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My Just Desserts

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I am here for your amusement tonight. For both of you.

You haven’t told me all that I am in for. All I know is that you had invited one of your friends around for dinner. I will serve you both. All I am allowed to wear is my leather collar and black high heels. I love to wear sexy shoes for you.

Even in my highest shoes I don’t reach your height. My black hair falls loosely to my pale shoulders. You allow me to also wear a small apron that ties around my waist while I cook. My breasts and curvy ass are totally exposed to you.

As I bring out your dinner I sneak a look at your friend. Like you he is a big guy. The difference is he is deliciously dark. A stark contrast to your fair looks. The both of you are dressed casually in jeans and shirts. His sleeves are rolled up a little exposing his muscular forearms. My gaze wanders slightly. I take in his broad chest and shoulders. I glance at his clean shaved face and see his smoldering dark eyes burning into mine. My green eyes lock onto his momentarily.

I feel a sharp hot pain that jolts me, as you slap me hard on the ass.

‘What the fuck are you looking at?’ you ask sharply.

I feel flustered as I sheepishly look at you. You have a frown on your face, but I notice you smirk. Your blue eyes are piercing. I say nothing and look at the floor.

‘I asked you a question.’ You state firmly. I look you in the eye and tell you, ‘I was looking at your friend.’ I didn’t even know his name.

‘You’re a curious bitch, aren’t you?’ you ask, enjoying my discomfort.

‘Yes I am.’ I tell you. I feel my cheeks burning.

‘I think my friend needs another drink,’ you say, dismissing me. I nod and head back to the kitchen. I get a couple of beers from the fridge and bring them out to you. I try hard not to look at your friend. I make sure you both have everything you need. The lounge lights have been dimmed and there is some sultry blues playing softly on the stereo. I wonder if I will be sitting with you tonight. I stand next to you, waiting for a signal.

You take a mouthful of dinner and put your fork down. You reach for me and run your hand over my ass and down my leg.

‘Baby, I think we need a little entertainment. Think you can manage that?’

I smile at you. ‘Yes, I think I can.’ You still have your hand on my leg. You slide it around to my inner thigh and move up gently. Automatically I move my feet apart for you. In one smooth motion you slide a finger inside me. You feel my moistness. I breathe deeply, trying not to move. You remove your finger and pat my ass.

‘Go on then girl, we’re waiting.’

My back to you, I slowly walk several feet into the lounge. I move my ass suggestively, knowing that that’s where you will have your eyes fixed. I look over my shoulder and see two sets of eyes watching me. I’m aching to play with myself. I know how you love to watch. I’m hoping your friend likes it too. I have the choice of either the couch or the floor. I choose to lie out on the floor. I turn around and face you as I lower myself into a kneeling position. On my knees in front of you, is one of my favorite places to be. I spread my knees knowing that you both have a direct view to my smooth shaved cunt. I wonder if you can both see my new piece of jewellery. I recently had my clit hood pierced. Tonight I am wearing a small gold and diamond barbell in it. I slowly lower myself down and then onto my back. My feet are pointed in your direction. I stretch my arms up past my head, pull my knees up so as my heels are nearly touching my ass and arch my back. I love stretching like this. I relax and open my eyes.

I feel you watching me. I give you a cheeky smirk as I lower my arms. One hand finds an erect nipple to play with. I give you a slow wink as the other hand moves slowly down my torso, traces my belly button then moves down further. I pinch my hardening nipple and idly play with the ring I have adorned there. My wandering hand reaches my smooth pussy. I glance at you guys and lick my lips as you eat your meal slowly. I can’t wait to taste you. I wonder how different you both will taste.

My middle finger finds my intimate jewellery… I give it a flick a couple of times. Since having my new piercing, my hands seem compelled to continually keep it company. My clit loves the vibrations. My finger explores my pussy a little further and glides smoothly, slowly up and down my pussy lips. I steal another glance at you.

You have a very appreciative look in your sparkling eyes. I love the fact I’ve pleased you so far. It makes me instantly horny. I know I’m very wet. I squeeze my breast as my finger disappears into my wet cunt. I push my finger in deeply; loving how easily it slides in. I push in another finger. A groan escapes me. I arch my back again as my fingers work their way deep inside me. I lose myself in my own private world for several minutes. I’m enjoying the sensations of nipple pinching, while finger fucking myself, in front of the two of you. My eyes lock onto yours again, as I slide my fingers out. I lightly rub my pussy lips, making them shine with my wetness.

Your eyes leave mine as you watch my pussy. You watch my hand trace back up my body. Your eyes flicker as I bring my hand up to my mouth. I part my lips slowly, never taking my eyes off you. You catch me watching you and give me a wink. At that moment I lick my fingers. I slowly run my tongue around them before pushing them into my mouth. I suckle on my fingers enjoying the taste of myself, all the while watching you. I love the taste of my cum. I hear movement from the table and I look up.

‘Looks like you’re ready for desert, you little slut.’

I giggle. Fuck, you know me so well.

The chairs scrape as the two of you move away from the table. You down the last of your beer and there is a ‘clunk’ as you put the empty bottle on the table. Your friend unbuckles his belt.

You both walk towards me, shedding your clothes. I squirm as I take in the view, glancing from one to the other. There is something incredibly sexy about watching a guy unbuttoning his shirt. Let alone two! Your shirt is dropped on the floor exposing your muscular chest. You lower your pants. Your belt buckle makes a thud as it hits the floor. Your friend has casually thrown his clothing onto the couch. My eyes are trained onto his thighs, defined and strong looking. I look back at you as you head in my direction. I get quietly excited, wondering what you have in store for me.

You kneel in front of me and force my knees apart. You are staring hard at me. I groan when I see your cock hardening. My hand is still on my pussy and I begin playing with myself again. I have gotten extremely moist and my fingers glide over my pussy lips easily.

‘Think you can handle that, my little slut?’ you ask, motioning to your friend who had knelt next to me.

I turn my head to look and see another beautiful fat cock, just inches from my face. I love to watch a cock grow hard, right in front of me. And his was growing fast. I smile. He holds the base of his cock and waves the length in front of my mouth. Instinctively my mouth opens, beckoning it to enter.

Instead I receive a slap from your cock against my thigh. My hand retreats from my pussy as you begin slapping it towards my wetness. I groan and raise my hips towards it. I crave to have your cock inside me. You ignore my invitation and start slapping your cock against my cunt. This drives me wild. The feel of being slapped with a hard cock is nearly indescribable. I feels hot and heavy, shocking and naughty, not enough to hurt but enough to frustrate me. It gives me the urge to be impaled by it.

I turn my head to try and at least get one cock in me. I open my mouth but only get rewarded with a cock slap to the cheek. I gasp in surprise. I am starting to get agitated by the teasing and shake my head. Instantly your mate grabs me by the hair and holds my head still. I gasp in surprise as he is hurting me.

He strokes his shaft slowly as he rubs it over my face. It feels hot, smooth and hard. Despite my discomfort I get extraordinarily horny. Again he slaps it against my face, leaving it to rest on my mouth. I look at him and see him smiling down at me. Never taking my eyes off him I open my mouth. He releases my hair a little and lets the head of his cock dip into my mouth. I taste his delicious pre cum and groan. You let out a laugh.

‘Fuck mate, careful or she’ll take it all.’ You say with pride.

Your friend laughs as he slides his cock out of my mouth and starts stroking it inches from my hungry mouth. I look at you stroking your hardness. You know how much this turns me on. I watch your hand moving up and down the length of your shaft.

I’m filled with lust as I watch the two of you wanking slowly in front of me. My cunt is aching and I reach down wanting to thrust a couple of fingers into it. Once again my hand gets slapped away. You are torturing me. I love it and we both know it. I’m getting more and more horny as you both increase your tempo. You love to tease me.

Neither of you will allow me to touch you. Instead you are stroking your cocks just inches from me. I ache to have you ram your cock into me. My hands mash my breasts and squeeze and roll my nipples; tugging on my nipple ring. I hear your friend groan as he grabs my hair again. My head is turned to face his hardness. I open my mouth and he slides his cock into it. He pulls out and thrusts it back in again.

‘Yeah, fuck her face, man. Give it to her hard,’ you snarl as you ram your fingers into my cunt. I gasp at your force. My head spins as I wonder how many fingers you are using. Surely more than three. It feels so tight. I’m hardly in the position to complain. Not that I would.

I nearly gag as the cock in my mouth forces its way down my throat, over and over again. He is not being gentle anymore. He has positioned himself over me so as he can fuck my face deeply. I can’t move my head and I feel a slight panic welling up inside me. I feel you pumping your fingers into me, nearly driving me over the edge.

Suddenly you change position. You force my knees up and over your shoulders. Nearly lifting my ass off the floor. Without missing a beat you ram your hard cock into me. You are not gentle as you continue to slam it in, fucking me hard and fast. You reach for my breasts and squeeze them roughly. I try to object but my mouth and throat are being pounded. My throat is aching and it’s hard to breathe.

Everything is happening so fast. I try to reach for the cock in my mouth. I need to breathe. Instead he grabs my wrist and holds it to the floor. He thrusts his cock into my mouth several more times then suddenly it’s gone. I gasp for air as I watch him wank over my face.

You are grasping my tits so hard it hurts. I wince and yelp in pain. At the same time I know my cunt is drowning your cock with my juices. My body seems to become accustomed to your forcefulness quickly and I begin to enjoy the sweet feel of pain. Ecstasy sources through my body. All the while, you continue to fuck me savagely. I am in a state of bliss.

We’re all breathing heavily and I hear the voice above me let out a grunt. At the same time you slide your cock out of me. You slap it against my throbbing pussy as you also stroke, increasing the intensity. You shrug my legs off your shoulders and position yourself over me.

I don’t know which cock to watch. I’m now craving cum. I want it all.

I don’t have to wait long. I’m hit in the face with a stream of hot cum. I feel it on my cheek and on my chin. Another lot hits my swollen lips. Instantly I begin licking it up. I’m in heaven when I hear you let out a roar, as you release your cum all over my tits. I’m licking your friends’ cock clean as I watch you pump more of your seed over my belly and cunt. My hand reaches up and I collect some dripping cum off my cheek with my finger. I feel you moving up my body, letting your cock drag across my breasts. You keep moving until it reaches my face. I take your cock in my hand and guide it into my mouth. I suck you clean, loving the taste of you.

Movement on the other side of me makes me turn to look at your friend. I reach for his spent cock with my other hand. He moves closer to me and I’m able to give his cock the loving kiss it deserves. I grin as I look up at you. You both have your cocks resting near my mouth and I’m able to hold one in each hand, licking each in turn, while you both catch your breath. You reach down and stroke my hair, smiling at me.

‘Well, did you enjoy your dessert, my little cumslut?’ you ask me. I smile as you both slowly get to your feet.

‘Yes, thank you,’ I reply quietly. I run my fingers down my body and feel your come spread all over me. I lazily rub it over my tits and nipples while the two of you walk away, heading for your drinks. I lick my fingers slowly, one by one.

Cumslut? I think to myself, grinning. Fuck yes, that I am.

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