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New Year’s Eve

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So it was New Years eve, the time to party, to celebrate, and with any bit of luck, get laid. And in the past I’ve had absolutely no problems getting laid on New Years Eve. Sometimes it was because I was lucky, others it was because I lowered my standards, or alcohol lowered them and I got laid. In either case my main goal of having sex has been accomplished on NYE since I turned 18, and I’m now 29. So I guess I am at least guaranteed to get laid once a year.

This year was no different, only this time I felt as though I was in for a sure thing. Reason? A good friend of mine, whom I’ve never slept with, who I never knew had sexual feelings towards men had starting experiencing the pleasures of man on man action. And most recently he’d been flirting with me pretty hardcore. So why wait until NYE? Because he lives quite far away. I am in Philly, he’s in Boston, not exactly convenient for a booty call. And now, since he was back in the Philly area at his parents for NYE and we’d been flirting as I mentioned pretty hardcore, I knew I was in for a good lay. And I got laid, oh yes, and it turned out to be way more hot than I had ever imagined it would be.

All the flirting, dirty talking, phone and cyber sex had built up this fantasy, but the reality far exceeded my expectations. Which is why I felt the need to put it on paper, so I could remember this experience forever.

Showing up fashionably late the party was already starting it’s full swing. By time I got to my friend Jim’s parent’s house it was nearing 9:30pm. His parents are filthy rich, so their home was huge, and immaculately decorated, not to mention they hired valets for the evening. So while some sweet looking honey parked my car, I headed into the house. I mingled, I drank, I met some new and old friends, but after a half hour I had yet to find Jim.

No lie it took me over an hour to find him, and when I did he took me up stairs. My heart was racing, my crotch was aching, and my hands were sweating as I followed Jim into the far end of the house to a guest suite complete with private bath. It was no joke and neither was Jim, physically I mean. He’s a tall well built jock type with longer dirty blonde hair than hung slightly over his face and that slight stubble around his chin ala Tom Brady that the ladies and the men, as far as I am concerned go for. And then he has these bright penetrating blue eyes set back under a dark shadow created by his brow.

“Here’s where you’ll be staying.” He said.

“Will I have some company?” I asked, flirting. Jim just smiled at me, then turned away.

“Unsure.” He said then turned and laughed and winked. But his tone was off, like he seemed timid. Which made my mind wonder a little, I mean the only reason I came to this party was for him. So I was concerned that I wasn’t going to get anything from this. And after months of teasing I was expecting an end result, namely with his cum somewhere either in or on my body.

I looked over the room, wondering what the next move was. I had no idea if his parents knew of his recent sexual desires, I had no idea if he were willing to compromise any aninimity during the party, so I stood there, looking over Jim who was looking stunning by the way. He turned back towards the door and stopped, inches from me. “You smell fantastic.” He said, sniffed me and left.

My boner was raging…good thing I wore jeans, tighter than normal boxer briefs and an un-tucked shirt.

I slowly made my way downstairs. Slowly only because of said boner and wanting to give it time to subside, which due to the situation took a long fucking time. But upon my return to the party, everything was fine, despite my wondering on Jim’s intentions. But I had fun, and then I had too much burbon, and then some champagne, so needless to say after the toast, I was toasted. But not blitzed, just in no condition to drive. And saying stupid things, such as this…

I ran into Jim as he was saying good bye to his guests around 2 in the morning. By this point I was in blue ball stage. “Jim, Jim” I said, stuttering and probably slurring. “I want you to fuck me.”

He instantly grabbed me, laughing surprisingly, me not so much I was completely embarrassed by my drunkenness. “You drunk dick, what’s the matter with you? All that stuff we talked about, it was just flirting dude. I can’t do this in my parent’s home with some of their friends here.” He said. “Come on dude, get it together. It’s time for bed anyway.” And he walked away. I felt horrible, so incredibly embarrassed and ashamed of my drunk inconsiderate behavior and not even coming close to understanding that he had no intentions. I felt so shitty, or maybe it was disapointment.

So I shamefully stumbled up to my room, someway finding it through the maze that was his parent’s home. I laid down on my bed for a moment with two thoughts. Number one I may have caused a rift between Jim and myself because of my improper pass at him while he was with people. Number two was the fact that my NYE sex streak may be at an end. The second was much more devastating.

After lying there in self pity for a moment, I pulled myself up, feeling a bit sober now and headed into my private bathroom and cleaned up. The shower was really nice, the sink well lit, but that’s not the point, I just really liked the bathroom. Seriously for a guest room it was huge.

As I walked from the bathroom I felt pretty low, I wanted to leave but considering my buzz, I did the right thing despite my heavy reluctance. But as I stepped from the bathroom, I looked across the room to the bed.

“What are you doing?” I asked, frozen, emotionless. Jim was sitting on the bed, bare ass naked with just a pillow over his lap.

“What do you think I’m doing?” He said, coyly as if nothing happened between us.

“But you said…”

“But I said nothing. It’s not important now. I’ve been waiting a looooong time for this.” He said.

We stared at each other for a moment. Then he lifted his eyebrows and smiled, irresistibly and removed the pillow from his lap, exposing his full mast boner. I stared down his dick like it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. He’d talked about it over the phone and online, telling me it was big and thick, I just assumed it was talk…but oh, no. He wasn’t lying, it was 9 inches plus, and thick from top to bottom getting wider as it went down. All I saw from my vantage was the underside of his shaft, a large vein traveling up, big and purple disappearing into the flesh as it reached the ridge of his head. The tip was pointed, aiming up at his flat stomach, his hard hairy pecks and even harder nipples.

“Come on man.” He said, I could tell he was busting with anticipation. I broke from my daze and walked towards him, only in my boxers, which were now tented to the left.

As I got closer, he stood up and we embraced, pulling our naked chests together our cocks colliding on impact. He felt so warm, almost hot as our skin slid together. Then our mouths met, then our tongues and we kissed, passionately, our hands running down the muscles of our backs, moving up to the back of each other heads, playing with one another hair and pulling in hard, trying to taste each one’s insides.

And then something clicked. Maybe it was the passion, maybe it was lust, or maybe it was the alcohol, but when we parted and looked at each others things turned from a wanting to a desire and then to a heated exchange of sexual lust. In short, things got pornographic.

It was like half a second in reality but it felt like minutes as we stared at each other, kissing again this time our mouths mashing together, our tongues fighting inside our mouths, moaning and clawing at each other. I broke away and grabbed Jim’s ass hard, he smacked me, lightly but not…

“Is that what you want? You want my ass, you want to bite that shit.” He said, with a slight aggression in his voice that caused me to feel the same way.

“Yeah, that’s right.” I said, kissing him again, forcefully. He pushed me off and then grabbed me again, forcing me down to my knees. He turned around and pulled my face towards his ass. I started kissing and licking around his ass, not really having an aim or a goal, just hard kissing, sucking, biting, licking on the hard flesh of his solid ass. I pushed his hand away and took over. Grabbing at his sides and turning him so my face could go anywhere. I would lick the bulging flesh then kiss it. Next my tongue would slide down then back up the crack of his ass pushing in deep, letting my tongue burn with the salty sweat of his increasingly heated body. He moaned and hissed, bracing himself on the bed with both hands.

I grabbed his legs at the front and turned him and pushed him down on the bed. As he fell his legs fell open and in instantly pounced, holding them open. He looked at me for a moment and then relaxed as I moved in. I started by sucking on his balls that hung low near his asshole. His nuts were large, and sensitive, he groaned loudly as I brought them into my mouth and rolled them around before releasing them. “Fuck!” He’d yell out as I dropped each sweaty nut form mouth and brutally inhaled the next.

He held his legs at the knees, his balls and ass presented to me with ease and I took advantage. After I had thoroughly tasted and soaked each one of his cum filled balls I worked my way into his hole. Poking it at first with my tongue and then lapping from hole to sack with a firm flat tongue, tasting every single part of his under carriage. By time I got finished, each nut was shining with spit, his asshole was cleaned off and my chin was dripping with drool. The only reason I stopped was because he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Stop…stop.” He said, completely out of breath. “Come here.” He called. I got to my feet and climbed onto the bed, his chest was rising and falling fast and heavy. He grabbed me and kissed me real fucking hard, jamming his tongue down my throat and I gagged. Now I was breathing heavily and we laughed a little when we parted our lips. “You like this?” He asked.

“Yes.” Was all I could tell him.

“Good, bitch.” Was his reply. Then he grabbed my head again and raised his arm, sticking my face into his smooth pit. I began kissing, and sucking at the sensitive skin. Having never done this type thing before I just guessed at what I was doing but judging from his reaction I was correct but it wasn’t my thing. I fought my way out of his grip, wanting more of him than a sweaty arm pit and I went for his nipple and bit it…hard, and plucked up. “Fuck!” He yelled again, laughing and gasping.

“Just suck my cock mother fucker.” He said hard and aggressive, pushing me down. But I fought him off.

“Make me, faggot.” I said. This only fueled him further. He then grabbed me, pushing me, holding and forcing me towards his dick. He pushed on my neck as I pretended to fight back only to give in one his dick head hit my cheek. He forcefully turned my head and I opened wide and sunk my entire mouth, down to the base on his cock.

“Fuck yes, that’s it!” he yelled out with more aggression and getting louder with each taunt, seems we were really on the far end of the building. I held my head down, keeping his cock in deep. While he was forcing me down, I did this on my own accord, I love, love, love to deep throat. I could feel the thick heavy spit coming up my throat, filling into my mouth, lubing up his cock. When he released me I came up for air, gasping and pulling away with a string of drool going from lip to cock. My eyes began to water and I wiped away the tears. “Yeah!” I screamed. “Make me suck your cock. Make me your cock sucker.”

I have a certain method I like to use while sucking cock, and while I was being “forced” to suck, I really wasn’t. Jim was just making it a little more intense with the dirty talk and the forcing down of my head. And for the most part, I kept with my method here. First, as I did with Jim I take the entire cock down into my mouth and often into my throat. Depending on cock length it may go deeper down my throat. Anyway, I’ll deep throat for a good ten to twenty seconds, letting my partner do one of two things. Either face fuck me, causing me to gag therefore getting more spit faster, or I make a swallowing motion causing my own self to gag creating spit. The later takes a little longer and in all honesty I prefer the former. Which is exactly what Jim did. As I was deep throating him he would thrust his hips up, forcing the cock down my throat further. As he did this he’d moan, spit, his and yell, “suck on it” while pressing down onto my neck hard. That is my ideal start to a blow job. And Jim seemed to really enjoy giving me a hard face fuck.

Next, I’ll wait until the spit has worked itself into my mouth then pull back. By this point my entire mouth is completely lubricated with the thickest heaviest drool. I’ll put on a little show to tease by using the line of spit that always goes from mouth to cock. Usually I wiggle my tongue, or slurp it back up, something to be kind of naughty. The more intense the sex the more nasty I’ll be.

Once the spit is there, I like to focus on the head a little, nurse the tip like a bottle, and pitch it between my upper palet and slide my tongue hard up and down. For some guys this makes them cum real fast and real hard with more jizz than an elephant. For some guys it makes them squirm and moan and curse as is with the case with Jim.

Once I finish that move, I go to fucking down and just start bobbing my head up and down like a fishing bobber in water. Sure I’ll take breaks and play with the spit, I’ll deep throat and hold, all depends on the current mood and flow of the situation, or if the guy’s cum by now or not. I mean come on wouldn’t that make you cum? That is one hell of a blow job. In this case while I was bobbing the fuck out of Jim’s cock, he grabbed my legs, and pulled me towards him, using his hand to force my cheeks apart and starting rubbing my asshole.

I positioned myself onto my knees so that my ass was propped up with easy access to my puckered up hole. I could hear Jim spit into his hand then slap my asshole and start rubbing, sinking his fingers inside. “Tight ass mother fucker, you like those fingers?” He would ask.

I never answered, truth is the more he fingered, the harder I sucked. That should have been indication enough.

He pulled me over towards him, moving into a 69 position, my balls hanging in his face. His tongue came up and he started licking them, flicking them like a punching bag. It hurt due to incredible swelling. It didn’t stop him, moaning only increased his flicks. He used two hands, one to jerk me off the other finger fuck me while his tongue lashed at my blue balls. But I kept sucking, deeper, faster, hard with every pleasing move he made until my jaw ached so bad, a sign of a long blow job, that I had to stop.

I came up for and sat back so my asshole was now in Jim’s face. He grabbed onto my hips willingly and his tongue penetrated my loosening asshole. His tongue buried in deep, he would spit and lap at my hole. His cock was already heavily wet from my sucking, now all I needed was a moist hole and I’d slide that dick right up in there.

“Lick it! Lick it!” I screamed out. I wiggled my ass all over his face, talking to him telling him to make me wet. “Get me nice and wet, yeah. Get that asshole ready. Get it ready to be pounded!” I shouted at him, looking over my shoulder, reaching back and grabbing his hair and pulling his face deeper in between my cheeks only releasing him when he fought me away.

Then I turned around, staying straddled over him like he was my bronco. I kissed him as I reached back, jerking his cock, feeling how well I slicked it up. We broke up out messy kissing and I sat back, still jerking him off. Actually it was more like sliding my hands over a greased up pole. I made sure my ass was still wet as well and the guided his head to my hole. “You want to fuck me now?” I asked, staring down at him.

“Put my cock inside you. Get that tool up there. Put my cock inside you!” He ordered. I wiped his head around my ass, teasing, getting it real slick before I locked into the opening and started sitting back, allowing his head to pop up into my rectum. This move always makes me freeze up, the sudden shock of being penetrated burns, it aches, but it’s a good thing. I let my body ease into it for a second and then slid all the way down, balls deep on his cock.

“Oh, God damn!” I shouted out. 9 inches is a lot of cock to take, and when it’s a big ass thick piece of meat it makes the body jump and feel as though it was torn open. I let the burn subside once again, Jim watched my face, which I imagine clearly showed my temporary discomfort. Once I settled in, I was ready and I leaned forward again kissing Jim. His knees bent and I felt his thighs pressing again the naked flesh of my ass. I knew what was about to happen, it was the best part of being on top. Jim started taking over, pushing into my ass, shifting my bowels then pulling out near the brink of leaving my hole then shoving back in. All he needed to do was develop a ryhthem and he could start pumping into me harder and harder.

You could probably hear the flesh on flesh slapping down the hall. You could probably also hear the grunting and moaning and screaming too. I dropped my head into Jim’s neck and let him pounded me. His legs were pumping so hard, I’d never been fucked like this before, so deep and hard at the same time. Only porn stars can get fucked this hard, and at the moment I was feeling like one.

Next I took control, grabbing his arms and pinning them back over his head. I sat back and his legs fell flat as I started riding him, using slow, long agonizing strokes, complete opposite of what we just had. Truth me told me ass needed a small break. While a good pounding up the ass is great, I can only take it for so long. By now we had both realized that this was going to turn into a marathon. The alcohol in both of us had numbed our sexual sensations. And while the action was hot and it was so far feeling beyond incredible, there were no signs of either of us having that orgasm soon. So taking control as I did I looked at Jim’s face as I gently pulled my hips up and slid back down.

“How’s that ass? You like it?” I asked.

“I want more.” He said. “I want more of that shit box, I want to nail you harder and deeper than before.”

I kept the pace, riding him slow and steady, watching his face twist as I came up then down. “Beg, mother fucker.” I said.

“Fuck you.” He snapped back, trying to fight off my grip.

“Beg to fuck me hard.” I said again, smiling, playing. But he broke free from my grip, he had over powered me, not that I was surprised. He grabbed me and threw me from his lap and I landed on the side of the bed, bouncing and actually falling to the floor. For a moment, Jim jumped over to check it out. I came up laughing. He smiled too and we stared at each other for a moment.

“Get up here, cum bucket.” He ordered.

“Cum bucket?” I said, looking at him, at the time I liked that nickname. “Yeah, I am a cum bucket. You have a bucket of cum to give me?” I asked, starting to get to my knees. Then Jim jumped up and off the bed. He nearly sprinted over to me, grabbing me and pulling me off the floor and slamming me against the wall.

Both of us were gasping, his forearm pinning me to the wall, his other hand reaching around and grabbing my hard shaft and jerking it off. “You like the reach around?” He asked.

“Yes.” I said, I mean who doesn’t.

“Yeah? You like the reach around as I screw your faggot ass?” He said, that aggressive tone returning in his voice. Then his forearm released me, and I felt his hand slide between my ass and his abs. He violently shoved his cock back into my slopped up asshole and began humping me. He jammed his cock up inside, thrusting forward then holding a moment. “Take it deep. Take it, take it. Fuck you take that cock!” He screamed out, loud enough that someone had to hear it. By now anyone left in the house knew something was happening here. And by the sounds of it, it probably seemed like prison rape.

Jim continue to thrust my lose ass each time yelling “take it!” I groan and moaned like a fucking whore, no words could describe it, or needed to be said back to him. And then he stopped, holding still lying against me. I waited a moment, then looked back at him.

“Did you cum?” I asked. He just shook his head. “You alright?” I asked again, briefly concerned. He didn’t move for a second, I pushed him off me and turned around.

“Gotcha.” He said, smirking. I laughed for a second, then pushed him out of the way and moved back to the bed. I lied down, grabbing my knees and pulling them towards me. I spread my legs, my gapping asshole exposed, my hard cock slapped against my stomach. I looked at Jim, my face becoming hard and stern.

“I want you to fuck me as hard as you can and blow your load into my ass.” I said, no doubt getting my point across. And Jim wasted no time seeing that my request was fulfilled.

The bed was high, and Jim’s cock was in perfect penetration level. He moved in, sliding his cock all the way up my ass. I put my head back, gritting my teeth as my inside shifted, moving further up inside me. Jim leaned forward putting his hands right by my shoulders, his chest leaning on mine and starting thumping me. and I mean THUMPING me. his hips punished mine, his cock drilled my hole and I grunted with each thrust getting louder and louder. Jim was grunting getting louder and louder. My legs wrapped around him pulling him closer. And in all my life I have never, ever been fucked so hard or so fast or so incredibly aggressive. I hate to suck on Jim’s shoulder in order not to scream. Of course he didn’t bother to do the same, he let it all out. He groan loud and thunderous as he pumped into me one final time unleashing his massive load.

I felt his thick dick throbbing, his abs tightening as he got his release. He began kissing me, deep and passionate and then I felt his warm hot cum starting to spread through my insides. It was like a big bad injection of warm slime, moving through me, warming me from the inside out.

Then he threw himself off me and cum poured from him wide open asshole as he pulled out. He dropped down to his knees. “Cum in my face.” He ordered.

“What?” I asked, confused and still spread eagle.

“Get up, jerk off into my face. Cum on me!” He ordered and begged at the same time. In an instant I sprung up and put my hard cock in front of him. The pounding I just took spurred my prostate, it took me nearly no time at all to work up an orgasm. I put my hand on Jim’s forehead, grabbing a tuft of his hair and titled it back. I was getting ready to blow and Jim was staring up at me with an open mouth and wide eyes. “Give it to me.” He pleaded.

“Here it comes.” I groaned, stopping my jerking motion. I held me cock at the base and let my orgasm let loose. I didn’t care where it landed. Some of it went into his mouth, some into his hair, some of it across his nose, but where ever it went, he was moaning, yelling “yes, yes, yes!” as each sling of cum hit his face and until I was all out of jizz. I squeezed the last remained trails of cum from the tip of my head and wiped it on Jim’s face and helped feed it to him as he shoveled it into his mouth.

Then I went to knees beside him and fell completely to the floor. He joined me shortly after and we started laughing. “What the fuck was that?” He asked.

“I have no idea.” I said, laughing in hysterics.

We lied there for a bit getting our shit together. Eventually, Jim got up and went into the bathroom and we cleaned up. Jim cleaned his face, I cleaned my cum filled butt. We then went to bed, both of sleeping in the nude, occasionally cuddling with one another, but for the most part sleeping off the alcohol.

The next morning when I woke up, we stared at each other, both thinking about what we had done last night. Noticing that Jim’s cock was yet again hard, I felt it only necessary to give him a well deserved blow job for the wonderful things he had done to me last night. As I shift to go down on him I groaned. My ass was so incredibly sore. It was a feeling I hadn’t felt since I was a virgin.

I repeated my technique same as last night while sucking his cock. Only this time, it was less aggressive, and Jim merely rested his hand on my head and sighed as I did my work. I swallowed each and every last drop of cum he injected into my mouth with great pleasure and ending it with a kiss as I lied back down next to him.

A few moments later, after a chat and decision to do this again next time he’s in town we went downstairs for breakfast. And now I ask you to try and imagine the looks and expressions on his parent’s face when we sat down with them. Clearly they were aware of what happened last night, clearly they had no idea their son was gay. It was extra uncomfortable, and yet so incredible hilarious. So we laughed.

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