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My First Real Gay Male to Male

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“To be honest, just lately I’ve been fantasizing of being with a man, but… I couldn’t…” I confessed to his question about my sexuality.

“I’m sure you’re going to like it, because you remind me of how I used to feel” he said reaching out to put his hand over mine. Squeezing it gently, he looked into my eyes and smiled as his head moved closer towards me, and kissed me. Pulling away he stood up and led me into his bedroom.

As we stood at the end of the bed his tongue began probing my mouth as one of his hands slowly began kneading my ass, working its way up and down the back of my thighs, as his other was sliding under my shirt that he had teased from my trousers. My breathing began to get heavier as his fingers explored my stomach and chest in circles, before finally lightly pinching my hardening nipples. Gradually I became aware that I could feel his hardening cock pressing against mine and knew at once that I wanted this man! Unbuttoning my shirt he started nibbling my ear and began gyrating his hips against mine as his fingers were rubbing my nipples. I groaned as his lips replaced his fingers and took my nipple into his mouth, running his tongue around it until after a few minutes he began pulling my shirt over my head, and dropped it to the floor. Our lips met again as he reached down to unbutton my trousers, pulling the zipper down he pushed them down until they also dropped to the floor beside my shirt. As his tongue again traced its way down my neck onto my nipples he slowly slipped his hand into my boxers and started pulling on my hardening cock.

“Please….” I pleaded helping him to ease my boxers down and was rewarded when he squeezed my cock and began rolling my balls around in his other hand before easing its way between my thighs to rub my perineum

“Come on….” he whispered guiding me by my cock to the bed, and as I lay on my stomach I shivered when his tongue began licking its way from my shoulder, down my back, until finally circling my cheeks. Looking over my shoulder when he’d stopped, I saw him take some lube and smear it over his swollen member, before taking two coated fingers, and inserting them gently in my ass. 

Groaning I lifted my hips up, still keeping my head on the bed, as he thrust them deeper making me gasp with pain as he pushed past my sphincter.

“It’ll be okay…” he reassured me removing his fingers and guiding his shining, slippery cock between my cheeks until its head was pressing against my asshole. 

“I’m not sure if……” I blurted out worried about the pain.

“Schhh……” he soothed, his hands on my hips gently pulling me onto him until his cockhead began entering me.

“No…..” I cried feeling a sharp pain and again he stopped, but after a few minutes I began to get used to his cock and wriggled back against him. 

“Umm.., that’s good…, now just relax” he soothed slowly pulling me onto his cock. Suddenly there was a really sharp pain as his cock pressed past my sphincter but once again he let me get used to the feel of him. After a few minutes he slowly began pushing and before I realised it he was all the way into me and I felt his balls touching mine. Realising that I was okay with the size of his cock he started pulling almost all the way out before gently pushing his cock all the way back in to the hilt. Gradually as all the pain subsided and I began enjoying having him inside me I reached between my legs to play with his balls.

“Come on, I want to see you enjoying everything…..” he said pulling all the way out and turning me over onto my back moved between my legs. Leaning forward he took my cock in his fist and began pulling my foreskin slowly back and forth, lowering his face until the tip of my cockhead brushed against his lips. Gently he squeezed my balls with his other hand and guided my cockhead all the way in his mouth, running his tongue around the rim he began sucking lightly. Just as I thought I was cumming he stopped, lifted my legs over his shoulders, and again I felt the head of his cock against my now willing hole.

“Ummm….., Oooh…yes fuck me!” I groaned as he slipped inside me. The pain was much less now as he knelt and pushed himself all the way in. As he began thrusting in small strokes he started stroking my slick cock and whispered “You feel so good….” 

“Not as good as your cock, I’ve never felt like this…” I gasped adding “please, cum! I want to feel you fill me up…oh you feel so good…so hard….oh yes…, fuck me hard!” 

His thighs began slapping hard against my cheeks as he thrust hard into me.

“Oh yeah….oh yeah….” I moaned feeling his cock starting to twitch as my own orgasm began rising inside me, as his hand squeezed harder and harder against my cock and my balls. 

“I’ mmm….cumming….” he gasped pumping harder, driving his cock into me, pulling my ass up, and soon I was feeling it pulsating, and spurting his cum deep inside of me, beginning to fill me. Reaching out I gripped his nipples, rolling and pulling them with my fingers as my own cum began spurting onto my face and stomach as we enjoyed our mutual orgasm.

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Bob wrote

Hot story it reminded me of my first time as a bottom.