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Bathroom Adventures…V-Day Special

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Sara woke up and stretched. Nate’s bed was warm and comfortable and she didn’t really want to move. She lay for a few minutes until she couldn’t stay still any longer. She was wide awake so she slid out of bed and walked to the bathroom, completely naked. Sara felt relaxed and well rested and at ease with her body. Nate made her feel confident and sexy.

In the bathroom Sara turned on the shower with hot water, the bathroom started to steam up almost immediately. Nate’s shower was large enough for about five people and had a bench across one side wide enough for a person to lay on comfortably. She wondered if that was why the bench was there and grinned at the thought of trying it out. She slid into the spray of water and let the water beat down on her head. She washed her hair and was rinsing the soap from it when the lights went out.

The bathroom had only one small window on the other side of the room, so without the lights it was fairly dark. As her eyes adjusted, she could see the outline of the door and, as the door to the shower opened, the outline of Nate.

“I didn’t say you could share my shower,” she said, turning back around to finish rinsing her hair. She could feel herself start to tingle already, with the expectation of what was to come.

“It’s my shower, technically,” Nate replied, standing behind her, his half-hard penis brushing her butt.

“Why did you turn out the lights?” she asked.

“You like the lights off. And it reminds me of the dark bathroom the first time,” he whispered in her ear, his breath causing her shiver when it blew across her wet skin.

He moved her hair to one side and began to kiss her neck. He rubbed his hands up and down her arms a few times before twining his fingers with hers and pulling her arms out to the side. He moved forward, pressing himself hard against her, forcing her to move forward as well. He took another step and Sara was pressed against the wall under the showerhead, the water falling on Nate’s head and running down his chest and her back. He lifted her arms and pinned her hands above her head, just under the showerhead, with one hand, using the other to gently caress her skin down to her hip and back up to brush over the swell of her breast pressed against the tile. Even out from under the hot spray Sara was warm from the heat and steam from the shower, but she shivered at his touch anyway. He kissed her neck again, moving up the side of it to her ear, where he took the lobe into his mouth and nipped at it lightly with his teeth.

Sara rested her head against the tile and felt his hand running down her side and his fingers digging into her hip briefly before moving back up. His mouth on her ear and neck was causing her to feel the familiar wetness between her legs. Sara could feel his erection pressed against her butt, the head resting at her lower back. Nate moved his hips slightly to push his erection up and then back down against her. She could feel the heat of him on her skin and could feel the hardness of it. He moved again and then pushed his hips forward harder. Sara grinned.

“What, this is all the foreplay I get today?” she asked.

“I haven’t entered you yet. I’m just getting comfortable,” he replied, and true to his word, Sara didn’t feel him trying to push inside her. He simply had pressed his penis into the crack of her ass, like a hotdog in a bun. She enjoyed the feeling of him rubbing against her asshole like that as he continued to kiss and lick and nibble her neck and ear.

“You’re teasing me,” she said softly.

Nate simply smiled and began thrusting a little faster. The feeling of his hot erection rubbing like that made Sara even wetter. It still surprised her how fast he could turn her on and how wet she always got with him. She could already feel some juice leaking onto her thighs.

Just before Sara was about to beg him to do more, Nate released her arms and gripped her hips, pulling her backward away from the wall. He stopped so that the hot water poured down her chest, but not her face. The hot water on her nipples felt wonderfully erotic and they stiffened slightly. Nate brought his hands up to cup her breasts and Sara lifted her arms to put around his neck and pull him down so she could kiss him. With Nate’s tongue running across her own at this angle, the kiss felt different than usual. He began to pinch her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, tugging them away from her body. Sara broke the kiss and sighed, her head back against his shoulder. Nate squeezed and manipulated her nipples until she could hardly stand it and then let go to have the hot water spray on them, giving Sara a new wave of wetness between her legs.

Just as she was getting used to what he was doing, Nate spun her around to face him and pushed her back against the wall. He took her hands and pinned them above her head again, using the free hand to cup one breast as he lowered his head to the other. Sara’s head rolled against the tile as his tongue rolled over the hard nub and he sucked it hard into his mouth. Nate’s hard cock was pressed between them, digging into her stomach. He moved his hips like he had before, masturbating himself lightly between their bodies. Nate switched back and forth to give her nipples equal attention. Each time he sucked, jolts went straight from her chest to her pussy. Her juice was dripping onto her thigh and she was aching for some attention. She tried to rub herself against him, but he had her pressed against the wall so that she couldn’t get the right position. Suddenly Nate nipped at her nipple, making her jump, although she couldn’t really move at all. Sara gasped. He had been paying so much attention to them that they were red and distended and very sensitive, so the light nip of teeth was more painful that it would have been normally, but she was so turned on that the pain felt wonderful. He did it again to the other, getting the same reaction.

“Stop teasing me,” she pleaded, trying to pull her arms free.

“Why?” Nate asked, looking up at her briefly before going back to her breasts.

“I want to play. It’s not fair that I can’t touch you.”

Sara was thoroughly enjoying the way Nate was being aggressive and yet slow with the foreplay. It was different than normal and it excited her almost as much as what he was actually doing to her.

Nate suddenly let go and stepped back from her. Sara took her chance and pushed him back to the wall with the bench and had him sit as she kneeled between his legs. His cock stood out, completely hard, and glistening with a mixture of water and precum leaking from the tip. She licked the head and watched it twitch.

“Mmmm. Yummy. My favorite flavor,” she said as she kissed her way down the side. One hand held the base and the other rested on his thigh to keep her steady. As she licked and kissed the sides all around she told him, “I love your cock. It’s the perfect size to hit all those fabulous places inside me. It gets so hard and hot.”

Nate loved listening to her talk like that and he was afraid he might not be able to hold back if she played with him too long. He sighed as he felt her mouth engulf the head of his cock, the light suction pulling him deeper to her throat.

Sara could feel the throbbing of his penis in her mouth and smiled around it as best she could. He filled her mouth completely and pushed the back of her throat but she started to pull off him, teasing him. His hands went to her head and pushed her gently back down. She swallowed around his cock and took him as far as she could, the feeling of him pushing her head down making her orgasm start to build even more. He released her head and she slowly slid her mouth up the shaft until just the head was left inside and gently ran her teeth across the skin as she pulled him out of her mouth.

Sara was about to go back down and take him back in her mouth but Nate pulled her up as he stood. He positioned her facing the wall, leaning over, bracing herself with her arms while knelt behind her. He lightly patted her ass and then pushed down on her back for her to arch more. He spread her cheeks apart and ran his tongue lightly over her skin. He could taste the water and her juices. He licked across her puckered hole and pressed a little. He could smell her arousal and couldn’t wait for a fresh taste. He licked lower until he could push his tongue into her gash, letting her juices run into his mouth. She was literally dripping wet. He pointed his tongue and pushed it into her, the angle causing him to hit the front of her pussy, near the g-spot.

Sara moaned and tried to stand still as Nate ate her pussy. Her legs were feeling weak and her orgasm was coming fast. “Oh, fuck,” she said, as his tongue thrust into her again. “I’m going to come if you don’t stop that,” she told him. Nate thrust his tongue harder into her a few times and then pulled away.

“That’s the point, isn’t it?” he said. He pulled her up and led her to the end of the bench. “Kneel here,” he told her, kissing her deeply. Sara could taste herself on his tongue. She knelt on the bench and leaned forward, on all fours, in front of him. Nate got down on his knees again and spread her ass again. This time he licked across her hole and pushed harder, the tip of his tongue penetrating her. He pulled back out and licked his way down to her clit, licking around her hole and circling the button lightly. Sara pushed back against him and he flattened his tongue against her clit and licked like it was an ice cream. Then he pointed his tongue again and flicked back and forth across the sensitive area making Sara shake. He lightly spanked her ass and then pushed his finger into her wet pussy while his tongue continued to play around her clit. He never stayed in one place long enough for her to cum but he kept her close to the breaking point. His finger was joined by another and he slowly pumped them in and out. Nate flattened his tongue against her clit again and pulled it backward slowly as his fingers were pulling out of her pussy. He replaced his fingers with his tongue, enjoying her flavor, while his fingers pressed against her exposed asshole. He slowly slid one finger in, timing the stroke with the stroke of his tongue. He slid the second finger in with the first and pumped them, gaining speed, his tongue licking her faster and faster, running across her clit more and more until Sara bucked and humped his hand, moaning ad screaming as she came, her cum flooding Nate’s mouth.

Sara leaned her head down against the bench, her ass still in the air, Nate’s fingers still in her, his tongue licking lightly around her pussy to catch all the juice. He stood up and lined his cock up with her ass and pushed firmly, but slowly, into her. Her orgasm had relaxed her muscles so that there wasn’t much resistance.

“God you’re ass is so tight,” he grunted as he pushed into her. “You are so hot and tight. I hope I don’t cum right away.”

“I don’t know if I can take it,” she said, not moving. “You feel so big, and I feel like I can’t move.”

“You’ll move,” he said, “I’m going to fuck so hard you will be rocking back and forth whether you want to or not.” He was almost all the way in and thrust hard to bury himself inside her. Sara moaned and pushed back against him. “See, I told you that you would move,” he said, leaning over her and wrapping his arms around her waist. He pulled her up with him, the movement driving him deeper in her. Sara moaned again and could feel herself start dripping juice again. The bench was the perfect height that Nate standing and Sara on her knees on the bench were lined up perfectly so that Sara could move up and down as if sitting on his cock. Nate held her up against him, his hands pushing her breasts together and kneading them before tweaking the nipples again. Sara moved herself on Nate’s huge erection, feeling him fill her to the brim. As he pulled her nipples with one hand, the other moved down to her pussy, pushing into her. She could feel him in both holes, as his fingers moved out his cock pushed in and vice versa. If it wasn’t for his arm around her she would have flopped back down.

Nate stopped for a moment, and moved without pulling out of her. He stepped around the corner of the bench and moved her with him so that she was facing the wall and could lean against it if she needed. Then he began to thrust again.

“Do you like this?” he whispered in her ear. Sara could only nod.

“You like the way I fuck you?” he asked, thrusting harder at the word “fuck”. Sara was moaning and pushing back against him, trying to make him go faster, but he slowed down.

“Please,” she panted.

“Please what?”

“Please, fuck me faster. Harder. Please.”

Nate did as she asked, thrusting harder into her, picking up the pace. His fingers, buried deep in her pussy, stopped moving in and out, and instead stroked her fast and hard, in sync with his cock buried deep in her ass. Sara could feel another orgasm building and cried out as it swept over her, her juices pouring over his hand and down her legs, splashing the bench. She had never had so much come out before.

As Nate got closer to his orgasm his thrusts became shorter and even harder. He wasn’t pulling out as much, instead fucking her deeply. His movements weren’t steady anymore and Sara bucked on him, bouncing her ass up and down on his erection. He couldn’t hold back anymore and let go as he pulled out of her. She could feel the heat of his cum inside her and then more splashing across her ass cheeks until they felt coated. Sara turned around and instantly took him into her mouth, one hand around the base and the other cupping his balls. She squeezed and sucked him deep into her mouth, milking the last of his cum out of him. She could feel him softening in her mouth and took advantage of that to suck him until she had all of him in her mouth and throat. She pulled her head off of his soft cock, cleaning him with her tongue as she went, until he popped out. She licked her lips and lay back on the bench. She shivered, this time from cool air.

“The water is cold now,” Nate said, moving to turn it off. The bathroom was still steamy but cooling off quickly. Nate opened the stall door and pulled the soft, fuzzy robes off the hook. He put one on and helped Sara stand up and wrapped the other robe around her. Nate took Sara by the hand and led her out of the bathroom and lifted her up and dropped her on the bed.

“Now that we have that out of the way,” he said, leaning over her, “we can get down to some serious fucking.”

Sara realized just then that it was Valentine’s Day. What a wonderful present, she thought.

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