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My Son’s College Friend

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I was working from home today, when the doorbell rang. It was Gary, my son’s friend from the local community college they both attended.

“Hi Gary, Bobby’s not home right now, but I expect him shortly,” I said. “You are welcome to wait for him.”

“I think I will do that Mr. Thomas, thanks,” Gary replied to me.

“Call me Jack, ok Gary?”

“Sure thing then, Jack.”

I told Gary I was doing some work in my computer room, if he cared to join me there. We both walked back to my spare bedroom I converted into a sometimes office. Gary took a chair as I took up where I left off. I think Gary was getting bored just sitting there, so he stood up and was looking over my shoulder to see what I was typing.

Gary had been wearing a pair of trunks and a t-shirt that day. When he was so close to me I could smell his man scent. It was making me a bit uncomfortable, but I couldn’t say anything to him.

I then turned around to try and make conversation. My eyes were pointed directly at Gary’s crotch. Gary was definitely well endowed, from what I could see. He was only wearing a jock strap under his shorts, but they were bulging. Gary’s cock was only inches from my face,

I think Gary was about to say something, when he looked down at me. My eyes were hypnotized at the sight of his cock. Gary then realized why I had been so quiet.

We both seemed to be frozen there, when Gary finally broke the ice. He reached inside the waistband of his jock and slowly pulled it down until his jock and shorts fell to the floor.

His monster cock had sprung free. He was thick and at least eight inches long. He also had this huge cockhead that was leaking pre-cum. Gary took his cock in his hand and slowly began to stroke it in front of me.

Gary looked directly into my eyes and started to push his cock towards my mouth. I don’t know what came over me right then, I had never been attracted to men this way. I parted my lips and he pushed that thick shaft down my throat. I was gagging, trying to accept all of his meat. Gary wasn’t about to let me back off, however.

He reached behind my head and held me in place. He started stroking faster now, making me take all of him. Eventually I was able to take him all the way to the root. That is when Gary went wild on my mouth. His balls were slapping into my chin as he made me accept that young fuck pole of his.

“Suck me Jack, you know you want it!”

I did want it, craved it actually. I reached up between his asscheeks and slid a finger into his asshole. Gary started bucking like a bronco. He fucked my face so hard, my jaw was hurting.

There was one final grunt and then Gary blew his huge load down my throat. I was gobbling his cum, gulping for dear life. I couldn’t believe someone could have that much seed in him! Cum was dripping from the corners of my mouth. Gary never stopped pumping me until he was sure I had the last drops of load down my belly.

When Gary pulled away, his cock fell out of my mouth with a plopping sound. Gary then helped me up to my feet. He took me over to the small bed I had in the computer room. I thought he wanted to suck me right then, but I was wrong.

He pushed me back onto the mattress, lifting my legs up by my ankles. I knew what he was after and I tried to stop him. I went to work myself free, but he had me right on the edge, my ass exposed to him.

“No Gary, not that!” I said.

He said nothing, but he worked the nozzle of his cock right up to my ass. The head was still slick from all the cum that I drank. I looked down in horror, as he began to push it in. The pain was intense, I never experienced anything like that in my rectum before.

He stretched my hole as he pushed deeper into me. My ass tunnel was barely able to accommodate all that cock. I saw his sacs dangling down from his thick pole. There were two egg shaped balls getting closer to my ass.

I winced as he slowly pushed into me, his balls pressed against my cheeks. Then the hard part began. Gary fed me all of that monster down my shitter. He built up his pace and fucked the hell out of me. I was begging for him to stop or slow down, but he wouldn’t.

That snake he called a cock was in me to the root. I could hear a slurping sound as he entered me somewhat easier now. Gary grunted as he took my ass, he gave me a pounding that I wouldn’t soon forget. He ground his enormous snake into my tunnel, fucking me relentlessly.

“I am getting close now Jack,” Gary informed me.

His python began spitting out a huge amount of seed. I was tight around him, milking it all out into my greedy ass. It felt like someone was spraying my insides with fiery, hot liquid. Gary kept feeding me and I gobbled all his seed up. After maybe ten minutes, Gary was done.

His cock slipped out of my drenched hole. I reached down and felt the globs of cum as they dribbled out of me, and down my ass crack. I was spent now and so was Gary.

It was great timing in fact, as we heard a vehicle pulling up the driveway. We both hurried and dressed, only to find it was my son, Bobby arriving.

Gary smiled at me and said, “You are almost as good sucking and fucking my cock as Bobby is.”

I looked at him with shock in my eyes!

It seems Gary is very busy with my son and me. It also seems I have a lot to talk to Bobby about. I expect I am far from finished with having Gary’s cock as well.

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