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My Wife’s Dirty Little Secret

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Carol and I had been married for nearly ten years. We truly loved one another and had what I would say at least, to be a better than average sex-life. We enjoyed spending whatever time we could together, though we had early on agreed that we both needed some time to ourselves. For me that was a round of golf with the guys on Sunday every once in a while, and for Carol, it was spending it with her friends in the little book club they’d begun.

Carol worked as a school teacher which in the beginning she’d started doing just to help out with things while I attempted to get my own business off the ground, which I had managed to do in the small work area of the basement that I’d turned into my own workable shop. It wasn’t meant to be a full-time job for me, just something to do on the side for a little extra money. But after a while, it became quite lucrative, quite unexpectedly.

I had started out transferring videotapes onto disc, in the beginning for friends and family until word began to spread and suddenly I was inundated with requests to transfer people’s entire collection of tapes. Before I knew it, I was working six hours a day making more money in that amount of time than I’d made at my full time job in an eight to ten hour day.

Then it really got interesting. A few closer friends had approached me about transferring their private little home movies onto disc as well. And before long, word spread that I was more than willing to do that for them too. The next thing I knew, I was getting business from nearly all over the country, just transferring people’s naughty little x-rated videotapes.

Carol knew about that side of my business of course, yeah…admittedly we’d watched a few of the more interesting tapes together, some of which I’d made copies of and kept for ourselves. I had laughed though when Carol told me that if any of our friends came to me about transferring their videos, she didn’t want to know about it, because she didn’t really want to know what friends of ours were doing what behind closed doors.

At forty-one, Carol could pass for a woman in her early thirties. She had dark brown shoulder length hair, though she wasn’t averse to cutting it shorter for the style of the day. Whenever she did that, it was like being married to a whole different woman, and often our sex-life renewed itself whenever she did that, which was certainly fine with me. She still had a knockout figure, though she was always complaining about the few extra pounds she was carrying, though damned if I could ever really see them, usually I was just staring at her tits. Carol still had lovely breasts, full, ripe and perfectly proportioned, though there again, she saw flaws that I never did, something about gravity and all that.

When the opportunity came for me to join a guy’s golf club on Sundays, I thought Carol would really balk at that. After all, once in a while on Sunday was ok, but making a commitment to play every Sunday was pushing it. To my surprise however, Carol urged me to do just that, saying when she did that she could then host their little book-club at our house on Sundays when I was off playing, which had been difficult for her group in scheduling to do as most of the other husbands (who weren’t out golfing) really didn’t want to have their day or domain disrupted by a bunch of noisy women.

As it turned out, the offer to join was contingent on my participating more as a substitute when one of the other guys couldn’t make it and fill out a foursome. But that worked out for me too, as there was usually always someone who couldn’t make it for one reason or another. I’d even quit worrying about getting a call asking me if I was available to fill in or not, so I just showed up and had always been able to play.

This had gone on for quite some time by now, me golfing on Sundays, and Carol meeting with her group on Sundays at our place. The one and only time I’d been told I wouldn’t be needed, informing Carol I’d be staying home instead, they had hurriedly made arrangements to meet elsewhere rather than have me underfoot or interrupting their discussions.

Then one day I had gone off to golf, arriving only to discover that everyone had shown up who was supposed to. It was one of those rare times when using me as a substitution wasn’t needed. Turning around and heading for home, I thought about how that would no doubt annoy my wife as well as her bookish friends. I knew I could pull around the side of the house without being heard, using the back driveway entrance instead of the front, which would no doubt be taken up by most of her friends cars anyway. From there, I could easily slip into the back door, enter the kitchen, and with luck, disappear down stairs to my workshop without any of them even being the wiser. I could certainly entertain myself down there for the few hours that they met, and then explain it all to her afterwards. Provided I didn’t disturb or interrupt anything, I didn’t figure that would certainly pose any problems.

Of course, shortly after arriving home is when I discovered one of my wife’s dirty little secrets.


By now of course, I had a pretty sophisticated little set up. I could record, do videos, and transfer a multitude of tapes simultaneously. I even had my own little refrigerator, which I kept stocked with a few beers, some soft drinks and enough munchies to keep me going until dinnertime. In addition to that, I even had my own bathroom, which is where I now headed in order to relieve myself prior to doing some work.

Sitting down on the john, I could clearly hear the distinct voice of my wife and her friends coming from the sitting room that sat directly above me. Obviously the air ducts were connected into those of the bathroom and I smiled inwardly realizing that.

“How does that feel?” I heard someone saying.

“It feels really good,” I heard another woman’s voice suddenly respond. “George would die if he knew I’d purchased this, but I just had to try it!” she giggled suggestively.

That got my attention. I still wasn’t sure that I had heard what I’d heard, or even that it had meant what my dirty little mind suddenly thought it might mean. But I also knew George, and now I recognized the voice as coming from Margie his wife. I couldn’t really say George and I were friends, more of an acquaintance, with Carol and Margie actually being friends. He really was a bit of a strange duck, prudish in a way, and not someone I could or would ever imagine doing naughty little tapes for. I had in fact transferred a few video tapes for them, but not one of which had even had an “R” rating!

“How’s it feel against your breasts?” I heard Carol suddenly comment. “I really like it against mine,” she added.

“What the fuck?”

“It sorta tickles, but in a nice way, you know what I mean?” I heard a bit of giggling again, then another low moan coming from someone else entirely.

“I think she’s getting close,” someone chuckled. “She always gets that same look on her face whenever she cums.”

“Holy shit!” I thought to myself. I’d been sitting there, now standing with my ear pressed against the vent. I’d been trying to convince myself that what I was hearing and listening to, wasn’t what it really was. They had to be discussing some damn book they’d been reading, even if it was a more provocative one. Now I had serious doubts. Though for the life of me, I just couldn’t imagine my wife participating in something like what I was beginning to suspect was actually going on. They certainly weren’t discussing any books, though perhaps the kind of books they’d been reading had somehow led to this, which was confirmed to me a short while later, but I digress.

“Oh, Oh, Oh!” I heard then.

“Yep! Like I said, there she goes!”

Someone giggled, someone else began moaning, and then I heard my wife. “Let me do that for you,” she purred in that sultry sounding voice I had so often heard myself. “Always feels better when someone else does it for you doesn’t it?” she asked.

“Oh hell yes,” Margie was just barely able to say. “And like I said, George would never do this for me in a million years anyway!”

Moments later I was listening to the woman climaxing, as well as several others. Dumbfounded, I stood there not knowing what the hell I should do, or say, or react. I had mixed emotions, some of them bordering on the ridiculous when it came right down to it. Was this something I should be angry about? Excited? Offended? Shocked? Well a little shocked maybe, surprised yes…but now horny as hell too!

Things seemed to settle down pretty quickly after that, though they began talking in normal tones once again hearing them dress. “So, we read the next chapter of “My Secret Life”, and then it will be Cathy’s turn to share either a fantasy or preferably a real experience that ties in with that chapter of the book.”

“I thought it was my turn?” Another woman spoke whose identity still eluded me. So far that made a total of eight women, including my wife who was there. Eight women!

“No, you’re next week,” my wife spoke informing her. “Then the week after that, it’s my turn.”

“Oh goody!” Margie said excitedly. “I like it when you share something naughty and fun with us, you and Pete seem to have the most exciting sex-life, I wish ours was even half as exciting as yours is,” she stated. I heard Carol laugh.

“Yeah, especially these past few months, ever since we’ve been getting together like this, I’ve found myself becoming more and more aroused. And not only that, a bit more naughty and adventurous too! Even Pete commented on that Friday night when I decided to give him a blow-job in the parking lot at the supermarket.”

I had to admit, I really had enjoyed that.

“That’s what I mean Carol, I really envy you for being able to be so free and uninhibited like that.”

Once again Carol laughed. “Now, if only Pete was half as much,” she told everyone, or the rest of our husbands for that matter!” she added garnering a general round of laughter from everyone else when she said it.

“Now…who’s ready for cake?”

I suddenly realized I was in a very precarious position here. For one thing, the last thing I wanted was for any of them, especially Carol, to know I was even here. And secondly, I suddenly had an idea, though it would take some planning and preparation. Only once before had I ever gone out the window in the basement when I had inadvertently locked myself in. I’d soon after corrected that problem from ever happening again, but had ensured that the window remained accessible as a way out in the advent of another emergency, which suddenly, this was.


I made it out to the car safely enough, and then from there to a local nearby McDonalds where I was sure no one would see me. I sat periodically glancing at my watch, the last thing I wanted to do was arrive early. I didn’t want that spooking them or raising any alarms. When it was time, I drove home arriving in the same fashion as I always did after a round of golf. Everyone had gone by then of course, which was also usually the case.

“Hi sweetie!” I said as I entered the kitchen, leaning over to give my wife a kiss just as I also always did.

“Hi honey! How was golf?”

“Same old, same old!” I responded as I usually always did. “How was the book study?”

“Ditto, same here,” Carol replied, then immediately wanted to change the subject. “Hungry?”

“Yeah…for you!” I grinned. “Wanna fuck?”

She did…and we did. And the whole time we were at it, I kept thinking about what I’d heard down in the basement, and began planning for the busy day ahead of me tomorrow.


Carol had gone off to work to teach her classes. A half hour after that, I headed out the door towards a particular little specialty shop. I had pretty much everything I needed, except for a handful of miniature little spy cameras. Soon after purchasing the units, I arrived home and began thinking about where I could hide the miniature cameras without their being seen. It was important that they were well hidden and impossible to discover or there would no doubt be all sorts of hell to pay.

Eventually I found the best places to be in the air vents themselves as well as a couple of smoke detectors I had installed. Carol never bothered any of these, nor would she have any reason to do so. I soon had more than enough coverage in the den where they obviously spent most of their time, one camera at floor level, another looking down from the ceiling. A simple joystick allowed me to switch back and forth between the two, zoom in and out, as well as rotate the tiny eye around the entire room if I needed to. In addition, I placed another in the front room in the event they should decide to use that room instead, and finally one in the bedroom that I thought might be interesting for future personal use along with another in the kitchen area.

I had one camera left and decided to go ahead and install it in the bathroom though initially I had reservations about doing so. But the reality was, should I get caught using any of them, it wouldn’t really matter where I’d installed them, so I again checked, and then double checked to see if I could even see, hear or detect them when they were operating. I couldn’t. Everything was set, now I had just one more thing to do, and then all I could do was wait for the next weekend to arrive.

I called Steve the club president and informed him I would no longer be available for substitution as I’d be pretty busy doing something else over the next few months. Having done that, I no longer worried about getting a call asking me to come and golf when Carol had thought me out already doing so.

I was unbelievably excited, curious and nervous as hell the following weekend when I got up, dressed, and left as usual to “head off to the course”.

“Have fun!” she said giving me a kiss.

“You too!” I told her throwing my clubs into the back of the car. I noticed she was grinning when I turned to wave at her. I couldn’t help but wonder what it was she was really grinning about.

And not that I needed the extra time, but I had told Carol I’d planned on lunching with the guys at the club after we’d finished golfing for the day, so to expect me a little later than usual. I had said that, wondering if that would make her, as well as the rest of the women a little easier of mind on the one hand, and curious to see if having more time, they might become more adventurous than normal. It was just a thought, but proved itself to be a good one as I found out.

I drove over to the park which was a short distance away, parked the car, then made my way slowly back to the house. As our property sat on a good sized acre of land, it was easy to conceal myself as I made my way up the tree line next to the small little brook that ran by one side of the house. Though there was a large grassy area behind the house that was open, I was also aware that unless Carol was standing in our bedroom looking out in that direction, the likelihood of being seen was pretty remote. Even so, I waited patiently until the women began arriving, and then knew it to pretty much be safe as she met them at the door on the other side of the house. I sprinted the short distance to the basement window that I had ensured wasn’t locked, pulled it open and let myself in, slipping silently down into the basement area.

I wasn’t too worried about being heard inside the house either as Carol had once told me she couldn’t hear anything I was ever doing down there as it was so well insulated just for that very reason. Short of pulling a wall down, I didn’t have to worry about tippy-toeing around, or even sneezing. I made my way over to the control panel, switched on the cameras and ensured they were functioning properly. Then, I adjusted the sound for each of them so I could just clearly hear what was being said.

At first, it was the typical normal chitchat as they waited for everyone to arrive, but once they had however, things really got interesting in a hurry.

I had of course recognized Margie, but was a little surprised to see Pat there as well. Pat was my wife’s very best friend as they had actually grown up together. Carol and Pat were also alike in many ways too, same sort of humor and likes as well as dislikes. Pat wasn’t exactly a knockout, but she was cute, and from the few time’s I’d managed to peer down the front of some outfit she was wearing, I had managed to catch an occasional glimpse of her small, but attractive looking breasts.

And now seeing Cathy, I knew who she was now too, a fellow teacher from my wife’s school though I had only met her once before. I had seen one of the other women at the grocery store a few times, had even chatted with her there once with my wife, but I honestly couldn’t remember her name. The other three women with her must have been friends of hers which she’d brought along as they tended to group together in the beginning before pairing off as they were wont to do when things got going. Almost immediately they headed off into the den area, so I switched cameras from the front living room into there and watched as they filtered in taking up their seats.

“Ok, so as we mentioned last week, it’s Cathy’s turn to begin this week’s discussion. Let’s quickly recap the last chapter we were supposed to read, talk about what we found interesting or exciting about it. After that, it’s Cathy’s turn to share either a similar experience, or a fantasy regarding it.”

I fully expected them to start reading, or talking about it as they had all brought their books along with them, but the next thing I knew, they had all once again stood and began removing their clothing, just like that!

“Oh that’s a pretty bra!” Pat stated actually walking over and placing her hand on one of the other women’s breasts, a woman I hadn’t seen before, and whom I hadn’t as yet heard her name mentioned naming her either. It was pretty, a nice lacy burgundy color that really accentuated her reddish brown hair. “Is it comfy?”

“Very much so,” the woman stated, though at the same moment, she had reached behind herself undoing the clasp so that her bra came off in her hands. She had rather large breasts too, slightly bigger than my wife’s as I looked in comparison. “And the really nice thing is, they don’t pinch or ride up on my boobs either!” I watched as she lifted her breast, demonstrating as she did that she had no lines or markings left by the bra.

“I really do like the style and design,” Pat continued now handling the discarded bra, “but I don’t know if they’d have something quite that pretty in my size.”

As I said, Pat certainly wasn’t flat-chested, not by any means, but her breasts were noticeably smaller as she finally revealed them, and finally gave me a totally unobstructed view of her cute little pointed peaks for the very first time. The fact Pat wasn’t nearly as large as most if not all of the other women wasn’t something that I was really too concerned with. I simply loved looking at women’s tits…all shapes, and all sizes! At the moment, I was currently enjoying a virtual smorgasbord of luscious looking titty-flesh, including my own wife’s!

Much to my delight, they were soon all naked, once again taking their respective seats, though three women sat closely together sharing the couch. Carol was sitting on one end Cathy in the middle and another woman whose name I also didn’t know as yet sitting on the other side of her.

“Fuck, this is great!” I said quietly to myself, just seeing the three of them sitting together like that on the couch was tantalizing enough! Reaching over to the control panel, I pushed “record” and sat back to watch the show.

“…as you recall, he had already caught the butler shagging the maid earlier that morning, watching them in secret and determined now that he would find a way to have her as well. Being new to the position, he thought he had a pretty good way of coercing her into submission, and thus waited until it was late, and once everyone else had gone to bed, he then slipped out of his own room waiting in the dark recess of the hallway for the maid to head off to her bedroom, anticipating her lover to meet her there in the hallway, she hesitated nervously looking about for him. But as we all know, he had already sent off the butler on an errand far out of town, unable to return until the next morning.”

“I love this part, even if it is pretty far-fetched”, I heard and watched Carol comment.

“Yeah, me too,” Pat replied in agreement. “I’ve sort of always had a fantasy about that.”

“Well it’s not your turn to share yet,” Carol reminded her. “At least not until Cathy has finished retelling the story, then sharing her own with us first.”

By now, many of the women were quite openly caressing themselves, or touching themselves in semi-innocent little ways. Nothing that one would say or call openly masturbating as yet, but about as close to doing it as you could without really doing so. Even then, watching this woman or that one running her hand lightly over a breast, down a thigh, or a quick fleeting press of the hand between the legs was about as titillating a thing as I had ever seen before.

“Anyway, as she passes by where he is sitting, he steps out of the darkness from behind her, immediately wrapping his arms about her, and then kissing her neck. Thinking it is at first the butler, she swoons to his caress, even allowing his hand to raise her nightdress upwards, and giving him access to her obviously aroused femininity.”

“So strange the different names they used for that back then, personally I like the word pussy,” Pat said interrupting once again.

“Yeah, except they didn’t say cutesy words like that back then either. They were always saying quim, or when they were really horny…cunt!”

“Never did like that word,” Cathy stated.

“Oh? Why not? I think it’s sexy whenever Brandon uses it,” The dark haired brunet with the big tits said.

“Well, maybe that’s different, just whenever I’ve heard it, it’s meant to be vulgar, or obscene.”

“I think that’s the point of the book we’re reading,” Carol reminded everyone, it’s supposed to be taken and felt that way.

“Speaking of felt that way, I’ll feeling pretty hot myself,” Pat said with a giggle.

“Yeah, me too!”

“Darlene, you’re always hot,” my wife chided the big-boobed brunet, but at least I now had a name for her, and wrote it down.

“So go on,” Darlene pressed, “Tell us your story!”

Cathy blushed, but began, squirming in her seat, though I half wondered if it wasn’t because Carol had reached over placing her hand high up on her leg, leaving it there as she gently caressed the small area of skin.

“We used to have this cabin that we visited at least once a year. I enjoyed going there with the family, but I hated having to use the outdoors outhouse which is usually why most of the time I didn’t.”

That brought a knowing chuckle from everyone, though she continued.

“So one night I saw Uncle David go outside in that direction,”

“You’re uncle?” The previously silent blond sitting off by herself suddenly spoke for the first time. “Ewe!”

“Charlene! He really wasn’t my uncle, we just called him that for some reason, he was a friend of the family really, but most of us just called him Uncle Dave. Anyway, I had always had a bit of a crush on him, and since I had just turned eighteen, and that this might very well be the last time I even went up to the cabin with my folks as I’d soon after be moving away to go to school, I figured I had nothing much to lose!”

“Go on!” Darlene urged getting obviously more interested and excited now, which was clearly evident as her hand had traveled purposely down between her legs, and she seemed quite happy and content to keep it there.

“Well like I said, I sorta followed him, but he too had decided to stand off to one side and pee in the dark rather than go into the disgusting outhouse. I pretended I had no idea he was even there, walked over a ways though I knew he could easily see me, and squatted down.”

“You peed?” Pat asked, “In front of him?”

“Shhh, let her finish,” My wife once again scolded her friend.

“Yeah, I did, but it felt naughty, exciting for some reason, especially knowing he was watching me there in the darkness. Anyway, that’s when I stood, but rather than pull up my underpants and shorts, I just sort of stood there, and in the next minute, I had slipped my hand down between my legs and was touching myself. I was pretty sure I heard a twig snap, but then nothing, though I pretended I hadn’t heard anything and continued doing what I was doing. Suddenly, just like in the story, I felt Dave’s hands encircle my waist, one hand suddenly slipping down between my legs taking over for me.”

“Wow, that IS hot!” Charlene exclaimed, and she too was now rubbing her self just as was nearly everyone else by this time.

“So did you?” Pat pressed.

“Hell yes! I’m not stupid!” Cathy grinned remembering. “We soon after headed off into the woods and good old Uncle Dave fucked the shit out of me!”

“That’s gross,” Charlene stated, but then she laughed, “Well…sorta anyway, but I know what you mean.”

“Where’s the toys?” One of the other women asked suddenly. “I think I’m about ready for one,” she added.

“Where they usually are Suzanne,” My wife pointed out. “Over there in the basket.”

Though I had another name to add to my list now, I was more curious about watching than writing that one down. Suzanne was a strikingly beautiful woman with long thick dark hair that fell way down past her shoulders. She too had magnificent looking breasts with dark brown areolas, nice sized thick nipples that I’d been watching her thumb, but even more interesting as I now noticed, fairly thick elongated lips that actually peeked out from her pussy, not at all like my wife’s lips that seemed to stay hidden unless I specifically brought them outside to play.

“So you liked using this one?” Suzanne asked Margie.

“Oh yeah, I did, I really did. I even ordered one for myself to take home, though I’m going to have to be very careful not to let George find it. The last one I had, he threw out telling me if he wasn’t man enough for me, that maybe we’d best be rethinking our marriage.”

“You go girl!” Darlene stated standing up and walking around the couch where she stood behind where my wife was sitting. “I’d be seriously rethinking that myself if my husband ever told me something like that.”

“Jack? No way, he’s too fucking beautiful to leave,” my wife stated actually surprising me. If you weren’t so damn possessive of him, I’d wrestle you for an hour alone with him myself,” she said teasingly.

“Better not, you might even win, and I think Jack might even enjoy that,” she said grinning. “Though, I am sure Pete wouldn’t mind seeing that either.”

“Which reminds me,” Carol interrupted briefly. “We’ve got at least an extra hours time today, so don’t anyone feel like they have to be in a rush to finish anything. We’ve got plenty of time.”


“Golfing, and then lunch,” My wife confirmed.

“Ah, well in that case then.”

I sat there watching as Darlene slipped her hands down to my wife’s breasts as she stood behind her, tweaking what I knew to be very sensitive nipples.

“Oh yeah, I love the way you do that,” she told her. I watched, making a mental note of it, but didn’t see anything really different than the way I usually played with them. I then watched as Pat suddenly slithered off the couch kneeling down in front of my wife. Carol lifted her legs, bent at the knee now, and spread herself obscenely, without hesitation or reservation.

“I just love going down on you,” Pat told her.

“And I love that you do too!” My wife giggled, and then sighed once again as Darlene continued fondling her breasts. “And this…makes that…feel even better!” she added blissfully.

By now of course I was as hard as a rock. I don’t even remember having taking my cock out, but at some point I must have. I was leaking pre-cum fuck butter like a sieve, and used it to further tease and delight the now very sensitive head with.

“How’s the toy?” Cathy asked a moment later as she sat watching the two women using it on one another.

“I like it a lot,” Suzanne said smiling.

“Yeah, me too,” Margie agreed, “Especially using it on her,” she added with a lusty grin.

Suzanne leaned back on the single over-sized chair, one leg thrown haphazardly over the arm, the other straight out in front of her as Margie sat on the floor in front of her, twisting and turning the vibrating toy in and out of her openly displayed pussy.

“Now turn the rotating thingy on,” Suzanne moaned pleasurably, closing her eyes, biting her lip as Margie did.

“You like that huh?” Margie giggled.

“Fuck yes, just keeps doing it and don’t you fucking stop either!”

“Debra? Why don’t you come over here and join us?” Darlene urged the one woman whose name I hadn’t learned yet, until now. “Carol’s got a nice lonely tit I think she’d enjoy having you play with,” she urged.

I had noticed early on that Debra and Charlene seemed to be the two shyest ones, but with that simple prompting, she immediately stood and came over to sit down on the couch where she’d been sitting earlier.

“You really do have lovely breasts,” Debra told my wife, then began to gently suckle one of them.

“So do you,” Carol commented back, reaching up to likewise begin caressing and playing with one of her equally sized, pear-shaped titties that had me just about losing a load right then and there.

I don’t know how long I just sat there watching, but it seemed to go on forever. Each and every woman there had been gone down on, fingered, or toyed to an orgasm and some more than once.

“Well girls, I hate to call it, but even with the extra time, we probably should be getting dressed and have our dessert.”

“I think I’ve already had mine!” Charlene laughed finally forcing Pat’s head away from between her legs. “Seriously, I thought for a moment there you were going to eat me all the way to my eyebrows!” she stated lustily.

“I was just about to,” she shot back just as wickedly. “Maybe next week!”

“Promise?” Charlene sighed contentedly, though somewhat reluctantly sitting up and beginning to dress.

I had already climaxed myself…twice. And figured it was about time for me to make my escape while I still could. I’d have all day tomorrow to review and edit the CD I had made, something I was already looking forward to seeing again. Soon after I was making my way out back across the yard, back to the tree line, and then onto where I had parked my car. As I sat there waiting for a little more time to pass, I nervously glanced around, saw that I was pretty well safe, and jerked myself off to yet another glorious orgasm. By the time I arrived home, everyone was gone.

“Hi honey, how was the golf game today?”

“Oh, same old same old, though I did enjoy it a lot more today than I normally do,” I added meaning it, though meaning something else entirely.

“Same here!” she grinned, then winked, “So…wanna go upstairs and fuck?” she asked.

“Fuck,” I thought silently to myself. “Why couldn’t I have waited?”

“Maybe a bit later,” I begged off feeling really stupid for having to do so. “I’m really pooped at the moment.”

Though she seemed slightly disappointed at my response, I knew that given enough time, and having a rather interesting morning to think back on, I’d soon be more than ready once again, and certainly make it up to her, which I did…in spades.


I spent the better part of the next morning editing the video, though in truth, there wasn’t a hell of a lot that I didn’t keep. I then labeled the CD “Book Club #1” and dated it. I kept a very secret floor safe in my work area, after making one additional copy, I then placed both in the safe where I kept a few other “private” stocks as well as some really hard to find videos and CD’s I had made. I then went back to work doing the really boring stuff and got lost in that until way after Carol returned home. Eventually I heard the basement door open and Carol’s voice calling down to me.

“Hey baby, you about finished for the day? Dinner in about a half an hour!”

“That’s about all I need to finish up,” I yelled back at her, then hearing the basement door close.

Just for kicks while I finished up, I flipped on the monitor and watched my wife putter around in the kitchen for a few moments, and then head into the den as the phone was ringing.

“Hello? Hey Darlene! How’d it go?” She chuckled at something Darlene told her, and then said she’d call Cathy and Pat and let them know.

“Let them know what?” I wondered curiously.

I watched as she dialed the phone. “Hey, can you talk? Yeah, Pete’s still down in the basement, so I have a few minutes yes. Darlene just called me, she said that she and Margie met with Suzanne’s sister. No…all Suzanne would tell her was that there was a little more to our book-club than meets the eye, but that she wasn’t at liberty to tell her what all it was herself, and that she’d have to meet with Margie and Darlene initially before she’d even be considered.”

There was a moment’s pause as my wife stood listening to whatever it was that was being said, though she laughed once again.

“Yeah, I guess when she came out of the meeting, her eyes were as big around as saucers, but Darlene said she was smiling. And afterwards, Suzanne spoke with her sister directly about it, got some assurances, and then called Darlene back and told her she was still very much interested. VERY interested as she put it.”

Once again there was another moment’s pause. “Yep, we’re all set then for Sunday. It’s been a while since we’ve had an initiation hasn’t it? Not since Charlene joined our little group. Yeah, it is exciting, but we’ll have to see once she gets here just how serious she really is. If she doesn’t pass the three tests to everyone’s satisfaction, then she won’t be included, we just can’t afford to take any risks! Oh…sure, I’ll call you if anything changes, but I’m pretty sure she’ll be here, yeah…I’d best get going myself, Pete will be up expecting dinner soon. Bye sweetie!”

I waited a few minutes longer, shut everything down, and then headed up stairs to eat. I didn’t mention anything about hearing the phone, or anything else for that matter, as down in my workshop, I wouldn’t have anyway. We enjoyed a nice pleasant dinner together, talked about the normal boring mundane stuff, and then Carol surprised me with a suggestion.

“Hey baby…you got anything new and naughty we could watch together this evening?” she asked coyly.

“You horny or something?” I said teasing her, but certainly interested. And it was odd, but I had a feeling that whatever the girls were planning for the weekend had something to do with my wife’s sudden arousal and interest in watching a dirty movie together. “Anything in particular?”

“Oh, something preferably amateur provided it’s not anyone we know,” she amended quickly. “But I am in the mood to see something a bit naughty from real looking people,” she said grinning.

We indeed watched just such one for a while, and then fucked like minks afterwards. And again it was interesting. Carol had like three stages of horniness, she enjoyed the occasional quickie like most everyone else, and could have a quick fast orgasm though it was usually a prelude to something a little more long lasting and satisfying later. Then, she had the normal loving, be tender, lets make love kind of horniness, which I also enjoyed. But then…she had the “I’m really fucking horny, and you’d better talk dirty to me, and do all sorts of crazy things to my body while I’m doing them to yours,” kind of horny.

And that was the kind of horny she was in that night.


I honestly think I was just as excited, if not more so than my wife was for the weekend to finally get here. When it did, I told her that I’d probably stay and have a late lunch with the guys like I did last time, so to plan for a really light dinner, or a very late one either way. She smiled at that, accepting and looked rather pleased rather than annoyed the way most women might.

“Have fun!” she called out to me, kissing me as she usually did at the door. I gave one of her breasts an affectionate little caress through her bathrobe, then headed out towards the car, turning I waved just as she flashed both of her tits at me getting in.

“Yep…horny as hell,” I mused waving back at her, and then drove towards the park.

As expected, I made it back into my workshop safely and immediately switched on the monitors and recording equipment, everyone but Suzanne, Darlene and this new person had already arrived. I noticed almost immediately that each one of them had changed, or were changing into matching red bathrobes.

“That’s interesting,” I thought. “A little spooky, but interesting.” Moments later Darlene arrived and spoke with my wife as she changed in the bedroom.

“They’re on their way,” Darlene told her. “Should be here in about ten minutes. Everyone ready?”

“Ready and excited,” my wife grinned in saying. “I do hope that Suzanne was right about her sister, it is a little unusual having sister’s together in the club, not quite sure how that will go over in the long run under the circumstances. I know that Margie and I had some real reservations about it.”

“We all did in the beginning,” Darlene mused. “But after we talked to her about it in length, and gave her a pretty good idea of what was expected, and why, she was still very enthusiastic about it, even more so than Suzanne thought she might be after hearing a few more juicy details.”

“Well, like I said, she still has to pass the three tests to “everyone’s” mutual satisfaction before she’s actually included.”

From the monitor in the other room, I watched as Pat greeted Suzanne and her sister at the door. Though they obviously were sisters, the other woman was obviously a little younger than everyone else with the exception of Charlene perhaps. She seemed obviously nervous, though I am sure that was to be expected under the circumstances. Hell, I was nervous and I still didn’t have a clue as to what she might be facing as yet, but I was sure as hell anxious to find out too!

“You’re sure about this?” Suzanne asked her sister once again. “Just remember Laurie, you can back out anytime, but if you do, we’ll need to leave immediately,” she reminded her.

“Yes I’m sure Suzanne,” Laurie replied with just a hint of exasperation. “I told you, I thought about this a lot ever since you told me what was really going on, and after I had met with Darlene and Margie. I have no doubt in my mind about it, and I’m ready to do whatever it takes to join your little club.”

Carol and Darlene soon entered the room joining the others as Suzanne now slipped into her matching red robe. Carol quickly introduced a few of the others that Laurie obviously hadn’t met yet, and then they got down to business.

“You ready?” Carol asked. Laurie nodded her head and immediately began to undress. Soon she was naked, standing before the rest of them as they sat.

“As Darlene and Margie explained to you in your meeting,” my wife continued, there are three tests that you’ll need to undertake as part of your initiation. You must pass all three unanimously by the group or you won’t be accepted. Understood?”

Laurie nodded her head that she did.

“Good, and I know Darlene and Margie also told you what the first test would be and why.”

Again Laurie nodded her head.

“So…do you have something to share that will convince us that you have a dirty secret that no one else knows about, that will satisfy the requirement?”

“I do,” Laurie told my wife.

“Then you may begin, just remember, you must be very specific, the details must be accurate and it must satisfy all of us that what you share is a secret worth keeping amongst us.”

“My dirty little secret is this,” she began, still standing in front of the rest of the women, entirely nude as she related her intimate little story. “About a month ago, I was working late at the office as I sometimes do, though not often. Andrew, my boss, was working late with me on this particular project that needed to be finished by the following day. Now, Andrew, my boss and I have on occasion flirted and joked around a bit, much like everyone does, but we’d never really considered anything seriously beyond the normal day to day horsing around sort of stuff. I mean I even know his wife very well, and have met her on several occasions, so the last thing I ever really wanted to do was get involved with him intimately, even though I may have fantasized about it once or twice.”

As I sat there listening to her, I realized, and immediately wondered, “Did everyone have a dirty little secret they had only shared with one another, and if so…what dirty little secret did my wife have?”

“Anyway, it had been a long night, we were getting a bit giddy especially as Andrew had ordered a bottle of wine to go along with the dinner he’d ordered in for us. We’d finally finished the project, and were sort of celebrating the fact that we had, and how much he’d appreciated all the time and effort I’d put into it…stuff like that.”

“Go on…” Pat urged impatient as usual for her to get to the good stuff.

“So we’re just sort of standing there by the window looking out at all the lights in the city, drinking our wine when I felt his hand slip around my waist as he began pointing out some landmark to me through the window. When he did this, I could feel the press of his erection against my thigh, though I wasn’t positive if he’d done so on purpose, or by accident. I was after all feeling a little aroused myself by the closeness of his presence, and the flirtatious intimacy we’d been tossing back and forth to one another all evening long.”

I smiled seeing a couple of the women slip their hands down between their legs through the fold in their robes, though none of them revealed much of anything, but I also wondered if they hadn’t done so purposely to gage Laurie’s response. She seemed to sense what they were doing, even faltered briefly in her telling of the story, but continued.

“The next thing I knew, we were kissing, and I allowed my hand to travel down between us, seeking and soon after finding the hardness of his prick pressing against the front of his slacks. I took it out, sucked him briefly, then stood as he pulled me up and began undoing my blouse. Before long, he had placed me over his desk, and fucked me for the longest time. We then moved over to the couch, fucked there, then back to the window where he pressed me against it for all the world to see had they been looking, and fucked me there. Eventually, when it was all over, we both felt a little guilty I suppose, I mean I certainly did, and not just because of my own husband either, but as I mentioned, because of Andrews wife, and the fact that I knew her and really like her. Because of that, we agreed not to let it happen again, and can honestly say that ever since that night, we haven’t. Anyway, that’s my dirty little secret for what it’s worth.”

I had been purposely keeping an eye on Suzanne most of the time, and was both surprised, but not surprised to see her reaction to the story her sister had told. She obviously really was surprised by hearing it as it wasn’t something that she could have shared with her earlier and respond in the same manner she just had.

“Well?” Darlene asked the group. “Does that satisfy the first requirement?” she asked. “Accepted?”

Everyone answered in unison. “Accepted!”

Darlene then turned back towards Laurie. “If you pass the next two tests, then each of us will share with you our own dirty little secrets so that you have knowledge of them, as well as us, just as we will of you. Now then, are you ready for the next test?”

“Yes,” Laurie breathed a little anxiously. Obviously she’d been told about it at least in order to prepare herself for it.

“Then please…begin,” Darlene said sitting back down in her seat.

For a moment she stood seeming a little unsure of herself or what to do.

“Go ahead Laurie, make yourself comfortable in whatever way you’d like first.” My wife stated easing her uncertainty.

I watched as Laurie grabbed a couple of cushions and placed them on the floor in front of everyone. She then positioned herself on the floor, one cushion directly under her ass, the other her head.

“You may proceed,” Darlene stated once Laurie had done so. “Just remember, you must also climax while masturbating, and we must all be in agreement that you have, or you will have to do so again.”

“Yeah, just like Charlene had too!” Pat quipped easing the tension just a bit with a smattering of knowing giggles. I saw Charlene blush remembering even as she spoke.

“But I did cum that first time,” she complained, “So I really came twice!”

“We believe you,” Darlene acknowledged, but then nodded her head towards Laurie who promptly closed her eyes and began stroking her pussy as the room quieted in response.

All I could hear was a bit of ragged breathing as not only did Laurie continue lying there on the floor fingering her own pussy, but that several others had begun doing so to themselves as well, some now openly as Pat undid her robe entirely, revealing her breasts as well as her juicy split which she thumbed and fingered quite happily all the while focusing her entire attention towards Laurie. I then glanced towards my wife who was sitting on the couch next to Cathy, they too were fingering, not themselves, but each other.

Once again I was hard as a rock, and had been, but it now strained for release so I stood slipping off my jeans, freeing my prick so I could stroke it while watching the decadently wicked scene taking place before my very eyes.

By now, Laurie was truly finger-fucking herself with one hand, caressing and pulling on one of her hard extended nipples with the other. Her moans were real, or so they seemed to me anyway, as they must have also done for everyone else. Eventually several of the other women were moaning right along with her as they toyed with, fingered themselves or even one another all the while continuing to watch Laurie as she quickly approached orgasm.

There was no warning beyond the sudden contortion of her face, which was followed by a deep guttural groan. In the next instant however, a tiny small sliver of clear fluid squirted from the depths of her pussy, followed by another, then yet another as she switched from fingering herself, to hand-slapping her clit with the palm of her hand as though through doing this, she was coaxing them out of her cunt.

“Very nice…” Someone moaned though I failed to see who had said it, my eyes still glued to Laurie’s pulsating quim as I’d zoomed in up close to it with my joystick.

“I think that pretty much satisfies conclusively that she truly did have an orgasm did it not?” Cathy stated simply, as everyone readily agreed.

Laurie was blushing furiously, her eyes still closed, though she finally sat up examining herself. “Sorry about the carpet,” she said sheepishly. “I really wasn’t expecting that, it doesn’t happen every time.”

“Don’t worry about it,” my wife said grinning. “You have no idea the number of times I’ve done that in here myself.”

That obviously pleased and relieved Laurie to some extent as she sat there waiting for the third of her required tests.

“And finally,” Darlene did say now standing up, which was a signal for everyone else to do the same, which they did, allowing their red robes to fall away, revealing each of them in their full nakedness as they now stood above and around where Laurie continued sitting. “It is now time for you to acknowledge each one of us intimately, assuring us in so doing that you openly accept us as we openly accept you, and that you will abide by all of our agreements, keeping secret everything that goes on here, never revealing it to anyone else outside this sisterhood. Do you acknowledge and agree to that?”

“I do,” Laurie said breathlessly, obviously still somewhat excited.

“Then come, and kiss each of us until you’re told otherwise,” Darlene stated.

What I had heard and expected, wasn’t what was meant, or what now happened. All eight women had formed a semi-circle around where Laurie now knelt, first in front of Darlene. She didn’t just kiss her there either, but she actually placed her finger tips on Darlene’s lips, pulling them apart slightly to better exposed her hard little clit nub, it was this that she first kissed, then began licking for several long moments.

“I am satisfied,” Darlene announced, “You may go on.”

Laurie scooted over to where Cathy was standing next to her and repeated the process, once again spreading Cathy’s lips, using her finger tip to more fully expose her hooded clitoris, then kissed it, licking it afterwards again for several long moments until Cathy too was assured that Laurie had full filled the requirement.

“I am satisfied,” she said. “You may go on.”

As I looked over, I saw that it was Suzanne, Laurie’s own sister who stood next in line.

“I am satisfied,” her sister told her, “You may go on.” Laurie hadn’t even touched her at all, though she continued kneeling in front of her own sibling.

“No sis, if I’m going to be an accepted member of this group, then I want to be accepted by everyone, including you, and including doing this.” Laurie then reached for her sister, surprising her to some degree as she did, but Suzanne allowed it, feeling the touch of her sister’s hands and fingers for perhaps the very first time as she gently opened her sister’s quim, slicking back the tiny extended little nubbin of flesh, kissing it, then lingered for several long moments as her tongue lovingly tickled it afterwards.

“I…am satisfied,” Suzanne finally murmured, though it was evident she’d truly been enjoying that. “You may…go on.” Which she did of course, performing and repeating the same ceremonial greeting of her mouth, lips and tongue upon each of them, finally ending with my wife who stood last. Finally satisfied, I watched my wife gently help Laurie to her feet as she stood before her.

“Each of us has now fully and completely accepted you as a sister, and a member of our very special book-club. It is now your turn to accept each of us in a similar way,” she stated. “Darlene?”

Laurie was now the one who was standing, Darlene approached her and spoke, revealing what obviously was a much shortened version of her own dirty little secret.

“I have been fucking my husband’s brother for years!” she said without further explanation. Then she knelt and kissed Laurie’s pussy, and then began licking it and continued to do so until Pat giggled.

“Umm, when you think she’s done it well enough, and long enough, that’s when you say I am satisfied and that you are pleased to accept her as a friend and as a sister.”

“Oh yeah…sorry, I forgot!” Laurie stammered, once again blushing. “I am satisfied, and I am pleased to accept you as a friend and as a sister!”

She then did the same to Cathy, and then it was Suzanne’s turn as they stayed in the same order as they’d begun. And once again I found myself curiously excited to see what would happen this time as well. Suzanne approached her sister, smiling and winked. “Don’t hate me Laurie, please…but I have to tell you, I once slept with your husband before the two of you were married.”

Even that revelation shocked me, and I half expected some sort of explosion because of the admission, instead, I watched as Laurie openly laughed instead. “I already know that one Suzanne, Rob told me you two had before we got married, he confessed it because he didn’t want it coming out later after we were married. I’m just glad you finally could tell me yourself,” she added with a continued smile. Suzanne’s initial surprised look was one now of relief, she briefly kissed her own sister on the lips, hugging her, which I am sure wasn’t part of the ceremony, though no one appeared to object. Then just as Laurie had done with her, Suzanne knelt before her sister, kissed her, and then licked her for at least several long seconds before Laurie spoke her words of acceptance towards her own sister.

I soon learned that Margie had likewise had a long-term affair with her boss, though she had ended it several years ago. Debra’s was a little strange, but obviously acceptable to the group, which still brought a round of giggles and guffaws as she confessed it.

“Whenever I go grocery shopping, I always wear my vibrating egg, and I never leave the store until I’ve had at least two very satisfying orgasms!”

Even I laughed at that one, especially as I had previously bumped into her at the store when Carol and I had been out shopping.

Charlene then shared her fetish as she called it, about masturbating in public, which she had done on a fairly regular basis, though doing so in a way so as not to get caught, but running the risk even then as she did so, just something she enjoyed doing periodically for the fun of it.

It finally got down to just Pat and my wife, and I found myself holding my breath as I knew the two of them to be the best of friends obviously, but I was also a little nervous, worried and fearful of what I was about to learn regarding my own wife.

“Well, mine isn’t so easy to accept for a lot of people,” Pat began, though Carol certainly did even when our parents didn’t…or wouldn’t.”

“Huh?” I said to myself, not sure I’d just heard, or even understood what I thought I’d just heard. Pat was Carol’s sister? Why would they have kept something like that a secret in the first place? I found myself wondering again, and nearly missed it when Pat finished the explanation.

“I wasn’t always a woman,” she finished quickly. “I became a woman shortly after finishing high school when I started the process and went from being Carol’s brother, to Carol’s sister. Our parents disowned me shortly thereafter, so I moved away and began a new life. In time Carol came to stay with me, but I made her promise not to tell anyone who I had been, or who I now was, which she hasn’t. As far as anyone else knows, we’re just friends, albeit close ones, and have been for years.”

Having heard this, I was dumb-founded. But the best was yet to come. Pat knelt before Laurie just as they’d all done by now, and received acceptance from Laurie as a woman, and not the man/boy she’d once been.

Then it was my wife’s turn. “As Pat just told you about herself, I can now add to that and tell you that when my brother, now sister came to me and asked for help in becoming a woman, part of that was for me, helping her to deal with her new found sexuality as well. At first fearful of it, and how she’d be perceived and accepted, she wanted to know and experience her femininity for the first time. I helped her with that, and in doing so, became her lover for a time, and still from time to time even today. So I guess my secret in addition to being Pat’s very secret sister, is that we’ve engaged in a somewhat incestual relationship for years now, and obviously…continue to do so even today.”

I sat back…stunned, not at all sure how I was supposed to handle this revelation, though thinking about it even as I did…it explained a lot. A lot of things I had curiously wondered about, even considered as possible, and had then thrown out as being just the very special closeness of two friends enjoying one another’s company. But now I knew, and I knew a hell of a lot more than that in addition to everything else. Even as I heard the words afterwards, I couldn’t help but wonder how I was actually going to deal with the knowledge of all this information.

“I am satisfied, and I am pleased to accept you as a friend and as a sister!”


After hearing all the admissions and acceptance of one another, there followed some serious hugging and kissing all around, which eventually turned into much more than that as I continued to sit there, watching, and yet still digesting everything I had learned.

“Oh what the fuck! If they could accept everything they’d just shared about one another, and knowing how much it was that I loved my wife, and found myself still fond of Pat, even knowing what I now knew as the truth, then why couldn’t I? Having finally reached that conclusion, I settled back and enjoyed the rest of the time remaining as this new sisterhood, “book-club” as they called it, now made of nine, pleasured one another towards several intensely satisfying orgasms, which I managed to finally enjoy myself with one of my own. It had been a most interesting day as I thought about it later, as well as the next as I added another CD to the safe, which would soon become a rather extensive collection over the next several weeks.


I think the most difficult thing for myself was having the knowledge I now had, being curious about a lot of it, and unable to say or do anything without revealing myself, especially as I had known Pat and Mike ever since they had gotten married. Pat, now Patricia, had she been Patrick before? I had no way of knowing, and no way of finding out either. But even more interesting, I now knew the real reason behind their decision not to have any children. It was the same one that Carol and I had arrived at and agreed on ourselves, though for obviously different reasons, but at least I could understand that to some extent. What I couldn’t understand, or even begin to know, is how Mike wouldn’t know being married to her.

Then a few days later Carol approached me. “Hey babe, we’ve been invited over to Mike and Pat’s for a barbeque this Saturday, you don’t have anything planned do you?” She asked.

We had often done that with them, and though I certainly liked Mike and considered him a friend, our relationship wasn’t anything like Carol and Pat’s had been, which was even more true for obvious reasons.

“Nope, nothing on this end,” I told her easily enough, but I knew I would be far more aware of things seeing the two of them together, and wondered if in knowing that, I would pick up on anything I might otherwise haven’t given a second thought to.

As was normal for all of us, we sat outside chatting, and then the girls disappeared into the kitchen to finish up with a few other things before setting the table up outside. Mike was busily standing over the steaks he was preparing when I joined him. “Smells good,” I said looking over his shoulder.

I saw as Mike tossed a nervous glance back towards the house. “Have a favor to ask,” he said in hushed tones.

“Sure, what is it?” I said speaking just as softly, aware now that whatever it was, he didn’t want the girls overhearing us.

“I’ve got a tape I’ve been holding onto for a while, Pat and I did a few after we were married, and then a couple more a few years later. Was wondering if you wouldn’t mind transferring this over for me if that wouldn’t bother you doing it for me.”

“You know it won’t,” I said easily. “I’ve told you before I’ve done that for other people,” (though I certainly had never shared with him that I’d kept one or two copies for myself). “So sure…whenever you’d like me to do it, I will.”

Once again glancing up, he reached inside his back pocket and handed me a small cassette tape. “This is it, we’ve put everything on here,” he stated.

I took it from him and slipped it into my own pocket. “I’ll be right back, gonna go put this in the glove box of the car.” I slipped out the side gate towards the driveway where we were parked. “Damn!” I thought to myself, maybe now I’ll get some kind of an idea…maybe,” I reconsidered. A lot depended on what kind of movie’s they had taken together of course, but having seen several of them now that other’s had done, I had a pretty good idea of what a lot of men liked seeing, and if Mike was like everyone else, this might be the one and only time I’d get a good look at Pat myself!

In order to cover up the fact I was going to be transferring Mike and Pat’s intimate movie, Mike had also given me a couple of others he’d been saving for me to do. And though we arrived home late that evening, I told Carol that I wanted to get Mike’s tapes done and back to them and not have them delayed because of my schedule. Carol soon headed off to bed, and I slipped downstairs to my workshop and began reviewing their tape.

I did a quick semi-fast forward through a lot of it, though I would have a much closer look later on, but there were a few scenes he had taken that were what I was looking for, so I marked these for closer scrutiny.

One thing that Carol had never allowed me to do was film her. We had taken a few nude photos, though I never could quite understand why she was ok with doing those, and not a movie. Regardless of that, I kept a very select few of those hidden away in my safe as well, and now pulled those out by way of a closer comparison of the female anatomy. I then zoomed in on the frames I had marked on the film, Pat lying there on the bed with a very explicit close up of her pussy, and one in particular where she was actually spreading herself a part exposing her clit. Looking at this one specifically, then at the similar photos I had of my wife, I was actually surprised to see that I couldn’t actually see any major differences. All women were a little different in general anyway, just as men are. But there was nothing that I could see without doing a personal physical exam myself that would lead me to believe she wasn’t a woman.

“Well,” I thought to myself, “As far as I’m concerned, if Patricia ever was Patrick, she certainly isn’t now.” But even knowing this, and satisfied with the answer, I still had to deal with the fact that my wife was then having an incestual, lesbian affair with her sister. The more I thought about it, and thought about the things I had seen and admittedly enjoyed, I also realized it hadn’t detracted from my relationship with Carol, if anything, especially recently, our sex-life seemed to have greatly improved.

Though I found a few of the admissions, and some of what their little “Book-Club” enjoyed doing together a little strange, I also reconciled to myself that I was enjoying it nearly as much as they obviously were.

I quickly finished transferring the tape and stashed it away. I headed upstairs to our bedroom fully expecting to find Carol sound asleep. Even the faint light from the nightstand didn’t alert me that she wouldn’t be otherwise as she often fell asleep with it on. But as I entered the room, I was presently surprised to see her lying there waiting for me.

“Took you long enough,” she purred. She was using one of the toy’s I had seen one of the other women using on herself as I entered. I smiled wickedly at her as I quickly shrugged off my clothes before slipping into bed next to her. “Do you enjoy watching me?” she asked lustily.

“If you only knew,” I thought to myself then spoke, “You know I do!” I said sitting down next to her on the bed, though my hand automatically reached out to begin fondling one of her hard erect nipples. She pulled away, dislodging it.

“No…not yet, just watch, and while you do…” she grinned looking down at my rapidly growing erection. “Because I enjoy watching you too,” she added.

I stroked my cock for her as she watched, and as I watched her, realizing that I would no doubt be doing so again the following day, though this time with her being unaware that I was.

“You remember Jack and Darlene?” she asked still purring seductively like a kitten as she continued manipulating her pussy with the now vibrating as well as rotating toy.

“Yeah? So?”

“Well, they’ve invited us over one evening to hot-tub with them.”

“Sounds nice,” I said trying very hard to not sound too interested. By now I had of course met most of the women in Carol’s little club. Over the weeks it had been impossible for me to always stay afterwards and have lunch with the guys. So on a few occasions, I arrived home just as I began seeing a few of the women leaving. And so it was in doing this, I had naturally been introduced to the few women I didn’t know or hadn’t met before.

“Yes, it sounds like it could be fun, but you need to know before we accept their offer, they don’t allow swim-wear in their tub.”

I smiled, still slow-stroking my cock as Carol watched. “Is there anything else you’d like to tell me?” I prompted her.

“Well, they’re pretty uninhibited, just wasn’t sure how you’d feel about that,” she stated simply. “You know how those things go, a little wine, feeling nice and cozy there together, everyone feeling a little frisky, what if they started fooling around with one another?” she questioned.

“Well then, if they do…then perhaps we should as well. Wouldn’t want them to feel uncomfortable about it, would you?”

She was smiling even more broadly after hearing that. “No, I wouldn’t, and it might be wickedly fun watching them anyway.”

“Yeah, and them watching us,” I responded back still jerking my prick as Carol continued masturbating herself.

“I’ll be seeing her tomorrow of course,”

“Of course.”

“I’ll tell her then we’ll be there.”

“Sounds fun,” I reiterated, “and speaking of fun, how about we have some?”

“I thought we were!” Carol pouted in a cutesy little girl way, then removed the fuck-toy she’d been using on herself and leaned over me, placing her mouth around my prick. “Better?” she giggled.

“Much…much better!” I sighed happily.


As I got dressed and prepared to head out to play golf, I reminded myself to put a grass-stain or two on my pants at the park as Carol had actually commented and wondered how I kept my clothes from getting too dirty lately. I noticed that the book they were currently reading and in the middle of was lying on the coffee table as I walked by. They were reading, “The Story of O”.

“Interesting book,” I told Carol nodding towards it.

“Yes it is,” she blushed slightly. “And it’s been pretty interesting discussing it as well.”

“I can only imagine,” I said imagining. She laughed at that.

“Yeah well, it’s one of the few luxuries we permit ourselves,” Carol began. “A chance for a bunch of women to sit together and discuss their most private thoughts and feelings without anyone judging them for it.”

“As in men?” I tossed back at her.

“Well, some men anyway, not you no. But some of the husbands would have a cow if they knew what we were reading.”

“And doing,” I thought to myself. “Yeah…I’m sure, like George,” I finished the thought for her.

“Exactly. And it really is too bad he’s like that. Margie’s a pretty open-minded woman if he’d allow himself to be, their marriage might not be in trouble the way it is now.”

We’d discussed that previously. “Well personally, I think she could do a hell of a lot better than George anyway, hell baby…I wouldn’t mind jumping her bones myself, provided you were there too of course!” I added quickly, though making it all sound like I was just joking around with her about it.

“You would huh?” she grinned. “I bet you’d like that too wouldn’t you?”

“Sure…what man in his right mind wouldn’t enjoy being with two women at the same time, especially if the two of them enjoyed one another as well.”

“Hmm, who knows,” she said suddenly. “Stranger things have happened!”

I didn’t dare respond to that, leaning instead to give her a kiss before picking up my golf bag. “See you a little after 3:00 then,” I stated. “Enjoy your book discussion.”

“Enjoy your game,” she replied, “And maybe later after you get home…you can enjoy me too!” All she was wearing was her robe, and she opened it showing me she was naked beneath it.

“Maybe I should stay home and putter around here instead,” I said half-seriously. For just a moment she looked alarmed as though I might actually do it.

“No…you go on, go golf. And besides, it’s too late to call the girls and tell them not to come. You just be thinking about what’s waiting for you later,” she said teasingly, then once again closed her robe and escorted me towards the door. “Have fun baby!”

“Ah…you two baby,” I grinned speaking more to myself than to her.


By now I had quite a collection of CD’s all marked “Book-Club” that I had stashed away. What amazed me the most perhaps was that no two of them were exactly alike. It seemed as though each week there was something new or different going on than what I had seen or heard before. A lot of that was because of the books I supposed, depending upon what they were reading or the stories and fantasies they told and shared with one another. “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” for one had been very interesting. That week all the women had actually driven to the meeting wearing nothing but their most revealing, alluring and sexy attire imaginable. Charlene had even shared how she had stopped for some fast food on the way over, and had forgotten that the guy at the drive-up window could see well down into her car. He’d given her, her food for free, telling her before she drove away that anytime she wanted to come by dressed like that, he’d pay for her order.

I had once again made it back into my shop safely of course and was already monitoring things though several women hadn’t quite arrived yet. Carol had already spoken with Darlene about our coming over to tub, which was an interesting conversation in and of itself.

“After what you told me about his comments regarding you and Margie, I seriously doubt he’d balk at seeing you and I together,” Darlene told my wife. “I know for a fact Jack wouldn’t,” she grinned. “He loves seeing that!”

“I’ll bet,” my wife giggled back. “Guess we’ll see,” she added, “But I have a feeling you’re right about that. Even if we just start out playfully kissing one another, I’m willing to bet shortly after that the boys will be urging us to do a lot more.”

They walked out of the kitchen and then down the hall towards the den, so I couldn’t pick up any more of what might have been said, it really didn’t matter though, I’d already heard enough and now looked forward to the naughty little tub party the two women were planning.

I soon after settled in for another erotic discussion as everyone had finally arrived. I think one of my favorite parts was actually just watching them all undressing together. One minute it was nine fully dressed women standing around together, and in the next it was nine fully nude women who could suddenly start doing just about anything. The fact that they were all so uniquely different added real spice to that particular soup. So many different sized and shape of breasts, some shaved as Carol was, others so trimmed they might as well have been. Only poor Margie so it seemed in the beginning had what one might call a naturally full bush, but even she as the weeks went by, somehow managed to trim it down to a much more modern-ish style.

“The part I liked the best was when she would sit on his leg, rocking herself very very subtly, as though he wasn’t aware of what it was she was really doing, though we all know that he did,” Debra had added to the conversation, which is when things started to once again get interesting.

“I used to do that as well,” Laurie said joining in. “It was a great way of getting myself off.”

“I wouldn’t mind doing that now!” Suzanne giggled provocatively. “Any takers?”

“I’m game,” my wife spoke up saying, been a while since I’ve masturbated that way myself,” she mused. “Brings back a few naughty memories doesn’t it Pat?” She said winking towards her sister.

I watched as my wife soon positioned herself in the middle of the couch. Suzanne, and then her sister applied a rather generous helping of KY lubricant to themselves, then each taking one of my wife’s thighs, straddled it and began slipping and sliding against her this way. Carol sitting at the perfect height under the circumstances would first suckle one of Suzanne’s available breasts while fingering and toying with one of Laurie’s, then switching sucking hers while toying with her sisters. They in turn each placed a hand in between my wife’s legs and pleasured her there with hands and fingers.

“That’s fucking hot!” Darlene stated from across the room where she lay on the floor, Charlene happily going down on her while Debra knelt behind Charlene fingering her open available quim.

Pat was content to sit back in a nice over sized chair using one of several available toys to pleasure herself with while she watched, which she was obviously enjoying doing as Cathy and Margie lay in the middle of the floor, legs locked over one another in a scissors fashion, pussy to pussy, and sat rubbing against one another all the while watching everyone else.

Pat was the first to climax, pummeling her pussy with the toy fast and furiously.

“There she goes!” Carol laughed out loud. “Like usual!”

Hearing her sister, I watched as Pat stood up from the chair and slithered over to where my wife was sitting. Even as Suzanne and Laurie continued masturbating themselves against my wife’s legs, she soon positioned herself between them and began licking my wife’s very wide open pussy. “We’ll soon see who comes last,” she teased, then began a slow and very torturous tongue-licking against my wife’s twat.

I lost track of who came next, or when someone who already had at least once did again. It was just amazing to hear the various sounds, moans and groans exploding almost at once throughout the room, then continuing in a wave of one orgasm to another. Laurie had spent herself against my wife’s thigh, toppling over a moment later only to be assaulted by Cathy who immediately began going down on her almost before she’d even managed to catch her breath. This brought about a second very quick, almost more intense orgasm from her once again as she straddled the arm of the couch, one leg to either side with Cathy hungrily devouring the sweet ribbons of female nectar that Laurie had become known for producing.

Margie and Darlene had by now hooked up together with a double dildo and had been fucking one another with it in unison until Charlene moved in between the two of them and took turns licking them back and forth until they both came at nearly the same instant.

But it was when Pat finally allowed my own wife to climax that I finally exploded myself, not even realizing I had until I felt the first delicious spurt leap from the tip of my cock and actually splatter against one of the monitors. My wife was crying out in joyful orgasmic glee, Pat tonguing her clit rapidly back and forth just as she liked it, one of Suzanne’s breasts almost painfully being squeezed in her hand as she did, though it was also evident by the expression on Suzanne’s face that she was enjoying the painful pleasure of that very act, and then spent herself against my wife’s leg just as her sister had done previously.

“Fuck,” I need to get my ass out of here!” I thought glancing up at the clock. Not only was I running a bit late, but so were the girls, and a mad dash to dress and repair themselves took place rather quickly after that.

I was breathless by the time I made it back to the car, and horny as hell after having just witnessed one of the wildest orgasmic orgies of a sort I could have ever imagined. For whatever reason, either the story that had gotten them all hot and so bothered had done it, or just the pure decadence of rubbing themselves against one another the way they had, had inspired it. Either way, I now knew this would be amongst the favorite of my secreted CD’s that I had stashed away.

I drove home soon after pulling into the drive, not too surprised to still catch a couple of women who hadn’t as yet left. Pat and Darlene stood in the kitchen with my wife sharing coffee when I came in, still busily chatting away in excited tones though they soon quieted upon hearing me.

“Hey baby…your home! How was the golf game?”

“Damn nice one today!” I exclaimed, most exciting day so far,” I told them all sitting down, trying to hide my rapidly growing erection. “I won’t bore you all with the nitty-gritty details, lets just say I really had my putter working over time today,” I said grinning, maybe even leering at the three of them as I spoke.

“And how was your dirty book?” I asked, “read anything interesting we should discuss?”

Carol shot me a look of course, but Darlene laughed. “That’s one of the reason’s Jack loves for me to come here and do this,” she stated. “Because I always come home and fuck him silly afterwards!”

“Darlene!” Pat exclaimed in surprise.

“What?” She grinned. “That’s what I do, and he loves it.”

“Maybe so,” Pat blushed looking towards her sister, “But maybe Pete doesn’t need to hear that.”

“What? Are you kidding?” Darlene continued. “I’d be willing to bet he’d love every fucking minute of it.”

“Hell yes,” I told them all. “As a matter of fact, I’m tickled pink that all of you guys do this every week. Carol seems to be a lot more enthusiastic lately for one thing, so I’m all for it. And if I could get away with it, I’d even put on a wig, shave my legs and wear a skirt just to join your book-club if these are some of the side benefits.”

That brought about a wide-eyed nervousness from all three, though they quickly laughed it off.

After the girls had gone, Carol and I did indeed head upstairs to the bedroom where we fucked and sucked one another for hours. Like I said, the side benefits were certainly worth whatever else Carol enjoyed doing with her friends let alone her own sister.

But as in all things, this too would soon be coming to an end unless I could devise a way to do something else. The golf season was drawing to a close and with it my excuse for being away on Sundays. After that, I knew that they would go back to doing what they used to do, alternating between one another’s houses (all except for Marie and George of course) kicking the men out to go and do other things while the girls met privately together and enjoyed their naughty little book-club.

At least I had a wide variety and collection to entertain myself with in reviewing again, not to mention the new possibilities that were beginning to present themselves with regards to getting together with Jack and Darlene on occasion.

I guess the one thing I have learned from all of this, is that we each have our own dirty little secrets. I certainly have one now. And I don’t mean lying to my wife about my golf game or how much I’ve improved, because I certainly haven’t. Even with all that weekend golfing, I haven’t been able to lower my score at all. My strokes just keep on increasing for some reason.

But I don’t mind…no I don’t mind increasing my strokes at all.

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