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Nearly Taming Britney

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Carl was an only child, reared by his loving beautiful mother. The result was that he matured appreciating women. He could not get enough of their touch, their company and their bodies. Without question, he was an attentive mate and a wonderful lover. He always wanted a long-term relationship with a caring woman, but he never had much luck that way with the ladies. He gave and committed but his partners never did. It was like he had a tattoo on his forehead that only women can see.

The tattoo said, “Will pay bills and treat you like a queen; you can treat me like shit.” After trying to pick his own dates, having friends set him up, dating services, clubs, trolling grocery stores and attending single adult Sunday school classes, he had given up.

Not given up on sex, just the bullshit of relationships, put-downs, rejections and being dumped for broke, abusive assholes. Most of his ex-partners crawled back asking to be forgiven, but, at the least, knew better than that. Carl’s sex life was now unfulfilling one-night-stands and very occasional quickies with a hooker. The beautiful loving fantasies of his youth had been replaced with angry thoughts of just taking what his body needed and then discarding the women before they could make him care and hurt him.

Britney paused in front of the full-length mirror as she exited the new, expensive women’s gym where she worked out three times a week. This was the first time she had ever worked out after dark. In December that just means after five. She liked what she saw with her thirty-two year old body and knew why she so easily attracted attention. Her body was soft, healthy and strikingly female. Her full D cups, twenty-six inch waist and wide hips told the caveman in every male that she could bare healthy children and easily satisfy his body. But she was a modern woman. A smirk crossed her lips as she thought of how easily she wrapped men around her fingers. She knew many. They were sensitive, politically correct boring clay in her hands. Hopeful men had paid for her car, her clothes, her apartment and even membership to this gym. In return, she gave almost nothing. Anyway, she had to get going. She thought about how expensive her date was going to be tonight — expensive dinner, probably a piece of jewelry, a live show and late coffee. She would give a few kisses, allow a squeeze of her breasts and then explain she had to get some sleep before work tomorrow.

Carl was a dirty sweaty, mess loading his construction tools into his well-used Dodge utility truck. Two more spaces had just been rented in his thirty-space strip mall. With Sears on one end, the women’s gym, two fast food restaurants in the parking lot and ten other stores already open, his second big project was way ahead of schedule. He was thinking about how pleased he was with this project and how he really shouldn’t be doing so much of the work; but he loved it; it kept him from thinking about being horny. A haughty disapproving female voice pulled him back to reality.

“I really need to get going and you have me blocked. Can you move a little quicker and get this stuff out from behind my BMW.”

“Yes, madam, right away. My boss wouldn’t be happy if he knew I was causing an inconvenience.” Carl sensed immediately that she was way too uppity to even be pleasant to a common worker. He didn’t move very fast and he took plenty of time obviously eying her to make her uncomfortable.

Britney wanted to be a bitch. “Are you finally finished ogling me and moving your crap.”

The last item behind her convertible was a compressor. As Carl hefted it into the back of the pickup he stared down directly into her eyes and responded, “No, not quite. Can you turn around and bend over just a little?”

A chill went through her body. Britney knew instantly this was not a man in a mood to be trifled with. She was out of her element but was frozen in her tracks. His voice was deep, he was sure of himself and he was at least a hundred pounds bigger and a foot taller than she. She felt the sexual attraction, the fear, the implied power that he could subdue her and take her easily. She felt that she had to ask permission to move.

He took her arm firmly and walked her to the driver’s side of her car. He was close. She could feel the heat from his big body, feel the smoothness of his well-worn flannel shirt and smell that he had worked hard today. As he opened her car door for her, Carl stood behind her and pulled her tightly against his crotch. She inhaled sharply. “I hope you don’t report me, little girl. I’m sorry, if I caused you any delay.”

With his left hand on her left arm and his big right hand cupping her ass, he maneuvered her behind the steering wheel, kissed her forehead and closed her door. She was looking wide-eyed directly into his obscenely bulging crotch.

Carl had already driven away when Britney remembered to exhale. She was mad and confused. How dare this oaf touch her? How dare he belittle her by kissing her forehead and calling her a ‘little girl?’ How dare he assume power over her? Her hands were trembling, her heart was beating loudly and her pussy was wet as she cranked her car.

For the next few days, Britney avoided the gym but she could not stop little thrills from shooting through her body as she remembered the raw power of the dirty construction worker. She felt erotic excitement every time she remembered the danger she had flirted with. He was not like the overly groomed men who showered her with gifts. She knew she could not have controlled or stopped this man. He was dangerous. He could have easily taken her. Her thoughts spun out of control. Why had he not taken her? Why was she excited and wet? Why couldn’t she quit reliving the experience and get back to life as she had so carefully made it?

Wednesday evening Britney parked next to the big Dodge on the deserted side of the mall and went in to exercise. She kept walking to a corner window to see if the pick-up was still there. When she saw the big man bringing tools to the truck she hurriedly gathered her stuff and headed for her beamer.

Carl had quite a stack of tools blocking her car. “Hello, little girl. Sorry, I have you blocked in again. I’ll hurry.”

Where does the bitch mode come from? “I sure the hell hope so. Are you slow witted or something? Why do you put you tools behind someone else’s car?”

Carl wasn’t in a mood to take this. “Missy, it’s cold and rainy tonight. I’m tired and not in the mood to let a little spoiled girl bust my balls. Why don’t you sit in your car until I finish?”

Before Britney could respond, a big hand closed over the back of her neck and pushed her toward her door. He took her keys, opened the door and used her neck to manhandle her into her car. After a strong squeeze on her neck, Carl slammed her door. Instantly, she realized he had kept her keys.

When the truck was loaded, Britney’s door opened. Carl sternly looked into her eyes and said open your mouth a little. She did not move. He grabbed her jaw opening it and pushing an inch and a half diameter rubber ball into her mouth. “Take the ball out and I’ll knock you onto your ass.”

Grabbing the front of her sweatshirt, he pulled her from the BMW and walked her to a densely shrubbed area that surrounded a large tree stump. “Put your hands on the tree stump and close your eyes.”

Carl stood behind her, kissed her neck and bit lightly solely for his own enjoyment. He held her still with her nipples, rolling, squeezing and pulling them as he wanted. Britney shivered in the cold rain but was dizzy from his big hands and warm breath.

His hands slipped from her breasts and pulled down her sweat pants and panties. Her heart was beating so hard it hurt in her chest. She heard him unbuckle his pants and push them down. “I want you to know what is going to happen to you. You bad tempered, little girl.”

Britney felt him push his dick between her thighs. It kept sliding and sliding. “Put one of your hands between your legs.” She did as she was told. Fear and excitement instantly filled her body. His cock extended past her ample hips, past her thighs, nestled against the bottom of her pussy and extended at least five inches in front of her. Her fingers and thumb closed around the shaft but could not touch.

Using her neck and shoulder, Carl pushed her down onto the tree stump. He put his right hand to Britney’s cunt. She was dripping. He tasted her wetness from his fingers then rubbed the remaining pussy juice on her nose and cheek. “You taste wonderful to be such a bitch. Feel how wet you are?”

He fumbled behind her. She hoped he was putting on a condom. He reached down and guided the head of his cock to her slippery folds. A steady pressure opened her until most of the helmet disappeared into her. She hated what she did. She pushed back. He took a hand full of her hair and pulled. “I’ll do the fucking.” He pushed hard and began to slide into her sheath. The stretching hurt wonderfully. She wanted more. Carl pulled out and thrust forward, filling her as she had never been filled before. She moaned in pain and pleasure. “Take your time, little girl. You only have half of it.” He pushed again and hit her cervix. This was uncomfortable but she could actually feel her body opening and moving inside to make even more room and welcome the intruder. The next push hit bottom. No more of him would go into her today.

Carl set a steady firm pace thrusting in and out. “Touch yourself. Rub your clit.” She did as she was told. He was using her body, pulling her head back with her hair then pulling still harder to arch her back and tilt her ass up to his thrusts. Letting her know she had absolutely no option of resistance. Britney’s cunt was stretched full and starting to build toward a climax. The cold rain formed streams in her hair and trickled down her neck. Each of the big man’s thrust brought his warm crotch to her cold wet ass. The feeling of total helplessness freed her. Her body surrendered to pleasure for the first time in her life.

She was having obvious trouble breathing. He let go of her hair long enough to say, “Scream and I’ll knock you out.” He pulled the ball from her mouth, grabbed her hair with his left hand and spanked her ass with his right. All the while he kept up an even pounding into her. On each stroke Carl pulled almost out and then pushed rubbing her G-spot and then bottoming out. She had a thought that if he stood upright she would be skewered and dangling from his cock.

She wanted to tell him she was about to cum, but she did not want to give him the satisfaction. Her body gave her away. A low groan started in her cunt, passed up through her chest and growled out of her lips. She was a little uncomfortable because of the size of the log being pushed up her. She heard her own words. They amazed her, “Fuck me harder.” The pain was delightful. Usually, Britney only came once, lightly, then wanted to quit to maintain control. She had no such control, now. She was fucked steadily through one, then two, then three orgasms. She knew she would not have a fourth because Carl was going for his now. His thrusts hurt but she wanted to give her rapist his release. She felt her woman’s power return and control his body. She felt how her body forced him to arch and felt her womb easily suck and devour his mighty cock.

As he slumped on her back, they both were wondering what to do now. Out of self- preservation, Carl acted first, ordering her to stay quiet and not to move. He slipped two fingers into her swimming pussy and rubbed his cum soaked dick with them. He had her suck his fingers to savor their combined taste. He wet his fingers again invading her pussy then pushed them a couple of inches into her asshole. Her entire body went rigid. He worked his fingers slowly and whispered, “You have tried to put me down twice. You act like a bitch but your body is as much of heaven as you and I will ever know in this world.” He pulled his fingers from her body and with a loud and painful swat to her ass he added, “Pull your pants up. You are not a little girl any more.”

After Britney adjusted her wet clothes, Carl grabbed her and kissed her hard. When his tongue licked her lips, she let it invade her mouth and she sucked it. He groaned, “O God, even when I rape you, you defeat me.” For several minutes they kissed in the after glow of great sex and in a swirl of confused thoughts about what had just happened.

He guided her back to her car and said, “Go get some dry clothes on before you get sick.”

As she drove away, Carl wondered, “Is she going directly to the police department.”

As she drove away, Britney was having different thoughts. How many times would she have to insult him and be bent over the stump before she could take all of him into her cunt and feel his pubic hair tickle her ass?


It had been a week since she had been to the health club. She had thought a lot about the part she had played in making their last meeting happen. She knew what she was doing. She was disappointed as she pulled into the parking lot in front of the gym. The big black Dodge truck was nowhere in sight. “Might as well exercise anyway,” she thought. As she stepped out of her car, he was there, clean and underdressed for the cold, in only a white t-shirt, tight jeans and shoes. He had rushed out when he saw her. She wondered how many days he had waited for her. His strong arm tightened around her waist and pulled her to his side, “Come with me you beautiful bitch.”

He led her into a small office beside the gym, locked the door, and then took her into a well-furnished apartment through a door inside the office. He sat her on an ottoman and stripped naked before her. The half hard monster throbbed noticeably, bumping into her nose. She knew what he wanted. She wanted it too but wanted him to ask, even beg, for her to do it. Instead, he grabbed his cock and the back of her head and pushed the helmet into her mouth. She started to resist but felt small knowing his rough big hand covered more than half the back of her head. Instead she sucked. He moaned. That was better than hearing him beg.

Britney loved the feeling of the big cock’s head pushing into and gently stretching her throat. She did not gag as she usually did. She wished she could take all of him. He was too big for that, but the thought had her wet.

He was very hot and came quickly. She struggled to keep all his cum, taste him and swallow it all. Britney was still swallowing when he stood her, stripped her and pushed her back onto the double bed. He lay down on top of her and for the first time kissed her softly and passionately. He sucked at her tongue and lips and slipped his fingers between her legs discovering she was ready for him. Instead, he kissed his way down, worshiping her breasts, licking her belly and closing his lips over her clit. Gently he sucked and teased its tip with his tongue as he stretched it into his mouth.

Britney took his hand and pushed it toward her cunt. He pushed two of his big fingers into her and fucked her with them in time with his lapping tongue. Within minutes she came but did not want to quit as she usually did. She was getting wild and demanding. “Fuck me. Fuck me with that thing you have between you legs. Push it into me and make me cum.”

Carl started to reach for his cock but Britney’s hand was already there, tugging him and pulling him into her body. He slipped in easily this time but only as deep as before. He cared now and did not want to hurt her. He made sure his cock slid along her clit and thrust almost lovingly into her. She came but it was not satisfying. She nudged him. He sensed she wanted to be on top, so he held her tightly and rolled over. She sat up straddling him and looked down to where they were connected. She said, “O My God,” when she saw how her cunt was stretched around his shaft and how much of him was still waiting to be engulfed. She rose up until just the tip touched her lips, judged the shaft’s length and slipped slowly down. She traced her fingertips along her belly, guessing where the tip of his cock was inside her. When she could take no more, she pressed down searching for the head of his cock.

It was not good enough for her. She started to ride him, thrusting her hips and feeling the discomfort of him bottoming out in her womb. Her cervix slipped around the bigheaded invader trying to avoid any frontal assault. Britney was intentionally causing herself some pain, trying to take all of him. She checked again. She had taken another inch and was starting to cum again. She had the fingers of her right hand flying over her clit and the fingers from her left pulling at her nipples. When she came she dropped her weight onto his cock and screamed in pain and victory. He started to sit up and comfort her but she pushed him back and rode her orgasm directly into another and a third.

She could feel him throbbing and jerking inside her. She reached behind; his balls were tight. She knew he was about to cum. That pushed her on into her fourth orgasm riding his cock. She could feel him cuming inside her and his spunk squish out around her cunt’s lips and tangle into his hair. Her body added some of it own fluids and she collapsed onto his chest and felt her insides trickle out onto his belly. Never had she been so satisfied, so content.

He wanted something from her. He pushed her off and then pulled her to an armless office chair. His cock was softening, yet he pulled her to sit on it and he literally stuffed it into her sheath. When she slip forward, she had all of his soft cock; she looked into his eyes. They were teary.

“What is your name?”


“Britney, we got off to a strange start but I have never been so intrigued by a woman as I am with you. I would like to know everything about you. You will never be able to control me like the other men you have known. Your body takes my breath away and I love how it demands to satisfy and be satisfied.”

She rocked her hips slowly, listening to his words. His cock was growing again in spite of his seriousness. She did not acknowledge anything he was saying.

“I’ve had you checked out and know a lot about you. I don’t just work here. I own the mall, another, some houses and a restaurant. I can be good for you. It doesn’t bother me that you are a gold-digger. If you get bitchy, you’ve seen I will take you and fuck it out of you.”

His wonderful thoughtful words vanished as all his brains moved into the head of his dick again. Her body had taken control of him. He groaned and began to work Britney’s hips back and forth, slipping his cock deeper as it hardened. She matched his rhythm and realized this time she was in total control. He was lost in her and had surrendered to her body. She didn’t have her usual superior “keep guys in their place and use them” feeling. Sure she felt the power of her female body over a man. Sure she knew she had control. But this time she rocked and watched his face. She wanted to be good for him and bring him as much pleasure as she could.

Her body felt good, the motion was pleasant. For now she was not thinking about her own need. She rocked and let her womb suck him. When she felt his back tense, she lengthened her stroke, felt him twitch inside her and him groan in defeat. She hugged him tighter. She knew when his belly tightened and he began to cum. His big strong body shook. She was surprised when she came softly sensing that her cervix was teasing the tip of his cock for more sperm.

For long minutes they recovered. Britney had been totally satisfied sexually by this man. She relished in her own female body. She was aware that its tender beautiful wetness had temporarily tamed his wildness, weakened his hands and satisfied the raw power of his body. It was not Delilah’s defeat of Samson. It was like stroking a sleeping lion – so beautiful and so dangerous. She did not know what to say and he was afraid of hearing any rejecting, negative thought.

Luckily women can express their feelings, even after a good fuck. “I don’t know what to say. I like you too, but you’re very different for me. You excite me and you frighten me at the same time.”

“You already know you can push my buttons. But I could never hit you or hurt you. You make me crazy but I want to be good for you at the same time. I cannot explain what you do to me either.”

Carl dressed and made coffee. He and Britney talked for a couple of hours, taking three breaks to kiss and touch. Once his kisses wandered and licked her to orgasm. Never before had she climaxed into a man’s mouth when she was full of cum. Never before had she relaxed enough to cum and just to enjoy the touch and closeness of another. Never before had she wanted to taste a man’s cum mixed with her own. Never before had she allowed herself to be pleased just because it is what the man wanted.


For the next three months Carl and Britney dated. It was good. They both were comfortable. Britney discovered that he was a gentle, generous, overly caring man. She loved his soft touches but often yearned for more.

One dark April evening, it was raining lightly; she pulled up next to his big black Dodge on the side of the health club. Carl was delighted and came out to greet her. She had it all planned.

“You damned workers are all alike. Get your shit out from behind my car, so I can go home. If you were smart you would be working for yourself and not have to be here so late.”

Carl caught her by her hair, pulled her head back and kissed her hard enough to pinch her lips between their teeth. Then he pulled her by her hair toward the secluded tree stump.

Britney’s eyes glistened as she struggled against his strong hands. She reached out to him with something in her hand, “Honey, you will need this.” She passed the inch and a half diameter red rubber ball to him. At first he looked puzzled.

She added, “Show me what you do to a rude bitch in the cold rain.” She opened her mouth and felt him push the rubber past her lips. Her body shivered. Soon he would fuck her like she deserved. Like she wanted.

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