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My Lucky Day

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‘Yea Peachy, that’s it, long, slow strokes. Keep nibbling on my huge cock. Oh baby don’t slow down, I’m about ready to fill your sweet mouth with a big load of hot, creamy cum.’

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” Such a delicious dream interrupted by the sounds of pounding on the door. It’s my mother, “Sweetie, your dad and I have to leave for that wedding out of town, please get out of bed and get the grass cut. We won’t be home until late this evening. There’s plenty of food in the fridge. Have a nice day!”

“Sure mom,” I say. But the lawn will have to wait; this hardon has to take priority.

I head into the bathroom for a quick hand job. I pull off my underwear, grab a bottle of baby oil and proceed to lube the tool with the oil and go at it hot and heavy. I close my eyes and fantasize once again about Ms. Peachy riding my cock, those totally tantalizing tits, swaying like the Tacoma Narrows Suspension Bridge just before it fell into Puget Sound. She has been my inspiration for many a morning jack-off session since our wild fuck fest.

Whoever said the mind is the most incredible erogenous zone sure knew what they were talking about. I love to imagine Ms. Peachy showing up at any time I wish. I turn my head as I hear the shower curtain being pulled back and there she is, completely naked except for a towel wrapped around her hair. Without missing a stroke I turn and stare at a those magnificent mammaries, then lower my gaze to her narrow waist and then to her juicy pussy. I say something stupid like, “Nice to see you again.”

She looks down at my cock and says, “It looks like you’re very glad to see me too!” She walks over to me, drops to her knees and takes my cock from my hands and says, “Let me take care of this for you puddin.”

I look down to watch Ms. Peachy at work. She forms an O with her thumb and forefinger then slides them around my cock. She strokes it slow and easy, watching it as it grows to full length. She then kisses and nips the head. She flicks her tongue against my cock running it round the head, then stroking up and down its length. She then pulls back on the head, forcing the tip to open up then probing for the first signs of precum oozing out. I start to shake and feel as if I am going to explode. It takes all the concentration I had to hold off. Finally she starts mouth fucking my cock. Slowly at first then she increases her speed faster and faster until my cock throbs with anticipation. I try to hold back but that only makes it worse. I feel my stomach quivering and my balls rumbling.

Finally I can’t hold it any longer. I grab her head and stuff my cock deep into her mouth. My hips begin a rapid thrusting in and out and within a few seconds I shoot load after load of hot, creamy cum down her throat. She can’t handle my copious cum as a steady stream of the luscious white cream rolls out the corner of her mouth and down her chin. I let go of her head and she continues to suck me dry. She holds my cock in her mouth and looks up at me so I can see my cum slithering down her chin and coating her tits. She lets my cock drop from her mouth then uses her finger to gather up all the cum from her face. Making sure I am watching, she swallows every drop then stands up very slowly. She gives me a deep kiss and I can taste my own cum as she shoves her tongue deep into my mouth.

As I open my eyes I see streaks of cum slithering down the bathroom mirror. ‘Damn Ms. Peachy, you’ve done it again.’

After taking care of things in the bathroom I realize I better get going on the lawn before it gets too hot. I get dressed, wearing just my tennis shoes and a pair of baggy cutoffs that are bordering on obscenely short. I pay the price of my having slept in. It’s already very hot and before long I am drenched in sweat but enjoying the feel of the sun on my body.

I just finished mowing the front yard and was pushing the mower towards the garage when I heard a car nearby. Looking around, I spotted a new Cadillac just managing to coast up to the curb in front of the house before coming to a halt. I see the driver look around several times, before finally stepping outside and slamming the door.

As I start to walk over and see if I could help, I made eye contact with the driver. She was an older woman, maybe 50-ish, her hair up in a bun, wearing glasses, and very nicely dressed in a white blouse, gray skirt, navy blazer and heels. She saw me coming over, walked towards me and said, “Are you the lawn boy here young man?”

“Well you could say that,” I said with a smile, “I live here with my parents.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I just thought….” she stammered looking up and down at my attire, or lack thereof. She seemed to pause for a long time at staring at my cutoffs then said, “Well, as you can see my car has broken down. If I could use your telephone to call the garage I’d really appreciate it.”

“Of course,” I replied, “please come inside.”

I walked to the front door, opened it and stepped aside. As she passed me I smelled her delicious perfume, and couldn’t help but notice that, despite her conservative attire, she was quite attractive. It was hard to tell what she looked like under those clothes but she seemed to be in fine shape for an “older woman.” I showed her into the living room and pointed to the phone on the end table saying, “There’s the phone, would you like some water?”

“Why thank you young man,” she replied, “That would be very nice of you.”

“Excuse me then,” I said, “I’ll be right back.”

I went to the kitchen poured two glasses of water and returned to the living room just as she was putting the phone down. “Well,” I said, “what’s the verdict.”

“They say they are backed up right now,” as she turned back towards me, “it’ll be at least an hour.”

I was standing just a few feet in front of her and as she turned her gaze once again was fixed on my cutoffs. Her lower jaw dropped a bit and after a few seconds she seemed to gulp. She then looked up at me with a smile and said, “Oh sorry. It must have been pretty hot out there, you seem to be soaked to the bone.”

“Well, yes it was,” I replied feeling a bit uneasy, “perhaps I should go shower….”

Before I could finish she said with a raised voice, “No! Please. No! I mean, really, it isn’t necessary.”

“OK,” I said holding out one of the water glasses, “your water?”

“Oh yes, thanks,” she said. As she reached out for the water her fingers touched mine. She looked down and, once again as if drawn by a magnet, her attention was focused on my cutoffs. She held her hand over mine as her jaw once again dropped.

Her look was getting to me and I could feel my cock harden. Finally I said, “do these cutoffs bother you?”

“No,” she immediately replied, “I just can’t get over how…. How short they are!”

With a grin I responded, “Well, I like to be comfortable and cool when I’m working in the yard. Don’t you?”

She didn’t respond, just sat there staring. The more she stared the more aroused I became. Looking down, I realized she could easily view a long, thick bulge pushing against my cutoffs. ‘Shit,’ I thought, ‘what a time to get a boner.’ She seemed to grip my hand harder now and I noticed her breathing becoming more pronounced. Feeling a sudden rush of cool air, I looked down to see that the tip of my cock was slipping out of my cutoffs into plain sight.

“Oh my lord,” she said, “It’s very warm in here isn’t it?”

I replied, “Maybe you’d be cooler if you took off your coat?”

“Yes, I think you’re right,” she replied her eyes still glued to my cutoffs. She took the glass of water set it on the end table then, arching her shoulders back and chest forward, slid her jacket off. The motion made it perfectly clear that, despite being buttoned up to her neck, the sheer white blouse did little to hide the fact that this older babe possessed huge hooters.

Licking my lips I said, “Maybe you’d be more comfortable if you undid that top button?”

As if she was acting under hypnosis, she nodded her head up and down as she did as I had asked. The sight of her copious cleavage caused my body to shudder and cock to throb. Her mouth was wide open now as several inches of cock pushed through the bottom of my cutoffs. In almost a whisper she exclaimed, “Oh…… my…… god!”

Feeling more confident I put my hands behind my head and began to slowly sway my hips in a circular motion causing my cock to move back and forth like the pendulum on a grandfather clock. Her eyes widened like saucers and her mouth was fully open as she leaned in even closer. After a minute or two, I asked, “Would you like to take off my cutoffs?”

She quickly replied, “Oh my, yes!” She unsnapped my cutoffs and pulled down the zipper. She slid her fingers inside the waist then quickly pushed them down. Unencumbered, my pecker sprung upward, bobbing up and down like a flag in the wind. She stared at it now as if she’d never seen a cock in her life. By concentrating I was able to cause it to continue to sway back and forth. I was really enjoying putting on a show for her. I know she was too because I could hear her breathing even harder now and could see her chest rising and falling. Her deep breaths caused her to fill out her blouse, putting a strain on the buttons.

“Go ahead, give it a few strokes for me. I bet you can make it big and hard,” I told her.

“Oh yes,” she replied, “I’d love to.”

She reached out and wrapped her hand around my the head of my cock, squeezing it tightly. She then began to slowly pump it up and down. She seemed mesmerized by the sight, moving her head inches away as she watched my cock grow right before her eyes.

I could feel my legs becoming wobbly as she continued to slowly and methodically stroke my cock. She then looked up at me and said, “Young man, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a fine-looking creature. I love the feel of it in my hand, and I do believe I see some cream leaking from the tip.”

“Why don’t you go ahead and lick it,” I said.

“Thanks, I thought you’d never ask,” she said with a smile. “Maybe you should lay down on this sofa. I think you’d be more comfortable.”

“I do believe you’re right,” I replied.

I sat down on the sofa then laid back, swinging one leg over the top while leaving the other on the floor. I grabbed my cock, looked up at her and said, “I’m ready when you are. This cock needs a good licking.”

“Oh don’t worry it’ll get a really good licking,” she replied. She slipped her shoes off her feet and took off her glasses, setting them down on the end table. With her eyes riveted on my cock, she reached behind her head and unfastened her hair. She bent forward and shook her head so that her hair spilled out of the bun and over her face. She then threw her head back, her hair cascading over her shoulders and down her back. She looked so sexy now without her glasses and her hair in that bun.

As she knelt down between my legs I could see her lick her lips. She reached over, wrapped her hand around my cock and gave it a few pumps. “This cock is begging for some attention all right,” she said.

I arched my hips causing my cock to slide through her hand and said, “Yea, lick it baby, lick it good!”

She intertwined her fingers, cupping both her hands together and slid them down over my cock. I pushed my hips forward again, fucking her hands as if they were a nice tight pussy. She watched my cock intently as it slid through her hands. I could feel it throbbing when she began to squeeze it harder and pump her hands up and down.

She looked closely into the open tip, pleased to see the gleam of a large drop of my pre-cum beginning to ooze from it, and with her fingertip, she spread it around. I groaned as I felt her touch my now super-sensitive head. She again began to work my cock in that incredibly provocative up and down motion. Once again precum began to dribble from my cock. She saw it and quickly moved her head forward. Just as a big drop of precum was about to roll off my cock, she opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and lapped it up with long broad strokes like she was licking a popsicle. Her tongue darted around the head of my cock, licking up the rest of the precum. She then squeezed the head, causing the tip to open and reveal another pearly drop of nectar, which she quickly devoured. Looking up at me she licked her lips and said, “Mmmm, tasty!”

Eyeing my cock, she formed an O with her mouth and slipped it inside. The feelings coursing through my body were exquisite as her tongue began to dance up and down my prick. With a squeal of joy, I arched my body upward, forcing my hard cock deep inside her mouth. A split second later I heard her groan as the head banged against the back of her throat. It felt as if my cock were in a hot tub of water as her lips surrounded its thick base, and in utter amazement, I realized that she had taken the entire length of my cock into her luscious mouth. I then felt her tongue swirling around and around the whole length of my prick.

Her head bobbed up and down, and periodically she pulled her mouth off my cock and slowly, methodically pumped it with her hand while watching it throb from a few inches away. She continued this process, deep-throating then pumping, for some time. With her free hand she reached down, cupping my balls in the palm of her hand. She then began to knead them like a pair of large dice. The way she worked my cock and balls was driving my wild!

She looked up at me and said, “Well, how am I doing honey? I’m a bit rusty here but it’s all starting to come back to me now.”

I looked down at her and replied, “You’re doing fabulous, don’t stop now!”

“Oh don’t worry,” she said, “I’m not about to stop. I’ve still got some tricks up my sleeve.” She pulled my cock up by the head and pressed it against my stomach so that balls were right in front of her face. She stuck her tongue out wide and began lapping my balls with broad flat strokes of her tongue. I could feel her licking from the base of my balls all the way up the length of my cock. Every few strokes she would pull back a bit and blow on my balls! I closed my eyes and reveled in the exquisite sensations as my cock throbbed with anticipation.

I felt her stop for a minute and opened my eyes to see her reach into her water glass and remove a piece of ice. She saw me and said, “I’d like you to do me a favor sweetie. Slide over to the edge of the sofa cushion here. Then grab the back of your legs and hold them for me. Then lay back. Be sure to close your eyes now, I don’t want to spoil the surprise.”

“Ah, ah,” I stammered, “ok sure.” I did as she said and closed my eyes thinking, “What on earth does she have in mind?’

With my legs pulled back and spread wide, I felt drops of cold water dripping onto my balls.

“Yeow, that’s cold!” I yelled.

“Now, don’t be a wuss sweetie,” she said, “Trust me, you’ll love it.”

I nodded and laid back. As more drops began to coat my balls, I felt her lick the water up while alternately sucking on one of my balls and then the other. I then felt a coldness as she used her fingers to rub the ice over my balls. She lifted my balls up and then, to my surprise, she dragged the ice along by butt.

She then stopped with the ice in contact with my asshole. I felt her move it gently back and forth and thought to myself, ‘What on earth is she going to do?’

I quickly found out as, with a push of her index finger, she shoved the ice right up my ass! The sensation of the ice in my ass was incredible. With her finger still buried up to her palm, she leaned over and took my cock between her lips and swallowed it. Then she grabbed my balls with her free hand and resumed her dice-rolling.

I couldn’t believe the triple assault that this seemingly conservative older woman was unleashing on my body. In juvenile fashion I exclaimed, “Mannnnn! Awesome!”

I could hear her mumble something in reply. Soon she began moving her head back and forth on my cock, pulling back to where the head was barely in her mouth then plunging back down taking me to the hilt. She began to move her finger up and down in my ass in unison with her cock-sucking while constantly massaging my nuts.

I simply could not believe how erotic this woman was. She manipulated my balls with flautal dexterity, while the contrast between the icy wet coldness of her finger and the ice in my ass and her hot wet mouth on my cock was incredible. I thrust my hips upward pushing my cock deep inside her mouth then fell back burying her finger in my ass up to her palm. Then suddenly she stopped. I opened my eyes and saw her standing there in front of the sofa. She reached back and unsnapped her bra. With a shrug of each shoulder she removed it then reached up and gave those hanging hooters a squeeze saying, “its so damn good to get rid of that bra.”

I just laid there with my mouth wide open as she took a titantic tit in each hand and rubbed them in opposite circular motions. She then unbuttoned her skirt, pulled down the zipper and pushed it to the floor. In a flash her panties joined the skirt. She looked at me and said, “This pussy is begging for some attention young man.”

In utter shock I laid there, my mouth even wider open than before. She then walked to the edge of the sofa, put one leg across my body straddling me and slowly began to lower herself towards my face.

Finally I awoke from my stupor. Looking up in delight at the juicy pussy before me, I reached around grabbing her ass and pulling her down towards me. I run my tongue along her thigh until I reached her pussy then slid it up one side and down the other. I then ran my tongue up inside from bottom to top. Slithering between her lips, she moaned a loud “Oh fuck!” as I found her clit. I then flicked my tongue back and forth until I could feel it responding to my touch. Opening my mouth slightly I took her clit between my lips and began stroking it. I then sucked it inside my mouth and began bathing it with my tongue and feeling it becoming harder.

I could hear her breathing increasing. With my hands kneading her ample ass, I pulled her down tight against me while driving my tongue as deep as I could into her tight twat. She took my ears like reins and pulled herself even tighter against my face. She began to move her hips in small circles, rotating her pussy around my face and forcing my tongue even deeper inside. I could feel her juices begin to coat my lips and chin as she moved faster and faster. My tongue moved like a bear’s in a beehive going after her honey.

The next thing I knew she climbed off her perch and was jacking my cock. “I’ve got to have this inside of me!” she exclaimed.

After a few strokes it was really hard and I could see a drop of precum glistening at the tip. With one hand on my chest and the other squeezing my cock, she swung her leg over me and held my cock straight up in the air as she lined it up with her pussy. Slowly lowering herself, I watched in awe as the tip of my cock ever so slowly slipped inside her dripping pussy.

She released my cock and, with both hands on my chest, her hips slowly and carefully descended lower onto my waiting cock. The lips of her pussy stretched wide as my throbbing cock slipped inside. Her pussy was already steaming with her wetness, as I felt her muscles squeezing the head of my cock, nibbling it like a fish. It felt like she was inhaling my cock, sucking me in deeper and deeper into the depths of her tight twat.

I looked up at her face, amazed at her expression as she concentrated on working me deeper. Her eyes were shut, her head thrown back, a look of complete ecstasy on her face as she concentrated on the feelings coursing through her body. Her arms on my chest caused those major melons of hers to stand out proudly. I reached up, took one in each hand, and began squeezing each nipple between my thumb and forefinger. As I felt her nipples respond to my touch, she leaned over more until they reached my chest. I moved my hands down to her ass and kneaded that firm flesh as she began to drag her tits across my chest, up and down, then side to side. I could feel her nipples scraping against my chest as she moved.

Her breathing increased now as she began to move ass up and down faster and faster while continuing to apply her vise-like grip to my cock. I felt like I was attached to a mechanical milking machine. As she allowed herself to drop down on my prick, I thrust my hips upward, causing her to grunt when she felt my cock drive deep into her. I humped, pummeled, pushed, twisted and turned to every bit of my ability as her hot, wet pussy gripped every inch of my cock, her juices running down my cock and coating my bloated balls. I knew that if this kept up, I would have absolutely no control over my orgasm. I wanted it to last for hours, even days, but at this rate it would be any minute.

I sensed by her breathing and moaning that she was close too. The room was filled with the hot sounds of our fucking. She began riding up and down, faster and faster, raising her butt to a height until only the very tip of my cock remained in her, and then plunging down as our bodies slammed against one another.

Suddenly her movement stopped and her body shuddered in a violent orgasm, “Ohhh!” she cried, “Yessssssss!”

One orgasm after another came over her. With each climactic moment, her grip on my throbbing cock increased immensely. Her body shook with spasm after spasm causing her bodacious boobs to bobble back and forth.

As I felt the cum churning in my balls, I began wildly thrusting up and down, driving my cock in and out and in and out of her hot, saturated twat. I held off until the very last moment but then I felt the surge of my juice spurt through my scrotum, headed for the tip of my cock. As I yelled aloud, wave after wave of hot, creamy cum spewed from my cock, mixing with her own copious juice. Finally, after what seemed like minutes, I felt the last dribble of cum seep from my cock.

Even though I was wiped out, she continued to shutter and shake as her orgasms ever so slowly subsided. Finally spent, she collapsed atop me as nothing but the sounds of our breathing filled the room. After a few minutes, she got up, picked up her clothes and gave me a questioning look. “First door on the right down the hall,” I said.

“Thanks,” she replied.

About ten minutes later she returned, her conservative attire and looks returned to their original state. She walked up to me and says, “Well young man, I want to thank you for one fabulous fuck!”

“Oh it’s I who should be thanking you mam,” I reply. “Is the tow truck here?” I ask.

“Well there isn’t going to be any tow truck, since there’s nothing wrong with my car,” she says.

With a look of complete surprise I ask, “But, but, what’s the story?”

“I just decided that I absolutely had to get laid today,” she said, “and you out there in just those minuscule cut-offs. Why how could I resist? So I just turned off the engine and coasted up.”

“Just my lucky day then huh?” I said.

“Oh mine too young man, mine too,” she replied with a smile while walking to the door. “You keep an eye out next time you’re mowing your lawn, you never know who may stop by.”

As I open the door I said, “you can be sure I will. And by the way, I usually cut the grass on Fridays.”

Walking down the driveway she looks back and says, “Oh do you now.”

As she drives away I say to myself, “Wow, what a summer!”

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