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New Playmates

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It was a slower than average Sunday morning at the restaurant and pub I own in an historic town close to Washington, DC.

As is my usual custom I repaired to my office and began checking my mailbox at the various swinger sites to which I subscribe.

I was elated to see a response from a local couple I had sent an introduction to and, as luck would have it, the male half was online.

We chatted via instant messenger. He had read my intro letter and was interested in getting better acquainted. We discovered we both enjoyed 3somes and that we were both orally bi. He offered that his girlfriend of 6 years enjoyed threesomes and that seeing him suck cock made her crazy with lust.

I finally screwed up the courage to ask if they might like to meet and get acquainted. He said yes and we discussed various meeting options. As we were chatting his girlfriend arrived, read our chat stream and encouraged him to set something up for that night.

I suggested they come to my restaurant and have dinner on me. We could chat and see if there was a connection and if they were inclined, and had time, they could hang out until closing and help me “close” the place.

I stopped by their table and asked how their meal was and spent a few minutes getting a first impression. It always amazes me when I meet two people who are as normal as any two people can be after sharing intimate conversations online. Steve and Terry were no different. I knew I liked them immediately and found myself hoping they felt the same. I suggested they come upstairs and check out the pool table in our pub room. Though closed on Sundays I suggested it might be a great place to checkout just in case they ever needed a place to hold a private party.

They were the last party we served that evening and about 45 minutes latter they wandered upstairs where I showed them the pool room and suggested they might want to play a little eight ball while I closed the place and saw the help out. Periodically I brought a round of beers and sat and chatted with them as they played. Just getting acquainted stuff nothing too forward.

It seemed like an eternity until we were alone and the doors were locked. I poured myself a drink and we sat and began to get acquainted in earnest. I asked Terry how she felt about being there and if she wanted to participate or just watch. She said she would decide as things progressed if she would play or not. I asked her if she wanted to see Steve suck me or me him. She replied that she knew Steve got pleasure from sucking – a fact he eagerly confirmed – but she said she would cheer me on if I wanted to do him.

I asked her if she would be comfortable sucking him while I watched and then allow me to take over. She said “I can do that.” As if on cue Steve stood, unbuckled his belt and undid his shorts dropping them and his underwear to his ankles.

His cock was impressive. Though only slightly longer than average it was easily the thickest cock I had ever seen. I marveled as I watched Terry lean forward, tenderly take hold of his member and slowly take it into her mouth. I watched momentarily and then moved in to join her. Our mouths and tongues intertwined around the head of Steve’s cock and he let out a low moan as first her then I took a long deep suck. Terry began working the head while I licked his thick shaft and took one and then the other of his balls in my mouth.

Returning to share the head with Terry she yielded full control of Steve’s cock to me and began sucking his nipples watching as I sucked more intently and began stroking is thick shaft at the same time. The taste of precum was intoxicating as I reached over to caress Terry’s legs as I sucked. I found Steve’s hand expertly working her shaved gash.

I stood to take a break and offered my throbbing cock to Steve. He took it into his mouth as Terry watched. A look of pure lust flashed across her face as he took me deep into his throat. He sucked feverishly and I had to pinch off the base of my cock and tell him to slow down lest I blow right then and I wanted this to last longer.

I moved around Steve to get closer to Terry. She had replaced me now once again pumping Steve’s cock in her mouth. I caressed her back moving my hand down to her ass and then up under her skirt. I asked if she minded me playing with her. She emptied her mouth long enough to say no and then stood to give me free access to her pussy from behind.

She was soaking wet. I knew I wanted to taste her so I pulled an oversized lounge chair over and asked Steve if he would sit in it and let Terry sit on him with her back to him. I told them I wanted to suck her clit and his balls as he fucked her. They we more than happy to comply.

I knelt on the floor and began licking her swollen clit as she slowly raised and lowered herself on Steve’s cock. I licked his taint and his balls which where now well coated with her love juices. Every once in a while she would raise up too high and his cock would pop out affording me an opportunity to suck him and taste her juices on his delicious cock. Terry had her first crashing orgasm as I sucked her clit as Steve pressed deep into her.

As she came out of it I said “Steve I want you to cum in Terry so I can eat your cum from her.” The words alone sent her over the edge again.

Steve asked her to stand and bend over so he could really give it to her. She complied and took my cock in her mouth and milked it as Steve pounded her now gushing pussy. He lasted about 2 minutes and signaled his orgasm with a deep gasp and a hard thrust deep into his petite and sexy girlfriend.

As he withdrew I took his cock in my mouth and sucked the last bit of cum from him. Then I had Terry hop up on the pool table and spread her legs. Steve’s cum was oozing from her bald pussy. I immediately went to work licking her from asshole to clit and back again taking every opportunity to drive my tongue deep inside to savor every drop.

Steve was kissing Terry deeply and whispering in her ear. He stood and said “Tom, go ahead and fuck her. She wants your cock in her.” I pulled her ass to the edge of the table and began running my cock head up and down her slit and then slowly slipped it into her well lubricated love hole. I drove it deep and as it bottomed her mouth opened and she let out a low guttural moan. Steve said “Oh yes fuck her good Tom.” I picked up the pace and felt the familiar tingle in my balls that signaled an impending explosion. She had a remarkable talent for controlling her pussy muscles and I could feel her clenching around my cock every time I began to withdraw. I lasted 30 more seconds before depositing a hot load deep in her womb. She smiled as she felt me unload and heard my gasp as I did.

I held myself deep in her for what seemed like an eternity but was probably more like a minute then withdrew and moved around to kiss this extraordinarily sexy lady. Steve took my position and began fucking her for the third time that evening. He explained that feeling another guys cum in Terry always made him hot. He fucked her wildly for about five minutes before adding another load to her cum filled cunt.

We sat and talked while collecting our clothes and getting dressed. We laughed like kids who had just gotten away with something and then I walked then to the door and said good night.

I went right to my computer and pounded out a quick thank you note to them both.

Monday mid day I got a reply from Steve confirming that he an Terry really enjoyed themselves and that they would indeed like to get together again as soon as possible.

Looks like next Tuesday will be round two. I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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