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My Teenage P.A.

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Starting a successful home business is a hard thing, that’s for sure. There were many obstacles and difficulties when I started, but now the ‘Watson & Co.’ is a popular branding. Being an entrepreneur is not easy, let alone when the ‘& Co.’ part of your brand is nonexistent.

That’s right. There is no one else helping in managing the company but myself. Alexander Watson worked solo.

Well not really, I do most of the things myself but I do need help now and then. That’s why I hired a personal assistant when my company started to become highly sort after.

Like I said, I run a home business. Everything is done here at my home. Which means I tend to be indoors a lot. I don’t go outdoors much but I’m pretty active at home. My home , or mansion more like, has three bedrooms (one huge master bedroom for myself and then two guest rooms) all with their own private bathrooms. My own small gym is were I work out at least three times a week. Then there is the usual stuff; kitchen, dining room, study, office and lounge.

I live alone for some unknown reason. You’d that a good-looking man in his mid 30s who happens to be a millionaire would have people falling for him. Weirdly, I don’t. Maybe cause I don’t go out much.

But then again, I’m not looking for any sort of relationship. You could say I’m an attractive man. I don’t have those abs that women seemed to be obsessed about, but I’m pretty toned. I’m 5’9″ and I’m of Moroccan descent, which explains my slightly hazel eyes. My skin is naturally a colour close to hazel, I’m not even sure what it is to be frank.

So you’d think, why aren’t the chicks rolling out? I dunno. I’m won’t call myself gay, but I won’t call myself straight either. Don’t even know if I am bisexual since I’ve only had sexual experiences with women.

I do sometimes watch a gay porn flick once my assistant goes home. Mostly of twinks, since I think I have developed a fetish toward younger men. This does explain why I do sometimes feel a twitch now and then, when my assistant occasionally happens to bend over to pick up a fallen object.

If you’re confused, my assistant is young man. Can’t call him a boy anymore since he turned 18 a few weeks ago. I hired Luke for an internship at the beginning of the year, after showing his resourcefulness on a number of occasions, I decided to offer him a job as my personal assistant. Which he gladly accepted, by the way.

He may be just 18, but Luke is one of the most talented people I know. He is an IT genius, completely thorough with everything technical-related. Not only does he have brains but he is gifted naturally as well.

I wouldn’t be lying if I said he had a nice ass. Like I mentioned, it’s a complete turn on when he bends down, resisting the urge to run across the room and grope his ass is definitely hard.

Luke is very attractive, with his wavy semi-blonde hair and his athletic body. Oh yeah, Luke plays football too.

Casually I began to develop fantasies of Luke. It went to the point where I inserted a dildo into myself while calling his name out. He was a regular part of my masturbation fantasies, I most commonly imagined him fucking me relentlessly while I was bent over my office table.

Being in the same room with him became hard as he seemed to always be in a position where his body seemed strangely erotic. Or my mind might have started to portray anything in a perverted manner.

This continued for the next few days until one day Luke request to take the rest of the day off.

“It’s the middle of our peak hour, clients will be contacting us a lot soon. What happened Luke?”

“Well, Mr. Watson, I happen to be feeling a bit strange today.”

“What do you mean?”

“I honestly don’t know what’s happening to me. I must be feeling tired. I think I just need to sleep for a bit.”

“You can go home if you’d like to, but do you think you still have it in you to wait till this hour finishes. Then we will be pretty much done for the day.”

“Of course, Mr. Watson. I can handle the dizziness for 20 minutes.”

“Are you sure? Don’t stress yourself, if you need to go home it’s completely fine with me. Your health is the priority”

“No no. I’m confident I can work for the remaining 20 minutes.”

“Alright then. Just finish those papers and you can call it a day. How’s that sound?”

“Great! Thank you Mr. Watson.”

I smiled and faced my laptop to finish typing a draft manifesto for an upcoming event. Luke returned to his desk to resume filing and sorting a small stack of papers.

Luke didn’t usually use his chair, he was usually standing around his desk and only sit down when he used the laptop. I was going to tell him to sit down when he suddenly grunted and staggered a bit.

I rushed over and quickly helped him sit on his chair.

“Luke, you should’ve told me you were feeling this bad. You shouldn’t have worked at all today. Sit back and breathe deeply, I’ll fetch you something you to eat.”

Luke mumbled a thank you while I scurried off into kitchen. I quickly rushed back with a jar of water, some orange juice and some assorted fruits.

“Here you go, drink some juice first. You need the energy. Fluids are vital, I remember you telling me about it.”

Luke drank the glass of juice in one go and started munching on the fruits. I went back into the kitchen to refill the glass with more juice, only to come back to find the entire assorted fruit bowl emptied.

I handed him the glass which he drank just as quickly and he then pour himself some water so that he could hydrate himself.

“Luke, were you starved? You ate it all so fast. Feeling any better?”

“I didn’t know I was that hungry. I’m feeling much better. Thanks Mr. Watson.”

“Call me Alex. You know me well enough already. I’m sure of it. It’s pretty ridiculous to keep calling me ‘Mr. Watson’. Alex will be fine.”

“Then thanks Alex. Don’t worry, I’ll leave soon. You probably have plans for the evening.”

“Luke I can’t let you go home after that. You need to rest. I’ll call your parents to come pick you up. And you just relax and stop stressing yourself about me. I have no plans tonight.”

With that I carefully escorted Luke out of the study and into the lounge where he sat on my massive couch while flipping through the TV channels. I called his parents to let them know what was going on.

“Guess what Luke?”

“What Mr. Wat- Alex?”

“You’re going to be spending the night over.”

“What happen to my parents?”

“They said they are leaving town in a few minutes. They told me you knew about it. You apparently forgot to take the house key with you when you came for work today. So there is no way for you to get into your house even if I drive you home.”

“Oh … I guess I’m going to be crashing on your couch then?”

“Definitely not. You can’t sleep on the couch. It won’t be comfortable for you. Please, choose between my guest rooms. You’re not my employee anymore, working hours are over. Now you are my guest and guests are treated as highly as I can treat them.”

“Oh wow. Thanks Alex. This is very kind of you.”

“It’s the least I could do. What would you like for dinner? I wasn’t prepared for guests but I do happen to have roast lamb, does that sound appetizing?”

“It does. That’s actually my favourite. I’d love some.”

“Alright then, you watch some TV while I heat it up.”

I readied the table just as I would for any guest, with lining and cutlery you’d find only in the best restaurants. Then I placed the lamb on the table as well as some vegetables, couscous, a bowl of lebanese rice, some mashed potatoes and a classic green salad.

‘Dinner’s served Luke. Need me to help you up?”

“It’s fine. I can manage.”

I knowingly expressed a sign of concern on my face.

“I promise Alex. I am not stressing myself out. I am feeling heaps better.”

Luke’s face lit up when he saw the dining table. It warmed my heart to see him appreciate such a simple thing as a meal.

I could tell he ate well since happen to go for seconds and he definitely seemed content when I placed a pudding container on the table, even though it’s left over.

“Sorry Luke, but I don’t have any pudding cups at all and this is leftover too. I hope it doesn’t bother you. If you want I could quickly go and buy you something from the local bakery. I’m sure it won’t close yet.”

“No this is great. I eat this from the container too. It’s totally fine Alex. You’re the one stressing now.”

There was a small spark in his eyes that always seemed to glimmer. I smiled and handed him a spoon.

While we both ate the pudding it hit to me that I was actually eating dinner with Luke. The star of my many erotic gay fantasies. This could be classified as date even though Luke didn’t know it was. But then again, I called him my guest. Not my love.

I then remembered that I handed served any drinks and I knew exactly what to do.

“Luke, would you fancy some wine?”

“Would I fancy some wine, eh? Well, wine is indeed very fancy. Sure. I’d love some”

I chuckled and then headed back into the kitchen. I came out with two glasses and a bottle of limited edition French red wine.

Luke was impressed for sure as I poured him and I some wine.



“Can I say the toast?”

“I thought you’d never ask. Of course. Go ahead.”

“Okay then … To life, and those friends we cherish; the ones we always have for support. But mostly, to our bond.”

I felt touched by his words.

“To our bond.”

“Cheers Alex, and again, thanks so much.”

“You don’t have to thank me. Come on. Let’s take the wine upstairs, I’ll show you the best guest room.”

Luke grabbed his glass while I grabbed mine and the bottle and lead him upstairs to where all the bedrooms are.

I lead him into the larger guest room and stayed silently as he observed the room in amazement.

“Is this where your chicks stay?”

“Chicks? No.”

Luke turned to face me. Curiosity in his beautiful eyes.

“You’re gay then?”

“Think so. Never had done anything with a guy though.”

“You’ve never had sex?”

“Of course I have. With women. When I was around your age. It’s been a while since I haven’t been sexually active with another person.”

“Oh. So your guys don’t stay here then?”

“Hahah, there are no chicks and there are no guys. I haven’t dated someone in years. Only people to sleep in these rooms where my family members and the occasional friends.”

“I hope I don’t seem to be invading your privacy? But do you’re family know that you are gay?”

“Not at all Luke. It’s fine. I’m an open book really, just no one has the interest of opening me. Well, I haven’t told them but I’m sure they assume so. Like I said, I haven’t dated someone in years, they probably thing I’m hooking up with guys all the time.”

“Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were. You’re pretty damn fine for a 36 year old man.”

I laughed but on the inside my brain was in a frenzy. Did Luke just compliment me? I felt my dick start to harden. I managed to resist a full erection but my dick was semi-hard.

“Lemme get you some clothes.”

“No it’s fine Alex. I sleep nude most of the time.”

“What a coincidence? I do too. But you’ll need some clothes for tomorrow. After all you are wearing a shirt and trousers. Tomorrow is Saturday. You won’t be wearing that.”

“Today is Friday? I forgot what the date was.”

“Make yourself at home. I’ll fetch you something that’s your size.”

Luke was around 6″ so I knew he would be able to fit into some of the baggy clothes I owned. I scanned my t-shirts till I found one that was definitely larger than my usual ones and I chose a pair of shorts which I thought would be his size.

When I returned to the guest room, Luke was on the king size bed wearing only his briefs and watching a film on the plasma screen. I tried not to stare but I think Luke sensed my gaze as he then stretched out his leg exposing the length of his dick which seemed to be semi-erect.

I instantly felt a hard on. I quickly placed the clothes on a chair in the room.

“Good night Luke. I’ll check on how you’re doing later on during the night as well.”

“Thanks Alex, and trust me. I swear I’m fine. I’m feeling great.”

I smiled and closed the room door after hastily exiting.

As I made my way to my own room, the bulge in my trousers became increasingly obvious. I closed the door and stripped naked before heading into the shower.

As the hot water fell onto my body, I closed my eyes and let the warmth of the water caress my body. While I stood in the shower with my eyes closed, I imagined Luke walking into the bathroom and joining me in the shower.

My erect dick needed some attention, it was begging for it. I rubbed the head as I continued to imagine Luke walk into the shower and spoon me from behind. As I imagined his dick rubbing against my ass, I felt my orgasm near. I opened my eyes and handled my dick with fast motions.

Within seconds my dick was shooting strands of cum onto the shower glass, I moaned in pleasure when I reached my peak.

I stayed in the shower for a few more minutes before drying myself clean. I didn’t wear pajamas, only when I had guests did I put them on. Although I didn’t feel like wearing them, knowing I’d have to check up on Luke later, so I put on some loose briefs and climbed into bed.

The sudden siren of my alarm woke me up around 2am. I quickly stopped it, thinking it would wake Luke.

I silently made my way down the hallway. When I came to his room, I carefully opened the door without making any sounds.

The night light was on, so it was bright enough to see Luke was sleeping on the bed. He was under the quilt so I couldn’t see his body at all.

I tiptoed to his bed and with much caution checked his temperature, which was fine. Then I turned to see he’d drunk most of the fluids I’d told him to drink before he sleeps. After doing some more simple checks, I was confident that he was fine and I exited the room, making sure I silently closed the door.

I went back into my room, closed the door and checked my phone. There were a few messages related to work which would have to wait for Monday.

Suddenly, I heard the doorknob turn. I quickly turned off my phone and tucked myself underneath the quilt with my back to the door.

I could see a shadow as the light from the hallway was projected on the wall. I was sure the shadow belonged to Luke, I’d notice that hairstyle anyway.

I heard the door close. I didn’t know if Luke had left or if he was in my room.

I stayed still and listened for any movement or breathing behind me. I managed to hear the very slight sound of footsteps making their way toward the bed.

I felt the quilt being lifted and I felt Luke lay on the bed. He then shuffled so that my back was only inches from his chest.

I felt his arm make its way over my body and spoon me into him. My heart began to race as his dick was now pressed against my briefs.

Luke’s head was slowly but obviously making its way toward mine. I felt him peck my neck a few times before he made his way to my ear.

He started sucking my ear and licking it. I resisted moaning with everything I had in me.

He suddenly stopped.

“Alex, you’re awake aren’t you?”

I said silent for a few seconds.

“Yeah. I am.”

Luke immediately threw the quilt away and was on-top of me.

“Lets have sex.”

He wasn’t asking me a question. He was making a statement. His eyes still had that spark but they were fired up and filled with lust.


He grinned upon hearing my reply and I felt his lips touch mine. He was trying to dominate my mouth even though I didn’t open it.

I slowly opened my mouth just enough for him. Seizing the opportunity, Luke forced my mouth open and I felt his tongue down my throat.

My dick fired up. Blood rushed to it like a jolt of electricity.

Adrenaline kicked in and I kissed him back.

My tongue found its way down his throat and made him moan into the kiss.

Sensing Luke’s vulnerability, I pushed him onto the bed and climb on-top him. Kissing him ignited my sexual desires. I started kissing his neck to the point his moaning became continuous.

Luke pulled off my briefs in one go and started to give me head. The touch of his tongue on my dick was heaven. I moaned as he made sure to concentrate on the sensitive skin of my dick.

“Oh fuuucccck. Luke …. Fuccccckkkkk.”

He started to play with my asshole. His finger brushed against the hole, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

He pointed his finger in my direction while deep throating my dick. I quickly sucked it enough to lubricate it with my saliva.

As I lay face up on the bed, I spread my legs to allow his finger entry. Although, he kept teasing my hole by brushing his finger along it and only applying little pressure.

Then he forcefully pushed his finger in. I didn’t feel any pain since I already use a dildo on a regular basis but I was a bit shocked by the sudden penetration of his finger.

While still giving me the best oral of my life, Luke quickly realized that I was adjusted to one finger.

He added another and finger fucked me to the point where my vision blurred to the extremely pleasure he gave me by brushing his fingers against my prostate.

My dick started to tense down his throat and I felt my orgasm nearing.

“I’m …. gon-gonna cum … soon … aahhh fuccccckkk.”

Luke started to take my dick down his throat faster and added another finger into my ass.

I felt a little pain but pleasure followed right after as he fingers were fucking me uncontrollably. His hand was a blur as his fingers were moving inside me at such a fast rate.

I rested my head on the bed and closed my eyes. My dick tensed and released strands of cum down Luke’s throat.

“Aahhhhhhh luukeee. Fuuccckkkk. Ohh yeaaahh. Luukeee.”

Luke fingers slowly exited my ass which felt a bit empty without them. I pushed Luke onto the bed and kissed him before making my way to his dick which was massive.

I kissed the head and licked it once, which made Luke moan.

I slowly devoured his dick, making sure I didn’t use any teeth and used as much of my tongue as possible.

Since this the first time I gave a guy a blow job, I had trouble deep throating at first but after a few minutes I managed to get his entire dick down my throat.

While my head was bobbing up and down his dick, trying to pleasure him as much as possible, I used my hands to massage his balls. I made sure to rub them a bit hard just like people do while masturbating.

“Oh shiiiitttt. Fuuuccccck. Fuuuuccccckkk.”

I continued to intensify the blow job by increasing the the rhythm I was at.

“Ohhh fuuuucccckkkk. Babe … Shiiittt. I’m gonna cum … Stop….. Need to fuck youuuu.”

I licked his dick once more and then kissed him with everything I had.

“Alex, you’re fucking amazing.”

I laughed and kissed him again.

Luke pushed me onto the bed and raised my legs into the air. I closed my eyes as I felt his tongue tease my hole.

“Oh fuccck. Lukkkee.”

I suddenly felt his tongue probe in and out of my hole. Pleasure filled my body. I couldn’t resist moaning. His tongue took me to a level of pleasure that I didn’t know existed.

After a few minutes of Luke eating my ass, he replaced his tongue with three fingers.

“Uhhhhhhh. Fuck. Luuuke.”

“Babe, do you have some lube?”

My bedside table was in reach so I just had to extend my hand a bit to open the drawer. I couldn’t see the bottle of lube but soon I felt around to find it.

I quickly grabbed it and handed it to Luke who wasted no time withdrawing his three fingers only to lube them up again and insert them. He made sure to coat my ass with lube whilst at the same time, coating his dick generously with lube.

“Do it Luke. I need you now.”

“You’re gonna love this Alex. Babe I’m going to fuck you so bad.”

“Why are you still talking? Give it to me baby.”

Luke knew I wanted it hard. He placed his dick right to my hole.

“I love you Alex.”

I looked at his loving eyes.

“I love you too Luke.”

He wasted no more time and pushed his whole dick in with one powerful thrust. I felt pain ripple through my body.

Luke didn’t let me adjust to the pain and started to thrust at a moderate pace. Somehow I managed not to scream out even though the pain was excruciating. Although he started to brush against my prostate so I felt the pain being replaced with pleasure.

Luke moaned as my anal sphincter tighten around his dick.

“You’re so fucking tight Alex. Fuuck. This feels so damn good.”

“Fuck me baby. Don’t hold back.”

Luke got turned on by my words and let out a little growl before relentlessly ramming my ass. I felt his balls slap my ass at a fast rhythm. His dick brushing against my prostate with every thrust.

I had to hold onto the sheets of the bed just to gain some posture and to be stable so that Luke could penetrate as deep as possible. Which he did.

“Harder … Fuck me harder!!”

“Aaahhh oh yeeaahhh.”

The thrust pace increased even more and Luke’s dick was moving inside me at a very fast pace. My vision started to blur as the pleasure increased to a mind lowing feat.

My dick started to throb and Luke wasted no time jacking me off while retaining the fast pace. His orgasm neared as he trusted inside me even harder.

“Aaaaahhhh. Aleeeexxx.”

I felt my balls tense and before I knew it cum was ejected onto my chest and Luke’s as well. Luke impaled me with one more vigorous thrust and I felt his hot cum being squirted inside my anus.

Luke didn’t move. I didn’t either. Our breathing was deep and loud. I felt Luke’s dick slowly pop out of my ass, resulting in an huge emptiness forming.

Luke placed his lips on mine. He kissed me. Kissed me with love this time and not passion. I kissed him back with the same loving.

Luke laid down on the bed, so that we were facing each other.

“Tonight was the best night of my life. Luke. Baby. I fucking love you.”

“I love you too. So fucking much.”

I kissed his beautiful lips as I ran my hands through his soft hair.

“Alex, I really meant it. I really do fucking love you.”

“Baby, I know. I may be twice your age, but just know you’re the best thing that’s happen to me. And I fucking meant it.”

“I want to be yours. I want to fuck you. I want you to fuck me. Breed in me. I want to feel your cum flowing from my ass down my legs. I want to do so much with you Alex.”

I kissed his cheek.

“Luke. I’m yours. Baby, I’m never letting you go. You’re always gonna be my number one priority. And don’t worry. I’ll fuck you soon but for now, let’s do something about your erection.

Luke didn’t realize it but he was sporting an erection again. We had sex again that night, Luke fucked me doggy style which was fun. I thought he fuck me hard before but that was nothing compared to this time.

He completely dominated me with his 9” dick. Mine was longer but that girth. He stretched me out that night. We woke up to find the sheets smelling of cum and sex.

We started our relationship officially that day, with shower sex no less. Just like I imagined the previous night, except this time it wasn’t a fantasy. It was real. Luke fuck my sore ass and then we made out again.

Work started to have a new aspect of fun. Being the business man I am, I knew business and pleasure shouldn’t be mixed. That didn’t stop us though.

Most of the time we worked naked, and tried to finish up as early as possible. Luke really knew how to turn me on and he knew exactly how to make our sex sessions all the more naughty.

One day after I finished my share of work he came over to my desk, threw all the papers ,that were stacked on the side of the desk, onto the floor. Then he fucked me doggy style on my desk, while I knew I’d have to arrange all the papers again, I was so fucking turned on. I told him to fuck me harder and harder, he would grab my hair on some occasions and completely destroy my ass.

Most of the time when I had to have business video meetings with other companies, I would only wear my shirt and tie since they only saw my chest and up. Luke would sometimes blow me during these meetings. I have no idea how but I managed not to moan or show any signs on my face.

Luke tongue was bliss and he knew it. I bet he wanted me to moan. As soon as I’d finish these meetings, I’d fuck his beautiful face.

* * * * * *

Luke and I had been dating for a few months now and he’d even told his parents about it. They were worried since we worked together but after we reassured them, they were completely fine about it.

My parents on the other hand were very welcoming before it even happened. Apparently my mother and father always knew I was gay and my mother suspected that I would fall for ‘the young attractive assistant’. She said she was certain that I hired Luke only based on his looks.

Luke and I managed to balance both work and pleasure. I upgraded Luke to Chief Operating Officer of my company. Our company. I renamed it ‘Watson & Hutcherson Communications’. This wasn’t only cause Luke was the love of my life, but also since he had done so much for the company. The success of it was very much thanks to Luke’s efforts.

I decided to do something special for our 6 month anniversary. I told Luke I rented a beach house and we were going up to the coast.

We took a break from work for the week and left on Friday night giving us a 9 day holiday. Luke was excited about it, he told me he got some sexy speedos to turn me on. I had my own little surprises for Luke too and they were going to happen throughout the trip.

Luke loved the house I hired which had one master bedroom, one cinema, a huge lounge, a game room, a dining room, kitchen, tennis court, pool and so much more. I held Luke’s hand and showed him around the house.

“Baby, Guess what?”

“Yeah Alex?”

“This house is yours.”

Luke looked at me like he heard me say something entirely shocking. His mouth opened a little.

“Did you just say- No way. Babe. Are you kidding me? Holy shit. No way.”

Seeing him this happy and excited warmed my heart. I pushed him against the kitchen counter and gentle kissed him.

I soon felt Luke’s growing bulge in his shorts.

“What have we got here?”

“Baby you know what you do to me.”

“Meet me near the pool in 2 minutes.”

I sprinted out and stripped down into a g-string I purchased just to show off to Luke. I then stood right near the pool just as Luke exited the house through the patio and saw me.

He started running toward me with a huge grin on his face, he stripped into his speedos which made my dick so hard. Damn he looked fine in them.

My hands were behind my back, as Luke came up to kiss me, I stepped back. Luke looked a bit hurt but mostly confused.

“Hold on a second. I’ll kiss you till your jaw hurts, but hear me out okay?”

“You just dissed my kiss. But fine.”

I looked at Luke’s young beautiful eyes. I knew he was still a young man. I knew our age difference was huge. I loved him. My love for him only grew each second.

“These past six months have been amazing, I’ve had the time of my life being with you. You’re such an amazing person, you make me feel so good just by the way you smile. I love you so much. I treasure each and every kiss. I love the way you hug me and never let go. And the sex. It’s mind blowing. I never thought I could be intimate on this level with anyone.”

I could see how touched Luke was. His smile was showing appreciation and gratitude.

“Luke you are best thing that ever happen to me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you since I can’t imagine it without you.”

I kneeled onto one leg and saw Luke’s eyes start to become watery. He was speechless. He was happy.

“Luke Hutcherson, will you marry me?”

Luca started grinning.

“Fuck yeah.”

I put the ring on his finger and pressed my lips on his mouth. We kiss with sheer passion for about half an hour. Luke then pushed me into the pool and dived in.

He wrapped his hands around me neck and his feet around my waist. While making out I slowly walked to the edge of the pool which over looked the beach. There was a beach party on the beach, I’d asked and funded the hosts if they could light fireworks. While they thought it was to make the night better, they didn’t know the real reason.

Luke broke the kiss and looked down onto the beach from the pool. He then looked back at me.

“Make love to me Alex.”

“How could I say no, my love?”

He kissed me whilst having a huge smile on his face.

Luke then turned around and lay his hands on the glass railing of the infinity pool. I quickly robbed him off his speedos and mine too.

Luke rested his head on his hands as I kissed his neck. I pissed my dick toward his hole. We didn’t have any foreplay but I knew he was ready.

I didn’t intend on fucking him, my whole intent was to make love to my new fiancé. I pushed the head of my dick inside Luke and he groaned.

“Aah babe, don’t go slow. I’ve been waiting for this for too long.”

“Baby don’t worry, I’ll give you everything I’ve got.”

My dick slowly went up Luke’s ass, his groaning only increased. I was soon moderately moving in and out of his ass.

“Fuck yeaah. Your ass is so tight baby. Ffuuuuuuccck.”

“Harder. Babe ram me. Fuck me. Aaah. Yeaah.”

Somewhere inside me, an animalistic instinct was turned on. Before you knew it, water resistance was no longer existent. I was ramming my dick up Luke’s ass. His moans only increased.

I looked into the sky and saw the fireworks start. Luke noticed and looked up too.

“I told you I’d make it special when I took your virginity.”

“Aaaahhhh. Alex I love you.”

I kept on thrusting inside Luke. My dick was longer than his so I knew his ass would be sore later.

“Fuuuck I’m gonna cum soon. Aaahhh.”

“Inside me. Babe, cum insssiiiiiii-aahhhhh-de me.”

I kept penetrating his ass until I felt my balls tense up. Then I violently rammed his ass as hard as I could when I came.

I kept my dick inside his ass while we both caught our breath and watched the fireworks.

“Luke, your ass is amazing. I’ve wanted to do that for so long. Your ass. Fucking beautiful.”

“I love you Alex.”

“I love you too Luke.”

I kissed his neck and rested my head on his shoulder as I spooned him from behind. I rode Luke’s dick later that night. Our trip basically was our engagement honeymoon, if that even is a real thing. We went skinny dipping and I fucked him in the ocean.

We couldn’t wait to start our new life together. Both business-wise and pleasure.

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