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New Outlook

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I looked at myself in the mirror. Not bad. For a fifty year old mother of three, I looked pretty good. I was still slim and trim with fairly large breasts, I knew I didn’t look my age. I had on a little powder blue suit with a short skirt, several inches above the knee. I wore stay up top hose and blue heels. I turned and looked at the back. Pretty damned nice I thought. Eye catching but not overtly so. I liked the mirrors in the elevators of this building. Good idea.

I walked down the hall looking for suite 314. Ah! There it was. I entered and the receptionist gave me the usual forms to fill out. I filled them out and turned them in to the girl. I waited a few minutes and was shown to Dr. Carter’s office. She turned out to be a nice middle aged woman. I liked her right away. She listened as I told of my problem. I felt unfulfilled, lonely and neglected by my husband of thirty years. It wasn’t merely a lack of physical sex, I felt he just didn’t have any interest in me any more. Now that the kids were up and on their own we seemed to have absolutely nothing in common. He had his fishing, his golf, and I was not part of his life anymore except when he needed me as an escort at a cocktail party or dinner, then he liked to show me off.

Dr. Carter asked me about our sex life. She said, “Just give me a short little history of your sexual activity through the years of your marriage. I am speaking of frequency not quality now.” I told her I thought it was pretty normal, at first it was very often then slacked off to a level of once or twice a week for years. Now it was very rare, perhaps three times a year. She was making notes. “Now tell me about the quality of the sex.” She requested, “Tell me how it changed if it did.”

I told her that it had changed a few years ago to where there was little or no foreplay and now it seemed like a chore he had to get done.

She looked at me, “Did you ever have orgasms?”

“Yes, usually at least once each time we made love.”

“Did you ever have a mind blowing, totally consuming, bed wetting, out of your control, screaming at the top of your lungs orgasm?”

“No, nothing like that, ever.”

“Too bad. That is what we girls need, but only a few of us get that because we just don’t know it should be that way, and our men don’t know how to give us that either. Damned shame.”

“What can I do about that now? I have too much invested in this marriage to give it up at this stage of the game.”

“I can’t really advise you about that right now. Do you see a GYN guy regularly? I assume one recommended you see me because he could find nothing wrong with you.”

“That’s right.”

“I am going to tell you what I think you should do. I have a therapist I would like you to see. He is very, very good. He taught me what I was missing and it changed my life and saved my marriage. His name is Jefferson Sloan. Karen, my receptionist will give you his card. Go to see him with a completely open mind. It is very educational. He will report to me and we will devise a plan for you. I know you are going to be pleased.”

I thanked her and went out and paid for my visit. The girl asked if I would like her to schedule an appointment with Mr. Sloan for me. I told her to please do that. She dialed a number and talked with someone, she asked if one o’clock on Thursday would be alright with me. I nodded. The sooner the better, I thought. She handed me a card and I was on my way.

I decided to stop at the mall on my way home and do a little shopping.

I found the J. Sloan Institute with no trouble. It was much larger than I expected. A half a dozen very attractive women were leaving as I entered. They were happily laughing and talking as they left. That made me feel better. A beautiful young lady showed me to his office.

He was a much older man than I had expected. He stood and walked to me and took my hand. He grinned at me and laughed, “You are a disappointment to me.”

“Why is that?”

“Most women I see are rather plain looking when they first come here, you are very beautiful and delightfully well dressed.”

“Well, thank you very much. But I can’t believe that judging from the lovely ladies I passed on the way in.”

“Thank you, they have been in classes here for a few months. Would you like to see how they have changed?”

“Yes, that would be interesting. Mr. Sloan.”

“We are informal here, call me Jeff. And if you don’t mind I’ll just call you what ever you prefer, Dorothy, Dotty or Dot?”

“I use Dotty mostly.”

“OK Dotty, let me put this CD in the player. We will look at the initial videos of the ladies who just left.”

The screen on the large TV showed the girls standing, from all sides, walking and sitting. Then close up shots of the clothing and the faces were shown. There were six of them. There was another TV beside the first. He put a CD in another player.

“These shots are the same girls, taken last week.”

He showed each girl, with the before and after shots side by side. I was astounded. I couldn’t believe the changes in the women I saw. Chubby sad frumps were changed into lovely, slim, attractive smiling ladies. The changes were unbelievable.

“You see what I mean, Dot? You are already gorgeous, I can’t help you very much in that department, you are very well dressed, and I think you are a very self confident lady. I think there is a mistake on your form here though. It must be wrong, It says your age is fifty.”

“No, that is correct.”

“I would have guessed much younger. May I look at you more closely?”

I nodded. He stood very near me and looked at my face. He gently moved my head from side to side. He stepped back, he looked me up and down. He asked me to turn around slowly. When I faced him again he grinned. “Absolutely beautiful. The only flaw I see is that you might lose a couple of pounds. And I am not sure about that, you have taken very good care of your self. Just looking at you I would say the problem is with your husband and not with you.”

“Why, thank you, you are very kind.”

“Bullshit! I am not kind at all. You are as sexy a looking woman as I have ever seen of your age or any age. Something must be wrong with him. Have you tried wearing sexier more revealing clothes to attract him?”

“Yes but he doesn’t seem to notice.”

“Does he have a doctor he visits regularly?”

“Yes, he sees the same one every few months and has regular check ups.”

“Call the Doctor’s name to Dr. Carter’s receptionist and Dr, Carter can check with his doctor to see if there are problems he hasn’t told you about. We need to eliminate that before we go too far.”

“I gave her that information, she said she would call you when she talked with his doctor.”

Sloan grinned, “It makes life so much easier when you work with competent people.”

He was really very attractive. Tall, slim and looked to be in great physical condition. His smile made me tingle and the touch of his hands, no matter how casual, was soothing.

Jeff looked in my eyes, “Dotty, have you ever seen a woman have a real orgasm? I know all women don’t react exactly the same. But I can show you one woman who has two completely different orgasm types. I must warn you that this is raw sex, unedited. If you don’t want to see it, it’s OK.”

“I am alright with that, I have no problem with porn.”

“Fine, let me find the CD I want, ah! Yes, here we go.”

The screen showed a man and a young woman having intercourse, He was fucking her very hard. She was groaning and moving her head about. She moaned and said she was cuming. She smiled at her lover and he came too.

The scene changed and the same woman was being fucked by a different man. He didn’t seem to be doing anything much different. Then he pulled out of her and slipped back between her legs. He began slurping at her cunt. He was really eating her out.

It showed a close up of him licking and sucking on her clit. She had her eyes wide open. She was making a purring noise deep in her throat. She flopped her head from side to side. Then she screamed, “Fuck me, fuck me now.” and the guy lifted her legs over his shoulders and shoved his cock into her gapping, dripping, pussy. He lifted her ass off the bed and really rammed it to her.

Her eyes closed then opened wide, a smile was on her face as she screamed, “Oh, Yesssss, Yesss, Yes, Yes.! Her eyes were open but had a unfocused glazed look. Her fluids gushed around his cock as he stiffened and appeared to be in real pain. His head flew back and he gave about four real strong thrusts then slumped over her. She screamed, “OH! MY God!” and was quiet.

Jeff shut the machine down and looked at me. “Well, did you see any difference?”

“I sure did. Damn it, my panties are soaked.”

He grinned and they got wetter. He said, “Take them off, here is a towel,” and he turned around. I slipped them off and dried myself. He smiled at me, “Give them to me, that is one of the first exercises we do with our girls, we make them go without panties for about a month and wear nothing but skirts.

It makes them much more conscious of their sexiness. It really changes their whole outlook on life. They walk different and feel different. Of course they can wear panties for sports and stuff. But I always ask if they are wearing them and if we are somewhere private, I may check to see if they are wearing them.”

I laughed at him, “You are the panty police?”

He smiled. Damn he was cute when he smiled, “Yep! Want to see my badge.” He reached in his jacket and pulled out an official looking badge that said, “Panty Police”.

I giggled like a school girl. Then asked “What do I do now to have an orgasm like that? I have never cheated on my husband, and don’t want to start now. I still love him, I guess I always will.”

“Dear Lady, I would never advocate your cheating on your husband, unless you were sure he was unfaithful to you. What we do in a case like this is recommend he see Dr. Carter too. He would then be sent to us also. If he agreed he would be assigned to a female therapist for treatment. You would have a male therapist.”

“What if he won’t agree?”

“Then if you want to save your marriage, without cheating on your husband, you have no choice but to go on as you are now.”

“I’ll talk to him.”

“You must make it clear to him that this is to save your marriage, he must understand how unhappy you are. We have had men who still did not want therapy but agreed to let their wives have a lover if they were discrete and he was never aware of any change in their lifestyle. You might offer him that option.”

“Wow! That is something to think about. A lot of stuff to think about. I have never even kissed someone other than him. Let me think as second, please. Wow, what to do! Would you do me a sweet favor please?”

“Anything in my power is yours.”

“Oh! My! Would you please kiss me?”

“Yes I will, do you want a sweet kiss on the cheek, a warm kiss on the lips or a passionate kiss on the lips and other places?”

“I think the last will tell me more.”

He stood and took my hands and took me to the couch. We sat and he reached over and pushed some buttons on a console. Soft music came from speakers. He sat close to me and looked into my eyes., “Damn! You are really beautiful.”

He put his hand on my cheek and turned my face to his. His lips softly touched mine. Then they touched my lips again and pressed a little harder and parted. I opened my lips too. His tongue slipped gently in my mouth and touched my tongue. I loved the feel of his tongue. He pulled me closer to him and moved his hand down my side, over my hip, then down my thigh. His mouth was wonderful on mine.

I was loving every thing he did. His hand moved back upwards and caressed my breast through the jacket. Then he began undoing the buttons down the front of the jacket. I knew I should stop him but I just couldn’t. His hand slipped inside my jacket and cupped my breast over my bra. I could feel the warmth of his hand. He gently squeezed my breast and moved to the other breast. The little embroidered lace demi – balconet bra was so thin I felt his individual fingers as they moved over it.

Meanwhile his mouth was doing heavenly things to mine. His tongue was everywhere in my mouth. His lips were so soft and tender they drove me crazy. He pulled me forward and pulled my jacket off. His hands moved behind me and unfastened the bra. He pulled the cups down and caressed my bare breasts with his marvelous hands. One hand tweaked the nipple of one breast while the other hand gently moved over my upper thigh pushing my skirt higher and higher.

He kissed my throat and traced a path down to lick around my breast. He kissed around the nipple until I was dieing for him to suck it into his lips. Then he did. Oh! It was heavenly. He licked and sucked and I felt that warm glow wash over me. I think I moaned a little as I felt the other hand on the soft skin above my stocking top. I had to stop him now, Yeah! Right! His hand reached my wet pussy and I was powerless to stop it.

I felt a finger play with my inner lips and search for my clit. He found it. OH! My God. What a feeling. He gently rubbed the tips of his fingers over it and I thought I had never felt anything so good. It was wonderful. I wanted him to take me to bed but my mouth wouldn’t work except to moan. A finger slipped inside me. OH! YES!

Another joined it. Hmmmm. His lips left my nipples and I wanted him to kiss and suck my pussy but he kissed my mouth. He moved his hands to my face and kissed me tenderly. Oh! So sweetly. He said, “There, consider yourself passionately kissed. I don’t know about you but I loved every second of it.” I couldn’t speak. He handed me my bra and I put it on.

He helped me into my jacket. He handed me my panties. They were still wet. I dropped them in my purse. I couldn’t look at this man. I walked to the door and put my hand on the knob. I turned and looked up at him. He smiled and took my face between his strong gentle hands and tenderly kissed my lips. “I hope I didn’t take you too far, dear girl, I went further than I had intended. I just couldn’t help myself, you are so sweet and delectable I lost control, that almost never happens. I am sorry.”

“I looked at him and smiled, I am not sorry, you just taught me how much I am missing. That is what I need. If he won’t give it to me I will go else where.”

“Please come back here if you need anything, anything at all, I will help you. I promise.”

“Oh! I’ll be back alright, it might take a little time, but I promise I WILL be back.”

Three weeks later I was again seated in Jeffery Sloan’s Office. His grin when he kissed and greeted me really warmed my heart. He said, “What was the outcome Dear Lady. What did your husband decide?”

“He admitted he was having problems, I don’t believe he is telling me everything, but he did say that he understood that he was unable to fulfill my sexual needs and to do what I needed to do, he just didn’t want to know about it. Not completely trusting him on this, I recorded our conversation and gave a copy to my attorney. Now he can’t use this against me in a divorce. I don’t really think he wants one, but you never know.”

Jeff smiled that boyish smile of his and asked why I was there. I grinned, “For therapy of course. I want to learn what you have to teach me so I can live the last few years of sexual activity I have remaining the way they all should have been.”

“Excellent, We can go two or three ways from here. You can enroll in one of our classes. We can set you up for private lessons on just the sexual part. You can learn some of it from our video lessons. But actually engaging in the sex acts is what really opens your eyes. We have a number of very good therapists. I do not want you out bar hopping looking for sex. That is way too dangerous these days. Please don’t even think of doing that. You would have no trouble attracting men, none at all. You don’t want someone to fall in love with if you want to stay married to your husband.”

“Looking at this in a practical sense, and I think I must use that approach, I need the sex, not love. I have too much to loose in a divorce. We have been married for thirty years and until two or three years ago when we retired I worked right along side of him in our real estate business. My sales were always way above his. We did very, very well. He is fifteen years older than I am and I am not about to throw all that away.”

“You are right. I have a couple of hours open now. Why don’t you let me demonstrate some of our methods and you can see how you want to go. OK?”

“That sounds good to me. Mr. Sloan.”

“Hey, call me Jeff, please.”

“Fine if you call me Peek.”

“Peek? P-E-A-K or P-E-E-K?”

“P-E-E-K. When I was a child I loved to play Peek-a-boo. I was only a couple years old and I insisted everyone call me Peek-a-boo. So it stuck. My real name is Dorothy. Everyone calls me Peek.”

He grinned at me and said, “I love it.” He took my hand and led me to a bed room next to the office. It was very nicely furnished and immaculate. I saw a bathroom through a door that was slightly ajar. He turned me to face him and kissed me very nicely. I felt my body react. He asked if I wanted him to undress me. I nodded. I was wearing a halter dress and in a second it was around my feet. I had on a garter belt, hose and heels under it. He grinned when he saw I wore no panties. He hugged me tight laughing, “You do listen, don’t you. Did it make you feel different?”

“Yes, it sure does.” I giggled. “I love it. I haven’t flashed anyone yet. But I have come close.”

“You really look sexy, your body is absolutely perfect. I don’t think we can improve on that in any way. I just love your breasts.” He said and leaned down and kissed my nipples. Wow! That revved my motor way up. His hands were on my hips. He pushed me back so I sat on the edge of the bed. He stepped back and removed his clothes as I watched.

He was in great shape. His chest was muscular as were his arms. His waist was narrow. I caught my breath as he dropped his pants and I saw the huge bulge in his underwear. He put his thumbs in the waist band and pulled them down. His cock sprang free.

It was very large, much larger than my husbands. I reached slowly out and grasped it. Warm, silky smooth, velvet over iron, I had to feel all of it. I rubbed the smooth head over my cheek. I lifted his heavy balls. Damn. Where had this been all my life.

I softly kissed the head of it and looked up at him. “I need him.” I said. I was wet between my legs already. He lifted me and lay me on the bed. He crawled next to me and started loving me. He kissed my lips and when I opened my mouth he sucked gently on my lower lip. Wow! Then he kissed all of my face and eyes. He moved back to my mouth and explored it with his tongue. His hands were caressing my tits and squeezing my nipples. He moved his lips to kiss and suckle my breasts.

Damn, it felt soooo good. His hands were down rubbing across my belly and on to my mound now. It was a wonderful sensation. I was glad I had shaved there this morning. Put a spritz of cologne there too!

He kissed across my tummy as he pushed my legs apart. They just went wider on their own.

I felt the very tip of his tongue trace the slit between my inner lips. Then his tongue went flat and spread those lips. His fingers held me open as his tongue traced every nook and cranny of my dripping pussy. I didn’t want to move, but I couldn’t help myself. I placed my fingers lightly on his head after I placed two pillows behind my head so I could watch him.

He knew all my best places and proceeded to lick or suck on all of them. Then there was my clit. Boy did he turn that little nub every way but loose. I had never felt anything like that. I had orgasms on top of orgasms. Often he would bring me right to the edge of an orgasm and hold me there for minutes, barely moving his lips or tongue. I felt his hands under my ass as he lifted me further upwards. I was totally and completely open to him now. He ran his tongue and lips around my tight little ass hole. What was he doing?

His fingers were deep in my pussy, touching, rubbing, playing. Waves of pure joy swept through my body. I thought I could stand no more but I was wrong. A finger pressed on the little puckered hole and wiggled it’s way in. I liked the way it felt. It went deeper then pulled out and slid back in. Mummm! That was nice! Another finger joined the first one, it felt nicer.

I knew I was screaming something but I didn’t know what. He quickly raised off me and moved up between my wide spread legs. He guided his cock up and down my slit, then pressed forward. I was ready for the pain I was sure would come from the size of him stretching my love tunnel. It didn’t come. It slipped further and further in. Out a little, then deeper, out a little, then way deeper than anyone had ever been. Then even deeper.

It felt wonderful, I love the way he filled me. Then I felt his pubic hairs against my pussy lips and I knew I had the whole thing inside me, I thought it couldn’t get any better. Then he started to move. Slowly at first. Then further out, then back in, faster and faster he went. Harder and harder he thrust up in to my very core.

I had continuous waves of sheer ecstasy crashing through my body, It felt as if every hair on my body stood on end and vibrated, every nerve ending sang with joy. It was pure heaven. Then the biggie hit me and everything went black. When the lights came back on I felt his cock pulsing and spurting cum inside me. He shivered and stiffened for a bit then lay on top of me.

I pulled his face to mine and rained kisses all over it. “Thank you, Oh! Thank you. That was absolutely my best ever by miles. I never dreamed it could be like this. Damn you are amazing. Will you marry me?”

He kissed me gently, “It was my best too I think, but you are already married, remember?”

“So what, I can dream can’t I?”

“You were happy with it?”

“You have to be kidding. I want to learn how to please you too.”

“Oh! You did please me.”

“No, I want to learn how to properly give a man pleasure with my mouth.”

“Oh! You want to know how to give head. Or Suck cock. Or eat man meat. Nothing to it. Wait here. Let me get a CD. We have a very good one. You can watch it and then practice on me. I would love that.”

“That sounds good to me, I’ll watch it and you relax and take a nap. I’ll wake you when I am through.”

I watched the video. It was very good. It stared Jeff and a very lovely woman. He was teaching her the art of felatio. I watched it through and looked at Jeff. He was sound asleep. I let it play over. I think I had it pretty well figured out. Jeff was still asleep so I moved over and careful eased the sheet off of him. His cock lay before me soft and vulnerable. I picked it up and slipped it into my mouth. I saw his eyes flutter and I didn’t move.

His breathing evened back out and his eyes remained closed. I felt his penis grow a bit larger. I pulled my lips out over him and then pressed back in until I had all of him in my mouth again. He was growing again. I pulled out again and let my tongue slide along the shaft with my lips. He moaned softly and I applied a little suction as I moved in and out over his beautiful cock. Two moves like that and he was fully erect and throbbing.

A little smile played along his lips. I moved a little faster being careful to keep him well lubricated with my saliva as I moved. I kept him nice and slippery. I started following my lips with my hand. I varied the pressure of my lips and the grip of my hand and I twisted the hand from side to side as I moved it along his shaft. A drop of clear fluid emerged from the tiny slit in the end of his cock. ‘Precum.’

Tasted very good. I wanted more and I increased all my movements. I looked up and his eyes were following my every move. I stopped my head and kept my hands moving. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and licked the whole surface of it paying especial attention to the area just below and behind the ridge of the head. He shuddered and stiffened and I knew that was my signal to increase every thing I was doing.

I was rewarded by large gobs of semen spurting into my mouth. I savored the taste of it and swallowed some and held some in my mouth. I moved up to his head and wiggled my cum coated tongue at him. He grinned and sucked it off of my tongue, then kissed me. He pulled back and smiled at me, “You passed that test with flying colors. That was super good. I loved it.”

“Really, I had an orgasm while I was doing you, I really like doing that. Now I want to learn about anal. You made me curious after you finger fucked me there a while ago. I liked that very much. Doesn’t it hurt the girl?”

“No, not if it is done correctly and she is fully prepared for it. Many women like it as much and some like it even more than vaginal intercourse. They say they have better muscle control and the area around the two anal sphincter muscles has many more nerve endings than the vagina. Lots of gals and guys say it feels better to them. Do you want to try it? While it doesn’t sound very sexy we strongly recommend that you give yourself an enema before you do it to avoid any messiness unless you have had a BM within the last six or eight hours. If you anticipate it, a couple hours before usually is much, much better. Just use plain warm water, no soap or chemicals as in a regular enema. OK, now you are nice and clean, we need to talk about lubrication. The anus has no lubrication, we need to add lube to prevent pain or serious damage. Spit or vaginal fluids help a little but are generally not sufficient, I personally love a water soluble lube and plenty of it. You can’t have too much. Try KY or my personal favorite, Astrolube.

Never, never let your lover try anal first. Plenty of foreplay, then vaginal intercourse is best. You want to have an orgasm or two first so you are relaxed and very aroused sexually. Never ever let anyone put something that has been in your anus directly in your vagina, very serious infections can result. As you know your vaginal canal is a super breeding place, damp, dark and warm, for all sorts of infections.

Then, when it comes to the actual act, you must be mentally alright with it. You can experience difficulty relaxing if you are scared or nervous about it. Actually the more you do it the better it becomes for you. You learn to control your outer sphincter and your rectum actually stretches more and more to accept larger objects. Just the first part, the first inch or so is the problem.

Some people wear a butt plug for a while to get used to larger sizes. Then they might use one to stay adjusted to larger cocks. You will have to work that out as needed. I can help you with that and tell you what you need to do.”

I loved watching his lips move so I moved closer and just kissed them. His tongue was ready too. His hands found my breasts again and I got a death grip on his magic wand. I could feel his pulse in it.

He pulled me around and placed a couple of pillows under my rear end. Then he kissed his way from my mouth to my pussy, pausing for a long time at my breasts. I tried to watch but the feelings were so intense my eyes involuntarily closed. He paused and I saw him reach in the night stand by the bed and extract a small bottle.

He dribbled some thick fluid on my rectum and gently rubbed it around. He moved his mouth back to my pussy and put the little sucker to work. He went between my clit and inside my pussy and loved them both up. I felt a finger softly caressing around my puckered hole. It felt very nice, good sensations were produced by that one finger.

Then his tongue drew my attention as he flipped it on my clit. When he moved a bit I noticed his finger was all the way inside my ass. He slipped it in and out and I liked it very much. He put some more lube on my butt and on his fingers. Then I felt the finger slide inside again only it was bigger, oh! two fingers, that felt very good too! He moved them in and out very slowly. I loved the way it felt.

He found my clitty again and then sucked my inner lips in his mouth and pulsated the suction on them, wow, super feeling. And then I knew he had three fingers in me. Still moving softly and working my hole further and further open. I really liked the sensations from there now. I let myself strain as if I were trying to shit. It seemed to lessen the pressure from his fingers, felt better too!

Then I realized he had four fingers in me. They felt delightful as they moved in and out of me. I felt him add more lube, he poured some right down inside of me. Then he lifted over me and pressed his cock to my ass hole. It felt huge I opened my eyes and watched as he gently worked the head in. I felt it sort of pop through the opening.

He didn’t move. It felt better and better. He was watching my face carefully so I smiled and nodded at him. He smiled back and gently slipped in a little farther I felt no discomfort only pleasure as he very slowly started to move.

He was talking this whole time and I can’t tell anyone a word he said. It was low comforting words and praise for my ability to relax and enjoy it.

He began moving in and out very gently and I couldn’t believe how delightful the feelings were. I really loved it. I tried very gently tightening the sphincter muscles and saw him react with a smile. I tried a pulsating action and he grinned at me and asked if I were real comfortable with it. I nodded and closed my eyes. Jeff slowly increased the strength of his thrusts and the speed of them. Damn it felt good, Wow!

I felt a wave of pleasure sweep over me. Then another. Then A tidal wave of feeling crushed me into oblivion. But not for long, sensations of joy and stupendous feelings of affection and love for my teacher swirled around me. It was as good an orgasm as I had felt when he made love to my pussy. I didn’t know I could have theses feeling from anal intercourse. Damn the man was good. Suddenly as I watched he stiffened and I saw his face grimace as if in real pain then I felt spurt after spurt of sperm coat the lining of my rectum and he was grinning from ear to ear as he slowed and finally pulled his rapidly deflating cock out of me.

He slumped down beside me, “Damn girl, you are something else. You are just a natural born sex machine. All the right moves just come naturally to you once you know what to do.” You have worn this old man down to a frazzle. I’ll never walk again.”

“Was it good for you too?”

“It was wonderful, Peek! Really, about the best ass I have ever had. I kid you not. If I had met you thirty years ago we never would have gotten out of bed. I have really enjoyed teaching you things. I do not have that much more to teach you. I have never seen anyone get it so fast. Don’t expect every day to be like that.”

“Are we done already, I want some more.” Then I had to laugh with him. I was afraid I was going to hurt tomorrow. Sweet Jeff said if I did hurt, to come on over and he would kiss where ever it was hurting and make it better. I may just take him up on that.

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