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Needed Again

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I was very horny.

I don’t know why exactly, it was just one of those days when my cock stayed semi-hard all day long, and my thoughts often would drift into the realm of fantasy and desire. Usually when this happens I find a way to go into the bathroom at work and relieve the pressure, but today I was hustling to get out of work early.

Throughout the day I enjoyed the cramped torture of feeling my cock go from semi-hard to stiff and erect, and then back down again. A few times I even felt a wet spot of pre-cum against my leg as it oozed from my confined member.

I was determined to get out of the office by 3:00pm, so I tried to keep my thoughts on work and I left my cock unattended. The reason for my early departure was Brett. He was an old friend from another job who was moving back into town, and he had asked me to help move some of his more fragile furniture into his new home. We had always stayed in touch through emails after he left town, and I was looking forward to seeing him again. He was a friendly guy, and I admired his easy-going charm and his boyish good looks.

I must confess that Brett stirred within me some yearnings that I had seldom felt before. Oh sure, I have always been a little curious about another man, but I was happily married and I did not want to explore these feelings further. But there was something about Brett that intrigued me. Maybe it was his good looks, maybe it was the way he always made me feel special when I was around him, but something caused me to fantasize about him. On occasion when I was bringing myself pleasure and I would let my mind wander to find an erotic image to take me over the brink into orgasm, I would find that his image would blimp into my mind’s eye. Sometimes he would be sucking me off, while other times he would be tonguing my ass while I jacked off for him.

To tell you the truth, I was a little relieved when Brett left my office. I was getting uncomfortable with how much my thoughts had turned to him, and I hoped that my growing obsession would whither once he had left. And to some extent, I was right. But I still got a little thrill each time I saw that I got an email from him, and I had to admit that I was happy to hear he was moving back into town.

I left the office and headed over to Brett’s new home. It was a very nice home and located out in the country with a large private wooded lot. As I drove closer to Brett’s house I became aware that my cock had again awoken and was growing inside my slacks. I adjusted my cock to make my drive more comfortable, and soon I was erect once again. As I closed the last few miles, I casually ran my finger up and down the length of my thick cock, and before I knew it I was pulling into Brett’s driveway.

There was a rental truck attached to the front of the house, and as I was climbing out of my truck I spied Brett. To be honest, he looked a little worn out, but he still looked very sexy in his shorts and tank top. As I approached the truck I was careful to put my gym-bag containing my “moving clothes” in front of me. I knew that my erection would be visible.

My delight of seeing Brett up close was turned to embarrassment when Brett moved my bag out of the way and embraced me in a hug. I am not sure if he could feel my true excitement at seeing him, as I tried awkwardly to keep my crotch away from his.

Brett told me how good it was to see me, and he thanked me for helping him out. He said that we only had a few antiques to move, and that I could change in the bedroom inside. He gave me another hug and then ushered me into his new home.

It was a very nice, neat home, although I found myself looking more at Brett than his abode. I followed him to the back of the house and into the master bedroom. All the furniture was already set up in here, and I noted that everything was neat and tidy. The only things that caught my eye were a cardboard box in the corner and a doorway that went out to a wooden deck.

Brett sat down on the bed and I surmised from his body language that he was not going anywhere. He began to talk about his plans for the landscaping of his new home, and I just kind of stood there. Normally, it would be no problem for me to undress in front of another man, but I still had a sizeable erection, and I was petrified that Brett would see my cock in need.

Finally, when it became clear that he was not leaving, I turned away from Brett and lifted my shirt. For some reason, I loved the feeling of baring my skin to Brett and I hoped that he liked my wide shoulders and muscular back. Instead of donning my shirt, I decided to be wicked and drop my pants before putting on my old T-shirt.

I carefully slide my slacks down my legs and I enjoyed the feeling of the soft material caressing my legs as they went down. I hoped that Brett was watching me and that he was intrigued by what he saw. By this time my erection was back in full swing, and I was embarrassed when I looked down and saw a wet spot of pre-cum on my underwear. It was when I bent over to retrieve my shorts from my bag that I happened to notice a mirror in front of me.

I thought I caught a glimpse of Brett looking at me in the mirror, but I could not be sure. I blushed red and quickly tried to put on my shorts. It was a feeble attempt to hide my need and desire, and it failed horribly. I fell sideways as my foot caught on my shorts, and I landed on the carpeted floor with my sizeable erection plainly visible to Brett.

As I was trying to get up, Brett came over and steadied my back with his powerful hands. It felt so great to have his touch upon my naked skin, but I was so embarrassed by my erection and fall. I quickly moved away to put on my shorts. This time I set on the bed – with my pre-cum stained underwear in plain view. I was too scared to look to see if Brett had noticed.

The rest of the afternoon went fairly fast. We got all of Brett’s expensive furniture set in place, but it was not an easy task. Much of it was heavy oak, and as we sat the last piece in place, I realized that I was both hot and sore. Brett, too, looked like he was in need of a rest as he was limping and occasionally holding his back.

Brett grabbed a couple of beers and he directed us out to his back deck. Since he lived out in the country it was nice and secluded, and I felt like we were the only two people in the world. Soon we were sitting back in his deck chairs and enjoying the coming coolness of the night. We talked about his new job, our wives, and how crazy life can be sometimes. Eventually the conversation wandered into sex, and we both complained at the lack of sex in our lives. Brett commented on how much he missed his old, pre-married sex life, and how badly he wanted to have a passionate encounter again. I agreed with him and I added that I really missed having my cock sucked.

For a moment there was an awkward silence, as if I had gone too far with how explicit I was. But a second later, I was relieved to hear Brett strongly agree with me.

“God, you are so right! My wife refuses to suck me off, and God do I miss it,” he added.

Again there was this awkward silence as if we both wanted to say more – but could not. Then finally Brett got up and told me that he was sore all over and that he was going in for a soak. Immediately, my cock began to twitch as I watched Brett walk over to his sunken hot tub and begin to peel off his clothing. I sat there dumbfounded as I gazed upon Brett revealing his muscular back to me, and I let out a small groan when he nonchalantly shoved his shorts and underwear to his ankles. I got a special thrill when he bent over for a moment to remove his socks. My eyes zeroed in on his puckered asshole as I cursed the twilight for giving me poor lighting to see this hot body in front of me.

Was he teasing me? He was giving me a perfect view of his tight ass and I could see his balls hanging down between his cheeks. I wanted so much to walk up behind him and give that perfect ass of his a squeeze, and I wanted to run my finger teasingly up and down his hairless crack. Without a look back he stepped into the hot tub and he shifted around so that he was facing me. He sat back, closed his eyes and he let out a deep sigh.

The tension in the air was broken when Brett tilted his head up and gave me a stern look.

“Hey, aren’t you coming in? This hot water feels awesome!” he said in a teasing manner.

For a second I froze. I wanted more than anything to jump into that tub with Brett, but I was worried about how Brett might feel about his buddy having a massive erection. I knew that I he would be able to see my stiffened cock, and I did not want this great evening to end with him freaking out.

“Oh…,” he said teasingly again. “You’re not being shy are you? “

And with that he stood up in the tub and looked directly in my eyes – with a look of pure desired. For a second I was transfixed by his stare, but soon my eyes wandered down his sleek frame until I stopped my search at his cock. It was semi-hard, quite a bit thinner than mine, but it was a good 6 inches long. I was thrilled to see that his entire cock was shaven, and only a tiny patch of hair was evident at the top.

It was only a few seconds, but it seemed much longer as this wonderful and totally unexpected sight overloaded my brain. As I was struggling to processes it all, Brett slowly sat back into the water. It was then that he spoke again – this time in a impatient tone.

“There…you saw me naked, so don’t be so shy. Get those clothes off and enjoy this great hot water.”

Again, I hesitated. Oh sure I had fantasized about being with Brett, but actually doing it was another matter. I was not sure if Brett was interested in being with me, but I thought that if I jumped into that tub I would be passed the point of no return. Again I wavered – until the image of Brett’s ass and cock filtered into my brain. They called to me and awoke within me a strange desire that I had never felt before. It was then that I fully realized that I needed to touch his ass…that I needed to feel his cock.

My decision was made.

And with that I slowly stood up and pulled off my T-shirt. I decided to go slow and tease Brett, as I knew he could see me well from the light on the deck table. It felt great to show off my body to Brett, and I was soon overcome with the need to show him all of me. That is why I faced him directly and I then lowered my shorts and underwear to my ankles. I had a throbbing erection and I instead of being ashamed of my need, I was thrilled to show Brett how beautiful my cock could be. I was glad that I had shaved my scrotum earlier that day in the shower, as well as trimmed myself to look my best.

That is why I turned slightly and gave Brett a side shot of me as I pretended to stretch. I strongly pushed my hips out – to give Brett the best shot of my very thick 6 inch cock that was hard with desire. I then slowly turned and walked to the hot tub with my erection swinging enticingly before me. I was hit with a sudden jolt of wanton need when I got closer and could see that Brett was staring openly at my swaying tool.

For some reason, I could not meet his stare. I guess that I was still a little scared about all these new feelings, so I looked down into the water as I climbed into the tub. Again, I could tell that he was openly appraising my nakedness.

I sat back and let my head rest against the side of the tub – allowing my body to begin to float upwards off of the underwater bench. The effect of this was that my feet came to rest against his legs as I way semi-prone in the tub. I then let out a long, deep sigh and I told Brett how wonderful the water did feel. I could feel the jets of water massaging my tired muscles and I loved the feeling of the water swishing around my ass and balls.

I did not move my feet from against his leg, and he did not shift away from me. I just lay there and let the water caress me, and for a while nothing was said as we let the hot water work its magic on our tired bodies. Finally, Brett cleared his throat and he began to strike up a conversation. What he started to say was lost to me, because as he finished using his hand to make a gesture he rested it on top of my shin. As we continued our talk, he occasionally used his hand to make a point, and every time his hand came to rest on my leg – closer to my cock each time. Eventually, I sat back and enjoyed his fingers on my inner thigh.

His touch was electric. While he did not do anything explicit, his ever-curious hand did give me immense sexual pleasure. I found myself wanting him to end his point each time – wanting to know where his hand would sit upon my leg next– asking myself if he was trying to seduce me. Each time that hand would land closer to my cock I would think that maybe he was trying to turn me on. Maybe he wanted me as much as I wanted him. Finally, after many long minutes of slow teasing, I felt his finger start to caress my inner thigh.

“That’s it,” I cried to myself, “I just know that he wants me!”

And what surprised me was how much I wanted him. It had been so long since I felt wanted by anyone, and it awoke in me a passion that I had long forgot. It felt so good to be desired by Brett, and in turn, it made Brett so sexy to me.

It was then that I decided to take things further.

That is why I allowed myself to recline a little farther so that my body rose even higher in the water. It was so wicked – so wanton, but my passion would not be denied. I did not stop until the head of my thick cock rose slightly out of the water. For a few long seconds I waited for Brett’s reaction.

I could feel Brett freeze as he saw my cock head emerge from the bubbling water, but soon his hands relaxed again on my leg. It felt so deliciously nasty to tease Brett like this, and I was thrilled that my hard cock was bobbing just a few feet from Brett’s face. My daydream of Brett taking me deep into his mouth was interrupted by a nervous voice.

“Doesn’t this feel great,” he said somewhat weakly as he started to massage my calf. I smiled to myself as I realized that Brett had taken the bait. He was wanting more, too.

“It feels like a great massage – only better,” he added as he continued to work my calve muscles. I let out another sigh, and told him that it did feel great, and so did his hands. Again there was another long pause, and then Brett timidly placed both hands on my thighs. He then began to slowly run his hands up and down my legs while I reclined back with a large smirk on my face.

He was mine.

“Brett…that feels so damn good. Can you do the back of my thighs as well?”

I was being so naughty.

Brett did not say anything, but his hands quickly reached under my floating body and grabbed the very bottom of my ass cheeks. My cock gave an involuntary jerk because not only did this feel incredible, but it also brought Brett’s mouth within inches of my cum-leaking cock head. I think I even jumped a little when I felt his strong hands seize my ass and then slide back down my legs.

Up and down he went, and further and further up my ass his hands went. Soon, Brett was kneading my full ass and almost touching my cock with his smiling lips. It felt so incredible – and it quickly accelerated my plans for a slow seduction.

I opened my eyes and stared Brett directly in the eyes. I gave him a hard stare of sexual need and desire, and I was surprised at the strength of his returned gaze. I smiled at him and gave him my best “come fuck me” look.

And it worked.

For Brett again leaned forward and grasped my ass, but this time he did something different. Instead of massaging down my legs, Brett seized my ass and pulled me toward him. I was taken back by his boldness, but thrilled that our evening was finally coming to a climax.

As I floated toward him, he engulfed my wet cock in his hot mouth. God, it felt so good. I gave a loud moan as I looked down and saw my cock disappear into Brett’s mouth and felt his hunger for me. It was so erotic. Both of his pinkies tugged at my asshole, and I could feel my puckered hole spasm each time his mouth sank down on my tool.

And, it was so sexy to see the look of pure desire in Brett’s face as his lips struggled to stretch over my wide cock. The image burned in my brain, and it was almost too much to endure. For I felt myself approaching a massive orgasm, and I knew that I had to look away to prolong my pleasure.

So, I gave out another load groan, and then I reluctantly disengaged from Brett’s talented mouth. I then stood up, put my forefinger under Brett’s chin, and I guided him up to me. For a second we just looked into each other’s eyes and reveled in the glory of our exposed full erections. I then placed my hand on the back of Brett’s head and I drew him into me.

The kiss was, at first, tentative; however, soon the strangeness of his rough face was replaced by a growing hunger within us. Our tongues began to explore our mouths, and our hands drew us into a soft embrace. For the first time I felt Brett’s cock against me, and I sought to grind our groins together to give us both pleasure as we continued to devour each other.

Then it was Brett’s turn to take charge.

He broke our embrace, turned and then guided me out of the hot tub and on to the deck. I felt like a virgin being guided into her first bed, and in a way, I was. We walked over to his bedroom door – the cool deck boards under our feet reminding us of our nakedness, and our swinging, erect cocks displaying our need and desire.

We entered his bedroom, and Brett walked us over to his bed. He quickly tossed back the sheets and then he directed me to sit back on the bed. I was intrigued so I willingly complied, and then I watched Brett walk over to the cardboard box in the corner of the room. Brett then opened it and after a few seconds of digging, he produced a small white bottle. He then turned around to find me casually stroking myself, and with a smile he again joined me on the bed. As he lay beside me he spoke in a hushed and urgent tone.

“I have always wanted you — god, how I have always wanted you. I want to try everything tonight. I want to explore with you and make you feel so good. Are you up for that?”

My answer was to hungrily put my lips to his whiskered mouth. I turned over on my side so we were facing each other, and I reached out softly grabbed his ass. As I explored his mouth more deeply I pulled his body into mine, and soon I was again lost in a sea of pure pleasure. We kissed and caressed and explored each other until we found ourselves approaching a 69 position.

And there it was – his perfect cock. It felt so soft and hot in my hand, and his balls were drawn up tight and ready to shoot for me. I only hesitated a second before I began to run the tip of my tongue up and down his shaft. Immediately, I could feel Brett respond to my touch and his groans urged me to go further. As I felt Brett engulf my own cock, I closed my eyes and plunged my open mouth forward around his cock.

And did it feel incredible! It was like nothing I had yet experienced. So smooth yet so hard, and so strange yet so natural. He cock felt so right in my mouth.

As I continued to bob back and forth – awkwardly trying to take as much of Brett into my mouth as possible, I brought my left hand around and I began to tease Brett’s balls and ass. I could really feel him respond to this, and he tried to encourage me further by sucking fast on my cum-leaking tool.

And it worked. For I began to tease his puckered hole with my middle finger, as Brett started to fuck my mouth with urgent and short hip thrusts. He was really moaning now and I could tell that his asshole was a very sensitive spot for him. And that is why I removed his delicious cock from my slightly tired mouth and then plunged my mouth at his ass.

I stuck out my tongue and then drove it straight into tight hole – seeking to give this man as much pleasure as I could summon. His response was to groan even louder, and he would occasionally moan at me to fuck his ass. I loved his response to my exploring tongue, and I assumed that he wanted me to continue with my velvety-smooth thrusts. I was wrong.

Brett finally grabbed my shoulder and brought me back until we were face to face. He then handed me the small white bottle, and he grabbed my ass forcefully. He then spoke with a tone of urgency and need.

“I mean fuck my ass. Put your cock in me, and then fuck me hard.”

The bottle, it turns out, was premium lubricant and I was stunned as I looked down at it. I was wanting to take it a little slower, but I could tell by the look in Brett’s eyes that he need my cock now. So I got between Brett’s legs as he was lying on his back, and then I sat up on my knees. I then leaned forward until our stiff cocks were touching, and then I poured lube all over our cocks.

I then took each of our tools in hand and I began to jack us off. It felt so good to see Brett’s face full of sexually need as I pleasured us with my slick hands. But soon Brett began the moaning again, and soon after that he was begging me to fuck his ass.

That is when I raised his legs and put the head of my cock against his virgin asshole. It looked so tight and inviting that I quickly poured more lube onto my cock head. I then teased Brett by running the head of my cock around his puckered hole until it was slick with clear lube.

I asked him one more time if he wanted to get fucked – hoping to further inflame his need for my cock. His response was to scoot his ass forward and to take the first inch on my slick member inside him. This really surprised me, but it turned me on immensely. He was being such a little slut! He then began to pinch his nipples and to violently urge me on.

“Oh, baby…come on…fuck my tight ass…give it to me…stop teasing me!”

I found out later that Brett has a collection of anal toys, and that was why I was able to grab his thighs and force my thick cock deep inside him. The effect was tremendous.

Brett began to pant loudly and my cock immediately jumped to the edge of a glorious orgasm. I could tell that I was going to shoot much sooner than I wanted, so I grabbed Brett’s slick cock and I began to jerk him off. There I was fucking my friend’s ass, jerking his cock, and I was loving it. I need Brett to cum for me, as my own orgasm was fast approaching. I did the first thing that popped into my head as I spoke out in an urgent and commanding voice.

“Cum for me Brett! Feel my thick cock fuck your hot ass – cum for me so I can shoot my big load of hot cum up your hungry ass. Come for me!”

The effect of Brett’s wonderful asshole and my explicit words were too much for us both. I heard Brett tell me that he was cumming and then I felt my own cock start to pulse. As I sought desperately to maintain my jerking motion on his cock, my own body began to wildly convulse. As I shot load after load of hot cum into Brett’s ass his cock began to launch thick ropes of white cum all over his stomach and chest. For several long seconds we were cast adrift in a sea of pure pleasure, and it was felt so wonderful to be there with Brett.

Finally, we were brought back to reality and I focused my eyes down upon Brett. He was slick with his own cum, and his face worn a pleasant, knowing smile. He looked so sexy. That is why I then slowly removed my still hard cock, and I leaned forward to kiss Brett. I could feel his hot seed between our pressed bodies, and our cocks nestled nicely together. I could not help but rub my cock against him – seeking one last thrust of pleasure from Brett.

I then laid my head on his shoulder and enjoyed the feeling of Brett caressing my back. For the first time, in a long time, I felt needed again.

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