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My Beautiful Frenchmen in London

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I’d kept in touch with Luc and Richard following my amazing holiday in France. That holiday when I’d met the two most beautiful young men I’d ever seen. That holiday when I’d ended up sharing their bed and we’d shared everything between us. That holiday when I’d learned that Richard was gay and Luc was bisexual. That holiday when I’d broken Richard’s virginity with women.

It was meant to have been one of those episodes in life that just happen. A one off. A not to be repeated adventure. Like a holiday romance or like the brandy that’s so good in Spain but when brought home is horrible. Or that’s what we’d all thought as I said my goodbyes and drove away from that lovely village in Northern France back to my life in London.

And back there with my fourteen year old daughter, my divorcee existence, my work and golf and my celibate no dating life-style that’s how I had viewed it. It was behind me, not part of my real life and certainly no part of my future. Sure we’d kept in loose touch, the exchange of Christmas cards, the odd e-mail and the, very, infrequent phone call. That was how it should be. They had their young lives running the restaurant to get on with and I had my life to continue repairing and my daughter to bring up after my divorce to contend with. The two couldn’t merge, they weren’t compatible, not natural bedfellows. There was no future for two twenty three year old, sexuality wise rather mixed up men and a thirty eight year old woman. No matter how well we’d got on, no matter how amazing the sex had been and no matter at the sheer love we’d shown to each other it was in the past.

That is until Luc came on the phone and said they would be in London for a few days next month.

“Can we meet Mandy please?” he asked.

In a couple of our e-mails we’d discussed meeting and I’d said I thought it best if was left in the past. They’d agreed so this call came as a bit of a bombshell.

“I thought we’d agreed about that Luc.”

“Yes I know Mandy but us being in London, so close to you and both of so wanting to see you, please, please say yes. Just a drink or dinner Mandy,” he, almost, begged, but then French men wouldn’t know what begging was would they?

“Let me think about it,” I said.

And I thought about little else for that evening and the next morning. I couldn’t stop the memories of being with the two of them from flooding through me making me almost permanently aroused even as I cooked Sarah, my daughter’s dinner. They were with me continually as I watched TV while she did her homework.

Their youthful, tanned, lean bodies. Their brooding eyes and curly black hair. The tenderness and affection they showed me. The way that we all moved from being friends to lovers. I could see their two naked bodies in acute detail as without even knowing what was on I watched the TV screen. The slim, beautifully sculpted muscles of their chests and upper bodies, the sprinkling of dark hair on their chests, their flat stomachs and lean, taught thighs. And of course their long slim and so hard manhoods. The manhoods that had, in the end, given me so many thrills and such pleasure.

As I got ready for bed I couldn’t stop myself from recalling them together undressing me, laying me on their bed and then both gently massaging me. Of their hands running up and down my back and over my bottom. Of them touching the sides of my breasts, just as I found myself doing as I got into bed. Of them turning me over and making love to my breasts for such a long time. Squeezing and cupping my large boobs exactlty as I found myself doing. Pinching the hardened nipples, “just like this,” I said to myself as my fingers found those rubbery tips. And of course I recalled their fingers, hands, mouths, tongues and erections doing to my pussy in precisely the way I was doing it as I masturbated with the two of them vividly in my mind.

“Just for dinner.” I said to Luc when he called the next day.

The next two weeks seemed to drag by. I continually wavered from really wanting to see them to wishing I’d said no. From thinking that I would let them take me to bed, for I had do doubt whatsoever that they’d try, to telling myself that was daft. From my body crying out to repeat that wonderful sex with them to my mind telling me no.

They were staying in one of those modern tourist hotels near Russell Square so we met at an Italian Restaurant in Southampton Row. The meal was very average by my standards so what it was by theirs I couldn’t imagine. But it didn’t matter. The food was irrelevant, the surroundings meaningless and the wine inconsequential. It was us that mattered. The three of us. The three of us being together was the focus of everything. The mood and atmosphere almost as soon as we sat down was as it had been in France. Loving, warm, tender and so heavily sexually charged that I found myself being amazed that the diners around us couldn’t feel it.

We sat close together bent forward our faces almost touching as we whispered things about that holiday. We touched. Fingers on wrists, arms around my chair, shoulders brushing and knees pressed together. Their Gallic charm accompanied by the memories we all had worked. There was no way that this was “just dinner.” There was no need for any discussion or persuasion on their part. They didn’t need to cajole me into going back to their hotel for after no more than ten minutes or so together it became inevitability. It became the most natural thing to do and it didn’t need talking about.

“How long can you stay Amanda?” Richard asked as we stood close together in their quite small bedroom that had, I noticed just one double bed.

“My daughter is staying with a friend so it doesn’t matter.”

“Ah marvellous,” one of them said as they both put their arms round me.

I can’t remember who kissed me first but it doesn’t matter for quickly my mouth was moving from one to the other as I swapped deep, lip grinding, tongue searching kisses with each of them.

“It’s as though we’ve never been apart,” one of them said as the other slid the zip down on the back of my dress.

“You are even more beautiful Mandy than I remembered,” Luc said as Richard slid the dress down my body and let it fall in a pool around my feet.

“And in London Amanda you dress even more sexily,” one said as they saw the matching black bra, thong and lacy topped hold ups. I’d forgotten that in France I’d never worn stockings or tights and that I’d dressed very casually all the time I was there. But here in London, my home town, I’d gone the whole hog with my underwear.

We were pressing our bodies together as they undressed me and kissed me. All the feelings I’d had in France returned and any doubts I’d had about being with them again simply faded away as they kissed and touched me. It was glorious to be with them again. I found my hands undoing their shirts. Pulling them from their trousers. Running my hands over their chests. They pulled away and, just as they had in France, they slipped their shirts off and I shuddered as I saw their bare, youthful chests and watched as they slid their trousers off. The bulges in their tight boxers were very obvious and my arousal grew as I watched them slide them down and my gaze fell on their youthful hardness. Long, slim and hard their erections seemed to be beckoning to me. Attracting me and captivating me and completely exciting me. I wanted those erections, those hard male phalluses, those taught, throbbing young cocks.

In their arms I had one of them pressed against each of my hips as we again exchanged long deep kisses. I squirmed myself against them loving the feel of two erections slithering across and up and down my stomach and groins.

We were whispering telling each other how good it was to be doing this again with them saying how beautiful I was and me telling them that they were wonderful.

“My two delicious toy boys,” I smiled as one of them undid my bra. My breasts seemed to spring out at them as they were released from their captivity and immediately both of them cupped, squeezed and caressed the sensitive flesh. They simultaneously pinched my aching nipples then together bent their heads and took them in their mouths. My nipples are always sensitive. Having a mouth on them is always incredible. Having two mouths on them at the same time is just mind blowing for me.

“Oh God, oh yes,” I whimpered my hands finding both of their erections at the same time. As they continued with their mouths on my breasts sucking large areas of flesh into them and chewing so sensitively on my nipples so I adoringly rubbed the two hard phalluses. At the same time one of their hands found my pussy and began stroking and pressing that while the other ran all over the cheeks of my botRichard before sliding between them and pressing right on my anus.

I was being caressed and aroused on every one of my most female places at the same time while simultaneously I was loving two men’s erections with my hands. It was such an amazing combination of feelings that my arousal went through the roof.

“Oh Luc, oh Richard,” I moaned as my climax started. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

“Yes Mandy, cum for us let us make you cum so hard.”

“Oh Mandy this is fantastic.”

I was now moaning and squirming my body against them. I was pressing my breasts against their mouths willing them to suck me harder. I was pressing my pussy against their hands trying to gain even more sensations and pleasure from their fingers. And I got that. They knew, or sensed, what I wanted and they did suck harder, both on the flesh of each breast and the hard nipples, and they did press their fingers harder and deeper into me. I could feel that now there were two sets of fingers on my pussy. Two hands were arousing my lips. Hands were on and around it, one from the front and one from behind. Fingers, the number of which I couldn’t tell, were stroking and pressing me. Sliding along my lips, pressing my clit and slithering inside me. I was clinging to them pumping the two erections and pressing those against the softness of my belly. I was being kissed by each of them alternately as wave after wave of sensational feelings flooded over me. And like that standing in the middle of their bedroom they made me cum. They made me cum by two mouths sucking my tits, two hands caressing my pussy and two sets of, probably, six straightened fingers probing deep into my cunt.

“Jesus,” I sighed as I lay against them as my orgasm subsided. “You two are too much for an old lady,” I smiled kissing both of them and saying, “thank you Luc, thank you Richard.”

They laid me on the bed and I went to take my knickers off but Luc said.

“No please leave them on Mandy.”

“They and your stockings are so sexy we want to make love to you with them on,” Richard muttered.

I laughed and joked back to them at the unintentional double entendre.

“If you want to make love to me with them on then I’ll have to take them off won’t I?

The nuances of the English language baffled them until I explained that the way Richard had said we want to make love to you with them on could be interpreted as meaning the panties and stockings would be on them. They both laughed with me as I explained that and said.

“But hey whatever turns you on right?”

“Would it turn you on Mandy?”


“Seeing us in your panties and stockings?”

I’d forgotten that they’d spent most of their adult life as gays and it struck me that perhaps they had some experience of wearing women’s clothes. I’m not very up on what gay men do that way. But somehow the idea of putting my panties on them did appeal. Why? I have no idea but the image in my mind of seeing them in them gave me a surge of arousal.

“Hold on a sec,” I said getting up and going to my handbag.

“See how organised I am,” I smiled holding up a black thong, “always be prepared is my motto.” Whenever I go out and there’s the possibility of having sex I usually take a clean pair of panties with me.

Moving back to the bed I sat on the side of it and looking at them both I said fairly thickly, for I was becoming quite excited at the prospect.

“Not so sure on the stockings.”

They both stared at me for a moment or two as my action in getting the spare pair and my last comment sunk in.

“Are you sure Mandy?” Richard said softly his eyes quite gleaming as he looked at me.

“Yes, yes I am,” I replied.

I took the panties I was wearing off and, holding a pair in each hand, I leaned forward and ran the silk and lace across their erections. The feeling of their hardness through the silk was lovely and they both groaned as I caressed their rigid cocks with my black panties. I ran the luxuriant material between their thighs pressing it between the cheeks of their bums and wrapping it around their balls. Feeling two scrotums in my hands at the same time was a wonderfully thrilling sensation and seeing them covered with the silk of my underwear added even more to that.

“Put them on,” I croaked wondering a bit at just what we were doing.

Between us we slid the panties up their legs and fitted them around their genitals. Inevitably their erections were too large to be fully covered by the thongs and the sight of my flimsy panties bulging with the swells of their erection was amazing. I leaned right forward my breasts grazing their legs and reached up so that I could run my fingers along their partly hidden and partly visible lengths.

“Oh God, yes, yes Mandy,” Luc moaned his hand gripping Richard’s wrist.

“This is so wonderful,” Richard sighed his hand falling on Luc’s thigh.

They’d told me at dinner that they still lived together and had sex but that since being with me they could both now also go with women so each of them had occasional girl friends as well. As a result I wasn’t worried of rejection when I took one of each of their hands and slowly moved that towards the other’s panty covered cock. As I placed them there so I saw both bodies jerk and immediately the fingers eagerly, it seemed, wrapped themselves around the other’s erection.

I’ve always found it exciting to see a man masturbate or even just caress himself there but to see two of them doing that to each other was incredible. I joined in. And as Richard stroked Luc’s cock so I caressed his balls through the silk and as Luc rubbed the tip of Richard’s prick so I ran my fingers up and down his length.

They pulled me between them and they both half laid on me squashing my breasts and pressing their erections into my tummy. Feeling those delicious bulges covered in the smooth silk on my bare skin and against the hair covering on my mound was sensational. I kissed them both alternately as my hands reached round both of them squeezing and rubbing their taught, muscular arses. I squirmed away from them indicating for them to lie on their fronts. I stared at the slithers of silk at the back of my two thongs snaking downward between the cheeks of their bottoms and found that to be a very stirring sight. I’ve always been fascinated by my lovers areses and seeing two before me with my panties on them was amazing. I wanted to love those four cheeks, rub them, kiss them and lick between them following the path set by the panties.

As I ran my fingers over the two gorgeous rumps so I saw that they’d turned their faces towards each other.

“Oh Mandy,” Luc moaned as I saw his hand slip round Richard and caress his waist.

“This is so amazing,” Richard was sighing as his face moved closer to Luc’s and as his hand reached out and stroked the other man’s arm.

They turned onto their sides facing each other one of their hands reaching out for me the other for their friend. They pressed their erections together and I saw the two panty covered cocks merge into one as they squirmed their hardnesses together.

I moved so that I was kneeling above their heads on the bed. I ran my hands down in between them across their lithe chests and over their breasts squeezing them and pinching their nipples just as they had to me. Bending my head I kissed them both. As they were on their sides and I was above them I couldn’t kiss them fully on their lips so I kissed and licked their cheeks and the edges of their lips. As I did that their hands reached up for my breasts that were hanging down over their faces. They squeezed and caressed my two dangling tits that due to my kneeling position seemed to be so large and soft.

I firstly kissed them one after the other and then, by pushing their faces even closer together, both at the same time. Our faces were merging together. Our heads were becoming as one. Our lips were so close together, they were touching. Three pairs of lips kissing at the same time. Three pairs of lips kissing as one. As I kissed them and as they kissed me back so they were also kissing each other. I could see their tongues on the others lips and between them and I feel them on my lips and on my tongue as well. All three tongues were pressing together as this mutual lovemaking continued on its unexpected journey. A journey that I found so exciting. A journey that had gone so much further even than the amazing one we’d taken together in France.

I guess they were now less inhibited about displaying their sexual feelings for each other. I assumed that my agreement to them donning my panties had loosened them up and had made them realise that I wouldn’t be offended by their overtly gay gestures and actions. I hadn’t realised that I wouldn’t be put off by it. I’d never seen men kiss and the thought of it prior to this would have held little or no appeal for me. I wouldn’t say that I’d have been disgusted or anything but, if asked, I would have probably said that I wouldn’t find it either appealing or exciting. But being so involved with it, being part of them kissing, being with them as they did that was amazing. It did appeal to me and it did excite me.

In fact the whole scene appealed and excited me.

The way they were laying facing each other now with their arms around the other. The way that their panty covered cocks were writhing together. The way that my breasts were hanging down over their faces as I knelt there naked apart from my black, lacy topped holdups. The way they caressed those large, soft, dangling orbs and, of course, the way that the three of us were now kissing as one.

“Are you OK with this?” one of them asked when we broke away for a moment to get breath.

“Yes, yes,” I whispered, “it’s wonderful to watch you, to see you love each other and to feel the tenderness between us,” I answered totally honestly for that was exactly what I felt.

They pulled me back between them and started kissing me and caressing my breasts again. I felt such closeness with them, so much tenderness and, at the time, so much love between us. It was as if we were becoming one person. As if where I finished and they began all merged together. Their hands were all over me and all over each other as mine were all over both of them. We became more energetic moving around and changing positions so that we could use our mouths as well as our hands. I had no idea most of the time whose tongue was on my lips or whose fingers were stroking my breasts. Was it Luc’s mouth licking my pussy or Richard’s that was sliding between the cheeks of my bottom? Was it Richard’s erection that was pressed against my mound or was it his that was in my mouth? I didn’t know and it didn’t matter for what we were doing was enacting the most perfect three way lovemaking that is possible between two men and a woman.

All of our inhibitions were now going. Any reservations that they or I may have had about them demonstrating their sexuality was sliding away vanished. Anything seemed right, any embrace, gesture or action was ok. No not ok was necessary and important.

As Luc lay on his back his cock as hard as it could be poking out from the waistband of my thong I stroked him running my fingers up and down its length while Richard caressed my breasts from behind offering each in turn to his friend’s mouth. I kept my breast there letting Luc send wonderful feelings through me from chewing on my nipple as I leaned forward my hand lifting his cock almost at right angles to his belly. I licked its salty tasting tip and took the bulbous end into my mouth. As I did so Richard’s face came alongside mine. He kissed my cheeks and ran his hands through my long, chestnut coloured hair that was tumbling over his friend’s midriff. I put my arm around his neck and pushed gently. I pushed his face nearer to mine, nearer to where mine was, nearer to where my lips were encircled around his lover’s erection. He seemed to hesitate a little but only for a moment. I continued to apply a slight pressure on the back of his neck that was, I hoped, inviting and encouraging to him. Still holding Luc’s erection up from his body I took my mouth away and turned his cock so that the end of it was pointing directly at Richard’s mouth. It was just a few millimetres from his lips. The tip of Luc’s cock gleaming with my saliva or maybe his pre cum was so close to Richard’s opened mouth. Invitingly close. Irresistably close. One final little push with my hand was all it needed. One further slight encouragement from me. One final gesture of my agreement.

“Yes Richard,” I breathed as I pushed his neck. “Yes darling. Do it now. Do it for me Richard. Suck Luc’s cock for me”

I heard both of them gasp as I said that.

“Oh Mandy,” Luc breathed.

“Do you mean it?” Richard sighed his mouth staying open.

Looking from one to the other I whispered.

“If you want to I’d love to see it.”

Richard smiled back his gratitude and Luc gave me an affectionate hug as it got through to them that I indeed did want to see them make oral love.

It was an oddly arousing sight to watch a man take another Luc’s cock into his mouth. Normally I would have been appalled had someone suggested I would want see such an overt gay act. But somehow with my two beautiful Frenchmen it seemed, oh I don’t know, just right.

So as Richard licked and sucked Lucs length I joined in and used my mouth on Luc’s scrotum and Richard’s face. It was a really stirring moment. I was wondering though how far Richard would go and if he would bring Luc off but just as I was thinking that he took his mouth away.

Smiling at me he said. “I think it’s time for us to make love to you Mandy not to each other, don’t you?”

“My heart was pounding at all what was happening and I whispered.

“Yes Richard, yes Luc make love to me please.”

Richard pushed me back kissing and stroking me as Luc leaned over me chewing at one of my nipples.

“Like this darling,” Luc said pulling me onto all fours. He took my face in his hands and lowered that towards his erection.

At the same time Richard positioned himself behind me and held my hips. I felt him slipping on a condom and then that was against my lips that were obviously soaked and, due to my legs having been pushed open by Richard’s knee, were slightly parted. Luc lifted himself on one elbow so that his lovely, slim cock was almost touching my lips. And then simultaneously they shoved their cocks into me. One in my pussy the other in my mouth. Yes simultaneously Richard fucked my cunt while his male lover fucked my face.

Richard didn’t last long. It was necessary and he’d been through such a lot of excitement so it was only a couple of minutes of deliciously stirring thrusts before he was moaning and groaning.

“Aaaagh I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

I was as ready as he was and pushing back and squirming my bum I dragged every last bit of wonderful feelings from his cock as that exploded into the condom. I was still cumming and climaxing as Richard withdrew and as Luc pulled me on top of him. His penis was pressing against my belly and felt so good. I opened my legs letting them fall either side of his hips as Richard took his friend’s erection and slid it against my lips. One quick thrust and it was in me. Luc pumped himself as best he could being underneath me but that was all that was needed to start taking me back up again towards the crest of another, or a continuation of the first, orgasm.

Not surprisingly having been sucked by both Richard and me so recently Luc also didn’t last long. I was pumping my crotch up and down in tune with the small upward thrusts of his hips and we both started to cum at the same time.

My orgasm now really crashed over me and my body started to convulse and jerk as I

Came so very, very heavily.

I stayed the night with them. We made love several more times and they made me cum with their hands, mouths and cocks so many times I couldn’t count.

It was a night of amazing happenings and one that gave me a different outlook on gay sex.

Sure what they did would not appeal to many women. It wouldn’t have to me unless I’d been there and saw it. What we did transcended traditional sex and normal boundaries for what happened between us was such an outpouring of tenderness and complete honesty. Straight, bi, gay, lesbian all lost their meanings and their differences for they became just one thing. True, deep and totally committed lovemaking. And with that there are no taboos. No boundaries other than those imposed by the combination of the parties desires and wants. No limitations other than the three of our imaginations and senses of adventure and challenge. And that night they were nearly limitless.

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