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My New Assistant Ch. 02

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After finally tasting the sweet pussy of my assistant, Adian-which had been my fantasy since I first interviewed her- the images of my lips sucking her nipples and her intense blue eyes looking up at me while her tongue lapped moistly over my pussy lips and her glorious hairless pussy covering my face as I reveled in licking her kept flashing through my mind as I cooked and ate the usual evening meal with my husband.

“You seem at little keyed up,” noted Steve as he helped me with the dishes.

“Yeah. A lot going on at work,” I murmured.

Fortunately he was tired and wanted to sleep more than he wanted sex-which gave me time in bed to think about the day. I was a bit confused-I’d never strayed from our marriage and wasn’t sure if having sex with another woman was something Steve would see as an affair or as a fantasy he’d like to partake in. And I was worried about working with Adain-worried that I couldn’t control my own desires with her and couldn’t afford to lose the job because I was too busy licking Adian’s pussy to pay attention to the job.

I was married for God’s sake!-but I wanted more of Adain, I wanted to feel my wet face sliding over her pussy as I licked and kissed her hairless slit; I wanted to look down to see her beautiful face between my legs with her hot wet tongue sliding noisily in and out of my cunt and over my pussy lips as her long black hair tickles my thighs …

I slept restlessly all night but knew I had to go into to the office the next morning; I had things to accomplish and couldn’t let my mind wander.

When I arrived at the office, I had a number of messages on my phone: Mr. Evans hadn’t received his order; UPS couldn’t deliver because they had no signature on file, etc. and on and on-until the voice mail from Adian came up….

“Hi, Shelby….I’m sorry, but I’m not feeling well this morning so I won’t be in.” Click.

My heart sank. Maybe she re-considered working for me and I’d never see her again. I tried hard not to think about that as my whole body quivered with the desire to trail my tongue over every inch of her.

The day moved on, I accomplished a few things in between the mental flashbacks of me licking Adain’s ass, sucking her nipples, her face in between my legs-

My silk panties were wetting with every image.

I was just packing up my briefcase and getting ready to leave when the phone rang.

“Hello, this is Shelby,” I answered.

“Do you regret it?” a sultry voice asked. Adain.

“Certainly not,” I whispered. “I’ve been thinking about licking you all day.”

“Meet me in the lounge off the lobby downstairs in ten minutes.”


My company leased the sixteenth floor of a high rise with a street level restaurant and quiet lounge. Usually I bypassed the main level to the parking lot below…but I pushed the elevator button for “main” with a shaking hand. The company also leased ‘reserved suites’ on the first floor-to which I had access to reserve and use. As the elevator reached the main level, it suddenly dawned on me that I could lick her all night and never leave the building.

The elevator reached main floor and I walked across the lobby to the lounge. Adain was sitting at the bar drinking a tall drink when she noticed me approach. She turned toward me and opened her legs just a little. Her short skirt opened to give me full view of her hairless pussy and I flushed with the thought of burying my tongue in her crotch.

“Hi!” she smiled brightly as I approached the bar.

“Hi,” I said as I pulled the bar stool up next to her.

“Long Island Iced Tea,” I said to the bartender. I wanted something strong to calm my nerves. I was served the drink and paid for it. As the bartender walked away, I finally spoke to Adain.

“You didn’t come to work today,” I said quietly. “Were you worried that you wouldn’t have a job unless you provided access to your hot little pussy?”

Adian sipped her drink, smiled and looked up at me with those startling blue eyes.

“Shelby, I’ve loved to lick pussy for a long time…..and I loved licking yours. Your tongue felt glorious over my lips….and it sent me right over the edge when your tongue rimmed my asshole….and when you fucked my ass with your tongue, I came harder than I’ve ever cum before.” She whispered.

“Sometimes I love a big cock ramming my cunt and fucking my ass but ever since I started working for you I’ve want so much to suck your pussy and have you lick me. Since you’ve never been with a woman before, I wanted to give you a little time so decide if it was an impulse that you’d later regret….or an experience was you’d want to repeat.”

I paused for a minute in thought and then leaned in to whisper in her ear as I discreetly slid my hand up her short skirt to lightly graze my fingertips across her bare mound.

“I never imagined I would get so turned on by another woman,” I breathed in her ear. “I loved the wetness of your juice covering my face as I ate you, loved the aroma and how it changed as you came closer to cumming, and loved the taste of your pussy on my tongue as it slid so easily up and down your lips and over your clit. I have no regrets and it’s definitely an experience I want to repeat.”

I sat back abruptly, pulling my hand back to my drink and watched her reaction. Her deep blue eyes bore into mine and she ran her tongue over her pretty little lips that I longed to kiss. Suddenly she smiled and her whole face lit up as she said, “I went shopping today.”

Taken a little off-guard by the sudden subject change, I asked “What did you get?”

Her eyes sparkled as she grinned. “It’s a surprise.” Only then did I notice the shopping bag on the floor next to her bar stool. There were no company markings on the bag and I could only see white tissue paper poking out of the top.

Adain quickly finished her drink. “I think it’s time we find someplace that’s a little less ‘occupied’ but I live quite a distance from here. Can you think of any place closer?”

“I sure can.” I grinned. “Upstairs.”

“Oh, Shelby! We can’t, the custodians will be throughout the offices.”

“Now it’s my turn for a surprise.” I smiled slyly. I gulped down the rest of my drink and got to my feet. I don’t know if it was the alcohol kicking in or the thought of being so close to making love to Adian, but I felt giddy as I starting walking toward the exit.

“Follow me, my pet.” And I waited as she gathered her purse and shopping bag before heading to the elevator. We entered and I pushed the button to the first floor. Adain looked at me with a puzzled expression but didn’t ask until the elevator stopped and we entered a long corridor of rooms with no windows to the hallway.

“What IS this floor?”

“Our company has leased hotel rooms on this floor for foreign executives or our management personnel who may be working long hours and needing a place to sleep for a few hours before going back upstairs to work.

“This one is at my disposal,” I said, pausing at a door as I fumbled to retrieve my key card from my purse. I opened the door to a room tastefully decorated with deep, plush carpet and a high king sized bed. “It doesn’t have much of a view, but it has a wet bar and a Jacuzzi tub in the large bathroom besides another half bath with just a shower.”

I set my purse on the bed. “I need to make a phone call, though.” I turned the window as I grabbed the phone and dialed my home number. To my relief, the answering machine answered: “Hi! This is Shelby and Steve. We aren’t able to take your call right now, so please leave your name and number and we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re able” BEEEP.

“Hi, Honey. It’s Shelby.”

I could feel Adain slip behind me and her tongue began to run lightly up the back of my neck. My breath caught and I hoped I wasn’t revealing anything in my voice as her lips kissed my neck and her tongue grazed my ear.

“I’m dealing with an intense deadline and going to be working some long hours tonight to meet it.”

Adain’s hips moved into my ass as her hands began to roam around my waist and toward my breasts, still lightly licking and kissing the back of my neck. I knew my breathing was much faster but I fought to remain calm.

“Since it’s going to be so long, I’ll just stay in the corporate suite tonight so I can get back at it early tomorrow. I’ll probably have the cell phone off so if you need to get a hold of me, leave a message on the phone in the suite. You know the number.”

I hung up the phone as Adain was running her hands over my stomach after she’d just pulled my blouse out of my skirt.

I turned and placed my hands around her face before I moved in to gently kiss her full lips. A gentle kiss. And another. Then I parted her lips with my tongue as she began to suck it. We stood there for quite some time just kissing and sucking each other’s tongue and I could feel a tingling in my pussy, growing more intense as we kissed.

Suddenly she broke the kiss and stepped back.

“We have all night, Shelby. I want to make this last.” She moved to the entertainment center on the far wall and selected a few CD’s. Celtic music filled the room. Nice choice-subtle but great background music.

She stood across the room and her blue eyes captured my green as she gently swayed, her long black hair moving to the music as she began to unbutton her blouse. I was riveted to the spot as she pulled her blouse away from her beautiful breasts and dropped her blouse to the floor. Adain cupped both her breasts and raised them up as in offering, but instead of moving toward me she continued her eye contact with me as her tongue reached out to lick one of her own nipples. I could see they were both rock hard as she licked the other, continually holding my gaze. Her saliva gleamed on her nipples as she unzipped her short skirt and dropped it to the floor, leaving her totally naked except for her high heels.

She slowly approached me and kissed me full on the lips, running one hand through my hair as she began to unbutton my blouse with the other hand. She swirled my breast through my lacey bra and lightly pinched my nipple, which was already hard from watching her and kissing her. She moved back to open the front clasp of my bra before she gently pulled my blouse and bra off my back, leaving me naked from the waist up. Adain cupped my breasts together and ran her tongue from my chin to my neck and then licked downward to my cleavage as my breathing quickened. Still pushing my tits together, she tongued down to lick my nipples. Her tongue was so wet I could see her saliva gleaming on my nipples as she circled them over and over, alternating between each nipple and between licking and sucking each. As soon as my nipples were hard, Adain placed her lips around my nipple and suckled. Her mouth was so wet and her lips sucking my nipple sent ripples throughout my body. I was moaning and pushing first one, then the other nipple into her lips. I thought I would come without her even touching my pussy.

I was so wet and I was so turned on that I was having a hard time standing; I felt my knees would buckle at any minute. Adain removed her hands and lips from my breasts and reached behind me to unzip my skirt and squatted to help remove it from my legs. I stood above her as she squatted; I could see her bare pussy as she opened her knees when she squatted and her beautiful long black hair streamed to the floor as she lightly ran her fingers up the insides of my legs to reach my panties.

She looked up into my eyes as her thumb circled my clit through my satin panties. “Oh fuck, Adian,” I moaned. “You are making me so wet. I want to cum.”

“Mmmm, not yet,” she smiled up at me. She looped my panties with her thumbs and I moved my feet together to let my panties fall to the floor. I kicked them away and realized we both only had our heels on. Still squatting, Shelby gently tugged my legs apart before she went to her knees between my legs. She began to run her hands lightly up and around my calves and then bent to run her tongue where her fingers had been. She reached the area behind my knee and gently licked it. What a sensation! I’d have never thought those light licks to the back of my knees would make me so hot! I moaned again and she looked up to my eyes and smiled-she knew full well of her ability to make me cum again and again..

She continued upward, licking the inside of my thighs as her hands roamed up the outside of my legs and up to my ass cheeks. Her tongue reached the top of my thighs and I was quivering; I couldn’t wait for her tongue on my pussy, but when she got her face right up to my pussy, she diverted her tongue to lick up both hips to kiss my navel, her hands playing with my ass.

“Oh, Adain,” I moaned. “Please!”

“Be patient, Love.” She murmured as kissed down the triangle of my short blonde bush. She moved directly under my pussy and looked me in the eyes as her wet tongue snaked out to lightly trail my pussy lips.

“Ah, Fuck!” I cried as my legs started shaking even harder. Adain pulled away and stood.

“Bend over the bed,” she instructed. I turned and bent over the tall bed. “Now, climb up and up and keep your ass in the air.”

I did as she asked, my face was resting on the bed and my ass was high in the air, my pussy wide open-and dripping wet.

I could feel her move in closer as she positioned herself between my feet. She blew gently across my pussy before her wet tongue danced over my pussy lips. She moved up to lick my ass cheeks and the creases where the inside of my thighs meets my ass. I moaned into the bedspread.

“Your tongue in my asshole was such a delightful sensation that I wanted you to feel it, too.” Adain whispered. I felt her tongue circling my clit-which was fully exposed at this point. She ran her wet tongue up my slit to my cunt and stuck her tongue into it before continuing upward to my ass. Her wet tongue lapped at my asshole before she wetly kissed it as if she were kissing my mouth. Adain slid a finger up my cunt and circled my clit with her thumb and continued to lick my asshole-slow and wet, pausing the motion only to kiss it and point the tip of her tongue in my ass for a moment and each time she poked her tongue, I opened a little more, until her little wet tongue snaked it’s tip into my asshole and began to fuck my ass like a little dick. I was grasping the bedspread with both hands and moaning as I rocked my ass to her face when suddenly, she inserted her finger in my ass and her lips circled my clit, alternating sucking it and gently licking circles around it as she pumped one finger in my cunt and another in my ass.

“Ah fuck, Adain” I yelled hoarsely into the bedspread as I pushed my pussy to her face; my asshole and cunt began to convulse around her fingers as she lapped at my clit. I came in waves for what seemed like hours.

Finally, I rolled to my side, still panting and feeling the ‘after waves’ in my pussy and asshole.

Adain crawled up on the bed and slid her body over mine as she ran her fingers through my hair and kissed my lips. I could taste my own pussy on her lips as well as another taste on her tongue-

She slipped her tongue into my mouth and I sucked greedily at it, and even realizing I was tasting my own ass, I was again getting hot thinking about her lapping my butthole.

“Isn’t that a delicious feeling?” she whispered in my ear. “I loved your tongue swirling my asshole, lapping at it and poking your tongue up to fuck my ass……..I love a good assfuck, but you were the first to fuck it with your tongue. I wanted you to feel how erotic it was for me when you poked your tongue up MY ass.”

I was lying on my side when Adain slid behind me to rub her pussy into my ass, her left hand reaching over my side to play with my nipple as her tongue licked up my back to my neck.

“Mmmm” I moaned as I pushed my ass further back into her body. Adain pushed her pussy toward my ass while rubbing her hard nipples across my back. She slid my hair away from my ear as she kissed my neck. She slowly ran her tongue up my jaw until she breathed in my ear, “Fuck me, Shelby”

A little startled, I replied, “How am I going to that? I’m thinking we may not have the proper equipment here.”

Adain giggled and said, “That’s where my shopping surprise comes in handy.”

She rolled away and jumped off the king-sized bed to retrieve something from the shopping bag. She pulled some type of rubber harness or thong thing from the bag. She held it up-but I still didn’t ‘get’ what it was. There was obviously a black rubber phallic shape from some type of harness. Behind the rubber ‘dick’ two straps formed a “Y” before another ‘phallic shape faced upward and a few inches behind that was another upward facing piece of plastic, about an inch high that mushroomed into a small button before it became a thin piece of strap again.

“Adain, I’d love to fuck you but I’m not into bondage or anything like that.” I said as I held the thing up and tried to figure out what it was.

Adian laughed out loud. “It’s not like that, Shelby. I’ll help you put it on.” She wrapped the strap so it was across my waist; the big rubber dildo pointed out like it was a cock as she wetted the other ‘rubber cock” with her saliva before slipping it slowly up my cunt-the straps to the rubber cock up my cunt ran in a ‘vee’ around my pussy to leave my clit open and she sucked on the little plastic button before she popped in my asshole. She ran the strap up my butt crack and fastened the belt on my waist.

I looked down in amazement. My clit was swollen and open to touch, my cunt was filled with a rubber ‘cock’ and the little hard rubber button was deep in my ass as Adain took the dildoe in her mouth and with every thrust of her mouth against my ‘cock’ the she pulsated the rubber in my cunt and ass as she gently circled my clit with her wet thumb. I was on my knees and thrusting my rubber ‘cock’ in her mouth as I ran my hands through her hair, pulling her face closer to my pussy.

“Spread your pussy for me,” I demanded…….and she pulled her lips from my ‘cock’ to lie back on the bed on her back, slowly raising her legs in the air to open her pussy to me. I slid in between her legs and bent down to circle her clit with my tongue and wet her lips before I slid the rubber cock slowly into her wet pussy. I held her legs in the air as I knelt between her legs and slowly pumped the rubber cock in her pussy. With every thrust, the rubber cock up my pussy and the button in my ass moved to Adain’s movements as she fucked my ‘cock’ and the faster I thrust into her pussy, the harder the rubber in my cunt and ass pushed me to the brink.

“Oh, Shelby. Please! Fuck my ass.” Adain moaned.

I slipped the rubber cock from her pussy and leaned down to kiss her, slipping my tongue on her nipples before I licked her lips and kissed her mouth.

“Turn over, darling,” I whispered in her ear. “Raise your pretty little ass in the air so I can fuck it.”

Adain turned and placed her head on the bedspread as she got on her knees to lift her ass in the air. I knelt behind her and licked her tight little asshole, wetting it with each lick of my tongue before I knelt behind her. I slid the rubber cock slowly in her ass; popped the head of the rubber cock in her asshole and stopped.

I leaned my boobs into her back and pulled her beautiful black hair to the side and ran my tongue up her neck to the back of her ear as I asked, “Are you ready? Do you want that cock ramming your ass?”

“Oh, yes, Shelby. PLEASE!” Adain whimpered, I leaned back and began to thrust that rubber cock in her ass,

With each thrust I felt the rubber ‘cock’ in my cunt and the ‘button’ in my ass buck, making me quiver with pleasure. I pushed that cock as far as it would go up Adain’s ass and felt my cunt and ass spasms with every thrust I pushed that rubber cock up her ass until she cried out and collapsed to her side; my ‘cock” still in her ass. Her ass and cunt spasmed as she rolled, gasping for air. My pussy spasmed around the rubber cock up my pussy as I pushed my breasts into her back and then fell asleep with my ‘cock’ in her ass. Throughout the night, every time she thrust her ass toward me, the rubber cock in my pussy and the rubber knob in my ass responded to send new waves of pleasure through my pussy and ass.

For most of the night after that, I slept with my hand cupping her breast and occasionally licking her back and neck. I rose early to work, reluctantly leaving the dildo up her ass while removing my ‘harness.”

I’m not sure how this will go, but I love where it’s been!

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