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My Introduction to Bisex

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One day I answered an ad in the local Swing paper. I got an answer with a telephone number. I called. I heard the most delightful English accent. We set up a date at her home. She asked if I minded if her husband would be there. I thought that was real cool, a man who allows his wife to bring her lovers into their home to fuck -WOW! But then, Europeans always were more open minded about sex than Americans.

She met me at the door dressed in a tight fitting terry cloth tank top. It hugged the curves of her beautiful breasts. Her nipples were standing out hard. Her skirt was a button-down-front with all the buttons unbuttoned all the way up to the dark V between her thighs. As soon as the door was closed behind us we locked our lips together in a passionate, deep tonguing kiss. My hands cupped her breasts then pulled the tank top down exposing them completely. I leaned over to pay homage to them as my right hand found its way into the hairs on her belly — then down to her pantiless mound. My finger found her slit. She was wet with anticipation.

When Mike entered the room we were locked together in another deep tonguing kiss. My hands were wrapped around her buttocks and we were dry fucking like teenagers. I must admit I felt some apprehension but he calmly asked what I would like to drink. DRINK HELL. I JUST WANTED TO FUCK HIS WIFE! I replied “Just a little Scotch with water.” I really didn’t want anything that might interfere with my fucking this woman. He went to the kitchen and returned with drinks for all of us. After a few sips he suggested that “we” go to the back bedroom. I assumed that “we” meant Louisa and me.

I stopped by the bathroom and took a leak on the way. When I got there she was standing before a full length mirror. I could see her naked front and her beautiful ass at the same time. My cock was bursting to get out of my undershorts. I wanted to kiss her, kneel before her and suck her pussy, and fuck her standing up right there on the spot all at the same time. She recognized my frustration and led me to the side of her bed. She sat down and took my cock in her wet mouth and started sucking. I nearly died. I had not had my cock sucked in years! It was a masterful control that prevented me from cumming immediately. I stood it as long as I could then I gently pushed her back on the bed. She spread her legs for me. I knelt before her on the floor and started sucking and tongue fucking her pussy.

After a while I slipped up on the bed and laying on my side with my head between her legs I continued sucking her pussy. Then I became aware that my cock was being swallowed by a very knowledgeable cocksucker. I could see Louisa’s face so I knew it had to be her husband, Mike. After a few minutes he moved around to the other side of the bed and started feeding his cock to his wife. I continued fucking her with my mouth and tongue as I watched his cock gliding in and out of her mouth. She had such an angelic expression on her face — like she was in pure heaven, and suddenly, I got an inexplicable urge to join her.

I rolled her legs up and tucked her knees under her chin. Her beautiful hairy pussy was standing high and vulnerable. I just had to lean over and kiss it one more time, then I pressed my cock head into the folds of her slippery, wet slit and with one movement I drove my hard 7 inches of fuck meat all the way to the hilt in her belly. I didn’t pull back and fuck her in and out, we held our pelvises together and just ground them from side to side. I leaned over and tentatively licked the saliva at the corner of her lips. It had the taste of fuck. It was very sexy. I realized it was the taste of her husband’s cock. He continued to fuck her mouth very slowly then he pulled back. I locked my open mouth on hers and for the next several minutes it was like a tongue battle. Her mouth was filled with the taste of his cock and mine was filled with the taste of her pussy, and each of us were trying to lick all the taste of sex from the other’s mouth. Then, I felt Mike’s cock head gently rubbing the side of my cheek. Without a hesitation I turned toward him, opened my mouth and felt his smooth cock head enter.

After a few moments I began to realize what was happening. My cock was buried to the hilt in a woman’s belly and her husband’s cock was fucking my mouth and I honestly could not tell which was giving me the most pleasure. I knew at that moment what I had been missing out on all those years and that a whole new world of sexual pleasures had just been opened up for me. I would never turn down an opportunity to suck a man’s cock again. For an unknown period of time I was lost in the euphoria of deep tonguing kissing and alternately sucking Mike’s cock and fucking at the other end at the same time. Then I caught a rapid movement out of the corner of my eye. We both turned toward him with our mouths open like hungry birds in a nest. The first volley of his cum hit the corner of my mouth. He moved in closer. The second went directly into Louisa’s mouth. I licked the glob on my lips then together we closed in on his still spurting cum hole licking and sucking furiously to get that last morsel of his sweetness. Then he moved away and our tongues played together transferring his cum from one mouth to the other. The sexual excitement became so intense we both started pounding and grinding our pelvises together uncontrollably and we came together in the HOTTEST fuck of my entire life.

We fucked together over a period of several years. Our favorite ending at each session found me on my back with Louisa on top 69ing each other. Mike would straddle my head and fuck her then he would pull out. I would tongue fuck her a little then when I laid my head back down, he would use my mouth as an alternate pussy. To this day, I like to think of my mouth as my “pussy.” He would cum in her and give me his cum coated cock to suck clean and she would spin around and sit down on my cock and ride me off. It is absolutely impossible for me to say which of these two happenings was the most pleasurable for me. Nothing can compare to the incredible feel of “sloppy seconds” a tight pussy that has just been filled with another man’s cum, nor the feel of a man’s still hard cock, coated with the combined taste of male and female cums mixed together. With that kind of stimulation it didn’t take long for her to get me off. She would then “walk” up my body leaving a trail of cum from my belly to my chin. She would plant her dripping pussy lips directly on my open mouth and ride herself off again. I have never before nor since, had the taste and the smell of fuck so deeply penetrated into my skin and my being. It was ABSOLUTE HEAVEN!

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