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My University Encounter

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This story is a work of fact and not a figment of my sexual imagination. However if you are under 18, or offended by frank, open, graphic sexuality of all adult types then please do not read it.

If you are not offended please enjoy.


PART 1 —

My second and longest time with a guy was at university when I was 21. And it happened with a guy I’d known for 2½ years!! His name was Mike and he was a good looking guy, a good build and blond, curly hair.

All the girls wanted him but he wasn’t interest which the rest of us guys found strange but it was before Gaydom. One night Mike and I had been out for a good drinking session with friends and were well tanked up i.e. fairly well drunk. I had planned to stay with him in his room in the apartments so when we got back to his place we were highly spirited and laughing at nothing as drunks do. Well it as time for bed and as he had a double bed, rather than sleep on the floor, in my drunken state I told him I wanted the bed as well. He said ok and I started stripping off. Well I sleep in the nude so I took my clothes off and when I started pulling my trousers down he started pushing me to unbalance me. So with my trousers around my knees he pushed me and I grabbed him and we fell to the floor. As we playfully struggled he put his hand on my crotch over my underpants and squeezed and said sometime like “nice package” I thought nothing of it ad giggling away started to take off my underpants and my semi-hard cock sprang out. He was still sitting on the floor from our ‘fight’ and his hand sprung out and flicked my cock end as I turned to get into bed. But as I paused to pull back the covers he reached out and smacked my arse……and as I got into bed my cock was soooo hard. But as my back was to Mike he didn’t see it. Mike then stood up and turned his back to me and removed all his clothes but keeping his back to me got into bed without me seeing his cock. So there I was in bed with an adult male for the first time in more than 3 years and we were both naked..but pissed as well. As we lay there our bare asses touched which kept my cock hard until after a ‘goodnight’ I fell off to sleep straight away.

I woke during the night needing a piss so I went to the toilet and had a piss. As I finished I thought of Mike grabbing, flicking and smacking me and my cock grew hard. Thinking I was safe and that Mike was asleep, and I it was dark, I went back in the room sporting my hard-on only to see Mike lying looking at me in the gloomy night light and he smiled at me as I blushed. I got into bed and within seconds I felt his hand on my thigh, then inner thigh, then balls and then his hand held my cock. I froze not knowing what to do…and then he started stroking my cock shaft. I rolled onto my back and he continued to stroke me. Up and down slowly he pumped my cock…so slowly…making me harder. He was on his side and I felt his hard cock rubbing my hip so I reached down and took his cock in my hand. It was bigger than mine ..inches bigger, so I started stroking him. It felt s go hot and horny to have someone else masturbating me…and I enjoyed feeling his hard cock. As he stroked he pulled my foreskin back and forth and he started speeding p. faster and harder and faster. As he wanked me I started wanking him….a steady rhythm and sensing I was close to cumming by my erratic breathing and moans he pulled the covers off us so that the spunk would fly over me. My breathing became noisier as I started tensing. Mutual masturbation, my cock in his hand being pumped as I pumped his cock. And then I was going to cum.

In the dark half light I looked down to see him stroking me as he sucked my shoulder as his pleasure heightened. Then I spasmed, bucked sharply, hips in the air and the first shot flew out and hit my chest, followed by more powerful shots covered my chest and stomach. I moaned and groaned in pleasure…so fucking hot…shooting seed with a guys help. And then the cum just flowed from my slit down my shaft and onto my groin. And as I recovered I realised that Mike was now masturbating his own cock as I lost the motion in the middle of my orgasm, and I sensed he was near to cumming. So I took his cock again and wanked harder and his mouth was clamped to my shoulder. But he pulled of to whisper that he was cumming.

And he did, it was a funny thing feeling another guys cock pulse in my hand, as he shot over my hips to my stomach shooting to land in my cum pool on my stomach. He shot strong diagonally across my own cum ropes…shooting six or seven jets until it became a flow on my hips running down from my hip onto the bed. As he came he shouted loudly…I cannot remember what he said but it made me jump as I stroked him. Then we had both finished and I think he was rubbing the cum into me when I fell back to sleep.

The next morning I woke with the sun shining into the room and Mikes hand on my morning-glory hard cock. He was already awake and as I recall he said something like “I had a dream last night that I wanked you like this and you wanked me and we both cum”.

I laughed and said I had the same dream. I rolled onto my back and he onto his side as he continued to stroke my pulsing cock continuously moving the shaft skin up and down and making my foreskin cover then expose my bright purple cockhead. He kicked the covers off us both and we were both completely naked on the bed warm in the morning sun. As he stroked me he watched my cock dance to his manipulations and saw the pre-cm start to seep out from the little slit. Having him play with and watch me was so horny but with the drink effect and the fact I had shot a load not so long ago, whilst I was horny, my organ wasn’t too sensitive. So I lay back and enjoyed it. But I did reach down and hold and squeeze his hard member as I slowly stroked it. He played with my balls and cock for a good while but all good things cum to an end and I did cum to an end arching my back, bucking my hips and groaning as I shot and flowed more cream onto my chest and stomach until I was sperm spent.

As I lay there he moved and straddled my thighs, kneeling over my groin. I released him and he took his own cock and started masturbating with his cock above my own cock facing me. It was so horny watching him play with his own meat masturbating to a climax. And soon he came spilling his seed over me shooting onto my chest/stomach to mix with mine and then dribbling to add to the pool on my stomach, finally rubbing his last drops over my now soft cockhead to cockhead.

When he finished he rolled away from me and lay along side me and looking down at my cum splattered body we laughed. Eventually the pool started trickling down my side so we rubbed the sticky mess all over and into my body….good skin cream.

After a while we got up and showered together, although there wasn’t much room in the cubicle but there were plenty soapy hands all over.

From then on we kept our relationship quite but had little in jokes between us when we ere out with others. We preferred to wank each other in various different ways but did try others like sucking and fucking (me in him only). But masturbation was our favourite.

For a few months I stayed over at his many, many times and we had lots of ‘fun’ until in the June he left uni and went back home. After that we met once or twice sharing a hotel bed but the distance became a problem and we drifted apart.

PART 2 —

Well then lets try and put in words my first fuck…anally with a guy I mean. It happened one morning as we were playing with each others cocks. We had progressed to fingering each ass sometimes but not too often. This morning I was fingering Mike and he said, totally unexpectedly, that he wanted my cock in there instead of a finger. I had often wondered what it would be like so I asked him if he was sure and he said that he was. He said he had some Vaseline so he went and got it. Returning he assumed the doggie position on the bed. As a virgin at this I was a little nervous but I smeared some..well..loads of Vaseline all over my cock and some on and in Mike’s asshole.

I knelt on the bed behind him, between his legs and moved in. Again I asked him if he was sure and he said yes. so I took my cock and placed the cockhead against his hole. He was so tight…closed in fact that I couldn’t get in at all. So I tried again telling him to relax and again and on the third go my cock just entered. My cock tip and cum slit moved in a little stretching his ring.

Mike moaned but not of joy, but pain. I was a little frightened but he said to carry on. So I moved in more and my cock head started going into his ass.half my cockhead at first as I went slowly. I held his hips as by now my cock knew it sway in. Another little shove and my cockhead was in his ass. but he said it was painful so I pulled out. My cock isn’t long but it is quit meaty. I put some more vaseline on it and moved in again. Soon I was cockhead deep in him humping his asshoe but just with my glans. his tightness had forced my foreskin to roll back exposing my horny sweet spot which I love being rubbed. I moved in an inch and having my foreskin pulled back started to hurt me as his ring grip was tight. So we were both in pain…oh deep fun!!

I pulled out again and readjusted my foreskin and went back in…again my skin rolled back so this time I put up with it. Then another inch then another I slowly moved in. Then my cockhead was all in and suddenly the tightness eased…my purplepal was past the anal ring…well it eased a little and it seemed that getting my whole glands in was like popping a cock ..tight, tight , tight then…pop..easy… Mike was slowly getting used to it, so I slowly moved in until all my cock was in his ass. Through not a lot had been said we were both moaning and groaning…and an occasional swear word was uttered. I leaned forward over Mikes back and reached around for his cock…I wanted him to enjoy this too but it was soft. I tried to wank him but it wasn’t the best position so after massaging his balls for a while I moved back straight again kneeling between his thighs with my cock deep in his ass. I stayed like that for a short while enjoying the ‘power’ I had over Mike…I was FUCKING him…and he was almost my slave… my hard cock was deep in his cunt!!! “Fuck me” was all he said so I did.

Slowly I started moving in and out his ass starting a steady rhythm of fucking. In and out, in and out with a sensual slow rhythm. I held his hips tight as I told him that this was good…so fucking good. He didn’t reply but still moaned. I started fucking him faster and faster until I was sweating…fucking his ass so hard…slamming my cock into a cock in a cunt loves to do..I kept looking down and all I saw was Mikes back and my shaft disappearing into his bowel. ( I tried not to think of the shit in there or in his ass tunnel but when I did it seemed to turn me onn more…more horney as I thought about the forbidden hole!!!)

As I fucked him I felt the tightness of his anal ring around my shaft. As I pumped in and out the anal ring tightness was so good on my cock but it also meant that I wasn’t going to last too long before exploding into him. And that’s the way it turned out. I fucked his ass for maybe two or three minutes (ok maybe more….I wasn’t counting) and then telling him I was cumming…I froze and spasmed as I shot into him. Sharp small thrusts as I shot my cum seed into his cunt. Oh I was in joy…so good to cum… even when I was no longer ejaculating but just cumming. Until my thrusts, spasms and feelings died away and I finished pumping him.

After my breathing returned to normal, I slowly withdrew my shrivel cock and it cam out with another pop as the head passed his ring. We collapsed next to each other and I wanked him off..he cam shooting on his belly. My cock was slimy with vaseline..all sticky with goo. As he lay on his back, stomach covered in cum he said my cum was seeping out his ass…he was cumming both ways…I remember we laughed at that. After a while though he admitted he didn’t really enjoy the fuck. It was uncomfortable..he felt that my cock in him made him feel he needed a shit….and the position wasn’t good. And at times it hurt him.

However about a month later I fucked him again. This time he was on his back with his legs on my shoulders as I fucked him. And I got his cock hard and jerked him to climax just before I came in him. He found that better.

Well I hope my reminisces are good enough to give you the flavour. Got so hard writing that at time…pity you weren’t here to help me try to remember the time of my first fuck…

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