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My Trip to Miami

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I flew into Miami International on a typical south Florida day. As I headed for the car rental desk I thought about all I had heard about South Beach. I was jolted back to reality by the clerk welcome and I handed over my papers. He quickly told me my car would be around shortly. As we completed the necessary paperwork he said there she is. He proceeded to offer his hopes for a good trip and also told me if there was anything I needed during my stay to not hesitate to call and gave me his card.

When I got to my car it was the most awesome red Mustang GT convertible. The attendant opened the truck and tossed me the keys. He placed my bags in the trunk and gave me thumbs up. I pulled out my map with the directions to my motel. It was right on the beach about 15 minutes from the convention center. I arrived there shortly and went into the desk. I told them who I was and got the key to my room. The desk clerk also gave me a packet of information about the different attractions South Beach has to offer. The bell hop was standing behind me ready to deliver my bags.

On our way up he was just chitchatting. He told me his name was Josh and he was available 24/5 usually but for me it was 24/7. All I needed to do was call the desk and have the clerk page him. As we arrived in my room I fished a $10 dollar bill out of my wallet and slid it in his hand, thanking the lord for expense accounts. He asked if I needed any help unpacking. I told him that would be very nice. He placed my suitcase on the bed and suit bag in the closet. He started unpacking the bag first. He removed my suit and hung it neatly in the closet. Next came my suitcase, he removed and placed all my clothes in the drawers except for my swimsuit which I told him I was fixing to put on.. As he left he reemphasized if I needed ANYTHING to give him a call.

After Josh left I went about changing my clothes. I had chosen to wear my boots and Levi’s today. I usually dress casually for my flights unless I was going straight to a meeting. I flew in a day early to get the lay of the land. I pulled on my suit after getting undressed and checked myself in the mirror. I slipped on a pair of running shorts, gathered up the information the desk clerk gave me and got my towel.

I found the pool easily, removed my running shorts and laid my stuff on a chaise and dove in the water. I swam for a bit in the pool to cool off. I got out of the pool and lay back in my chaise to check out the brochure I had been given. I had just gotten to the nightclubs in the brochure when a strange voice interrupted me. He introduced himself as Don and asked if I was new. I told him I was and was in town for a convention. As we talked he told me he really liked my suit and ask where I got it from. I told him it was an IM suit and the front was adjustable. He acted very interested in that and asked me if I could show him. I told him I could show him a lot better in my room. He smiled and nodded his agreement. He told me we could leave our stuff here, no one would bother it. When we reached the elevator I stepped to the back and he stood in front of me. I grabbed the waist of his boardshorts and pulled his ass back to my crotch, we both knew where this was going. Here we were in an elevator full of people and I was rubbing my cock in the crack of his ass but we were both confined by our clothes but not for long. As the elevator unloaded floor by floor we were the only ones left when we got off on mine. I directed Don to my suite and gave him the key. We entered and I told him to have a seat. He pulled out a chair and I started to show him how it worked. I grabbed the front waist band and told him it basically a strip of cloth running thru a tunnel so the front would slide along its length. I slid the top until there just a small strip of cloth running straight up from my balls and my cock was standing up straight and proud behind the skinny piece of cloth.

His eyes never left my suit as a slid my suit front back and forth on the waist band. I asked him if he wanted to try it and he gladly shook his head yes. I stepped up to him and told him to be my guest. He started to place his hands on my suit but I stopped him. I told him to use his teeth. He slid the edges back together as I grabbed his head and guided him. I pushed him down to my cloth encased cock. I told him to stick out his tongue and lick up the length thru the material. When he got to the top of my suit I said ok, use your hands pull my suit off. He reached up and grabbed my suit beneath my balls and pulled it down like that. When my cockhead came into view he took it in his mouth as he removed my suit completely.

After he removed my suit I grabbed the top of his shorts and pulled him to the bedroom. As I lay back I told him to remove his shorts. When they hit the floor I motioned him to me with my finger. As he climbed in I told him to get on his back and get ready. I climbed on the bed and straddled his head and lowered my balls to his mouth. He opened his mouth and took both my balls in, caressing them with his tongue. I took my cock and rubbed it all over his face and head. I could feel him breathing deep and inhaling my scent.

I rose up on my knees and turned around so I could see Don’s body and lowered my ass back to his face. He went straight for my ass with his tongue. I bent forward and lowered my face to his groin. I started biting and nibbling the inside of his legs bringing my face closer and closer to his ass. He was really squirming around on the bed now. I rolled him over on the bed so we switched positions, me on bottom and him on top. I told him to turn around and kiss me. He lay on my body and started at one ear and kissed his way around to the other. I took his head in my hands and brought his mouth to mine and kissed him deep. I told him I was ready to feel his tight ass on my cock. I grabbed a bottle of lotion from the bedside table and handed it to Don. Don took the lotion and squeezed into his hand and dropped his hand to my cock and spread the lotion from top to bottom. Then he slid his ass down till my cock came to rest between the cheeks of his ass. Don raised up and placed the head of my cock at his ass. He started to lower himself. With just the head of my cock in his ass he stopped. I bucked just a little, pushing my cock in just a little bit more. He gasped and moaned. He lowered himself more and more till he had the whole 9.5″ in him. I couldn’t believe he had taken my whole cock so quickly.

I started to move my hips, I must have been doing the right thing because he was moaning and whimpering. He started to mumble about hitting places he’d never had hit before. He became incoherent and started mumbling again and pushed down on my cock driving it further into his manhole. I pulled his mouth to mine and kissed him deep and rolled us over so I was on top. I pulled out until just my cock head was in his ass. I took one ankle in each hand pulled his legs up high and wide. I asked Don if he was ready, all he could do was grunt. I told him to count to 3. When Don got to 3 I plunged my cock all the way in his ass to my balls. I pulled out again and plunged back in and got a real good rhythm going, in and out and rotating my hips. I wanted him to remember forever this afternoon. I could feel the cum building in my balls as I pounded deeper and deeper with each thrust. I leaned over and told him I was fixing to cum and planted my mouth on his so he his screams wouldn’t get any unwanted attention. When I started to cum I kept my cock all the way in his ass. I shot my load in his ass and could feel it oozing out around my cock. I rose back up and started to jack his cock. After he shot his load I pulled out and wiped the jizm from my cock and wiped up his and raised my hand to his mouth. He took it like a man in the desert takes water. I rolled off him to the side and just lay there watching him come back to earth. When he had recomposed himself I asked him if he wanted to shower. He nodded and we headed to the shower. We cleaned each other squeaky clean, redressed in our swimsuits and headed back to the pool.

Now for a little about me, my name is Tyrone but all my friends call me Ty. I’m 32, 6’4″, 235, and very dark skinned and I come equipped with a 9.5″ manhole pleaser that’s almost as big around as a coke can. I work for a large construction company and travel a good bit with my job. When we reclaimed our lounge chairs Don told me about him, 28 years old, 5’10 and 160 pounds. He told me was single and loved to party. I nodded and told him I could see that first hand. We got better acquainted and were still talking when one of the desk clerks came and told me I had a phone call and gave me the message. I told Don I had to make a call and asked him what room he was in. He told me he wasn’t staying here, he just came to use the pool, his uncle was the hotel manager and he let him come down and use the pool. I gave him my cell number told him to call me and maybe he could show me around while I was in town. He just smiled and nodded.

I got back to room and made a few calls. I looked at the time and it was almost 6:30. I was starting to get hungry. I unpacked so I could get dressed for supper. I decided on the same 501’s I had worn down on the flight and a sheer red t-shirt and my cowboy boots. I got the names of some local places from the desk and headed out. I had just gotten in the car when my phone rang. It was Don and he asked if I wanted to meet up with him and a friend and see the sights. He told me about a friend of theirs place. He gave me directions and he said they could walk from their place and they’d meet me there. It took about 30 minutes to get there and they were waiting when I got there. When I got out the car I could tell from Don and Carlos reaction they were liked my outfit. Carlos was almost a twin of Don except for about 20 pounds more muscle and shoulder length hair. They had already gotten a table in the corner and it was very private. The table was circular with about 1/4 removed for entry and exit with a table cloth that hung to the floor. The restaurant was pretty much lit by candlelight. I slid in and Don and Carlos positioned themselves on either side.

When we ordered Carlos ordered a bottle of wine to go with dinner. I’m not much of a drinker so I told the boys I’d be designated driver and for them to have a blast. As we ate and they drank they started to get more and more bold. Carlos slid a little closer and dropped his hand on my knee and just let it rest there. Don slid up on the other side and started to play with my nipple. Don whispered in my ear for me to put my hands on the back of the bench. Carlos had started running his hand up and down the inside of my leg from knee to right below my basket. I felt one of their hands at my fly working the buttons, don went to my ear telling me to lay back and enjoy myself. Carlos slid away from me, I thought he was going to the bathroom but he disappeared under the table. Don told me raise my ass as Carlos slid my jeans down to my ankles. Don reached under the table and took my cock in his hand and Carlos took my balls in his mouth. Don handed Carlos his wine glass and Carlos took a big swing of the wine and again took my balls in his mouth and swished them and swallowed the wine. About this time Jonah, our waiter, came back. When he came up he said it looked like we had everything we needed. Carlos finally took my cock in his mouth. He started by licking up and down the big vein under my cock and then took the head in his mouth. He swirled his tongue round the head and was slurping. I dropped one hand under the table and placed it on the back of Carlos head. I closed my hand in his hair and started to encourage him. Don reached under the table and spread my legs wider and ran his hand up to beneath my balls and started to play there. Carlos had taken almost my whole 9.5″ when I held his head and hunched my hips shoving the rest of my cock down his throat and held him there. This mans mouth was awesome, he didn’t gag on my cock a bit. I reset my grip and started to fuck his face. Don was encouraging me to cum in his mouth. I held on tighter and started to pump his head up and down on my cock. When I reached the point of cumming I held Carlos head down. I felt his lips around the base of my cock as I shot my load down his throat. After I finished shooting my load I pulled his head up until just my head was in his mouth and I told him to clean me up with his mouth and tongue then button my jeans back up.

When we all retained our composure Carlos reappeared at my side. He was still licking his lips when he came back up from under the table. Carlos went on to tell me this was a private club for a select clientele. We finished up and left. They asked if I had anything planned. I told them no but I did get some places names from the desk clerk. Carlos told me those were for the tourist, they would show a time I’d never forget.

We got in my car with don giving me directions. After what seemed like forever we finally arrived at a warehouse from all outward appearances. Carlos hoped out of the backseat and run up to the roll up door and knocked. He was talking to somebody, then he ran back and the door started to open. The place was full of cars. I whipped in a space and put the top up. I followed Carlos and don to a door and we started up some steps. As we climbed I started to hear music and people. When we hit the landing and went thru the next door I saw a room full of people and lights. You’d never had known from the outside what was inside. We were met at the door by a magnificent specimen of a man. Don introduced me and said I was a friend in town for a convention. Anthony, the doorman, shook my hand and said any friend of don’s was a friend of his and if I needed anything don’t hesitate to find him, he would take care of any problem I had. We got to the dance floor and didn’t have a problem finding a spot seeing as this was midweek. Carlos started dancing and I followed suit. He could really move, really got into the rhythm. His dance was very sensual, kind of like come fuck me. We got thru 2 or 3 fast songs and I was beginning to work up a sweat. A slow song came on and I started to head for the table, Carlos grabbed my hand and said we’ll sit out the next one. Carlos came to me and put his arms around me and slid his hands in my back pockets. I pulled him close and grabbed his head in my hands and pulled his lips to mine. He started to suck my tongue like he had sucked my dick earlier. I dropped one hand to the waist of his pants and slid it down the crack of his ass. I got my finger in Carlos ass crack and used my fingernail and went lower and lower till I found his little rosebud. I used my fingernail to tease from below his balls back to his little pucker. I did this over and over. Carlos loved it, he had stopped sucking my tongue and had buried his head in my shoulder. About this time Don came up behind me and put his arms around me and grabbed my cock. He got one hand in my jeans and pointed my cock up while he kissed Carlos. Don used the other hand to massage my cock thru the denim. As the song ended we untwined and went to set down. Don told Carlos to come with him and told me they would be right back. They had no sooner left when Anthony came up and sat down. When he came up he looked at me and said he was going to have to talk to them boys. He slid in next to me and put his hand in my lap. Carlos and don then walked back up and told Anthony to lay off and go back to work.

After Anthony left Don and Carlos said it was time to go. As we went out the door Anthony slid his hand in my pocket and told me to call him later. When we got back to the car Don asked me if I wanted to go to my place or there’s. I said lets go to yours and he told me to drive. The whole time they were giving directions Don had his hand in my lap. When we got to there place they showed me to their apartment. When we got inside I pulled Carlos to me and kissed him deep. I separated from Carlos and told them we needed to get naked. I told them I wanted to watch them and then they could strip me. I stood back as they started, first the shirts, then the pants and finally their briefs. I told them it was their turn to strip me. I told them first to go is the boots, one knelt in front and the other knelt is the back. Carlos was in front and I raised my foot for him to remove the first boot, don was in back so I lifted the other foot for him. I had Don kneel behind me and unbutton my fly while Carlos kissed each spot as Don opened button by button. Carlos pushed up my shirt and started licking out my navel, getting the dried sweat from the club. As Carlos was kissing and licking my stomach don was opening my fly. Carlos dropped lower and lower nibbling and licking. Don got my jeans undone and Carlos reached around and helped don pull them down. As they pushed them down Don worked on my backside and Carlos worked on the front. When they got them down past my hips Carlos grabbed the cheeks of my ass and massaged them and pulled them apart so Don could work his tongue in the crack of ass. They pushed my jeans to the floor and I lifted first one foot then the other so they could get my jeans off completely. After I tossed them to the side the boys got started again. Don started under my balls in the back and Carlos started at the front. Don licked my hole and Carlos was sucking my balls, damn these boys were a fine team. Don started running his tongue over the cheeks of my ass and Carlos let my balls escape from his mouth and started to nibble at my cock and scratch it with his teeth, up and down the whole length. My legs were starting to get weak, I told the boys we needed to retire to a more comfortable place. Don looked at me and told me no clothes allowed in the bedroom as they pulled my shirt from my body leaving us all naked.

Each one got a hand and led me down the hall and into their room. Carlos then told me to lie down and let them do the work. I lay down in the middle of the bed and put the pillow under my head. Carlos started at my ears and Don started at my toes. Carlos sucked on my earlobes and then moved around to my lips as Don sucked one toe then the other on each foot. Then he partially opened his mouth and drug his teeth up the inside of my legs stopping at each knee. When Don got my knees he stopped and started licking the back of them. Carlos in the meantime had dropped down to my underarm and buried his nose deep in my armpit and alternated licking, sucking and smelling my armpits. Carlos then dropped down to my nipple and sucked one then the other as he lightly ran his fingernails down my abdomen to just above my cock. He took my hard nipples in his mouth and rolled them back and forth. By this time Don had got to my balls and was giving them a real good tongue bath. He was sucking them in his mouth and then licking off his slobber.

I told Carlos to straddle my body. When he got in position I pulled his mouth to mine and kissed him deep. I reached around him and pulled his ass cheeks apart. I snapped my fingers to get Dons attention and motioned for him to work on Carlos ass. I told Carlos to slide down a little until his ass was about even with my groin. Don moved up and started to rim Carlos hole. I told Don to get Carlos hole good and wet. After Don had rimmed and slobbered on Carlos hole I told Don to place my cockhead at the entrance. Carlos stiffened up as I told him I wanted him to fuck himself with my cock. Carlos started to lower himself till my cock had gotten just past his ass ring. He stopped to get used to the thickness, his ass was like a vise. I reached up to his nipple as he started to lower himself, slowly he lowered himself till he had taken about 5 fat inches of my cock in his tight little man pussy. I took his head in my hands and pulled his mouth to mine and kissed him deep, sweat beads had started to pop out on his forehead. I pushed Carlos back to a sitting position and told him to fuck himself with the rest of my cock. Don came up behind Carlos and started to kiss his neck and shoulders as Carlos started to lower himself again. When Carlos had taken all but about 2 inches he stopped again. I pulled him to me again and kissed him and told him he could do it. When i felt his hole relax I started to move my hips, round and round, in and out. I stroked my cock in and out of his a couple times. I asked him if he was ready and he shook his head yes. I hunched my hips up burying my cock in his ass to my balls.

I hope the rest of my trip is as memorable as the first day.

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