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Naked Speed Dating

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The magnificent ballroom of the exclusive Vegas hotel was reserved just for this unique occasion: Naked speed dating. My girl friend had been to this event once before, loved the experience and brought me along this time.

The host and hostess of the event swung open the tall, wide ballroom doors dressed only in black top hat, bowtie, cuffs and polished shoes.

Their sculpted nude bodies were perfect in every detail, their sexes conservatively groomed, properly and formally welcoming us.

With full clearance, twenty of us women and men, naked under our robes, entered the private elegant ballroom as soft jazz filled the hugeness of the room. It was lighted softly and the air held a very faint fragrance of some sort, maybe vanilla but also spicy earth tone, like sage underneath it. This is ever so light and I am exhilarated immediately in my spirit. I shot my girlfriend a smile and she returned it, grabbing my hand with a soft giggle.

As we entered we were ushered towards an open warm reception area with two cocktail bars, set before a huge white canvas labyrinth tent, quite tall, perhaps twenty feet. The outside entrance was decorated with voluminous drapes of braided cloth; royal blue, teal, burgundy and white patterned satin wrapped with delicate white French lace, knotted with black leather straps, tied, twisted and draped artistically. Tiny white ornamental lights outlined the massive size of this canopy, reflecting the true size of this entirely huge ballroom. It glowed. Within this luminous structure, the configuration of ten-foot high canvas partitions divided into two rows of ten, back-to-back, open on one side, sort of. The open third side had a curtain of wooden beads that only hinted at privacy.

Elegant men and women of all sizes, shapes and colors, mingled with cool anticipation, eyeing each other’s robes and smiles. Giggles of all tonations blended with the temperament of the music and the sound of swirling ice. Sexy.

With all the participants were a dozen groomsmen and maids serving hors d’oeuvre of stuffed mushrooms and caviar creamed crackers and other luscious delights. They too, were beautifully nude. All the groomsmen wore crisp black bowties around their necks. The maids wore the same along with a delicate black lace apron tied at their narrow waistline, too small to cover their sex, and stilettos. Each maid wore identical colored lipstick and pale make-up tone which reminded me of the Robert Palmer’s music video, Addicted to Love, where his robotic female band pounded out its tune. It did not go unnoticed that all the groomsmen shared the same hairstyle as well, not to mention their finely tuned physic’s.

After our drinks in the reception area, the energy settling somewhat, our formal host and hostess took turns explaining how the rules of this affair will commence.

The deep heavy voice of our host was smooth as silk over soft saxophone floating in the air. He held our attention as he explained our objective: To find a consensual sexual match for the evening. Instructing us, there will be three rounds of speed dates, each date consisting of one-minute each, three-minute, then five-minute dates with a five-minute refreshment period between rounds. After the first three rounds, each participant may select up to three choices to share a forth-round date. Once all the selections are matched the forth-round date of ten minutes will commence. If, unfortunately we have no matches, we are invited to relax at the bar before biding us a goodnight.

With a clear velvet chocolaty voice our hostess continued on to explain that the men will take their place, one by one, into each chamber and remain there. At the sound of the trumpet the women will rotate from booth to booth until the sound of the next trumpet, indicating the time to rotate to the next chamber.

Requirement: No touching each other during the first three rounds of dates. Only those who matched their choices will be allowed to touch in the fourth date round. Allowable are toys of any kind. The crowd lightly applauded, whistled and laughed, all of us feeling the excitement of the event about to unfold.

Soon the men are asked to move into the partitioned arena, and we watched as each man was given a long necklace with a number on it. As the men disappeared single file, around, into the allotted parcels, the women took time to ready themselves for this adventure.

I squeezed the hand of my friend with a shake and we both smiled at each other, she raised her eyebrows in excitement and I could feel my drink warming my blood too. “Good luck” she said leaning closer to my ear.

“You too” I told her, feeling her nude breast beneath her thin robe brush against the outside of my arm, her blond hair highlighted beautifully in this light.

As the women began to enter the outside lane of this arena, we were handed our long necklace of soft lace that held a number molded of creamy milk chocolate, wrapped in shiny gold foil. After my friend, I was given the number eleven. A good sign tingled through me, the month of my birth. Oh, this could be a very exciting event.

Piano, sax and snappy drums excited the moment.

As we waited to begin I could see that each chamber was decorated simply. Two stuffy black leather chairs faced each other, with a lovely multi flowered bouquet on a small glass top table. There was a large, three-foot pillar candle, lit, on its own ornate pedestal, along with one free standing full-length footed mirror. My breath quickened before the sound of the first note.

The trumpet blew out a loud five-second riff signaling our start.

Excitedly, I adjust the long white lace necklace, the gold foil glowing and enter to meet my number-eleven first-date-man.

Extending my hand to greet him, he stood in his navy blue collared robe. We smiled politely at each other in genuine nervousness. He had a warm, baby-face to him, blond, tall with broad shoulders, and a little weight on him that gave me a comfortable feeling. “Hello eleven.” His higher voice did not match his size.

“Hello eleven” I responded nervously, noticing his braided leather necklace with the same foil wrapped number as mine. We sank into the luscious leather, so soft in texture, goatskin maybe, and I ask him quickly what he is looking for in his search for ultimate sexual pleasures. My heart was pounding, making me feel very warm suddenly.

“I want a woman who will not fake an orgasm.” He stated clearly. “I want a woman to tell me what she wants me to do to make her have an orgasm because its never happened to me before.” He admitted.

Slightly distracted by the echoing sounds of all the meetings taking place at the same time, I ask lamely “Oh, why is that?”

“I don’t really know.” He said sheepishly. “Maybe because my dick is kind of small.”

Looking at him, then trying to notice if that’s true, “How small?” I ask.

He opened his robe to show me. Even in his groomed condition, his sex was disproportionate to his body size and I understood completely. Trying not to respond unfavorably, I ask, “Do you enjoy licking pussy?” Immediately knowing number eleven would not be a choice.

“Oh yes!” He says almost childlike.

“Well that’s good because that would be a requirement for me.” I offer. “Do you like anal sex?” He looked at me with an eager smile.

The sound of a rapid trumpet suddenly blared as I hear him answer yes, rising in disbelief at how quick one minute is.

Moving clockwise to the next date, he was already standing when I entered his chamber. Number twelve was very handsome indeed. He stood a head taller than myself and his dark black brown strong features held intensity to them. He took my hand directly to his mouth and kissed it, his smoothly rough mustache brushing my skin, smiling as he guided me to sit. His overly polite mannerisms made me feel dreamy, suddenly, as I sank into my seat. “Good evening number twelve.” I blushed, getting a whiff of his spicy woodsy cologne.

“Good evening to you too, beautiful madam.” His rich smooth voice said, with a nod of his head to me, before he took his seat. “May I express what a lovely robe you have on this evening, does it suit your sexual personality?” He asked with a curious grin.

My full-length dark purple chenille robe was luxurious indeed, a private splurge. Soft, pastel rose-colored silk thread embroidered the initial of my first name on the left breast. The same shade in satin lined the interior, as well as the rim of my collar, cuffs, and pockets. Smiling directly at his question I said, “I would hope so, yes.”

Our eyes met, and for a tiny split second I felt like the back of our eyes did too. My heart jumped as I shifted my eyes away quickly. He held a handsome long smile without a word, so I asked him what he was searching for in the way of the ultimate lover.

Not seeming to care our minute was ticking, he continued to smile at me, “Number eleven seems as close to perfect already,” He said simply. His eyes and smile reviewed me as I blushed, but my eyes returned to notice him a bit closer, feeling fluttery all of a sudden. His burgundy robe revealed a luscious tuft of chest hair peeking out

With my mouth unable to find words, my lips moved without any voice and we both started to laugh, my hands stroking the luscious leather chair arm as I looked into his eyes directly again, the trumpet blared out the next rotation.

Still a bit woozy from the last sixty seconds, number thirteen was hardly noticed. His cowboy-ish leathery skin fit his rugged slender form. I barely remember our polite introductions before moving over to number fourteen.

Number fourteen was openly fondling his semi-aroused penis with one leg slung over the side of the chair as I entered. As I got to my chair, he held his hand up flat signaling me to stop, his dark Persian shaped eyes halting me. “Open your robe please” He asked with a mellow lilting voice, its sound injected sexiness into my loins. With a slight pause of electricity, I open my robe for him.

His smiling eyes widened as he snapped his head “More” he said.

My lips got licked at his instruction and I took a step towards him, confidently, allowing my shoulder to dip down out of my robe, turning away from him, as I display half my back side to his attentive almond shaped eyes. My robe remained perched on my left- shoulder as my body rotated for his perusal. His dark orbs scanned the curves of my high firm ass muscles silently, but affectively, as I continued to turn for him slowly, to let his eyes follow the swell of my breast, allowing his view to linger on my areolas and pubis before facing him squarely.

He widened his open knees to display his thickly aroused cock for me, its girth the width of four of my fingers, straight and proud. My face hovered closer to him. There was a lovely scent to his oiled sex and his bald balls, dark and heavy, the purpley-brown cock head shaped like a swollen arrowhead caused my breath to quicken by the site of him.

His full dark lips formed a tiny circle like a whistle as my fingers gently stroked and twisted my nipple. Our eyes enjoyed the view of each other. His lean shapely muscled body was hairless, except for the neatly trimmed black patch above his large organ. The shape of his aroused sex immediately shot a hot zing of arousal through me just as the high note from the trumpet blew out the next rotation. A deep cleansing breath filled my lungs as our eyes smiled at one another with an air of intensity. “Number fourteen” my voice low and suddenly smooth, slipping my arm back into my robe to exit through the beads, but not before kissing my chocolate number eleven acknowledging his bold introduction.

Twirling my step into booth number fifteen, who was pulling a flower out of the vase to give to me when I entered. “Good evening” he greeted handing me the fragrant bud.

“Good evening, thank you” I smiled, trying to clear my mind from the last minute, blinking my eyes with a swallow. Sniffing the gardenia, I barely paid attention to number fifteen, who spoke warm flattering compliments about my beautiful long dark hair and how he loved the color of my robe, but I was still swooning from that last date. After many thank-you’s, all I could remember about him was his unflattering plaid robe. It didn’t seem to fit his soft plain face, clean and ordinary, comfortable suddenly. Number sixteen was much the same, a happy, pleasant man homemade and kind of milk toast. Number seventeen too. All of these men were very fuckable for someone else.

My emotions settled into my self as the minute dates wore on, my mind still lingering number fourteen thoughts, thoughts that whispered with the sexy jazz. My visits with each date moved into a groove. The smooth saxophone and piano carried me through each brief introduction quickly through round one.

When the women gathered in the reception area, my girlfriend came up to me all a flutter. We walked over to the hors d’oeuvre tables that held mounds of fruits and vegetables along with a huge assortment of what ever your heart may desire; chocolates, fruit dipped in chocolate, fancy deserts and nuts. With a soft smile, I watch my friend slide a whole lovely banana into the side pocket of her robe, looking at me with a wink. I giggled as she smoothly moved on to the cut pieces of watermelon, popping a piece into her mouth, tasting its sweet juicy water. Me, following right behind her, a banana of my own in hand.

During the first five-minute break the groomsmen catered to the gentlemen who remained in their chambers. Stainless steel carts that carried hot wet towels and other personal items rolled into the arena to service the men along with platters of fruits and drink refreshments. A maid offered me a hot towel if I needed it, and that’s when I noticed other women wiping their sexes with them, taking one from her and doing the same thing, an instant warm laugher mixed with the music of this very fun moment.

My friend smiled at me as she watched me open my stance and wipe myself. I watched her pull open her delicate robe, her natural blond sex bare with the exception of a sexy round patch of long, bright and curly blond hair, the size of a half dollar, way above, not even touching her puss lips. Mirroring my stance and movement, she stroked the hot, white cloth between her legs, her fair-skinned lips revealing a deeper pink red layer that revealed her arousal.

I was kind of mesmerized by seeing my girl friend like that. She was actually very sexy the way her light pink areola circled a taut nipple, firm, natural and full. She wore a very beautiful fine gold chain around her slim waist, matching the one around her ankle, and of course, any man would be honored to fuck her. Her natural happiness made it easy to attend this event with her and I thanked her for bringing me here. I plucked a perfect strawberry off the table and brought it to her lips, which smiled before taking it, then doing it again for myself.

We moved into the next round of three-minute dates with a refreshed excitement, just like the tempo of the snappy blaze of this music that filled, without echo, this huge ballroom, engulfing us, moving us along.

The next round of dates afforded me the opportunity to get into the various men who all were putting their best foot forward, each one unique. One red haired guy with freckles that was nervous and kind of shy but seemed to loose some of that as the rounds rolled on. Another one forward and bold in his approach, all offering a side that might attach to some female partner this night. During round three all the men I was slightly attracted to, would allow me to see their sex when I would ask, each taking very creative ways with which to show me their true sexual desire.

A very large black man, number one, was so elegant about showing off his very proud manhood in the reflection of the mirror, his size magnificent, black and so arousing against the shiny gold lining of his robe. His large beautiful cock was nearly the size of my forearm, so I was honest up front that I would never try to dishonor my body by trying to fit that thing in side my sex, but it would be fun to simply orally attempt satisfaction. Being honest about our incompatibility: we used this meeting as a rest period between dates. Which mostly consisted of inquisitions about how a man of his size can even have sex. He admitted what really turned him on is the way some women would get so fucking turned on when first seeing his size, so he learned to love to display it, as he was doing at this moment. Only the owner of that monster cock could hold it so delicately, and he knew the site of it caused excitement. It aroused him to watch when others arousal was ignited just by looking at his massive size. He wore the appropriate number indeed.

Number five was also very, very fine indeed. His whole persona is a surfer guy in a soft blue cotton robe that was colored with a beach sunset of swimmers, surfers and sea creatures that hung to the middle of his thigh. Its colors accentuated his tan body that outlined his surfing physic, his hairy but groomed sex revealed the nakedness of his balls that told me immediately he would love to have my mouth there. His all American personality was comfortable to be around and I shared my naked view to him too. He said he liked the way I shaved my puss lips, a tiny hairline rimmed my otherwise bald clean sex that formed the shape of a flame at the top opening of my pussy lips. He said he thought it would look very good wrapped around his nicely shaped organ. His semi-swollen cock was a perfect size and its dart-like shape had a very slight arc to it at the tip, I think I had to agree.

So, I stroked my hand over myself to display my flame shaped sex, petting my flame for him, letting him take a good look. “You think?” I said.

His face darted quickly to my sex to examine my puss lips closely and I giggled as his face comically traveled up my body to both my nipples, his tongue licking his lips.

A groomsmen quickly warned number five “Not too close, sir” as graciously as possible. I sort of teased him by taking advantage of his closeness and grabbed his chocolate number and kissed it as he obligingly backed away from my nakedness.

He sank his body into the chair and pretended to cry in animated wounding at the discipline, his sex exposed to my feasting view. Playing along with him I giggled at our silliness, “Ahhhhh, don’t cry number five” I cooed at him, cupping both boobies in my hands and bouncing them around seductively with a laugh. Flirting openly now as I turned my body away from him, pulling aside my robe, so that my naked butt was level with his view, and he immediately stopped crying.

Striding my ankles shoulder wide I swung my hips slowly before his face, making sure he sees the spot where my pussy lips meet my ass cheeks and any wetness marking the exact spot where his dick is to be inserted. As his eyes widen to absorb this view, I dipped my hand between my legs and pressed on my smooth horny labia for him, sweetly teased him as the light from the huge candle flickered across the slippery fluids there, confirming my arousal.

He held his cock as he shifted his hips in the chair, gripping hold of his sex urgently, “Oooooooooo ooooooo ooo, Miss Eleven” he moaned openly and no longer kidding, both hands holding on to his very engorged cock, he stroked himself helplessly then tried to stop himself by gently tugging on balls as if to help hold back his arousal somewhat or distract his inflamed gun, the candle light reflected the shiny bubble oozing from its tiny opening at the tip.

Our three-minute date was rich with possibilities. I felt a surety sex with him would be fun and possibly very creative. A creative sex partner is always fantastic to have and he looked very match-able to me. As I reached for the banana in my pocket, the trumpet interrupting my next thought with him, I just kept going, out the beads. With an exaggerated turn and wiggle I waved to him, then blew him a kiss. His head tilted to one side as a soft groan escaped him, responding to his erection and wild whirling music. I twirled him a flash of my naked body before passing through the beads with the music. Whoa, what a night!

As I moved into the isle of the tent, a groomsman handed me a nice warm wet towel to use to recover briefly before moving on with the round. A maid also came directly over to me and asked if she could assist, holding a glass of ice water on a small tray for me, as if reading my mind. The ice-cold fluids soothed my sudden parched throat and, in a flash, I was ready to move on.

These three-minute dates seemed suddenly very electrified horny. The tone of the sexiness was getting difficult to slow down as these dates rolled on. The guys seemed to be coming out of initial warm ups of previous rounds and the sparks were blazing in here between the sexes as the men were all vying for their ultimate sexual matches.

The third round of dating without touching rule was starting to get difficult to resist with the men my sex had chosen so far. By this round, number eight, the Latin guy, got very sexy looking too, loosened by the paraded women before me most likely. He wore a hooded robe that was mesh netting, sleeveless like a vest but the length to mid thigh, pimento in color with a corny white bandana tied at his neck, which, really had annoyed me in the first two rounds. This time however, his untrimmed black pubic hair, long and natural, nested his healthy sized cock just beautifully now. His smooth developed chest muscles had dark hair that circled his tiny dark nipples with body language and mannerisms that were animalistic and somewhat instinctual, what he wore suddenly no longer mattered. I bet he fucks like a bull this guy.

Oh yes, round three was very difficult for making a final choice. Most of the men were now completely robe-less and most still sexually inflamed. More and more groomsmen entered chambers with towels and the maids helped too, the place becoming a very busy tempo of commotion like this fabulous music generating it. Sexy voices of men and women echoed off the high ceiling canopy, further arousing this combustible atmosphere. The difficulty with round three is that every body looks good when they’re sexually aroused. Making a choice after this round will indeed be tough.

After the first three rounds were over, during the last rest period, the men randomly left their chambers and mingled with the ladies in the reception area. This allowed us time to ponder our dating experiences before making our choices for the next, final, touching round.

Remembering and savoring thoughts of the dates that should have reconsiderations such as number three, who’s soft low voice made me totally wet when he demonstrated his love for erotic speaking. His voice alone was able to manipulate my body to expose my ultra tiny cit to him, spreading my inner wet folds of skin, exposing my swollen and needy condition. His creamy low encouraging tone was so deliciously arousing it worked like an elixir on my senses and sex. I remembered how he spoke in long wordy nasty sentences refusing to touch his cock that stretched up to his bellybutton, instead choosing to stroke his thighs muscles and hips. He loved walking around his room as he spoke and twice he had me touching myself in the mirror while he stood behind me close to my ear with instructions. No, number three should very much be considered.

And then there was number six, a lovely large bodied Polynesian (or was he Hawaiian), wearing only a sarong tied round his waste, his tribal tattoos circling his arms, an ornate detailed tribal sets of patterns swirling gracefully on his regal body. He was amazingly beautiful to look at. It would not be too hard imagining him thrusting me hard onto his warrior spear.

Or how about number nine, where I spent my banana. By the third round Mr. Nine seemed to be conducting is own cock sucking contest by having all the women he was interested, suck their own fingers in mock demonstration of cock sucking. Getting into the moment with him, I sad across from him and used my banana like a dildo, giving him a show. That banana was kissed and licked by both sets of lips. I liked the way his eyes were focused on the end of that phallic as it dipped into the horny juices that saturated it. With total focus on that fruit, he swirled his hands around his cock and balls, pushing and flopping his aroused sex around, so as to keep them calm somehow. As the banana smeared my fluids with long strokes for his display, I was just about to plunge that thing into me, when number Nine snatched that fruit from me and began licking it quickly, lapping my scent. Oh yeah, number nine, number nine, number nine.

It was all too confusing after round three was completed. And now in this moment of having to choose, well, this was difficult indeed. My sex had always been so aroused with number fourteen. More than any of the other men he left me wanting to know more about him. I loved the size and shape of his body and large sex. I loved the way he controlled his arousal by politely stroking his cock and balls appropriately when needed to, over sustained long periods of arousal. From him, more than anyone else, I sensed a great sexual power radiating from him, exuding strong sexual prowess that never left my mind since beginning this great adventure. He would be my first choice.

My second choice, well, that would be harder, but number five, the surfer dude, I have no doubt riding him would be a lot of creative fun. My third choice would have to be number three, his voice just sets me off and would be so delicious under different conditions.

After the maids and groomsmen collected all the selections, we had some time to refresh ourselves before the results were announced. I asked my friend who she wanted her last date with. She smiled seductively and mouthed fourteen to me. A stunned look of shock crossed my face and I suddenly burst out in laughter. “Me too!!” Oh no! We both picked him for our first date and we both laughed out loud at our good taste.

“Oh well” she said in resignation.

“What do you mean?” I say to her in disbelief “You are way hotter than I am, any day my dear friend, he probably didn’t even notice me after you.”

She smiled and asked my next choice, I told her number five. She nodded her head agreeing somewhat, she had chosen number twelve, then, number one as her third choice. We both giggled with that one. I smiled at her then gave her a quick hug, “Thank you for bringing me here” I whispered in her ear.

She held my embrace a bit longer then kissed my cheek “I’m glad you could come sweetie.”

The host and hostess circulated amongst the men and I notice some of them headed back into the chambers, while some men remained in the reception area. As they made their way closer to the women, I overheard the hostess explain to number four female (who stood behind me), that her first selection did not match, but her second one did. She accepted her date and a groomsman ran off to announce her decision.

The host and hostess finally arrived to us and told my friend, number ten, not one of her selections matched this evening. Although her voice was gentle and spoken as soothingly possible, its impact did not soften the blow. My mouth dropped open as I heard this and so did my friend, I thought she was going to cry, but she managed a smile anyway and looked at me in disbelief. The hostess did her best to explain how sometimes this happens, but of course, not to take it personal. The host moved around behind my friends back, putting his large warm hands on her shoulders in a fatherly manner.

The hostess turned her attention to me and announced that my first choice matched but elaborated further: the hostess wanted my friend, number ten, to know that Mr. Fourteen was torn in his decision between the both of us. “I knew it!” I breathed, grabbing her hand with a squeeze.

She pulled me to her and hugged me, her warm body so soft and comforting “I’m so glad it’s you, sweetie, Mr. Fourteen is so fucking lucky.” The intention of her voice and body told me she truly was happy and excited for my next ten-minute round. A crazy bolt of horny jolted me suddenly, as I begin to accept all the touching and wondering will soon be realized. She sensed my sudden nervousness and stroked my hair “I’ll be right here when you get back and I want details” She giggled.

Giggling with her too “Okay” I respond, kissing her on the lips with a peck.

As I walked into the isle of the chambers, I couldn’t let go of the thought that my friend sat out there all alone. I stood outside his pod, about to enter, then poked my head between the curtain beads, politely holding up one finger to him “One moment, please” then hurried back to the reception room where my friend was just taking a sip of her martini.

“Come with me” I say, grabbing her hand and pulling her along after me, heading back to Mr. Fourteens room. Taking one more sip of her drink before passing it off to a maid, her hand tight in mine, we entered his chamber.

Mr. Fourteen rose to his feet when we both entered and it was the first time I noticed his beautiful full-length leaf green robe. Embroidered gold silk thread sewn in a delicate pattern of intertwining circles bordered the edges and at various crossing points, tiny round mirrors were sewn in place, refracting the candlelight. The soft features of his face exuded overjoyed happiness at the realization of his good fortune and he extended a hand to each of us, his eyes vacillating between us. “Good evening ladies!” He said and hugged us both at the same time.

The sexy smooth saxophone changed the tempo of the moment and suddenly time slowed down quickly. Smoothly he kissed my mouth, with a soft suction to it, and it ignited me instantly. He did the same to my beautiful friend, and as he did, I felt her hips rock against his hipbone, as he held us, a soft moan escaping her. Her milky white skin contrasted beautifully against his darker tones in this low light, his strong grip cupped both our ass’s, pulling us hard against him with a rub, giving us a taste of his power and excitement.

Like a beacon my hand found his engorged cock, my fingers swirled up and down gently, introducing my touch to him, his cock hot, loaded, but controlled at the same time. The delicate manicured fingers of my friend fondled his balls along with me before our introductions suddenly became too much. But, with utter control, he shifted our bodies towards the two chairs that faced each other in front of the mirror.

“I’m so glad you could join us.” He said to my friend. “Take off your robe please.”

She dropped her hand and took a step back to let her soft delicate layered robe fall off her shoulders to the floor, her slender voluptuous form displayed seductively before us. Her gartered white lace stockings held tight around her mid thighs, all balanced so deliciously on her spike heeled sandals, the gold chain around her waist quivering slightly.

“Beautiful” he said. “Now, take off her robe please.” Motioning his head towards me.

Gliding over to me obediently with a very aroused smile, she slipped her soft hands inside the shoulders of my robe, stroking my skin, as the robe fell in a circle around my feet.

Mr. Fourteen stroked his warm hand up and down my back at the same time as my friend, its touch magnified now by my arousal, lingering on my ass. Her nipples brushed against mine and sparks flashed as she kept rubbing them all over mine. My breath quickened with this new sensation, so marvelously soft and luscious. It was very exciting to me to feel her breasts rubbing mine and I think our date thought so too.

He moved between us, facing the mirror, and placed his knuckles on his hips to hold back his robe, his sex bobbing with seduction in the light. Both my hands took hold of his cock, stroking him with gentle greed and my friend caressed us both. His thickly dark cock was hot and heavy in my hands, his balls full and so tender. As I stroked him, my friend began to stroke her hands up and down his chest and stomach. Her mouth began to then suckle his hard dark nipple, and I did too. He watched himself in the mirror as we began our arousing journey on his body.

Slowly, I kissed my way down his body, squatting, my mouth lowered to his magnificent organ. My totally aroused friend followed and squatted right next to me. She watched as I kissed the head of his cock with a suck, then licking him with a swirl, her eyes glued to my mouth. My friend started panting arousing encouragements to me as her face hovered closely to mine, her voice all horny and excited. “Ooo yeah, kiss his cock”, She softly whispered directly to me. I took more of his shaft into my mouth as he groaned in pleasure.

“Suck him, suck him good” She cooed soft and rapidly in my ear. Obeying her words, my mouth pumped deeper onto him. Her sexy voice encouraged me, as I tasted his sweet watery fluids slightly oozing from the tiny opening. My hands stroked him as my mouth savored him, looking up at him, seeing his beautiful face looking directly at me.

My friend grew more aroused watching me suck him. Her words stoked my senses, while her fingers found my saturated pussy, stroking me, melting me. She stroked her fingers in and all around my sopping hole with natural ease. My legs opened wider for her expert hand, now completely welcomed in my sex.

As she watched my mouth and hand slide my saliva all over his stunning cock, her other hand squeezed my breast then pinch my erect nipple. I sucked and moaned in astonished pleasures as her voice whipped my frenzied arousal further.

He stroked my face as I cupped the base of his straight shaft, dipping my face on and off the end of him, her fingers below me making my head move in crazy lazy circles around his head. Her slender fingers penetrated me deeply and I gyrated my hips and contracted my pussy tight on her firm fingers, so horny and wanting. My head whirled, not knowing where to focus.

Soon, she began helping me suck and lick his cock, our mouths each taking a side, not removing her probing fingers from my sex. Our mouths slid back and forth across his glistening erection, together, as her horny fingers fucked me. This new sensation was totally amazing. She would (accidentally on purpose) kiss my mouth when we got to the head of his cock, it was so exciting, her lips soft and wet. Our mouths kissed and licked our beautiful prize together, carefully exploring all his sensitivities.

His melodious moaning and rhythmic breathing, with precision gasps in delicate areas taught us naturally how to please him. At the same time, our arousals stirred with his sounds, his tiny controlled motions somehow seemed to control us.

She grabbed my hand and pressed my two middle fingers, along with her own, inside her sopping wet pussy lips, “OHYEAH” she openly yelled, our four fingers fucking her. My god, she felt so hot in there, so fucking slippery and horny. She felt so much like me, but different. Our mouths sucked sensations all over his rod-like cock. She licked down around his balls, and around to his anus, her tongue wagging across his sensitive opening; he threw his head back in aroused exhilaration. Ignited horniness erupted.

Needing to sit down, Mr. Fourteen pulled me with him to a chair, to sit down on him, backwards. I lifted my right bare foot and placed it on the arm of the soft chair, the other firmly on the floor. My friend watched as I squatted my pussy over the head of his cock, spreading my pussy lips open, wiping myself across him. With my feet in place, I rocked my slit smoothly, spreading my lubrication all over the hot bulbous head, the mouth of my pussy now stopping to grip it, holding it there as my friend moved between our open legs. Placing her hands on my shoulders she stroked me, and kissed me, while his hands gripped my hips from behind.

Ever so slowly, my pussy began to consume his glorious cock. Wetting him, and stretching myself open as I sank all the way down onto his enormous manhood. A long loud moan flowing out of my gapping mouth as my eyes closed, my sex stretched completely and entirely over him, filling me tightly with her loving help. He rolled my hips gently in a rocking motion while I sat on him, his huge invasion the largest I’ve ever known.

My friend attached her hot wet mouth to my nipples, moving from one to the other, sucking hard and gently biting them, and caressing them, as my senses whirled. My moans joined a cacophony of others now as my beautiful Fourteen slowly pumped his cock in and out of me. So deliciously slow, his controlled tip stroking my G spot with commanding power.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s right fuck him” she breathed, “Fuck his horny cock” Watching his thick shaft slide smoothly all the way into my dark pink cunt, all the way up to his balls with a wiggle, then slide out, all shiny with my juices coating him.

In her excitement watching this, she moved her face to our sexes then randomly began to lick my swollen labia, teasing my inflamed screaming nub. Mr. Fourteen lovingly stroked and caresses my breasts lightly and firmly strong, his warm fingertips strummed my nipples from behind. She would swirl her saturated lips and tongue in feathery, tiny tingly circles all around my clit, then slide down to his balls, licking circles around them then back up to my exposed desire. Her head moved between us this way over and over, her assaulting sweet pattern controlling us.

My long loud moans turned to open cries as my body rocked on his thrusting dick. Ignoring my marvelous distress she continued controlling our sexes with her magical mouth, her hair tickling the inside of our legs as her head swirled circles around his saturated balls, tasting my female honey. I didn’t want this feeling to ever stop.

Suddenly she spanked the inside of my thighs with a crisp snap, changing the momentum of our movements. My pussy took long, rapid strokes on this huge rod below me, almost lifting completely off of him before plunging all the way back down with a grinding jerk. My friend licked circles around his balls as I snapped my cunt hard onto him, then swallowing his dick deep within myself, holding him there as her head tickled the inside of our thighs. Holding him deeply inside my quivering body, gyrating my hips as I clenched his stirring wand, which would hit my G spot, I then began to milk him with my strong flexing muscles.

She stroked circles around the opening of his anus with my dripping juices, her two fingers disappearing inside his hungry hole, stroking his smooth prostrate as his breathing and deep moans cried on.

My vaginal muscles flexed upon his massive organ when suddenly her hot mouth latched tight on to my clit, sucking very, very hard, freezing my body instantly, making my face, neck and shoulders tingle. Her strong suction held my clit tightly as her head pulled on it with a snap, repeatedly.

“Oh My God, Oh My God” I cried loudly. My cunt spasmodically clamped down tight on beautiful Mr. Fourteen in uncontrollable ecstasy, beyond anything I’ve never known, jolting me, and I think, him too, as my orgasm exploded with a long loud roar in near synchronicity with him. His huge cock “puffed”, and I knew he was about to explode.

Quickly he pulled me completely off his cock with a pop. And quickly I scrambled next to my friend to watch her pretty face red and all shiny, grab hold of the furious head, her slender fingers pumping gracefully into his ass, stroking his gland. He grunted an exquisite tone of pleasure marking his divine release, his endless stream of cum spurting hard, flooding her mouth

Erotically, she pooled his creamy fluids with her lips around the head of his cock, holding him there while his body squirmed and twitched. She held him completely still in her lips, wrapped round the whole sensitive tip, waiting as he calmed and throbbed, her fingers sliding out of his ass.

Hypnotically aroused watching her, and with complete tenderness, I leaned in and licked the oozing overflow from the corner of her lips as she held him this way so amazingly. His throbbing cock twitched as I tasted his spicy salt watery jelly there, and his cries and breathing began to slow down, but his erection did not and I was completely mesmerized watching her as she controlled him this way.

Mr. Fourteen pulled me up by the arm to him and my body slipped into his open arms, kissing his beautiful soft eager mouth, my fingers stroking his strong breasts and tender nipples. His face reminded me of Cat Stevens, soft and strong, features filled with intensity. His full lips took hold of mine, and his tongue slid into my mouth with control. I moaned into his cavity as our tongues danced, his hand taking hold of my breast, filled with sensitive arousal. His mouth kissed my jaw and licked my ear, shivering me as he continued down my neck and throat. His lips seized my nipple with a hard suction and a gentle bite. My skin sizzled in his delicious mouth.

My girl friend still held his fluids in her mouth has his cock rested, but not for long. She pushed her soft breasts up to cradle his balls, surrounding his sex so beautifully. He stroked her face and hair so tenderly as he surrendered himself to her control, while I kissed his earlobe and sucked his neck.

Cooing moans at her as he focused on her beautiful face, “Look at me” he breathed to her. So she tilted her head up at him, the pearly cream lost down his shaft and balls and onto her voluptuous breasts. Their eyes locked as he moved his hips in shallow gyrating circles, the rotating motion reawakened the head of his half flaccid cock that was beyond sensitive. His open whimpering moan matched the magnificent sensation to his root and my eyes feasted upon the site of my beautiful friend fucking him so tenderly with her mouth. His huge cock, hardened and glistening now, as her expert mouth moved in near slow motion, gradually pumping him faster with each penetration. He pushed his hips into her sexy face and with each pump and she moaned on his sex, the gurgling sounds and colorful view totally arousing me once more.

She had readied him for her penetration. Standing up and positioning her own sex over him, slowly sinking down onto him, easily taking his entire organ into her saturated cunt, swollen and dark pink-red now. Her eyes closed as his cock impaled her, her heaving breasts quivering in sheer ecstasy as she began to bounce up and down on him, riding him harder and harder. His hands took hold of her breasts and squeezed them then twisted her taut dark pink nipples.

Lying along the arm of the chair, my pussy juices drooled down the insides of my thighs as I watched her sex devour him. My hands pinched my own nipples as I enjoyed watching her bounce, completely horny out of my mind.

I shifted my body to stand on the chair, a foot on each arm, straddling him. His eyes looked up at me in hunger. Sexy saxophone and guitar generated a tempo that matched the sound of his cock pumping into her cunt. He tilted is mouth upwards, inviting me to him with a lick of his lips. I pressed my knees up against the back of the chair, waving my sexual perfume in front of his face. He spanked my ass quickly with a nip to control me, then, pulled my hips to his face. My pussy pressed up against his full lips, the heat of his mouth hot and wonderful. He stroked the back of my thighs and ass, rubbing and holding me to him while he savored me fully, with parched vigor.

My hands stroked his beautiful curls of hair, weaving my fingers to grab hold of his head. I curled my pussy to his mouth, pumping in tiny motions up and down as his whole head moved side to side across my clit, sucking and pulling on my clitoris. A shallow orgasm rolled through me but he kept moving, changing his motion to large circles then lapping my juices; he jammed three fingers into my cunt and I screamed. His mouth lashed its fury and divine excellence like a powerful wizard that knows the precise pressure and tempo. I fucked him helplessly.

Mr. Fourteen moaned into my sex with each thrust of my friend’s pussy. Our bodies moving together like the symphony of music stroking our frenzied pace. With utter amazement my girlfriend spread my ass open and licked my anus and joined her fingers with his to fuck my sopping cunt. My head shook from side to side in complete ecstasy and vulnerability as both of their mouths licked me, both of their fingers fucking me. My body convulsed spasmodically at these brand new sensations, loudly crying out as their mouths and fingers worked every last bit of energy from me.

I rolled off him, sitting in the chair opposite them, watching my friend pump herself harder and harder onto his thrusting cock. She snapped her hips with delicious vigor, her tempo rising as he grabbed hold of her hips. She was so beautiful, the way her body moved in heighten arousal on his cock, like a Goddess.

I took hold of the huge candle and tilted it so that the wax dripped drops directly on to Mr. Fourteen’s smooth chest, around his dark nipple. He choked a deep scream of pleasure openly as waited for the wax to harden. Again, I dripped the wax and with that same intense pleasure he cried out, ramming his cock faster into her pumping cunt.

I moved up behind her as she fucked him, my hands and arms cupping her body from behind, my fingers caressing her soft breasts. How soft and luscious she felt. She leaned her body back onto me as I stroked her stiff nipples. His cock was hitting her G spot, but his constant agitation never missed a stroke. His eyes watched her sex pump him strongly, his facial features intense, then with his thumb he stroked her stiff clitoris.

“Fuck him” I whispered directly into her ear. She began to thrust harder onto him.

“Doesn’t he fuck good?” I cooed. She moaned loudly as my lips brushed her ear.

“Cum on his cock!” I encouraged her while stroking her hard nipples, my hands squeezing her tits as she lost herself completely.

With deep panting breaths and a huge violent cry her body jerked hard and she reached around behind herself to grab my thighs, steadying herself. I kissed and cooed directly into her ear as her body reached the peak of her orgasm.

Mr. Fourteen pulled her hips off of his cock suddenly and grabbed himself at the base of his shaft. Instinctually I moved in and licked wildly at the head of his glorious organ. His cum spurt into my mouth as I swallowed and his groaning ecstasy released his final orgasm. The sweet, salty tart flavors of my friend, mixed with his orgasmic fluids and I licked him clean with my velvet tongue, savoring this exquisite taste. He caressed my face as I finished the job.

All of us had lost ourselves completely in this last round, far exceeding our allotted ten minutes. The three of us kissed in complete bliss holding and caressing each other as we cooled down, not really wanting this date to end. Soon I began to notice the soft jazz still lingering in the air and then remembered where we were. Taking the chocolate number fourteen and removing the foil covering it, I bit into the creamy candy and so did my friend. Mmmmm, Mr. Fourteen was indeed the best selection of the night.

He escorted us to the reception area after groomsmen and maids helped us with hot towels and cool refreshments. He told us how much enjoyed our last date and would like to make arrangements for another with us. We exchanged information with each other but somehow I thought we would never see him again.

My mind will never forget how beautiful my friend looked as she sucked his cock and the way her pussy fucked him. Nor will I ever forget how delicious her soft body felt in my hands or the way her pussy tasted on his cock.

I looked at my girlfriend with a soft smile, in awe of her as I realized our friendship would never be quite the same again. She smiled at me as if reading my mind.

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