, so we were well established and ready to host a party by the time winter rolled around.

Our house is a nice 3 bedroom, but we use one of those rooms for an office/ workout room. But we had a nice guest bed a couple of couches and an air mattress, so we could fit several couples if they wanted to stay the night instead of driving home.

Sarah and I had a great strong relationship, but we also were very open about sex with each other, we had experimented a lot, and even had an open relationship that allowed us to be with others. Usually we went to swinger bars or clubs, but our close friends had never been involved or even knew about our arrangement. Neither of us were jealous types and we usually were together in any outside encounters, but occasionally we were not and our only rule was that nothing be kept a secret. So, for New Years, we invited several couples that we had known for awhile, some were neighbors; some from work, some from college for a casual get-together. Three couples responded yes so we planned our appetizers that we’d serve and we stocked up on wine, champagne, beer and other liquor. It looked like we’d have 3 couples spending the night since they we’re coming from farther away and didn’t want to drive home.

I spent the day of New years eve preparing my meatballs and homemade “special” brownies, Sarah made her veggie tray and made some homemade Sangria’. Most of our guests had volunteered some sort of dish they would bring so by 8:00 pm we were all set. Sarah looked great; she was dressed in a short skirt that was turquoise and a black tight tank top and cardigan sweater over that. Sarah was 5ft 6, 120 lbs. She had cute brown wavy hair that was past her shoulders, but tonight she was wearing it up. Her eyes were a light golden brown, her lips full with a nice ruby red lip stick. She had perky 34 B breast and great tight ass.

Mark and Mary friends of Sarah’s were first to arrive. Mary worked in the next cubicle to Sarah at the advertising agency, so they were good friends. We had gone to some baseball games with Sarah’s company’s tickets and had hung out a couple times with them before so Mark and I became friends. They were going to stay the night so I took their bag and got them both drinks.

Mark was tall, about 6ft 3, he had short blondish hair and several tattoos on his arms. He was a computer consultant who had his own business and was a bit of a wild man when he got to drinking. Mary was a short Greek girl with dark hair, which was curly and went just past her shoulders, dark eyes and olive skin. She had a great figure that Sarah said was to her strict regiment of aerobics. She dragged Sarah to the gym on occasion but Sarah didn’t go every day like Mary. She had large breasts and didn’t mind showing significant cleavage like she was tonight. Mary had on a bright red cardigan with a black scoop neck shirt under it. She had on tight black pants and black heels.

They got settled in with a scotch on the rocks for Mark and some sangria for Mary and we had just sat down on the couch when there was a knock on the door. Chris and Alexandria had arrived carrying a big dish of homemade guacamole. I took their coats and bags; they were also spending the night and got them both drinks. The girls were sticking to the Sangria and Chris had a glass of whiskey. Chris and Alex (that’s what we called her) were both friends of ours from College. Chris had lived with me in a house with a couple other people and Alex and him had been going out for 4 years now, same as Sarah and I. They were also engaged as Sarah and I were. Chris was shorter than me, around 5ft 9, he had longer hair that he usually wore in a ponytail and a goatee. His hair was brown and he was a big hippie in college but now was in sales. Alex was also a former hippie; she was now a fashion photographer and was always dressed very hip. Tonight she was in a tight black skirt that came a good six inches above the knee with a pink low cut shirt and black cardigan. She was a petite girl who was thin yet taller, about 5ft 8. She had long dark straight hair and was pale in complexion. She reminds me of Alexis Bledel, the daughter on that Gilmore Girls show but with straight hair.

Last to arrive was our friends Samantha and Frank, they brought a bottle of Jaeger and some delicious roll-ups that were Samantha’s specialty. Samantha grew up with Sarah and had married Frank a year ago. Frank had been friends with Chris growing up and he had introduced them at a Party at college when they were both in town visiting. They eventually started dating since they were both going to other schools near each other. Samantha was very voluptuous and had dark red burgundy hair. She was very Irish and had pale skin with freckles and amazing green eyes. Her breasts were enormous D-cup’s at least and when she laughed she turned all red. She was about the sweetest girl we knew. Frank was what I would call your typical big party animal guy. He wore Hawaiian shirts a lot, he drank like a fish, loved Jimmy Buffet, and usually ended up passing out at the end of the night. He was 5ft10 and about 250 lbs, shaved head and dark blue eyes. I made them both Margarita’s the girls gathered in the Kitchen gossiping while the guys sat in the living room talking about sports and work.

I started the night slowly drinking beer while the other guys were pounding their drinks. Soon the girls joined us and well all talked and snacked while drinking. Sarah broke out some games and soon we were playing Cranium and Trivial Pursuit, but we amended the rules so as to encourage drinking. It was already 11:45 when I noticed the time and got out the Champaign and filled glasses. We turned on the TV for the official countdown and soon were cheering and raised our glasses in a toast to the New Year. I kissed Sarah deeply as all the couples were kissing. I noticed everyone was in a good mood as hands were roaming over each other as they squeezed their partners. I even kissed Samantha and Alex after Sarah; Samantha slipped me her tongue and winked as we parted lips.

I served my brownies and we took a break from the games to smoke a few cigars outside. It was cold out so we didn’t stay long. Samantha, Frank, and Mark all joined me as we puffed and chatted. I could tell the guys were getting trashed as they began to playfully wrestle with each other. They chased each other around the back yard as Samantha and I watched them.

“Those brownies are yummy Brian, I’m already getting all warm and happy inside,” said Samantha as we watched her husband rolling on the hard ground with Mark laughing.

“Glad you liked them, I grew the ingredients myself.” I said laughing. “I love a good body buzz.”

We chatted for a bit, Samantha asked who had claimed the other bedroom, I told her it was first come first serve so Mary and Mark had it. She would have to fight Alex and Chris for the air mattress in the office.

“Damn, oh well I don’t my wrestling man over there was going to be up for me tonight anyway.” She sighed.

I laughed; Sarah was usually way too wasted to have sex either, especially on nights when we were partying hard. Samantha told me Frank was often too drunk on most nights, she said she hadn’t had any good action with him for a good month now.

“What about without him?” I joked.

She looked at me for a second, and then smiled. “Well my vibrator can only do so much, but occasionally I cyber or have phone sex with other people.” She said.

I looked at her funny, “Seriously?” I asked.

“Yeah, Frank doesn’t mind, I mean he knows I go online and chat, the phone stuff he doesn’t know about, but it’s been my only outlet lately.” She said sadly.

“I’m sorry to hear that Samantha, I’m sure you guys can work it out.” I said, giving her a big hug. Her body mashed into mine and her hair smelled amazing.

I could tell she was pretty drunk, I couldn’t imagine her talking like this normally to me, but yet we had always been able to talk about anything. We finished our cigars and went inside. I made her another margarita and got a beer and joined the group that was in the Living room.

“I can’t believe you did that!” yelled Mary as I walked into the room.

“Who did what?” I asked her.

“Your girlfriend, we were talking about the kinkiest thing she’d ever done, and she said she videotaped herself having sex!” She yelled.

I smiled thinking of that tape that was in our bedroom drawer. It wasn’t the wildest thing we’d ever done, that would have been the time me and two other guys fucked Sarah silly, but for this group that might have been a little too wild. We had made the tape it a few years ago; I loved to watch it, either together while we were in bed or alone when Sarah wasn’t around. She looked so hot in it, and she acted all naughty like it was a real porno. My favorite scene was the one we filmed where she was sucking me off and when I came she had me shoot all over her, It always got me hot to watch it. Actually Sarah also failed to mention during some scenes we had found a guy to be the camera man and he participated a little too.

“Well what’s your answer to the same question?” I asked Mary.

She blushed and answered “Well, I guess it was when we went on that trip to Mexico,” she said looking at Mark smiling. “We were in the hot tub at the hotel and it was late, there wasn’t anyone around and we decided what the hell so we got naked and were making love when we noticed we were being watched by another couple from their balcony above us. At first I wanted to leave, but the other couple were naked and fucking at the banister while watching us. We could see them almost as well as they could see us, and I have to admit, I found it very hot to be watched like that.”

“Yeah that was hot, and we even saw them after that and hung out for a bit the next day.” Mark added.

We all agreed that was a good story. We turned to Alex and laughed, “your turn!” we all yelled.

“Oh my god, I don’t know!” she giggled shyly, “I guess the kinkiest or wildest thing I ever did was back in high school, I was at a party with some friends and was flirting with some guys and the next thing I knew I was in a bedroom with two guys and I was sucking them off, back and forth till finally they stripped me down and both fucked me, I was pretty drunk but I do remember it fairly well, I still get hot over that.”

“Oh my god Alex, you slut!” laughed Sarah jokingly, “I’ve always fantasized about having two guys at once! I can’t believe you did that!” Sarah winked at me after she said that, knowing that I knew she had had two guys several times.

“Chris doesn’t even know about that!” Alex giggled, “So don’t tell him!”

“Are those two still wrestling outside? I asked.

“That fag is wrestling? Asked Alex. “I’m sorry my boyfriend is such a fag everyone.” She laughed.

“That’s ok, he’s with my Husband, the biggest gay man of them all.” Quipped Samantha.

We all laughed at that. Sarah asked Samantha what was her kinkiest moment.

“Well, I guess that would be from a couple years ago, I was in a chat room and I started talking to this guy, he sent me a picture and he was really cute so I sent him mine and it turned out he lived nearby. Well, we chatted for a bit then we met at a bar, we really hit it off and I ended up fucking him in the back seat of his SUV. But like I said this was a couple years ago.” She said looking at me in particular.

“Damn Samantha, I guess we’re all a bunch of perverts,” laughed Alex.

We all laughed, but I began thinking that Samantha wasn’t telling the truth about when it happened, I also began imagining each of these girls doing these naughty things, it was getting me hot. I looked Sarah with a face that said, “did you know about all this?” She read me perfectly and shook her head no. I offered everyone a drink, filled a tray with glasses of sangria and beers for Mark and I, I looked out the window above the sink out to the backyard and saw Frank kneeling in front of Chris near the back of the yard. They way he moved there was only one thing he could have been doing. Samantha came into the kitchen, I turned around a bit pale faced, she looked at me strangely.

“What’s up? You ok, you look a bit pale?” she asked.

“Um, I just need a shot of Jaeger, how about joining me for one? I asked.

I poured us both a round and stood so I was in front of the window. Blocking any view, it was dark but you could still see them if you looked hard enough. We did a shot and then I whispered in her ear, “When did that meeting the stranger and fucking in the truck really happen?”

“A couple weeks ago, I had the day off and I was so lonely.” She whispered back. “You wont tell Frank will you?”

“Of course not, some things are better left unsaid.” I replied, thinking about what was going on in the backyard.

We carried the drinks in to the Living room and once we got settled Frank and Chris bounded in, they looked like they had worked up quite a sweat. Someone asked who had one and Chris claimed he had, but Frank said it was a tie. They both smiled at this and grabbed the bottle of Jaeger and started doing shots. They asked what we had been up to and Alex told them we had been having an orgy and it was too bad they were gone for so long.

We decided to play another game, Samantha suggested strip poker. Frank and Chris both seconded the suggestion, and everyone seemed to be in the mood for it so I grabbed a deck of cards.

We decided that it was going to be the winner who would pick which of the losers would have to strip something off. We played a few rounds and people were getting into it, all that had been lost was shoes and socks on everyone. Then Frank had a streak of wins in which he got Samantha down to her underwear, which was a nice black satin bra and bikini panties. Samantha lucked out and won the next couple, making me take off my shirt and jeans, leaving me in boxers. I told Frank it seemed Samantha wanted another man, he told us how she couldn’t handle more than what he already gave her.

“How would you know what I can handle?” she sassed him. We all started to razz Frank.

“I think you just want to see what my boyfriend is packing,” laughed Sarah.

Chris then won a few and made Frank get naked, which most of us exchanged glances over that turn of events. Everyone laughed as Frank had to strip out of his boxers; he hummed his own stripper music as he shimmied out of the red and white polka dotted material. I had to look away until he sat down, he was a big man, and I mean in weight than in anything else.

We agreed he could win back clothes if he wanted to keep playing, but if he lost he would be forced to do dares. Next round Mark was left in boxer briefs only, then he put Mary into her lacey red bra and matching thong. I had to keep checking glances at Mary, her tits wanted to pop out of that bra badly. I caught Sarah staring at Mary and we both smiled at each other. Samantha won again and forced me to show the full-monty, so I obliged with a dance of my own, the girls whistled as I exposed my 9 inches. I caught Samantha licking her lips and winked at her. I returned the favor by wining next and making Samantha remove her top, which spilled forth her gigantic breasts. Her nipples were large as well and they were hard, the boys all whistled in appreciation. Alex was left in her bra and thong as well the next round; it was a silky black ensemble. Frank was barely keeping his head up so he stumbled off to the guest room, still naked.

That left 4 girls and 3 guys, me being the only one naked. I won next and decided to skip putting something on and instead got Mary to remove her bra. Her perfect 36 C cups were perky and her nipples small and like Samantha, rock hard. Samantha made Alex take her top off next round and Alex while shy at first showed us all her 32 A’s. Chris made Sarah get naked in the next few rounds; she took off her black lacy panties last and threw them to Chris as a souvenir. Mark was forced to get naked next and we all laughed as Mark struck several poses. Mark and I were alike, both of us in good shape, and judging by his package, which was pierced, and was as well hung as me.

“Oh my god Mark, didn’t that hurt?” asked Alex.

“Yeah, but Mary loves it,” he replied.

To prove the point, Mary grabbed it and stroked it slowly. We all watched it grow in her hand, Samantha, Alex, and Sarah all licked their lips and said, “Ok, lets keep playing!” I won again and made Alex get naked, she pulled down her thong facing away from us and looked over her shoulder and smacked her own ass. Everyone cheered and applauded this and she sat down blushing. From what I could se she was shaved bare, it looked great. It was at this point that Chris said he wished he could stay up but he was going to pass out. He stumbled off toward the guest rooms; I assumed he was going to the air mattress in the office.

Samantha and Mary were the only ones left with something on, in this case just panties. So when Mary won Samantha was forced to get naked, she gave us all a mini lap dance rubbing the girls faces in between her ample tits and grinding her ass in Mark and my laps. Sarah won and finally got Mary naked; she danced around and removed her panties, giving them to Sarah for her victory.

“I guess its time for dares, and I think we should all write down a couple on a slips of paper and you have to draw one and do it.” Said Sarah. “Should we make any other rules?”

We all agreed we were game for anything. So we all wrote down something we were willing to do and I put them in a bowl. We played and I won, so I made Sarah pick a dare. She opened it and it said she had to kiss the person across for 1 minute. She looked up at Alex, who was across from her and smiled. Sarah and Alex sat on a couch together and softly kissed, both of their lips were moist and soon they had their tongue swirling around each other. We didn’t keep track of the time and soon the kiss ended and we decided it had been enough time. Alex seemed a little out of breath after wards. Sarah moved back to her chair and she dealt the next hand. Samantha won with a full house so she picked Mark for a dare. The dare read: pick two people of the opposite sex and go to the bedroom for 10 minutes. You have the power to do anything you want with them for ten minutes.

“Wow, I guess this is my lucky day, what do you say honey?” Mark asked his wife, “Want to join me in the bedroom with one of these fine ladies?”

“Of course dear, I wrote that dare, how could I refuse?” she answered.

“How do I pick amongst them, they all are quite lovely?” Mark asked.

“I know, why don’t you pick their name from the bowl? I answered.

I quickly jotted down the names and put them into the bowl, Mark let Mary pick and she smiled and took Sarah’s hand, and led her to our bedroom. I wasn’t too jealous of her being with Mark and Mary, Since Samantha and Alex were now alone with me. Alex went to check on Chris and use the restroom while Samantha and I walked into the kitchen to get a drink. She was grinning like a Cheshire cat as I poured.

“What’s the grin for?” I asked.

“Oh, I just thought of another dare,” she replied.

“Well, how about we play a hand and loser has to do it?” I said.

We took our drinks and I dealt us a hand. I looked down and saw 3 queens, we each put back two cards and I ended up with 2 jacks to go with my queens. I showed the full house and she smiled, she had nothing. She got up and said to wait a sec going into the kitchen; I watched her ass sway as she went around the corner. She came back a few seconds later with a can of whip cream from the fridge.

“The dare was to choose someone to have to lick this off of, I guess its going to be you,” she giggled.

She knelt on the carpet in front of me, and shook the can; I watched her tits shake as she shook. She noticed and made sure they were really jiggling for me. She then made me spread my legs and she drew a line down my chest, over my abs, and then covered my cock with the cream. She also put a dollop on each of my nipples. It was cold on my skin, but I didn’t mind. She licked my nipples softly, her tongue swirling around getting all the whipped cream off each one. She worked her way down my chest; she kept looking up at me and smiling as she did so.

“You know this has been a fantasy of mine for a long time,” she said. “I’ve wanted to be with you ever since we met, but since Sarah is such a good friend I never thought I’d have the chance.”

“I wish we had know, you see we kind of didn’t say the whole truth before, Sarah and I are pretty wild, we go to swing clubs often, we just never thought our friends would have been into it, but tonight has blown me away, everyone seems so open and ready for anything. I suppose being fairly drunk doesn’t hurt, but still this has been amazing.” I answered.

At this her eyes got big and she grabbed my cock and put it into her mouth. My cock was already semi hard but her mouth on it got it rigid in a hurry. I moaned as she sucked me deep and hard, her lips covered in whip cream. My hands came down and played with her breasts, pinching her nipples, which started her moaning so I pinched harder and she actually yelped a little. I could here Mary moaning in the next room as Samantha sucked me. I wondered what was going on in there and then I noticed Alex standing in the hall doorway. She looked upset, she came over and sat beside me on the couch, I asked her what was wrong, Samantha stopped what she was doing and looked at Alex sitting there naked with her arms folded across her breasts.

“I just looked in on the office air mattress, thinking I’d find Chris, but no one was in there, so I looked into the bedroom and saw Chris sucking Franks dick!” she said. “I freaked out and went into the bathroom before either of them saw me. I can’t believe my husband would do that. I was just kidding before about him being hot for Frank. I don’t know if I’m turned on or going to be sick!”

“It doesn’t surprise me, I figured Frank was bi, I’ve caught him looking at naked guys on the Internet, he claimed he had clicked the wrong page. I just figured he’d be the sucker, not the one being sucked,” said Samantha.

“Well,” I said, “don’t worry, I saw him sucking Chris in the backyard earlier. I didn’t want to say anything, but I guess it’s out of the bag.” I told the girls.

“Well if they are going to fuck around, I’m sure as hell going to as well!” said Alex.

She leaned over and kissed me deeply, he tongue sliding into my mouth as her hands ran over my chest. I felt Samantha wrap her lips around my hard on and suck me deep. Now this was nice, I pulled Alex close and ran my hands over her small perky breasts. She gasped and I noticed Samantha was fingering Alex’s bare pussy. I sucked each of Alex’s nipples till they were like diamonds, she moaned louder each time I did. I felt Samantha release my cock from her mouth and then she whispered something into Alex’s ear. Alex nodded to Samantha’s suggestion and lay back on the couch with her legs spread. Samantha told me to get behind her and fuck her while she took care of Alex. I moved the coffee table out of the way and settled in behind Samantha who was on her hands and knees kissing between Alex’s open thighs.

Samantha had a thick booty, and I looked so good wiggling in front of me. I rubbed at her pussy from behind, it was soaked, I licked my finger to taste her sweetness, and it was a lovely blend of tart and tangy. I took my already glistening cock and teased her pussy with it, she just arched her back and pushed back into me, my cock popping into her tight wet pussy. I held her by the hips and began to fuck her long and slow. I looked at Alex, her legs spread and Samantha licking her pussy with deep long strokes of her tongue. Alex had her eyes closed and was pinching her nipples, her back arched and her tongue licking her lips. She opened her eyes and looked at me smiling, her finger finding her clit and rubbing it as Samantha fucked her pussy with her tongue.

“Oh god Sam, Yes! Oh your so good with your tongue fuck my tight wet pussy, make me cum all over your sweet face.” Alex moaned.

Samantha’s tits shook back and forth each time my thick glistening cock pumped deep inside her. She started to moan into Alex as she licked her, Alex in turn told us that she was cumming. It was fun to see these girls who I had always fantasized about doing such dirty things to each other. I slapped Samantha on her ass while continuing to fuck her deep. She turned her head, her face and chin glistening with Alex’s juices and made a kiss face at me.

“That it Brian, treat me like a slut, I love you big hard dick inside me, fuck me and make me your hoar! Oh god, Frank isn’t even close to your size, make me forget about his tiny dick and fat gut.” She said turning back to Alex.

I slapped her ass again and fucked her harder and faster soon she stopped licking Alex and was just moaning, as she got closer to climax. She finally came when I fingered her tight ass as I pounded into her. She yelped a little and dropped her head down to the carpet breathing hard. I just stayed as deep inside her as possible as she began to calm down. Finally I pulled out and she rolled over, looking up at me with teary eyes. Alex sat there watching the whole thing and playing with herself.

“Wow guys that was hot!” said Sarah, who was standing in the hallway naked smiling.

“Oh god Sarah, your man is so fucking hot, that was one of the best fucks I’ve ever had.” Samantha told Sarah.

“I know he is, I’m glad you got to feel him deep inside, I’m even happier I got to see it, I’m glad he is still hard, I know a couple other gals here who could use what you’ve got there Brian.” She told me.

“Well I’m just getting started, now who could use a drink?” I asked.

Three hands shot up and I got up off my knees and went into the kitchen to fix drinks. I came back and found all three girls on the couch, Sarah in the middle her arms around the other two. Mary and Mark were walking out of the bedroom, both smiling from ear to ear. I put down the drinks and got a couple more for the happy couple. We all sat down and the girls were all chatting about how they had never done something like this but how excellent it had been. Mary told me how Sarah and her had 69’Ed and she had never been with a girl before but how hot my girlfriend was. Mark told me his biggest fantasy was to watch Mary with another girl and how hot it was when they but sucked him off. Alex told Samantha how good she was at licking her pussy and Chris was never that good. We all sipped our drinks recovering from our experiences, until Sarah took the bowl of dares off the table.

“Well I say fuck the cards, I’m just going to pick out a dare and make you all do it.” She declared.

She chose a slip and read it aloud. “Tell us all you deepest darkest fantasy. Ok, that’s a good one, I want to hear your answer Samantha, then we’ll go around and all answer it.”

Samantha smiled and told us how she had a dream once where she was with two big black guys and they were taking turns fucking her and she was sucking the other. Sarah admitted she had done that, I remembered it too, and I was with one of the guy’s girlfriend at the same time. Alex was next, and she said she had always wanted to strip onstage at an amateur night at a strip club, but she had never gotten the nerve to. Sarah told Alex they’d have to go sometime and try it together. Chris told us having two girls was his biggest fantasy, but since he had just experienced that he’d have to say being videotaped would be next on his list. Mary told him they better save up and get a video camera. She told us she always wanted two guys, one in her pussy and one in her ass. Mark told her anytime she wanted to, he’d be happy to be one of them. I went next, so I told them my darkest fantasy was to have Sarah tied up and be fucked by a group of guys while I watch. Sarah giggled telling everyone how that was a turn on for her too. She said her darkest fantasy was to blow a bunch of strange guys at an X rated Movie Theater.

She drew the next dare and read it aloud. Fuck two people at once. She smiled and looked at Mary, “I guess Mary is going to get her fantasy tonight!” Sarah exclaimed.

Sarah directed everyone to help out, she told Alex and Samantha to suck Chris and I, and she led Mary into the bedroom to get her lubed up. Alex cam over and kissed me first then got on her knees and began to suck me. Samantha did the same to Chris; soon both of us were throbbing. Sarah yelled that Mary was ready, so mark and I went to the bedroom where we found Mary on her hands and knees, her ass in the air and Sarah sliding two fingers covered in KY jelly. Mark slide under her and slide his cock into her wet pussy. I got behind her at the end of the bed, and while standing slide my cock over her tight ass. She told me to be gentle, I told her of course and took some lube from Sarah and rubbed it over my cock. Mark was already fucking her from below, so I pushed gently into her ass, relying on her movements to slowly insert deeper. Her breathing was slow and she told Mark to just keep his dick inside her deep. She pushed back and soon I was in, she then told us both to go slowly and at the same time. We started just as she asked, nice and easy. The girls were watching us, Sarah on the bed touching herself, Samantha and Alex touching each other near the doorway.

“Oh my fucking god, this feels amazing,” Mary, gasped, “a little faster guys, my god you’re both so fucking big!”

Mark and I soon got into a good rhythm both of us pumping into Mary and the same time. She was moaning erratically as she would kiss Mark between her orgasms. We got to a point where we both were fucking her deep and hard until I finally came hard and quick, shooting a big load in her tight ass, I pulled out and shot some more on her butt and back. Mark heard me cum and blew his own load inside his girlfriend. Mary collapsed on Mark her moans subsiding, his cock finally sliding out from her pussy covered in cum.

I noticed Sarah was under Samantha eating her and Alex was playing with a dildo in Sarah’s pussy on the king size bed next to where we lay. I decided to head to the bathroom for a quick shower, I was sweaty from all the sex. The multiple showerheads spraying warm water felt great on my skin and I soaped up filling the show. I was washing my face so I had my eyes closed when someone entered the shower behind me and ran their fingers down my back and squeezed my ass. Washing the soap from my eyes I turned to find Alex smiling behind me.

“Tonight has been so full of wonderful experiences and feelings with you all, but there’s one thing I’ve been wanting all night,” said Alex, “I want to have you inside me.”

I kissed her deeply, our tongues slipping into each other’s mouths. My hands roamed all over her petite frame, her small hard nipples I pinched and then nibbled on. I cupped her tight ass and pulled her close. She slipped her hand down around my thick soapy cock and stroked me; I fingered her tight pussy at the same time. I lifted her up and put her against the wall, her legs wrapped around me and she held on by squeezing my ass. We kissed deeply as my cock found her wet pussy, sinking in I fucked her slow as she moaned in my ear. My fingers found her asshole and I fingered that while pumping her deep. The warm water hit us both from the side as we fucked in the shower; steam filled the room as the heat built.

“Oh yeah Brian, fuck me with that big long cock, finger my tight ass with those fingers, make me cum all over your cock and balls. Give it to me harder baby, make me your slut, I’m so hot for you, I want to be with you and Sarah, let me be your plaything.” Alex whispered in my ear.

“Alex, you can be with us whenever you want, Sarah and I both love you dearly. My gosh your pussy is tight and wet, it feels so good squeezing my cock.” I whispered back and sucked on her neck as she threw her head back and moaning she was cumming.

“Oh god yes fuck my tight pussy, fuck me harder, of fuck yes, do me you stud, oh yeah!” she was moaning in my ear.

I bucked into her as deep and hard as I could, my finger fucking her ass at the same time when I finally came again continuing to fuck her until my cock slide out of her wet pussy. I eased her down and held her to my body as we both recovered. She soon slipped down and sucked my cock to clean it off. We washed up and I got us towels to dry off. Emerging from the bathroom wrapped in our towels I saw Mary and Mark sleeping on the air mattress together with a blanket over their naked bodies.

We came into the bedroom to find Samantha and Sarah cuddled up in bed, I took off my towel and climbed in next to Sarah and Alex slid in next to me. I held Sarah as we drifted off to sleep. I woke up with Sarah smiling at me, the morning sun streaming into the room. Alex and Samantha were both asleep.

“Did you have fun last night?” She whispered.

“Last night was wonderful, did you have fun?” I asked.

“Oh yes, I can’t believe our friends acted the way they did, it was a lot more fun than with people from the clubs we’ve met up with.” She answered and then she kissed me.

A few months later Samantha and Frank were separated, and Alex broke up with Chris. Samantha moved in with Alex, we see them often. Chris and Frank also moved in together and we don’t really talk to them much. Mary and Mark are closer than ever; we see them all the time and are getting married soon like us. We now play with our friends from time to time, and we’re planning on making new years eve a tradition.

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