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My Sister’s Friend

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I hadn’t seen my sister for quite awhile, so when she called saying she wanted to come over with a girlfriend, I was pleasantly surprised. She told me the girl was a friend from college and she was wondering if I could put her up for the night while they were in town. I had no problem with that, it would be nice to have some company around for a change.

The two of them arrived as planned and I was immediately taken by the striking figure, and beauty of my sisters friend. Her breasts were incredibly full and she displayed them proudly along with the rest of her well figured body in her tight outfit. I found out her name was Jennifer, and we immediately hit it off. She was very warm and personable and I was truly enjoying her company. The three of us started watching videos and eating popcorn and drinking the blender full of daiquiris that I was mixing up. As the evening progressed I started making each batch stronger than the one before. We were all really enjoying each others company and with the help of the alcohol, the conversation quickly turned to one of a sexual nature. We all started sharing past experiences, fantasies, and favorite positions and it seemed that Jennifer and I seemed to have a lot of the same taste when it came to sex.

As the night got later we all changed into our night clothes. I slipped into a long, loose football jersey and nothing else. My sister put on pajamas and Jennifer slipped into an oversized t-shirt and panties. I just couldn’t get over the size of her breasts. They were so large and full. It was obvious she was braless under her shirt and yet they still seemed quite firm and perky. The combination of seeing her, the alcohol and my practically nude state left me moist and horny. I was already looking forward to my vibrator and my fantasy of Jennifer and I together, once we all turned in.

“My sister never could handle her alcohol” I said as she passed out on the sofa.

“I guess it’s just you and me now” Jennifer said, looking at me with raised eyebrows.

‘Could she be coming on to me?’ I asked myself. I was hoping so, and would definitely do all I could to make something happen between us. The video that was now on was a lesbian porno and the action on the screen was starting to really heat up.

“Its just not fair” Jennifer proclaimed out of nowhere.

“What’s that?” I ask her.

“Between watching this video and seeing you practically naked here…it makes it awfully hard to keep myself from attacking you.”

Well, the offer was on the floor, now all I had to do was act on it. “Well I’m not stopping you…please, help yourself.”

She looked at me and smiled, then got up out of her chair and came over towards me on the love seat. My heart started racing as she approached. My sister was fast asleep on the couch, and the thought of her possibly waking up and finding us in each others arms just added to the level of excitement that was currently building.

She stood in front of me and straddled my legs with hers, my hands went to her hips and then slowly up her sides. I could feel my juices starting to flow, I wanted to get my hands on her breasts so bad. She slid herself close to me and pulled my face to hers. Her body moved slowly back and forth against mine and she started kissing my forehead, than my cheeks, than full on the lips.

Her mouth was moist and warm as our tongues found each other. My hands found their way under her shirt as I caressed her back and shoulders, she felt so good. Her breathing intensified as my hands moved to her front and on to her breasts. I moved my hands over and around the fullness of her breasts, squeezing and caressing them, they were so large and round, god they were beautiful. She reacted strongly as I caressed them.

“My breasts are very sensitive” she tells me as she starts rubbing her torso against me. “Squeeze my nipples…you feel so good” she coos.

I stroke the sides of her breasts under her shirt with my fingertips until I reach her nipples. Her nipples are hard and erect and stand out firm from her breasts. I fantasize licking and sucking them as I roll them between my fingers.

“Oh god, that feels so good…” she tells me.

Her reaction to my touch is very intense and a huge turn on for me. Her hands go to her shirt and she pulls it off of her in one swift motion. I now see the beauty of her large breasts in front of me. They are very large, rounded and full and her nipples are big, large and thick. Never have I ever seen anything like them. They are so beautiful. Jennifer falls forward towards me, resting her elbows on the upper part of the love seat, her long hair cascading down over both of us as her breasts dangle in front of my face.

I take each of them in both my hands and squeeze them together as my mouth moves over one of the erect nipples. As I suck it into my mouth as Jennifer cries out in passion. Her reaction is unbelievable as I suck and lick one and then the other, squeezing and caressing her breasts, sucking and licking them all over, her nipples into my mouth, teasing them with my tongue. Her cries of passion and heavy breathing fill the room as I can feel her body tensing, her hips starting to undulate back and forth into me as I continue to lick just the tips of her nipples with my tongue.

“OHHHH god….I’m cummmming” she softly cries out as her body collapses against mine, burying my face between her breasts, pulling me close to her as my hands move down her back and caress her sexy ass then back to her breasts. She leans back trying to catch her breath, her hair in her face.

I move the hair out of her way and she smiles at me and says “I told you they were sensitive.”

I smile back and snicker, telling her that I had heard of women who could cum from someone sucking their breasts but that I had never met one, much less been with one.

“You are so sexy, so hot and so incredible” I tell her.

She just smiles back and says “you don’t know how bad I want you right now”.

I glance over at my sister who never moved an inch and say “do you want to stay here or go up to my room”.

“Lets go to your room, we don’t have to be so careful that way, I tend to get vocal when I get excited.”

So, hand in hand, I lead her quietly up the stairs to my bedroom. When we arrive we turn towards each other at the side of my bed and I rub my fingers up and down her arms. I then slip her panties down her legs to the floor as she steps out of them. Her naked beauty is breathtaking. She reaches for my shirt and slips it out over my head, now I too am naked in front of her.

“You are beautiful” she tells me as she reaches for my erect nipples.

I close my eyes and tilt my head back, enjoying her soft touch. She pulls herself close to me, our breasts touch. My ample 38C’s seem small against her 48 Double D’s. We start rubbing ourselves against each other as my hands find her ass and start kneading the soft underside of her cheeks. She moans with approval as she parts her legs slightly for me. I slowly lead her towards the bed and pull her down on top of myself.

She slides her way up onto me, spreading her legs around mine, bringing my hands and fingers within reach of her wet pussy and exposed ass. My fingers caress her pussy lips and I can feel her wetness as I start to part them. Her breasts are right in line with my mouth as I start to kiss and lick her breasts and nipples. She moves the nipple of her one breast to my mouth and pulls her legs further up my body increasing my access to her wetness. I slip one, than two fingers into her pussy. She is so wet and warm inside as I move them effortlessly in and out of her.

Her moans and heavy breathing fill the room as I reach for her clit with my one hand and caress the outside of her ass with the wet fingers of my other. Her hips undulate back and forth against me, her chest heaving against my face, as I continue to probe her pussy and ass.

“Oh god, you make me want to scream” she whispers to me between breaths, “but now its my turn…”

She then slides herself down out of my reach as she starts kissing my neck and chest. I spread my legs and wrap them around her legs as she slowly starts moving down the front of my body. She takes my breasts into her hands and squeezes them together, attacking my excited nipples with her mouth and tongue, mmmm, she feels nice…She continues her movement down my front and starts settling in between my legs.

She kisses my soft inner thighs and all around my bush and mound, I am so hot for her as she continues to tease and taughnt me. She then moves her hands under my thighs and lifts my legs up, I hold them up for her as my wet pussy and ass are now fully exposed to her.

“You look and smell wonderful” she tells me.

“Ohhh, I am so hot for you,” I moan.

At that she lowers her face and mouth to the glistening lips of my pussy as I feel her moist tongue against me…Ohhh god, her tongue feels so good. Jennifer softly and slowly runs long strokes of her tongue up and down first the outer, than the moist inner lips of my hot pussy, occasionally flicking my clit, sending tingles all through me. I rock my hips towards her wanting to feel more of her tongue against me, finally she runs a long deep lick of her tongue into the wet folds of my now sopping pussy.

I arch my back in response as she wraps her lips around my clit, sucking it into her mouth. Shots of pleasure run through me as she sucks and licks furiously at my clit, oooh god, she knows exactly what turns me on. I then feel her tongue slowly run down over my pussy, past the bottom of my lips, and flick at the exposed opening of my ass. Ohhhh, that feels so nice, my ass is so sensitive as she flicks the tip of her tongue around the rim and over the opening.

I squirm and squeal from the motions of her tongue as she again runs it back up the lips of my pussy, back to my clitoris. She sucks it into her mouth and again the tingles of pleasure shoot through me as I buck my hips into her face. Then I feel her fingers start to probe the inner folds of my wetness as she gently slides one than two fingers deep into the depths of my hot pussy.

Her pleasuring of me is now relentless as she quickens her pace and the effects on me is devastating as the tingles of pleasure that had been building up inside me are now starting to overtake my senses as I can feel my climax building and building as waves of pleasure start pulsating through every inch of me.

My muscles tense, my breasts heave and my hips buck against Jennifer’s manipulations of my clit, pussy and ass. My orgasm hits me like waves crashing against a wall of rocks as I thrash about on the bed…”YES, YES, Ohhhh god…I’m cummmminnngggg.”

My hands gripping the sheets as she never lets up, as the next wave of pleasure rushes through me, catapulting me to such heights of pleasure like I have never felt before with any man or woman. The next climax comes, followed by another as my screams of passion and lust fill the room. My juices soak the bed and Jennifer’s fingers and face as I try to regain some sense of control.

Finally, Jennifer pulls away from between my legs and slides up next to me. I take her into my arms and we kiss passionately. I can taste the sweetness of my juices on her tongue as our bodies intertwine with each other. My hands caress her back and her soft ass cheeks, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her close.

Jennifer breaks our kiss, “you are such a beautiful lover” she whispers to me.

“You are incredible” I whisper back to her “I don’t know what you were doing to me down there, but you made me cum like never before.”

“You are just so sexy, I just couldn’t get enough of you” she tells me.

Again we start kissing as I run my fingers through her pretty auburn hair. Her leg then slips between mine, our bodies turn into each other and she starts rubbing her pussy into mine. Ohhh yes, I love the feel of this. We continue kissing as our pace picks up and our breathing intensifies. I slowly work my pussy into hers, feeling her wet pussy lips against mine.

She suddenly breaks the kiss, throws back her head and cries out “ooooooh yea…fuck me with your pussy.”

Our motions against each other intensify as we grind back and forth against each other. My hands reach for her heaving breasts, her nipples are standing erect as I take them between my fingers and squeeze and caress them. Jennifer falls back onto the bed in passion, just out of my reach as I intensify my grinding efforts into her clit and pussy. Her breasts are moving back and forth, side to side as her body rocks back and forth against me, what an incredibly sexy sight.

Her body arches as she grips the edge of the bed. I grind into her faster and faster then reach for her glistening clit and start to rub it with my hand. This puts her over the edge as the muscles of her legs tighten against me and her whole body shakes, she screams out in passion as her climax pulses through her. Her moans and pants fill the room as her orgasm overtakes her as I continue rubbing her clit and grinding myself into her wetness…Jennifer picks herself up, pulls the hair from the front of her face and leans back on her elbows.

“Wow, that was hot…I’ve never cum from doing that before” she tells me.

I reach for her hand and pull her into my arms, giving her a big hug. Jennifer starts kissing my neck as I tilt my head back holding her against me. Her kisses are so sensual and soft but I want so bad to taste her pussy. I move her back onto the bed under me and she moves herself down further under me and starts kissing my breasts and nipples.

I want her so much but will gladly wait for this feels soooo very nice. Her tongue flicks at my excited nipples, pulling at them with her lips, gently nibbling them into her mouth, squeezing the roundness of my breasts in her hands, oh god it feels so good.

I have to force myself to pull away from her as I start working my way down her body, first kissing her neck, then moving to her breasts. I take her breasts into my hands, squeezing and kneading them, caressing and licking their fullness, Jennifer running her hands through my hair and thrusting her chest to my mouth.

Her full, large, rounded breasts fill my face as I tease her erect nipples with my tongue, gently sucking them into my mouth…her breathing intensifies, gasping “Ohhhhh, baby…you’re gonna make me cum again,” but instead I continue trailing my kisses down her smooth, soft belly to her nicely groomed pubic mound.

I run my fingers through her hair and notice for the first time that her lips are shaven bare, oh god what a luscious, beautiful site. Her hips undulate up to meet the touch of my hand as she spreads her legs wide for me. Her bare lips glisten with her wetness, her inner lips exposed, her clit swelled and large.

I flick softly at her pussy lips with my tongue, tasting her sweet juices, slowly tracing my tongue up and down along the folds, parting them with my tongues tip, occasionally rubbing her clit with my fingers and my lips.

“Oh god you are driving me crazy” she gasps to me.

I now part the folds of her glistening pussy with my lips and insert my tongue as deep into her as I can possibly put it. Jennifer cries out in pleasure and bucks her hips into my face as I move my tongue in and out, from side to side, round and round…tasting her juices as they flow into my mouth, fucking her pussy with my tongue. My lips then engulf her clit, holding it in my mouth as I flick and caress it with my tongue, over and over.

I can hear Jennifer’s breathing intensifying as I manipulate her clit with my tongue. I then carefully slip my middle finger into her wet pussy. I can feel the muscles of her pussy wrap around my finger as I easily penetrate her wetness, pushing it deeper and deeper. I dampen my thumb with her juices and then gently start to rub and caress her ass hole with it. I can feel Jennifer squirming beneath my touch, deep panting breaths in response to my actions. Her hands clutching the sheets of the bed.

I feel the muscles in her legs tighten as I roam my finger around deep inside her and continuously lick and suck her swelled, hard clit in my mouth.

“Oh god….oh god…oh god, baby…I’m cummmmminggggg…YES….YES…YES…” she screams out as the orgasm rushes through her whole body.

Her body shakes with pleasure and her hips buck wildly, her body thrashing about on the bed. I can no longer keep my face to her clit as I sit up and just move my finger in and out of her while rubbing her clit with my thumb. I then stop what I’m doing and just start rubbing my hands up and down all over her body in a massaging like motion as she regains her senses.

“Oh my god…that was incredible” she says.

I then lay myself down on top of her again kissing my way up her belly to her still heaving chest. Her nipples are taught and erect as I take a breast into each of my hands and roll her nipples between my fingers. I love squeezing her breasts in my hands and it is obvious she loves it as well as her head rolls back and her hands join mine in manipulating her big beautiful breasts.

I start licking all around her nipples, causing goose bumps to rise up all around them.

“Ooooooh, you are making so HOT” she gasps as I then squeeze her breasts hard in my hands and suck the nipple of her one breast into my mouth.

Jennifer gasps with approval and pleasure as I grind my pubic bone into hers and alternate sucking one nipple then another. Squeezing and caressing the fullness of her breasts…flicking and licking her nipples with my tongue…sucking them into my mouth, first one than the other.

Jennifer heaves her chest towards me…”Oh luv, you’re gonna make me cum again if you keep doing that”…my eyes glance up at her and I just smile while continuing to roll her nipples between the lips of my mouth.

“Oh honey…YES….YES…that is driving me nuts.”

My pussy rubbing against hers is making me hot as well, Jennifer rubs my back and ass and her fingers through my hair. Her nipples are so firm as I roll them in my mouth and with my tongue, squeezing her breasts, flicking her nipples, grinding pussy to pussy…soon Jennifer starts arching her back in passion and undulating her hips into me, pulling me close as her arms hold me tight. The tides of her climax finally unload through her body as her chest heaves up and down into my face, crying out in passion…as I just suck her nipples into my mouth, licking them all over.

“You are so hot when you do that…I get sooo turned on watching you cum from me just sucking your breasts.” I tell her.

“If you could only feel what that does to me…I just can’t help myself” she says.

“You’ve got me all worked up again…my pussy is all wet and steamy” I tell her.

“Maybe I can help you out with that” she tells me.

“Ooooh, anything at all would be nice” I reply back.

She has me assume a position on all fours, leaning up against the beds head board and she goes to her bag and gets out a unique looking vibrating dildo device. It has two probes, one for my pussy and one for my ass.

“Oh, that looks like fun” I coo.

“Just wait till you see how good it feels.”

“I am so horny right now, it probably won’t take…much” I tell her, and before I even finish the sentence I feel her penetrate me with its probes.

The large probe drives deep into my sopping pussy until the butt probe reaches the entrance into my ass hole. Jennifer pauses and then slowly inserts the probe into my ass. Oooooh it feels so good. She then strokes it back and forth into me and within no time at all I can feel my climax starting to build.

Then she turns on the vibrator and over the edge I go. Now she is working the probes deeper and deeper, harder and harder into my ass and pussy.

I grip the head board and cry out in passion “Ooooooooh yea…I’m cummming…I’m cummming” as she maneuvers it in and out of me.

My whole body shakes as my climax hits with raging passion sending me into wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure, my pussy and ass tingle from the sensations as Jennifer satisfies me over and over again.

I take Jennifer in my arms, “You are soooo nice…I’m really glad my sister brought you over.”

“Me too” she whispers back, “and I’m really glad she passed out on the couch so that I could get my chance to be with you.”

“Yes, me too” I tell her back.

Jennifer then slips out of the bed, and starts getting dressed.

“I guess I really should be getting to my own room now, it would probably look kind of funny in the morning if we woke up in the same bed together.”

“Yea, I guess you’re right…I’ll dream about you” I tell her in response. She then smiles and waves good-night as she slips out into the night…

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