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My Secretary

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Ingrid was lovely, I mean really fucking lovely! She had a gorgeous smile that was so inviting and yet, so innocent. I’d wanted Ingrid from the very first time I saw her, the day she walked into my office to ask for the job as my secretary. Unfortunately for me, she was married and as I soon found out, faithful to her husband. The idea of me having sex with Ingrid was a dream, one I had quite often, one that could never come true. Or so I thought. All of that was about to change, sometimes dreams do come true!

I shared the third floor with, Slim, Big Eddy and Tony. Slim and Big Eddy talked about sex all the time, I guess they weren’t getting any, they were both married. Tony the bachelor was an old friend of mine from schooldays. He was a bit of a sex maniac and had been for as long as I could remember.

The day started as usual, the four of us shooting the breeze over a cup of coffee.

Ingrid was floating about, watering our few indoor plants, looking lovely, also as usual,. Tony snuck a look at Ingrid’s cute behind as she bent over, he grinned at me, both of us enjoying a sudden rush of pleasure at the sight of those long shapely legs.

“Have you fucked her yet Max?” Tony asked for the umpteenth time. “While she loves her husband none of us have a chance in hell,” I replied.

What Tony told me next started my heart racing. Tony’s wife worked at the same place as Ingrid’s husband, she had found out that he was cheating on her! It turned out he was having an affair with a young girl from his office.

My gorgeous Blue-eyed Blond haired Scandinavian secretary had for the past 2 years been out of bounds, just a tease to torment and frustrate a horny old guy like me. Tony’s news put a whole new perspective on things.

“Does she know?” I asked Tony. “Not yet,” he replied with a thoughtful wink. Tony, being highly devious by nature already had a plan to seduce Ingrid.

It was a fairly simple plan, and it was easy for him to talk me into being part of it. Later we sent Ingrid an anonymous email, this was the first part of our plan.

The next day I waited anxiously for Ingrid to check her email. Finally I noticed her at her computer, staring at the screen, tears streaming down her face. I asked, “What’s was the matter sweetheart?”

Ingrid pointed blankly to the anonymous email we’d sent her. It read; “I’m sorry to inform you but I think you should know that your arsehole of a husband is screwing the secretary at his office.”

“But Ingrid, it might not be true!” I comforted. She looked at me, “Max, it is true, I just know it is…., I can tell by the way he’s been acting lately…., he’s been distant, and tired, now I know why!”

Those big sad Blue eyes made me feel a little bit ashamed, but only a little bit! I let Ingrid leave work early, she wanted to find out the truth from her husband. Our evil plan was underway!

The next day, Ingrid told me what had happened when she confronted her husband with the news from Tony’s email. Eventually he did admit cheating on her. After a big row he promised to break it off. Ingrid was heartbroken but being a kind girl, she was considering giving him a second chance.

During our Coffee break, Slim, Tony and Big Eddy were hovering about Ingrid, like Blowflys on a wedding cake. She’d told them of her troubles, and of course they were most sympathetic! For the rest of the day I couldn’t concentrate, all I could think of was Ingrid’s tits and the chance that soon she might be single. I’d have given my left knacker for one night of bliss in Ingrid’s Swedish Blond pussy! With Slim, Tony and Big Eddy hovering about, I would have to move fast.

The day’s work finished early. Every Friday we had a kind of end-of-week ritual, a get together with drinks and snacks. The four of us guys were drinking beer, Ingrid was out picking up some snacks for us.

I was about to ask Tony for some advice on how to approach young Ingrid. Women flock to Tony the way Dandruff falls on my collar. He’s a prick when it comes to getting a root.

“Do you think Ingrid will to screw around now that her husbands been busted,” Tony asked me! “No, Ingrid isn’t the sort to fuck around, Christ, she’s so naïve, she doesn’t even know how sexy she is.” I told them. Well that brought it out into the open, the four of us had obviously been thinking the same thing. Slim’s eyes had lit up and Big Eddy was drooling so much, I thought he was going to come in his pants.

The conversation was cut short, as Ingrid walked in with our snacks. Tony poured her a glass of Champagne, trying to be subtle and not stare directly at her boobs. She didn’t notice anyhow. Slim and Eddy were hanging about, fussing over her and telling her what a bastard her man was.

We were all hoping Ingrid would stay for a while but she left after another drink, almost in tears, thanking us kindly for our concern.

The four of us sex hungry deviants partied on in high spirits. It was obvious that sexy hunk of a Swedish blond was on everyone’s mind.

Before long I was quite drunk. “Listen up guys!….,” When I had everyone’s attention, I went on. “It seems obvious to me, if we crowd her, we’ll only scare her off and we’ll all end up missing out! We need to work out a plan of action,”

“Fuck the plan, I need some action,” Tony retorted. “Fucking Ingrid fucking action, that’s what I want,” snarled drunken Slim.

As we drank, the suggestions became more and more ludicrous.

Big Eddy said, “Lets Tie her across the desk and then draw straws to see who gets to fuck her first!”

“Offer the slut $50 for a fuck!” This was Slim’s brainwave.

How about I break her in for you guys,” Tony piped in rubbing his groin. All night he hadn’t stopped telling us how he was going to, as he put it; ‘Suck on Ingrid’s tits until she came, screaming out his name’.

Ingrid’s boobs were reasonably large, shapely and pointy. It was no wonder Tony seemed to be developing a fixation on them! What really got me going though, was the way her long dark nipples poked at the front of her shirts. The two married guys, Big Eddy and Slim (Whose real name is Kelvin) would have some explaining to do when they got home. Obviously, they didn’t care, the lure of Ingrid was too strong.

By midnight we had plotted a plan of action, vague as it was. Our warped Idea went something like this.

Next Friday we would cook up an excuse for Ingrid to stay with us after work, maybe a birthday party. Then we would all work as a team, plying her with her favorite brand of Champagne. Slim came up with the idea to spike her drinks with Vodka! Big Eddy’s idea was for us all to put in some dough and offer it to her when she was drunk, $500 to show us her tits and once the top was off, another $500 to show us the Blond Beaver! Tony was all for tying her across her desk and raping her!

Personally I wondered if any of this could possibly work, how drunk she would have to be? How were we going to make sure she got that out of it? “Maybe we can smoke a little Pot?” I suggested.

We went home a happy bunch, next Friday we had something to look forward to!

The week dragged by slowly, I couldn’t get Ingrid off my mind and from the secret looks between us guys, neither could anyone else! On Thursday, Tony, with a touch of genius, sent her another anonymous e-mail. It read, “I’m sorry to inform you that your worthless husband is still cheating on you.”

FRIDAY: We’d told Ingrid that it was Tony’s 40th birthday and that he was a bit depressed about it. She readily agreed to stay for the party and to help cheer up ‘Poor old Tony’. By the time Ingrid came back with the food, the beer was flowing freely.

She complemented Tony, telling him he didn’t look 40. Tony started her drinking Champagne, somehow, Slim managed to spike it with Vodka!

Everyone was drinking like there was no tomorrow, Ingrid was starting to laugh, the Champers was working. Our plan to seduce Ingrid was moving along! We sung Happy Birthday to Tony, then he asked Ingrid for a kiss, she obliged with a polite peck on the lips.

Big Eddy rolled a number, Ingrid was amused, “I didn’t know you guys smoked, I thought you were all too straight.” “We are all very broadminded here,” I told her. I lit up and then passed to Ingrid. It was nice pot, not too heavy, the sort that makes music fine and screwing heavenly. By the time the joint had gone around three times, we were all totally zonked.

Tony got Ingrid to dance with him, he managed to talk her into another kiss for his birthday. I thought I’d try for a kiss as well. “You kissed Tony, how about one for your boss?” “It’s not your birthday Max!” Ingrid laughed.

“I’ll pay you $50 bucks for a Pash,” Slim put in. “You’re joking aren’t you?” Ingrid asked him, looking slightly shocked. “No, I mean it! Good looking girls don’t kiss skinny guys like me,” Slim whined. “Oh Slim, don’t be so hard on yourself…., I’ll give you a kiss for free!” Ingrid smiled.

They pashed for nearly a minute, I was amazed as Slim is kind of ugly, well to be truthful, I guess repulsive is a better description! Ingrid was so out of it, I think she’d lost all track of time. Slim pressed the $50 into her hand. At first Ingrid wouldn’t accept it but as Slim insisted strongly she eventually took the money, explaining to us that she needed to get a place of her own.

“My turn, here’s my fifty!” I took over from Slim, half expecting her to tell me to fuck off, instead she smiled at me almost laughing and took my $50. It was a beautiful kiss, Ingrid’s lips were so sensuous, she glided them over mine, I licked her lips with the tip of my tongue. To my surprise her tongue touched mine. “Thank you for being such a great boss,” she murmured.

Tony was stoned and making loud comments about Ingrid’s tits, loud enough for her to hear. Then he announced it was his turn for a kiss. He slipped $50 into her Bra and pulled her forcefully to him. I didn’t think Ingrid would want to kiss him, but he didn’t give her any choice!

Tony wrapped his arms around her kissing her firmly and at the same time sneakily undoing her top button. When he pushed her back against the desk she tried to break loose, but Tony wouldn’t have a bar of it, he held onto her, we could see he was pushing his hips against hers, pinning her to the desk. What we didn’t know was that he had a raging hard-on and Ingrid could feel it pressing into her crutch.

I felt like I should try and pull Tony away from her, but waited, mesmerized. The others were watching also, like vultures to see what she would do. They kissed for a while, Ingrid wasn’t struggling, she started moving her lips over Tony’s, then she seemed to lean back slightly, her arms pulling him over her as she lay back on her desk.

They had forgotten the rest of us were in the room, Tony’s hand moved up and cupped a breast through her shirt, his sudden boldness startled Ingrid. “Hey you, that’s enough of that!” she looked around at the rest of us, all gawking at her on her desk, “Let me up Tony, lets get back to the party.” She said pushing him off.

Big Eddy was dying for a piece of the action, “How about Showing us you boobs?” he asked. “No way,” she replied seriously, “I’ve got to work with you guys, I’d be too embarrassed.” “I’ll give you $500 if you show us your tits.” Said Eddy tugging suggestively at the collar of her top.

Ingrid leant back on her desk looking rather bemused. A little more of her cleavage was showing and she made no effort to cover up. Big Eddy counted out the money from his wallet, rolled it up and smoothly slipped it into the Black lacy Bra that we could now see.

Everyone held their breaths, Ingrid looked about, sensing the anticipation. She sat on the desk, pushing Eddy away, grinning widely, her teeth biting her lower lip. She waved her finger in front of him, “Okay then, I’ll do it…., but no touching!”

Eddy stepped back, we moved closer. Ingrid promptly unbuttoned her shirt, paused a while, then slowly and seductively opened it showing us her full beautiful breasts held firmly by the Bra. She reached behind her, feeling for the clasp. She stopped and said softly, “I don’t think I should do this.” “I’ll help,” I volunteered, “After all I am your boss!” I moved behind her and quickly undid the clasp, Ingrid was still holding her Bra closed from the front. “Come on beautiful, show us,” I whispered into her ear.

The Bra slipped slowly down her arms revealing her breasts, the nipples were long firm and so inviting! Slim couldn’t help himself, “Christ you’re sexy, why would any one want to cheat on you?”

I think Ingrid was starting to feel a little uneasy with the constant stares, she moved to cover herself perhaps embarrassed by her long erect nipples. “No wait!” I commanded. “Leave it off, you’re too beautiful!…., I’ll tell you what, I’ll even give you another $500 to undress for us.”

“You guys are crazy, there are some things I won’t do for money….,” She thought for a while, “It’s a little bit tempting …., but no.” She was biting her lip again and wriggling her toes, “God knows I could use the cash at the moment.”

We waited in hope. Tony had lit a second joint, he passed it to Ingrid. She sat there silently taking the occasional puff.

Ingrid’s phone rang, it was her stupid husband. The look on her face said it all, she listened for a while getting angrier and angrier. Suddenly she blurted out “Listen, you creep, I have a right to enjoy myself…., No! I’m not coming home, get your own fucking dinner!”

She threw the phone on the floor “Fuck, that bastard, thinks he can just order me about like he owns me…., I’ve had enough of his crap.”

“You’re much too good for him.” I told her, trying to look into her eyes and not directly at her nipples. “You know we love you Ingrid,” Tony said moving in and caressing her shoulder. Ingrid didn’t say anything, she just sat there on her desk looking statuesquely beautiful, smiling at us.

I gently eased the shirt off her shoulders, it slipped down her silky back and landed on the desk. Tony started to slip the Bra down her arms. She passed the joint to Slim and the Bra joined her shirt on the desk.

Big Eddy stepped in and reached for her skirt, she gasped then relaxed, leaning back a little looking around, as if for our approval. I couldn’t believe what was happening, he slipped his thumbs under the hem and pulled, the skirt was too tight to pass over her hips. “There’s a button at the side,” Ingrid laughed. Eddy found the button and almost ripped it off. Ingrid was still laughing and when Eddy tugged fiercely at her Black skirt, she laid back on the desk, as if to encourage him. I wondered if the Pot had made her a little crazy. The skirt stuck around her bum and Big Eddy pulled even harder. Ingrid lifted her hips to allow him to remove the dress completely. I think Eddy nearly came in his pants when this happened, he grinned at me and mouthed the word ‘Fuck!’

Eddy had the Black skirt in his hands and now before us was Ingrid reclining in her undies looking like a goddess. God she knew how to dress the way a man loved. They were Black and very skimpy!

Meanwhile, Slim had reached in and was feeling a nipple, Ingrid didn’t seem to mind. I thought this was a good idea, I kissed her ear again as my fingers reached for her other beautiful nipple and began to play with it.

Tony quickly stepped in and took hold of her panties. Ingrid let him strip her, she didn’t seem to mind, she was giggling so much. She continued to laugh as he slipped them down past her hips and onto the floor. I wondered why Tony had dropped them but then I saw him with his hands on her knees, slowly but surely pressing her thighs apart.

Tony hurriedly bent down between her legs and thrust his tongue at her pussy. The sudden sensation jolted Ingrid back from the far away place to which her mind had wandered. She squealed, tensing herself, pushing at Tony’s head that was between her legs. “No, wait, I don’t want you to do that…., Stop…., Hey, Tony, Stop it…., Please Stop!” There was no way Tony was about to stop.

Ingrid tried to lift herself up. Tony kept on slurping at her. Slim pushed her back down, I must have helped too, without thinking. It looked like Slim was biting a nipple.

I found myself massaging her boob watching abstractly as Tony’s long tongue ploughed incessantly into her. She kept saying ‘Stop Tony Stop’, but I don’t think she really meant it anymore.

She didn’t try to get up again. Her head twisted feverishly from side to side. Ingrid’s mouth was open and strange animal like pants emanated from her throat. Tony’s long tongue had found her clit, soon she was writhing and bucking her hips.

I must have been pretty drunk and a little out of control, I started kissing her and she kissed me back passionately.

All of a sudden she yanked away from my lips and cried out loudly. I looked up, Tony the bastard, was busy shoving his cock into her! “Stop Tony, No Don’t do that…, NO, No, no …., oh my God no.”

It was too late, Tony was all the way in! Little by little Ingrid’s objection to the uninvited access abated, she became silent. I looked back at Ingrid to see how she was taking this rather brash intrusion. Again she was biting her bottom lip, as if to calm herself.

I went back to kissing her. I could feel her start to move back and forward across the desk as she pushed up at Tony. Straight away Ingrid was getting into it, at times her backside left the desk top and I could hear her groin slapping against Tony’s Pubic bone.

Slim was urging Tony on, “Hurry up, come on Tony, fuck her, I want my turn!” Tony came thrusting and groaning into Ingrid. Ingrid was growling like a Lioness and trying hard to pull Tony deeper into her, frantically seeking her own release. She was on the verge of cumming with her eyes rolled back and head thrashing wildly from side to side.

As soon as Tony had stopped jerking, Slim pulled him out of the way and got himself between Ingrid’s silky legs. His tool was amazingly large and the way he pushed it at her was rough. As Slim started to shove it into her, Ingrid looked up in amazement realizing what was about to happen. She jostled to hold him off but Slim wasn’t about to be stopped. . She looked up at me as if I would save her from her fate. Slim went crazy, dragging her by the hips inch by inch onto his weapon, gritting his teeth, a grotesquely insane look on his face.

Ingrid groaned as it went further into her with each animalistic stroke. Slim really started fucking her roughly, like some sort of a primal cave man, grunting and humping away at my poor secretary. Much to my surprise, Ingrid asked me to kiss her. I did, she was kissing me back, soon she was gasping and rocking back and forward across the desk. I watched her cum about the same time as Slim. Both of them howling and smashing into each other like maniacs.

Big Eddy asked me to hold his beer and loudly announced that it was ‘His turn.’

Slim backed away from Ingrid, his cock flopping out of her still throbbing twat.

When Eddy took hold of Ingrid’s legs she tried to kick him away. Eddy is quite strong, he easily held her ankles high and once his fat stumpy penis had found Ingrid’s wet entrance he simply stroked into her, his chubby belly wobbling with each short thrust.

Ingrid lay back, I don’t think she wanted to be fucked by Big Eddy but she seemed to resign herself to her fate. I almost laughed at the screwed up look on Eddy’s red face.

He grunted and puffed and pulled Ingrid’s extended nipples. To my amazement, they stretched even longer, it seemed to excite her, I saw a wry smile appear on her face and noticed her long legs steal around behind his back and lock ankles. After a while she was meeting Eddy’s jabs with thrusts of her own as she tightened her legs about him.

I could hardly believe that this was Ingrid, my beautiful secretary, fucking these guys and virtually pleading for more.

Eddy came in no time at all, his legs turned to jelly and his soft cock fell out. Ingrid held him with her legs and was humping against his flaccid member, obviously in need. Eddy replaced it with his fore-finger and started to finger fuck Ingrid at a hectic pace. I think she came again on Eddy’s finger but she tried to hide it from us. I gave Big Eddy back his beer to get him away from Ingrid.

Now, at last it was my turn. I moved around to get myself between her legs and looked down. Her pussy was pink and swollen, her clit jutted out. An assortment of juices were plastered onto her Blond pubic hair.

I smiled at her and she smiled at me. I half expected her to object but when I told her how I’d wanted her for so long she settled back, still smiling and used her legs to draw me in. My stiff aching cock found her wetness and slipped into her exquisite warmth.

Ingrid could grip a cock with her pussy and squeeze. She squeezed and pulsated and I pumped into her. It was fantastic, I wanted to go on for ever but at the same time I wanted to cum so badly. Ingrid was quivering on the end of my cock, smiling at me, an orgasm rushed through me, it took over. I think I passed out.

I realized Tony was hauling me off, he was ready to go again. I asked Ingrid, “ Are you Okay?” “Yes Max, she said in a little voice, “I don’t mind.” “I am a little bit sore though,” Her sentence ended in a grunt as Tony rammed himself into her sopping snatch. This time he fucked her roughly like Slim. He went on and on, eventually cuming, pulling her by the hips grunting as he slammed his cock into her.

Big Eddy took another turn at her. While he fucked, I chatted with Ingrid, I could see by the expression on her face that it was all getting a bit much for her. I think she’d had more than enough. Eddy came, almost propelling her across the table.

Straight away Slim was into her, his bony looking prick was about 10 inches long and nobly, he was using it to hurt her. That’s when Ingrid started to fight. “Get off please Slim stop…., It’s hurting too much,” She was begging him to stop. “I’m nearly there, just let me cum,” Slim demanded, “ I’m nearly there!” But Slim had drunk too much and couldn’t cum a second time.

Ingrid let him continue to fuck her for a while longer but it was hurting too much. “Stop, stop, please, no more!” she cried pushing him back. Slim was out of control, he wouldn’t stop. “Wait Slim, take it out…., I’ll make you cum another way!” Ingrid offered as she wrapped her hand around his vicious tool.

Slim pulled his stiff slimy penis out, and brought it straight to her lips. Ingrid gripped it steadfastly with one hand, “This isn’t exactly what I had in mind!” But Slim had hold of her long Blond hair still pushing his tool closer to her face.

Ingrid gave up struggling and let him ease it past her pretty lips. Slim fucked her mouth, wanting desperately to blow his load. Ingrid, with her mouth full, almost choking, was well aware that Slim couldn’t cum. She very much wanted to get it over with. She gripped the base of his sinewy shaft with one hand yanking him faster and faster, the expression in her eyes pleading for him to blow.

Without warning Slim cried out, thrusting ruthlessly into Ingrid’s mouth. He spurted deep into her choking her on his gooey mess. When she was able to get free, we saw what she hadn’t been able to swallow oozing from her lips and pooling on the desk. Ingrid had tears in her eyes.

We glanced around at ourselves, I think we all felt a little guilty now that our balls were empty. Everyone could see that Ingrid had had enough of us for tonight. The party was over. Slim and Big Eddy left, they had to get back to their wives.

That left Ingrid with Tony and me, the three of us rested on the Sofa. Ingrid had put her clothes back on and still looked very sexy even with her hair in a mess. Tony poured another round and made small-talk as we sipped our way through our drinks.

Ingrid downed one after another, not saying much, soon she was drunker than before. I was pretty well out of it and Tony was getting worked up again. The bastard, kept putting Ingrid’s hand on his cock and asking for a blowjob.

Ingrid was taking it all in good humor. She didn’t seem to mind Tony playing with her boobs either. Eventually she whispered “Okay…., I’ll do it then,” and went down on him. I watched fascinated. Apparently Ingrid loved to give head. To my amazement Tony had enough left to wet Ingrid’s lips once more. This time she spat it out but kept on sucking Tony‘s limp dick till he slid of the sofa and onto the floor. Tony then passed out on the carpet.

We sat quietly finishing our drinks listening to music. Ingrid cuddled up to me, her head rested against my shoulder. I wondered if she had had too much to drink and asked if she was feeling alright. She said she was okay and snuggled into my chest. I could see down her shirt front and make out her nipples, still swollen. Gradually I let my hand travel to her breast and cupped it tenderly, my fingers playing softly, exploring.

From out of the blue she looked up at me and asked if I would like a blowjob! “Are you sure you don’t mind?” I asked, inanely. “No I really like doing it…., well except for Slim, he’s too rough and too big.” Ingrid pulled my Jocks down and sucked Junior into her mouth. I thought I’d died and gone to Blowjob Heaven.

Unfortunately, despite my gorgeous secretary’s succulent efforts, I couldn’t cum either. Ingrid gripped my tool and yanked at it vigorously while I was still in her mouth. It took a good deal of effort on her part. Eventually I spurted out all I had left, to my wonder Ingrid excitedly gobbled it down. She fixed her eyes on me, licking her lips and smiling, “That’s for being the nicest boss in the world!”

I woke to the smell of freshly brewed Coffee, Ingrid carried in a tray with the cups. She had tidied her office clothes, I saw how beautiful she was. A warm flush rushed through me and I wanted to embrace her once more.

Ingrid had cleaned up her desk, and was fussing about the office, I saw tears streaming down her face. “Ingrid, love, come here,” I went to her thinking that she must be upset with the way we had treated her. “What’s this all about…., we won’t think any less of you for last night.” “No it’s not that Max….,” She replied, “It’s just that I’ve got nowhere to go.”

I could see how much Ingrid didn’t want to go home to her husband. “You’re welcome to stay at my place,” I offered.

Tony wouldn’t wake up, so we left him sleeping on the floor and drove to my place.

It turned out to be another warm sunny day. My house is near the beach, it’s small but has a pool. As soon as Ingrid saw the pool, she stripped off and dove in. I followed. After our swim, we lay on towels, close, naked in the warm morning sun, I think I was falling in love.

Ingrid’s mobile phone rang, she answered, it was her husband. My heart sank as I listened to them talk. She came back to me, looking a little sad, “I’m sorry Max …., I have to go.” She knelt down alongside me and kissed me lightly on the lips.

“If things don’t work out between you and your husband, you’ve always got a place here,” I looked into her sad Blue eyes reassuring her. Ingrid kissed my neck and slid down to the level of my cock. Again to my surprise I felt her soft lips close on my tool.

“No Ingrid, you don’t need to do that,” I offered, covertly hoping she would. “Please…., let me do it for you…., I don’t know when I can see you again.” I came and Ingrid stayed where she was, sucking unselfishly on my cock. I drifted off to sleep. When I awoke I was alone, Ingrid had gone.

For me, the rest of the weekend didn’t exist. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. The image of my secretary making love to her crappy husband kept me awake. I could see her, I could smell her scent and I’m sure I could still taste her nipples. I simply couldn’t get Ingrid out of my mind.

Monday morning on the way to work, I picked up a bunch of Red Roses. I was feeling uneasy, but couldn’t wait to see my enchanting secretary again.

Ingrid wasn’t at her desk or in my office. I wandered around looking for her and heard strange noises coming from the stock room. Without thinking too much of it I opened the door and walked in.

Slim was covered in sweat, he had Ingrid bent over a chair! How long he’d been fucking her I don’t know, all I knew is that I was jealous! Ingrid was urging him on, whimpering, thrusting urgently back at him.

I caught her eye, she looked at me biting her lower lip, I knew she was trying to make herself cum. I closed the stockroom door and tried to gather my thoughts, I couldn’t help but hear Slim grunting as he pumped his load into her. There was an empty feeling in my gut. I put the Roses in a vase and went to work.

Later Ingrid came into my office, looking self-conscious and a little worse for wear.

“The Roses are beautiful Max, thank you so much…., I’m sorry about the stockroom …., I like you a lot, you know I do…., I didn’t want Slim to do it to me, but he caught me in the stock room and I couldn’t get away. He told me he really likes me…., well I didn’t want to hurt his feelings…., I felt a bit sorry for him, anyhow I couldn’t stop him, he really likes me to you know! Look, he gave me $100!”

I looked into her soft blue eyes, the calloused hand of jealousy tore out another little piece of my heart. I wanted to cling to her and tell her how much I loved her.

Some things you can’t own, but I guess you can share….. I checked my wallet to see how much cash I was carrying.

The End.

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