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Natural Tan

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It was a sunny day, a weekday, so I decided this would be the perfect time to do something about my white body. I had spent the last two months working out and dieting trying to recreate myself in a more acceptable image. I was a little tired of isolation. Now it was time. However, I was still very self-conscious and my self esteem hadn’t gone up as the numbers on my scale went lower. Not like I thought it would.

I parked, grabbed my duffel and headed down to the sand. I picked an out of the way spot, there really were none. But if was far enough away from the other beach goers that I thought I could handle taking off my shirt without a total meltdown.

I spread the blanket out, pulled out my disc man put on the headphones and lay down on my stomach. The part of me I’m most embarrassed of, although truth be told it was not looking to bad lately. I had just turned thirty a month ago and decided if I didn’t do something about my single status now; it’d soon be too late. And in the shape that I’d been in the only women I’d have any chance with were the ones that I didn’t really want any chance with. So here I was, I began to drift in and out of thoughts, the relationship that destroyed my sense of self. And how eating became my only pleasure, I guess when things get bad for me or I’m under a lot of stress I tend to eat. And now I had to deal with the resulting weight gain and all the shit I did to run away. I was just ashamed of it all now.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of voices approaching. Female voices, not little girls either. I started to get nervous; I didn’t want anyone to see me, not until I was ready. Granted I may never have been ready, at least not mentally. In school I was an athlete and all the working out and physical work had come back, I didn’t forget how to ride that bike. It was just my mind that refused to follow. I turned down the volume to hear better, and shit, sure enough they were setting up right next to me. Big beach with a lot of empty spaces and they have to set up right next to the only other person on this part of the fucker. Great. I shut my eyes tighter but kept the volume down, all the way down so I could hear them better. I tried not to look but their faint voices sounded good.

“A had this guy Friday cum in his pants.”


“It was gross.”

“I love it when they do that. I know they get off looking at me, but when they cum I know the dance is good too. Everyone notices the wet spot, and wants a dance and then I get tipped a more. I jerked a guy off the other night and got 150 bucks on top of what her paid for the dances.”

“Well you’re your still lucky you don’t have to deal with it now.”

“I still do the VIP, I make almost as much in the VIP, as I do just featuring. Besides I love doing lap dances.”

I was so self conscious I was almost shaking. I turned the volume back up afraid I’d drop a load in the sand if I heard anymore. Don’t look at me, I kept thinking. And then I opened my eyes a crack and looked slowly in their direction, and my heart immediately started thumping at warp speed threatening to burst through. I felt the blood rush right to my cock, and my mouth getting dry, Christ control yourself. But it was beyond my control, because standing there was two of the hottest women I’d ever seen. Right out of the pages of Playboy. God that sounded lame, but true. Just . . . perfect. I tried to turn my head away, but again it was beyond my control. I could feel my member trying push its way through the blanket and burrow in the sand.

One was blonde, and the other had darker hair, light brown, strawberry blond or maybe even auburn, was hard to tell in the bright sun. The blond started to take of her shirt, I found myself paralyzed. I was so afraid of her catching me staring at her and getting pissed. Yet I was unable to look away. Once her shirt was unbuttoned she started to take it off, she had on the sexiest gold metallic bikini top. WOW, this could not be real. She said something to her friend who was also removing her shirt, revealing a pink Lycra sliding strap micro bikini. The one with the darker hair had her sunglasses up on her head pulling back her hair, so I could see where she was looking. The other one had her sunglasses on, so I couldn’t see where she was looking. Her head moved fractionally in my direction then she looked back at her friend and said something that I couldn’t hear. Then the other one smiled and turned her head in my direction she looked right at me. Or through me, straight into my eyes. I was the deer in the headlights, all thought ceased. And then she winked. What? Who? What? Did I just imagine that? I smiled tentatively, like a dork. But she didn’t seem to mind. She said something, uh to me. I couldn’t hear her too well. Dumb ass, I took my headphones off. “Huh?” I stuttered.

“Do you mind if we set up here?” She said. What are you kidding me, I would pay, I’d give you my house, my car if you’d set up here. But another voice in my head was afraid and very self conscious.

“Sure, that’s fine.” I replied like a dope.

“Thanks.” The other one said smiling. And then they started to remove their shorts. OH! MY! GOD! One had a thong and the other a G-string a slight but distinct difference between the two, right here on the public beach. I felt myself stiffen more. My hole got a little deeper. They bent over while setting their blanket up, the darker haired one bending over right in front of me. I could see the outside of her pussy lips hanging over the sides of her G-string. I wanted to reach out and touch her ass, but I didn’t think I had enough money for bail on me.

I needed to regain my self control this was too much, I think if I had stared any longer my head would’ve exploded. So I turned my head and shut my eyes.

And then “Um excuse me?” Huh who? Me?

I turned and sure enough the darker haired one was looking at me. “Yeah?”

“Would you mind rubbing some suntan lotion on us?” Oh for real, I mean for Pete’s sake. My mouth got so dry I couldn’t speak for a minute, and I could feel sweat break out on my forehead. And heat in my cheeks, and I new I was blushing.

“UHH, mmhmmm, excuse me. Sure I would love to.” I managed to croak out, after clearing my throat. I stood up on weak knees, I actually started to tremble. I concentrated, trying to control it. I felt like such a hard on, speaking of which I had completely forgotten mine. So here I am standing in front of two of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, who asked me to rub suntan lotion on them, with a big fucking hard on sticking straight out, and the stupidest, grin of embarrassment on my face. God I couldn’t believe how bad I was fucking up the chance of a lifetime.

I looked down at it, and then I looked up at them with a sheepish smile on my face. The one with the lighter hair was getting something out of her beach bag, and seemed not to notice. And the one with the darker hair was also looking elsewhere, Thank GOD. I turned so I could approach them from behind so my cock would be out of their line of site.

“What’s your n . . .?” The darker haired one asked looking back and up at me. Her eyes moved up until they seemed to focus on my hardness. I stopped, and just stood there frozen. “Name?” She finished. Her gaze traveling up my body, leaving me feeling exposed and silly. And when her eyes met mine she smiled, cool I won’t be getting smacked.

“Um, sorry, it, uh it’s just. You know um I was thinking about”

“Me, I hope.” She said and smiled again. Wow, I smiled back, okay that hurdle jumped.

“Here.” The other girl said turning around to hand me the lotion and catching a full look at my cox. “Oh!” She said and smiled,”Look he’s already to go.” And they both laughed. Ha, ha I silently laughed and felt like a jackass.

“Thanks.” I said reaching for the bottle, she brushed my hand with her forefinger and felt him give a little jump, if you know what I mean. And the closer I got to them the harder I seemed to get. No control whatsoever, pathetic. She looked right into my eyes and smiled.

I looked to the other one and said, extending my hand, and told her my name. And asked for her name.

“Erica.” She said taking my hand in hers, man her skin felt good and this was just her hand. But hey a lot can be accomplished just with her hand.

“Heather.” The other one said once again extending her hand.

“Nice to meet you, both.”

“You too.” They replied in sync.

“Okay who’s first?” I asked, looking from one to the other trying to keep my eyes on their faces and off of their asses.

They looked at each other and smiled and then looked up and me and Erica said “It’s up to you.” Fuck put me on the spot why don’t you?

“Um, well I could do both at once. Because if I have to decide I’ll be like the donkey half way between two buckets of water.” They looked at each other raised their eyebrows and smiled again. At least I was making them smile, that’s good right?

“So you’re pretty talented, I mean being to please two women at once.” Heather said.

I felt like I had sunburned my face I was blushing so much. “Ha I wish.” I said, and then mentally kicked myself in the ass. But this produced a chuckle from both of them.

“You could do me first.” Erica said. Yeah, I’d love to do you.

“Aww,” Heather said while pushing out her lips in a pout, the sexiest fucking pout I’d ever seen. I put my feet on both sides of Erica’s but and then slowly straddled her. I couldn’t help looking at her but, wow. And those tight firm legs, you could tell she definitely worked out a lot. I put some lotion on my hands and then rubbed them together, and started to go to work. And they second my fingers met her flesh I thought I was going to cum in my pants. It felt like intense electricity passing through my body, electrocuting me with desire. I know it sounds silly but that’s how it felt.

I worked her back; I massaged trying so hard to make sure it felt good to her. God knows it felt great to me. “Could you get my but and my legs to.” Nice! Of course, I moved my hands down the small of her back, and just before I got to her but I applied some more lotion to my hands. And then I started on what was the firmest hottest ass it’s ever been my pleasure to touch. I was in heaven, I rubbed and massaged, and wow it felt great. “Mmmmm that feels sooo good.” She moaned, increasing my blood pressure even more. I eventually had to move down and do her legs, I would have loved to have worked on her but for a few days, but I think she’d have been onto me before then.

“Okay you can do my front now.” Huh, what? Who? What? When she rolled over beneath me and I saw her full front. The first thing I noticed was her lips. She had the most awesome lips, and then my gazed moved down to her breasts. And I could feel wetness beginning to spread across the front of my bathing suit. My hardness throbbing threatening to bust out. Was this real. “Start with my legs and work your way up.”

“Okay.” I said never taking my gaze off of her. I worked my way up to her belly. It was so firm and hard. And god did I want her. I hesitated as I came close to her boobs not sure if I should do the outside parts that were showing beneath the skimpy pieces of cloth covering them or if I should just do above them, between her boobs and her neck.

“Don’t forget these.” She said in a sexy, husky voice moving the cloth covering each boob to the side, like a curtain. My heart did flip flops. I looked into her face; she was looking at me expectantly. Seducing me just with her stare, she needn’t have bothered. She owned me. I reached forward slowly and took them in my hands and started to rub them. Squeezing the nips a little. She started to rub my leg with her hand. I knew she had to notice the throbbing of my cock in my shorts. I hoped she couldn’t see how wet I’d gotten, although at this point if we had packed it up and called it a day I’d still have a memory to last a lifetime.

She worked her hand into the bottom of my trunks, squeezing my leg and working toward my dick. I just kept on doing what I was doing, going with it, where ever it may lead. Then she motioned me forward, I leaned forward and she put her lips to my ear, at the same time her hand made contact with my dick. I let out a little moan. “Oh yeah you like that baby?” She whispered in my ear.

“Yes.” I sighed, barely audible.

“Would you like some release?” She asked.

“Yes please.” Again almost under my breath.

“Hey what about me, I’m going to burn, before you get her done.” I’d forgotten that Heather was even there. And that truly said something about the current state of affairs, if I could completely forget a woman as beautiful as she was.

“Just a minute.” Erica said with a touch of facetious impatience. I moved over to her, Erica releasing her hold on my cock. She put her finger to her mouth and sucked off the little bit of liquid I left on it. Like she was giving it head. I was transfixed by the raw sensuality of her lips. I absently began rubbing lotion and Heather’s back. Although my mind was on Erica’s face, I still managed to do a pretty good job.

And Heather too, let out little moans, “Yeah that feels so good. He’s really good with his hands huh?”

“Yeah he is.” I think I was blushing.

Heather was still on her belly and I moved down her back, once I got to her but. I paused, this was a different girl, and maybe she didn’t want me rubbing her but. And I certainly didn’t want this to end by doing something stupid. But I looked at her firm perfect ass and I could not help myself I began to rub the lotion in. Her bottoms were thong or Tonga (whatever), not G-string so the strip was wider than Erica’s but still revealed each cheek in all its glory. I went down her legs to her feet doing both sides of her legs as I worked. Enjoying every inch of them. I worked my way back up applying a second coat I guess, and once my erection was directly over her ass she pushed it up right into my cock. Causing a gasp to escape me, with it in between her cheeks she started to move her ass up and down the length of it. I almost passed out. I began to move my hips grinding myself into her, and with no warning she stopped and rolled over. She looked up at me through her long lashes, licked her lips and said “could you do the front now.” I just nodded. I started on her hot stomach, hard too. But not quite as muscular as Erica’s, still very nice. And then she pulled her top up revealing her boobs. I instantly reached for them, all hesitation gone, replaced with pure desire. I massaged and caressed, she started rubbing my hardness through my shorts. I involuntarily moved my hips back and forth. I started moaning, “Yeah, oh god yeah that feels great.”

“He’s starting to get burned.” Erica said” we’d better get some lotion on him.”

“Roll over darling.” Heather said and we switched places. I lay on my belly and they began to rub me all over with lotion. Erica took the bottle moved the cloth covering her boobs to the side and dumped lotion on them. Then she leaned forward and began to rub them up and down my back, while Heather did my legs. Heather pulled my shorts down and started to rub my but. It felt so good.

“Roll over we need to get the front.” Erica commanded.

“Yes ma’am.” I replied.

“See he’s learning.” She said and they chuckled a little. My pole was now standing straight up in the air. I couldn’t have hid it if I’d wanted to. I’m not packing major heat or anything, but when you’re that hard it’s impossible to hide. Erica started with my chest teasing and pinching my nipples while Heather worked her way up from my feet. My shorts looking like they were dancing to some beat only they could hear. Thump, thump thump. In tempo with the music from my heart beat. And then they both worked their way to either side of my shorts. “Hmm we don’t want his dick to burn, do we?”

“Oh no not his dick.” Heather replied.

Erica then leaned forward till our noses were almost touching and her hair fell forward creating a little closed off space with only our faces. Heather was massaging my thighs while Erica reached in my shorts and started caressing my hard dick with the lotion still on her hand. It felt great. “Would you like me to put my lips around it?” She whispered right in my ear. Licking the outside of my ear with her tongue after she spoke and then swirling it around until it was in my ear.

“Please,” was all I could get out.

“Please what?” She asked again whispering in my ear.

“Oh please suck it.” I moaned.

“Oh yeah you want me to suck it?”

“Yes please.” I said more urgently.

She then kissed her way over to my lips and kissed me very softly, very seductively. I felt her tongue on my lips and I opened my mouth and we kissed passionately. I almost wondered if she left some of her lipstick, but this probably entered my mind much later, because she had such bright lipstick on. She started to kiss her way down my chest, swirling her tongue over my nipples, down across the flatland of my belly, to my waistband. She slipped both of her hands inside my waistband and started to pull them down, covering my nakedness with her hair as she did so. Once they were just over my cock and resting below my balls, she again started kissing her way down. I felt her breath on it. And it jumped in response, I no longer felt Heather on my legs, she had stood up. My attention was focused solely on what Erica was doing. I wanted to burn this into my memory. I’d never have to get laid again, just so long as I remembered this.

Then she wrapped her fingers around it and brought it to her lips, kissing it lightly on the head. Licking the precum, and then slowly putting her lips around it. I felt the suction and her head started to move up and down, side to side. I could see my girth outlined in her cheeks, and her lips puffed out over it. When she brought her head up I could just barely see the foreskin, before it was again swallowed up.

And then a shadow blocked out the sun, I looked up and Heather was lowering herself over my face. Moving her bikini bottoms to the side as she did. I smelled the wonderful musky sent of her pussy and stuck out my tongue to meet it. I kissed it, and ran my tongue around the outer lips to her inner giving her light kisses and sucks as I moved it. She began letting out small moans of ecstasy, matching my own. I kissed my way back in looking for her love button. I found it with my tongue; I sucked it in deep and then began to lick it hard, moving out a little at a time until I could just barely feel it on the tip of my tongue flicking it.

She was really moaning now “yeah baby, oh yeah almost there don’t stop baby.” But that’s exactly what I did; I ran my tongue over her lips again and penetrated her with it. And then kissed her inner thigh, as her hips bucked and she said more urgently. “Oh no don’t baby, lick it. Please lick it.” I resumed my attention to her clit. Her hips moving it back and forth over my tongue.

I felt Erica’s mouth come off my dick; I didn’t feel anything for a minute. And then it felt like she was covering it. I looked down and she was putting a condom on, then she moved her G-string to the side, grabbed my dick and lowered her hot box onto it. Her and Heather leaned towards each other and kissed passionately, deeply.

Heather started to cum, “Ohh yeah baby, fuck yeah, lick that clit. MMMMHMMMM. Oh yeah it feels so good.” I felt how wet she got; I continued to lick as her body began moving spasmodically. Erica was grinding back and forth, grinding her clit into me as she fucked me.

She too was moaning, not too loud just loud enough for me to hear. “Oh yeah fuck me, Do you like fucking me? Huh.”

“Oh yeah, I love it. Mmmm you’re so fucking hot.”

“Yeah.” She started Cumming. She began bucking, moving spasmodically as Heather still was. And then they kissed again. Heather stood up and Erica pulled my still hard dick out herself. “Didn’t you cum baby.”

“No,” I said “But that’s okay.”

“No it’s not.” She said. And they put their heads on either side of it, removed the condom and began to stroke it. Right out here on the beach, it was fucking great. They put their lips on the base and licked all the way up to the head. They each sucked on a side of it. Kissing and flicking with their tongues taking turns putting it in their mouth. Before pulling it out licking down to the base. “You wanna cum on my tits?” Erica asked.

“Yeah.” She put between her glistening melons, stroking if with one hand while pushing her tits in to it with her other hand.

And then everything went red, and then went dark and I began to cum. I’d never cum that hard or long in my life. It seemed to just drip off of Erica’s well oiled boobs. Shot after shot of it. “Oh yeah, cum for me baby. Oh yeah.”

“Oh shit!” Heather said. We both looked up and saw two blue uniforms running down the beach towards us. They appeared to be yelling but were still too far away to hear clearly. We grabbed our stuff and bolted for the stairs back up to the parking lot.

“Where are you parked?” Erica asked.

“By the road.” I said.

“You’ll never make it just hop in with us.”

“Okay.”. . .

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