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My Neighbor

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I am an old muscle car buff. Not long ago I bought a dead 1967 GTO, I pushed it into the garage and started working on it. As in most neighborhoods I didn’t really know my neighbor Tim or his wife. But right after I put the car in the garage Tim came over and asked if I needed some help. I figured what the hell, I could always use help. So I told him I would be glad if he could help. He started coming over on a regular basis. He was a great mechanic, so I wasn’t upset with his help. He told me his wife was out of town on business at least one weekend a month and he got bored.

I have never made it a secret I am gay. Since I have a big house I hold parties once a month. They are hook up parties, guys come over and bring some snacks. Then they talk a bit and when they find someone they like they start with the sex. Sometimes they just drop their pants and one starts sucking the other. Sometimes they slip off to one of the bedrooms and you don’t see them for a long while. About an hour after the party starts everyone is either getting fucked or fucking someone. It’s all good clean adult fun!

While we were working on the car Tim asked me about the parties I hold once a month. I told him about them, as I said I have never made it a secret. He looked at me, said “humph” and continued to work. I thought he would leave, but he stayed.

We worked on the car for about two months and we were getting to the finish. Tim and I had become good friends by this time. He asked me questions about my sex life and I told him the gory details.

One day I decided to take a shot. I figured all he could do is say he wasn’t interested, and never come over again. After we got done one night I told him to sit in the overstuffed chair I kept in the garage. After he sat down I started massaging his shoulders and neck. He closed his eyes and relaxed. I started going lower and lower inside his shirt. I finally got to where his nipples are. I started massaging them between my finger and thumb. His nipples got hard, and he had a smile on his face. He started a low “mum” deep in his throat. I decided to go for it all the way. I told him that since he was so dirty he should take a shower at my house. That way his wife wouldn’t get mad about all the grease, oil, and dirt. He said that sounded like a great idea.

I showed him where the shower was and waited. When I heard the shower going I looked in to make sure he was in. I stepped into the bathroom, took my clothes off and stepped into the shower. He showed some surprise but caught himself right away. I grabbed the soap and started washing him down. I spent lots of time on his nipples. The soap made it easy to roll the nipples between my finger and thumb. I gave them a little squeeze and his knees almost buckled. He was facing away from me so I started to slip my cock in his ass crack. I started moving it up and down. I soaped up his cock and started jacking him slowly. I noticed he had a small cock, but I could still get my had around it. Every time I would push my cock up his crack he would give a little “umm.”

After a while I knew I had to stop or I would shoot my load. I really wanted to get into his ass and shoot my load there, so I stopped. I made sure both of us rinsed and we got out. I I took the towel and started drying him off. When I got to his cock I put it in my mouth. I heard him take a sharp breath. I looked up and saw his head was thrown back. He was leaning against the sink so he wasn’t going to lose his balance.

Since he was so small, even when he was hard I could take the whole thing in my mouth without any trouble. I sucked hard, then I started licking up and down the shaft. I started poking my tongue into the piss hole. I put the whole thing into my mouth, that is when I felt the first spasm. I pulled back till just the head was in my mouth. When he started cumming I caught it all in my mouth.

I stood up and looked at him. Then I took his head in my hands and tilted it back. His mouth was open a little, I started dripping the cum from my mouth to his. He kept his mouth open till I had given him everything. I told him to swallow and he did. By now I was so horny I couldn’t stand it anymore. I turned him around and bent him over the sink. I reached around him and grabbed the lube I keep handy. I put some on my fingers and shoved two up his ass. He was tight and gave a little jerk when I did that, but started relaxing and rolling his ass a bit. He even started pushing back against my fingers. I pulled my fingers out, rubbed them on my cock. I knew I was going to need lots more lube, so I put some on my cock and some on my fingers. I shoved two of them up his ass with a big glob of lube.

All the while I was doing this I was watching him in the mirror. He smiled back in between moans and deep “umms.” I got between his legs, put my cock against his hole. He closed his eyes and said “go ahead, I really want to feel that cock in me.”

I knew this was a virgin hole, so I went slow at first. I pushed till the head popped in. I was almost sure I could hear a “pop” when it went in. I left it there for a bit so he could get used to it. After a while I pushed a little more. His hole gave a little, and I shoved a little more in. then I pulled out to the head and slid it back in. This time it was easier and he was a bit looser. After a few times of this I gave one final push and sunk up to my balls. He started jacking himself while I started fucking him. I was being gentle, but I needed release! I started going faster and harder, he started telling me to fuck him hard. I did just that. After about five minutes I couldn’t stand it anymore. I felt my orgasm building. I gave him three hard strokes and it started!. I shoved my cock so hard up his ass I thought it would come out his mouth. I blew my load hard, and so did he. When I started cumming he started cumming also. We both almost fell when that happened. My knees got weak and I got a bit dizzy.

I leaned up against him for a time. My cock started getting soft so I pulled it out and sat on the toilet seat. He turned around smiled and said “thanks, I needed that!” I looked up at him and said “not half as much as I did.”

Two days later he came into the garage while I was working on the car. He closed the garage door. That surprised me because we always worked on the car with the door open. After the door had closed he walked over to me. He smiled and pulled some lube out of his pocket. He sat it on the car, took off his pants turned away from me and leaned on the car.

I am not one to pass up an invitation! I grabbed the lube, squirted some in his hole and put a bunch on my cock. I slowly entered him. He pushed back a bit, so in no time I was buried up to the hilt. I started pumping, he started moaning. Every time I sunk my cock into his ass he would give a little grunt. I started getting rough. I grabbed his hips and fucked him hard. Between moans he said that was just how he liked it.

When I blew my load it came out so hard I thought he was going to spit cum. I stood there a minute letting my cock go soft. When I pulled out he turned around, got on his knees and started sucking and licking.

I stopped him and asked “what are you doing?” He smiled up at me and said “isn’t this what a bitch is supposed to do? You need cleaned off, so I am doing it. Now just shut up and let me finish. Also if you think you are done fucking me, you are sorely mistaken!”

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Bob wrote

Fuck that was one hell of a fuck story breeding him raw and making him your bitch write more.