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New Directions

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Jimmy felt that his life was barreling into the toilet but he also felt powerless to stop it. In less than two years he had lost his wife and then his home in quick succession. Jimmy was no fool. He knew that he alone was responsible for putting his life in reverse. He couldn’t blame his wife. She had stood by him as long as she could take it but eventually she had to get away from their marriage. Her husband had simply become too weird and his needs outstripped her ability to meet them.

Their sex life had slowly turned from the traditional to the bizarre. It had all started innocently enough. Jimmy had suggested that they “spice up” their sex lives and when she had agreed he introduced his wife to bondage. Mild, vanilla play with scarves and ties was soon replaced by more substantial leather cuffs, collars and gags. When Jimmy began to use nipple clamps and paddles, all of his wife’s internal flashing red lights went off. In very short order their love life came to a screeching halt. While his wife began working on her exit strategy Jimmy, now totally addicted to his sexual control fetish turned to the internet, a seemingly endless source of beautiful women, and not so beautiful women as well. Tied and helpless all, these models- he knew that they weren’t actually prisoners- distracted him enough that he felt he no longer needed his wife for release.

He was wrong. Before too long he realized that all of the internet images had one fatal flaw; they were two dimensional. The looks on their faces were forced at best. He needed a real woman to put under control. He was determined to make his wife see that it was her marital duty to please him. That afternoon he left work early to come home to make his case. As he entered his home he knew immediately that his wife had left him. Small, knick-knacky personal items, her favorites, were gone from the living room. When he went upstairs to the bedroom and opened her closet, her clothes, apparently still on their hangers, were gone. In their place were two or three cardboard boxes stuffed with costumes, outfits he had purchased on-line for her, well actually for her to wear and for him to enjoy, but that she had just left behind.

He lifted one of the boxes onto the bed and opened the note attached to it. He read his wife’s handwriting. “Jimmy, I can’t take it anymore. I have to leave to maintain my own sanity. Clearly, you have lost yours. Get some help. You’ll be hearing from my lawyer.”

Short and to the point- her style, he thought to himself. Within six months the divorce papers had been signed, and their home was sold. He came out of the marriage with a little over three hundred thousand in assets and a few boxes of smutty outfits and bondage “toys.” It was enough for a new start, but this time it would be on a very different path, a new direction. Jimmy stayed in his job at the building supply chain where, after a dozen years with the company, he had risen to an upper middle management position. The next week he began to search for a new place to stay. Normally he might have rented for a while before investing in a place of his own, but he had a plan he wanted to put into effect. He was moving in a new direction.

Jimmy’s new home was on a quiet street in a quiet neighborhood in a quite suburb, the kind of place where husbands did home improvement projects on summer weekends. All over the neighborhood very Saturday began and ended with the sound of power tools, especially at Jimmy’s. Over the course of the summer Jimmy’s cellar underwent a transformation from a 1600 ft. bare bones and windowless concrete foundation complete with central lally columns into Jimmy’s private man-cave. First the sound-proofing was installed, double strength all the way around the concrete. Then the interior framing was done. Three small rooms occupied the farthest section of the cellar, setting up against the wall. Fully half of the cellar was devoted to a single main space and a wall leaving a quarter of the space including the stairs to the main level finished in rough pine. On the other side near the stairs lay a well-equipped work space. Overhead, multiple exposed, solid carrying beams ran lengthwise down the cellar. Exterior walls and floors were finished in wood, very substantial. Lighting was elaborate, with movable spotlights and area lighting recessed into the soundproofing above. Utilities like electricity, water and sewage were buried out of sight.

Additional structures were mounted to the walls, in the interior rooms, x-crosses, bolts and rings of every kind mounted to the floor, walls, and the carrying beams. Ropes and chains, paddles and whips, shackles and handcuffs and spreader bars of various lengths were mounted neatly along the walls. The man-cave was complete. All it needed now was and occupant, or maybe two.

It was late November and the sun had gone down before five. When Anne-Marie left the bar to walk to her subway stop which was only down the street a couple of blocks it was as dark as midnight even though it was barely six-thirty. As she turned to place the cold icy wind which had the street deserted at her back, she drew her overcoat tight around her and started to walk into the darkness. Everyone was indoors, out of the freezing cold. A man, similarly hunched-up worked his way against the wind coming towards her from the front. As they passed in front of an alley the man whirled and put one arm around the unsuspecting woman’s shoulders and covered her mouth with a handkerchief held tightly in his left hand while simultaneously driving a needle into the side of her neck. Startled, Anne-Marie’s feet almost went out from underneath. She drew in a startled breath and her lungs filled with chloroform. In moments the combined assault of the chloroform and the injected sedative put her under. She slumped into the arms of her attacker who was already maneuvering her into the alley. In less than two minutes she was covered by a tarp in the back of a van which was driving down the alley to begin its thirty mile journey out of town.

The garage door slowly opened with the dim overheard light illuminating the interior space as the van backed in and rolled to a stop. Immediately the door descended and sealed tight. Jimmy turned off the engine and climbed over the console back into the cargo area. He wrestled the old tarp off the floor revealing his evening’s haul. From what he could tell his “guest” was in her early to mid-thirties, attractive, professionally dressed, wearing a full length winter coat over a plain white linen blouse which was still neatly tucked at the waist inside a tight black skirt. She wore matching three inch black heels over black hose. She was tied at the ankles. Her wrists were also secured behind her back. There was a ball gag secured behind her auburn hair which was still tied up in a bun. These restraints, were insurance against any problems during transport. She was out cold, drugged. As Jimmy maneuvered to open the back door he noticed that her skirt had hiked up just far enough to reveal a black lace garter attached to the top of her stockings. He favored garter belts- very sexy.

Anne-Marie awoke slowly, groggily. She was temporarily blinded by bright light and squinted as she gathered her wits and “rejoined the living.” Her hands were tied high over her head so that her slim legs hung straight down and her shoes barely touched the floor. Despite the glare, her eyes opened wider as she tilted her head to look up at her outstretched hands which were secured to a hook suspended from the ceiling. She shook her head violently and tugged on her restraints but was unable to cry out because her mouth was completely filled with a large ball gag. The best she could muster was a muted “Mmmmph.” Her eyes were wide with surprise. Her breathing rate spiked as the stark reality of her predicament sunk into her consciousness.

Barely six feet away and fully concealed by the light Jimmy surveyed his prize. She was definitely a “looker,” but he had known that when he had abducted her. Jimmy had been observing her from a distance for the better part of a month having first noticed her while nursing a beer at the bar. Jimmy had chosen this bar partly for its isolated location and partly for the clientele to which it catered. The women were mostly middle-aged professional people who came in in small groups, had a couple of drinks and then left, sometimes together and sometimes alone. Anne-Marie was one of the women who occasionally stayed a little later and more often than not left alone. Jimmy was interested in women like that. His ex-wife was in her mid-thirties, and she had left alone.

After a few minutes of thrashing Anne-Marie settled down as much from despair as from fatigue. Where was she? Why was she hung up like a side of beef? Who had done this to her and why? Would she be killed? Question after question, each one completely unanswerable raced through her mind. Finally an answer came in the form of a disembodied voice. “I’m afraid that struggling is a waste of time,” said the voice. “I have gone to a great deal of trouble to bring you here and you won’t be leaving anytime soon. I have plans for you. Here’s how things are going to work. As of this instant you are mine to do with as I please. Your time is mine. Your body is mine. Your life is mine. I will do with you as I please. “Jimmy strode forward and revealed himself to the woman. Her eyes followed him as he circled her. “First we need to make a few modifications to your outfit.”

Jimmy reached out and grabbed the hem of her skirt which was already riding high, pulled to mid-thigh level by her outstretched arms. Slowly he lifted the skirt higher, first from the outside of her thighs and then he reached between her legs to lift the skirt even higher, calmly and deliberately massaging her inner thighs as he moved closer and closer to her most private of parts. She shook violently in protest but Jimmy simply withdrew his right hand and spanked her rear end hard. “Move again and I will give you ten more of the same.” Anne-Marie, sobbing uncontrollably now, ceased bucking and stood on her toes. Jimmy returned to “adjusting her skirt. Slowly and with great deliberation Jimmy’s fingers walked up the inside of her thighs until the tips of his index fingers felt the black lace of her panties. The thinnest of material separated his probing fingers from her vagina. Anne Marie trembled at his touch, shivering as he gently touched the outer folds of her vagina through the flimsy material. For his part, Jimmy reached around to determine whether or not her garment was actually a pair of panties and not a thong, not that he would have minded a thong. Cupping her behind with both hands he again reached up and with his fingers he pulled the sheer panties down to mid-thigh level and stopped.

He spoke to her calmly and said, “I’m about to take your panties off. If you resist in any way, if you buck, or try to kick me I will punish you, severely. Do you understand? Just nod your head.” Anne-Marie nodded that she understood. Jimmy slipped the black lace panties down to the floor. Anne Marie stepped out of her undergarment. Jimmy lifted the panties to his nose and inhaled deeply, drawing in the woman’s unique and intoxicating scent. He took another full breath before placing them on a nearby table. “You won’t be needing these anymore,” he said matter-of-factly.

“I imagine that you might need to relieve yourself. It’s been a while since you’ve had the opportunity. I have a commode chair here and I am prepared to allow you to use it but I’m afraid that privacy is an issue. Would you like me to get it for you? In her terror she had repressed her need to use the toilet but now that he mentioned it she realized that she really did need to use the toilet. She nodded “yes.” Jimmy got the chair and lowered her arm restraints but did not remove them. She sat and relieved herself. To her horror, Jimmy reached down and wiped her. She hung her head, humiliated. Jimmy raised the restraints again, but not so high as before. Again, he spoke. “I have examined the contents of your purse and I know that your name is Anne-Marie. It’s a pretty name, but from this moment your name is ‘Slave’ or anything else I choose to call you. I really do want you to be free to speak, respectfully, of course, so I am prepared to remove your gag, but before I do you need to know that this room is completely sound-proofed. If you scream or create any kind of fuss, no one will hear you and I will punish you. If you speak to me, you will address me as ‘Master.’ Do you understand, Slave?” Anne-Marie nodded and Jimmy removed the gag.

Immediately Anne-Marie began to speak. “Who are you? Why are you doing this to me? Let me go immediately!” Jimmy responded by raising her arms to their former position and then reaching for a medium sized polished wooden paddle from the display on the wall. Silently he walked back to Anne-Marie and raised her skirt again, this time high above her waist. Jimmy raised the paddle and smacked the young woman across her ass. Anne-Marie yelped in pain.

“You will address me as ‘Master,’ Slave. That’s who I am. I am your master. I am doing this to you because I want to and because I can. As for letting you go, I have no intention of doing so, at least until I want to and right now, I don’t want to, Slave.” With that, Jimmy raised the paddle and struck the woman again. Anne-Marie cried out in pain. Jimmy put down the paddle and picked up a pair of leather leg cuffs. Anne-Marie protested as one after another her legs were extended and the cuffs were chained to floor. Jimmy then walked behind his victim and placed a two inch leather collar around the woman’s neck. Attached to a ring in its front another piece of chain dangled down in front of her white linen blouse. He spoke again. So far I have shown restraint, Slave, but you must understand the utter hopelessness of your situation. In the event that you still believe that you have any options other than to obey me completely and address me with the respect I demand… well… I’m going to convince you that you couldn’t be more wrong. Open your mouth, Slave, wide.”

Anne-Marie shook her head and clamped her teeth together. Jimmy responded by selecting a whip from the collection, backing up to optimum distance, and snapping the whip across the already reddened area of her exposed ass. Jimmy repeated the strokes twice until the woman opened her mouth wide in compliance. In a minute Jimmy had installed a mouth spreader and her mouth was wide open. Jimmy stepped in front of the sobbing woman and said that she would not have the mouth spreader removed until he had finished with her and that she was to understand that when he did her first words were to be, “Thank you, Master.” Then he reached up and began to undo her blouse button by button from the top down. Her black bra concealed an ample bosom, but not for long. He took out a knife from his pocket and sliced the straps and then the front of the black lace brassiere. He pulled the tattered remains away and her beautiful breasts spilled out, nipples erect. Immediately he noticed that she had a stud inserted in each nipple and a wry smile came to his lips. He had not expected this. Jimmy grabbed each nipple between thumb and forefinger and squeezed each pink bump hard enough to make Anne-Marie shake and gurgle in protest. His smile broadened to a grin.

Soon the chain attached to her neck collar was fastened to the floor and the hapless redhead was bent over at the waist, supported by a rod placed snug under her belly. She was immobile with her tits hanging down like udders and her ass high in the air. Jimmy stood behind her and admired his work. He took off his pants and underwear. He cock stood rock hard and he slowly stroked himself as he reached between her legs with his free hand and rubbed his finger around her pussy lips. She was wet, sopping wet, although he couldn’t tell whether it was from excitement or her body’s attempt to protect itself from the inevitable intrusion. He didn’t care; she was ready and so was he. He raised himself up and rubbed the tip of his penis against the moist folds of her labia to coat himself with her juices. She shuddered but could not resist. Her body had been perfectly framed by the restraints to provide easy access to her mouth, her pussy and her ass. All Jimmy had to do was to choose which route he wished to take to her degradation.

Jimmy was in no hurry. After all, Anne Marie was his to do with as he pleased. That’s why he had built the man cave. That’s why he had stalked the half-naked beauty, and she was incredibly beautiful. That’s why he had taken her off the street and brought her here, to do as he pleased. He was in control and he intended to take his time. He rubbed up and down her pussy, gliding through the moisture she was providing for the both of them. It felt fantastic. Jimmy shifted his weight and then entered his victim, plunging his cock as far inside as he could, quickly establishing a slow and deliberate rhythm of entry, withdrawal and re-entry. He was in ecstasy. It had been a long time since he had been inside a woman and he had never been inside a woman this attractive. He certainly had never had a woman trussed up, so completely at his mercy, not even his ex-wife. It was everything he had hoped it would be and he was just getting started.

Under different circumstances, Anne-Marie might have enjoyed sex with her captor. He was about her age, in good physical shape with a kind of outdoorsy rugged good looks. Unbeknownst to her captor, Anne-Marie was no stranger to bondage and discipline. Over a year before she had committed to a submissive relationship with another man and already had a “Master.” During the work week she lived in her own small apartment but every weekend she joined her master and served him until Sunday evening. That night when she had left the bar and been snatched off the street she was hurrying to her partner, looking forward to her submission. She had been anxious to please her Master. She had never had a chance to explain herself and with her mouth held wide open with the spreader she could neither protest nor explain. All she could do was stand there and get fucked. One thing she knew, she was at this man’s mercy and so far mercy had not proven to be his strong suit.

After taking his time fucking his captive, enjoying every thrust, feeling her gripping his penis, which was substantial, especially in girth, but not huge, and then feeling the grip slowly give way as he withdrew and then re-entered her time and time again, Jimmy removed his penis without getting off then walked around the auburn haired beauty and grabbed her hair which, though tousled a bit, was still mostly in a bun. He removed the hairpins and discarded them. Anne-Marie’s long auburn tresses fell to either side of her head. Jimmy cupped her chin and raised her head to the point where it was level with his still hard cock. With his free hand he swept up a handful of her hair, twisted it to give himself better leverage and control, and moved his penis towards her open mouth. In it went all the way to the back of her throat. Out, in out in, Jimmy’s cock resumed the same beat he had just abandoned when he had withdrawn from Anne-Marie’s exquisite pussy. He was very close to climax and she could tell that he meant to cum deep in the back of her throat. Her deep brown eyes looked up at her tormenter. He expected to see eyes pleading for mercy, but to his astonishment he saw a calm look of acceptance.

Oh no, that would never do. He didn’t want her to break so quickly. He desired her fear as much as her body. He withdrew his cock once again and quickly went to his “toy” bench and picked a pair of weighted nipple clamps. He needed to push her pain limit further before getting off besides, he had barely paid any attention at all to her tits which were damned near perfect, and they were pierced. Stooping in front of her with his face barely six inches from hers he reached out and grabbed her left nipple. Instantly it swelled and moments later the clamp was tightly attached. She winced in pain as the stiff pink rosebud was pinched between the two sides of the clamp. He let the weight go and it jerked her nipple downwards. She tried to cry out but the spreader prevented coherence. Jimmy quickly attached the clamp’s twin to her right nipple with equally painful results. Gazing into her face her saw that her attitude had changed from quiet compliance to fear, exactly the result he had desired. He spoke. “Slave, I’d say I was sorry for causing you this pain, but I’m not. I intend you to cause you a good deal more before the night is over. He took the whip again and stepped back. She writhed and bucked as much as her restraints would allow. A broad smile of satisfaction covered Jimmy’s face. He raised the whip and gave his captive another three vicious cracks. Her ass was on fire.

Jimmy re-entered her from behind and resumed his rhythm. Each stroke was ecstasy. His pace quickened and then slowed as he rocked from side to side as well as from front to back. For her part, Anne-Marie trained her thoughts to experience the feeling of being filled with cock and minimize the pain coming from the welts on her backside. She joined him and matched his pace as best she could. Her pleasure increased as did his. Suddenly he brought his right hand down with a smack and Anne-Marie’s rhythm was broken as she involuntarily tried to pull her pelvis forward but was prevented from doing so by the crossbar Jimmy had placed under her stomach. Sensing her motion, Jimmy grabbed her waist with his strong hands and pulled her towards him as he rammed his cock deeply inside her and exploded. Months of pent up desire blasted up from his balls through his cock and out into Anne-Marie’s pussy coating it’s inside with gooey cum. “Aargh,” he grunted in satisfaction. Jimmy withdrew slightly and then repeated his thrust and cried out again. Another blast of semen, stronger than the first, erupted from the tip of his dick, and then three more followed in quick succession. Anne Marie’s pussy was full of stiff cock and cum. She slumped as much as her restraints would allow and breathed heavily through her open mouth. She was completely spent from her ordeal.

Jimmy left his cock inside her for as long as it would stay, but eventually he slipped out of her. As he cupped and fondled his balls and what was left of his erection in his left hand he grabbed a chair and sat in front of her. “And now, Slave, comes the moment of truth. I intend to remove the spreader from your mouth. What happens after that and how quickly it happens depends a great deal on what you have to say. Choose your words carefully. Bend your face to the floor while I disconnect the straps.” Anne-Marie complied and stared at the floor while Jimmy slowly undid the two buckles and loosened the confining straps. Then he reached around and carefully removed the spreader from the woman’s mouth.

Anne-Marie, eyes still facing the floor worked her jaw which had become sore from both intrusions. After half a minute her head rose slowly until her reddened eyes looked directly into Jimmy’s. The wry smile of contentment she had worn earlier returned slowly to her beautiful face, which was framed perfectly by her deep auburn hair. Her smile which now held just the right amount of plaintiff uncertainty, lasted a few seconds and then she spoke. “Thank you, Master.”

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