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My First Time Was a Foursome

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I had been singing in a neighborhood Blues Band since I was fifteen. No big deal. Four of us and we would play some bar mitzvahs and do open mike night and stuff. One of the guys, Glen Schwartz was a year older than the other three of us. So now he’s nineteen and off at Rutgers. But he came home for Spring vacation and that is when it happened.

I mean okay, I turned eighteen in January. My sometime girlfriend, Allison Binswenger turned eighteen three weeks ago. We had been going together more or less since she was almost fifteen and so was I. For the first year we did a lot of kissing and toward the end she let me feel her breasts which were not much bigger than mine. She touched my dick through my pants once or twice and I damn near came both times.

By the time we were seventeen, she had grown these cute little boobs and I got to feel them through her sweaters and once at the beach I reached inside her bathing suit and felt her crotch, but nothing more. She grabbed my dick that day but I could not get her to touch it without my bathing suit on.

So now we are eighteen and we are headed for college this fall. I am going to Lehigh over in Pennsylvania and Allie has just been accepted at Brandeis up in Boston.

Spring Break. We graduate in two months. Serious case of senioritis. Glen Schwartz called and invited me and Allie to a party at his house this Saturday. His girlfriend is Jennifer Weiss. They have been going out for two years now. Jennifer is a freshman at Hunter over in New York. Personally, I think Glen has been doing her since she was a junior at Ambrose Academy where we all went. But I could never prove it and she was never one of those sleep-around kids.

Anyway, Saturday is here. I scored Dad’s Subaru hybrid for the day and evening. Swore I would not drink. I picked Allison up at her house. She was wearing a fluffy sweater that did nothing to show off her shape and a pair of tight jeans that did show what a tight little ass she had grown over the past year. Me? I was wearing a long sleeved sweater/shirt and my jeans.

Glen had called the party for three o’clock. He told me that was so he would be sure his folks were on their way to upstate New York for a few days. We pulled up in front of his ridiculous McMansion and there were two other cars there. Guess it is not going to be a big party.

We went up to the front door and rang the bell which sounded like Big Ben in the house. Glen came to the door wearing a loose white shirt and a pair of long shorts. He had flip flops on his feet. Right behind him was Jennifer Weiss. Damn! I had not seen her since last summer. She is about five foot nine – taller than me and about the same size as Glen. She was wearing a very tight tee shirt with “Hunter Girl” on the front. Her boobs had grown over the past year and were unbelievable. Her nipples showed through the tee shirt. Damn! She was not wearing a bra! She also had on a pair of long shorts, like leiderhosen that the college girls were wearing.

We exchanged hellos, me and Glen doing one of those guy thing hugs. I hugged Jennifer and felt her boobs turn my chest warm. I got an immediate hard on. Glen led us out to the patio. It was a warm day and they have this cool patio with a pool taking up most of the back yard. There is a big table just off the patio and chairs where I guess they eat when the weather is nice.

There is a glass round table on the patio with some chairs around it and I see a cooler on the patio floor. “C’mon guys!” Glen says. “Sit down and make yourself at home. Anybody want a beer?”

Now, it is not legal to drink in New Jersey until you are twenty one. Yeah, you can go in the army and get killed at eighteen. You can vote, but you cannot drink for another three years. But, hey, we are at Glen’s and the beer is there and cold so I say “sure!” and he hands me one.

He also gives one to Jennifer and one to Allie. She looks at me. “Sam, you know, I don’t…”

“Nobody says you have to, Allie.” She shrugs her shoulders, looks at me with those blue eyes that have really matured along with the rest of her this year. She takes the bottle from me and pours it carefully into one of the plastic cups on the table. She smiles at me, raises the cup in my direction and drinks. She gets this funny look on her face after she swallows and I just have to laugh.

So, we talk about school and what various kids are doing now that graduation is here and what the kids from Jennifer and Glen’s class are doing and where they are going. From our community and Ambrose Academy, about ninety eight percent of the kids go to college.

The sun is getting nice and warm. I’ve had two beers and damn! So has Allison. Jennifer and Glen are leaning in to each other and talking quietly. Glen stands up and takes his shirt off.

“Damn,” he says. It is getting really warm, no?”

He is right. I stand up and take off my sweater shirt. Glen disappears into the house. Jennifer leans her head down and breathes into her tee shirt. She shakes it from her body. “Who would figure at four o’clock on a Saturday in April it would be this warm? You guys are lucky. Just shake off your shirts.”

Glen has come out of the house carrying a pitcher of something slightly yellow and cold according to the sweat on the side of the pitcher. “Don’t let us stop you, Jen. You can take your tee shirt off any time.”

We all laugh at that and Glen takes four new plastic glasses and fills them from the pitcher. “Here,” he says. “This will help.”

I pick up one of the glasses and look at the drink. “And this would be?…”

“My mom’s recipe for Margaritas. The best!”

“Oh.” I give it a sip and he is right. Cool and tasty. I look at Allie. She has a half smile on her face. “Allison?” I say.

“Sam, I’m really feeling the beers. Should I?”

I shrug. :”Up to you sweetheart.” She shrugs again and takes a sip.

“Ooo – this is better!”

I look over at Jennifer. She has drained half the glass. She has also taken her tee shirt and hitched it up under her breast. She swirls her head around and shakes it. “Sam?” She looks at me.

“Yeah, Jen?”

“You ever seen me in a bikini?”

“Jen! That is a weird question, but yeah, I have. Last summer at the lake.”

“Good!” She says. “Then this won’t shock you. I know it won’t shock ol’ Glen here.” With that she leans way back in her chair and shucks off those long shorts of hers.

She is wearing a thong underneath. And I can see she shaves. “Wow, is that better,” she slurs. Her legs are long and shaped like a runner’s.

“Jennifer!” Allison looks at her, looks at me and then laughs.

“Problem, Allison?” Jennifer says.

“No, not a bit. After all, like you said, it’s warm.” I look at Allison’s glass. It’s empty.

Glenn stretches across the table and fills my glass and Allison’s. As he sits down, he reaches over with one hand on the pitcher and fills Jennifer’s glass. I see his hand go up on her thigh..

She shudders. “Glennie! What cold hands you have!”

“The better to feel you with, my dear.” He says and gets that grin he used to get when the band was together. “And if it is good enough for you, it is good enough for me.” With that he stands up and takes off his shorts. As he kicks them off his feet I can see that under his jockeys he has a tremendous hard on.

I look over at Allison. She is staring at Glen’s bulge in his jockeys but she does not look shocked. Just fascinated. Jennifer is looking Glen up and down. She stops and focuses on his shorts.

“Glen!” She slurs. “You have grown at school this year, haven’t you?”

Glen looks down and sheepishly shrugs his shoulders and sits down. His hand immediately finds her thigh again. “Practice makes perfect, I guess.”

Allie looks over at me. “Aren’t you still warm, Sam?”

“Hmm? Well, I mean…”

She stands up, wobbling a bit and comes over to my chair. She kneels down beside my chair and unbuckles my belt. “Now,” she says, biting her lower lip,” let’s see if you are jockeys or boxers.” With that she pulls at my jeans with both hands and they slip down my legs.

“Jockeys!” She shouts. She reaches across the table and she and Jennifer high five. I’m still sitting with my legs stretched out.

“And you guys? All of you?” She sweeps her hand over everyone at the table. “You have seen me in a bathing suit, right?” And with that she reaches down to her waist and takes off her sweater. Underneath she is wearing this skimpy push up bra and damn! Her boobs are still nowhere near Jennifer’s but they are cute and perky and I can almost see her nipples.

I look over at Glen and Jennifer. Damn! He has his hand under her tee shirt where she has it tucked up under her breasts. He is sitting very close to her and whispering in her ear. I can see that he is actually caressing a nipple. I think my hard on is going to burst out of my jockeys.

Allison has her head thrown back and is taking in the April sun. I can just sit here and look at her breasts which I actually have felt, but never seen. Weird, huh?

Suddenly Jennifer pushes Glen’s hand away. “That’s enough of that! How’s the pool, Glennie?’

“To tell the truth it is still pretty cold. Otherwise I would have told all of you to bring swim stuff.”

Jennifer stands up. “Well,” she says. “I don’t care. Between the booze and your fast hands I am burning up!”

With that she gets up, runs down the lawn and eases herself into the pool. “Wow! Damn! You are right! This is really cold!” With that she lifts herself out of the pool. Her tee shirt is now stuck to her body. Man! And her thong? Oh my God. Her cunt is puffy and I can see the slit plain as day. I feel a hand on my arm.

“Don’t pop an eyeball, Sam.” It’s Allie and she has this wicked grin on her face.

“Yeah, well. I mean, God, Allison!”

“I know. She is something. Wish I had more, you know – chest.”

“No! I mean, shit, girl! You are just perfect. Cute as hell.”

“You like my tits, Sam? I think this is the closest you have ever come to seeing them.”

“Well, umm…that’s true. You never let me…”

“Well, today is as good as any.” With that she reaches back and unhooks her bra. She shakes it off her shoulders and into her hands. Her little breasts stick right out. The areola around her nipples is dark red and her nipples stick out a good two inches.

Meanwhile, Jennifer is standing up and shivering. “Glennie? Get me a fucking towel, will you please?”

Allison looks down at her boobs then at me. “They aren’t enough for you, are they, Sam?” He voice is very soft.

I slide off my chair and kneel in front of her. “Oh God, Allie! I mean you are freaking perfect! Oh God- I love you more than ever.”

I hear a little giggle behind me. I turn and there is Jennifer Weiss in a towel, holding her dripping thong and tee shirt. “Well,” she says. If this is going to be an exhibition…” and she drops the towel.

And there stands Jennifer Weiss, the subject of many a night of mine jacking off back at Ambrose Academy, stark fucking naked!

Glen is sitting at the table again. He calls over. “Hey! What’s going on, a contest?”

Jennifer turns toward him and her boobs don’t even budge. Either it’s the cold water or she is really something. “No contest, Glennie. Just two different girls. What do you think?”

He stands up. “I think we all should show what we got, that’s what I think!” He reaches down and strips off his jockeys. His dick bounces up. Well, okay, so he’s got a good seven inches, but my friend Lou says that you can’t tell the depth of the well from the length of the handle on the pump.

“C’mon Cohen! Chicken to show it?”

I look up at Allison. She pushes against my shoulder. “I will if you will, Sam.”

I stand up and begin to slide my jockeys down. As I do, I see Allie put her legs up and unbutton her jeans. I take mine off and step out of them. Allison stands up and shakes her jeans down and steps out of them. Holy crap! She isn’t wearing anything under the jeans! She has this little red peach fuzz around her cunt and now my hard on damn near matches Glen’s.

He is standing by the table. Jennifer is still standing in front of Allie and me. She is looking at my dick. “Not bad Cohen, not bad. Understand outside of Glennie here and some skinny dipping at a lake near school, I haven’t seen that many cocks. Still…”

Glen comes over with two more margaritas in his hand. He gives one to Jen and one to Allie. He is looking Allie up and down. “Allison Binswenger,” he says. Damn girl! You are cute as a bug. I really never noticed.”

“Well, I do not go around naked in mixed company, Glen.” She looks around. “That is until today.” We all laugh. Glen reaches back and picks up my glass and Allison’s. He pours a generous amount in each glass. Allie sits down and I sit down next to her. She takes my hand and puts it on her right breast. She takes a big sip of her drink and winks at me.

I am holding this little breast in my hand and I feel her nipple swell. I lean down and kiss her nipple. I really don’t care where the hell Glen and Jennifer are. I really don’t care about anything except those beautiful little tits and that peach fuzz cunt of hers. She doesn’t stop me. She leans back in the chair and groans a little.

Glen is standing holding Jennifer in his arms. Hr looks down at us. “Guys – it’s past four o’clock. It’s getting a bit cold for us. We’re going in the house. Living room is to the left, bedrooms are upstairs. Take your pick.”

I take my hand off Allie’s breast and take her hand. I pull her up to a standing position. I put my arms around her and bring her to me. My cock is up against her belly because I am a good three to four inches taller than she is. I feel her little breasts up against my chest. They are warm and as I lean down to kiss her, her eyelids are fluttering and her breath is coming in little gasps.

She puts her arms around me and pulls me even closer. She takes one hand, drops it between us and grabs my cock. I’m still kissing her and she begins to gently stroke my cock. Oh my God! I might just come right here! I am a fucking virgin! I think she is too. I mean I have watched enough porno to know what to do – a lot of things to do as a matter of fact, but God! This is real.

She pulls her head back a little and says in a shaky voice “Would you like to go inside?”

For a minute I am not sure what she means. “Oh!” I say. You mean in the house!”

She pulls back and shakes her head at me. She gathers up her clothes and throws me my shirt, jeans and jockeys. Then she takes my hand and leads me towards the house. I am looking at that tight little ass of hers. It has a brush of red freckles across it. I am so fucking horny!

We get inside and I start to lead her in the living room. She pulls me back and points upstairs. She leads me up the winding staircase that looks ridiculous in the middle of the Schwartz foyer. When we hit the top of the stairs I can hear mumbling voices from the room right in front of us. Then I hear a little cry and Jennifer’s voice saying “yes, Glen, yes!”

Allison puts her finger to her lips to tell me to be quiet and we both lean against the door. I hear a strange noise from inside and a constant Uh…uh….uh” from Jennifer. Allie holds off a giggle and leads me to the door next door.

She opens the door and it is obviously a guest bedroom with two large queen size bed, mirrors on the doors of the closet next to one of the beds and a door that must lead to the bathroom.

Now I take over. I go to one of the beds and pull off the spread. There are pink sheets on the bed for God sake! Allie hops right in the bed and covers herself. I climb in beside her and roll over to her. She does the same and we are wrapped in each other. I kiss her and my tongue finds hers. I back off just a little and look down at her. God she is so beautiful. Not like Jennifer, but like Jennifer said – this is not a contest.

I lean down and kiss her neck and she starts that gentle gasping again. I see her hands are grasping the sheet. I lean farther and start licking her breasts. Her nipples get really hard. I can almost take the whole breast in my mouth. The gasps become louder. She takes one hand and runs it through my hair. I lean even further and begin to kiss her flat stomach. Her legs start to writhe.

I lean even more and there it is. Right in front of my nose. That little peach fuzz.

I have never, no I swear – never gotten this far with a girl before. I know, at eighteen that sounds stupid, but it is true. I bring my hands, which are still caressing her breasts down and gently pull her legs apart. She spreads them even wider.

I lean in and am enveloped with this wonderful odor. I bring one hand down and touch the top of her cunt. She is wet. I take my hand and cover her cunt. She leans up against it. I take one finger and gently move it inside her. She is so warm! She starts to writhe against my finger. I put a second finger in and it is tight. She has now stopped gasping and is moaning.

I pull both fingers out and put my mouth right here. My tongue flicks inside the edge. Suddenly her legs fly apart. She grabs my head and thrusts me up against her cunt. My tongue finds her and I begin to flick faster. I remember something from books and pornos. I take my hands and spread her a little more. I get on my hands and knees and put my tongue at the top of her cunt.

There it is! Just like they said. Her clit! It is a lovely little nob and I am licking furiously. She is groaning and twisting. Then she starts to heave. She groans and grabs my head again and thrusts up against it. Faster and faster. She is grunting now and finally she shudders and falls slack.

I lean back and look at her, lying there, breathing deeply, sweat on her body. She opens her eyes and reaches for me. She takes my face in her hands. “Sam. Never. Never. I never felt anything like that. I mean, look I play with myself and I have had orgasms before. But Sam…” She starts to cry.

I take her in my arms. I am holding her against me. She is breathing normally now. She reaches her head over and kisses me. He tongue goes inside my mouth. I feel her hand reach between us and squeeze my cock. I am instantly harder than ever. She leans her head back and pushes at my body. She rolls me on my back. She sits on her knees. God she is so beautiful. All through high school she had long red pigtails. But for graduation she had her hair cut into this like pixie haircut that surrounds her face.

She looks down at my cock and smiles at me. She takes it in both hands and leans down. She closes her lips around it and gently begins to suck me. Slowly she lowers her head and takes more and more of me into her mouth. Soon she has my entire cock in there and is swiveling her tongue around the top. Where the hell did she learn to do that?

A minute later, oh my God, I am going to cum. “Allie!” I whisper. “I am going to cum!! Now!!” She never even slows down. I arch my back and I feel more cum spouting out of me than ever in my life.

My cock is so sensitive I think I’m going to faint. But she does not stop. Finally I feel myself going limp. She slowly pulls off and leans back on her knees. “God Sam! That was amazing! What a turn on! Was it good?”

“Oh my God Allie! It was, well, amazing. I never…I mean…”

“I know. I didn’t either.”

“But then how…?”

“How did you?”

“Well, I do, umm watch pornos on the internet sometimes and…”

“Me too.” With that, we both burst out laughing. Then she leans down and covers my mouth with hers. She lies on top of me and I am hard again. She has this little grin on her face as she feels my cock press against her stomach.

“Have you ever…?” She asks.

“Ever what?”

“Ever gotten laid, Sam. Have you?”

“Umm…no. I mean, well, no.”

“Me neither Sam. But…”

“But what, Allie?”

“I love you Sam.”

“I love you Allie. Really.” I mean it. But Also I think I know where this is leading and I want to be cool. Not too cool, but hell, I licked her clit until she came and she blew me. I guess this is not that big a step, right?

She rolls off me and is lying beside me. “Sam?”

“Yeah Allie?”

She whispers to me. “Be gentle. You are my first.”

I roll over on top of her. I have a killer hard on all over again. I reach down and take my cock in my hand. She spreads her legs a little more. I put my cock at the edge of her cunt. It is still wet. I am looking right in her eyes. I slowly slide my cock inside her. Oh My God! I never felt anything like this! It is wet and soft and warm and she tightens against me.

I begin to slowly pull back and forth. Her eyes flutter. She starts the gasping again. And then the moaning. I slide my hands under her and grab that tight, cute little ass of hers, I pull her closer to me. Her legs slowly come up and grip my back.

“Oh!” She screams in my ear. And then very softly she says “fuck me Sam, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Then she writhes against me and I feel her cunt tighten against my cock. Suddenly I realize shit! I don’t have a rubber on! Too late now! I start to cum. I feel my cock begin to swell. I see her eyes open wide. She calls out “Sam!” and shudders against me. Her hands dig into my back. She writhes and I cum some more. We lock together with her arching her back and me thrusting deeper into her until she flops back and my cock finally stops spurting.

I hold her and she holds me. We are both catching our breath. I roll off her and put her into the crook of my shoulder. She cuddles very close to me and whispers in my ear “thank you Sam. I wanted it to be you.” I kiss her on her forehead and close my eyes.

I wake up slowly. I was just dreaming that Allie was floating above me and leaning down and sucking me. She was like suspended in air. As I come awake I realize, oh my God! Somebody is stroking my dick. Allie? But no, she is still in the crook of my arm. I lift my head a little.

Jennifer freaking Weiss! She is sitting on her knees. She is naked! Her incredible boobs are right in front of my face! And she is…she is…stroking my cock! I lift myself up on my elbows, which causes Allie to flop back on the pillow.

Jennifer is in the shadows but she takes her other hand and puts a finger to her lips. “shh.”

I whisper loudly “Jennifer!”

She whispers back. “Nice tool Sam. You use it all up on the virgin here?” She stops stroking and looks down at me. “Oh. I guess not. Look at that.”

Allie is beginning to stir. “Sam?” She calls quietly. She sits up half way. She takes in Jennifer’s naked body and my hard on. “Jennifer! Sam!”

Jennifer lets go of me, leans over and kisses her lightly on the forehead. This causes her to lean across me. Her breasts lightly stroke my chest. “Relax Allie. I just wanted to see if Sam had any left. Apparently,” she gestures at my hard on, “he does.”

Allie leans back on her elbows. “But…where is Glen?”

“Wuss fell asleep. He does that a lot. Just when I really get going.” She is sitting back on her haunches looking at the two of us. “Damn, Allison, you are really cute! You shouldn’t hide it with the clothes you wear. Look at you!”

Allison pulls the covers up over her body. “Jennifer!”

Jennifer looks over at me. “First time , Sam?”

“Well, if you must know, yeah, it was.”

“And you, Allison?”

“Well, yes, first time for me too.”


“And what?”

“How was it, girl! Everything you hoped for?”

With that, Allison rolls back into the crook of my arm. She reaches down and holds my dick. I mean we are all three of us stark naked in one bed. Is it any wonder my hard on has just achieved new heights?

“Everything and more.”

“Good. You’re going to Brandeis in Boston, right?”

This is so weird. What kind of conversation with two beautiful girls in bed with me. One is holding my cock in her hand and the other, stark naked, with this incredible body is sitting there holding a conversation!

“Yeah, Brandeis.”

“Well girl, college is different. Believe me. You will get an education there as much in the dorm as in the classroom. Believe me!”

“What do you mean, Jennifer?”

Jennifer moves over on the other side of Allison. She lies down very close to her. “Ever been with another girl?”

“Jennifer! God no!”

“Oh don’t sound so shocked. It’s really a rush.”

With that I see that Jennifer is up on one elbow and she has reached over and is stroking Allie’s right breast. “Jennifer!” Allie says, but I see she is doing that little gasp that she did with me.

“Relax, Allie,” Jennifer whispers softly. She looks up at me, her hand slowly encircling Allie’s nipple. “Go ahead Sam, take the other one.”

“Jennifer, I…”

“Oh come on. Give the girl a thrill.”

Allison looks at me thorough half closed eyes. I see her legs begin to move. I reach down and encircle the other nipple with my lips. I twirl my tongue around it and feel it get hard and longer. She is gasping more and gripping the sheets.

Jennifer leans in towards her ear and says softly “let it go, Allie. Enjoy.” With that, she slips her hand down between Allie’s legs and starts stroking her cunt.

Allie says softly “Jennifer…”

Jennifer looks at me. “Sam? Give Allie your cock. Go ahead! Get up on your knees so she can suck on it!”

For some reason I am mesmerized. I get up and half crawl up to Allie. She is looking at me with half closed eyes. I am on my knees next to her head. She leans over and takes my cock in her mouth again. Jennifer has taken her hand out of Allie’s cunt and is sliding down her belly, licking her like I did before. I look down to watch Allie suck on me. Oh God! It feels so great!

Allie gives a little shudder and I look down and God! Jennifer is eating her! Allie grabs my cock and starts swirling her tongue around it. Then she stops and lays back, arching her back. “Jennifer! Jennn….” She screams. I can see she is cumming. She is squeezing my cock so I think it will choke to death.

Jennifer leans back away from Allie. She has a smoky look on her face. “See girl? Different?”

“God, Jennifer!” Allison says. “I never, never thought I’d ever have sex with a girl!”

“It’s all good, little girl. All good. Right Sam?”

I am lying next to Allison. She still has my throbbing cock in her hand. I just nod yes to Jennifer. Jennifer is watching Allison holding my cock. “Allison, if you aren’t going to use that thing right now, can I have a crack at it?”

Allison shifts up on her elbows, letting my cock go. “What do you mean, Jen?”

Jennifer gets off the bed and comes to my side. She takes my hand and leads me to the other bed. She looks over me at Allie and winks. “Watch!” She says and like that, she has my cock in her hand and in her mouth. Oh my God! I have never been blown before and now two girls in one hour! I could die right now!

Allie is watching, fascinated. Jennifer comes up for air. She is panting. “Sam,” she says quietly, “fuck me, please?”

She throws a leg over me and keeping my cock in her hand she settles down on it. It is soft and warm and she -she – oh my God! She is grabbing my cock with her cunt! She thrusts up and down. I reach up and grab her incredible breasts. I look over at Allie. She is masturbating and watching us.

I am thrusting up to meet Jennifer and she is wiggling back and forth. She leans down and is almost lying on me but she continues to pump. Faster now, faster. She is panting, groaning, whispering in my ear “now Sam, now!!” And with that, she shudders and I cum a ton. Again, with no protection. I mean, who knew?

Jennifer falls on me, my cock slowly slips out of her. I reach over and look at Allie. “Allison?” I say.

She smiles at me. “It’s okay Sammy. Today everything is different.”

“I guess so!” I hear Glen’s voice. I look up over Jennifer’s shoulder and there he stands in the doorway, a towel around his waist.

“Damn Glen!” I say. How long you been watching?”

“Long enough to see Jennifer give you one hell of a ride.”

Jennifer rolls off me. “Well,” she says. :”If you hadn’t fallen asleep just when I was getting really horny, I might not have left.”

Glen comes over to the bed beside Allie. “Well,” he says and lets the towel drop, “I’m not sleeping now.” His huge cock bounces up right in Allie’s face. “Allison?” he says. “I know you always had a secret crush on me at Ambrose.”

Allison is mesmerized by his cock, I can see that. “No, I didn’t Glen.”

“Oh yes you did. I was told by a couple of the girls. And, Allie? Here it is.” With that he grabs his cock and takes one hand to grab Allie’s hand and put it on his cock. “Big, right? Ever seen one bigger?”

She is looking at her hand on his cock. “I haven’t seen that many…”

“Bullshit! I know you watch porno stuff. Those cocks are not real. This one is! Stroke it and see.”

Allie actually starts to slowly stroke his cock. Jennifer is up on elbow, next to me. “Go ahead, girl – try it! We’re all like family here!”

Glen thrusts his cock closer to Allie’s face. She is staring at it like it is a freaking cobra. “Go ahead, Allie. I know you want to!”

She reaches over and her tongue comes out and licks the top of Glen’s cock. “Allie!” I yell.

She looks back at me. “Well, you had a helluva time with Jennifer Sam, so…” And with that she takes his cock in her mouth and starts to suck on it like she did to me.

Jennifer rolls over to me. “Don’t get upset Sam. Like I said, we are like family here.”

“What a freaking homelife!” I say and she bursts out laughing. She reaches down and takes my cock in her hand and starts to stroke it. It is soft, but not that soft. She gets up on top of me again, but she shinnies down until she is between my legs and takes me in her mouth again.

I look over and Glen is sitting up between Allie’s legs. His cock is in his hand. Allie’s legs are spread. I see him lower himself and watch Allie’s legs come up around him. I guess I should be jealous, but I’m just fascinated and my cock is really getting hard in Jennifer’s mouth.

Jennifer stops long enough to watch Glen on his knees pumping back and forth and Allison groaning as he does. She is thrusting her head from side to side. Jennifer shifts on the bed so that her face is between my legs and her legs are up around my head. She gets on her knees and lowers herself on to my face. The sweet smell of her cunt overwhelms me. She begins to suck on me and thrusts her cunt right in my face. I see her clit sticking out and begin to tongue it. Then as she lowers herself on me I take it in my mouth. She is grunting and sucking and wiggling.

I start to cum again, for Chri’sake! She settles on my face. I can hardly breathe. She shudders and cums and oh my God! She is squirting all over me. She stops finally, and rolls off me. I look over at the other bed. Allison is lying there, her legs apart, either sleeping or unconscious. Somehow, Glen disappeared while I was buried in Jennifer.

Finally I get up and stagger to the bathroom. It’s empty. I get in the shower and let the water stream over me. A minute later Jennifer opens the shower door and comes in. She soaps me all over. As she soaps my dick, dammit! Yes! I get hard again.

“Sam Cohen, you might just set a record today,” she says, looking me in the eye.

“Jennifer, I mean, well, what the hell…”

The door opens again and there is Allison, still naked, still cute as hell. “Well, you two make a great pair. Honest.”

Jennifer pokes her head out of the water and takes Allison’s hand. “Sam – get out and dry yourself. Enough for one day.”

She gives me a little push and I’m on the rug in front of the shower. She shuts the door and I watch the outline of the two of them, soaping and kissing and feeling each other. Man, who would have believed it.

An hour later, we are all dressed. Glen puts some burgers on the grill and I find I am starving. So is everyone else. We pig out and finally sit back on the chairs outside. We have not said much since we came downstairs.

Finally Glen stands. He is holding a beer. “Guys, this was one fantastic day! We will never mention it to anyone, okay? But – this was too good for all of us to forget, am I right?”

We all nod. Allie giggles, nervously. “All right then, Glen says. This is spring. I will be at our lake house for the fourth of July. My folks will be on a cruise. Will you all be my guests?”

Allison looks at me. I look at her and then at Jennifer. Jennifer stands up and goes over to Glen, putting her arm around him. “Guys- what we did today was incredible. It will get even better. I’m in for July.”

Allison grabs my hand. “Guys – I’ve been fucked by two incredible men. Eaten by one beautiful girl. I was a virgin eight hours ago. I loved every minute. Cannot wait until July!”

We all laugh. Glen takes Jennifer outside to drive her home. I open the door for Allison. We drive home in silence. When we get to her house she leans over and kisses me very gently. “God Sam – who would have dreamed?”

I shake my head. I’m holding the wheel. “July is a long way off, Allie. Do we have to wait – I mean the two of us?”

She laughs. “Tomorrow night?”

“Done deal!” She gets out of the car and runs up the driveway to her house. I head for home. College? Who gives a shit?

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