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My Fantasy

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I spend most of the morning hours trying to decide what to wear on our date. I choose one outfit and then choose another. The excitement of what is to happen later has my mind in a jumble. I finally decide it is time to take a bath and relax in the bubbles for a while. I walk into the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror, turning from side to side.

I remove my robe and look at my larger size body, amazed that I can turn men on with it. I don’t like looking at myself, because growing up, I was told by too many male relatives that I would never attract a man being “FAT”.

” Boy, were all those men wrong. I learned this once I was online and searching for friendship in cyberspace. Oh, I had my bad moments at the beginning, thinking that once a person knew me from the inside, they would like the packaging…what a laugh that was…so my ego is still a bit battered. I stand, still looking in the mirror and try to see me as others do. I am 5’8″ tall with a very round stomach and large, well formed legs. My long reddish brown hair is given away only when I stand as I am now, all natural. Turning to the side, I can see that although I do not have a big bottom, it is well-rounded.

Sliding into the bubbles, I sigh and let the magic of the hot water seep into my very being. I lean back and close my eyes and try to get a mental image of you to form. You have told me you are 6’2″ tall and have an athletic build with large shoulders, and dark brown hair. I can picture you smiling as you look down at me with lust. I tingle all over just picturing you. I slowly lather my body with soap and rinse it away as I stand up. Looking over at the clock, I can see my leisurely bath has eaten into my dressing time.

I dry off and walk into the bedroom and decide on a purple bra and purple panties to wear under my clothes. Purple always makes me feel more passionate and sexy. I rub lotion into my skin as I make the final decision on what to wear, paying particular attention to my legs and tummy. I can feel myself getting more turned on as I slide my panties and bra on. I walk over to the dresser and begin applying my touches of makeup and then finish dressing.

I look again at the clock and realize that I need to be leaving if I hope to make it there before you arrive. Grabbing my purse and keys, I hurry out the door, turning to make sure it is locked and secure. I do a half trot getting to my car and start it…A moment of panic sets in…”What have I gotten myself into”????

We meet in a hotel lobby. We know each other, but have never met face to face before. I am nervous and excited at the same time, hands trembling, knees shaking. You are dressed in black slacks and a grey turtleneck sweater, just as you said you would be. I am wearing a pair of black slacks and a purple button down shirt.

We kiss and begin walking to your room as we had arranged. I know why we are here and am surprised that I actually showed up. We get to the room door and you give me a kiss and a hug and tell me everything will be just like we talked about. That makes me more nervous and I shiver in response.

Once we are in the room, you begin kissing me more fiercely, demanding that my lips open to your tongue. I open my lips and we begin french kissing, heating each other more and more. I can feel your hands on my ass, pulling me to you. I can feel your arousal through your slacks and the warmth starts flowing. You begin unbuttoning my shirt and parting the sides. As you slide it off my shoulders you kiss each in turn and I allow the shirt to fall in a heap at my feet. You back up a step and just stand there looking at me. Your smile grows bigger and you come back toward me, stopping in front of me. You lean down and kiss each breast through my bra and I can feel your hands on my waist, sliding my slacks lower. I lift each leg as you slide them down and step out of them. My knees are shaky at this point.

I reach out for you, but you still my hands, telling me “We have all evening, love”. I wonder what you are thinking about, but am afraid to put it into words. You come back to me and begin kissing me again, and I can feel myself melting. I can feel you unhooking and freeing my breasts from the bra and then your lips reaching down and suckling each nipple in turn. They harden as the cool air of the room reaches the moisture left by your mouth and you begin sucking them harder.

I can feel your hands back at my waist again, this time moving under the waistband of my panties. I moan as your mouth continues its assault on my breasts. You move your hands from my waist down to my thighs, urging me to spread my legs for you. You moan when your hand finds the wet spot there. You slide your fingers under the edge and can feel the warmth and moisture. You slide your hand inside my lips and feel my clit, making me tremble. One finger finds my opening and slides inside, bringing another moan from my lips. I whimper as you continue the double assault on my senses.

You finally pull my panties off me and ask me to lay down on the bed. I lay down and you ask me for my hand. I offer it to you and find it tied quickly with the cord you had already set in place. Walking around the bed, you ask for the other hand, and I give it, shaking as I do. I know this is what we had talked about, but I am scared to be finally experiencing it. Once you have both hands secured, you kneel next to me and kiss me more, until you feel me relax. Then you place a blindfold over my eyes. The lack of sight has me trembling again. You place a ball in my hand and tell me to hold onto it until I am ready to call it quits. You explain that unless I drop the ball, I will go along with anything you do. (Since we have talked about this fantasy of mine before I trust you) I nod my head and tell you I understand.

I feel you moving on the bed. Then I feel my foot lifted as a cord is wrapped there, and then on the other leg, spreading me open. I can feel your breath on my leg, moving upward. I can feel you parting my lips and can sense you looking, making me wetter and wetter. You run your fingers up and down my slit, avoiding my clit, which is aching for your touch. I feel you insert one finger in me, then a second, testing the resistance. You take them out of me, and lean forward, pushing them into my mouth so I can taste myself. I lick your fingers clean, liking the taste of myself.

You move again, this time to the bottom of the bed, between my legs. I hear you moving around and strain to make out what the sounds are. You watch as I turn my head from side to side. You ask, “Are you ready to begin?”, and I respond with, “Oh yes”. You again remind me of the ball in my hand, and I feel you parting my lips again. This time You head directly for my clit, pulling and rubbing on it. I can feel my juices starting to flow down to my ass and suddenly I feel your mouth on it. You nibble on it as I begin to writhe on the bed. Suddenly, I feel you insert something in my pussy. I can’t tell for sure what it is until it starts vibrating in me. You continue your oral assault on my clit, while thrusting the vibrator in and out of my pussy. I can feel my juices flowing even faster and my climax getting closer. You sense this and stop sucking my clit, allowing me to ebb the orgasm. I whimper as I want to cum so badly, and you tell me, “This is only the beginning of things to come”.

You once again begin you oral assault on my clit, moving the vibrator in and out in pace to my thrusts. You again remove your mouth from my clit, this time replacing it with another vibrator. I can feel you again moving on the bed and suddenly I can feel your mouth covering my breast and suckling deeply on my nipple. This is too much stimulation and I begin to climax as I have never climaxed before, my hips trying to allow my cunt to swallow the vibrator as deeply as it can. As I reach the peak of my climax, I can feel your teeth biting my nipple and this sends me completely over the edge. You release my nipple from your mouth and return to my pussy and clit, lapping at the juices flowing out around the vibrator. You continue to lap at my cunt as my climax ebbs, and I can feel myself getting aroused all over again.

I whimper as I feel you leave the bed completely. You comfort me by saying, “Don’t worry, my love. I will be back in a few minutes”. I can hear you walking away from the bed and then hear water running in the bathroom. You return with a glass of water, lifting my head so that I can drink from it. I thank you for the drink and you lower my head back down to the pillow. You walk away again, and I hear you moving around in the bathroom again. The lack of visual stimuli is making my sense of sound sharper. I hear you return once again to the bed and feel you sit on the side. You ask me if I am happy and enjoying our time together and I say “Yes, Very much so”.

“Are you ready to continue now?” you ask. I nod my head in agreement and can hear you smile as I do so. You say, “Great, now we move on to the next step.” I again begin to get nervous as I mentally recall all the things we have talked about online and on the phone. Questions are running through my head, ” Where are you taking us now? What fantasy are you bringing into our time together? Can I handle what is to come? Will I disappoint you?” I try to silence them as I listen to sounds in the room again…you have moved from the bed once more.

I can hear the room door opening and the faint whispery sounds of people talking quietly, but cannot make out gender or number. I hear faint steps coming closer to the bed and try to cover myself, forgetting that I am bound hand and foot to the bed, spread eagle. You once again ask, “Are you sure you want to continue?” I nod, shakily, and you again remind me of the ball I am clutching in my hand. I nod with more conviction now.

Suddenly, I can feel a hand on each of my knees, gently massaging them. I also can feel a hand on each of my breasts, tugging on my nipples, making them turgid again. The sensations caused by knowing there is a stranger touching and viewing my bare body is arousing me again.

The hand on my left knee slides up my thigh and begins to trace my outer lips and I can feel my clit hardening and wetness beginning to seep out of me again. The other hand now slides up and is rubbing on my clit, causing me to tremble in response. Both hands increase their assault on my pussy as I suddenly feel mouths covering my breasts, nipping at my rock hard nipples, sending waves of pleasure coursing through me. I moan, as I can feel myself getting more and more aroused. Then, without warning, all movement on my body stops.

I cry out for them to continue, “Please, don’t stop”. I hear delight in your voice as you let me “Patience love, we are no where close to being finished. I can feel someone’s weight on the bed near my head and as I turn that direction, I can feel a cock at my lips. I begin to lick the tip of it, tasting, and savoring it. I open my mouth more and can feel it moving in my mouth whereas I begin to suck and lick it. I move my head and take more of the cock in my mouth, and I continue to give the cock a blowjob like none I have given before. There is a sense of feeling on my breast again and I can feel a hand there, tweaking my nipple again.

Now I can feel the weight of another body on the other side of my head, and slowly releasing the first cock, I turn my head and am met with another cock. This one has a bit of precum on it which I can taste as I begin my oral assault on it. I lick the tip of it, teasing the opening, before taking it as deep as I can in my mouth. The owner of this cock begins to fuck my mouth as I continue to suck him. I again feel hands on both breasts, caressing and massaging them. Suddenly, I feel hands again at my sopping pussy. They very gently trace my outer lips in long slow strokes, up and down in tandem with the cock moving in my mouth. The overwhelming sensations cause me to begin another climax, and the cock fucking my mouth beings to speed up the pace. My clit is aching for a touch and the person down there senses it and moves their mouth to it and sucks and nips at it. My entire body tenses as I hit the peak of an orgasm and ride it over the top. I try to swallow all the cum as the cock in my mouth lets loose with its own climax and I can feel more cum hitting my face and chest.

Once my body has had time to relax from this onslaught of sensation, I can feel my feet being released from their bonds. I am told that they will allow me to use the bathroom and freshen up, but I am not to remove the blindfold until the door is shut and I am to make sure it is back in place before I open it back up. “Do you agree?” , you ask and I nod my head. My hands are now untied and I am led to the bathroom. I hear the door shut and I hurriedly uncover my eyes, finding it hard to see in the bright light. When I can see clearly again, I look in the mirror and am amazed at the look on my face. I can see where I will have bruises on my tits from the manhandling they received and can just smile. It was worth it all. I use the toilet and wash my face with cool water trying to restore a sense of myself. Worrying that I am taking too long, I return to the door and pull the blindfold back down. I open the door and take one step forward, and pause as I wait to see what is to happen next, unsure of where anyone else is in the room.

You take my arm and guide me back to the bed and tell me to lay back down. “Right hand up”, you say and as I comply, it is again tied down. “Left hand up” and once again it is tied. You place the ball back in my hand. I am startled as I hear you say, “Bend your knees and lift your ass off the bed.” but I do as you ask and lift myself, suddenly feeling hands supporting me from both sides. I feel pillows being pushed under my ass and am lowered down on them. They are high enough that my back is pressed down in the bed and my pussy feels as though it is suspended in the air. My legs are spread apart and I can feel a cord being slip around my knees and pulled as far as possible. My ankles are once again tied down and I cannot move my legs together anymore. I feel exposed for all the world to see. You say, “Remember, we will stop when you give us the sign.” and I nod my head. Someone begins to suck my tit again, causing my nipples to harden. I can feel my juices begin to flow again, this time they are going right down to my ass. I hear whispers again and then feel hands on my cunt and ass. Someone is using my own juices to lubricate my asshole and slowly and gently moving something around the opening, nudging at it. Suddenly, I can feel the opening being probed more deeply and feel something inserted there, moving slowly in and out. At the same time, my clit is being rubbed and toyed with and as the feelings begin again my asshole opens more freely. I feel more and more pressure there as someone begins to fuck my ass with some kind of object. My pussy juice is still flowing and I can feel a tongue lapping at it, dipping in and out. The sensations coming from my ass being fucked and my cunt being eaten is powerful and as I begin the ride up the spiral, you sense this and simply say one word, “Stop”. All movement ceases and I cry out “nooooooooooo”, “Please don’t leave me this way”, and you chuckle. “We wont leave you like this”, you say and I can hear movements as whatever it is you have planned for me starts.

I feel and sense body heat at my ass, as a person stretches out under my legs, laying in a T design. I again feel pressure at my pucker hole and suddenly feel a cock sliding past my specter ring. My ass feels so full now and I try to shift to adjust to the feeling. I am held down as I feel the wight of another body on my legs and a cockhead at the opening of my cunt. Fingers are toying with my clit and as I lift my pussy to press it into the fingers, the cock begins to slide into my pussy and slide out of my ass. Suddenly, the cock rams into my pussy and in turn shoves my ass down on the other cock…I am so stuffed that I cry out in a combination of pleasure and pain. I hear your voice in my head reminding me about the ball in my hand and as I am trying to decide if I can handle this, I can feel someone climbing up on the bed. Suddenly I can smell the mucky scent of a woman at my nose and mouth. The heady scent of the pussy is both revolting and tantalizing to me . Thinking myself to be out of my mind in lust and feeling both my ass and my cunt begin assaulted by cocks I try to release the ball in my hand but something in me refuses to let it go. The cunt in my face moves closer to my mouth and I reach out with my tongue and taste it. Finding it tasty in its own way I lap quicker at it, and it responds by moving even closer.

The sound of a phone ringing comes to me and I am startled awake by it. I have been dreaming and my pillow is covering my eyes, and my pussy is throbbing and wet. I cannot believe it was not real. And want more of it.

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