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My Lana

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Part 1

I walk in the door at Boyrdon Pharmaceuticals, leaving behind the slightly chilly outside spring air and traverse the huge lobby in direction of the check gates to the office area. I feel good and refreshed, squeaky clean, well made-up and elegantly dressed as I walk along, collecting a few short, hidden glimpses from a couple of delivery guys over at the reception desk as I pass by.

Yes, I feel good; I feel great, in fact. I wear my favorite executive suit, a grey jacket with a white blouse, with a knee-long skirt, a pair of ultra-thin cooly comfortable stockings and medium high stilettos. An elegant white scarf with blue dots caresses my neck as I walk, and my handbag match my bracelet and my light brown belt, making me feel even better because I know just how very well the colors match. Under my thin blouse my bra feels light and almost airy, lightly caressing my nipples as I draw my card at the gate and get welcomed in by a short ‘donnnng’ and a shift from red to green on the index panel. The glass gate slides open with a mechanical sigh and I step up to the escalator that will take me to my well- known collegial department at the seventh floor for another exciting day of demanding, but very enjoyable project work.

Actually I don’t know why I feel so well this particular morning. Maybe it has something to do with the weather? The temperature has been perfect for several days, leaving me the feeling of freshness all the way from my home and most of the day at work. I can never have enough of this feeling of freshness from coming directly from the shower, with well-shampooed and wonderfully smelling hair, discretely laid make-up and cool and clean underwear that simply caress and adore my body as I move out to the car and then from the garage and up to the corporate building down town. Or maybe there’s a sixth sense hinting to me that this day will be special…. That it in fact will change my life forever?

I practically sing my ‘good mornings’ at the young lady at the seventh floor reception, and sprays equally joyous ‘hello’s’ all over my colleagues on the way to my office. Yes, this is going to be a nice day indeed, I can feel it in every nerve of my body.

I work with a new corporate presentation for a few hours, until Selma sticks her head in and wonders if I’d like to join her for lunch out, across the street at Preben’s. Why not, I think, looking at my watch and discovering that regular lunch is almost overdue already. Actually she saved me from a starving afternoon — again.

We go down and out into the street. We wait at the red light to cross as I suddenly notice someone about 20 yards higher up the sidewalk. It’s a girl, and I wouldn’t have noticed at all hadn’t it been for the peculiar stare I feel almost like a glow in my neck. I look her direction out of the corner of my eyes, and then stiffen. Suddenly I turn and meet her eyes. My jaw drops and I get completely pale.


I look at her like she should be a ghost. She looks back at me… smile a little sheepishly, like she is sorry to bother me simply by being looked at. Yes, there’s no doubt whatsoever! Who can forget that dark hair, those wonderful eyes, those red lips and almost glistening white teeth? She’s even smaller than I imagined, but still she’s filling my entire vision, and I don’t even recognize that the lights turn green, and that all the people, including Selma, start crossing. I come to myself and pick up the cell phone from the bag. As Celma turns to see why I’m not coming, I fake a call and just wave her on, indicating that I’ll be along in a moment. Then I start to move in the direction of the revelation from a different world that all of a sudden had materialized at my side, here, right in front of my company’s main building.

I walk up to her, blinks at her and grab her arm. I guide her with me as we continue some thirty yards further up, until we’re round a corner and are away from any prying eyes of colleagues or friends.

“Lana,” I whisper, holding her shoulders against the wall with both hands, “what on earth are you doing here?”

“I — I just wanted to see you. I just had to see you.”

“Really…. Um… but I…”

Then it strikes me. Torben and the boys are away for another day, so that actually isn’t a problem. But I have an arrangement with Brita this evening, we are going to —

I have to smile. And I bend down and kiss Lana on the mouth. The hell with Brita!! I have no one else but LANA right here in front of me. Brita can wait till the end of days. She’s so incredibly boring anyway.

Lana blinks her eyes. Looks up at me. Still almost staring. I realize this is the first time she actually sees me for real, up close, and I try to look beautiful for her… flash my best smile possible, but feels it stiffen like a piece of dry wood, growing completely unnatural and embarrassing. I let go of her shoulders, realizing I’m almost pushing her against the wall, she straightens a little and reaches up to stroke my cheeks with both her hands.

“Tantala, I –” her lower lips shake, and a shiny tear appears in her right eye and runs wetly down her cheek. I bend down and kiss her again. Fetches my hankie from my purse, and tap the tear away just before it reaches her upper lip. Then I look around with a snug smile before I again take her by the arm and set course for a different restaurant, at the Excelsior, a place I know none of my colleagues will ever go for a regular lunch break. On the way I call Selma, excusing myself that there was an emergency call for a client meeting, and that I would just have to skip lunch today.

Me and Lana sit down in the elegant restaurant and talk for a long time. We drink coffee and she orders a big ice cream, one of her favorites, as I try to settle with a small plate of mixed fruit. I drown in her eyes as we talk, immerse in their mysterious blackness, dive into her soul and bath in her beautiful interior as I admire her accordingly stunning exterior. She’s just as beautiful as I imagined her to be from the pictures, even wearing the same make-up she had at the first picture she sent me. I just can’t leave her alone. I touch her cheeks, her shoulder, play with her dark hair as she talks, and follow each spoon of ice cream as it disappears between those full, red lips. Those delightful lips that have already promised themselves to me a million times in her over-heated emails. I remember, all of a sudden, and feel myself getting moist down there… almost immediately. And then getting ashamed… almost immediately.

She keeps talking. Telling me why she came here, how she came her. How she found me. It was easier than I could imagine, and I decide I have to be much more careful with my personal information in the future. What if this kind of information, about Tantala Ray’s real identity, should get into the wrong hands? What if THAT should be known by my colleagues in the corporate office? I’d be dead and buried, that’s for sure, right away, no question about that!

She tells me how much she loves me, and I grab her hands and tells her my feelings for her. Her hands are small, warm and gentle, almost like angel hands. And her eyes… with those long, black eyelashes… well that’s a pair of angel’s eyes too, for sure. I just can’t get over those eyes…

I tell her I’ll have to get back to the office for the afternoon shift. She tells me she understands. After all she’s come here as a total surprise. She doesn’t expect me to just throw away anything and run off with her. She smiles as she says so, much more confident now. She knows she will not be turned away, she knows my feelings for her are as genuine as her own, and that from here on there can’t be anything but love and beauty.

We agree to meet again in front of the hotel at 5:30. She’s there when I come, almost ten minutes late, smiling beautifully and adoringly at me when she recognizes me out of the crowd of afternoon-commuteers. I smuggle her down into the garage and into my car, and then drive out on almost screeching tires to avoid being seen by any of my colleagues. I know the rest of the world isn’t ready for this at all. How could it, when I’m not ready for it myself!?

We go down town. We have a light dinner at Strøget, walk down most of it on the way there, and then up again afterward. Even though it is light, I feel full and a bit sated as we’re finished, and not as fresh as I did up until lunchtime. It’s not warm, but still warm enough for me not to feel fully fresh any more in my clothes. But Lana doesn’t seem to notice at all. She’s admiring the charms of the Danish capital at the fullest, enthusiastically asking both herself and me why she hasn’t thought of visiting such a beautiful place before.

Finally it’s starting to dusk, and we get back to the car and head home. I cannot bring someone with me in broad daylight with my husband away and everything, even if it is a young lady. Lana is a stunning beauty, and people would be asking themselves about this, even if they wouldn’t suspect anything about my sexual preferences.

I use the remote to open the garage door much earlier than usual, and again get inside on almost screeching tires to minimize the chances of anybody seeing us, although the darkness is already helping it a lot by now. We’re inside and safe. Family is away for two days, and Lana is with ME, in MY house!!!

We sit down and have a drink. The tension between us hangs thick in the air. We’ve talked so much on email on what we would like to do once we would be together, but talking about it is different from actually doing something, obviously, and we both feel that difference intensely at the moment. I am thinking about preparing some dinner, but decide to call some catering service instead. Lana in fact insist that a regular pizza is okay, and I call for one with shaky hands. Then I excuse myself to the bedroom and bathroom to get a bit refreshed. The first thing I do is to wash myself thoroughly, especially down there, and then put on a good dose of my best perfume before I switch to a new pair of my best panties. I whiff at my skirt and find that it is tolerable, although I did let out a few small smellies during the day, without having any opportunity to vent it properly away on the spot, as I always try to do…

When I get back out again I offer Lana the same opportunity, and she’s off with her usual wonderfully warm smile. She’s gone much longer than me, and when she’s back I notice that she has even worked over her make-up once again, clearly indicating to me that she wants to look her absolutely best at all times when she’s with me… Oh how I love that beautiful girl! How I simply adore her!

We drink several glasses more of one of my husband’s best cognacs. I thought of wine, but when Lana agreed without hesitation to my suggestion, we ended up with a four star 1998 Connisseur. There will be time later on to think of an explanation to Torben.

Finally we loosen up a little, and I suddenly realize that I can break the ice even better by simply showing her around the house. It’s really not that much to show, but she seems amazed and praises everything she sees with a well-established display of almost American-like enthusiasm. I’m intrigued and charmed, and have to control myself to not spinning her around and kiss her to the end of days.

Finally we get to the bedroom, and I get shy again. So does she, apparently, because even her admiration is more reserved, and she seems almost afraid to step inside. I finally get around to encourage her, and she does, but we’re out again after just a few seconds. I’m glad, in fact, because it wasn’t that perfectly well organized since I didn’t expect to have to show it off to anybody this evening, and especially not to the girl I love.

At least one more cognac, that’s for sure. We sit down in the living room again. The pizza arrives, and we eat about half of it, but none of us are very hungry yet. I can feel how Lana stares at my legs and my skirt, and I feel even the fresh panties getting moist as new heat flushes through my chest again. I know so perfectly well what she has said about this, but now that it’s real, I cannot believe that she would actually like to do something like that. Down there? Between those legs? Under that skirt?

Then she looks at me. Straight at me! Her gaze is firm and determined. I know the moment is here. I’m paralyzed… lamed… extremely horny and frightened at the same time. Am I going to make a complete fool of myself? Is this going to be just a big, unbearable embarrassment to both of us? And is it really going to happen… for real?

Part 2

I try to speak, try to be the urban lady I thought I was, the self confident woman who snaps out orders and get things done, the one Lana surely expects me to be. But I’m not able to say a single word. All that hard-earned self confidence is like blown away, and now it is Lana who seems to be most at comfort with the situation. I never thought of it this way before, but I realize how impossible it in fact seems to me, this notion that such a beautiful girl actually would like to put her face and mouth down there, between my thighs! I’m sure that even though I’ve washed and washed and washed again I must be smelling… I mean really smelling. And beautiful girls notice even the slightest hints of such things, that I know from my own sensitive nose. I hate it when Torben smells of sweat or dirt, or both. It’s just completely intolerable, and I can just imagine how that must be for a classy young girl like this one. How on earth can a woman ever feel prepared for something like this? I feel an intense need to return to the bathroom for another wash, at least to dry the sweat off the palms of my hands. Or are they really sweating? Maybe it just feels that way? I’m not sure, and I definitely don’t want to dry them along my skirt to find out!

My heart is pounding, and for a moment I feel dizzy. A chilling sting of panic shoots through me as I for a split second worry about fainting. But it passes over and I’m just plain nervous again, still struggling to think of something sensible to say to this revelation of beauty sitting right in front of me, just waiting to please me.

“I — It’s so strange to have you here. I mean… unreal, in a way…” I stutter at the beginning, but the end flows a bit better.

“I know,” she almost whispers back, looking me even deeper in the eyes, “I never thought I would get the nerve to ever show up. But I knew I just had to…”

“I’m so glad, Lana…” I sigh deeply, and that helps me a bit. Her calmness settles me somewhat too, even though it definitely should have been the other way around. Still I feel that I’m coming a little bit to my senses, and realize I have to stop my desperate search for words; try to let it flow a bit more freely.

“Well, now you’re here — with me — and I think we should have one more toast on that, don’t you think so?”

As we once again click our glasses, I feel like a complete fool for saying such a stupid, utterly fantasyless thing. I’ve got to have something better to come up with, don’t I? But it must be – no, it is – this thing about the moment of truth; that realization that so brutally dawned upon me after we had finished the pizza. Now is the time in our lives that it’s all really going to happen, all these things that we have talked so many hours about, those lustful hours of passionate fantasies and wicked visions. I always liked it best when we discussed our story projects and the heated scenes taking place there, but eventually we had both — more or less unconsciously, perhaps — gradually moved over to the relationship between the two of us, with me being the senior partner and her being exactly what she is; the wonderful, beautiful, incredible and joyfully submissive Lana.

The stiff nervousness in my body is disturbed by small flushes of warm passion, and as I continue to immerse into the black depths of those incredibly beautiful eyes, the passion seems to flow into my chest and kind of wash away some of the discomfort and stiffness. It kind of clears my mind a little, and I feel a sudden capability of rational thinking again. First of all I am as clean and refreshed as I can ever be, even though I’m of course not as 100% as I was this morning. So if this is not good enough, it will never be good enough, and the whole thing will be over and done with. Of course I’m still worried sick about it, but right here and now there’s absolutely nothing I can do to change anything, so it will have to be contact or bust!

That helps me too… that simple inevitability about it. I’m as ready as can be, and dear beautiful Lana will have to take it or leave it. But, on the other hand she’ll be well prepared for the fact that she’ll be in touch with a full blown human body, won’t she? A body that smells and tastes like a body and not as an expensive bottle of Chanel No 5?

“You’re so incredibly beautiful…” The words just drift out of me. Lana looks down for a moment, and I triumphantly think that she’s finally gotten a bit shy or something. But then she looks at me again with her broadest and most heartfelt smile, and I know she’s still very much on top of it all! I know she’s nervous too, but she’s got a wonderful capability of hiding it, at least to me.

“Thank you,” she muses, blowing me a kiss across the yard of air between us. “You’re much more beautiful — and much taller — than I even imagined…”

I cross my legs again, her eyes immediately drops to follow my movements and they stay down a little longer as the edge of my skirt slides a little higher.

I can feel my self confidence slowly coming back to me, at least a little bit more, and the sexual arousal takes over more and more of my bodily turmoil. And as I remind myself that I really am attractive — many people have told me so too — I feel calm enough to finally be ready to take some kind of lead on what is going to happen. It’s unlikely that Lana will make any moves, unless things get completely stuck, that is. Or maybe she would, after all? Somehow I doubt that she would be so careful in real life as she likes her submissive characters to be in our stories. Or maybe even that is not completely true? Come to think of it, many of the heroines are actually quite forward in pursuing what they want, when they want it. So maybe Lana would be too?

But I don’t want to find out. Somehow it feels right that I should take the lead, and at the end of the day I’m quite sure that’s what Lana would like too, and I think it is what she expects. I suppress the last flush of cold nervousness and clear my throat.

“Lana, what do you say? Should we bring the bottle and the glasses and move over to the couch?”

Her eyes were down at my exposed thighs again, and they flash up as I start talking.

“Uh… yes… Yes, that would be nice.”

I take my glass and the bottle of cognac and get to my feet. As I turn around, I take a deep breath and step resolutely over to the broad corner couch at the other end of our living room, working my hips and butt the best I can as I go. I just know I want to do this right… in a way that I hope Lana will understand and cherish… in a way I hope that she will love…

She brings her glass and follows a few steps behind me. I put the bottle and my glass down on the glass table and turn around slowly. Then I sit down on the couch, modestly stroking my skirt down my legs as I do, realizing now that my sweating palms were nothing but pure imagination. Lana puts her glass on the table too and move over to sit down beside me.

“No, Lana… there… in front of me… on the floor. Please.”

Part 3

Lana stiffens for a moment, and I can see the naked nervousness in her eyes as the impact of my instruction sink in with her. Talking about it, even writing about it is one thing; doing it is something entirely different though. I’m nervous again too. Will it be just intolerably awkward, or will it in fact be as erotic as we have discussed so often? She moves to bend a knee, then shifts to the other, clumsily trying to find a ‘decent’ decent down to the carpet in front of me. She ends up almost falling to her knees, quite ungraciously. She’s a little too far away too, and has to knee-walk closer up to me with swaying arms as her cheeks redden and here eyes seems to be glued to the floor in front of me.

I find some comfort in the fact that she feels even more awkward than I do, not because I wish that feeling for her – not at all – but it makes it possible for me to assume some kind of leading position again, as I know she wants and needs. I sit with my knees together, and deliberately confuse her even more by abruptly bending forward to get my drink again. Her eyelashes flick open for a moment, almost instinctively, and I meet that incredibly beautiful gaze of her once again. She must have seen something in my eyes, because after having looked down again for a brief moment, she gazes directly at me with a newfound confidence that almost surprises me as I put my glass to my lips to take another deep swig.

And as soon as this infernal nervousness lets go for a moment, the heat once again flushes through me like a fireball. Lana is now sitting back on her haunches, her chest even with my decently paired knees, and her face an open study of this intriguing combination of nervousness and anticipation. The red lips part slightly, and I can see the shining, pearly white teeth and a faint hint of her tongue. That tongue that would like nothing more than pleasure me to the end of days. I gasp involuntarily as the notion strikes me, and Lana’s eyes falls on my tits as my chest heaves in response to my sharp intake of air. I feel my globes press against the cups of my bra, stretching the shirt in a way that makes me feel very sexy and desirable. I know my tits are not that big, but on occasions like these I’ve got the feeling they even swell a little bit extra with the ardor of my passion.

“Dear, beautiful Lana,” I murmur, more to myself than to her. “I still cannot comprehend that this is really real… I just cannot.”

When she smiles beautifully up at me, I just can’t help it any longer. Slowly I let my knees slip apart. Just a little at first, but then I use my hands to swipe my skirt a little higher, allowing me to spread enough for her to be sure she can get a glimpse of my silky white panties under there. Her eyes are glued to the spot and she groans almost painfully as my motion is stopped by the new limits presented by the confines of my skirt.

All of a sudden we have both forgotten all awkward feelings we might ever have had. As Lana lets her torso slip very slowly forward, we’re both completely breathless, breathless from real and unadulterated passion.

She lets her hands touch my lightly trembling knees and then slip them up my outer thighs on both sides until they reach the edge of my skirt. Her fingers dig persistently in under the edge texture, and then slip underneath, gently pushing my skirt further up as they continue caressing the skin of my thighs. Suddenly my skirt is all up to my crotch, and the smell of my arousal hit my nose as a mental slap in the face. Do I smell that much? Am I really so aroused already? Won’t she be appalled? The nervousness flares up in me, and I feel myself stiffen up once again. I force myself to relax though, hoping she hasn’t noticed this latest brutal sting of uncertainty either. Lana wants a confident and strong lover, and I must do all that I can to give her what she wants… just the same way she would like to give me what I want. I will soon enough find out if she likes it or not. So I fight back my instinctive urge to hide away, to close out and shut down, and instead let myself slump slightly lower on the coach, resuming my slow opening of thighs until I’m spread almost obscenely open in front of my lover’s hot gaze. In the process Lana has almost unnoticeably slid her hands up under my thighs and butt and kind of embraced my hips as I went along. She stares breathlessly at my panty-covered crotch, following the spreading of a wet patch from the centre of it with almost staring eyes. I just can’t help it, even though I know it just makes my feeling of uncertainty worse. But I already feel the tip of her finger on the top of my waistband, slowly crouching inwards to get a grip, and the knowledge makes my passion mount to almost uncontrollable levels. I gasp, and as the fingers start a gentle pull, I’m almost too eager to raise my butt to allow the lacy material to slide down over my hips and butt and down my upper thighs. Obviously I need to close my thighs again for it to move further, but Lana is leaning back in an almost trance-like move, allowing for me to let it slip down past my knees and down my calves. I lift one high-heeled foot at the time to get all out of it and get on to the next exciting level as soon as possible.

Then, when the final moment – the moment of moments — arrives, the uncertainty hit us both again. I sit with my knees closed, like before, and Lana sits back on her haunches, like before, an none of us seem to know how to make the next move. Are we really ready for this? Really? Can we actually go through with it now that it is going to happen for real? Somehow we both feel that once we proceed beyond this point, there’s no turning back.

I feel lame, my heart thumping, and I have to stop myself from attempting to stroke my skirt down along my thighs again. But I can see that Lana feels the same way, and that she won’t be able to break out of it either. Not without my help – or without a common effort, to be more precise. I get grip, really forcing myself out of my nearly paralyzed stage, and start the process of getting the final, decisive move done with. I reach out for Lana’s hands and gently place them on my knees. For a moment I can feel a light resistance in her hands, but then she seems to grasp my intention and let me guide them down to cover my knee-caps with incredibly soft palms.

When I start to move my knees apart again, I’m unable to look into her eyes. It tortures me, because I know she would love the eye contact as I slowly expose myself fully to her. For the very first time. But I have to look down. I’m just feeling her eyes trying to find mine as I go. But then I can sense her gaze dropping again, and I know exactly where it is now homing in. The movement I started myself is now followed up by her as she almost impatiently push my knees further apart. My heart race wildly in my chest, and passion and fear fight fiercely for the dominance of my soul. But the passion wins. I know now that she cannot dislike the smell of my arousal, because I would have noticed any signs about it already. On the contrary, she seems just as arduous as she always said she would be, and as I slip a little further down on the couch she bends forward and let her dark, beautiful head slip in between my open thighs. Her hands leave my knees with a final little push outwards and slide gently under my thighs in a swift and elegant swerve to once again cup my butt and pull me the last bit out to the edge.

I’m as spread and exposed as I’ve ever been before in my life.

Part 4

Lana is still nervous. Her fingers are still trembling lightly as they stroke my skin. But she is calmer than she was just a little while ago, and I’m not in doubt if she would really go through with it or not. And I feel that I’m getting more grip of the situation myself too. And finally the time is right for me to raise my eyes and seek out those of hers. I know how much she likes the eye-contact — she’s told me so on numerous occasions — and I know I’ll do anything to do my part to her satisfaction.

I meet her dark beautiful eyes as her head slowly moves forward against me. The mesmerizing gaze is like a shock to me, and I feel the passion literally bubble up my body as she start to shape her lips for the first kiss of life, the first unifying kiss that we have been talking about and longing for such an endlessly long time. I feel the wetness push on, and for a moment I fear that it will leak out of me in rivulets even before the magical moment can occur. As she moves up close, and I can feel my pubic hair tickling her nose, I feel myself make an almost unconscious pelvic lift to meet her before I completely wet down everything, and she make a small squeal of delight as she plants her lips on me and goes in for a deep, almost sucking kiss that has me trembling all over. Her sigh of passion flatten the wiry curls around her nose, and her eyes drop down to focus her full attention to our first, worshipful kiss.

My hear feels like it is bumping loosely around my entire chest, and a scorching heat spreads out from my loins and all the way out into my arms and legs. My toes curl up in my shoes from the sheer intensity of the magical touch and I feel the trembling run in uncontrollable waves throughout my body. I’m stiff like a log, and it isn’t until Lana suddenly lets go with an almost purring ‘mmmuuuahhh’ that I sink back a little and get some control of my body again. She looks up at me with a happy smile, the wetness of me already shining on her lips and her chin, and I manage to return her smile in an almost surprisingly natural and relaxed way.

“Do — do you like it,” I ask breathlessly, more in a clumsy attempt to calm further down than to actually get to know. Right now I couldn’t stand another moment of awkward tension between us.

“I love you,” she answers with hooded eyes, almost matter-of-factly, looking me deeply into the eyes as her tongue makes a sweep along her lips to sample more of my hopefully divine taste. Then her eyes seem to almost slip slowly out of focus as her eyelids drop and she once again bend down to put her beautiful red lips against my now fully swollen vulva. She makes another long, deep kiss, adjusting her position slightly on the floor as she goes. Then I feel the tongue. That magic, incredible tongue. The very tongue she has promised me will bring me to heaven and back again a million times! At first it’s just touching its tip lightly against me, then I feel her open up more and start to slide it gently up and down my cleft as she moans against my pubic bone. I start trembling again, the waves of lust getting stronger by the minutes. My clit is already bursting hard, and each time her tongue slides up close to it, it feels like my whole belly is melting in liquidized heat. Under the cups of my bra my nipples are equally erect, and I can’t resist the urge to put a hand into the left cup and massage one of them with trembling fingers. My other hand move down to find Lana’s hand half way under my butt, and I almost forcefully pull it free and let my finger entwine with hers as I let my head fall back to the neck cushion with a gasp. It’s just too much to bear. She’s doing it so incredibly good! The tongue keeps on sliding up and down, stopping right under the base of my clit, driving me stark jumping mad with the overwhelming sensations, making me twist and arch around as the passion takes more and more hold of me.

I know it’s not just the pleasure. It’s the fact that it is Lana, the real flesh-and-blood Lana who is doing this to me. The very Lana that suddenly materialized out of my fantasy computer world just a few hours ago, and who is now kneeling on the floor in front of me, doing the thing that we have both dreamt of with such incredible passion and pleasurable yearnings. That’s what’s making it so unbearably exciting, and which makes an otherwise tolerable stimulation completely impossible to withstand. I can feel my juices flowing freely out of me, and I start to fear that I won’t be able to control anything at all even with the gentle level of stimulation I’m exposed to at such an early stage in our lovemaking. Somehow my wetness seems to be no problem at all though. That messy wetness that always used to bother me when I should enjoy a happy little moment alone with my lovable long finger or my private little buzzer friend. It takes me another moment to realize why. I know where it is going! Her tongue captures it elegantly, like a cat at the milk bowl, without even interrupting the methodic stimulation of the base of my aching clit. I don’t even notice it. I just feel her stimulation, that incredibly concentrated stimulation, now ever so gently easing itself upwards, until her tongue concentrate its work firmly under the base of my clit, right across my dribbling urethra, lapping gently but still almost greedily, making the melting sensation in my belly develop into a raging firestorm that seems to come out of control any moment now.

Now I can feel her short tongue- swerves down to capture my wetness, and the short interruptions are the only thing that prevents me from losing control that very moment. Still it soon becomes very difficult to withstand, and as the firestorm increase its rage and starts to flare down my thighs and up into my chest, I suddenly realize that I’m already about to pass the point of no return.

As I feel the knot start to tighten in my belly, I gasp hoarsely and reach down with my free hand to grab hold of Lana’s dark head. She knows what’s coming and braces herself by grabbing on to my hips and taking in all of my pussy as my other hand flies up to help the first one hold on to my sweet lover’s head. The knot tightens to an almost painful level until it kind of explodes inside me, bursting all of my pent-up passion and joy out in a veritable flood wave that splashes against the back of Lana’s throat as she closes her eyes in intense concentration to hang on with me through the build and peak of my gut-wrenching climax. I scream out and bounce around wildly on the couch as I hold desperately on to the dark head in an attempt to keep her in place throughout the duration of the biggest orgasm of my entire life. But I wouldn’t have to worry about that at all. Lana hangs on grimly, squealing in unparalleled joy as she does, her hands like a vice around my wildly bucking hips, and she even manages to keep up her incredible tongue stimulation as she continues to drink down my deluge of passion as it flows at her. In my insane ecstasy I can feel it, and I can cherish it, but I have no capacity to marvel about the incredible devotion required to actually do it. But her mouth is like glued over my pussy, and as I sometimes even pull her head the wrong directions in the throes of my orgasm, she still manages to stay in position and follow me all the way through until I finally start to calm down and somehow get back to my senses.

As I do, her grip around my hips lets go too, carefully at first, but then it transform into a soft stroking of gentle fingertips as we both sink back down onto the cushion of the couch again, her beautiful dark head still following me dutifully as her hands slide from my hips over to my belly to stroke it heaving curves with gentle, sliding movements.

Her lips are still pressed against my pussy and her nose is buried in my pubic bush, and she shows no sign of letting up as she continues to stroke my belly, giving me an additional feeling of comfort from the almost painful knot that tightened up in there seconds before my orgasm struck. I let go of her head and use my hands to grasp hers, lovingly holding around them in a gesture of deep and heartfelt gratitude. Deep inside I know she probably enjoyed is just as much as I did, but at this moment it was impossible not to feel the deepest kind of gratefulness one person could possibly feel for another. And the deepest kind of love too! An intense feeling of love and compassion fills every vein of my body, and as she finally lifts her gaze and looks up at me, it is just impossible for me not to be overwhelmed by emotions. All of a sudden my tears flow freely, and a thick lump in my throat makes it impossible to utter any kind of understandable sounds at all. Her eyes overflow too, and we both cry tears of sweet happiness and love for a few minutes as the enormity of the situation really gets to us. I urge for her to come up to me, and she raises her mouth from me to meet my request. As she does, sticky strands of my generous deluge stretch out between us, and we both have to smile at the delightful crudeness of the picture as she uses her tongue to snap them over before she comes up to me for a good, old-fashioned cuddle.

“I love you too,” I whisper, and she smiles at me more beautifully than I’ve ever seen a girl’s smile in my entire life…

Part 5

Her mouth is still wet, shiny and sticky with my juices of passion, but I cannot resist the urge to put my head behind her neck and pull her head down for a deep kiss. I taste myself clearly in her mouth as I let my tongue travel seductively along the pearly white rows of her teeth. I put my hands on her sweet perky tits through her blouse, and she puts her hands on mine. I notice she doesn’t have a bra, and her nipples protrude stiffly against the palms of my hand, displaying her trembling arousal for me, and I again have to remind myself that I in fact am an attractive woman. I really have to, because I still find it almost impossible to believe that a dark, young beauty like Lana can in fact harbor such passions for an old woman like me.

We kiss long and breathlessly as our hands roam all over each other’s bodies through our clothes. I feel an intense urge to pull them all off her, to feel her nakedness against me, but somehow I still feel unsure if that is the right thing to do yet. She’s told me a million times how her dreams and fantasies are all about pleasuring me, so maybe I should just let things run their natural course and kind of follow the flow until that becomes the right thing to do, all by itself? Yes, that must be right. I’m sure Lana will want it, but this is the moment for the actual realization of our fantasies, not the time for a ‘regular’ love session between two equal partners — as we of course are.

We break our kiss and both come up for air, looking each other deep in the eyes as we gasp for breath and hold firmly around each other’s tits. A drop of saliva stretches from Lana’s lower lip and down into my mouth, and I devour it with a humming sound that clearly indicates to her that I’m still hot as hell and ready for more of her delightful service. Yes, that is definitely a part of the natural flow at the moment, and I smile up at her and whisper and inaudible ‘again’ as I let go of her tits to raise my hands and give her shoulders an ever so gentle downward thug. She understands immediately and her face again becomes a mask of sheer, unadulterated passion. Oh, how I love her like this; those eyes completely foggy with desire as she lifts herself slightly to start her downward pass, letting the tip of her nose touch the texture of my stretched shirt down between my tits and further down my body.

As her face passes the buckle of my belt and the pushed-up heap of my skirt, her hands start to caress and massage my belly again. I never actually thought about it, not even as she did it after my first orgasm, but that devoted massaging of my lower tummy — my rounded belly – is exceptionally comfortable, kind of soothing the ultimate lair of pleasure, both pre and post ecstasy; the very centre of my most divine and profound womanhood. Now her dedicated fingers do the trick again, making me almost mad with lust as they kept on caressing, accompanied by the wet trail of kisses traversing downwards toward the stray locks of my pubic bush. Oh, it is completely crazy, completely impossible to endure a second longer. I have to mobilize all my strength to fight the urge to grasp her head and just force that beautiful face down where I want it. But I really want to let her follow her own lead right now… her own mood. I know how important that part is for her enjoyment. And I couldn’t stand the idea that she wouldn’t be enjoying it all just as much as I do. Still, as her face nuzzle away in the taft of my wry and wiry curls, it strikes me with a hot tingling in my belly. Wasn’t it on second thought exactly what she wanted? What she secretly craved for? After all? Maybe she actually don’t want to have the lead in the progress of it? Wasn’t that what she had told me on numerous occasions? Not directly of course, but in her own masterful way of sweet and passionate indications. Yes of course! How silly of me. Of course that’s what she wants, and of course that’s what I’m going to give to her…

I want her mouth on my pussy, and that’s where I’m going to have it. Right now! I resolutely grab her head in both hands and press her mouth firmly against my source in an almost rough manner. She squeals with joy, and I again have to marvel over how I can still misinterpret all the various signals she has given me. This is what she wants, and this is definitely what she’s going to get.

I need the stimulation right away, and start rubbing myself up and down her lips in short, staccato movements. But once again she grasps my passionate demands perfectly, and her tongue darts out to start lapping at my engorged labia with the same rhythm and intensity that I’ve started off myself. In just a matter of seconds she has taken over the whole action, and I sink back with a deep sigh of contentment as she keeps up the stimulation at exactly the level I want. She buries inward, giving throaty sounds of abandoned passion as she search patiently for the best spots, carefully observing even the slightest signs of response from me to heighten my pleasure as much as possible. I sense it and cherish it, and cannot help small uncontrolled bucks up at the delightfully working mouth as the pleasure starts to creep in on me once again. I grasp at my tits again, but I’m obstructed by my shirt and bra. With impatient, almost annoyed moves I undo some of my buttons and push the cups down to get some access. My nipples are almost unbearably stiff, and as my fingers touch them it is like an electrical spark flashing all the way down into my crotch. I moan hoarsely, and Lana responds with another throaty sound — almost a gurgle — and intensifies her wonderful massaging of my belly. I sense more than I feel her preparedness to grasp on to my hips if I should suddenly and abruptly start off on another ecstasy, as I did the last time.

Ooohhhh how fantastic that tongue is! Working with exactly the kind of intensity I want, knowing it all almost better than I do myself. Even though she’s doing it perfectly, I just can’t help bucking my pubic bone against her as I intensify the stimulation of my aching tits. The passion is just too much to bear. It’s simply impossible to stay still.

The explosion comes so suddenly that it takes us both completely by surprise. My hips bounce up violently, and I throw my head back as I scream wildly into the air. Lana’s face is bounced backwards and for a moment she loses contact with me as her hands roam desperately all over to try to grasp on to my hips. She finally finds her grip and plants her entire face back into my crotch just in time to have a completely uncontrolled spurt of my liquidized passion flooding her mouth. Her passionate shriek is drowned in my deluge, and she swallows desperately to try to get in control, knowing perfectly well that there’s extremely much more to come in a split second. I once again grasp on to her head with both hands and press her against me as I feel my whole crotch explode in a torrent of liquid that would have overwhelmed anybody attempting to keep up with it.

Ooooohhhh, I come and come into her wonderful mouth. She’s so skilled, so thirsty, so insatiable… so incredibly insatiable for me. I can feel it in every nerve of my body. It’s an almost unreal situation; we met just a few hours ago, and now I feel no inhibitions in letting my bodily fluids gush into her mouth without the slightest attempt s of holding back. Even though she must be nervous herself, she makes me feel so free and unrestricted I can sing out in joy as we trash along in ecstasy all over the couch. It keeps leaking out of me long after my orgasm has subsided, but her gently lapping tongue catches it all so masterfully I hardly feel the wetness at all as I sigh and breathe heavily in my wonderful transition into languid recovery.

We lay like that for quite a while, talking about our discussions, our dreams and fantasies and how we had finally been able to see it through. She tells me she has asked for a whole week off from her work to have some available time in case it would be difficult to find me. But she got hold of me already the first day. And I’m soooo glad. That means we will have several days together before she has to leave. The only problem is that my husband and my kids will be back late tomorrow night, so this is in fact the only night we can stay together at my home like this. And not only will they be back, they’ll be requesting a lot of my presence for helping along with organizing everything from their trip and so on.

Part 6

I wake up almost ten minutes before the buzzer on the night stand. It’s dark still, and on my side Lana is sleeping like a baby, breathing deep and regularly as she lay on her side with arms and legs sprawled to both sides, and her beautiful black hair fanned out over the pillow. The last thing I remember is how we both fell asleep with her sweet lips still nuzzling tenderly at my sated pussy and her fingers toying around the curls on my pubic bone. During the night we must have twisted and turned many times, finally ending up the way we were right now.

She is so beautiful. So incredibly sweet and beautiful. Her face a classical portrait of innocent faithfulness. I feel the warmth in my chest and the moistness in my eyelids just thinking about all the good she did me last night… and all the good she’s promised to do me all the time we’ll be able to spend together.

I slide out of my bed as quietly as I can, and she makes no sign of noticing my moves. I realize she must still be tired from her transatlantic flight, and I decide to try to sneak through my morning routines and get to my job without waking her at all. I do, and before I leave I prepare a plate, a glass and a knife on the table for her, make a fresh pot of hot water and a tea bag, boil an egg and put it under an isolation hood for her and then finish it all with a note to be waiting for her at the warm water can on the table.

Dearest dearest Lana.

I want to thank you sooo much for everything you’ve given me!

Please don’t be upset that I left you sleeping. You slept so well.

Completely like an angel… as you are!

When you’re up and had your breakfast please give me a call.

I’ll be awaiting you in my office. You know where I am! 😉

I love you more than anything!!


I leave my number and even an instruction which tram to take to get there.

Before I leave I peek into the bedroom again, seeing her naked butt as she still sleeps in the same position as before. I can’t help it but have to tiptoe in as a shadow and give her a soft little peck on her cheek. I can sense the peculiar smell of me and her on her face and see some dried stains that clearly tells me how wild our love session had been last night.

She didn’t wake up even now, and I quietly slide out again, grabbing my handbag and locking myself out. My wonderful girl deserved as much beauty sleep as she can possibly get. If anybody on this world should deserve that, it would have to be her!


I work for about two hours, until 10:30 before the call come. My heart sings as I hear her drowsy voice at the other end. I expected she’d sleep so about till lunchtime, so I’ve made sure to do as much as possible till then, and organized to clear my entire afternoon for ‘interviews,’ as I have told the department secretary.

Her drowsiness seemes to disappear in a heartbeat as she sets about reading my note once again, properly. I can hear her crunching on her müsli slowing down and then stopping all together. Then the sound of one hard gulp.

“Tantala.. do you mean… can I… can I really come over to your office? Like… now?”

I have to smile to myself at her surprise. “Yes indeed my dear, wonderful girl, you can! In fact I’m waiting quite impatiently for you, so please hurry!”

“Yes… oh yes! I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Her voice got so eager that I was afraid she’d drop her phone.

“Great. But finish your breakfast first, will you? And prepare yourself properly! I want it to be a really beautiful girl that comes to see me for my interview session, right?”

“Will do,” she confirms in an almost military response. But I can sense her good-natured twinkle all the way through the wire, and feel quite comfortable that I haven’t gone too far in my demanding instructions to her.

We hang up and I grab a quick lunch and take some good time off in the lady’s room to freshen up on my make-up and perfume my body to be as delightful as I possibly can for her when she arrives. I can feel my hands start to tremble lightly again. It’s almost like I should be preparing for a really great meeting, but I try to calm myself down again by telling myself over and over again that it’s just Lana coming to see me. Just my wonderful beautiful and extremely lovable Lana…

I realize my nervousness is more about how we should be able to be together — ‘properly’ — in my office than anything else. I’ve already more or less given up on the possibility of doing anything more intimate in there, with glass walls out to the heavily trafficked hallway outside. But then, all of a sudden my cover of an ‘interview’ gives me an idea. Of course, we have the designated interview offices on the eleventh floor! She doesn’t actually have to know, does she? If I just bring up my laptop, put it in the docking station there, bring up some pictures and other things from my locker room… I can make it my second office for the day, just for her. Yessss, that’s it. That office is perfect. There’s three of them up there, and all three are designed to be elegant and impressive for any potential employees being interviewed.

I jump into the elevator to get up for an inspection. Looking at the board at the empty front desk, there’s no interviews scheduled for today or tomorrow. I look into the offices, and two of them are tidy and clean and just perfect for the purpose. The huge desk is shiny dark and the comfortable black recliner behind even smells of fresh leather. Behind it there’s an impressive view to the city and the busy harbor and even quite a glimpse of Øresund further out.

I jump out, get down to the wardrobe and get a few personal things from my locker room, put them in a big bag and bring them upstairs. On the way I pass by my office and reconnect my phone to the interview office and leave a message about the interview on my door. Well up again I put everything on my desk, along with my laptop, hook everything up and check that it works with the two huge flat screens on the desk. Finally I step back and look at it as I rub my palms against my skirt-clad hips to calm down and relax. It looks perfect. Of course I will tell her — eventually — that it’s not really my office, I know I could never lie to her, but for a beginning this is perfect. Let’s just wait till she asks. I simile to myself. She’s bound to find out anyway, since she’ll understand that I’m a way top social person to be able to stay on a floor all by myself. Should I tell her that I’m so important that I need a separate floor for my deep and intelligent thoughts? Tell her that I in fact AM the CEO of the company? Now I even laugh at myself. She will of course never believe me, and it won’t even be important to her. So why bother about that? Noooooo, I’ll just wait with telling her that it’s not my office, that’s all. The important thing is actually what we’re doing her, not who’s office it is… Isn’t it?

Part 7

The message pings in about 20 minutes later, and my heart jumps of joy. “A visitor in the reception for Miss Ray.” I take the elevator down and try to be as professional as I can in front of the front desk ladies, without being straight out distanced. Lana gets her card on her shirt and signs in with a slightly shaky hand. Once in the elevator, with its melancholically played ‘Misty’ piano tune, I hug her hard and passionately before I kiss her on both cheeks and tell her how much I’ve looked forward to see her again. She’s a little startled about my transition from a cold professional to an overheated female predator, but she smiles her angelic smile up at me and my heart melt into a pound of hot, passionate love. I see my regular floor number pass by on the door display until we arrive at floor eleven. The door pings open, and I take my girl by the hand and bows in front of the sliding door as I gallantly guide her out into the conference room hallway.

“Is this where you’re working?” she asks with awe as she looks around with wide eyes.

“Ummmmmmmmyes… yes,” I stutter, not expecting to have to lie to her the first thing I do as I welcome her to my company.

“This way, please.” I guide her with a light touch at her spine and we walk the hallway down to the offices. I swing the door to my selected ‘home-office’ open and she gasps as she sees the elegant interior and the magnificent view from the windows. The sun just broke properly through, and its warm light form long strips onto the soft carpet behind the desk.

“Nice, isn’t it?” I ask as we both stand there in the open door, taking in the impressions. She nods and we both stay there for a moment, without moving. I realize it’s supposed to be my office, and I stiffly walk around the huge desk and take my seat in the recliner. I even tap my keyboard key to get my screens up before I look up at her still standing in the door.

“Please come in and sit down,” I say, pointing to the interview chair on her side of the desk. She’s just as stiff as me as she moves over to sit down, and the modest way she keeps her knees together is almost a little bit ridiculous considering the way we made heated love yesterday night. She seems to realize that too, and she smiles again and tries her best to let her shoulders down. Why is it so darn difficult to be unrestrained about love?

We look at each other again, not knowing what to do next. I cannot ask and she cannot do. Should we just… Would she want to simply… Is it okay to do anything in here?

“We can do anything in here,” I say, trying to smile warmly and relaxed. I remember the door-opening control panel on the desk, and press the red button, locking the door. “It’s safe now, and we’re alone. How… did you sleep?”

“Uh… good.” She seems to be torn out of her own thoughts.

“Was the breakfast okay? Did you like the tea I normally use?”

“Yes… yes, it was good… it was perfect.” She seems to get grip and relax more. Her smile is warm again, like my Lana. Warm and beautiful and the best and most lovable person ever. My Lana.

We’re silent for a moment again… looking at each other. Then we both, simultaneously, burst out laughing. A very relieving laughter, that gradually transfers in to a girlish giggle as we feel the intolerable tension slowly giving way to the same relaxed atmosphere of confidence we found together last night.

“I look at her… intently. Searching for a clue in the depths of her beautiful eyes. We’ve talked about this so many times… fantasized about it… and now we’re here. Can I just ask her? Tell her? Is she ready? Are we ready?

Suddenly I feel the familiar wetness in my panties, the unmistakable sign that I’m ready indeed. It is like all the orgasms from last night are weeks away, and as I start to realize that even our ultimate dreams are about to become sheer and unadulterated reality, I cannot help gasping as the passion grips me right out of my slightly chilled state of previous nervousness.

I can see that she can see it in my eyes, and her gaze flairs up as well, from slightly awkward discomfort to raging heat, a silent roar of resurrected passion.

Without a word I get up from the chair and grip the waistband of my panties under my skirt. I pull them down and off my stockinged legs in a swift movement, and purposely leave them on the floor next to my chair. Then I sit back down again and look at her.

“Lana, you know, I cannot sit very long like this… the back of my skirt will be stained. Will you… I’d like you to come over to me and… do something about it…”

I manage to stop the ‘please’ that so naturally follows the end of my request. I don’t want to ask, I want to tell. Because I know that that’s what she wants.

She rises slowly, almost too slowly. As she comes around the desk, I realize I have to push myself out to the edge of my recliner. The wetness is already out of control, and I either have to do that, or find some tissues to wipe myself down there. How’s it possible to be so desperately horny in no time at all?

When she kneels down in front of me I feel like I’ve destroyed everything. My black straps and garter belt were supposed to be a nice surprise to add to our common enjoyment. But now she can see almost everything at once because I have to push myself forward in order not to wet down the whole chair! The back of my skirt is now under my butt, wrinkled but safe, but the classy, very distinctly female undergarment is now just hidden by my closed legs. I realize I’m pressing them tightly together, afraid that once I open up, the dam is going to burst and I’ll spill myself all over the place.

But of course I have to open up… sooner or later… and the sooner the better…

My new-gained confidence is shattered by this extremely annoying problem. Why on earth didn’t I keep my panties on? I could have done this exactly as slowly and erotically as I had planned for. How should I do it now? I’m getting almost desperate as I feel the first sign of wetness seeping out of me, and I put a hand down in between my thighs in an instinctive move to try to plug the leak. But it’s to no avail, of course, even when I try to squeeze my knees even tighter together.

“Lana,” I breath, “Uh…” I cannot help it. There’s no other way! I abruptly open my thighs to her with my hand still frantically clutched over the seeping wetness of my pussy. “Please…”

Here face is a mask of intense sexual arousal, and her mouth drops open as if on pure instinct. She flashes as split second glimpse up at me at my strained plead, before she swiftly moves forward to place her lips on the back of my hand.

For a moment I’m afraid to take it away, but I realize, of course, that she’s the only one who can help me out of this silly situation. As I put the other hand to the back of her head, I slowly slide my protective hand upwards to clear the path for her, feeling her wet lips trailing down along my fingers as I do. Then, as it’s finally out of the way, the wetness bursts through, and I almost jerk the beautiful face in against me, all up to its ears – and beyond, in a clumsy attempt to keep it in control. She growls out of sheer joy as she opens up wide to take in all of my drenched vulva into her wonderful mouth, and I hear her swallow heavily as it fills with my uncontrolled passion. She does it exactly the way I need it, so completely perfectly in order for me to relax and get the feeling of being in control again. I feel deeply ashamed and overwhelmed at the same time, but as I come back to my senses once again, I know that she really don’t mind drinking me, not even this way — quite the contrary, in fact — and if nothing else, this definitely is a token of my incredible passion to be served by her! And she knows it.

Her jaw moves up and down in a rhythmic motion as she feeds on me to get on top of my very liquidized passionate tribute. Then her wonderful tongue scoops out and traces all the contours of my vulva with languid sweeps, and soon she has brought everything back to normal and I suddenly discover that I’m still holding on to the back of her head in a vice-like grip. I let go, of course, again a little ashamed of my instinctive selfishness, but she compensate by letting her hands slide in under my upper thighs to grip my hips right under the belt of my skirt to be able to keep herself pressed to me with the same delightful nearness as before.

My nervous tension after the exceptionally clumsy start is quickly replaced by a new wave of glowing passion throughout my body, and as her tongue starts swabbing my urethra area with flat, rhythmic strokes, I feel the pleasure shoot out into my arms and legs again with an intensity that is almost unbearable. Her mouth and my pussy are like one, and I can feel it respond shamelessly to her lovable kisses by drooling and shuddering against her in a way that makes me feel like my body is living its own life entirely.

I take a time-out to just breathe heavily as the sensations flow over me, listening to the slushy sounds of the wetness trapped between us. It’s actually still so wet down there that I can feel it chilling my skin almost all the way up to my navel, and I realize that it must be uncomfortable to Lana too, even though I know she would never ever complain about anything as long as she could be where she is right now.

Luckily I saw a box of Kleenex in one of the drawers of the desk when I was up to inspect, and I open it with shaky hands and fumble a little to break the seal and get out the first pile of tissues.

“Lana, here… uh, let me…” I sit up with some difficulty, trying to avoid breaking the good contact between us any more than strictly necessary. I finally have to put a finger to her forehead and push her gently away from me before her eyes focus and she realize what I want. She’s soaking wet all the way up to her hairline, and I have to choke away a little chuckle as I see her drenched face with an expression of total rapture. Her eyes keep gliding out of focus as I wipe us both clean of the worst of my moisture, and as soon as I curl the wet pile away she’s back in there again with that wonderful tongue working on the base of my throbbing clit with untiring energy. The effect hits me like a punch in the belly and my entire body jerks. She squeals of joy and her hands grasps even firmer at my waist as she throws herself with full abandon into the relentless task of bringing about a roaring orgasm in the shortest time possible.

I know I would have wanted to take it a bit slow, just to enjoy this sensual game in this entirely new and most inspiring atmosphere, but I’m soon torn along with the torrent, helplessly drifting towards the culmination moment without any strength to resist at all.

As I come, it’s an explosion so wild, so immensely mind-boggering that I feel completely lamed from top to toe. The orgasm starts from my belly somewhere, and flushes through my body like a paralyzing agent, until it suddenly releases a long series of completely uncontrollable jerks that keeps me bumping and trashing wildly on the chair. Her hands hold desperately on to me, and the mouth stays glued to me all the time as I feel my insane passion literally squirt rivulets into her mouth. I labor frantically through the most uncontrolled ecstasy I’ve ever experienced in my life, and as it finally subsides, I’m totally spent and just fall back down into the chair, gasping for air and fumbling around to find some locks of her hair to stroke.

I wanted to do that; in fact it was one of the things I’d fantasized about: Sitting around in a huge office chair and having Lana pleasuring me as I toy with her dark locks and whisper sweet, lovable nothing to her as she looks up at me adoringly. Instead I’ve been holding on to the armrests of the chair, almost desperate not to fall out of it entirely as the orgasm rushes in on me, thinking about nothing but myself and my own uncontrollable explosion. As I continue gasping, and gradually get control of my breathing again, I try to feel my body, to find out if I’ll ever in my life be able to have another orgasm again. This one was so intense, so completely overwhelming that I never thought it would be possible to experience anything like it. Surely we had many wonderful orgasms last night back at my house too, but this is still something entirely different, maybe derived from the special situation we are in. I mean, I’ve had sex in my living room and in my bed many times before, although not even that could be compared to having it with Lana, of course. But this, this is completely different; a passion beyond anything even imaginable. It really serves to show me how passionate I can be, and how intense sexual pleasure in fact can be. Why haven’t I done this many many years ago?

I realize Lana is still between my open thighs, her lips still gently nuzzling my swollen lips and her soft cheek lovingly stroking the little piece of naked skin between my stocking and my crotch. She uses her tongue to expertly capture the wetness that still keeps seeping out of me, and she does it so gently that I don’t even notice. I just realize I don’t feel the usual discomfort of wetness dribbling down into the crack between my butt cheeks, which always prompts me to fetch a towel when I’m playing with myself.

As I finally get up on my elbows on the armrests to look down at her, she meets my eyes with a angelic smile on her face, the tip of her tongue playing softly in the pink crack between my sated lips. Then she smacks her lips seductively and makes a long-drawn mmmmmm to really underline how wonderful she thinks it is. I’m flattered and happy, and I’m almost surprise to notice that the wonderful sight stirs the first hints of renewed passion somewhere down there in my belly. Is it really possible? Just minutes after the greatest orgasm of my life? Is it me, Tantala, who suddenly can muster such incredible stamina?

Of course not. It’s Lana! It’s all because of wonderful Lana. I know already that this little girl can bring me to levels of passion that I have never even known before. She is the one that has brought it all out in me. And she is the one who can do it again, I’m sure about that.

And she loves it. She really loves it. I can see it so clearly in her eyes. On her face. Her entire body. And I have to remind myself once again that she in fact likes to be told what to do – not asked – although it’s incredibly hard since I’m so utterly and totally in love with her. But she’s given me the time of my life, so I will definitely do my best to do my part to please her as well.



“You know… for the next one… I’d like you to crawl into the cavity of the desk… there…”

I once again stop my ‘please’ right before it slips out of me, and just point into the dark opening with a shaky finger. She makes a final, noisy kiss on my lips before she gets back a little to crawl by my knees and then resolutely start backing up into the cavity.

I get a bit up again and follow on by slowly spinning the recliner after her as she moves, until I can see her smiling face looking up at me in front of my knees once again. I smile back, and start to ease the chair forward…

Part 8

The whole scene is still completely unbelievable to me, really. I sit on my office recliner, moving it gently up to my desk on slightly squeaking wheels as my love of all time backs further up into the desk cavity in front of my knees, looking up at me with a heartfelt – almost a bit naughty – smile. I still have my shirt and belt – and even my jacket – well buttoned, and only my skirt is hiked unnaturally high to allow for my legs to find their place along the inner walls of the desk, on each side of Lana’s slender figure.

For a short moment I feel a bit awkward again, but then I have to remind myself that this is exactly what we both want; what we’ve both been dreaming of for so long. The skirt is still up around my waist, and I suddenly recall all my plans for how I wanted to please her by wearing the sexy underwear I took so much effort in dressing in a proper way this morning. I back a little away from the desk again to let in some more light, and then spread my legs the last bit allowed by the sides of the desk, hoping that the stockings, the straps and the garter belt gives her the full visual effect while she still is far enough away from me to take in the whole picture. I can hear a faint sigh down there, a sigh that trembles a little bit on the last part of its exhalation, and as I bend slightly, I can see her flickering eye lids and then those incredibly beautiful eyes staring completely transfixed at me down there.

Yesssss! She likes it… she adores it. I can feel it in every nerve of my body! And as she starts to move forward, all my inhibitions have vanished and I literally embrace her with all of me as she comes to me once again. My thighs stroke her cheeks, my hand lands gently on her head to guide her in, and my hips slips a little forward to meet her ultimate kiss with an ardor that fully matches that of hers.

We melt together, once again, lips upon lips, tongue between lips; nose softly splitting my freshly styled pubic bush and sending hot breaths tickling up under my garter belt. Oooohhhh, It’s so incredibly wonderful; my body tickles all over and I have to gasp hoarsely as the incredible tongue start playing joyfully around the whole length of my slit. I feel the moisture starting to run into it from all sides of my body, almost as though it was chasing for that intensely loving tongue, trying to wet it and lubricate it for its sole purpose of undivided pleasure.

I let my head sink back. The feelings creep all over me and make my body numb. Even my shoulders are heavy as my body relaxes so completely that my heartbeats sound as dump, rhythmic drum punches in my ears. My shirt starts to cling to my body under my jacket and I feel the heat rise to an almost uncomfortable level as that expertly dedicated tongue hits thoroughly home all over my most sensitive spots. I undo another button in my neck, and feel the fresh air against the top of my bra as I stretch my neck to have as much cool air as possible against my skin. Slowly I’m lulled into a haze of wonderful feelings that is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before in my life.

“Tantala?… Miss?”

I jump slightly as I suddenly hear her voice in my ears.

“Mmmmmm…. Uh…. Yes?”

“Try to relax… completely. Let me take care of you. I — I’ll make it good for you…”

“Uh… yes…”

I’m unable to respond in a proper way. I don’t even want to think of how I should respond. My body is still lame, totally paralyzed by her stimulation, and I simply don’t have the energy to break out enough to be able to entertain a sensible conversation. As I feel her tongue slip into its eternal target once again, I moan and arch my back slightly in response to its intrusion. The heat spreads from my pussy out into my thighs and belly, and I’m lost as ever before. Her hands slide under my butt to cup me behind my lower spine, her shoulders softly supporting my thighs as she kind of dig her way in to get even closer to me with her lips and tongue. I feel it slide deep into me, then pull back to lap flatly right at the base of my clit. Then it scoops along the length of my slit, travelling up and down in slow, intense swabs to make sure all the wetness I reward her with is captured and devoured the way it should be. Oh, it’s so incredibly gentle, so magnificently loving and caring, so totally committed to the task of providing me comfort and pleasure. I still find it almost impossible to believe that it is really happening. Even last night’s trysts seem like a million years away in some kind of different, very strange world which’s got nothing to do with the reality I’m living in right now. But it has, of course, and last night is as real as the present; what I’m experiencing right now.

I undo another button in my shirt and let my left arm slide in under the cup of my bra at my right tit to gently massage the achingly stiff nipple in there. My other hand wanders down to land softly on Lana’s wonderfully dark head once again, in order to gently and lovingly guide her miraculously skillful lips and tongue exactly to the spots I want them. She responds perfectly, finding my magic spots better than I could do even myself, knowing me perfectly after just a few hours of being together. How is it possible at all? How can anybody be so good? Is it a kind of magic? The answer is simple, of course. This is Lana… And no one is, or can ever be, as good as Lana.

I feel the intensity growing, a slightly stronger force on the lovely strokes of that wonderful tongue. Have I been sleeping? Or just dozing? I have no idea how long it’s been going on, I only know that my body starts to prepare for another orgasm stronger than I’ve never had in my life. A new personal record! It’s like the alarm clocks start chiming all over the heavens, letting all good spirits know what a beautiful thing is going to happen in this office down on mother earth. I moan, tense up again, discover that my neck is slightly stiff from the position I’ve been sitting – or half lying – in, making me realize that I must have been like this for quite a while. I take my hand from my bra and let it accompany the other one resting on Lana’s head. I let my fingers slide backwards, in a soft, caressing undulation down to the back of her head, ever so slowly pulling her harder against me, wordlessly indicating my desire for her to do it harder, to increase my pleasure… to serve me well… to make me come.

I want to do it veeeery slow, make sure that she’s got the chance to enjoy it just as much as I do. But I miscalculate totally. Just seconds after she gets my signal and moves a little higher up against my aching clit, I suddenly pass the point of no return and stiffen up almost cramp-like as the pleasure overwhelms me.

I explode like I’ve never exploded before, an eruption so enormous that I lose absolutely all control of my body. I’m lame, motionless, paralyzed. I can just feel my hands pressing her head into me, my arms pulling with all their strength, beyond any control of my brain. A microsecond passes like that before everything bursts into motion. My hips starts trashing, my entire crotch contracts in uncontrolled ejaculations and my fingernails grasps feverishly at her head and hair in order to secure my grip on her. I feel her arms grasp my hips, her shoulders holding my thighs securely apart, her mouth sliding wild open to engulf all of me as I flood her mouth with uncontrolled spurts of anything I’ve got to spurt. I hear her gulp frantically down there, moaning against my pubic bush in between, squealing in a mixture of pain and joy as I continue tearing mercilessly at her hair. The recliner has a proper work-out as it squeaks and creaks in response to my wild trashing, and I feel the tip of my shoe bang against the underside of the desk. I’m coming and coming and there’s absolutely no sign that it’s going to pass the peak as I ride it out the best I can, hoping it will never end, just always be a part of me, from now until forever. I really don’t know if I haven’t even peed myself to some extent in my throes of ecstasy; there’s no other way I can produce such incredible amounts of liquid, is there? I’m soaking wet, for sure, but I’ve heard her gulping and swallowing, and as I finally pass the peak with an uncontrolled squeal, I’m surprised I haven’t wet down the entire recliner in the process. As I start to come down again, I’m almost afraid to let myself sink back down onto the creaking leather. But there’s no way that I can hold myself up, and I just let go of everything and drop back down powerlessly. To my surprise everything is dry and comfortable. Lana has taken everything. Every last drop! And she’s even following me now, back down into the chair, still engulfing my entire slit with her mouth, all in order to have things stay exactly the way they are. Dry and comfortable. Soft and lovable. How can anybody possibly be that good?

“Oooohhhh,” I sigh breathlessly. “How can anybody be that good?”

“Mmmmmm…?” she murmurs from down there, surely looking up at me with a quizzical expression on her face. She probably couldn’t make out my words. But I’m way too spent to even raise my head, let alone trying to repeat my statement. I just relax in the same position, breathing heavily, feeling the numbness letting go and leave a trickling sensation all throughout my body, especially in my thighs. For a moment it’s so intense it’s almost painful, but then that too slowly subsides, leaving me in a blissful state of relaxation that is different from all other kinds of relaxation I’ve ever experienced. When I did yoga a few years ago, I thought I knew what it meant to relax, but even that was nothing compared to this. Nothing at all.

We both remain quiet, just enjoying the sensations of a trickling sweet afterglow, our heavy breathing the only thing to be heard in the spacious room. We are both a little flushed, but not too much to be really uncomfortable about it. Still I feel an intensive need to get rid of my jacket in order to cool down just a little. There won’t be anything wrong about that, will there? If I only had the energy to move a muscle at all. Maybe —

There is a buzz at the door. I jump slightly before I remember that it is locked and can only be opened by me pressing the green button on the desk. I get up with some effort to answer it. As I do, Lana slides softly along, keeping her mouth in place, pressing her cheek down into the leather of the chair as she does. As I move my chair all the way up to the desk, she backs up further into the cavity, giving a soft growl of satisfied contentment as she does.

It buzzes again. I push the intercom button.


“Fruit and coffee for Ms Ray.”

“Hmmmm… yes? I didn’t expect any.”

“Eeeeh… Jytte sent me. Said you’ve got an interview.”

Oh, sweet Jytte. Always so helpful. Of course! I put a sign on my regular office door, and even in my online calendar.

“Just a second.”

I moved all the way up to the desk, making sure that nothing could be seen from my waist down.

“Is it okay I let her in,” I whisper so loud I know Lana can hear me.

“Mmmmm….” It’s the only vocal reaction I get. But her tongue makes some quick penetrations into my love channel, indicating to me that I’m surely free to do whatever I like.

“Be quiet then, okay?”


I press the green button. There’s another buzz and the door snaps open. Young Hedwig comes in with a nice little basket of fruit covered in protective film, and a tray with a can of coffee, biscuits and two cups, complete with cream and sugar. She looks around, a bit confused as she sees me alone. I nod my head in the direction of the wardrobe and she smiles and put the things down on my table. As she pulls the plastic off the fruit, I can feel Lana doing another series of tongue trusts, and then giving a muffled gulp as more liquid from me suddenly seeps into her mouth. But luckily it’s nothing that can be heard by the girl.

“Thank you Hedwig,” I say. She gives me a polite remark in return, turns and is out of the room. The door snaps shut behind her and is automatically locked once again.

Part 9

Once alone, I again realize how spent I am, and I let myself fall back into the chair. Fruit, biscuits and coffee is as far away from my mind as can possibly be, and I feel sure that’s not exactly what Lana is after either. But then, I change my mind. Maybe a cup of coffee is just what I need to get going again, to get over this sated stage and please my little pet with an all resurrected stamina once we’ve finished it.

“Ooooohhhh, since it’s here, I think I could in fact do with a cup of coffee. How about you?”


I’m not sure if it that’s a ‘yes’ or a ‘no,’ but I anyway proceed to fill both cups.

“Here, there’s one for you too,” I tell her, and gently roll away from her to allow her some space to straighten up. Her mouth leaves me with a spongy sound, and I immediately feel an uncomfortable chill down there from all the wetness we have produced together. I hastily grab another fistful of Kleenex and just put it against me, both to clean up and to stay comfortably warm. I can see in her eyes that she’d be ready to do that if she only had something to use, and I tell myself to remember to bring some suitable cloths for our future trysts. Both for me and for her.

She comes just enough forward for her head to clear the desk and then straightens up with a deep sigh. Her face is a mess of sticky juices, and I hand her the box of Kleenex for her to help herself the best she can.

For a brief moment she looks a little unsure again, afraid that I might find her messed-up looks disturbing in any way. I notice immediately, and give her my warmest and most reassuring smile, holding up her cup of coffee to her as I wait for her to finish up.

“Actually I would like to stay like this forever,” she murmurs shyly as she starts wiping her face. “But then it wouldn’t be comfortable for you when I get down again.”

“When you get down again?!” I cannot help but laugh at her eagerness. “Lana, I’m totally spent. I doubt very much that I’d be able to have another go, no matter how much I’d love to.”

“Oh…” Her dark eyes penetrate mine as her face becomes a mask of pleads and urges, almost demands. For the first time I really feel the power of her will, of her craving, the sheer mental arm-twist of hers to bring me under her spell. Yes, for the first time I really see how she’s not the one to flinch when she’s made up her mind about something. She finally takes the cup from my out-stretched hand and takes a careful sip.

“Mmmmm… when you’ve had your coffee, I’m sure….” Her voice fades away. She realizes there’s no need to complete the sentence.

I sigh deeply. The awkwardness of the situation is not disturbing any more. Quite amusing, in fact. I realize it gives me a kick of a kind, and incredibly enough I can feel another gentle surge of energy and — yes — even passion trickle through my belly. It’s an amazing scene. Who could imagine that I should start to kind of get used to it? Used to my Lana, like that, on her knees, between my spread thighs… and under my desk… drinking coffee just like we should be sitting around any table in any cafeteria out there in the city! And just two days ago I never imagined that something like this could happen in my life at all. Two days ago Lana was but a name on a computer screen…

Oh yes, I can feel the strength of her will. And the sight of her in front of me like this really does the trick, no question about that. After just a few minutes of warm, black liquid filling my tummy, I can feel my endurance coming back to me, and the sated feeling of light soreness down there, that had me convinced I couldn’t take another touch of stimulation for days, is totally gone… just like that. Lana can probably see something in my eyes, because her pleading expression quickly transforms into one of increased confidence, even with the faintest hint of coyness somewhere in the corner of an eye. She seem to make a decision to move, and takes a big, determent gulp of her coffee, something that causes her to be unlucky enough to get some of it down her windpipe. All of a sudden she coughs and sputters almost completely out of control, even spilling a little of the coffee out of her cup as she struggles to get some air. Luckily most of it goes right under my seat and spreads all over the floor. The rest is captured by the tissues I still hold gently against my slowly reawakening pussy, making the back of my hand wet in the process.

Lana finally draws her breath with a long, raspy sound, her eyes overflowing with tears from her unexpected ordeal . . .

The warmth I felt after my orgasm has passed by just a little bit, and I once again feel comfortable wearing my shirt and even my jacket the way I do. Actually it’s quite exciting to be almost all dressed up like this, with only the ‘necessary’ parts of my body bared for the enjoyment of Lana’s magical oral skills. Only my two undone buttons tell on me as I sit there, relaxed and comfortable, still with my cup in my hand.

“I — I’m sorry,” she groans as she wipes her eyes with the back of her hand. “I didn’t –”

Don’t worry about that at all,” I tell her with a warm smile, “remember this is not even my real office. And the carpet is cleaned regularly! Are you all right?”

“Umm… yes, I think so,” she says as she draws another not-so-raspy breath that clearly tells us that things are getting back to normal again. I used my hand to continue to stroke her silky black hair, and then let my palm rest on the top of her head as I dive into the depths of her eyes and once again try to find a path all the way into her soul. Actually I still feel sated enough for it not to be the most natural thing to have her mouth on me yet, but on the other hand I just know how much she wants it. Her eyes, her entire being, tells me so, in big flashing red neon letters.

“Are you ready for me again,” I murmur as I keep her eyes locked with mine.

“Yes,” she confirms with a slightly trembling voice, and I can see her dark pupils expand slightly, clearly showing the reflection of myself in the darkness of her eyes, even over the considerable distance between us.

So, I apply an almost imperceptive pull on her head with my hand, moving her closer, very slowly, and then pushing ever so lightly downwards.

But she needs no guiding at all, of course. She is patient enough not to rush it beyond the movement of my hand, but there’s absolutely no sign of any holding back as I pull her in against me and open myself to her, in all possible physical and emotional ways. When the magical contact finally occurs, it’s more magic than ever, and I just can’t help jumping lightly as our lips meet in that ultimate kiss of kisses. She’s soo keen, so incredibly hungry, but still so patiently fine-tuned to my growing passion. I can sense her conflicting urges through her lips, all the way to the bottom of her soul. I can feel it in the hands stoking my skin, and I can see it in the hooded eyes, looking distantly at some point at my shirt-clad belly with heavy eyelids, hiding an ocean of joyful desire to please and love, and be loved, deep down inside.

Ooohhh it makes me so horny! I can feel my wetness rapidly filling my love channel and break through to bath her playful tongue just the moment it snakes out between incredibly soft lips to love me. Like last time. Her eyes widen for a moment as she feels it, and a moment later I can hear her first gulp as she savors me once again. I know I’m still fresh from my previous deluge, and probably don’t taste too strong, so I believe her when I hear her soft moan of sheer bliss. It fills me with confidence, with strength and desire, and I love her more than I’ve ever loved somebody my entire life!

She presses her face and mouth even firmer against me, her hands gripping my butt and waist to make sure I don’t give. But I certainly won’t give. I have to control myself not to press myself selfishly against her, not to grab her head and push it deep, deep into my cleft and ride it out like a bitch in heat. Instead I let myself sink back, still with a gentle lovable hand on her head, and slowly drift into a wonderful slumber of wonderful feelings. Feelings of joy, pleasure and love. It doesn’t take long until I’m all lost, and as I manage to let my body relax, I simply bask in the overwhelming sensations of lust.

I have no idea how long it’s been. I open my eyes slowly. Have I been sleeping? Do I have the energy to lift my head? The pleasure runs like a small stream down my spine and thighs and I can feel the wonderful tongue lapping away in a steady, unrelenting rhythm that keeps me on an firm but graciously languid boil. Energy or not, I’ve just got to raise my head enough to look down at her. It turns out to be not much of an effort either. I’ve slumped further down in my chair, and the headrest has actually lifted my head half way up already. When I meet her eyes under heavy lids it’s almost a shock. They’re so clear, so black, so full of life… and so full of love. Her nose is firmly buried in my bush and her tongue work unremittingly, and those eyes look up at me with such an impossible sheen of adoration and worship, an astonishing mixture of bliss and adulation that gets to me like a fist in the belly. I moan deeply, and I feel the wetness literally pour out of me and into her mouth as an insanely intense shiver of lust flows through me.

She moans too. Happily. Blissfully. Then she gulps again. And then she catches her breath, plastering my pubic bush to my skin with her scalding warmth as she does. It’s all so hot, so wonderful, so incredibly soft, loving and caring. The way only my Lana can do it! And then — all of a sudden — I realize that she’s even using both her hands to hold my thighs in place. They’re resting heavily against each armrest, but without her support they would have slipped off and down on the floor long ago, abruptly blocking her access to my source of immense pleasure. A split second I think I need to raise them and relieve her effort — perhaps put my heels against the edge of the desk? But then I come to think of this as just another part of her worship; another element in providing me the absolutely best service ever given. And such a service should be enjoyed to the fullest, and not be disturbed by any concerns on behalf of the service girl. I know that’s exactly the way she wants it, and that’s the way she’s going to get it.

I moan again. All this is just too much for me. I put both my hands down on her head and pull her gently against me, instantly feeling the intensity of her expert stimulation increase its strength, just slightly. Just one more minute of that is all it takes to tip me over into an orgasm so intense, so muscle-tightening heart-bursting that I once again loose total control of all my bodily functions. I hold on to her head with trembling hands, letting my fingernails dig into her scalp as I do, and feel my belly melt into a gush of lava-hot liquid. I’m sure there’s no way any slave girl — no matter how skilled and well trained — can take such an uncontrolled surge of liquid, and I mentally just accept that my skirt and stockings will be totally ruined as an inescapable price for this tremendous experience of unparalleled pleasure. But then I again feel her mouth open wide in a soft, wet undulation and kind of take me all in to form her lips into a perfect seal around me, one that ensures a completely flawless transfer of liquid between us even under such extreme conditions of performance.

I trash and buck around in my seat, rubbing myself relentlessly all over her face. But she stays in place with a merciless grip on my hips and butt and I try my best to hold back as I feel the pressure in my bladder give way to the intensity of the action. It cannot be very much, but I know that at the peak of my ecstasy a certain amount of my golden water follows along as I continue to squirt pussy juices into her mouth. I can hear another of her wonderful squeals of sheer bliss, and see her eyes overflow with tears, and I don’t know if it is from happiness or anguish, or if it is from both. I only know that I’ve never in my life had an orgasm like this, and that nobody in this world will be able to bring it on as my Lana can. And I know that I will never be able to continue that life of mine without the pleasures that dear Lana can give me. She has made me an addict in just one day, and there’s no way I’ll ever be able to get out of her grip! As I finally sink back in my chair and feel the warm tears of happiness roll down my cheeks, we both know that this was the decisive moment, and that the future is now set for us.


We stay in the interview office almost until midnight, through two more tremendous orgasms. Afterwards we are both so stiff and exhausted from the endured session that we have big problems getting to our feet, get to the restroom to freshen up and then stagger down and out into the cool evening air. It is a bit windy again, and as it sweeps against us, it plays beautifully with Lana’s wonderful sleek hair. She brushes it away from her face with a lightly trembling hand and looks up at me with those wonderful wonderful eyes of hers, and expression so open, so frank, so full of trust, devotion and love that it’s still almost difficult to comprehend. Even though we are right in front of my office building, I just grab her hand and walk her down the sidewalk in the direction of my home. It isn’t exactly a short walk, but I feel we both need the ‘stretching-out’ of it, and right now we have all the time in the world. All the time in the world…

The end

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